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The music that shaped a semi-wasted life

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  • 11/08/16--15:02: NOi!SE
  • (scott) Completely unfamiliar with this band, just giving them a first listen........they are aptly named, they rock in a punkish style, I checked their history and they have actually released a few albums.......this one is a new (2016, you know what THAT means), "The Real Enemy"'s pretty good, I think they merit further investigation........this one rocks hard, no arguing that, kind of retro late 70's American punk. It surprises me that I have never heard of them, but there ya John N sends us this one, and it sounds pretty damn good.........if John N or anyone else has more of this hard rocking band, this blog would be a perfect place for them to gain some exposure......

    from the label website:
    Pirates Press Records is coming at you hard and fast with a brand new full-length from Washington based powerhouse, NOi!SE.  True to form, “The Real Enemy” is undoubtedly going to be hailed as a timeless (musical) social commentary.  Its raucous sound, some equally profound lyrics, and a really spectacular and fitting layout, highlight what NOi!SE is all about.  Complete with riveting drums, insane bass lines, great leads, and a true verbal assault, this album reinforces that these guys really have somethingIMPORTANT to say, and a unique and powerful way to deliver it!  Bringing in some friends to help with the assault, the story gets even more colorful; with additional vocals on “SPD” by Gordy Carbone (The Forgotten/Lars & The Bastards), on “The War Inside” by The Interrupters, and on the title track, “The Real Enemy,” by Al Barr (Dropkick Murphys/The Bruisers).  With so many voices helping NOi!SE sing and scream this newINSTALLMENT of their passionate manifesto, “The Real Enemy” is bound to make waves, and turn heads.

    THE REAL ENEMY-01 Passing Time/02 Take it Back/03 Dull the Pain/04 Progress/05 SPD/06 Sea of Apathy/07 The War Inside/08 Right Through You/09 End of Days/10 The Show/11 Looking Back/12 The Real Enemy

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  • 11/08/16--15:20: Belle and Sebastian
  • (scott)-John N sends me so much great stuff I can't keep up, NOT a complaint.......this is the Belle and Sebastian Jeepster singles collection........this one I am quite familiar with, I've long been a fan of Belle and Sebastian, and this is a gem, remastered singles/EP's from the Jeepster's a good one, trust me on this.......I think MAYBE I ought to advise all to "get it quickly" if you want, just seems like the right thing to do.......but lemme tell ya WANT this.

    The JeepsterSINGLES Collection:
    Dog on Wheels (1997)
    Lazy Line Painter Jane 
    3..6..9 Seconds of Light (1997)
    This Is Just a Modern Rock Song
    Jonathan David
    I'm Waking Up to Us

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    (scott)-Brian has submitted some great stuff for us, this is a repeat, BUT it's awesome.......a great album, The Tape Beatles "The Grand Delusion".......Brian turned me on to this album, and it is fucking great......I'll let him fill you in on the details, BUT this is a great album, one you DEFINITELY wish to hear.......this is a unique, one of a kind album, and if you miss this one, you are missing out on an unknown classic.

    In honor of our tattered nation's Russian Roulette (ahem, I mean Election) Day, I wanna repost something. Back after I'd first made Big Scott's acquaintance, I discovered and then posted this album. It blew my mind then, it went over fairly well, and it's still just as appropriate...

    The Tape-Beatles are a sound/visual collective that has had sporadic releases over the years. They are from the plunderphonics school of audio collage. Imagine Negativland without the geeky smarm. And out of the three albums I've heard, this is their masterwork.

    The Grand Delusion came out in 1991, and is flavored with sentiments (and sound snippets) from that time. Reagan, Bush, Quayle...they're all over this thing. But the fact that the first gulf war is referenced, that doesn't make it less appropriate.

    This album is still deeply effective. There's all this talk today about people "changing the narrative". That's one of the points this addresses. I definitely recommend it onHEADPHONES, too.

    And for the record, I don't believe in any of your dreams. I think we've been hamstrung and sold up the river for so long, we don't know which way is up anymore. Especially as our choices are between tight-buttoned government deception on one side, and the very face of Avarice and Greed, and for me that's no choice at all. I love you all, but don't believe....for a minute.

    The Tape Beatles - The Grand Delusion

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    That they did, also in 2016, just like they did in Cuba (see previous post re: This one band)
    I wonder if anyone even showed up to see such a bunch of anonymous strangers. It is great that kids like this can get the chance for some exposure. I can't think of their name, hope you can guess it (oh MY GOD I am so fucking clever!), but you never know, these guys just might be big stars some day.

    Link found in outer space.

