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Naked Raygun

Lewdd recently sent me a bunch of Naked Raygun boots (THANKS!), we'll get to those soon, but I thought
it was about time I dipped into my own Naked Raygun stash and presented you with their studio efforts before we hip you to the live stuff......this was a fave 1980's Chicago punk band of mine, quite underappreciated IMO, they were noisy punk quelled from the leftovers of the legendary Big Black (did a post LONG ago, doubt it's still there)......"Throb Throb" is a great album, and the rest that we have here are pretty fair as well.......digest these, let me evaluate the enthusiasm level (should be HIGH as my readers have awesome taste) and in a few days we'll start some rare boots by this forgotten kickass band.

THROB THROB-01 Rat patrol/02 Surf Combat/03 Gear/04 Metastasis/05 Leeches/06 Roller Queen/07 I Don't Know/08 Libido/09 No Sex/10 Only In America/11 Stupid/12 Managaua

ALL RISE-01 Home of the Brave/02 Dog At Large/03 Knock Me Down/04 Mr Gridlock/05 The Strip/06 I Remember/07 Those Who Move/08 The Envelope/09 Backlash Jack/10 Peacemaker/11 New Dreams/12 Vanilla Blue/13 Slim

JETTISON-01 Soldier's Requium/02 When the Walls Come
Down/03 Walk In Cold/04 Jettison/05 Live Wire/06 The Mule/07 Coldbringer/08 Blight/09 Free Nation/10 Hammer Head/11 Ghetto Mechanic/12 Suspect Device/13 Giveaway

UNDERSTAND?-01 Treason/02 Hips Swingin/03 Understand/04 Entrapment/05 Bughouse/06 Wonder Beer/07 Never Follow/08 Too Much Of You/09 Vagabond Dog/10 OK Wait/11 The Sniper Song/12 Which Side You're On/13 Where You Live (Live)

Hell, I don't know if these will remain.....remember, IF NOT, and you want them, contacat mae as per the instructions and I will send you a link you can share with ANYONE........also, what are the general thoughts about Naked Raygun? Always liked them myself, got LOTS OF boots and stuff here from Lewdd.....how's the interest level? LOVE me some Naked Raygun so I hope there is an enthusiatic response to these, a real semi-unknown punk band that one might love, particularly if you enjoyed the Big Black I posted a good while back.


Not a great one in my opinion, a 2012 release from Evol from West Virginia.....someone (forget who) sent me this so, I'm happy to post especially as it is not well known (I didn't know it), but not real rocking, more a retro-60's look at some of the lightweight wimp-rock that was so popular in that era......it's ok, I guess, but nothing I'm going to listen to twice......lightweight folky-psych, knucklehead lyrics, an occasional Byrds-like jangly guitar.......hey, you send em in, I'll post em......not up to me to like em, up to me to SHARE em.....some of you may consider this a fantastic discovery, and that is why we are here!

EVOL-01 Part of Reality/02 For the Sake of Reality/03 Unlucky Guy/04 I Told a Lie/05 I Just Don't Care to Dance/06 You Shall Be Saved/07 If I Am Strong/08 Get Out of Your Mind/09 Speak Your Mind/10 There Will Come a Day/11 Good Morning Girl/12 Day of Sorrow

The Screamers

A fairly obscure punk combo from the late 70's, John N sends us a batch of demos and live tracks......quite
a good band,I always thought, and these scraps/odd/sends/ bear that out.......pretty fab stuff here, not the kind of stuff that turns up everyday on locales such as this one........see what you think, if there is a lot of enthusiasm, I'll break out some more Screamers, some may find it worthwhile, I do.....

1977-1979 IN A BETTER WORLD (LIVE/DEMOS) (Disc 1)-01 Vertigo/02 The Beat Goes On/03 Magazine Love/04 Government Love Affair (Don't Be a Whore)/05 I Wanna Hurt/06 Peer Pressure/07 If I Can't Have What I Want, I Don't Want Anything/08 Punish or Be Damned/09 It's a Violent World/10 I'll Go Steady/11 Matar Delores /12 I'm a Mensch/13 the Scream/14 Need A Head On/15 122 Hours of Fear/16 Vertigo/17 Last 4 Digits/18 Magazine Love/19 The Beat Goes On/20 Punish or be Damned/21 In a Better World

1977-1979 IN A BETTER WORLD (LIVE/DEMOS) (DISC 2)-01 The Beat Goes On/02 In a Better World/03 Punish or Be Damned/04 If I Can't Have What I Want, I Don't Want Anything/05 Go Guy/06 Magazine Love/07 Vertigo/08 Sex Boy/09 Violent World/10 Roxy Radio Spot/11 Need a Head on-The Scream/12 Eva Braun/13 122 Hours of Fear/14 Matar Delores/15 Through the Flames/16 magazine Love/17 Vertigo/18 Sex Boy/19  If I Can't Have What I Want, I Don't Want Anything

LIVE AT THE ELKS LODGE 2/24/78-01 Test/Violent World/02 I'm Going Steady/03 Punish or Be Damned//04 Vertigo/05 Peer Pressure/06 Violent World

Got more from these dudes, let me know if there is a demand for more!

