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USA Garage Greats 1965-67 Part 20

Well, happy Monday, and we reach the 100 disc plateau today....I know that some of ya haven't been able to get all 100 of em yet, but we WILL take care of ya after I get the whole series posted....this is, of course, the greatest compliation series ever, around 145 discs, created by the men of Twilight Zone, Ryp and Gyro, about 4 or 5 years ago. Please visit Twilight Zone (http://twilightzone-rideyourpony.blogspot.com/) and thank them for their tremendous contribution to our culture....artwork is available for all volumes, go to PART 2 of the series, check under "comments" and there are download links for them, you need to do it yourself.

The first disc today features bands whose names begin with "U", I know we've already had "Z", "Y", "W", can't remember right off the bat if any others, but sure is incredible...I wonder why smack in the middle of the "U" volume is a single track by The Spirits, but I'm sure there must be a reason, and it is very unimportant anyway....I always really hated the track that disc is "named for", the often comped "You Ain't Tough" by the Uniques, but obviously I'm not gonna like em ALL......always really DID love the lead off track, the Underdogs "Loves Gone Bad", (also fairly frequently comped), so things do tend to even out

YOU AINT TOUGH-01 THE UNDERDOGS-Love's Gone Bad/02 THE UNDERDOGS-Mo Jo Hanna/03 THE UNDERDOGS-Surprise Surprise/04 THE UNDERDOGS-Down on Your Knees/05 THE UNDERDOGS-The Man In the Glass/06 THE UNDERDOGS-Judy be Mine/07 THE UNDERGROUND BALLOON CORPS-(Heart) Made of Stone/08 THE UNDERGROUND BALLOON CORPS-Grass Is Greener/09 THE UNDERPRIVLEGED-You Hurt Me/10 THE UNDERPRIVLEGED-Come On/11 THE UNDERTAKERS-Roselyn/12 THE SPIRITS-Double Shot "Live at the Funny Farm"/13 THE UNDERTAKERS-Searching/14 THE UNDERTAKERS-The Reason Why/15 THE UNDERTAKERS-Unchain My Heart/16 THE UNDERTAKERS-It's My Time/17 THE UNDESYDED-Freedom of Love/18 THE UNDESYDED-Baby I Need You/19 THE UNION JACKS-I Gotta Go/20 THE UNION JACKS-No One But You/21 THE UNIQUES-Bolivar J/22 THE UNIQUES-Ladys Man/23 THE UNIQUES-My Babe/24 THE UNIQUES-Run & Hide/25 THE UNIQUES-Good Bye So Long/26 THE UNIQUES-You Aint Tough/27 THE UNIQUES-Strange/28 THE UNITED NOTIONS-Wait Until Tomorrow/29 THE UNITED NOTIONS-Someday Baby/30 THE UNIVERSAL SET-Memphis Express/31 THE UNIVERSAL SET-Ballad For Linda

YOU'RE MEAN TO ME-01 DESTINYS CHILDREN-Collectors/02 DESTINYS CHILDREN-For Me/03 THE FOURGATHERING-You're Mean to Me/04 THE PLAGUE-I've Been Through It Before/05 THE PLAGUE-Tears From My Eyes/06 THE TOMBSTONES-I Want You/07 THURSDAYS CHILDREN-You'll Never Be My Girl/08 THURSDAYS CHILDREN-Try Girl/09 THE BEAU HAVENS-Elizabeth/10 THE BEAU HAVENS-Feel So Good/11 THE FOURGATHERING-Betty And Dupree/12 THE RIOTS-You're My Baby/13 THE RIOTS-I Can Go On/14 THE EMOTIONS-I Just Do/15 THE EMOTIONS-Every Man/16 MIKE & THE DIMENSIONS-Why/17 THE SANDS-Little Things/18 THE SHADOWS-If You Love Me/19 THE SINNERS-Only On a Rainy Day/20 THE TODES-Good Things/21 THE WAVE RIDERS-Aint It a Shame/22 THE COBBLESTONES-Flower Pwer/23 THE COBBLESTONES-Down With It/24 THE TRE-MENDEZ-Wild Free and Twenty Three/25 THE ALIMINATORS-Let Down/26 THE RUNABOUTS-I Need Time/27 THE RUNABOUTS-The Chase/28 THE MISSING LINKS-They Say You Lie/29 THE CARETAKERS-Hidden Steps/30 THE SQUIRES-Going All the Way/31 TH SQUIRES-Go Ahead

I'M NOT TALKIN'-01 THE THINGS TO COME-I'm Not Talkin'/02 THE THINGS TO COME-Till the End/03 THE WORDS-Run Away Love/04 THE WORDS-What is the Reason/05 THE DEVILLES-You've Made Up Your Mind/06 THE STAINED GLASS-A Scene In Between/07 THE STAINED GLASS-Mediocre Me/08 THE WORLD COLUMN-Lantern Gospel/09 THE WORLD COLUMN-Midnight Thoughts/10 PF SLOAN-From a Distance/11 PF SLOAN-Patterns Seg. 4/12 PF SLOAN-This Morning/13 PF SOLAN-Sins of the Family/14 THE WORLD OF MILAN-One Track mind/15 THE WORLD OF MILAN-Shades of Blue/16 MOUSE-Would You Beleive/17 MOUSE-Like I Know You Do/18 JOEY DAY-The Chase/19 TOBY BEN BLUES BAND-Married Woman/20 TOBY BEND BLUES BAND-I Don't Want You/21 THE US STAMPS-Go And Dry Your Tears/22 THE US STAMPS-Come On/23 THE WYLDE HEARD-Stop it Girl/24 THE WYLDE HEARD-Take It On Home/25 THE WYNGATE-See Whats Right/26 THE WYNGATE-Persian Night Flight/27 THE WORRYIN KIND-Wild About You/28 THE WRENCH-The Day Is Hard/29 RICK DURHAM & THE DYNAMICS-I Got My Eyes On You/30 RICK DURHAM & THE DYNAMICS-Black and Blue/31 THE WRONG NUMBERS-I'm Gonna Go Now/32 THE WORDS OF LUV-I'd Have To Be Outta My Mind

LIVING ON BORROWED TIME-01 THE ORIGINAL SURFERS-Shes My Baby/02 THE HERE & AFTER-Talk Talk/03 THE HERE & AFTER-Hey Joe/04 GEORGE WALLACE JR-Think/05 THE BLUE SOULS-Grey Over Blue/06 THE 8TH WONDERS OF THE WORLD-You You Yeah/07 THE FIVE FLYS-Livin For Love/08 GARY & THE NIGHT LITES-I Don't Need Your Help/09 THE BONNE VILLES-Tell Me/10 THE BONNE VILLES-Naughty Girl/11 THE SECOND GENERATION-Baby i Need You/12 THE CHOCOLATE MOOSE-Chocolate Moose Theme/13 THE CHOCOLATE MOOSE-Take a Ride/14 THE ELECTRIC PRISM-Time Change/15 THE BENDS-If It's All the Same To You/16 HALF PINT & THE FIFTHS-Orphan Boy/17 HALF PINT & THE FIFTHS-Living On Borrowed Time/18 THE ORGANISED CONFUSION-Tell Me Why/19 THE ELEMENTS-Lonely Town/20 THE POOR SOULS-Honey Tell Me/21 THE POOR SOULS-You'll Be the One To Suffer/22 THE PAINTED FACES-I Want You/23 THE WILD-Sit Down/24 THE WILD-Monkees/25 DAVE & THE STONE HEADS-I'll Feel A Whole Lot Better/26 DAVE & THE STONE HEADS-Slow Down/27 BC & THE CAVEMEN-As Long As I'm Around/28 BC & THE CAVEMEN-Come On/29 THE NEWPORTS-Life Must Go On/30 THE 5 WILLIAMSON BROTHERS-I've Got a Bead On You Baby/31 THE EXCELS-It Isnt So/32 GARY & THE COUNTS-Just the Way It Used to Be

THERES A FLOWER SHOP-01 THE PARADOX-There's a Flower Shop/02 THE PARADOX-With Someone To Love/03 THE C-MINORS-Don't Go/04 THE APOLLOS-Room 4/05 JAY DEE & THE CHASERS-I Do/06 JAY DEE & THE CHASERS-Gloria/07 THE SWAYDES-Anymore/08 THE SWAYDES-Why/09 THE SQUIRES-I Don't Care/10 THE SQUIRES-The Batmobile/11 THE SHADOWS-That Old Familiar Song/12 THE SHADOWS-Pause/13 THE RAVIN BLUES-Hold On/14 THE RAVIN BLUES-You're No Good/15 OUR GANG-Careless Love/16 OUR GANG-Heartbeat/17 THE FE FI FOUR PLUS TWO-Double Crossin Girl/18 THE FE FI FOUR PLUS TWO-I Wanna Come Back (From the World of LSD)/19 THE FONOGRAF FOUR-Unknown/20 THE FONOGRAF FOUR-You're Not Foolin Me/21 THE CIRCUS-Bad Seed/22 THE CIRCUS-Bur Witch Burn/23 THE BARDS-Alibis/24 THE BARDS-Thanks a Lot Baby/25 THE GRAPES OF WRATH-Cause It Was Her/26 THE GRAPES OF WRATH-For Every Year/27 THE EXPRESSIONS-One More Night/28 THE EXPRESSIONS-Return To Innocence/29 THE STRAWBERRY SOCIAL-The Sunday Before My Life/30 THE STRAWBERRY SOCIAL-Love Minus Zero/No Limit/31 THE FUGITIVES-Don't Pretend/32 THE FUGITIVES-We Gotta Run/33 THE SUPER-CHICKS-Something Else

Between you and I, I am getting tired of these.....I'll be happy to get some hard core punk or some brain bending stoner stuff up there....After this, I think I will have had enough garage-rock greats for QUITE some time~!

USA Garage Greats 1965-67 Part 21

Well, i write this on Monday, you read it on Tuesday, the Vikings beat the Bears yesterday, somehow with one of the very worst quarterbacks I have ever seen, Christian Ponder....LORD that boy is "difficult" to watch, and I am being as kind as possible. Also, please take a look at teh comments section of Part 19, you'll see that one fine young man's life is being wrecked because I am uploading these TOO QUICKLY, so he can't listen to them first. I am contemplating changing my entire system so it suits HIM better, the rest of you can be damned.....honestly, ever meet someone who would complain about ABSLOLUTLY ANYTHING? At one point, he says he grew up in the 80's, and if he hadn't said so, I think we could have figured it out REALLY easilly......

Know what babe I was thinking about lately? Ruth Riley....she was a HOT ASS 6'5" center for Notre Dame about ten years ago or so.....God, she was slobber incducing, haven't seen any pics of her in a LONG time, I just LOOOOOOOOOOVE me some tall babes, I'd gladly do her bidding.....Ruth, if you are by chance a huge Garage Rock fan and stumble upon this, please get ahold of me for killer sex. Oh, LORD yes.......hope you guys don't get tired of my perversions, with whom else am I supposed to share them?

Allow us to undertake part 22 of the series, the greatest ever constructed....by now you know all that, it was created by Ryp and Gyro of Twilight Zone (http://twilightzone-rideyourpony.blogspot.com/), please go there and thank them and check out their fine and wonderful blog. Thier blog is to Joe Montana what mine is to (this is easy) Christian Ponder........there is fine artwork available for each disc, you need to go to PART 2 of the series (this blog) and under comments you will find download links for the art,,,it's worth it, trust me, but I just don't have time to sort it all out myself. Here we have discs 105-110, I have been saying that I think there are about 145, as I look at the shelf, I think there may be more than that, I'm unsure, we'll see, lets just say there are a lot of them, and you will want them all.....so with my sincerest apologies to the young lad for whom I am posting to rapidly, here are 5 more of em....hope ya enjoy and leave a comment, always enjoy hearing from ya on the music, on the babaes, on life in general, or on anything else.....please make fun of that "posting to quickly" kid, while you are at it

CLOSE THAT DOOR-01 THE TIGERMEN-Close That Door/02 THE TIGERMEN-Tiger Girl/03 THE BLAZERS-I Don't Need You/04 THE BLAZERS-Lovin To Do/05 BARRY EBLING & THE INVADERS-I can Make It Without You/06 BARRY EBLING & THE INVADERS-Sunny Day Rain/07 THE HATFIELDS-Kid From Cincy/08 THE HATFIELDS-Lost in the World/09 THE RUSTICS-Can't Get You out of My Heart/10 THE RUSTICS-Look at Me/11 THE ORIGIANL DUKES-Aint About to Lose My Cool/12 THE UNDESYDED-Baby I need You/13 THE UNDESYDED-Freedom of Love/14 THE LIMITS-I Want You All the Time/15 THE LIMITS-Trip Around the USA/16 THE GUYS WHO CAME UP FROM DOWNSTAIRS-Nothing We Can Do/17 THE SHANDELLS INC-Say What I Mean/18 THE SHANDELLS INC-Just Cry/19 THE COLORS OF NIGHT-C-O-L-O-R-S/20 LOVE CORPORATION-Should I/21 THE GROUP LOVE CORP-Love Corporation/22 THE JERKS-I'm Leavin You/23 THE JERKS-Don't Make Me Sorry/24 THE SWAMP RATS-Louie Louie/25 THE SWAMP RATS-Psycho/26 THE ILLUSIONS-City of People/27 THE ILLUSIONS-Wait Till the Summer/28 THE SANDS OF TIME-Come Back Little Girl/29 THE SANDS OF TIME-When She Crys For Me/30 THE CURFEWS-Look at Me

GO AWAY GIRL-01 YESTERDAYS OBSESSIONS-01 The Phycle/02 YESTERDAYS OBSESSIONS-Complicated Mind/03 THE YO YOZ-Leave Me Alone/04 THE YO  YOZ-Stay With me/05 THE YO YO'S-Crack In My Wall/06 THE YO YO'S-The Raven/07 THE YO YO'S-I've Got Something In My Eye/08 THE YO YO'S-Gotta Find a New Love/09 THE YOUNTS BROS. INC-Come Back Baby/10 THE YOUNTS BROS. INC-Love Is a Game/11 THE YORKSHIRE PUDDING-Aint Gonna Love You/12 THE YORKSHIRE PUDDING-Good Night Day/13 THE YOUNG ALLEY CATS-Since Shes Been Gone/14 THE YOUNG ALLEY CATS-Cat Tracks/15 THE YOUNG ARISTOCRACY-Look & See/16 THE YOUNG ARISTOCRASY-Don't Lie/17 THE YOUNG CALIFORNIANS-Hey Girl/18 THE YOUNG CALIFORNIANS-In a Garden/19 THE YOUNG DREAMERS-Good Time People/20 THE YOUNG ENTRPPRISE-Think I'm Gonna Make It/21 THE YOUNG ENTERPRISE-I Wanted You/22 THE YOUNG EXECUTIVES-Come On In Baby/23 THE YOUNG EXECUTIVES-Everybody Do the Duck/24 THE YOUNG GENERATION-Don't Be nice To Me/25 THE YOUNG ONES-Sour Grapes/26 THE YOUNG ONES-Sour Grapes/27 THE YOUNG SAVAGES-Welcome To my World/28 THE YOUNG SOCIETY-Hey, Do You Want My Love/29 THE YOUNG MEN-By the Way/30 THE YOUNG MEN-Go Away Girl/31 THE YOUNG MEN-A Thought For You

CRY ME A LIE-01 APPOLLOS APACHES-Cry me a Lie/02 APOLLOS APACHES-"Boss" Be Good To Me/03 THE DIRTY SHAMES-I Don't Care/04 THE DIRTY SHAMES-Makin Love/05 THEE MIDNITERS-I Found a Peanut/06 THE MH ROYALS-She's Gone Forever/07 THE RAVES-Think Of Your Love/08 THE RAVES-Don't Chop Down My Tree/09 THE MAVERICKS-When I'm Gone/10 THE MAVERICKS-Life Aint No Bucket Of Roses/11 THE FOUR CHALLENGERS-Love Me When You Can/12 THE EQUALS-Softly Softly/13 THE EQUALS-Lovely Rita/14 ? AND THE MYSTERIANS-Are You For Real (demo)/15 THE EXCELS-Let's Dance/16 RITCHIE SOMMERS-I Ain't Gonna Be Nice Anymore/17 THE FIVE OF A KIND-Never Again/18 THE FIVE OF A KIND-I Don't Want To Find ANother Girl/19 THE MERSEY BEATS USA-You'll Come Back/20 THE MERSEY BEATS USA-You'll Come Back/21 THE BLADES-I'll Shed No Tear/22 THE BUCKINGHAMS-Beginners Luck/23 THE BUCKINGHAMS-Sweets For My Sweet/24 DICK CURTIS-It's Not the Same/25 THE TRAVELLING SALESMAN-The Days of My Years/26 THE ELEGANT FOUR-I'm Tired/27 THE ELEGANT FOUR-Time To Say Goodbye/28 THE MONOGRAMS-Go-Go Marlin/29 TOM & THE CATS-Good GOod Lovin/30 THE DEDICATIONS-Midnight Gray/31 FABULOUS BACHELORS-Not Like She

TYME WONT CHANGE-01 THE ID-I Just Don't Understand You Baby/02 THE ID-The Morning Dew/03 THE SANDY COAST-Subjects of My Thoughts/04 THE SANDY COAST-I'm a Fool/05 THE BROTHERHOOD OF SOUL-Save Me/06 THE FALCONS-I Gotta See Her/07 JOHNNY THOMPSON QUINTET-Color Me Columbus/08 THE YOUNG EXECUTIVES-C'mon In Baby/09 THE YOUNG EXECUTIVES-Everybody Do the Duck/10 THE CHAPS-Wait A Minute/11 THE CHESSMEN-No More/12 THE CHESSMEN-You're Gonna Be Lonely/13 THE WANTED-Here To Stay/14 THE WANTED-In the Midnight Hour/15 THE MARC V-I'm a Dog/16 THE MARC V-And I'm Glad/17 THE UNKNOWN-Look For Me Babe/18 THE UNKNOWN-Blue Jean Man/19 THE INTERNS-Hard To Get/20 THE INTERNS-And I'm Glad/21 THE AARDVARKS-Let's Move Together/22 THE PURPLE GANG-Bring Your Own Selfdown/23 THE PURPLE GANG-One of the Bunch/24 THE COACHMEN-Tyme Won't Change/25 THE COACHMEN-Tell Her No/26 THE JUST VI-Bo-Said/27 THE JUST IV-You/28 DEL SHANNON-I Can't Be True/29 DEL SHANNON-Led ALong/30 THE ONLY ONZ-When Teardrops Fall/31 THE ONLY ONZ-The Road Again

DOMINOES-01 THE CHILDREN-I Can Feel It Now/02 THURSDAY'S CHILDREN-Dominoes/03 THURSDAY'S CHILDREN-Air-Conditioned Man/04 THE TASMANIANS-Baby/05 THE TAMANIANS-Love Love Love/06 ANGIE & THE NEW RAIDERS-It's a Lie/07 ANGIE& THE NEW RAIDERS-Sounds of the Raiders/08 THE INFINITIVES-Heidi/09 THE INFINITIVES-Thousand Tears/10 SKIP ELLIS-Your Bad/11 SKIP ELLIS-Ice Cube Girl/12 THE WEEBLE FOX-I'm Your Fellow Man/13 THE KOMONS-Why/14 THE KOMONS-Caught In the Trap/15 THE SUBURBAN 9 to 5-Sunshine Becomes You/16 THE SUBURBAN 9 to 5-Capt. Kangaroo/17 THE MARBLE PHROGG-Love Me Again/18 THE MARBLE PHROGG-Theres a Girl/19 THE ODDS & ENDS-(Hey Little Girl) Before You Go/20 THE ODDS & ENDS-Never Learn/21 STAIRWAY TO THE STARS-Cry/22 STAIRWAY TO THE STARS-Dry Run/23 THE RAINBOW PRESS-The Lost Platoon/24 THE RAINBOW PRESS-Great White Whale/25 THE EMBLEMS-We're Gonna Love/26 THE EMBLEMS-Lumberjack Jack/27 THE EXECUTIONERS-You WOn't Find Me/28 THE EXECUTIONERS-hauting My Mind/29 THE FLORIDA DEEP SIX-I Don't Wanna Cry/30 THE FLORIDA DEEP SIX-Start From Here

USA Garage Greats 1965-67 Part 22

Here we have discs 101-105, still a ways to go to get to the total of appx. 145, this of course being the greatest compilation set ever, "USA Garage Greats 1965-67", created by the guys of Twilight Zone
http://twilightzone-rideyourpony.blogspot.com/....visit them, check out their fine blog, and PLEASE thank and credit them for creating this stellar set. Artwork for the set (GREAT artwork) is available if you go to part 2 of the series (THIS blog), look under comments and utilize the provided download links.