My latest thoughts on this thing

Ok, I know I change course on this daily, and, I also learn from experience. I am officially scrapping the link/request-password thing, it's WAAAAAY too much work (for me) and  extra work ain't why I'm doing this. Volume 19 of the Garage Fuzz Series will have the proper link posted, shortly....also, in the unrelated fuck ups file, I will repair the link for Naked Raygun's ""Throb throb", which is simply wrong to a normal fuck up.....

Now, this "link deleting" situation.....after much thought, I think we may just have to live with it for now and see what happens. If i knew WHO exactly were doing it, I'd maybe have a few options, but I don't.....theses are not normal DCMA complaints, but I don't know if a regular Joe can physically perform link deletion, or complain to whomever, but I've kind of studied the artists deleted and the like.......so what shall we do for the short term future? Well, the Garage Fuzzwill continue,as will
the clash (and other) boots from any contributor, AND ANY DAMN THING ELSE that Brian, Jonder, John N, Jon S, Lewdd, , Cliff, Studkid, zigzagwanderer, Madame Angela, MD Milner, Max in the UK, and ANYONE I forgot......your stuff will be posted, as will most anything sent to me by a band, we've had some good ones before, Missles of October, Clouds Taste Satanic, and plenty of others.....I wish more bands would seek us out, I love when they do. I will also continue to post albums from my stash, and try to figure the pattern......I see that all the iron maiden, lita ford, Joan Jett, among some singular posts, are gone......they will not be replaced and unless you are a contributor I'll likely not send them....then we have new releases from New bands, this can go either way, and well play it by ear, but when I announce something from being released in 2017, you may wish to act fast, no rhyme or reason to the deletions of these......it's  my fave part of the blog really, and I hope most newer bands continue to understand I am on their side. Some will never agree, I know, and this is not the
space I wish to use to debate it at the moment......

Ok, just continue as normal, maybe a little quicker if you really want something.......ill try, along with my team
of helpers, to keep this blog to the standard that I am somewhat proud of, I think we get some fairly esoteric stuff up there, it's great when we occasionally get "this one band" or "David Jones" or whatever, and if I get more I'll post and tap dance around them as best I can, but there is no question, that kind of thing is being shot down quick......

what do I ask of you (any of you)?  Well, trust me, contributions are appreciated like you would NEVER believe, imo they make the blog. Anyway if you have ANYTHING you want to share (and recall, it doesn't have to be music, comics, literature, magazines, hi to collections, artwork.......all has been featured here and well received.....but hell, poetry, recipes, short stories, original artwork........oh my, I so can only wish......but for now, while we are "at war", I guess, with an unknown enemy yet, the more submissions I can get, the better for us all.

Oh, by the way, Kaley Cuoco adorns this post, you're welcome, sweetheart, for the help I gave you with that little problem you were having.....any time baby, just ask.....glad to be or service. You left your panties here, I mail them, or just eat them?

Much love

Scott M

J Churcher

(scott) So, if you are in as miserable mood right now as I am ( variety of reasons), ya may wanna slip on this 2016 debut disc from J Churcher, "Borderland State"( a John N submission, I hope John N continues to fight the good fight with us, he's just the greatest), just in case you want to up the gloom quotient a little bit.....this is slow, somber stuff, REALLY GOOD, the attached review compares it to both Mazzy Star and The Chain? Actually the Chain is probably the best comparison, good stuff here though. It's a newer release so Christ only knows what will happen with it, my thought is I recommend it, it's good, and if it stays up I hope they get the exposure they deserve. If they don't want it, God bless em as well.

One of 2016's finest debuts comes out next month in the shape of J Churcher's Borderland State.  Recorded over a two-year period with London- based producer Dreamtrak and featuring vocal contributions from Anna B. SavageBorderland State is an evocative collection that recalls the delirious haze of Maps, The Jesus & Mary Chain, Mazzy Star, and the Cocteau Twins.