Anybody watch the show last night that featured Genevive Gorder Christmas decorating the White House? I could give a fuck about decorating the White House, but I have something VERY important to say to Genevieve Gorder....Dear Genevieve: Please come see me and allow me to embrace every crevice of your incredible body with my hungry tongue.....GOOD LORD I would do that woman on her time of the month after she'd finished running a marathon. God, she kept bending over to pick up a hammer or some shit, thought I was going to rip the crotch out of my jeans. It is important issues of the day, such as this, that keep you loyally coming back here.

FEELINGS-01 ZORBA & THE GREEKS-Shockwave/02 ZORBA & THE GREEK-You've Had Your Chance/03 ZORBA & THE GREEKS-One & Only Girl/04 ZOSER-Dark of the Morning/05 ZOSER-Together/06 THE ZOUNDS-Happy Faces/07 THE ZOUNDS-She Won't, I Won't/08-THE ZOUNDS-Me & My Girl/09 THE YANKEE DOLLAR-Sanctuary/10 THE YANKEE DOLLAR-City Sidewalks/11 THE YANKEE REBELS-I Wanna Know Why/12 THE YANKEE REBELS-Maybe I'm Crazy/13 DAN YANKEE & THE CARPET BAGGERS-If You Gotta Go-Go Now/14 DAN YANKEE & THE CARPET BAGGERS-Unknown/15 THE YARDLEYS-The Light Won't Shine/16 THE YARDLEYS-Come What May/17 THE YARDLEYS-Your Love/18 THE YARDLEYS-Just Remember/19 YE COURT JESTERS-But I Still Love Her/20 YE COURT JESTERS-All I Want Is You/21 YELLOW HAIR-Somewhere/22 YELLOW HAIR-Talent For Lovin/23 THE YELLOW PAYGES-We Got a Love in the Makin/24 THE YELLOW PAYGES-Jezebel/25 YESTERDAYS CHILDREN-Go Elsewhere/26 YESTERDAYS CHILDREN-Tobacco Road/27 YESTERDAYS CHILDREN-To Be Or Not To Be/28 YESTERDAYS CHILDREN-Baby I Want You/29 YESTERDAYS CHILDREN-Baby I Want You

THOUGHTS OF A MADMAN-01 THE GRAPES OF WRATH-Cause It Was Her/02 APOLLOS APACHES-Why Tolerate?/03 THE REAL LIST-Pick Up the Marbles/04 THE HARD TIMES-I Can't Wait Till Friday Comes/05 THE HARD TIMES (Old Wine) New Bottles/06 THE KAMA-DEL-SUTRA-She Taught You Love/07 THE KAMA-DEL-SUTRA-Come On Up/08 THE AARDVARKS-I Don't Beleive/09 THE AARDVARKS-I Don't Need You/10 THE STEREO SHOESTRING-On the Road South/11 THE FUGITIVES IV-You Are the One I Love/12 THE STYX-Stay Away/13 THE STYX-My Girl/14 THE PASTELS-Why Don't You Love Me?/15 THE NEW FUGITIVES-That's Queer/16 THE NEW FUGITIVES-Shes My Baby/17 THE NEW BREED-Big Time/18 THE NEW BREED-Summers Coming/19 THE LONDONS-Old Man/Thing of Age/20 THE LONDONS-You're the One/21 THE  CAVALIERS-Seven Days of Cryin/22 THE CAVALIERS-Checkmate/23 THE SHADES OF NIGHT-Fluctuation/24 THE CARETAKERS OF DECEPTION-Cuttin Grass/25 THE CARETAKERS OF DECEPTION-X+Y=13/26 THE NOMADS-Thoughts of a Madman/27 THE NOMADS-From Zero Down/28 THE OXFORD CIRCLE-Foolish Woman/29 THE PLEASURE SEEKERS-What a Way To Die/30 THE PLEASURE SEEKERS-Never Thought You'd Leave Me

SEE IF I CARE-01 KEN & THE FOURTH DIMENSION-See If I Care/02 THE IMPLICITS-Give Me Justice/03 THE IMPLICITS-She's Alright/04 THE ESQUIRES-Sadies Way/05 THE CROSSFIRES-One Potato, Two Potato/06 THE GRAND PRESS-No Time To Lose/07 THE GRAND PRESS-This Lonely Day/08 THE EMBERMEN-Fat Girl/09 THE EMBERMEN-Karen/10 THE JUJUS-Do You Really Undestnad Me?/11 THE JUJUS-I'm Really Sorry/12 THE AZTECS-Just To Satisfy You/13 THE AZTECS-Midnight Hour/14 THE MONACLES-You'll Do It Again/15 THE DISTANT SOUNDS-It Reminds Me/16 THE CHILDREN-This Sporting Life/17 GILES STRANGE-Watch The People Dance/18 GILES STRANGE-You're Goin' Up to the Bottom/19 THE DRUIDS-Sorrys Not Enough/20 THE DRUIDS-Cool, Calm, Collected/21 THE DIRTY WURDS-Why/22 THE ROCK GARDEN-Super Stuff/23 THE ROCK GARDEN-The WInd is My Keeper/24 DAVE, DEE, DOZY, BEAKY, MICK, & TICH-He's a Raver/25 THE BOURBONS-Of Old Approximately/26 THE BOURBONS-A Dark Corner/27 THE YOKSHIRES-And You're Mine/28 THOSE BOYS-No Good Girl/29 THOSE BOYS-The Only Girl For Me

YOUR LIES-01 THE COLONY-All I Want/02 THE COLONY-Things On My Mind/03 THE BRYDS-Your Lies/04 THE BRYDS-Why Did YoU have to Break My Heart/05 THE STRIDERS-Am I on Your Mind/06 THE SERFMEN-A Man Can't Live Without Love/07 THE SERFMEN-Cry/08 THE CHILDREN OF DARKNESS-She's Mine/09 BILL & WILL-Goin To The River/10 FOGGY NOTIONS-Take Me Back and Hold Me/11 FOGGY NOTIONS-Need a Little Lovin/12 THE LYNDELLS-Kapo/13 THE LYNDELLS-Contentment/14 LORD & THE FLIES-You made a Fool/15 LORD & THE FLIES-Come What May/16 THE SQUIRES-Tomorrow Tomorrow/17 THE SQUIRES-Moonlight City/18 THE OUT OF ORDER-Lonely Sentry/19 THE BEES-Trip To New Orleans/20 THE BEES-Voices Green and Purple/21 THE NO-MADS-Liverpool Lover/22 THE BREAKERS-She's Bound to Put You Down/23 THE GYPSIES-Do it Do It/24 THE CEEDS-You Won't Do That/25 THE CEEDS-Too Many People/26 THE LOOKING GLASS-Visions/27 THE STICKS & STONES-Try/28 THE GRAF ZEPPELIN-You're In My Mind/29 BUDDY KAY & THE MONUMENTS-I Still Love You/30 THE MISHAPS-Come On Up/31 THE HAMILTON STREETCAR-Confusion

GET OUTTA THE WAY!-01 THE YOUNG MONKEY MEN-I Beleive You/02 THE YOUNG MONKEY MEN-Bald Headed Woman/03 THE YOUNG MONKEY MEN-I'm Waitin For the Letter/04 THE YOUNG MONKEY MEN-I Love You/05 THE YOUNG SAVAGES-I Love You oh So Much/06 THE YOUNG SOULS-You're Gonna Need Love/07 THE YOUNG STRANGERS-Shes GOne/08 THE YOUNG STRANGERS-You Are/09 THE YOUNG TYRANTS-I Try!/10 THE YOUNG TYRANTS-She Don't Got the Right!/11 THE YOUNGER BROTHERS-Go Away/12 THE YOUNGER BROTHERS-This Feelin In My Heart/13 THE YOUNGER GENERATION-You Really Got Me/14 YOUR MOTHER-Hello/15 THE US STAMPS-Come On/16 THE US STAMPS-Pull the Wool/17 THE US STAMPS-We'll Find a Way/18 THE U.S. FIVE-Baby (The One Who Really Loves You)/19 THE U.S. FIVE-Ask Her If She Loves Me/20 THE UNBELEIVEABLE UGLIES-Get Straight/21 THE UNBELEIVEABLE UGLIES-Sorry/22 UGLY Z-Down To My Very Last Tear/23 UGLY Z-Katy's Back/24 THE UNCALLED FOR-Do Like Me/25 THE UNCALLED FOR-Get Out of My Way/26 THE UNCLAIMED-Memories of Green Eyes/27 THE UNCLAIMED-Jingle Jangle/28 UNCLE BEN & THE WILD RICE-A Tale Told ("A" Mix)/29 UNCLE BEN & THE WILD RICE-A Tale Told ("B" Mix)/30 THE UNDERBEATS-It's Gonna Rain Today

USA Garage Greats 1965-67 Part 23

Second one I've written today, I guess (I don't know my mind is swimming) this one wil show up on Thursday....if so, make certain and watch my fave show "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia", it is totally fucking off the charts hilarious. I wish "Community" would make a comeback as I just LOOOOOOVE me some Allison Brie (Annie), but so it is......It'd be fun to sometime on here, do a poll where all of us he-men list the top five or so babes we'd like to orally remove the tattoos from......my top five: Drew Barrymore, Megyn Price, Christina Agueillara, Angleina Jolie, brody Dahl......I could list a hundered more, but I'd have to go be "alone" for a while.......

More good stuff, more good stuff....as I assume you know by now, this is the greatest EVER recorded compilation series, USA Garage Greats 1965-67....created by the beasts of Twilight Zone, Ryp and Gyro, go check them out here-   http://twilightzone-rideyourpony.blogspot.com/...they have graciously given me permission to bring this series to a NEW audience, who may ahve missed it away back in 2008......artwork as you know by now, is available in part 2 of this blog, under comments, you will find the links.....the artwork is FANTASTIC, a fitting compliment to the music, I jsut don't have the time to do it for you. But pleas go to Twilight Zone and thank them for the creation of this excellent series, the more of us who have this piece of Americana the better.......besides, their blog is to a nice vicodin-beer buzz what MY blog is to chugging cough syrup.......

Tres, Quatro

IT REALLY TEARS ME UP-01 THE LITTER-Action Woman/02 THE LITTER-Legal Matter/03 BOB SEGER & THE LAST HEARD-East SIde Story/04 THE TORQUAYS-Shake a Tail Feather/05 THE TORQUAYS-Temptation/06 THE BREAK-OUTS-Are You mad At Me?/07 THE BREAK-OUTS-Silly Feeling/08 THE DENIMS-Salty Dog Man/09 THE THUNDERBOLTS-Heart So Cold//10 THE TROLLS-There Was A Time/11 THE TROLLS-They Don't Know/12 THE COMMANCHES-Missed Your Lovin/13 THE TORQUES-It's Me Not You/14 THIS SIDE UP-Why Can't I Dream/15 THIS SIDE UP-Sun Arise/16 THE UNIQUES-Run and Hide/17 THE UNIQUES-Good Bye, So Long/18 THE BENTLEYS-Now It's Gone/19 THE RAVING MADD-I Said Oh No No No/20 THE LIVING END-Turkey Stomp/21 THE LIVING END-I Need a Lot of Lovin/22 DANNY PROVISOR-It ReallY Tears Me Up/23 DENNY PROVISOR-She's Not Mine Anymore/24 THE SOULE SURVIVORS-Good-Bye/25 THE SOULE-SURVIORS-Shadows/26 THE SOUNDS-Little Joe/27 THE NEWBEATS-Top Secret/28 THE END-Not Fade Away/29 THE END-Momorandum/30 THE HM ROYALS-Shes GOne FOrever/31 TOMMY TUCKER & THE ESQUIRES-Peace Of Gold/32 THE FABULOUS FOUR-Got To Get Her back
33 THE POWER OF BECKETT-Lost Soul In Disillusion

WONDERING WHY-01 THE BOTUMLES PIT-13 Stories High/02 THE SQUIRES V-Bucket of Tears/03 THE SQUIRES V-I'm Thru/04 THE BURLINGTON SQUIRES World/05 THE BURLINGTON SQUIRES-Back Up/06 THE CHEVELLES-Things Have Changed/07 THE CHEVELLES-Just Once In My Life/08 THE LOVING MACHINES-Loving Machines/09 THE LOVING MACHINES-Same Thing Again/10 ME & THE OTHER GUYS-I Don't Care/11 ME & THE OTHER GUYS-Wake Up In The Morning/12 THE AMERICAN BEETLES-Say You Do/13 THE AMERICAN BEETLES-I Wish You Everything/14 THE NIGHT SHIFT-I Call Your Name/15 THE NIGHT SHIFT-She/16 THE BLUE CONDITION-Once There Was a Girl/17 THE BLUE CONDITION-If You Beleive/18 THE TREMORS-Wondering Why/19 THE LONELY SOULS-I Can't Stop Now/20 THE BACKDOOR MEN-Evil/21 THE FAMILY TREE-Lve Your Own Life/22 THE FAMILY TREE-Prince Of Dreams/23 THE ONE WAY STREET-Joy And Sorrow/24 THE GLAS MENAGERIE-Mod Threads/25 THE GLAS MENAGERIE-Natasha/26 THE REKNOWN-Leave/27 THE REKNOWN-You and Me/28 THE SOUL FOUR-Misery/29 WILLY & THE RIGHTS-Hey Now Little Girl/30 THE TRACKERS-You Are My World/31 THE EXOTICS-Queen of Shadows/32 THE EXOTICS-I Was Alone

PSYCHOTIC REACTION-01 THE SHADOWS 5-Gathers No Moss/02 THE SHADOWS 5-That Little Girl/03 DANNY & THE OTHER GUYS-(You Been Givin' Me) Hard TImes/04 THE DYNAMIC NUTONES-Sick and Tired/05 THE DOMINIONS-I Need Her/06 THE EARTHTONES-Going Down to Virginia/07 THE E TYPES-Back To Me/08 RICHIES RENEGADES-Don't Cry/09 RICHIES RENEGADES-Baby Its Me/10 THE SHADES INC-Who Loved Her/11 THE SHADES INC-Sights/12 LITTLE JOHN & THE SHERWOODS-Long Hair/13 YE COURT JESTERS-But I Still Love her/14 YE COURT JESTERS-All I Want Is You/15 THE EGGHEADS-(If You DOn't Stop) Foolin Around/16 THE DOWN CHILDREN-Night TIme Child/17 THE DOWN CHILDREN-I Can Tell/18 THE UNIQUES-Tell me What To Do/19 TONY & THE VIZITORS-Saturday's Son/20 THE RAIK'S PROGRESS-Sewer Rat Love Chant/21 THE RAIK's PROGRESS-Why Did You Rob us , Tank?/22 MOUSE & THE TRAPS-Lie, Beg, Borrow, Steal/23 POSITIVELY 13 O'CLOCK-Psychotic Reaction/24 POSITIVELY 13 O CLOCK-13 O'Clock THeme For Psychotics/25 BOBBY FULLER FOUR-Never To Be Forgotten/26 BOBBY FULLER FOUR-You Kiss Me/27 THE YOUNG MEN-A Young Man's Problem/28 THE GEMINI FIVE-A go go Baby/29 THE GEMINI FIVE-Can't Say No/30 RONNY & THE DAYTONAS-Antique 32 Studebaker Coupe/31 KIT & THE OUTLAWS-Dont Tread On Me/32 KIT AND THE OUTLAWS-Midnight Hour

BLACK FRIDAY-01 THE LOST AGENCY-One Girl Man/02 THE LOST AGENCY-Time TO Dream/03 THE KING BEES-Oop Opp Ah Doo/04 THE SKEPTICS-Stripes/05 THE SKEPTICS-Certain Kind of Girl/06 CHRISTOPHER & THE SOULS-Diamonds, Rats, and Gum/07 THE TERRA-NAUTICALS-Black Friday/08 THE TERRA-NATUICALS-Hangin On Me/09 THE REIGN OF SOUND-I'm In Love WIth You/10 THE MEEN-Say You Love Me/11 THE CHOCOLATE BALLOON COMPANY-Gotta Get This/12 THE PAPER MENAGERIE-Left Up To You/13 THE UNIQUES-My babe/14 THE BELAIRS-All This Time/15 THE MEAT DEPT-This Week's Children/16 THe Circles-Tell a Lie/17 THE TIKIS-Big Feet/18 THE ESCORTS-Big Boy Pete/19 THE ESCORTS-My Only Love/20 THE ENDD-Don't It Make You Feel Like Cryin/21 THE ENDD-Gonna Send You Back To Mother/22 THE BASOOTIES-You Didn't Try To Call Me/23 THE PRISONERS DREAM-Your'e the One I Really Love/24 THE HOPE-Where Are You Going to/25 THE GREAT GRANNIES-Sugar Man/26 THE GREAT GRANNIES-Facts of Life/27 THE PSYCHOS-Pebbles & Stones/28 THE ABTS-How Could You have Been/29 THE BATS-Evelyn/30 THE PHANTOMS-Workin ired/31 THE PHANTOMS-Gonna Be Nice Tonight

WHAT GOOD IS UP-01 THE SWAMP RATS-No Friend Of Mine/02 THE SWAMP RATS-It's Not Easy/03 JIMMY C & THE CHELSEA FIVE-Leave Me ALone/04 JIMMY C & THE CHELESEA FIVE-Play WIth Fire/05 THE MAJORITY OFM SIX-I See the Light/06 PRESTON-This World Is Closing In On Me/07 THE PLASTIC BLUES BAND-Gone/08 DEAN KOHLER-Gooseberry Pie/09 DESTINYS CHILDREN-For Me/10 DESTINYS CHIDREN-The Collectors/11 THE EBB-TIDES-Seance/12 THE BEDLAM FOUR-No One Let To Love/13 THE WHAT-Escape/14 THE NOMADS-Please Don't Hurt Me/15 THE NOMADS-She's My Woman/16 THE OBVIOUS-I Don't Beleive This/17 THE VACANT LOT-This Little Feeling/18 THE VENETITAN BLINDS-Just Knowing You Love ME/19 THE VENETIAN BLINDS-Quit Your Belly Aching Baby/20 THE INEXPENSIVE HANDMADE LOOK-What Good Is Up/21 THE INEXPENISVE HANDMADE LOOK-Ice Cream Man/22 THE SOUP GREENS-Like a Rolling STone/23 THE SOUP GREENS-That's Too Bad/24 THE MOVIN MORFOMEN-Run Girl Run/25 THE MOVIN MORFOMEN-When You Were Mine/26 THE OUTSIDERS-The Guy With the Long Liverpool hair/27 THE OUTSIDERS-The Outsider/28 THE KICKS-Tell me Why/29 THE KICKS-Oh My baby/30 THE KING BEES-What She Does To Me/31 THE CLINGERS-Gonna Have a GOod Time/32 THE LEAVES-The Girl From the East

USA Garage Greats 1965-67 Part 24

Welllllll, lemme see,,,,I am writing this on Wedensday, ao you'll be seeing it on Friday, so welcome to yet another motherfucking weekend! Live it up, if you were on eof those imbeciles that thoutht he world was ending on 12/12 I'll bet you'r relieved, but I also bet your both too stupid to not fall for the NEXT great scare tactic, and you are probably ALSO far to stupid to be into the intellectual fare that is this blog........go hang out with a bunch of Lynyrd Skynyrd fans or something, I'm sure when the world "comes to an end" on your NEXT predetermined date, those redneck types would be happy to let dopes like you perform menial tasks on their slave colonies

Bummed because Ruth Riley never answered my call, hey, bitch wants to play hard to get, I can do the same thing....ggggez Ruth I didn't want to MARRY YA.....just "get together" for a while, ya know? Women.....awfully hard to speak to sometimes. Well here we are at Part 24 of "USA Garage Greats 1965-67", some very intellignet listeners consider it to be the GREATEST compliation series ever created....I've been arbirtratily referring tom it as 145 discs, I think because it looks like a loT more than that to me, I will get them ALL up for you. These were created by Ryp and Gyro of Twilight Zone (see here:http://twilightzone-rideyourpony.blogspot.com/)   please go there and check out their blog, then pleaes thank them for creating this great set....if you go to PART 2 of the series on this blog, there are links provided for equisite artwork for all the volumes, I'm sure you'll want to have all of that as well.

Christmas is slipping up fast, be on the lookout for what i want: A SIX FOOT FOUR OR TALLER blonde who will do me at the drop of a hat, then LEAVE. Is that a lot to ask for? Geez.

YOU'RE MY BABY-01 THE TREE-No Good Woman/02 THE TREE-Man Fromn Nowhere/03 FLOWERS FRUITS & PRETTY THINGS-Take Me Away/04 FLOWERS FRUITS & PRETTY THINGS-Wanting You/05 THE APPLE CORPS-Don't Lleave Me/06 JAYE DAY & THE FOUR KNIGHTS -Only Girl/07 JAY DAYE & THE FOUR KNIGHTS-08THE BOYS FROM NEW YORK CITY-I'm Down Girl/09 THE CHASERS-I'm Sure/10 THE CHASERS-You Can't Buy Me LOve/11 THE WYLD  VIBRATIONS-One Track Mind/12 THE MERSEY LADS-Watcha Gonna Do/13 THE MERSEY LADS-Johnny No Love/14 THE GOOD IDEA-Inside Outside/15 ANDY & THE MANHATTANS-Let Your Conscience Be Your Guide/16 ANDY & THE MANHATTANS-Skinnie Minnie/17 THE BIRDWATCHERS-Blue Suede SHoes/18 THE ALPHABETICAL ORDER-My Little Red Book/19 THE BROGUES-But Now I Find/20 THE BROGUES-Someday/21 THE UNBELEIVEABLE UGLIES-Spiderman/22 THE MODS-Ritual/23 THE MODS-Everybody Needs SOmebody/24 THE CROSSFIRES-One Potato Two Potato/25 THE CROSSFIRES-That'll Be The Day/26 THE BREBTWOODS-Babe You Know/27 THE BRENTWOODS-Yeah Yeah No No/28 THE PANICKS-You''re My Baby/29 THE PANICKS-Lots of Pretty Girls/30 THE LOOSE ENDS_Hey Ssweet Baby/31 THE AGENTS-Gotta Help me Out//32 CHRISTOPHER ROBIN-Nature Taking It's Course

GET DOWN ON YOUR KNEES-THE COUNTDOWNS-Cover of the Night/02 THE COUNTODWNS-Can't You See/03 THE MARK 5-Pay/04 THE MARK V-The Leader/05 THE SOUD SYSTEM-Take A Look At Yourself/06 MURPHY & THE MOB-Because You Love Me/07 MURPHY & THE MOB-Born Loser/08 THE STOICS-Hate/09 THE NIGHTROCKERS-Junction No. 1/10- THE NIGHTROCKERS-Run Mary Run/11 THE GENLTEMEN WILD-You Gotta Leave Me/12 THE UNDERDOGS-Get Down On Your Knees/13 THE UNDERDOGS-Surprise Surprise/14 THE CYNICS-Train Kept a Rollin/15 THE ELEGANT FOUR-Time To Say Goodbye/16THE ELEGANT FOUR-I;m Tired/17 THE DISILLSUIONED YOUNGER GENERATION-Who Do You Think You're Fooling/18 THE DISILLUSIONED YOUNGER GENERATION-Unknown/19 THE STINGRAYS-Girl YoU Said It Again/20 THE STINGRAYS-In the Midnight Hour/21 THE CONTINENTAL V-Wake Me Up Girl/22 THE SHAYNES-Mo-Town Workout/23 THE MONACLES-Debbie/24 THE NEWPORTS-I Want You/25 THE NEWPORTS-The Trouble Is You/26 THE SATISFACTIONS-Never Be Happy/27 THE SATISFACTIONS-Only Once/.28 THE WILD THINGS-Love Comes, Love Goes/29 THE WILD THINGS-I;m Not For You/30 THE HANGMEN-I''m Gonna Love You/31 THE G'S-There's a Time

FLY SUPERMAN FLY-01 THE FAMILY GOAT-01 Now She's Gone/02 THE FAMILY GOAT-Magilla the Gorilla/03 THE HOUSEHOLD SPONGE-Scars/04 THE HOUSEHOLD SPONGE-Second BEst/05 THE LONON DRI-Life In Your Hands/06 THE LOST SOUL-A Secret of Mine/07 THE LOST SOUL-Mind's Expessway/08 RANDY JOHNSON-Fly Superman Fly/09 RANDY JOHNSON-Have You Been Dreaming/10 THE NEW LIME-Whenever I Look In Her Eyes/11 THE WISDOMS-Outer Limits '67/12 THE WISDOMS-I'm ALright/13 THE HEYWOODS-Hey Joe/14 THE HEYWOODS-Midnight Hour/15 JOHNNY & THE SHAYS-Hey Little Girl/16 THE KYKYS-Where Are You?/17 THE KYKYS-When Love COmes/18 THE TEMPOS-One Way Ticket/19 THE BRASS BUTTONS-Hell WIll Take Care of Her/20 THE ORIGINAL DARTELLS-Often Imitated, Never Duplicated/21 ALLARD & THE LOST SOULS-Looking/22 THE WHITE ROOM-Thoughts of Yesterday/23 BUDDY DELANEY-Girl/24 THE DYNAMIC DEADBEATS-No Second Chance/25 THE DYNMAIC DEADBEATS-Why Did Ya?/26 PEGGY MARCH-He Couldn't Care Less/27 Dan Curry-You Better Change/28 DAN CURRY-She Is My Girl/29 THE MALEMEN-My Little Gril/30 THE FIFTH ESTATE-That's Love/31 MODULATION CORPORATION-What To Do

KEEP DREAMING-01 THE GRIFFS-Keep Dreamig/02 THE ADVANTES-Done It again/03 THE TROLLS-I Don't Recall/04 THE TROLLS-Stupid Girl/05 THE SOULD SURVIVORS-Shakin WIth Linda/06 THE LITTLE BOY BLUES-I'M Ready/07 THE LITTLE BOY BLUES-Little By BLues/08 DANNY & THE SESSIONS-Mojo/09 THE LYKES OF US-Tell Me Why YOur Light Shines/10 THE LYKES OF US-7:30 Said/11 THE MORNING AFTER-THings You Do/12 THE GUESS WHIO-Believe Me/13 THE GUESS WHO-Baby Feelin/14 THE SHAYNES-You TEll Me Girl/15 THE SHAYNES-From My WIndow/16 YESTERDAYS OBESSION-Complicated Mind/17 YESTERDAYS OBSESSIONS-The Phycle/18 THE UNDERTAKERS-It's My TIme/19 THE UNDERTAKERS-Unchain My Heart/20 THE ROVING MOB-You're The One/21 THE ROVING MOB-Cause That Is the Way Love Should Be/22  THE CASCADES-Janey/23 THE KINGS ENGLISH-It Could Be Bad/24 THE KINGS ENGLISH-Toys In Her Attic/25 THE DIMENSIONS-The Pilot/26 THE DIMENSIONS-Dimesnions Beat/27 THE SKEPTICS-Turn It On/28 THE THINGS-My love/29 THE SHOWMEN-Almost There/30 ? & THE MYSTERIANS-Love Me Baby

GIVE ME TIME-01 THE STAFFS-ANother Love/02 THE FOUR MORE-Problem Child/03 THE SYMBOLS-Give Me TIme/04 THE SYMBOLS-Can I See You Tonight?/05 BUDDY's BUDDIES-I love My Baby/06 BUDDY'S BUDDYS-Tell Me WHat I See/07 THE TORRES-Ride On/08 THE TORRES-I've Had It/09 A GROUPCALLED EVE-Within a Worlds Of You/10 A GROUP CALLED EVE-Smile/11 THE FREE THINKERS-You Were Born FOr Me/12 HIS MAJESTY'S COACHMEN-I Don't Want To See You/13 HIS MAJESTY'S COACHMEN-Where Are You Bound/14 THE GUILLOTEENS-I Sit and Cry/15 THE GUILLOTEEN-Crying All Over My TIme/16 CUCUMBER-Don't Make ME Cry/17 THE MORTICIANS-Now That You've Left Me/18 THE MORTICIANS-Marie, Marie/19 OEDIPUS & THE MOTHERS-(I Remember) How It Used To Be/20 THE JADES-You Have To Walk/21 SIMPLE SIMON & THE PIEMAN-People Of TIme/22 SIMPLE SIMON & THE PIEMEN-Anyhow/23 THE STUMPS-Think of the GOod TImes/24 THE STUMPS-My GEneration/25 THE JERMS-Love Light/26 THE JERMS-That Word/';27 RITCHIE DEAN-Time (Can't Heal THis Pain of Mine)/28 THE TRIPPERS-Taking Care of Business/29 THE TRIPPERS-Charlena/30 THE BEAGLES-All I Need Is You/30 THE PACEMAKERS-Bla-A-A/32 THE PACEMAKERS-Josephine

USA Garage Greats 1965-67 Part 25

By my math I'm writing this on a cold thursday, so you'll be reading it on saturday......hope "It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia"  was it's ususal classic self Thursday night, myself can't get enough of Deeandra, Dennis, Charlie, Mac, and Frank and all the second liners (Cricket, Ben the Soldier, Schmiddty, the Waitress, Armedus, and the rest)......anyways, five more discs for a Satruday as I wear my typing finger to the bone to bring you, as quickly as possible, the GREATEST recorded compilation series ever created.....thanks of course go to Ryp and Gyro of Twlight Zone (see: Here-
http://twilightzone-rideyourpony.blogspot.com/)     Please visit thier fine blog, look around, learn bout some new tunes n stuff and MOSTLY, thank them for providing this set for us, ALL I am doing is re-introducing ith with their full permission. Art work, totally kickass artwork, is also available, you will need to find the links in Part 2 of the series, this blog, under comments, and download them yourselves.

So, what are you thinking of the series thus far? Is it not as great as I promised? What could be better....the classics, melded with the most unknown B-sides, molded into a cohesive whole. A better, brighter picture COULD NOT be painted of the entire scene. It's a masterwork, pure and simple.We are up, now, to 125 discs, I ws thinking the total was about 145, I think I was wrong juidging by the number remainin gon my shelf. Oh well, the moore, the merrier.....hope you guys are diggin em. By the way what do YOU plan on gettin ME for Christmas? Obviously I've gone the extra route for you......anyone got a gift card that entitles me to be locked in a closet with an in-heat Olivia Paige, that would certainly suffice......

And so to bed......

TELL IT TO THE PREACHER-01 ERIK & THE STONE PONIES-I'll Give You More/02 THE BEAVER PATROL-ESP/03 THE CHYLDS-I Want More/04 THE CHYLDS-Hay Girl/05 THE FUGITIVES-Mean Woman/06 THE FUGITIVES-I'll Be a Man/07 LONDON & THE BRIDGES-It Just Aint Right/08 LONDON & THE BRIDGES-Leave Her Alone/09 LONDON & THE BRIDGES-Tell It To The Preacher/10 LONDON & THE BRIDGES-City i Was Born In/11 THE SANDELS-Always (Will I Remember)/12 THE SANDALS-All Over the World/13 THE MIRROR'S IMAGE-No Lovin Man/14 THE MIRRORS IMAGE-If You Are Nowhere Now/15 THE STRANGERS-Make it Last/16 THE SAVAGES-Will You  Be My Valentine?/17 THE GALAXIES-She Said I DO/18 THE GALAXIES-On the Beach/19 THE LIDOS-Since I Last Saw You/20 DON & THE AGITATORS-Goig Back Home/21 THE AVENGERS-It''s Hard To Hide/22 THE AVENGERS-Open Your Eyes/23 THE AVENGERS-When It's Over 24 THE AVENGERS-You Can't Hurt Me Anymore/25 THE GROOP LTD-As Time Goes By/26 THE MIKE JONES GROUP-Funny Feeling/27 THE MIKE JONES GROUP-Each and Every Day/28 THE  DECENDANTS-Lela/29 THE FACTS OF LIFE-I've Seen Darker Nights/30 THE FACTS OF LIFE-All In GOod Time/31 ERIC & THE CHESSMEN-You Don't Want My Lovin'/32 OSCAR & THE MAJESTICS-I Can't Explain/ERIK & THE STONE POINES-From Where I'm Standiong

STOP AND LISTEN-01 THE JURY-Who Dat?/02 THE SPATS-Go Go Yamaha/03 STACY's FIFTH-My Lovin Baby/04 THE SPRYTES-Please Don't Stop it/05 THE MINUTEMEN-Smokin In the BOys Room/06 THE MINUTEMEN-In the Money/07 THE MINUTEMEN-In the Money/08 STRING & THE BEANS-When I Get That Feeling/09 STRING & THE BEANS-Come Back TO That/10 THE SANTS-Leaving You Baby/11 THE SPATS-Gonna Tell You All About It Baby/12 THE SPATS-She Done Moved/13 THE SPATS-Bottom of It All/14 THE SPATS-The Upsetter/15 MICHAEL & THE MEDALLIONS-I Wanna Talk TO You/16 MICHAEL & THE MEDALLIONS-Better Forget Her/17 THE SPIRIT-Enough For You Baby/18 THE SPIRIT-No TIme TO  Rhyme/19 DEE & TEE-Something's Coming/20 THE FRONT LINE-I Don't Care/21 THE FRONT LINE-Got Love/22 THE SUMPIN ELSE-Here Comes the Hurt/23 THE SUMPIN ELSE-You're Bad/24 THE STRIDERS-Say You Love Me/25 THE STRIDERS-Give Me A Break/26 THE SWINGIN MEDALLIONS-She Drives Me Out of My Mind/27 THE BUGS-Slide/28 THE BUGS-Pretty Girl/29 THE DOWN CHILDREN-Night TIme Girl/30 THE DOWN CHILDREN-I Can Te//31 THE NEW BREED-Green Ey'd Lover/32 THE NEW BREED-I'm In Love/33 THE SPARROW-Green Bottle Lover

SHATTERED-01 THE ESQUIRES-Judgement Day/02 THE LIBERTY BELL-That's How It Will Be/-3 THE GOOD FEELINGS-Shattred/04 THE GOOD FEELINGS-I'm Lost/05 THE JOSHUA DYKE-Cheating/06 TEH JOSHUA DYKE-Confessin the BLues/07 THE SMACKS-Nobody Else Is Gonna Do/08 THE SMACKS-Reckelss Ways/09 THE ROGUES INC-People Say/10 THE WILDFLOWERS-Back In Your Arms/11The D Men-So Litle Time/12 THE EXILES-Come On/13 THE PLAGUE-Point Blank/14 THE PLAGUE-I Wanna Be Loved/15 THE SANDPIPERS-Stand Up Girl/16 THE OUTCASTS-I'm In Pittsburgh (And It's Raining)/17 THE VANDALS-Your Love WIll Die/18 THE BEETHOVEN 4-Set My Soul On Fire/19 THE EDGES OF WISDOM-The Past/20 THE EDGES OF WISDOME-That LonelY Road Home/21 THE OPUS FIVE-Going Home/22 THE SHEFFIELDS-Fool Minus  A Heart/23 ATLANTA VIBRATIONS-If You Let ME Love You/24 DANNYS REASONS-Triangles/25 DANNYS REASONS-Under My Thumb/26 THE TAKERS-I Can Say No More/27 THE TAKERS-Wondur/28 THE KINGS ENGLISH-You COuldn't See/29 THE KINGS ENGLISH-It's Impossible/30 THE WHIGS-Pretty Girl/31 THE WHIGS-Heat Wave/32 THE SAVAGES-Make It Last/33 THE SAVAGES-WIll You Be My Valenetine

YESTERDAYS HERO-01 THE EMPERORS-Laughin Linda/02 THE EMPERORS-Blue Day/03 THE SOCIETY-One Way Ride/04 THE SOCIETY-For Me/05 THE KNIGHTS OF THE ROAD-The Color of a Dream/06 THE KNIGHTS OF THE ROAD-Do You Really Care/07 THE CICADELICS-We're GOnna Love THis Way/08THE CICADELICS-What Can I Do/09 THE ESCAPADES-I Tell no Lies/10 THE ESCAPADES-She's the Kind/11 THE SATYRS-Yesterdays Hero/12 THE SATYRS-Marie/13 THE APOLLOES-Laugh In My Face/14 THE APOLLOES-Hey/15 THE HEADSTONES-Wish She Were Mine/16 KENNY & THE KASUALS-Nothin Better To Do/17 THE UPRISERS-Let ME Take You Down/18 THE UPRISERS-Nine To Five/19 THE WOOLIES-Black Crow BLues/20 THE WOOLIES-Morning Dew/21 THE NIGHT WALKERS-Give Me Love/22 THE NIGHT WALKERS-Stix & Stones/23 THE SOMETHING ELSE-I Can't Beleive/24 THE SOMETHING ELSE-Let ME Say Now My Love/25 THE CHECKMATES-Talk To Me/26 THE CHECKMATES-Cindy/27 THEE SAINTS & THE PRINCE OF DARKNESS-Running Away From You Girl/28 THEE SAINTS & THE PRINCE OF DARKNESS-Hey Girl/29 THE BOJAX-Don't Look Back/30 THE BOJAX-Fast Life/31 THE BASIC THINGS-You're STill Dreaming/32 STERLING DAMON-REjected

WOMAN OF STONE-01 THE FEDERAL FUGITIVES-Woman of Stone/02 THE COLLECTORS-Make It Easy/03 THE COLLECTORS-Fat Bird/04 THE ROYAL CASTE-BLues Lovin Woman/05 THE ROYAL CASTE-Can't You See WHen I'm Crying/06 THE PACK-Baby I Ask You Why/07 THE REDDLEMEN-I'm Gonna Get In That Little Girls Mind/08 BEEP BEEP & THE ROADRUNNERS-Watermelon Man/09 BEEP BEEP & THE ROADRUNNERS-Don't Run/10 THE WARLOCKS-Hey Joe/11 THE THE WARLOCKS-Girl/12 THE ENFIELDS-In the Eyes of the World/13 THE ROYALE COACHMEN-Standing Over There/14 THE ROYALE COACHMEN-Killer Of Men/15 BILLY & THE KIDS-Say You LOve Me/16 BOLLY & THE KIDS-It's Not the Same/17 BILLY & THE KIDS-When I See You/18 BILLY & THE KIDS-Do You Need ME/19 THE ENFIELDS-Time Card/20 THE ENFIELDS-Twelve Month Coming/21 THE LEMON FOG-The Prisoner/22 THE LEMON FOG-Day By Day/23 THE LEMON FOG-Summer/24 THE LEMON FOG-Girl From the Wrong Side of Town/25 THE LAW FIRM-Time/26 THE LAW FIRM-I Love You More/27 THE SHAPES OF THINGS-So Mystifying/28 THE NEW BREED-Big TIme/29 THE NEW BRED-Summer's Coming/30 THE INDIFFERENTS-Cindy/31 THE INDIFFERENTS-She'll Be Back

GODDAMN that Olivia Paige......making me hungry.....so very hungry that I am going to add a special Christmas bonus for everyone.....161 different HOT "Santa Babes", don't know about you but they remind me a lot more ot Thanksgiving, As I rememeber what I'm thankful for, obviously, and they make me think about EATTING.  Download em along witht the tunes and decide which one you are sending me for Christmas.....here's a sample or two, lots more of course.

So, dig it, it is about 1 AM saturday morning, I'm drunk as fuck, horny as hell looking at these Santa Bitches, might as well put the whole thing up for mmy minions right fucking NOW......enjoy the tunes, enjoy the bitches, I'll be back on Sunday with yet another set of CD's for ya! Juat thought it was cool to throw these Xmas bitches your way, not quite as freaky as those Halloween bitches of a couple months agom (God I'm still wanting to lick the screen over some of them), but these bitches are plenty freaky and should provide plenty of way-cool- "alone" moments!

Just a brief word before we get back to it

You'll have to go back a ways into the archive, back to "The Best Fluid Underground Post Ever".....I recieved a comment today from Milos of that band, actually THANKING me for helping maybe make their music a bit better known....NOT threatening me, NOT whining to mediafire, but simply THANKING me for sharng the music that they make with a bigger audience. Perhaps in Serbia (home of Fluid Underground), people are not such fucking babies as in "some other" countries I could name, but here's the point" I think those links are still available, if they are PLEASE go check them out and listen to them.....if you don't like them, fine, we all like what we like, but unlike Corrosion of Conformity and Green Day, these guys act like HUMAN BEINGS who actually want to be HEARD rather than PAID. Please do me a favor and check them out, sort of Nirvana-sounding stoner-grunge, some in English, some in Serbian, all pretty damn good. But just, at least, thankm them for acting like ADULTS.

Garage Punk series will be resuming tonight or tomorrow or something, this is just something I thought had to be said

USA Garage Greats 1965-67 Part 26

Well, 26 parts, I guess you'll see this one on Sunday, and if you've been good little boys (and BAAAD little girls), you'll have aquired 130 discs of the series.....I know I've said ad infinitum that there are about 145 discs in the set, I just made that figure up, looking at my shelf there are a lot more, we go until we finish.....like to put up another picture of the Goddess Olivia Paige today, being Sunday my day of worship, but don't feel like cleaning my keyboard. Vikings Rams today, probably the last chance the Vikings have a win this year, ce'st la vie.....

THis of course is the continuation of the greatest compilation series ever constructed, "USA Garage Greats 1965-67", the masterwork of Ryp and Gyro of http://twilightzone-rideyourpony.blogspot.com/, please visit their site and explore it, it is very very good, and pleae thank them for the creation of the marvelous set, I am merely re-introducing it to a second audience. THere is artwork available for all discs, go to part 2 of this blog, under commens you will find download links for the fabulous artwork.