Having released dreamlike, hazy singles ‘Yesterday’ and ‘In the Summer’ like love letters scrawled on scrunched up paper and passed through to someone at the front of the class, crooner J Churcher’s debut is his final, smitten declaration. Locking the hands of specked synth and twinkling keys, ‘I Remember’ spins a story about the girl who wears his jacket shirt. The mysterious Londoner’s rich vocals are husked, though show no inhibition in unveiling the heart’s desires and pains through striking narrative.

Regal orchestration and backing vocals from Anna B. Savage on three tracks help cast a cinematic scope. Most songs wouldn’t seem out of place as the last dance at J Churcher’s prom. If he ever got there, that is. Inquisitive and on tenterhooks, he seems to be a man obsessed by love. Delicate percussion makes the heart ache on the minimal ‘How It Ends’, and it’s tempting to root for a romance that otherwise seems so doomed. There’s a sense, though, that his story doesn’t end at ‘Borderland State’.

BORDERLAND STATE-01 I Remember/02 Riding on Your Love/03 The Boardwalk/04 Last Summer/05 Borderland State/06 Finding Roxanne/07 Dream Team/08 How It Ends/09 Yesterday/10 In the Summer/11 Middle of the Sun


(scott) John N sends this along, as well, and I've only carpet bombed it......so far I find it to be so-so jangly alt-pop, I'd say if that is the kind of thing you like, have at it......not likely one I'll listen to again, but ya never know.....the single "Mind Over Matter" and "Look Who's back In Town Again" are worth  repeated listens
TUNS is a Canadian indie rock supergroup, consisting of Mike O'Neill of The InbredsChris Murphy of Sloan and Matt Murphy of The Super Friendz.[1]Formed in 2015, the group released its debut single "Throw It All Away" in 2015,[1] shortly before their first major live performance at Hayden's Dream Serenade benefit concert at Massey Hall alongside Joel PlaskettThe Weather Station and Choir! Choir! Choir!.[2]
The band's self-titled debut album is slated for release in August 2016 on Royal Mountain Records.[3] The single "Mind Over Matter" reached #1 on CBC Radio 2's Radio 2 Top 20 chart the week of July 8, 2016.[4]
The band's name is a reference to the Technical University of Nova Scotia.[3]

TUNS-01 Back Among Friends/02 Mixed Messages/03 Throw It All Away/04 Mind Over Matter/05 Look Who's Back In Town Again/06 Lonely Life/07 Mind Your Manners/08 To Your Satisfaction/09 I Can't Wait Forever

2016 release. Just sayin

Scott's Best Ever Garage Fuzz Post, Part 20

OH, God.....if you need the link for Part 19 here it is    http://www104.zippyshare.com/v/xAtSO4il/file.html  .....
sorry for the confusion, especially since I created it, just trying to make things easier, but as often happens it backfired.......anyway, just revert to normal......I'll get this figured out. I will keep this up as long as I can because it is important to me, anyway.......here is Part 20 of the very popular and very fab Garage Fuzz Series, an easy one since it's letters "U-V"......and don't forget, once I finish this, get ready for "Son of Garage Fuzz", which will be similar material (I am working NOW to eliminate the overlap between the two sets).

Things have been a little fucked around here of late, I'm doing my best to hold it together until the dust settles.......this is as good a time as any to submit material, this goes for both readers/listeners as well as bands.......PLEASE, your Mom taught you that sharing was the way to go, and she was right.

Please utilize this blog to share any music (or anything) you wish for others to have access to, it's a gift you are giving to thousands of people, with minimal effort.

VOLUME 20-01 US STAMPS-Pull the Wool/02 UGLY DUCKLINGS-Hey Mama/ 03  UGLY DUCKLINGS-Just In Case You Wonder/04 UNDERTAKERS-Unchain My Heart/05 UNKNOWN-
Can't Stop the Want I Got For You Babe/06 UNKNOWN-He's In Love With Himself/07 UNKNOWN-I'm Gonna Have My Fun/08 UNTOUCHABLES-Don't Go I'm Beggin/09 U03NWRITTEN LAW-Actions Speak Louder/10  UPSETTERS-Daddy Rolling Stone/11 US FOUR-The Alligator/12 VAQUEROS-69/13 VAQUEROS-Growing Pains/14 VELVET HAZE-Last Day On Earth/15  VENTURES-Love Potion Number Nine/16 VENTURES-She's Not There/17 VENTURES-The 2000 Pound Bee/18 VILLAGERS-Cool It/19 VINCE MALONEY SECT-No Good Without You/20 VISIONS-Humpty Dumpty/21 VOICE-The Train To Disaster/22 VON RUDEN-The Spider and the Fly

Anyone care about the NCAA Football playoff tomorrow? As an Ohio State lifer, I'm pumped of course,
but I see them losing to Clemson, 31-24.......also see Alabama crushing Washington 40-13.......championship game: Alabama 30 Clemson 10.......Alabama of this season is likely one of the top ten college football teams this 50 year football guy has taken wittness to. I welcome predictions from all, and GO BUCKS, what the fuck, they pulled off a miracle just a couple years ago..........