JUST AINT RIGHT-01 THE APOSTLES-I'm a Lucky Guy/02 THE APOSTLES-Tomorrow/03 THE VAGRANTS-The Final Hour/04 THE VAGRANTS-Your Hasty Heart/05 LONDON & THE BRIDGES-It Just Ain't Right/06 LONDON & THE BRIDGES-Leaev Her Alone/07 THE SIRS-Help Me/08 THE SIRS-Day Dream/09 DESTINYS CHILDREN-The Fall of the Queen/10 STERLING DAMON-My Last Letter/11 STACY'S 5TH-My Lovin Baby/12 THE SONS OF ADAM-Saturday's Son/13 THE SONS OF ADAM-You're a Better Man Than I/14 THE NEW INVADERS-Don't Let Me Down/15 THE NEW INVADERS-Baby Where Ya Been/16 ED WOOL & THE NOMADS-I Need Somebody/17 SJ & THE CROSSROADS-Get Out Of My Life Woman/18 LENIS GUESS-Working For My Baby/19 RANDY HOBBS-You Better Run/20 THE DEL SATINS-Feelin No Pain/21 THE FUGITIVES-She Beleives In Me/22 THE SKUNKS-A Girl Like You/23 THE FERRARIS OF CANADA-Girls/24 THE DINKS-Nina Kocka Nina/25 THE DINKS-Penny a Tear Drop/26 RALPH NEILSEN & THE CHANCELLORS-Scream/27 THIRTEENTH FLOOR ELEVATORS-You're Gonna Miss Me/28 THE FANTASTIC DEE-JAYS-Two Times Two/29 THE FANTASTIC DEE JAYS-Fight Fire/30 THE FANTASTIC DEE JAYS-Get Away Girl/31 THE CHECKERLADS-Shake Yourself Down/32 THE CHECKERLADS-Baby Send For Me/33 THE MOVING SIDEWALKS-99th Floor

CRACKIN UP-01 THE BETTER SWEET-Like the Flowers/02 THE CHEQUES-To Stone/03 BLACK & THE BLUES-I'm Sad/04 BLACK & THE BLUES-Another Day/05 THE AMRDS-Johnny B Goode/06 THE BEARINGS-I Can't Take It/07 THE BEARINGS-Anything You Want/08 JIMMY WATSON & THE ORIGINAL ROYALS-A Heart is Made Of Many Things/09 JOHNNY NEEL & THE SHADES OF SOUL-Talking About People/10 THE FUGITIVES-Cry me a River/11 THE SOUND APPARTUS-TraveL Agent Man/12 THE BONDSMEN-I Don't  Want Your Lovin Anymore/13 THE BONDSMEN-No Longer Mine/14 THE MORTICIANS-Soul Clinic/15 THE MORTICIANS-Why/16 LENNY ROBERTS-We're Gonna Be In Love/17 THE PURPLE PERSIANS-I Heard the Word/18 THE SHADES OF NIGHT-Fluctuation/19 RANDY ALVEY & GREEN  FUZ-Green Fuz/20 THE FAMEN-Crackin Up/21 THE FAMEN-Time Is Slipping  Away/22 THE FAMEN-Sixteen Wheels/23 THE FAMEN-Don't Want Nobody/24 THE FLYS-Reality Composition/25 THE FLYS-Got To Get Away/26 THE HOLIDAYS-I Want To Do It/27 THE HOLIDAYS-I Got News For You/28 JIMMY & THE STRANGERS-Walk On/29 THE ROYAL KNIGHTS-Come With Me/30 THE ROYAL KNIGHTS-I Don't Want To Go

MEAN WOMAN-01 THE LIGHT BRIGADE-Baby You Don't Care/02 THE LIGHT BRIGADE-Won't You Tell Me/03 THE NEW ERA-We Ain't Got the Time/04 THE NEW ERA-Won't You Please Be My Friend/05 THIS SIDE UP-Why Can't I Dream/06 THIS SIDE UP-Sun Arise/07 THE STARFIRES-Won't Die Away/08 THE STARFIRES-Cry For Freedom/09 CC & THE CHASERS-Hey Put the Clock Back On The Wall/10 THE AVENGERS-Strange Faces/11 THE MAUNDY QUINTETT-I'm Not Alone/12 THE MAUNDY QUINTETT-2's Better Than 3/13 THE CLASSICS-Pink Cats/14  THE CLASSICS-Mean Woman/15 THE CLASSICS-I Don't Wanna Be Around/16 THE CLLASSICS-Bo Diddly/17 THE ROMAN KNIGHTS-The World Is Bigger Than You and Me/18 THE TIDAL WAVES-The INvaders/19 THE TIDAL WAVES-Lifetime/20 THE TIDAL WAVES-It's Gonna Be Alright/21 THE TIDAL WAVES-Please Come Back To Me/22 THE FAMEN-Hurry/23 THE RAINMAKERS-Don't Be AFraid/24 THE RAINMAKERS-I Won't  Turn Away Now/25 THE SHAMROCK-The Road Ahead/26 THE IDES-Psychedelic Ride/27 THE SPECTRA-Hurry Girl/28 THE HUMANE SOCIETY-Eternal Poison/29 THE LEGEND-Enjoy Yourself/30 THE QUADRANGLE-She's Too Familiar Now/31 MISTERS VIRTUE-Captured

YOU'VE GOT ME HIGH-01 THE PURPLE GANG-I Know What I Am/02 TINO & THE REVLONS-I'm Coming Home/03 THE RUNAWAYS-I'm a Runaway/04 THE RUNAWAYS-It Can't Be Long/05 THE SAVAGES-Little Miss Sad/06 SIR WINSTON & THE COMMONS-We're Gonna Love/07 SIR WINSTON & THE COMMONS-Come Back Again/08 THE FREE THINKERS-You Were Born For Me/09 THE HYSTERICS-Everything's There/10 THE HYSTERICS-Why SHould You Treat Me This Way/11 THE PRIMATES-Knock on My Door/12 THE PRIMATES-She/13 PHIL & THE FRANTICS-Pain/14 PHIL & THE FRANTICS-I Must Run/15 THE RAVENZ-Just Like I Want Her/16 CHOCOLATE WATCHBAND-Sweet Young Thing/17 THE CHOCOLATE  WATCHBAND-Baby BLue/18 THE SHADOW CASTERS-It'll Be Too late/19 THE PRECIOUS FEW-Train Kept a Rollin/20 THE NEW ORDER-Why Can't I/21 THE NEW ORDER-Pucci Girl/22 THE NEW ORDER-You've Got Me High/23 THE NEW ORDER-Meet Your Match/24 THE RATIONALS-Look What You're Doin (To me Baby)/25 THE RATIONALS-Gave Me Love/26 THE OLD EXCITING SCOTT RICHARD CASE-Get the Picture/27 THE EARLY RATIONALS-I Need You/28 THE TRUTHS-Pending/29 THE TRUTHS-Unknown/30 THE PROPHETS-I Still Love You

OUT OF HER SYSTEM-01 THE SPARKLES-Hipsville 29 BC/02 THE SPARKELS-I Want To Be Free/03 THE LIBERTY BELL-That's How It Will Be/04 THE LIBERTY BELL-For What You Lack/05 THE LYRICS -Mr Man/06 THE LYRICS-Wait/07 A LITTLE BIT OF SOUND-Incense and Peppermints/08 A LITTLE BIT OF SOUND-I Want You To Know/09 THE LITTLE BITS OF SOUND-Girls Who Paint Designs/10 THE LITTLE BITS OF SOUND-What LIfe's About/11 THE FOUR FIFTHS-If You Still Want Me/12 THE BEETHOVENS FIFTH-Come Down/13 THE BEETHOVENS FIFTH-The Last Thing On My Mind/14 THE ESQUIRES-Settle Down/15 THE SIX PENTS-She Lied/16 THE ENGLISH SETTERS-It SHouldn't Happen To A Dog/17 THE ENGLISH SETTERS-Someday You'll See/18 THE ENGLISH SETTERS-Tragedy/19 THE ENGLISH SETTERS-If SHe's Alright/20 THE RAVIN BLUE-It's Not Real/21 THE RAVIN BLUE-Love/22 THE RAVIN BLUE-Colors/23 BILLY SWAN-Out of Her System/24 THE LOOMS-It's True/25 THE LOOMS-I have Never Seen Snow/26 THE LORDS-On the Road Again/27 THE LORDS-She Belongs to me/28 THE STUARTS-Bringing It Home/29 THE STUARTS-Just a Little Bit More/30 THE GREEN BEANS-Knock On My Door/31 THE GREEN BEANS-Who Needs You/32 LONNIE & THE LEGENDS-I Cried/33 LONNIE & THE LEGENDS-Baby Without You

USA Garage Greats 1965-67 Part 27


Part 27......by my math that is 135 discs....I thought there were only about 145, there are a hell of a bunch MORE than that, I just guesstimated the 145......there are a lot mor. We'll go till we finish. And I'm feeling generous, so i think I'll add a few more bonuses, such as my "Santa Babes" from my Gallery of Perversion.

But anyway on to todays musci. USA Garage Greats is/was the finest compilation series ever created, created from the original vinyl 45's and including some of the mot obscure stuff ever, as well as before-their-time stars, bizarre cover versions, B-Sides.....a set you MUST hear and cherish. It was created by Ryp and Gyro of http://twilightzone-rideyourpony.blogspot.com/, please go there and check out their fine site, it is much more serious than mine, and MUCH better, except for those who come here for a daily dose of perversion ala Uncle BigScott.......also, I must mention that there is tremendous artwork available for these discs if you go AWAYS back to PART 2 (this blog) under "Comments" there are download links for the artwork....although I am not going tom download and sort it for you, trust me it IS worthwhile. And please thank Ryp and Gyro for creating this fantastic piece of Americana.

Between now and Christmas, as I said, I may as well as a special series of gifts to ya, upload some of my millions of pics of the most beautiful women in the world.....I'll pick them at random, BUT if you have a request ("I Want TALL Women"...."I Want Italian Women"....."I Want Drew Barrymore"....."I Want Jenny McCarthy".......if I have em (good chance as I have more slobber pix than I have CD's, I'll bring em to ya Merry Christmas. We'll see what I come up with for today.

Todays selections:

I'M A NUTHIN-01 THE BRIGHT IMAGE-People in the Town/02 THE DEVILLES-Mama Baby/03 THE DEVILLES-Denise/04 THE DEVILLES-You've Made Up Your Mind/05 THE WIND-Your Man Is Gonna Leave You/06 THE WIND-He Who Laughs Last/07 THE BETHLEHEM EXIT-Blues COncerning My Girl/08 THE BETHLEHEM EXIT-Walk Me Out/09 THE HATFIELDS-Yes I Do/10 THE HATFIELDS-When SHe Returns/11 THE DAGS-She Cried/12 THE CREEPERS-Elizabeth/13 TROY SHONDELL-Here It Comes Again/14 THE WE FIVE-There Stands the Door/15 DENNY NOIE & THE IN-CROWD-Don't Follow Me/16 THE KIDDS-Children In Love/17 THE KIDDS-You Were Wrong/18 JACKIE DESHANNON-Splendor In the Grass/19 THE NIGHT FLIGHT-To Color Turn/20 THE NIGHT FLIGHT-Without You/21 THE MAGIC PLANTS-I'm a Nothin'/22 THE MAGIC PLANTS-I Know She's Waiting There/23 THE GROUP THERAPY-Cheated Again/24 THE GROUP THERAPY-Seventh Heavan/25 THE FBI-Day Time, Night Time/26 THE FBI-What Am I To Do/27 THE LLOIDS OF LON-DEN-You Will Go/28 THE LLOIDS OF LON-DEN-Girls Can Really Dance/29 THE BAD SEEDS-Why Oh Why/30 RICK LANE & THE PEOPLE-Love Me Baby/31 THE MYRCHENTS-Darkest Hour

I SHOULD KNOW-01 THE CELLAR DWELLERS-Working Man/02 THE CELLAR DWELLERS-Love Is a Beautiful Thing/03 JOHN WINFIELD JR-She Touched My Soul/04 THE VISIONS-Humpty Dumpty/05 TOM THUMB & THE CASUALS-I Should Know/06 TOM THUMB & THE CASUALS-I Don't Want Much/07 THE MOJOS-Love Does It's Harm/08 THE MOJOS-I Like It/09 THE RUN-A-ROUNDS-I Couldn't Care Less/10 THE RUN-A-ROUNDS-I Can't Take You Back/11 THE HAPPY RETURNS-Longed For/12 THE WEST COAST BRANCH-Colors of My Life/13 THE VENTURIE "5"-Good and Bad/14 THE VENTURIE "5"-The Way You Feel/15 GEORGE WALLACE JR-Cotton Fields/16 THE DEL-MARS-Joke That Isn't Funny/17 THE LONG ISLAND SOUNDS-Tiger/18 KING JAMES & THE ROYAL JESTERS-I Get a Feeling/19 THE KYNDS-So If Someone Sends You Flowes Babe/20 THE KYNDS-Find Me Gone/21 THE HERDSMEN-Fed Up/22 HOLLIE HELLOMS & THE RHYTHM KINGS-Don't Blame It On the Rain/23 THE TOADS-Leaving It All Behind/24 THE SHADOWS FOUR-You'll Be The Blame/25 THE E-CELLENTS-And I'm Crying/26 THE ONE WAY STREET BAND-Energy/27 THE OVIATT BROTHERS-How Can I/28 SONS OF ADAM-Feathered Fish/29 SONS OF ADAM-Baby Stop the World/30 TWENTIETH CENTURY ZOO-You Don't Remember/31 TWENTIETH CENTRY ZOO-Clean Old Man

LEAVE MY HOUSE-01 THE MODDS-Leave My House/02 THE PREACHERS-Stay Out of my World/03 CAESAR & HIS ROMANS-Black Lantern/04 THE MH ROYALS-Now She's Crying/05 THE MH ROYALS-Old Town/06 THE MARK V-Churches and Houses/07 CAESAR & HIS ROMANS-Green Grass Makes It Better/08 CAESAR & HIS ROMANS-Why Make a Fool Out of Me/09 THE BADD LADS-I Feel Alright/10 MONGRELLS BAND-Let Me Be My Own Band/11 MONGRELLS BAND-Be My Girl/12 THE FOUR FIFTHS-If You Still Want Me/13 THE BROWN PAPER BAG-Something Tells Me/14 THE FREEWAYS-I Need Love/15 THE BAD SEEDS-A Taste of the Same/16 THE DOLPHINS-There Was A Time/17 THE DOLPHINS-Endless/18 THE BROWN PAPER BAG-Little Red Book/19 THE BAD SEEDS-I'm a King Bee/20 THE ASTRONAUTS-Tomorrows Gonna Be Another Day/21 DICKY TREADWAY-You Can't Beleive It/22 THE SHONDELLS-It's True/23 THE SOUND CARNIVAL-Dreams/24 THE SOUND CARNIVAL-I Wish I Could Tell You/25 RONNIE & THE CROWNS-Love You So/26 THE GROUP-Land Of Lakes/27 THE NIGHT MIST-Last Night/28 THE MYSTERIANS-My Little Girl/29 THE FIREBIRDS-Please Write/30 THE BARE FACTS-Instant Happiness/31 THE BARE FACTS-There Won't Be a Next Time/ 32 THE NEW BRICK WINDOW-Little Girl/33 THE SHONDELS-I Cried Last Night

TOO FAR OUT-01 THE TEDDY BOYS-Don't Mess With Me/02 THE TEDDY BOYS-She's So Sweet and Kind/03 THE TEDDY BOYS-Jezebel/04 THE TEDDY BOYS-It's You/05 THE TEDDY BOYS-Mona/06 THE TEDDY BOYS-La La/07 THE TEDDY BOYS-Too Far Out/08 THE TEDDY BOYS-What It's All About/09 THE TEDDY BOYS-The World Keeps Turning All Around/10 THE TEDDY BOYS-Music Is All I Want/11 THE TEDDY BOYS-Where Have All the Good TImes Gone/12 THE COBRAS-If I Cna't Believe Her/13 THE COBRAS-I'm Hurtin/14 THE OFF-SET-Chage Is Gonna Come/15 THE OFF-SET-Xanthia/16 THE VIBRATOS LTD-Something Else/17 THE VIBRATOS LTD-Be Back/18 THE MOVERS-Leaev Me Loose/19 THE MOVERS-Birmingham/20 MUMBLES SCOTT & THE ESQUIRES-Searchin'/21 MUMBLES SCOTT & THE ESQUIRES-Baby What Do You Want Me To Do/22 THE VICEROYS-Pad/23 CHRIS CARPENTER-This World Is Closing In On Me/24 THE OUTER LIMITS-Don't Need You no More/25 THE OUTER LIMITS-Walking Away/26 THE STREET CLEANERS-That's Cool, That's Trash/27 THE BLUE THINGS-Pretty Things Oh/28 THE BLUE THINGS-Just Two Days Ago/29 MOUSE-Look at the Sun/30 THE EXCENTRICS-What Can I Do, What Can I Say

DIRECTION OF THE MIND-01 THE CONTENTS ARE-Direction of Mind/02 THE CONTENTS ARE-I Don't Know/03 THE CUTAWAYS-Hold Me/04 THE CUTAWAYS-I'll Never Fall In Love Again/05 THE COUNTY AGENTS-WOuld I Lie?/06 THE COUNTY AGENTS-Good Day Mr Davies/07 THE ENCHANTERS IV-Lost You/08 JACK BEDIANT & THE CHESSMEN-See The Little Girl/09 THE GUNGA DYNS-No One Cares/10 THE GUANGA DYNS-Stick WIth Her/11 THE GUANGA DYNS-Rebecca Rodifier/12 THE CLOCK WORK ORANGE-Do Me Right Now/13 THE CLOCK WORK ORANGE-Your Golden Touch/14 THE BROTHERLY LOVERS-Was a Lie/15 THE BROTHERLY LOVERS-I'm GOnna Cry/16 THE BEGGARS OPERA CO-Escape/17 THE BEGGARS OPERA CO-Gone From Me/18 MOTOR CITY BONNEVILLES-Make Up Your Mind/19 THE BARE FACTS-Watch Your Step/20 THE WORD-So Little Time/21 THE CALICO WALL-Flight Reaction/22 THE LITTER-Whatcha Gonna Do About It/23 THE STILLROVEN-I'm Not Your Steppin Stone/24 THE ELECTRAS-Action Woman/25 THE AVNEGERS-Be a Caveman/26 THE PLAGUE-Go Away/27 THE PLAGUE-Money/28 MATTHEW MOORE PLUS FOUR-I've Been Lonely Before/29 THE ROOKS-Gimme a Break/30 THE SCOTSMEN-Bound To Lose/31 THE SCOTSMEN-Tuff  Enough/32 THE SCOTSMEN-Sorry Charlie/33 THE MYSTERY MEN-Pier "X"/34 'TWAS BRILLIG-This Weeks Children

SO, five more discs of total brilliance, total greatness, what could be better......well how about my horny-perv Christmas bonus that I promised?.......Well, you know how my tortured little mind works, no cheerleder pics on here.....today I feature a collection of mug shots and the like "HOT FELONS"......looooove me some "Bad Girls" and would love some conjugal visit time with any one of them. Yummy, enjoy these evil little babes whom I'm sure still have normal female desires, which I would be glad to fullfill for them at any time!

Couple samples here, like what ya see (and how couldn't ya?) download the whole file!

Uploading the links right now,lets hope for the best.....and make sure and let me know what ya think of my "Hot Felon" rogues-gallery, I know I sure would like to instill a little discipline into them......and vice versa OF COURSE!

Check for links in a couple hours, I'll be up late working on stuff tonight!

USA Garage Greats 1965-67 Part 28

It's been some time since I started this.....glad it's been so popular, it has sort of put my blog "on the map" (of course, on the coattails of Ryp/Gyro/Twilight Zone who originated this fantastic series)....in keeping with the title of the blog, I HAVE grown a bit bored with it, how I'd LOVE to put up some Dozer or some Roxy Music or some New Race or ANYTHING but these admittedly great discs. Anyway, for all you wonderful people counting on them I WILL finish the series, hell or high water, and please excuse me if I continue to amuse myself with stuff from my "Visual Gallery of Perversion", such as my feature on "Hot Felons" in the previous post, and whatever I may cook up for today.....consider these "non-musical" Christmas bonuses for you, and beleive you me, I have PLENTY of them.

We are now at Part 28, 5 discs per=140 discs.....I thought the whole set was about 140-145 discs, well, I thought wrong, it's more than that....I just guessed at the number. There are at least 20-30 more, if not more than that, we will get finished when we get finished. This series is the brainchild of Ryp and Gyro of http://twilightzone-rideyourpony.blogspot.com/, a much finer blog than is this....please, if you are enjoying the second chance to hear this fine set, go to their blog and thank them for creating it.....as I've said before, if you simply thank the nothing that is ME for them, it's like thanking the electrical salesman at Lowe's when you have the chance to thank Benjamin Franklin. Seriously it's THAT great a divide.

FIve more discs tonight.....I'm a little more ahead of myself than i had been, I write this on the evening of Saturday 12/15, don't know exactly WHEN you'll  see it, but whenever you do, I hope the day finds you well and happy and nicely stoned and having plenty of orgasms....what, really, more could we ask for?

I WANT MY WOMAN-01 THE OTHERS-I Can't Stand This Love, GOodbye/02 THE OTHERS-Until I Heard It From You/03 THE THIRD BOOTH-Need Love/04 THE THIRD BOOTH-Mysteries/05 THE EMPERORS-Want My Woman/06 THE EMPERORS-Then/07 THE MAGICIANS-About My Love/08 THE MAGICIANS-On the Corner/09 ROY HEAD-You're (Almost) Tough/10 ROY HEAD-Tush Hog/11 THE BUCANEERS-Never Gonna Love Me Anymore/12 THE BUCANEERS-I'm a Fool/13 BARRY EBLING & THE INVADERS-14 BARRY EBLING & THE INVADERS-Can Make It Without You/15 THE BELLS OF RHYMNY-She'll Be Back/16 THE BELLS OF RHYMNY-The Wicked Old Witch/17 THE MUSTACHE WAX-I'm Gonna Get You/18 THE MUSTACHE WAX-I'm Gonna Get You/19 THE KAN DELLS-Cry Girl/20 THE KAN DALLS-Cloudburst/21 THE WHAT FOUR-I'm Gonna DEstory That Boy/22 THE STOMPERS-I Know/23 THE STOMPERS-Hey Baby/24 THE BENTLEYS-It's Gone/25 THE BEST THINGS-Chicks Are For Kids/26 THE MOR-LOCKS-What My Baby Wants/27 THE MOR-LOKS-Lookin For a New Day/28 FRANKIE & THE ORPHANS-Love Came My Way/29 THE CHANGING TIMES-Is the Air Up There/30 THE CHANGING TIMES-Young & Innocent Girl/31 ME & DEM GUYS-Love Me (Like I Love You)/32 ME & DEM GUYS-Yep

LEAVE ME ALONE-01 THE OFF-SET-You're a Drag/02 THE MOONRAKERS-Baby Please Don't Go/03 THE MOONRAKERS-I Don't Beleive/04 THE MALIBUS-Cry/05 THE MALIBUS-Leave Me ALone/06 BARRY LEE& THE ACTIONS-Try Me/07 THE SCOTLAND YARDLEYS-Some Guys Have It/08 THE RAVIN BLUES-Colors/09 CHRIS MONTEZ-Some Kinda Fun/10 THE LEAVES-Too Many People/11 THE LEAVES-Love Minus Zero/12 MIKE RABIN-Head Over Heels/13 MIKE RABIN-I'm Leaving You/14 PETER & THE RABITS-Someone I've Got My Eyes On/15 THE BUSH-I'm Wanting Her/16 THE BUSH-A Small World/17 THE PALACE GUARD-All Night Long/18 THE RENEGADES-Walking Down the Street/19 THE REACTORS-I-A/20 THE REACTORS-Do That Thing/21 THE NORTH ATLANTIC INVASION FORCE-Black On White/22 THE SOUL INC-Love Me When I'm Down/23 THE PALACE GUARD-Oh Blue/24 THE 49th PARALLEL-You Do Things/25 THE 49TH PARALLEL-Laborer/26 THE TROLLEY-Breakdown/27 THE TROLLEY-Toy Shop/28 THE OUTSIDERS-She's Coming On Stronger/29 THE OUTSIDERS-Just Let Me Be/30 THE MEMBERS-I WIsh I'd Never Met You/31 THE MEMBERS-Jenny-Jenny/32 THE KRUISERS-It's The Way She.....

I'M GONE-01 SCOTTY MCKAY-I'm Gonna Love You/02 GREGORY DEE & THE AVANTIES-Olds-Mo-Williams/03 THE ESQUIRES-Settle Down/04 THE MAGIC MUSHROOMS-I'm Gone/05 THE MAGIC MUSHROOMS-Cry Baby/06 THE REGENTS-Bald-Headed Woman/07 RICHARD & THE YOUNG LIONS-You Can Make It/08 THE RAYMARKS-I Beleived/09 THE RAYMARKS-Dr Feelgood/10 THE COIRVETS-You Don't Want Me/11 THE STILLROVEN-Sunny Day/12 THE MISSING LINKS-Under My Thumb/13 THE CLASSMEN-Any Old Time/14 THE CLASSMEN-Poison Ivy/15 DON & THE GOODTIMES-You Were A Child/16 NOBODY"S CHILDREN-Don'tcha Feel Like Cryin'/17 THE FUGITVES-Mean Woman/18 THE GESTURES-I'm Not Mad/19 THE DAMSCANS-Go'Way Girl/20 THE YORKSHIRE PUDDING-Good Night Day/21 THE SKEPTICS-Bit O Honey/22 ERNIE & THE EMPERORS-Meet Me At The Corner/23 SIR HENRY & THE BUTLERS-Hi-Heel Sneakers/24 THE UNCHAINED MYNDS-Going Back To Miami/25 TOMMY ADDDERLY-Whole Lotta Shakin Going On/26 THE FREE FOR ALL-Show Me The Way/27 THE NORTH ATLANTIC INVASION FORCE-Black On White/28 THE GOOD FEELINGS-I'm Captured/29 DANNY & THE COUNTS-You Need Love/30 TC ATLANTIC-Baby Please Don't Go/31 THE CASTAWAYS-Goodbye Babe/32 THE LITTER-Somebody Help Me

PUT YOUR LOVIN ON ME-01 THE BOSTWEEDS-Faster Pussycat! Kill! Kill!/02 THEE AVANTIES-I Want To Understand/03 THE MYDDLE CLASS-Gates of Eden/04 THE PHINX-My Baby Don't Care/05 THE OBVIOUS-Here I Stood Before You/06 THE LAST TIME AROUND-Go/07 THE GRAFF-Too Many Tears/08 THE GRAFF-Midnight Hour/09 THE LAST IMAGE-Leaving You/10 THE LAST IMAGE-She's On My Mind/11 THE COMMON PEOPLE-Look Around/12 THE COMMON PEOPLE-Dawn of My life/13 THE MISFITS-The Magicians/14 THE MISFITS-Can't You See/15 THE MINUTEMEN-Why Do I Cry/16 THOSE FIVE-Sidewalks/17 THOSE FIVE-Challenge of a Fantasy Man/18 THE ST PETERSBURGH PARADOX-Where's She Gone/19 THE ST PETERSBURGH PARADOX-Won't You Take Me/20 THE CRYSTAL SECT-Days & Weeks/21 THE CRYSTAL SECT-What Time Is It/22 THE PLAGUES-I've Been Through It Before/23 THE PLAGUES-Tears From My Eyes/24 THE SHAMROCK-Get It Together/25 THE NEW BRICK WINDOW-Baby Come Running/26 DICKY TREADWAY-One To Ten/27 THE FIREBIRDS-It's You/28 THE MOXIES-I Feel Happy/29 THE MOXIES-I Must Apologize/30 THE VYNES-More Each Day/31 RON & THE STARFIRES-Why Did You Cry/32 THE KINETICS-Put Your Lovin On Me

YOU CANT MAKE ME-01 THE MONTELLS-You Can't Make Me/02 THE MONTELLS-Daddy Rolling Stone/03 PLANT LIFE-Flower Girl/04 PLANT LIFE-Say It Over Again/05 THE ROBBIN HOODS-Everything's Alright/06 THE ROBBIN HOODS-Baby let Your Hair Down/07 THE BEACHNUTS-Iconoclasatic Life/08 THE BEACHNUTS-Natures' Company/09 THE SOUNDS LIKE US-Outside Chance/10 THE SOUNDS LIKE US-The Clock On the Wall/11 THE 2 OF CLUBS-Heart/12 THE 2 OF CLUBS-My First Heart Break/13 THE SHAGS-Smiling Fenceposts/14 THE SHAGS-Dr Feelgood/15 THE 7 DWARVES-Stop Girl/16 THE 7 DWARVES-One By One/17 THE GREAT SCOTS-Give Me Lovin/18 THE GREAT SCOTS-Don't Want Your Love/19 THE ROMANCERS-Loves The Thing/20 THE FRIEDLES-She Can Go/21 THE FRIEDELES-Don't Tell Me What To Do/22 THE BUCK ROGERS MOVEMENT-Baby COme On/23 THE ELASTIK BAND-Spazz/24 THE BRUTHERS-Bad Way to Go/25 THE BRUTHERS-Bad Love/26 THE CORDS-Aint That Love/27 BARRY ALLEN-Turn Her Down/28 THE CATS MEOW-La La Lu/29 THE CATS MEOW-Confusion/30 THE PRIMITIVES-The Ostrich/31 THE PRIMITIVES-Sneaky Pete

So, what shall I provide today for my non-musical Christmas bonus today? Haven't had any suggestions, I guess today I go with a favorite of mine "Women as the Canvass"......LOTS of freak-city tattoos, nearly 1000 pics of some fine female flesh, and let me put out the word to each n every one of em, if they don't want those sexy-ass tats anymore, I will be glad to remove them with my tongue.......no charge! Check the music links and if you want it, "Women as the Canvass" is there for ya......if any of you have mins equally as perverted as my own, tell me what ya want, I'll see what i can do!

USA Garage Greats 1965-67 Part 29

Well....it's Sunday night. The Vikings absolutley destroyed the Rams today, how they win with that stiff at quarterback I will NEVER understand, Adrian Peterson is without question the finest running back I have ever seen (and I have seen the greatest of them), once in a while, an athlete comes along, a Larry Bird, a Johnny Bench, a Lawerence Taylor, a Michael Jordan, who it is genuinely a PRIVLEGE to watch perform their craft......Adrian Peterson is among that short list and the fact that I have been fortunate enough that he has played for the team I have watched for over 40 years is incredible.....obviously this is not my sports/Vikings blog (I'm getting that underway during the offseason), but I feel blessed that I have gotten to see every carry of this incredible players career.....I care very little about individual sports records, but if Mr Peterson gains the 294 yards he needs the next 2 weeks to claim the single season record, a more deserving player could not be found. Thank you Adrian Peterson, it has been, and continues to be, a pleasure to watch you ply your craft.

So, anyway.....Part 29. That adds up to 145 discs, which I originally estimated was the total of the entire series, there are a bunch more on my shelf, we'll finish when we finish. This is, of course, USA Garage Greats, 1965-67, created by Ryp and Gyro and originally posted in 2008 on Twlight Zone, (here): http://twilightzone-rideyourpony.blogspot.com/  the original uploads are no longer avaialble, so with the blessings of the creators I am bringing them back for anyone who missed them the first time. The response has been overwhelming, no question about that, which is great......have had our ups and downs with Mediafire and Zippyshare, but I think we are getting those ironed out, and once I get the entire set posted, I promise, I will go back and help to fill in the gaps in anyone's collection that they might need.

Wonderful artwork is available for these discs, to download it go to Part 2 of the series (this blog), and under "comments" you will find the download links, you'll have to do it yourself, I ahve enough to do.....and, just for the hell of it, the last fwe days I've been giving you guys some Christmas presents from my "visual gallery of perversion", I hope it helps "paint a picture" of what I'm about (Rock N Roll, Vikings football, slutty women......yeah, about it, I think)

On we go with part 29.....hope you enjoy it and comment on it and especially GO TO TWILIGHT ZONE and thank Ryp and Gyro for creating this wonderful piece of Amreicana for all of us to enjoy!

SHE LIED-01 THE RIDDLES-It's One THing to Say/02 THE RIDDLES-Sweets For My Sweet/03 THE SILVER BYKE-I've Got Time/04 THE SILVER BYKE-Who Needs Tomorrow/05 THE ROCKIN RAMRODS-I Wanna Be Your Man/06 THE ROCKIN RAMRODS-I'll Be On My Way/07 THE ROCKIN RAMRODS-She Lied/08 THE ROCKIN RAMRODS-The Girl Can't Help It/09 THE ROCKIN RAMRODS-Wild About You/10 THE ROCKIN RAMRODS-Cry in My Room/11 THE ROCKIN RAMRODS-Tears Melt the Stone/12 THE ROCKIN RAMRODS-Don't Fool With Fu Manchu/13 THE PLYMOUTH ROCKERS-Don't Say Why/14 THE LOOSE ENDS-Hey Sweet Baby/15 THE TEDDY BOYS-Mona/16 THE GENTS-If You Don't Come Back/17 THE LOST GENERATION-I'd Gladly Pay/18 THE SENDERS-Party Line/19 THE SQUIREMEN FOUR-Bitter End/20 THE MARK IV-Don't Want Your Lovin/21 THE MARK IV-Would You Believe Me/22 THE IDOLS-Tru Luv Gone Astray/23 THE IDOLS-Haunted House/24 THE LOVED ONES-Surprise Surprise/25 THE LOVED ONES-Another Place or Time/26 THE LOVED ONES-Together Together/27 THE LOVED ONES-Country Club Life/28 THE MOTIFS-If I Gave You Love/29 THE MOTIFS-Molly/30 THE MO-SHUNS-What Can I Say/31 THE MO-SHUNS-The Way She Walks/32 THE INTERNS W/BILLY SANDLIN-Poor Rich Girl

LOVE TIMES EIGHT-01 THE APPARITIONS-She's So Satisfyin/02 THE APPARITIONS-In the Midnight Hour/03 THE JACKALS-Love Times Eight/04 THE FANATICS-Woman/05 THE FANATICS-I Can't Go On/06 THE FANATICS-Good Men/07 THE FANATICS-For You/08 THE FANATICS-I Will Not Be Lonely/09 THE FANATICS-Be Mine/10 NEAL FORD & THE FANATICS-Shame On You/11 NEAL FORD & THE FANATICS-Gonna Be My Girl/12 NEAL FORD & THE FANATICS-Brand New Girl/13 NEAL FORD & THE FANATICS-Wait For Me/14 THE CHANTAYS-Love Can Be Cruel/15 THE CHANTAYS-Only If You Care/16 PHIL & THE FRANTICS-Till You Get What You Want/17 PHIL & THE FRANTICS-Say What You Will/18 THE BLACK & BLUES-Bye Bye Baby/19 THE BLACK & BLUES-Come To Me/20 THE RAIDERS-You've Gotta Have a Man/21 THE TEARDROPS-Sweet Sadie/22 BOBBY ROBERTS & THE RAVONS-How Can I Make Her Mine/23 BOBBY ROBERTS & THE RAVONS-I'm In Love Again/24 THE VESTELLS-You Tell Me/25 THE VESTELLS-Walk Away/26 THE BAN-Bye Bye/27 THE BAN-That I'm Hoping/28 THE LIVIN END-Your Kind of Love/29 THE LIVIN END-You Make Me Feel/30 THE DAMASCANS-Go 'Way Girl/31 THE MOVEMENT-Green Knight

SPEND YOUR LIFE-01 THE BEDLAM FOUR-No One Left To Love/02 DR SPEC'S OPTICAL ILLUSION-Tryin To Mess My Mind/03 DR SPEC'S OPTICAL ILLUSION-Shes the One/04 THE SOOTHSAYERS-Do You Need Me?/05 THE SOOTHSAYERS-Black Nor BLue/06 THE SOOTHSAYERS-Please, Don't Be Mad/07 THE SOOTHSAYERS-I Don't Know/08 THE 4 OF US-You Gonna Be Mine/09 THE 4 OF US-Batman/10 THE 4 OF US-I Feel A Whole Lot Better/11 THE LAZY EGGS-Poor Boys Always Weep/12 THE LAZY EGGS-I'm a Clown/13 THE LAZY EGGS-I'm Gonna Love You/14 THE LAZY EGGS-As Long As I Have You/15 THE CENTURYS-Hard Times/16 THE CENTURYS-Endless Search/17 THE CENTURYS-And I Cried/18 THE CENTURYS-Catch Me Fast/19 THE FIVE OF US-Need Me Like I Need You/20 THE FIVE OF US-Hey You/21 THE FIVE OF A KIND-Never Again/22 THE FIVE OF A KIND-I Don't Want To Find Another Girl/23 FIRST CROW TO THE MOON-Spend Your Life/24 FIRST CROW TO THE MOON-The SUn Lights Up The Shadows To Your Mind/25 THE BRYMERS-Sacrifice/26 THE UK'S-Your Love Is All I Want/27 WILLIAM PENN & THE QUAKERS-California Sun/28 WILLIAM PENN & THE QUAKERS-No More Love/29 HUGH MCCRACKEN W/THE FUNATICS-You Blow My Mind/30 THE PRIME MOVER-When You Made Love To Me/31 ROY ACUFF JR-Turn That Frown Upside Down/32 THE EDGE OF DARKNESS-Mean Town/33 THE ASCENSIONS-All Alone

BAD APPLE-01 THE VIKINGS-Come On and Love Me/02 THE VIKINGS-I Will Never Go/03 THE TYRANNIES-She's a Queen/04 THE TYRANNIES-Little Girl/05 TOM & THE CATS-Wine Song/06 TOM & THE CATS-What's Happeneing Baby/07 THE WC DORNS-I Need Your Love/08 THE SMACKS-I've Been Fooling Around/09 THE SMACKS-Say You'll Be Mine/10 THE NEW ORDER-Your Match/11 THE NEW ORDER-You've Got Me High/12 THE DUKES-First Time I Saw Her/13 THE DUKES-Take Your love/14 THE DUTCH MASTERS-The Expectation/15 THE DUTCH MASTERS-You're Nearby Me/16 THE PILGRIMAGE-Bad Apple/17 THE PILGRIMAGE-You Satisfy Me/18 THE PREMIERS-Come On and Dream/19 THE PREMIERS-Get On This Plane/20 THE REVERBS-Lie In the Shade of the Sun/21 THE LIVERPOOL FIVE-She's Mine/22 THE LIVERPOOL FIVE-Sister Love/23 THE SURFARIS-So Get Out/24 THE SURFARIS-Hey Joe Where Are You Going?/25 THE SKEPTICS-East Side Tenement House/26 THE SKEPTICS-Bit O Honey/27 THE LOST-No Reason Why/28 THE SUNRAYS-Don't Take Yourself So Seriously/29 THE SUNRAYS-I Look Baby-I Can't See/30 THE MEMBERS-I'll Get By Without You/31 THE MEMBERS-Come On Everybody/32 THE DOMINIONS-I Need Her

MY WAY OF THINKING-01 THE MARTELLS-What Can I Do/02 TC ATLANTIC-Mona/03 THE PHAETONS-Dancing In the Street/04 LANCE FOX & THE BLOODHOUNDS-That's Your Problem (It Ain't Mine)/05 THE OUTCASTS-You'd Be Surprised/06 THE OUTCASTS-Set Me Free/07 RICHIES RENEGADES-Baby Its Me/08 GREGORY DEE & THE AVANITES-Because Of You/09 THE WYLDE HEARD-Stop it Girl/10 SHAWKEY SEAU & THE MUFFINS-Just One More Time/11 RANDY & THE RADIANTS-My Way Of Thinking/12 THE BLUES MAGOOS-I Can Hear the Grass Grow/13 THE OTHER SIDE-Walking Down the Road/14 THE NOBLEMEN-She Thinks I Still Love Her/15 THE RARE BREED-beg, BOrrow, and Steal/16 THE TROLLS-Every Day & Every Night/17 THE COLLECTORS-Make It Easy/18 006-Like What Me Worry/19 006-Why Can't I Stay/20 THE GRASSHOPPERS-Mod Socks/21 THE GRASSHOPPERS-Twin Beat/22 THE ONLY ONZ-On the Road Again/23 THE POORE BOYS-It's Love/24 THE ANIMALS-We Gotta Get Out of This Place/25 THE HEADSTONES-Bad Day BLues/26 THE HEADSTONES-My Kind of Girl/27 THE CLIQUE-Superman/28 THE FACTORY-High BLood Pressure/29 JIM VALLEY-I'm Real/30 THE RUMBLERS-I Don't Need You No More/31 THE RUMBLERS-Boss/32 THE DEACONS-Baldie Stomp

Sooooooooo, what would ya like for today's non musical Xmas gift? Oh, you will thank me for this classic.....a motion-gifs extravaganza, hotties famous and anonymous.....once you unwrap the RAR, select which picture you wish to slobber over.....then "open" it with whatever program you can use, "Internet Explorer" will work maybe some others......what do ya get? Why,  bouncing boobs and gyrating asses, of course, and really, now, what else is there?  Merry Christmas from BigScott62

USA Garage Greats 1965-67 Part 32

Rounding third and heading for home, we have the THIRY SECOND group of 5 discs comprising the fab "USA Garage Greats 1965-67" series...there will be maybe 4-5 more postings and we'll be there....afterwards, we'll go back and fill in those gaps for you guys. Might I recommend, START now, comprising a list of files that were dropped by Mediafire or that you could not get for whatever reason. I will ask for them shortly after we finihs, we will work on that for a couple of days, and then.....NO MORE. This series is put to bed. As great as it is, there are other things I wish to do, and I'm sure other things you guys would like to see also.