Jon S Drops in!

(scott) this is the third time it has happened that legdendary contributors Jon S and John N have made the
same contributions within a few minutes/hours......it's happened again, and since he's been MIA for a while (like he owes us ANYTHING with all the incredible posts he's sent), I'm gonna focus a bait on Jon S, BUT I'm gonna use both links for this re-issued classic.....I have posted this before in original format, I think Andie James sent it once.

PiL'S "Metal Box" is perhaps THE great post-punk release of the end-of-the-era classics. the dynmaic sound on the original vinyl was indescribeably amazing. OK, it's being released (with a TON of bonus stuff) again this fall, ("Album" will also be released later on).....grab this classic, I'm going to experiment with two links as they are not both zip's, so just to see what happens.....

BTW Jon S is is fine, got burned out on submitting shit. If ever there was a sentiment with which I could sympathize, that is it.......best wishes to both John N and Jon S in 2017!

Disc 1:
Remastered album
1. Albatross
2. Memories
3. Swan Lake (Death Disco)
4. Poptones
5. Careering
6. No Birds Do Sing
7. Graveyard
8. The Suit
9. Bad Baby
10. Socialist
11. Chant
12. Radio 4

Disc 2:
B-sides, mixes & radio sessions
1. Death Disco (7” edit)
2. Death Disco 12”
3. Half Mix / Megga Mix (b-side)
4. Death Disco - BBC TV, Top of the Pops July 12.7.72
5. Memories 12”
6. Another (b-side)
7. Poptones - BBCRadio 1, John Peel Sessions 1979
8. Careering - BBC Radio 1, John Peel Sessions 1979
9. Chant - BBC Radio 1, John Peel Sessions 1979
10. Poptones - BBC TV, Old Grey Whistle Test 5/2/80 (audio)
11. Careering - BBC TV, Old Grey Whistle Test 5/2/80 (audio)
12. Pied Piper (rare compilation-only track)

Disc 3:
Unreleased Mixes
1. Poptones (version 3) (unreleased)
2. Swan Lake (monitor mix)
3. Albatross (monitor mix) (alternative mix)
4. Swan Lake (“master”) (alternative mix) (unreleased)
5. Unknown INST Jam 1 (“Chant”) (unreleased)
6. Unknown Jam 2 (“Megachant”) (unreleased)
7. Music from an Oven (aka Memories) (unreleased)
8. Radio 4 (“symphony suite”) (unreleased)
9. Home is Where The Heart is (original mix) (unreleased)
10. Unknown INST 2 (unreleased)

Disc 4:
Live at Manchester, Russell’s Club (The Factory) 18/6/79 (unreleased)
1. Chant
2. Swan Lake (aka Death Disco)
3. Memories
4. Public Image
5. Annalisa
6. No Birds Do Sing

Vultures of Cult

The new hard/stoner Bancamp link from Vultures of Cult, entitled "In Atlas' Gait".....love when bandcamp types send stuff in, at least I'm pretty sure some tool won't delete it......it's good and you can name your own price on it!


Pink Turns Blue

John N sent this a little while back, I was unfamiliar as I sometimes tend to be.......Pink Turns Blue are a
band from Cologne Germany who I guess have released a few LP's prior to this, 2016's "The AERDT-Untold Stories".......really like this, kind of dark grungy new wave/alt.......the singer reminds me of several others, even maybe Kurt Cobain a bit......this is a fine album I'm sorry I missed at first, and, also, these guys merit further investigation on my part.......thanks John N for this, and, to Frank in Germany: you have any more of their stuff? Just a shot, I like this album.

THE AERDT UNTOLD STORIES-01 Something Deep /02 Dirt/03 Give Me Your Beauty/04 The Clown/05 Here Is To You my Love/06 Tomorrow Never Comes/07 NYC Breakdown/08 Roads/09 I Believed/10 Devil

Good album, reminds me of the sounds of the post grunge-mid 90's mixed with some gloomy Smith's type 80's new wave......I like it quite a bit.

Night Beats

Oh, my, here is a collection of good psychedelic-garage rock from Seattle (Beavis: "Is everybody In Seattle
COOL?" Butthead: "Yeah, If you go to Seattle, everybody that you see is COOL!").......uh, well, maybe, but these discs from Night Beats are cool as fuck.......handaful of EP's and an album or two, I'm listening right now and thinking maybe sort of like Screaming Trees perhaps.....pretty good stuff, if you like our normal posts, chances are you may like this one........good stuff here, and thanks to John N for the links, these rock.