USA Garage Greats is a series constructed by Ryp and Gyro of  http://twilightzone-rideyourpony.blogspot.com/  .....please visit them and comment and thank them for this fine set. Artwork is available under part 2, comments serction, there are download links for it.

Is anyone enjoying the "series within a series", the non-musical bonus posts from the world famous Visual Gallery of Perversion? I would have thought a bunch of degenerates like you guys......well, never mind. Hope those are being enjoyed as well. Well, here we go, five more discs, ACTUALLY six, for some reason, "Sometimes I Wonder" was longer than 80 minutes and I either had to chop a track or split it in 2 as I recall (there may have been some other ones in which I trimmed a track, honetly do not remember)....so six links today plus the bonus, so be on your toes. Counting "Sometimes I Wonder" as a single disc, this brings us to the stunning total of 160.....I'm guessing the total will be in the 180 or so general area.

SOMETIMES I WONDER (DISC 1)-01 THE KAVALIERS-Back to You/02 THE KAVALIERS-Congregations For Anti-Flirts Inc/03 APPERSON JACKRABBIT-That's Why/04 APPERSON JACKRABBIT-Shadows Falling/05 THE ANGIDS-I Like Girls/06 THE ANGIDS-C'mere Woman/07 COOL HEAT-The other Side of Us/08 THE FUTURAS-Hurt/09 FLAT RIVER MISSIONAIRIES-Time Will Tell/10 FLAT RIVER MISSIONAIRIES-Easy Come Easy Go/11 THE HARBRINGER COMPLEX-Sometimes I Wonder/12 THE HARBRINGER COMPLEX-Tomorrow's Soul Sound/13 $1000000 WAR BABIES-Hey Little Boy/14 THE ONLY ONES-Another Place/15 THE ONLY ONES-Can't Trust Women/16 TRAFLGAR SQUARE-It's a Shame Girl/17 TRAFALGAR SQUARE-TIl the End of the Day


LITTLE WHITE LIES-01 THE BITTERSWEETS-In the Night/02 THE STRANGELOVES-Honey Do/03 THE GROOP-Woman You're Breaking Me/04 THE BOYS-How Do You Do With Me?/05 THE BOYS-It's Hopeless/06 THE BEATSTALKERS-Get a Better Hold On It/07 THE BEATSTALKERS-Left RIght Left/08 ME AND DEM GUYS-Black Cloud/09 ME AND DEM GUYS-Come On Little Sweetheart/10 THE UNDERDOGS-Loves Gone Bad/11 THE UNDERDOGS-Mojo Hanna/12 GILES STRANGE-You're Going Up to the Bottom/13 GILES STRANGE-Watch the People Dance/14 THE SPIDERS W/LINK WRAY-Baby Doll/15 THE SCOTSMEN-Beer Bust Blues/16 THE DEVONS-Come On/17 TERRY CASHMEN & THE MEN-Try Me/18 THE SPIDERS W/LINK WRAY-Run Boy Run/19 THE FOOTPRINTS-Mama Rand's/20 THE TODDS-I Want Her Back/21 THE SONICS-The Witch/22 THE SONICS-Keep a Knockin/23 WEE WILLIE & THE PALS-We're Gonna Dance/24 THE MARK V-I Want To Say/25 SHEP & THE DOWNBEATS-GIRL GIRL/26 SHEP & THE DOWNBEATS-You're Never There/27 THE GANTS-I WOnder/28 THE WINKLE PICKERS-My Name Is Granny Goose/29 THE WINKLE PICKERS-I Haven't Got You/30 THE PAINTED SHIP-I Told Thise Little White Lies/31 THE NOVAS-The Crusher/33 THE READY MEN-Shortnin Bread

HOW MUCH MORE-01 CHARLIE BROWNS GENERATION-Fat Retreatin/02 CHARLIE BROWNS GENERATION-Trash/03 THE MORTICIANS-It's Gonna Take a While/04 THE MORTICIANS-With Another Guy/05 THE YO YOS-Gotta Find a New Love/06 THE YO YOS-I 've Got Something In My Eye/07 THE YO YOS-Crack In My Wall/08 THE YO YOS-The Raven/09 THE COASTLINERS-I'll Be Gone/10 THE COASTLINERS-Shes My Girl/11 THE COASTLINERS-Alright/12 THE COASTLINERS-Wonderful You/13 THE PATTERNS-Jump/14 THE PATTERNS-You Should Know/15 THE PERILS-Hate/16 THE PERILS-Baby Do You Love Me/17 THE ROAD RUNNERS-Bad Woman/18 THE ROAD RUNNERS-Pretty Me/19 THE ROAD RUNNERS-Sleepy Friend/20 THE DEL-VETTES-That's The Way It Is/21 THE DEL-VETTES-Last Time Around/22 THE DEL-VETTES-Every Time/23 THE DEL-VETTES-Every Time/24 THE PACK-Next to Your Fire/25 TERRY KNIGHT & THE PACK -How Much More (Have I Got To Give)/26 TERRY KNIGHT & THE PACK-I've Been Told/27 THE ROACHES-Someone With a Heart/28 THE BLUES MAGOOS-One By One/29 THE MYSTICS-Why Baby Why/30 THE MISTICSAbout Love/31 TEDDY & HIS PATCHES-From Day To Day/32 TEDDY & HIS PATCHES-Suzy Creamcheese

YOU'RE DOIN ME WRONG-01 THE FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH-Don't Blame Me/02 THE FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH-Take a Giant Step/03 THE STRIDERS-Say You Love Me/04 THE STRIDERS-Sorrow/05 THE JADES-When Shadows Fall/06 THE JADES-I Ain't Got You/07 THE JADES-Rough House/08 THE K-OTICS-I'm Leaving Home/09 THE K-OTICS-Double SHot/10 BILLY MCKNIGHT-You're Doin Me Wrong/11 THE WEADS-Don't Call My Name/12 THE WEADS-Today/13 JJ LANCASTER-So Unkind/14 JJ LANCASTER-The Parade Has Passed Me By/15 THE ROADS END-Why/16 THE ROADS END-When I Look at You/17 THE MERRY DRAGONS-Universal Vagrant/18 THE MERRY DRAGONS-Smokey/19 LORD & THE FLIES-Echoes/20 THE BIRDWATCHERS-I'm Gonna Love You Anyway/21 THE BIRDWATCHERS-A Little Bit of Lovin/22 THE KOATS OF MALE-Lifes Matter/23 THE KOATS OF MALE-Swinebarn No. 3/24 THE JAM-Something's Gone/25 JOEY GEE & THE COME ONS-She's Mean/26 JOEY GEE & THE COME ONS-You Know/Til the ENd of Time/27 MICKEY & THE CLEAN CUTS-Soapy/28 MICKEY & THE CLEAN CUTS-Static Electricity/29 THE DOLPHINS-Surfing East Coast/30 THE DOPLHINS-I Should Have Stayed/31 THE GIRLS-My baby/32 THE GIRLS-My Love

WHAT SHE DOES-01 THE PAGANS-Baba Yaga/02 THE PAGANS-Stop Shakin Your Head/03 THE HERD-Things Won't Change/04 THE KANDELLS-I Want You To Know/05 THE KANDELLS-Do You Know/06 THE FRIEDLES-I'm So Glad/07 THE FRIEDLES-I Lost Her/08 THE FRIEDLES-She Can Go/09 THE FRIEDLES-Don't Tell Me What TO Do/10 GREGORY DEE & THE AVANTIES-The Slide/11 GREGORY DEE & THE AVANTIES-When Will I Be Love/12 THE NEW COLONY SIX-I Confess/13 THE NEW COLONY SIX-Dawn Is Breaking/14 THE PEDESTRIANS-It's Too Late/15 THE PEDESTRIANS-Think Twice/16 THE TUESDAY CLUB-Only Human/17 SEAN & THE BARNDYWINES-She Ain't No GOod/18 SEAN & THE BRANDYWINES-Cod'ine/19 THE BEDFORDE SET-Girl Go RUn Away/20 THE BEDFORDE SET-The World Through a Tear/21 THE KING BEES-What She Does To Me/22 THE KING BEES-That Ain't Love/23 THE KING BEES-On Your Way Down/24 THE KING BEES-Rhythm and BLues/25 THE HANGMEN-What a Gril Can Do/26 BOB MORRISON-Hey! Puppet Man/27 BOB MORRISON-I Looked in the Mirror/28 BOB MORRISON-I Fall on You/29 THE BARBARIANS-What the New Breed Say/30 THE BARBARIANS-Suzie Q/31 THE KINGSMEN-I Guess I Wasn't Dreamin/32 THE KINGSMEN-On Love/33 THE REASON WHY-One More Time

Now for the moment noone has been waiting for, the unveilment of today's Christmas Bonus from the Visual Gallery of Perversions......ooooooh, what to go with today.......let us see. Might seem kind of unusual to most of you, but I am color blind....as such, I am MUCH more partial to black and white imagery (I STRONGLY prefer black and white movies, I think that so much more can be done, with the shadows, contrasts, etc.....99% (or more) of people with whom I have discussed this think I am full of shit. Well. Anyway, I think photgraphed erotica in black and white is awesome as well.....stark, highly contrasted, cold......I love it. So, here is a large collection of Black and White photos of beautiful women (and this DOES NOT refer to the RACES of the women involved). Keep an open mind....see what ou think. I love black and whote photography and film, with an open mind, perhaps you will come a fan as well. Or, perhaps, not. And who gives a fuck anyway?

See ya tomorrow!

USA Garage Greats 1965-67 Part 30

Part 30......one hundred and fifty discs of obscure garage rock in a month's time, still more to come.....haven't counted up how many discs yet, but there are more than a few. If you don't know by now, this series, created from the original vinyl 45's of Ryp/Gyro from http://twilightzone-rideyourpony.blogspot.com/, a fine and wonderful blog (MUCH better than this one)......this fine set was originally posted in 2008, the links are long since gone, so with the blessings of the creators, I am putting them up to keep them alive for a new audience. They have been off-the-charts popular, which is great, and if you've been enjoying them, please stop by http://twilightzone-rideyourpony.blogspot.com/ and thank them for all of their great work and dedication, I am simply passing this great collection along.

As you ALSO should know by now, there is phenominal artwork available for these discs, it is WAY cool, if you want it, go to part #2 of the series (this blog) and under "comments" you will find the download links. And, if you've been keeping up, you'll know that I am getting a little bored (as per the name of the blog) and to amuse myself have been offering up some selections (Christmas bonuses, if you will) from my Visual Gallery of Perversion, and today's selection is a great one, I'll let you wait a few minutes before I tell you what it is........and so, on and on we go.....

CRY WITH ME-01 THE BEAU-JIVES-Something's Wrong/02 THE BEAU-JIVES-Shake a Tail Feather/03 THE BLUE THINGS-Your Turn To Cry/04 THE BLUE THINGS-Mary Lou/05 THE CRESTONES-The Chopper/06 THE CRESTONES-Scrambled Eggs/07 THE FIFTH ORDER-Today I Got a Letter/08 THE FIFTH ORDER-A Thousand Devils (Are Chasin Me)/09 THE GANTS-I Want Your Lovin/10 THE GANTS-Spoonful of Sugar/11 THE HERD-Things Won't Change/12 THE HERD-Sun Has Gone/13 THE IMMIGRANTS-Walking the Dog/14 THE IMMIGRANTS-Time TO Say Goodbye/15 THE INVADERS-I Was a Fool/16 THE INVADERS-Cryin All Night Long/17 JAYE DAY & THE FOUR KNIGHTS-It's Too Late For That/18 JAYE DAY & THE FOUR KNIGHTS-(You'll Always Be My) Only Girl/19 LAWSON & 4 MORE-Halfway Down the Stairs/20 LAWSON & 4 MORE-Relax Your Mind/21 THE MISFITS-Please Don't Go Away/22 THE MISFITS- I'll Feel better in the Morning/23 THE MOURNING FORMATION-Rider/24 THE SCEPTRES-Last Time/25 THE SCEPTRES-But I Can Dream/26 THE SECOND SET-Picture Window/27 THE STORY TELLERS-Cry With Me/28 THE STORY TELLERS-Little Boy Sad/29 THE STYX-Stay Away/30 THE STYX-My Girl/31 THE TEEMATES-Nightfall/32 THE UNKNOWN KIND-Since You've Come Back to me/32 THE UNKNOWN KIND-Who Cares

THINK ABOUT IT-01 THE AGE OF REASON-(Your Love Is Like a) Magnet/02 THE AGE OF REASON-I'm a Free Man/03 THE DAN-DEES-Think About It/04 THE JUVENILES-I've Searched/05 THE INTERNS-Just Like Me/06 JOHN HARRISON & THE HUSLTERS-Don't Ask Why/07 JOHN HARRISON & THE HUSTLERS-You Don't Want That/08 THE LOST SOULS-Simple To Say/09 THE LOST SOULS-The Girl I Love/10 THE QUADRANGLE-She's Too Familiar Now/11 THE 4TH AMENDMENT-Always Blue/12 THE 4TH AMENDMENT-Whiskey man/13 THE IMPACT EXPRESS-Don't You Dare/14 THE IMPACT EXPRESS-Green Green Field/15 THE IMPACT EXPRESS-Sunshine Day/16 THE IN CROWD-Speed Queen/17 THE IN CROWD-Cry Baby Boy/18 THE DISTANT SOUND-It Reminds Me/19 THE DISTANT SOUNDS-Dreamin/20 THE LOST-Back Door BLues/21 THE LOST-Maybe More Than You/22 THE LOST-No Reason Why/23 THE LOST-Violet Gown/24 THE FENWAYS-Be Careful Little Girl/25 THE FENWAYS-Be Careful Little Girl (Instro)/26 THE DISTANT COUSINS-Stop Runnin Round Baby/27 THE DISTANT COUSINS-She ain't Lovin You/28 THE DISTANT COUSINS-Let It Ring/29 THE FIVE BY FIVE-Hang Up/30 THE FIVE BE FIVE-Fire/31 THE FIVE BY FIVE-Shake a Tail Feather/32 THE FIVE BY FIVE-Tell Me What To Do

POOR MANS THING-01 THE INTRUDERS-She's Mine/02 THE INTRUDERS-Now That You Know/03 THE RAVENS-Reaching For the Sun/04 THE RAVENS-Things We Said Today/05 THE MAD LADS-Everything Is Blue/06 THE MAD LADS-Runaway/07 THE SITES N SOUNDS-The Night Is So Dark/08 THE SITES N SOUNDS-T/09 KING CHARLES & THE COUNTS-Salt N Pepper/10 KING CHARLES & THE COUNTS-Its True Its You/11 THE NEW COLONY SIX-You're Gonna Be Mine/12 THE NEW COLONY SIX-Woman/13 THE HYSTERICAL SOCIETY-I Know/14 THE HYSTERICAL SOCIETY-Come With Me/15 ART GUY-Where You Gonna Go/16 ART GUY-Teenage Millionaire/17 THE SHEPPARDS-Poor Mans Thing/18 THE SHEPPARDS-When Johnny Comes Marching Home/19 THE CHILDREN OF DARKNESS-Shes Mine/20 THE CHILDREN OF DARKNESS-Sugar Shack a Go Go/21 THE CASTELLS-Save a Chance/22 THE CASTELLS-Children Who Dream/23 THE DEVERONS-She's Your Lover/24 THE GRUVE-Said I Wasn't Gonna Tell Nobody/25 THE GRUVE-You're Gonna Love Me/26 THE FEVER TREE-I Can Beat Your Drum/27 THE PRIDE & JOY-If You're Ready/28 THE PRIDE & JOY-Girl/29 THE KNAVES-Girl I Threw Away/30 THE KNAVES-Leave Me Alone/31 THE FURNITURE-I Love It Baby/32 THE LOOSE ENDS-He's a Nobody

I WANT MY BABY-01 DON & THE GOODTIMES-Little Sally Tease/02 PAUL REVERE & THE RAIDERS-Oo Poo Pah Doo/03 PAUL REVERE & THE RAIDERS-Sometimes/04 THE BROTHERS & SISTERS-And I Know/05 THE HATCHET MEN-I'll Give You Love/06 THE AHTCHET MEN-I Must Be In Love/07 TERRY KNIGHT & THE PACK-Got Love/08 TERRY KNIGHT & THE PACK-Better Man Than I/09 TONY HARRIS-Super Man/10 THE KING BEES-I Want My Baby/11 THE KING BEES-Keep Lovin/12 THE MALTESE FOUR-You/13 THE MALTESE FOUR-All Of the Time/14 TC ATLANTIC-Mona/15 TC ATLANTIC-My Babe/16 THE SECOND HALF-Forever In Your World/17 THE BOUGALIEU-Let's Do Wrong/18 THE BOUGALIEU-When I Was a Chidren/19 THE 49TH PARALLEL-You Do Things/20 THE 49TH PARALLEL-Laborer/21 THE SEEDS OF REASON-I'm Your True Love/22 THE SEEDS OF REASON-Somewhere There's a Girl/23 THE KINGSMEN-Children's Caretaker/24 THE KINGSMEN-The Wolf Of Manhatten/25 KIT & THE OUTLAWS-Don't Tread on Me/26 KIT & THE OUTLAWS-Midnight Hour/27 MARK MARKHAM & THE JESTERS-I Don't Need You/28 MARK MARKHAM & THE JESTERS-Marlboro Country/29 STEVE BLOOD-The New Young American/30 STEVE BLOOD-I'm Off To See the World/31 PRINCE & THE PAUPERS-Shoulder of A Giant/32 PRINCE & THE PAUPERS-Exit

DESCENT-01 MOGEN DAVID & THE GRAPES OF WRATH-Little Girl Gone/02 MOGEN DAVID & THE GRAPES OF WRATH-Don't Want You no More/03 THE GROUPIES-Down In the BOttom/04 THE GROUPIES-You Changed Again/05 THE COUNTS IV-Discussion of the Unorthodox Council/06 THE COUNTS IV-Spoonful/07 THE COUNTS IV-It's All Over Now Baby Blue/08 THE SOMETHING WILD-Trippin Out/09 THE SOMETHING WILD-She's Kinda Weird/10 THE SHEFFIELDS-Fool minus a Heart/11 THE SHEFFIELDS-Blowin In the Wind/12 GARY LEWIS & THE PLAYBOYS-Without a Word Of Warning/13 GARY LEWIS & THE PLAYBOYS-Save Your Heart For Me/14 GARY LEWIS & THE PLAYBOYS-Little Miss Go Go/15 GARY LEWIS & THE PLAYBOYS-Let Me In/16 THE GENTRYS-Brown Paper Sack/17 THE GENTRYS-Spread It On Thick/18 THE BARBARIANS-You've Got To Understand/19 THE BARBARIANS-Hey Little Bird/20 THE JOYS OF LIFE-Descent/21 THE JOYS OF LIFE-Good Times Are Over/22 THE TROLLS-Every Day Every Night/23 THE TROLLS-Are You the One?/24 THE TROLLS-Something Here Inside/25 THE TROLLS-Laughing All the Way/26 THE TROLLS-There Was a Time/27 THE TROLLS-They Don't Know/28 THE RUMBLES-It's My Turn To Cry/29 THE RUMBLES-Fourteen Years/30 THE NEW COLONY SIX-Let Me Love You/31 THE NEW COLONY SIX-Love You So Much/32 THE KNICKERBOCKERS-What Does That Make Me/33 THE KNICKERBOCKERS-Sweet Green Fields

So there ya have it another five discs of classic amatuerish greatness.....enjoy, as I hope you always do......as for today's Christmas bonus from the Visual Gallery of Perversion, Gary Lewis and the Playboys reminded me of a TRUE classic, each and every Playboy centerfold from the beginning fo the magazine (1953) through 2006.......sorry, don't have 2007-present, but how cool is THAT? All the celeb babes that were in there, Ana Nicole Smith (shut up I'd have done her in a New York second), Marilyn Monroe.....Barbara Shantz, the police officer from Springfield Ohio which is my home city (you would not beleive the uproar it caused back then.....and OH yes, she ws hotter than hell......in fact there have been either three or four Playmates from the general Springfield area, kind of incredible. Anyways, I think this a cool and historically significant collection, hope you enjoy it as much as I did over the years, my favorite I'll NEVER forget growing up was Liv Lindeland, she was from 1972.......oh my GOD......and to think that now she is 60-plue years old is something I care not to think about.

Until next time.

USA Garage Greats 1965-67 Part 31

It's that time of the day again, time to unveil PART 31 of this moster of a series.....you know the drill, created in 2008 by Ryp/Gyro at http://twilightzone-rideyourpony.blogspot.com/, please go there and thank them for this titantic creation. Thus far we have put up 155 discs, there are a few more yet to come, we WILL get there and then go back and fill in the Mediafire gaps for the good folks who have been patient. The original (and totally great) artwork for these discs is available, if you to Part 2 of the series, look under comments and there are download links for it, and while well worth it, you'll need to do it yourself.