2010 H BOMB EP-01 H Bomb/02 Shadows in the Night/03 They Came In Through the Window/04 Stampede

2011-NIGHT BEATS-01 Puppet on a String/02 Ain't Dumbo/03 Dial 666/04 The Other Side/05 Useless Game/06 DeWayne's Drone/07 Hallicinojenny/08 Ain't a Ghost/09 Meet Mr. Fork/10 War Games/11 High Noon Blues/12 Little War In the Midwest

2013-SONIC BLOOM-01 Love Ain't Strange (Everything Else Is)/02 Sonic Bloom/03 Playing Dead/04 Outta Mind/05 Real Change/06 Satisfy Your Mind/07 Catch a Ride to Sonic Bloom/08 The Seven Poison Wonders/09 As You Want/10 The Hidden Circle/11 Rat King/12 At the Gates/13 The New World

2013-UFO CLUB/NIGHT BEATS SPLIT EP-01 (TRACKS 1-4 UFO CLUB)-01 My Love Is Waiting/02 Chapel In My Mind/03 Wolfman/04 Be My Baby/ (TRACKS 5-8 NIGHT BEATS) 05 Hex/06 A Night With Nefertiti/07 Drowning In the Nile/08 18 Glowing Phantoms

2016-WHO SOLD MY GENERATION-01 Celebration #1/02 Power Child/03 Right Wrong/04 No
Cops/05 Porque ManIfana/06 Sunday Mourning/07 Shangri La/08 Burn to Breathe/09 bad Love/10 Last Train to Jordan/11 Turn the Lights/12 Egypt Berry

This was a real surprise, ALL of this is great, the new album in particular, as it reflects "that sound" of which I consider rock n roll in 2017.....I'vae described it before, but this album is perhaps a future classic of the genre!

Scott's Ultimate Garage Fuzz Blowout Part 21

Well,this should be the next-to-last installment of the very popular "Garage Fuzz" torrent......it's got some
incredible shit on it, glad I posted it again in a more manageable format......and don't forget, I'll post part 22, which will finish up the alphabet......but then, we will have another large torrent, "Son of Garage Fuzz", on which I am currently prepping to remove the overlap tracks. Nugget-rock is damn popular on here, and it is damn fine with me as well.....the incredible
simplicity combined with the wanna-be professional hard rock groove......hey, great shit and that is why we all love it. Enjoy letter "W", I'll try to maybe finish this tomorrow and after a few days begin the "Son of" series.......hope ya like it!

VOLUME 21-01 WAILERS-Hang Up/02 WALKING FLOUR-Hootchie Cootchie Man/03 WANDERERS-Higher Education/04 WANDERER'S REST-Anytime Anywhere/05 WANDERER'S REST-In Good Time/06 WANTED-Sad Situation/07 WARNER BROTHERS-Dirty Ernie/08 WATERS-Mother Samuel/09 WAYNE GIBSON & THE DYNAMICS-Baby Baby Baby Pity Me/10 WE THE PEOPLE-He Doesn't Go About It Right/11 WEST COACH BUNCH-Colors of My Life/12 WHAT'S NEW-Up So High/13 WHATT FOUR-Our Love Should last Forever/14 WHATT FOUR-You're Wishin' I Was Someone Else/15 WHITE LIGHTNING-Under the Screaming Double Eagle/16
WHITE TRASH-Illusions/17 WHY FOUR-Hard Life/18 WIG-Crackin Up/19 WILD THINGS-Tell Me/20 WILD VYBRASHONS-One Track Mind/21 WILLIAM PENN FYVE-Swami/22 WIMPLE
WINCH-Atmospheres/23 WIMPLE WINCH-Rumble On Mersey Square South/24 WREC-A-MENDED-Dirty Old Man/25 WYLDE MANIACS-Not the One For Me


Here's some late 60's hard-blues/semi-psych from Steamhammer, 
imo a somewhat underappreciated
band.....from Worithing England, basically the domain of guitarist Martin Pugh......this is pretty damn good, bluesy and somewhat hard rocking......I love it and never understood why they are not held in higher esteem.....wonderful stuff......I think I have 3 of their four albums here, no certain, but I think that is the case....the debut, 1969's "Reflection" features the single "Junior's Wailing", and a metric ton of wailing blues guitar all over the place......really, you will love this one. They followed up with MK II, a bit more "sophisticated" with a more mature sound.....still a pretty good record, the epic "Another Travelling Tune" is a standout (16+ minutes)
Also in this stack is "Mountains" from 1970, another good enough effort, solid blues rock cuts abound.......
Always liked these albums, and wondered why they were never a bit more popular......well, never mind, here they are, I enjoy them, likely you will as well.........keep rocking, I intend to.

REFLECTION-01 Water (Part 1)/02 Junior's Wailing/03 Lost You Too/04 She Is the Fire/05 You'll Never Know/06 Even the Chick/07 Down the Highway/08 On Your Road/09 Twenty Four Hours/10 When All Your Friends are Gone/19 Water (Part 2)

MK II-01 Supposed to Be Free/02 Johnny Carl Morton/03 Sunset Chase/04 contemporary Check Con Song/05 Turn Around/06 6-8 For Amiran/07 Passing Through/08 Down Along the Grove/09 Another Travelling Tune/10 Fran and Dee Take a Ride/11 Junior's Wailing/12 Wind Mill/13 Autumn Song/14 Blues For Passing People (note: Track 14 is a bad file......ANYONE have a replacement? Love ya!)

MOUNTAINS-01 I Wouldn't Have Thought/02 Riding on the L&N/03 Hold That Train/04 Leviana/05 Henry Lane/06 Leader of the Ring/07 Walking Down the Road/08 Mountians

Stoner Kebab

Here's one that doesn't come up too often, the 2005 debut EP from the Italian doom rockers Stoner Kebab,
"Chapter Zero"......first of all, Stoner Kebab consisted of  bassist/singer Muccio, guitarist/singer Bubi, guitarist/ singer Justin Timberland, and drummer Rachid.....they've produced 3-4 subsequent albums, I hava heard them but don't think I have them.......I think this is the best actually, the fine experimental stoner rock, lots of interesting instrumental passages, and, besides, not as "doom-y" as their later releases.....always kind of liked this one, for real, hard rocking and capped off with a THIRTY FIVE minute epic, "Stoner Kebab".....doncha love it when metal bands get pretentious? Nothing better!

CHAPTER ZERO-01 Cop Song/02 Amazing Aurakaria/03 The March of the Yellow Lizard/04 Saint George/05 Stoner Kebab (Part 1, Stoner Kebab, part 2 (Silence), part 3 Untitled Improvisation

Just a fairly rare and unknown gem I fell on this evening while looking for something else.......how ya like it? And if anyone has the later releases, please bring em forward!

Return of Cliff Notes!

Al Campbell has been active since the late 1960s and has worked with producers such as Coxsone Dodd,
Bunny Lee, Joe Gibbs, Lee Perry, Linval Thompson & King jammy.  He is a master of all reggae styles from Roots to Lovers to Dancehall, and was one of the most talented singers of his generation and hits such as late Night Blues, Gee Baby, Bad Boy and Turn Me Loose are a must for any partya if you want to get people up and dancing. There's excellent Jamaican singers who put out an impressive body of work but still didn't quite make it.  I would count Al Campbell to be one of those in that 'category'.  He never failed to impress with a steady stream of consistency in his catalogue of music, but something held him back over the years from getting the breakthrough of wider recognition he so rightly deserved.  What the reason for that is, is nothing but a mystery.  Of the 5 albums posted here for me Late Night Blues is the best and shows Campbell at the top of his game.

Ain't Too Proud to Beg-Track List: 1) Son Don't Take Your Gun to Town 2) Gun Hawk 3) You've Changed 4) Dream Lover 5) Ain't To Proud to Beg 6) Bus Them Shut 7)Equalizing 8) Youthman Unite  9) Come Fi Test e Agqain 10)You Bring Me Joy

Link: http://www62.zippyshare.com/v/InBlx0CX/file.html

Dance Hall Stylee-Track List: 01-Dance Hall Stylee 02-Jah-O-Via 03-Guide Us Jah 04-Sufferers Feel It 05-Jah Love Everyone 06-I'vae Got To Gt Your Loving 07-Samfie 08-Cherry Baby 09-Down For The Third Time 10-Hold Me baby

Link: http://www29.zippyshare.com/v/O11waCCI/file.html

Ain't That Loving You- Track List: 1. Wicked A Go Feel It 2. Hypocrites 3 Free Up Rasta 4. The Moment of Truth 5. This is a True True Love 6. One Room Shack  7. Ain't That Loving You  8. Pick Up Your Telephone 9. Promise Is a Comfort to a Fool 10. Feeling of Love 11. Carefree Billy