Gotta couple hours until my son Grant's basketball game, he's been having a lights-out season, dominating the JV team and dressing all varsity games as a freshman. Watching him play basketball has been the greatest joy I have ever known, and I have told him so ...."Shut up, Dad!" I think was the response. Anyway GO LIONS Tonight! (ECA Lions his highs school)

HEY TIGER-01 THE GROUPIES-Primitive/02 THE GROUPIES-I'm a Hog For You Baby/03 THE SWINGIN MACHINE-Do You  Have to Ask/04 THE SWINGIN MACHINE-Comin' On Back Home/05 THE ZONE V-I Cannot Lie/06 THE ZONE V-Black Jacket Woman/07 THE ROCKERS-There's a Pain/08 THE ROCKERS-Runaway/09 THE KNAVES-The Girl I Threw Away/10 THE KNAVES-Leave Me Alone/11 THE SEEDS-Mr Farmer/12 THE SEEDS-Up in Her Room/13 THE TOPSY TURBYS-Hey Tiger/14 THE TOPSY TURBYS-Snake Woman/15 THE CASUALS INCORPORATED-I Realize/16 THE CASUALS INCORPORATED-Move Over/17 THE ROMANCERS-She Took My Oldsmobile/18 SID HERRING & THE GANTS-Another Chance/19 SID HERRING & THE GANTS-Whats Your Name/20 THE SOUNDS UNREAL-Scene of the Crime/21 THE SOUNDS UNREAL-On and On/22 THE THIRD BARDO-I'm Five Years Ahead  of My Time/23 THE THIRD BARDO-My Rainbow Life/24 THE REMAINS-But I Ain't Got You/25 THE REMAINS-I Can't Get Away From You/26 THE MOVING SIDEWALKS-Every Night a New Surprise/27 THE CLEFS OF LAVENDER HILL-So I'll Try/28 THE CLEFS OF LAVENDER HILL-One More Time/29 THE BLUES MAGOOS-Pipe Dream/30 THE NIGHT MIST-Last Night/31 CAESAR & HIS ROMANS-Black Lantern

SHE'S LEAVING-01 THE DERONS-It's OK/02 THE MORNING DEW-No More/03 THE MORNING DEW-Look At Me Now/04 THE TWILITERS-Move It/05 THE TWILITERS-The Girl From Liverpool/06 THE DAGENITES-I'm Long Gone/07 THE DAGENITES-Now That Summers Gone/08 THE DAGENITES-The Fugitives/09 THE MOGULS-Ski Bum/10 THE MOGULS-Try Me/11 THE HOUSE OF COMMONS-Til Tomorrow/12 SIR MICHAEL & THE SOUNDS-Can You/13 SIR MICHAEL & THE SOUNDS-Love Your Fellow Man/14 THE IGUANA-Leaving You Baby/15 THE IGUANA-Black Suit/16 THE GRIM REAPER-Twelfth Night/17 THE GRIM REAPER-I Don't Beleive You/18 THE OXXFORD FIVE-The World I've Planned/19 THE OXFORD FIVE-Out Of Love/20 THE DEEP SIX-Last Time Around/21 THE DEEP SIX-One and One/22 THE SOMETHING ELSE-I Can't Beleive/23 THE SOMETHING ELSE-Let Me Say now Love/24 THE POSSUMS-She's Loving Me/25 THE POSSUMS-She's Loving Me/26 THE ROGUES-I Don't Need You/27 THE SHADOWS-She's Like That/28 THE SHADOWS-Tell Me/29 THE NATURALS-Long Lost Love/30 THE NATURALS-The Hook 1965

PUT YOU DOWN-01 THE WET PAINT-Shame/02 THE WET PAINT-At The River's Edge/03 THE ROGUES-Put You Down/04 THE GT'S-Put You Down (Perfection Rock)/05 THE GT'S-Dog/06 THE GRAINS OF TIME-Ths Little Girl/07 THE GRAINS OF TIME-No Matter What They Say/08 THE MAURAUDERS-Lovin/09 THE MARAUDERS-Nightmare/10 THE CONTINETALS-Take Me/11 THE CONTINENTALS-She Wants You/12 THE OUTSIDERS-Shes Coming On Stronger/13 THE OUTSIDERS-Just Let Me Be In/14 KENNY & THE KASUALS-Nothin Better To Do/15 THE ETHICS-It's OK/16 THE ETHICS-She's a Deceiver/17 THE BARRACUDAS-It's High Time/18 THE SAVAGES-The BEst Thing You Ever Had/19 THE SAVAGES-Cheating On Me/20 THE RESUMES-I Ain't Gonna Eat Out My Heart Anymore/21 THE THOMAS GROUP-I've Got No More To Say/22 THE THOMAS GROUP-Then It Begins/23 THE RESUMES-One Day/24 THE BARRACUDAS-Realize/25 THE OUTCASTS-Run Away/26 6 TICKETS TO SHANGRI-LA-Lonely People/27 6 TICKETS TO SHAGRI LA-Lonely People/28 THE SAINTS-Girl Forgive Me/29 THE SAINTS-Don't Make ME Wait Around/30 THE GLASS KANS-Stick With Her/31 THE GLASS KANS-Box Car/32 DONNY & THE MOD MEN-Get Out of My Room Intruder

SURPRISE LOVE-01 THE ARGYLES-Farmer John/02 THE ARGYLES-White Lightning/03 THE ARKAY IV-Surprise Love/04 THE ARKAY IV-Another Way/05 THE BASIC THINGS-You're Still Dreaming/06 THE BAY RIDGE-I Can't Get Her Out of My Mind/07 THE BAY RIDGE-Backtrack/08 THE BAY RIDGE-Without You/09 THE BAY RIDGE-I Will Wait/10 THE BLUE THINGS-Pretty Thing Oh/11 THE BLUE THINGS-Just Two Days Ago/12 THE BLUE THINGS-Somebody Help Me/13 THE BLUE THINGS-Yes My Friend/14 BOB AND GAYLON-Don't Go In MY Room Girl/15 THE BRIKS-I'm Losing/16 THE BRIKS-It's Your Choice/17 THE CLIQUE-Gotta Get Away/18 THE FOURMOST AUTHORITY-Dance Dance/19 THE FOURMOST AUTHORITY-Left Hand Lawyer/20 THE HOLIDAYS-Little Miss Hurt/21 JACK EELY & THE COURTMEN-Louie Louie '66/22 JACK EELY & THE COURTMEN-Davids Mood/23 KEITH EVERETT-Light Bulb/24 KEITH EVERETT-The Chant/25 THE MYDDLE CLASS-Gates of Eden/26 THE  MYDDLE CLASS-Free As the Wind/27 THE MYDDLE CLASS-I Happen To Love You/28 THE MYDDLE CLASS-Don't Let Me Sleep Too Long/29 THE SOUL VENDORS-Get Out of My Eye/30 THE SOUL VENDORS-Shake a Tail Feather/31 THE TR-4-Never Too Young/32 THE TR-4-Let It Be Known

NIGHT AFTER NIGHT-01 THE BERKELEY FIVE-You're Gonna Cry/02 THE BERKELY FIVE-In the Midnight Hour/03 THE BREAKERS-Don't  Send Me No Flowers/04 THE COURT JESTERS-Drive Me Crazy/05 THE CRYSTAL REVELATION-Life/06 THE EARLY AMERICANS-Night After Night/07 THE EARLY AMERICANS-It's So Cold Outside/08 THE GENTLEMEN-You Cna't Be True/09 GEORGE WASWHINGTON & THE CHERRY BOMBS-Brother Ward/10 GEORGE WASHINGTON & THE CHERRY BOMBS-Don't You just Know It/11 THE GOODIES GALORE-Selfish Confusion/12 THE GREEK FOUNDATIONS-Buy You A Chevrolet/13 THE HYPERIONS-The Truth Never Hurts/14 THE JET CITY FIVE-Do YoU Wonder/15 JOHN FRED & HIS PLAYBOY BAND-Little Dum Dum/16 THE MAGIC MUSHROOMS-It's a Happening/17 THE MAGIC MUSHROOMS-Never More/18 THE MALIBUS-I Want You To Know/19 THE MALIBUS-I've Gotta Go/20 THE NEW FUGITIVES-That's Queer/21 THE NEW FUGITIVES-She's My Baby/22 THE PASTELS-Circuit Breaker/23 THE PIGGY BANK-Thoughts Of You/24 THE PROMARKS-I Want You To Know/25 RED SHEPARD & THE FLOCK-She's a Grabber/26 RICK LANE & THE PEOPLE-Love Me Baby/27 ROGER BIMINGHOF-Over My Head/28 THE SECOND HAND BITTTER SWEET-Please Don't Go/29 THE SIX PENTS-Your Girl Too/30 THE TIDAL WAVES-(Action) Speaks Louder Than Words/31 THE WEAVILS-Here I Am In Love Again/32 THE WHATS LEFT-Girl Said No

Almost forgot a Christmas present from the Visual Gallery of Perversions.....cool one tonight, a collection entitled "Celebrity OOPS!"Hundreds of cool slips of your favorite celebs in their natural habitat, while, say accidentally flashing a nip, or with a boob flopping out of it's holster, bending down to show some heavenly ass-crack......some of these are very sensuous/erotic, some (camel toe shots) are just funny.......there are so many I have to put em in two different files, here are a sample or two.......I DELIVER!

Below two excellent samples of Liz Phair and Vida Guerra attempting to ply me with their feminine wares.....OK, they win! Anyway, there are THOUSANDS more like these in this collection, another Christmas Bonus Gift from the Visual Galler of Perversions!


Gotta go, dinner time!

USA Garage Greats 1965-67 Part 34

Part 34. @ 5 discs per, that is 170 discs. This will be the final "five disc" post, I have a couple more to add on with "Part 35" but we are about ready to  wrap this up. AFter that, the drill will be: compile your lists of the discs that Mediafire caused to go down in flames.....send them to me via email or in the comments section.....I am going to take few days away from this for Xmas and my son's out of town basketball tourney, but before I get around to doing a "Best Atomic Bitchwax post, ever", or whatever, we will straighten out the holes in every one's collection. I advise you: PLEASE compile these lists in a timely manner...I DO NOT intend to spend a large, or even a small, portion of 2013 on USA Garage Greats....I think I have gone all out to get this great set up for everyone, if you didn't get them all I will help you BUT WORK WITH ME. PLEASE DO NOT contact me in April saying you missed this disc or that disc. Frankly, I don't (won't) care.....I plan on giving EVERYONE a fair shot at the full colection, but once they are gone, they will be gone, it will be a LOOOOONG time before I wish to think about them again.

OK as I write this it is Friday evening.....December 21, the world was supposed to end today, I could have told you it wouldn't.....why?....because i NEVER have that much luck. It is snowy, miserable, windy in Ohio...my son's basketball game was cancelled after we drove clear out there.....anyway, I don't know what day you will SEE this....maybe Xmas? If so, Merry Xmas, hope you have been enjoying the Christmas gifts from the Visual Gallery of Perversions (download numbers indicate they are NOT popular, ya prudes!).....PLEASE begin compiling those lists of discs you need. NOW, TODAY, whatever day it is.....this is how I want this to work. If you come crying to me in July that you are missing one, I am going to make fun of you mercilessly, and you don't want that. Get on it NOW so we can ALL be on equal footing with this fine set.

Okee, just popped open another cold Michelob Ultra, and for the next-to-last time I will tell you that this set was created by Ryp and Gyro of  http://twilightzone-rideyourpony.blogspot.com/, it is a wonderfully great blog, please go there and check it out and thank them for the creation of this fine set, best of all time.....wonderful artwork is ALSO available, go to Part 2 of this series and look under "Comments" for the download links.

Part 34.....unbelievable.

SINCE I MET YOU-01 THE SHADES OF DARKNESS-She Ain't Worth All That/02 THE GANTS-(You Can't Blow) Smoke Rings/03 THE GANTS-Little Boy Sad/04 THE MARAUDERS-Since I Met You/05 THE MARAUDERS-I Don't Know How/06 THE HUMAN BEINGS-Ain't That Lovin You Baby/07 THE HUMAN BEINGS-Because I Love Her/08 PETER & THE RABBITS-Someone I've Got My Eyes On/09 THE BERRIES-Baby That's All/10 THE BERRIES-I've Been Looking/11 THE MOTIFS-Telling Lies/12 THE MOTIFS-Someday/13 THE REASONS WHY-Why Pack Up/14 THE REASONS WHY-Games/15 THE REASONS WHY-Try and See Me/16 THE REASONS WHY-Tell Her One More Time/17 THE ROCKIN REBELLIONS-By My Side/18 THE ROCKIN REBELLIONS-Run For Your Life/19 THE STRATFORDS-Throw Stones/20 THE STRATFORDS-Where Is She Now/21 THE PIGEONS-Stick In My Corner Baby/22 THE MARQUIS-Broken Mirror/23 THE SKEPTICS-Unknown/24 THE LINCOLN ST. EXIT-Paper Place/25 THE LINCOLN ST EXIT-Who's Been Driving My Little Yellow Taxi Cab/26 THE LINCOLN ST EXIT-Unknown /27 THE LINCOLN ST EXIT-Sunny Sunday Dream/28 THE BEAGLOES-All I Need Is You/29 THE BRIMSTONES-It's All Over But the Crying/30 THE BRIMSTONES-What is This Life?/31 THEW SKEPTICS-I'm Lonely Again

MR ZEPPELIN MAN-01 THE TRIUMPHS-Surfside Date/02 TOMMY BOYCE-Let's Go Where the Action Is/03 THE FIVE SOUNDS-Miss Ann/04 THE FIVE SOUNDS-Peanut Butter/05 THE FIVE SOUNDS-Loadin Coal/06 THE DEACONS-Baldie Stomp/07 THE DEACONS-The Baldie Beat/08 THE MCCOYS-Say Those Magic Words/09 THE MCCOYS-I Wonder if She Remembers Me/10 THE FIVE AMERICANS-Good Times/11 THE CRITTERS-No One But You/12 THE CRITTERS-I'm Telling Everyone/13 NICK D'ANGELO FARMERS-Mr Zeppelin Man/14 THE AMGIC MUSHROOMS-Never Let Go/ 15 THE CHOIR-No One Here To Play With/16 THE CHOIR-Don't You Feel a Little Sorry For Me/17 THE COLORING BOOK-You Make Me Feel So GOod/18 THE COLRING BOOK-Smokestack Lightning/19 GEORGE EDWARDS-Never Mind, I'm Freezing/20 GEORGE EDWARDS-Norwegian Wood/21 THE NIGHT OWLS-Acxt Your Age/22 THE VEJATABLES-Anything/23 THE VEJATABLES-I Still Love You/24 THE WANDERERS FIVE-Treat Me Right/25 THE WANDERERS FIVE-She Was Good To Me/26 MICHEL POLNAREFF-Time Will Tell/27 MICHEL POLNAREFF-You'll Be On My Mind/28 THE FLOYD DAKIL COMBO-Dance Franny Dance/29 THE FLOYD DAKIL COMBO-Look What You've Gone and Done/30 THE FLOYD DAKIL FOUR-Kitty Kitty/31 THE FLOYD DAKIL FOUR-It Takes a Lot of Hurt

YOU TAKE ME FOR RIDES-01 SIR RALEIGH & THE CUPONS-Tomorrow's Gonna Be Another Day/02 SIR RALEIGH & THE CUPONS-Whitcomb Street/03 THE FANTASTIC EMANONS-Duh/04 THE US FOUR-The Alligator/05 THE US FOUR-By My Side/06 THE CHERRY SLUSH-I Cannot Stop You/07 THE CHERRY SLUSH-Don't Walk Away/08 THE SEVENTH CINDERS-You Take Me For Rides/09 THE SEVENTH CINDERS-One Day (You'll Want Me)/10 THE MOON RAKERS-I'm Alright/11 THE MOON RAKERS-Come On Lets Move/12 THE MOONRAKERS-Baby Please Don't Go/13 THE MOON RAKERS-I Don't Beleive/14 THE MOON RAKERS-I Was Wrong/15 THE MOON RAKERS-You'll Come Back/16 THE UGLY DUCKLINGS-She Ain't No Use To Me/17 THE UGLY DUCKLINGS-10:30 Train/18 BLUES PROJECT-I Want to Be Your Driver/19 BLUES PROJECT-Catch the Wind/20 BLUES PROJECT-No Time Like the Right Time/21 BLUES PROJECT-Steve's Song/22 THE BRIGANDS (Would I Still Be) her Big Man/23 THE "YOU KNOW WHO" GROUP-My Love (Roses are Red)/24 THE "YOU KNOW WHO" GROUP-Playboy/25 THE BLUES MAGOOS-So I'm Wrong And You Are Right/26 THE BLUES MAGOOS-The People Had No Faces/27 THE DECADES-C'mon Pretty Baby/28 THE DECADES-Strange Worlds/29 THE FE FI FOUR PLUS 2-Mr Sweet Stuff/30 THE FE FI FOUR PLUS 2-Pick Up YOur Head/31 THE BUCKINGHAMS-I've Been Wrong/32 THE BUCKINGHAMS-Love Ain't Enough

TAKE A BITE OF LIFE-01 THE GRAVEN IMAGE-Take a Bite of Life./02 THE GRAVEN IMAGE-I Would But I Could/03 THE TIKIS-Pay Attention To Me/04 THE TIKIS-If I've Been Dreaming/05 THE CHARTBUSTERS-Why/06 THE CHARTBUSTERS-Stop the Music/07 THE CHARTBUSTERS-Shes The One/08 THE CHARTBUSTERS-Slippin Through Your Fingers/09 THE CHARTBUSTERS-Breakin In My Heart/10 THE CHARTBUSTERS-Can't You Hear Me Callin/11 THE SHAKERS-Break It All/12 THE SHAKERS-Ticket To Ride/13 LINDY BLASKEY & THE LAVELLES-Sweets For My Sweet/14 LINDY BLAKESY & THE LAVELLES-Movin Away/15 LINDY BLAKESY & THE LAVELLES-My Baby Done Left Me/16 LINDY BAKSKEY & THE LAVELLES-I'll Get Along Somehow/.17 LINDY BLASKEY & THE LAVELLES-You AIn't Tuff/18 LINDY BLAKESY & THE LAVELLES-Let It Be/19 THE RECALLS-Nobodys Guy/20 THE RECALLS-Reesie/21 THE BOYS BLUE-You Got What I Want/22 THE BOYS BLUE-Take a Heart/23 THE CHATEAUS-Count On Me/24 THE CHATEAUS-Summer Has Come and GOne/25 THE CHASERS-I'm Sure/26 THE CHASERS-You Can't Buy Love/27 ROBIN & THE THREE HOODS-That's Tuff/28 ROBIN & THE THREE HOODS-I Wanna Do It/29 THE STATESMEN-Stick WIth me Baby/30 THE STATESMEN-Stop and Get a Ticket/31 KENNY SHANE-Earth Shakin Baby/32 KENNY SHANE-Run To Me/33 THE ROCK GARDEN-You Got Me Signed

I'LL SELL MY SOUL-01 THE NEW COLONY SIX-At The Rivers Edge/02 THE NEW COLONY SIX-I Lie Awaker/03 THE BOWS AND ARROWS-You Know What You Can Do/04 THE BOWS AND ARROWS- Don't Believe You (She ACts Like We Have Never Met)/05 NEAL FORD & THE FANATICS-Don't Tie Me Down/06 NEAL FORD & THE FANATICS-Bitter Bells/07 BLUE-Sad Bout Us/08 BLUE-Anything For You/09 THE BRITISH WALKERS-The Girl Can't Help It/10 JOEY PAIGE-Goes TO Show/11 JOEY PAIGE-That Don't Mean/12 THE UGLY DUCKLINGS-Nothin/13 THE UGLY DUCKLINGS-I Can Tell/14 THE ECHOES OF CARNABY STREET-Baby Doesn't Know/15 THE ECHOES OF CARNABY STREET -No Place Or Time/16 MIKE ALEXANDER & THE VISIONS-Your Day Has Come/17 MIKE ALEXANDER & THE VISIONS/18 HOYT AXTON-Double Double Dare/19 THE ALLIES-I'll Sell My Soul/20 THE ALLIES-Burning Allies/21 THE FINESTUFF-Big Brother/22 THE FINESTUFF-I Want You/23 THE STRIDERS-Say You love Me/24 THE STRIDERS-Give Me a Break/25 THE STRIDERS-There's a Storm Comin'/26 THE STRIDERS-Am I On Your Mind/27 THE URBAN ROOTS-You Make My Heart Ring/28 THE URBAN ROOTS-I'm Your Hootchie Cootchie Man/29 THE MARK FOUR-Forget It Baby/30 THE MARK FOUR-Go Way Now/31 VINNIE BASILE-Gypsy Girl/32 VINNIE BASILE-Girl

I guess for tonight's Christmas present from the Visual Gallery of Perversion, since it is Christmas, I will present a RELIGIOUS themed presentation.....my complete set of pics of the ultimate Goddess Drew Barrymore....Yes, I know a lot of them are repeated....know what I say? So FUCKING WHAT?!? Drew I love you, worship you, and as long as I have a face, you will never, ever lack for a place to sit.