Link: http://www22.zippyshare.com/v/gZ6b5pIj/file.html

Gee Baby-Track List: 1. Gee Baby 2. Hide and Seek 3. Going the Wrong Way 4. Call Me 5. It's True 6. Where Were You 7. Suit Yourself 8. Save My Love 9. When and Where 10. Over Size Man

Link: http://www92.zippyshare.com/v/YzbjJqic/file.html

Late Night Blues-Track List: 1. Mr Iniquity Man 2. Ran Out of Time 3. It's All Over 4. Since I Feel For You  5. Late Night Blues 6. Know Yourself 7. No Sit There  8. Rasta Time 9. Gone Down the Rain 10. Shower Me With Blessings

Link: http://www96.zippyshre.com/v/xEyIh7cN/file.html

(scott) Thanks Cliff, always a joy to hear from you......hope the holidays and life in general are treating you well! Much love, brother!

Shakin' Street

This French punk/metal outfit obviously too their name from the classic MC5 song, but don't let that fool
ya.....I have two of their albums here which are scorchers.....I know they made a few more, anyone wanna help out?......what I have here are their first two discs and they really are gems, imo......."Vampire Rock" and the self titled follow up.......fine vocals from French vixen Fabienne Shine, slick late-80's glam-guitar rock with enough rough edges that the punk influence comes through......these are good albums, I think at least, for 80's attempts to ride the scene......they did so well, though, and while these albums never really had a "niche" to slot into, they are still quite good, and really, ya go GOTTA be cool to name yerself after an MC5 song, right?

Two fabulous albums here, in my opinion, try them on for size.....considering some of the slop that was coming out at this point in time, they were REALLY fab.....seriously, they really are good, I like em, and let's see what you think?

VAMPIRE ROCK-01 Vampire Rock/02 Where are You Babe/03 Love Song/04 Living With the Dealer/05 No Time to Lose/06 Yesterdays papers/07 Celebration 2000/08 Blues Is the Same/09 Speedy lady

SHAKIN STREET-01 No Compromise/02 Solid as A Rock/03 No Time to Lose/04 Soul Dealer/05 Susie Wong/06 Every Man, Every Woman is a Star/07 Generation X/08 So Fine/09 I Want to Box You

Lizzy Mercier Descloux

OK, I never heard of her, but I do try to listen to everything that is sent to me, this comes from Jon N....I'm
gonna attach the review that came along with it, however, I have listened to this and it's fine, fine, electronic-disco, if that is your thing, you came to the right spot......this is a good album, if you are open minded......hey EVERYTHING doesn't have to be stoner rock, let's expand our horizons.....read the attached article, semi-interesting, and, hey, this IS a good album......variety, man, variety!
From cult attention to relative obscurity to appreciative rediscovery mixed with tragedy due to her untimely passing, Lizzy Mercier Descloux's career arc follows an almost classic path -- but story is one thing, results another, and if one is finding out about her for the first time, Best Off provides a great if not ultimately comprehensive one-disc starting point. Aside from three otherwise unavailable numbers, everything is drawn from her various albums and singles, and together it's a slice of pure party mania, moving so seamlessly from disco beats to polyrhythmic highlife to almost Teutonic cabaret vocal delivery and back again that it feels like a constantly evolving mixtape more than anything else. Starting with her merrily frenetic cover of Arthur Brown's "Fire," hearing her switch languages, singing styles, and general approach throughout is wonderfully dizzying, with the one-two punch of "One for the Soul" and "My Funny Valentine," both done with Chet Baker, and the brilliant singles from Mais où Sont Passées les Gazelles, later re-released as Zulu Rock, just some of the many high points. The three "new" French-language tracks will be the hook for otherwise committed fans, coming from the sessions that made up her unreleased album from 1995, which ZE planned to release later in 2006. If in general much more studied than her earlier work, the songs don't undercut it, with Mercier Descloux showing an ear for dramatic keyboard-led songs that calls to mind contemporaneous Peter Murphy, of all people. "Taller" is a slower near ballad spiked with an extensive film dialogue sample, "Bayadere" is structurally similar but with a stronger overall performance thanks to a great chorus, and "Rouge Gorge" reworks a bit of ye-ye style into an easygoing overall groove.

BEST OFF-01 Fire/02 Torso Corso/03 Mission Impossible 2.0/04 Hard Boiled Babe/05 Five Troubles Mambo/06 Sun Is Shining/07 Les baisers d'aments/08 It's You Sort of/09 Penelope/10 Wakwazulu Kwezizulu Rock/11 Mais Ouie Sont passels les Gazelles/12 Abyssinia/13 Fog Horn Blues/14 One For the Soul/15 My Funny Valentine/16 Gypsy Flame/17 The Long Goodbye/18 Calypso Moguls/19 Taller/20 Bayadere/21 Rouge Gorge

For the most part, I don't put stuff here as a joke (not that I haven't), this one is here because it's good......really, it is, maybe not everyones taste, but I like this album, and if you take a chance, you may like this as well.......besides any chick that is covering Arthur Brown's "Fire" is OK in my book!

The Bangs

I have posted this a couple times before let's see what happens in the darker days of 2017......the Bangs
were the chick punk/pop band that would morph into the Bangles.....last time I put up a Bangles submission up, it was quickly removed.....unsure why, I've shared the Bangs stuff a number of times......

I made this disc back when I was new at the game......there are 2 albums here, Tiger Beat and Sweet Revenge PLUS  a handful of bonus tracks.....remember though, I made this thing 15 years ago or so, aso if there is something mislabeled, or that doesn't belong here, or whatever, it's my fault. Am I making a new disc/discs? Oh FUCK no......this should satisfy the people upset about the Bangs/bangles removal of late.....try these, in particular the amazing cover of one of my fave songs, Cheap Trick's "Southern Girls".....might want to hurry if you want this homemade disc, it's worth your time.

TIGER BEAT-01 Chocolate Cobwebs/02 Vintage Piranha/03 baby's Day Out/04 Burnout/05 SOS/06 He's a Groupie/07 Ferocious Pocket/08 Tiger Beat/09 Lend Me Crumpets/10 Death By Guitar

SWEET REVENGE-01 Fast Easy Love/02 Sweet Revenge/03 Train Wreck/04 Docudrama/05 Undo Everything/06 Telephone Game/07 Into You/08 Schick Shadel/09 Licorice Whip/20 Scorpi-Oh/21 Southern Girls

BONUS TRACKS-01 No Mag Commercial/02 Getting Out of hand/03 Tender Thunderbolt/04 The magician's Assistant/05 Get Electric/06 Bitchin Summer

Although these are broken down as they are, there is but ONE link for ALL of this stuff!

Wrapping Up Garage Fuzz (for now)

So here's Part 22 of the somewhat popular Garage Fuzz series....this is an abbreviated version, letters X-Y-Z.....should have tacked em on to Part 21 I guess, but so it goes.....the good news is that "Son of Garage Fuzz", nearly as large as this one and as good also, is nearly ready, I'm attempting to remove the overlap between the two sets, should be ready to go really soon!

Enjoy this brief one, until then!

VOLUME 22-01 XTREEMS-Facts af Life/02 XTREEMS-Substitute/03 YO YO'S-Gotta Find a New Love/04 YORKSHIRE PUDDIN-Keep Me In Mind/05 YOUNGSTERS-I Wanna Be Your Man/06 YUZO KAYAMA & THE LAUNCHERS-The Angry Man/07 ZAKARY THAKS-Green Crystal Ties

Look for "SON OF GARAGE FUZZ", really, like, SOON!

The Altered Hours

(scott) yet another goody leftover from 2016, John N sent this a little while back and I forgot to post it or something, because I really did like this one quite a bit.....that modern shoegaze/trippy hard psych that I love so much as the representative rock music of "now".......anyway, the influences here are numerous.....The VU, My Bloody Valentine, the J&M Chain, Garbage, Sonic Youth, and several others, but this is really good, not as hard rocking as some of my other faves of 2016, but droning and grinding, and a really worthwhile album!

The Altered Hours are a five-piece music group based in Cork City, Ireland.
INHEAT NOT SORRY is their first full length album, recorded at the Funkhaus studio in Berlin.
Following their work with Fabien Leseure on the Sweet Jelly Roll EP (A Recordings) in 2013, plans were made to further explore the potential for capturing the band's intense live energy. The group returned to Berlin in 2014 and spent three weeks exploring, experimenting and recording with Leseure at the controls.
The project began with a great variety of songs and ideas and from these a direct and cohesive approach with an emphasis on live recording was decided upon.
The resulting ten tracks bring to light the group's evolution since their last EP – starting with a lush psychedelic sound and pushing towards a stark and honest headspace. This album has clearly been influenced by the dismal yet beautiful surroundings of the 1950s Funkhaus studio building, a former DDRRADIO center. In many ways INHEAT NOT SORRY'S sound and atmosphere encapsulates the band's ongoing fascination with testing (and sometimes disrupting) that fine balance between tranquility and chaos.

IN HEAT NOT SORRY-01 Who's Saving Who/02 Way of Sorrow/03 Rotting/04 Silver Leather/05 Birds/06 Saviours/07 Virgin's Sleeve/08 Grey On Blue/09 Citadel/10 Laughing on Their Knees