For reasons unknown to me, when I published Part 32, it was placed by Blogger as though it came out before part 30 and 31......in other words, you must scroll down PAST 30 and 31 to get to 32.....do not know why, and frankly, you know......I am not going to lose sleep over "fixing it", JUST SCROLL DOWN. You have been fairly notified. If you tell me that I "forgot" it or something when I post Part #33, you will look foolish, and I will deliberatly MAKE you look MORE foolish.

The END of Garage Greats (I think)

Unless I missed one or two on my shelves (I will double check) the "USA" sets are complete.....what we have left are two discs which were a sort of supplement to the "USA" sets...."Awesome Aussie and Kiwi Krushers, International Garage Greast 1965-67", and "Down Under, Up Above, and In-Between, International Garage Greats 1965-67".....fine companion pieces to the other 170 discs. As I said I DO NOT think I missed any of the USA sets, if I did we will add them when we are cleaning up the mess made by Mediafire and fill in the gaps in you guys collections.....IF YOU MISSED, OR COULD NOT GET, certain discs.....BEGIN COMPILING A LIST NOW, but DO NOT POST IT until I ASK YOU FOR IT. It is Christmas week PLUS my son has an out-of-town basketball tournament this weekend, I do not plan on hitting this blog hard at ALL this holiday week.....AS SOON as I feel like it, I will ask my faithful minions to TELL ME WHICH DISCS they are missing and I will re-up them. I Want everyone that wanted this whole set to have it. BUT, I am NOT planning on dicking around with this forever. After I have decided ample time has passed, you will just be SOL.....I have invested a BUNCH of my time and effort in this, it's been a monumental pain in the ass with problems with Mediafire (on the download end) as well as Zippyshare (On the upload end)......pain in the ass, BUT worth it, I know how much I loved this set when it first came out, and I am sure others feel the same way five years later. BUT, enough is enough.....I want to get around to some cool stoner sounds, some 1990's grunge, some 1970's punk, frankly ANYTHING but these garage greats (and GREATS they are).....

I guess I may as well say this for the final time: This series was the brainchild of Ryp and Gyro of
http://twilightzone-rideyourpony.blogspot.com/, it is a very fine blog, much better than, say, this one.....those guys did the world a huge favor back in 2008, I am just attempting to repay their extreme dedication and hard work a bit, and provide these long gone download links for the folks who missed them the first time.....also I will say for (I hope) the final time that fantastic (it really is) artwork is available for all these discs, if you want it go WAY back to part 2 of the series, check under "Comments" and the download links will be there.

I have promised that I will (within reason) help you guys to get ALL of the discs, and I will stay true to my word, if you missed some of them, follow the instructions above and in the coming couple weeks we will take care of ya. I want to thank everyone who has commented, everyone who has downloaded (incredibly high numbers, never would have dreamed), I want, especially to thank Ryp and Gyro for this great set and for granting their permission for my bringing this fantastic collection back to life.....and I want to thank Drew Barrymore, just for being Drew Barrymore.

Honest to God, I don't know when I'll be back on here next......Christmas and basketball come even ahead of you slugs. When I resume, please have your lists of missing discs ready to go and we will spend as many days as need be to get them back up. Please do not be a pain in the ass about this, I don't think it is much to ask that you organize your lists and present them, so I can GET THIS THING OVER WITH. I don't know what day you will be seeing this, if after Christmas I hope ya had a good one, if before I hope you DO have a good one, and I wish for everyone a safe, happy, glorious new year 2013, and I really mean that.....if we all give just a TINY bit of ourselves to help each other out, we really CAN make the world a better place in which to live.....NO ONE else is going to do it for us, we have to do it. And we can. Just do ONE random act of kindness, JUST ONE, and NEVER, EVER take credit for it.....if we all do this, just say, TWICE A YEAR, think of how much better a place we can make the world. Give this some thought.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year......might as well throw up one final Christmas (or post-Christmas as the case may be) bonus non-musical post from the Visual Gallery of Perversion.....I think we will go with a collection of Christina Aguillera, I would personally chew through the crotch  of her jeans to get to her, she has a wonderful, tight little ass, and as a bonus she looks like a REAL BITCH (which is something I like, and coming from me is quite a compliment.)

AWESOM AUSSIE AND KIWI KRUSHERS-01 THE MISSING LINKS-You're Driving Me Insane/02 STEVE & THE BOARD-Now I'm Older/03 THE LOST SOULS-This Life of Mine/04 THE D-COYS-Bad Tims/05 THE FOUR STRANGERS-Sad And Lonely/06 DEREK'S ACCENT-Ain't Got No Feeling/07 THE BLUESTARS-Social End Product/08 THE MORLOCH-It's Time You Realized/09 THE ELOIS-By My Side/10 TONI MCCANN W/THE BLUE JAYS-No/11 BILLY ADAMS-Alone/12 FABULOUS BLUE JAYS-I'll Make You Cry Too/13 BABBY JAMES & THE VIBRANTS-So I've Learned/14 THE CLIQUE-Stop Look Listen/15 THE SMOKE-No More Now/16 THE OTHER ENDS-Come On Baby/17 THE MOODS-Rum Drunk/18 THE BLACK DIAMONDS-I Want, Need, Love You/19 THE BLUE BEATS-She's Coming Home/20 THE ATLANTICS-Come On/21 THE D-COYS-You're Against/22 THE HERGS-Style of Love/23 THE MISSING LINKS-Wild About You/24 THE LIBRETTOS-She's a Go Go/25 THE CREATURES-Ugly Thing/26 THE SUNSETS-I Want Love/27 THE SMOKE-Never Trust Another Woman/28 THE MARKSMEN-Moonshine/29 THE PLEAZERS-Hurtin All Over/30 THE MARKSMEN-But Why/31 THE CHANTS-I'm Your Witchdoctor/32 THE IN-SECT-I Can See My Love

DOWN UNDER, UP ABOVE, AND IN BETWEEN-01 THE MASTERS APPRENTICES-Wars or Hands of Time/02 THORS HAMMER-I Don't Care/03 ST JOHN & CREW-I'm a Man/04 THE SMOKE-Control Your Love/05 THORS HAMMER-The Big Beat Country Dance/06 THE SHAKEMAKERS-Searching For Shake/07 THE BLACK DIAMONDS-See the Way/08 THORS HAMMER-My Life/09 JOHNNY KENDALL & THE HERALDS-Girl/10 THE HOUSE OF NIMROD-Slightly-delic/11 THORS HAMMER-Better Day/12 THE DYNAMITES-Don't Leave Me Behind/13 THE MASTERS APPRENTICES-Undecided/14 THORS HAMMER-If You Knew/15 THE SLAVES-Panic/16 THE BLACK DIAMONDS-Not This Time/17 CUBY & THE BLIZZARDS-Stumble and Fall/18 THE LOVED ONES-The Loved One/19 THE DAYAKS-So Long Sad Sack/20 BARRINGTON DAVIS-Raining Teardrops/21 THE SELFKICK-Gosh! I'm Your Woman Not Your Life/22 HUGO-Hey! Watch Out/23 THE WIZARDS-See You Tonight/24 THE TOL-PUDDLE MARTYRS-Time Has Come/25 CUBY & THE BLIZZARDS-Your Body Not Your Soul/26 THE MORLOCH-I'm Feeling Sad/27 THE RANGER SOUND-Ricordami/28 TONI MCCANN-Saturday Date/29 THE GOLDEN EAR-RINGS-That Day/30 THE TOL-PUDDLE MARTYRS-Social Cell

Thank you all. Talk to you soon.

USA Garage Greats1965-67 Part 33

33.....The number of the great Larry Bird, never in all my years as a sports fan did I enjoy watching the play of one individual more (Adrian Peterson's career with the addition of his amazing 2012 season makes it close). And 33 means we are at 165 discs of this tremendous set, and can see the light. It's Thursday afternoon, December 20, as I write this, unsure when you'll see it exactly, but, as I try to ask on Thursdays, make certain and watch the hilarious "It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia" on Thusday nights (10:00 PM on FX)......I may double up on the posts a couple days to get done before Xmas, and (this is important), once I get the whole set done, I AM GOING TO TAKE A FEW DAYS OFF.....AND THEN we will recapture the discs Mediafire denied some of you. Couple reasons....my son plays in an out of town basketball tournament late Christmas week, I can REALLY use a few days off from this, and it will give you guys time to compile lists of any of the set that needs re-upped. And I suggest you DO IT, too, because come March or something I DO NO plan on entertaining requests for them.....you will be given EVERY opportunity to get the full set, I promise, but it WILL be on my schedule....I am itching to get to some other things.

By now you are aware that this set is the brainchild of Ryp/Gyro at http://twilightzone-rideyourpony.blogspot.com/, they created these in 2008 and I am simply wanting to share them with anyone who missed them the first time....please go to  http://twilightzone-rideyourpony.blogspot.com/ and thank THOSE guys for originating these, they are the true genius behind them....also if you waaaaay back to "part 2" of the series, under comments, you will find download links for the tremendous artwork that originally came with each set. Enjoy.

Okay, here we go, FIVE MORE discs of greatness......hope ya like em

LITTLE BAD NEWS-01 THE TWEEDS-We Got Time/02 THE TIARAS-Sticks and Stones/03 THE TREES-Don't Miss the Turn/04 THE TREES-Your Life/05 THE CHAPS-Tell Me/06 THE CHAPS-Forget Me/07 THE WARLOCKS-I'll Go Crazy/08 THE WARLOCKS-Temper Tantrum/09 THE CHANGING TYMES-Go Your Way/10THE CHANGING TYMES-She Laughed At Me/11 THE CHANGING TYMES-The Only Girl I Love/12 THE CHANGING TYMES-Parody of A Love/13 THE CHANGING TYMES-Try A Whole Lot Harder/14 THE CHANGING TYMES-You Make It Hard/15 THE CHAIN REACTION-When I Needed You/16 THE SCOUNDRELS-Easy/17 THE SCOUNDRELS-The Scoundrel/18 THE SCOUNDRELS-Up There/19 THE UGLY DUCKLINGS-Just In Case You Wonder/20 THE UGLY DUCKLINGS-That's Just a Thought I Had In  My Mind/21 THE BOSTWEEDS-Little Bad News/22 THE BOSTWEEDS-Simple Man/23 BOO BOO & BUNKY-This Old Town/24 BOO BOO & BUNKY-Turn Around/25 THE INTRUDERS-I'll Go On/26 THE INTRUDERS-That's The Way/27 THE BLUES MAGOOS-Pipe Dream/28 THE BLUES MAGOOS-There's a Chance We Can Make It/29 THE BECKETT QUINTETT-No Correspondence/30 THE BECKETT QUINTETT-(It's All Over Now) Baby Blue/31 THE DENIMS-I'm Your Man/32 THE DENIMS-Ya Ya

DON'T PRETEND-01 THE NEW BREED-Want Ad Reader/02 THE TEEN BEATS-I Guess That's Why You're Mine/03 THE CORPORATE IMAGE-I'm Not the Same/04 THE CORPORATE IMAGE-Not Face Away/05 THE UNDERDOGS-Judy Be Mine (Friday at the Hideout)/06 THE UNDERDOGS-The Man In the Glass/07 THE UNDERDOGS-Don't Pretend/08 THE UNDERDOGS-Little Girl/09 THE UNDERDOGS-Surprise Surprise/10 THE UNDERDOGS-Get Down On Your Knees/111 THE UNDERDOGS-Loves Gone Bad/12 THE INVASION-Do You Like What You See/13 THE INVASION-The Wind Keeps On BLowing/14 THE CONTINETAL CO-ETS-I Don't Love You No More/15 THE LIVERBIRDS-Diddley Daddy/16 THE LIVERBIRDS-Why Do You hang Around Me/17 THE NOVA LOCAL-Games/18 THE NOVA LOCAL-If You Only had the Time/19 THE CRYAN SHAMES-Ben Franklins Almanac/20 THE CRYAN SHAMES-Sugar and Spice/21 THE KNICKERBOCKERS-Stick With me/22 THE KNICKERBOCKERS-High On Love/23 OPPOSITE SIX-I'll Be Gone/24 THE OPPOSITE SIX-Why Did You Lie/25 OGNIR & THE NITE PEOPLE-I Found a New Love/26 LARRY & THE LOAFERS-Let's Go to the Beach/27 THE SULTANS FIVE-You Know You Know/28 THE SULTANS FIVE-Calico/29 THE OLIVERS-I Saw What You Did/30 THE OLIVERS-BLeeker Street/31 THE ONE WAY STREET-I See the Light/32 THE ONE WAY STREET-Tears In My Eyes/33 THE CHANCELLORS-Route 66

LOVE SPECIAL DELIVER-01 SIR DOUGLAS QUINTET-Love Don't Treat Me Fair/02 THE RON-DELLS-Lose Your Money/03 THE RON-DELLS-Picture of You/04 THE ROOSTERS-One of Thsese Days/05 THE ROOSTERS-You Gotta Run/06 FREDDIE MILANDER-Charmaine/07 IAN & THE ZODIACS-Good Morning Little Schoolgirl/08 THE OUTSIDERS-What Makes You So Bad?/09 MATTHEW MOORE PLUS FOUR-Codine/10 THE PRIME MOVER-When You Made Love To Me/11 THE PRETTY THINGS-A Houes in the Country/12 THE PRETTY THINGS-Progress/13 FREDDY CANNON-Cincinnati Woman/14 THE PACK-Next To Your Fire/15 FOUR JUST MEN-Things Will Never Be the Same/16 FOUR JUST MEN-That's My Baby/17 THE PALACE GUARD-Falling Sugar/18 THE PALACE GUARD-Oh BLue (The Way I Feel Tonight)/19 THE IMPROPER BOSTONIANS-Set You Free This Time/20 THE IMPROPER BOSTONIANS-Still Love You/21 THE IMPROPER BOSTONIANS-How Many Tears/22 MATTHEW MOORE PLUS FOUR-You've Never Loved Before/23 MOTHERS WORRY-Where's My Mind/24 THE MARAUDERS-Since I Met You/25 THE MARAUDERS-I Don't Know How/26 THE CLEAR LIGHTS-She's Ready To Be Free/27 THE CLEAR LIGHT-Black Roses/28 THE FIRE ESCAPE-Love Special Delivery/29 HUMPHREY & THE PALOOKAS-Careless Love/30 SIR DOUGLAS QUINTET-In Time/31 THE FRONT PAGE NEWS-You Better Behave/32 THE FRONT PAGE NEWS-Thoughts/33 THE GRASS-I'm Getting Tired

WE GOT SOME-01 ROCKY & THE VISIONS-Good Good LOvin/02 ROCKY & THE VISIONS-I'll Go Crazy/03 THE EXPRESSMEN-Shake a Tail Feather/04 THE PEEPS-Now is the Time/05 THE PEEPS-Got Penty of  Love/06 MARK & THE ESCORTS-Get Your Baby/07 THE UP STAIRS-Operator Please/08 THE RATIONALS-Not Like It Is/09 THE RATIONALS-Leavin Here/10 THE DISTANT SOUND-It Reminds Me/11 THE SHEEP-Hide ANd Seek/12 THE SHEEP-Twelve Months Later/13 THE LINCOLNS-Pop Kat/14 THE LINCOLNS-We Got Some/15 THE WILDWEEDS-No Good To Cry/16 MIKE EVANS-Gruesome/17 THE ELECTRIC PRUNES-You've Never Had It Better/18 THE CHALLENGERS-Moon, Send My Baby/19 THE HEATHENS-The Other Way Around/20 THE HEATHENS-Problems/21 THE RIVIERAS-Let's Have a Party/22 THE SHEEP-I Feel Good/23 THE 49TH PARALLEL-You Do Things/24 THE 49TH PARALLEL-Laborer/25 SOCIETYS CHILDREN-Mr Genie Man/26 SOCIETYS CHILDREN-Slippin Away/27 THE INTERNS-Just Like Me/28 THE RIOT SQUAD-Gonna Make You mine/29 THE RACKETS-Mr Soul/30 THE RACKETS-She's Got It/31 THE TRENDSETTERS LIMITED-Hello Josephine/32 THE LOLLIPOPS-Words Aint Enough

NO GOOD WOMAN-THE HYSTERICAL SOCIETY-I Know/02 THE HYSTERICAL SOCIETY-Come With me/03 THE JAGUARS-It's Gonna Be Alright/04 JOE FRANK & THE KNIGHTS-Can't Find a Way/05 JOE FRANK & THE KNIGHTS-Won't You Come On Home/06 THE COMBENASHUNS-What'cha Gonna Do/07 THE TRACERS-Watch me/08 THE TRACERS-She Said Yeah/09 THE ERA OF SOUND-Girl In the Mini Skirt/10 THE ERA OF SOUND-Stay With me/11 THE TREE-No Good Woman/12 THE TREE-Man From Nowhere/13 SCOTT BEDFORD FOUR-You Turned Your Back On Me/14 THE SCOTT BEDFORD FOUR-Manhattan Angel/15 THE DUTCH MASTERS-Burnin Up the Wires/16 THE SOUNDS UNLIMITED-Nobody But You/17 THE SOUNDS UNLIMITED-Why Doesn't She Beleive Me/18 THE DELIGHTS-Long Green/19 THE DELIGHTS-Find Me A Woman/20 THE SHAPES OF THINGS-So Mystifying/21 THE MINIMUM DAILY REQUIREMENTS-I'm Grounded/22 THE UNKNOWN IV-All of the Time/23 THE UNKNOWN IV-I Want You To Be Mine/24 THE NEW COLONY SIX-Cadillac/25 THE NEW COLONY SIX-Sunshine/26 THE JESTERS IV-She Lied/27 THE JESTERS IV-(Bye Bye Bye Bye) So Long/28 KIRBY ST ROMAN-Oh Baby Doll/29 TONY VIC & MANUEL-Go-Go Watusi/30 TONY VIC & MANUEL-La La Cucaracha (The Roach) (reprise)/31 THE JUDGE  N THE JURY-Roaches/32 THE COMBENASHUNS-Hey! Uncle Sam

Today's bonus Christmas present from the Visual Gallery of Perversion, features a very large set of pictures of Madonna.....now, while Madonna and myself fall upon different ends of the musical spectrum (to say the VERY least), that does NOT mean that I sure as hell wouldn't bang the hell out of it......Lots of very provocative stuff from her legendary book "Sex", tons of black and whites, obviously all birthed from a sick, sick, mind......much the kind I can get in sync with. Besides all that she has aged REALLY well (never thought of her as especially hot back in the  "Material Girl" days, but as she has entered her 40's and exposed herself as the freak she is, well, anytime she wants to go at it, I am all about it.) As long as I don't have to listen to any of her shitty music.

Bon apetite!

About Part #34

Again, I don't know what I'm doing wrong but work with me here.....for some reason Part #34 published "out of sequence" the same as part #32 did......good thing this didn't start happening until now or the whold thing would have become a bigger mess than it did, but if you simply SCROLL DOWN you will fine Part #34......it is simply on the page AFTER Part #33.....I could probably fix it but I'm not sure how, without deleting the whole thing and I really don't want to do that, so just please scroll down and the links will be in the comments section, the same as they always are.

With a bit of luck and cooperation from Zippyshare I will get this whole thing DONE today, there is only ONE more part after this, and it is only 2 discs.....it's been fun and I've been amazed at the response, thank you all. Merry Christmas to all of you, I'll be back SOMETIME later in the week to start filling in the gaps in your collections please START to compile your lists of your missing discs but DO NOT post them until I ask for them.....hopefully by New Years this whole thing will be 100% wrapped up, and everyone will have every disc, if they desire. So, again, BEGIN to compile your lists but PLEASE do not post them until I ask for them.....I promise everyone will have sufficient time to complete the series


Merry Christmas this is the lat post of Garage Greats.....AGAIN blogger has chose to punblish it out of order, PLEASE SCORLL DOWN for the lnks.....I have NO IDEA why it has been doing that. Merry Christmas, I'll check it peridocially today and post the links as they come......there is still one more on Pat 34 I'm havin g trouble with ("Mr Zeppelin Man"), and for this FINALE I have two discs, also a four part non-musicla bone-us for you to look out for.....I'll get em all up today somehow, then I'm gone for a while.....please comtinue to compile your list sBUT DO NOT POST THEM YET as some dimmer bulbs have already done. PLEASE wait until I ma ready. YOU WILL be taken care of I promise you.......but the final chapter is NOT labled "Part 35", it is labeled the "END OF GRAGE GREATS"......SCROLL DOWN AND FIND IT I HAVE NO DOUBLT YOU CAN DO IT, unless you are one of the people who started posting their missing discs despite my explicite request NOT to....then I am not so sure!