    DISC 1-01 Opening/02 Start Me Up/03 It's Only Rock N Roll/04 Tumbling Dice/05 Out of Control/06 Street Fighting Man/07 Wild Horses/08 Paint It Black/09 Honky Tonk Women/10 Band Intro/11 You Got the Silver/12 Before They Make Me Run/13 Midnight Rambler

    DISC 2-01 Miss You/02 Gimme Shelter/03 Jumpin Jack Flash/04 Sympathy for the Devil/05 Brown Sugar/06 You Can't Always Get What You Want/07 Satisfaction/ 08 (Soundcheck) Street Fighting Man #1/09 (Soundcheck) Street Fighting Man/10 (Soundcheck) You Can't Always Get What You Want

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  • 11/09/16--11:36: Terry Knight and the Pack
  • I don't think I've ever posted these before, here we have, compliments of John N, the two official album
    releases of Terry Knight and the's a well known story, but Terry Knight was the "genius" behind Grand Funk Railroad (Mark Farner and Don Brewer were members of The Pack, bassist Mel Schacher from Question Mark and the Mysterians joined them to form GFR)......Knight managed GFR in their early days, I seem to recall that early on, Knight actually waived a fee for GFR to perform at some large festival...anyway, prior to all that, Terry Knight and the pack put out two solid albums of great garage punk, don't let the GFR connection scare you off (myself I loved me some GFR)......The first (self titled) LP is the better of the two, it's a solid disc with the dark "I (Who Have Nothing)" (their best known tune), while "Reflections" is, despite a couple of "moments", kind of forced and is fairly hilarious to listen to in 2016 ("Love Goddess of the Sunset Strip")

    (one link for both albums)

    TERRY KNIGHT & THE PACK-01 Numbers/02 What's On Your Mind/03 Where Do You Go/04 You're a Better Man Than I/05 Lovin' Kind/06 The Shut In/07 Got Love/08 A Change on the Way/09 Lady Jane/10 Sleep Talkin'/11 I've Been Told/12 I (Who Have Nothing)

    REFLECTIONS-01 One Monkey Don't Stop No Show/02 Love, Love, Love, Love/03 Come With Me/04 Got to Find My Baby/05 This Precious Time/06 Anybody's Apple Tree/07 The Train/08 Dimestore Debutante/09 Dirty Lady/10 Love Goddess of the Sunset Strip/11 Forever and a Day/12 Satisfaction

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  • 11/09/16--11:59: Mystic Tide
  • (scott) Another submission from John N, I was SURE I'd posted this before but if I have it's long, here it is again, this is a semi-classic of 1960's garage-psych, featured extensively in the "Unknown Legends of Rock N Roll" book I sometimes reference.......The write up John N sent with the album is good enough for me, so here ya go:

    Considered by many to be one of the truly great 1960s garage classics.  All of these tracks are ultra cool stabs at a sort of Mersey beat sound with garage and surf rock overtones that leap out of the speakers and grab you from the word “GO” and then proceed to turn the heat up several more notches with a unbelievably unhinged and supercharged over-the-top guitar break.  Things get cooking with the "Mystic Eyes,” a pulsating death wail of garage punk oblivion that has Joe Docko oozing like a Eric Burdon’s second cousin while The Tide sound like The Calico Wall.  "Frustration" is a seething, full bore punk commando raid with an intensity that reminds of The Craig's "I Must Be Mad."  “Running through the Night" heads off into Third Bardo territory of surf/psychedelic madness, "Psychedelic Journey parts 1&2" are a non-stop instrumental choke hold that was inspired by The Butterfield Blues Band's "East West," and “Mystery Ship” is a tour de force that just sort of sits there in its own juices until eventually striking like a rattlesnake, with Joe’s guitar the lethal venom.  When it's all over, many consider The Mystic Tide one of the truly great groups of the late 60s and the equals of the 13th Floor Elevators, The Chocolate Watchband, or any other 60s garage band one can mention.  I say, “Make up your own mind.”

    SOLID GROUND/SOLID SOUND-01 I Wouldn't Care/02 Why/03 Stay Away/04 I Search for New Love/05 Mystic Eyes/06 Frustration/07 Running Through the Night/08 Psychedelic Journey (Part 1)/09 Psychedelic Journey (Part 2)/10 Mystery Ship/11 You Won't Look back/12 You Know It's True/13 It's Simple Sister/14 Mystery Ship/15 Frustration/16 Silver Rails-Going Home/17 See the Light/18 Solid Ground

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  • 11/09/16--12:26: Mannequin Pussy
  • (scott) I was not aware of this bunch (from Philadelphia) either, these were sent this way by Jon S.......pretty
    fucking awesome actually, the band sort of shifts between hardcore punk and power pop, sort of, they have a really cool chick singer (and you KNOW I love THAT)......hey, how you NOT gonna love a band that spits out tunes like "Meatslave" and "Pissdrinker"?.....gotta say, this one is kind of hard to describe, but I like it quite a bit ("Gypsy Pervert" is a 2014 release, "Romantic" is their more recent (and better) album. Lots of influences going on here; punk, death metal, power pop, some works for me, that's all I can say....thanks to Jon S for another amazing submission!

    Mannequin Pussy - Gypsy Pervert

    01 Sneaky/02 My Baby (Axe Nice)/03 Clue Juice/04 Clit Eastwood/05 Someone Like You/06 Terror, No!/07 Meatslave 2/08 Meatslave 3/09 Sheet City/10 Pissdrinker

    Mannequin Pussy - Romantic

    01 Kiss/02 Romantic/03 Ten/04 Emotional High/05 Pledge/06 Denial/07 Everything/08 Anything/09 Meatslave One/10 Hey, Steven/11 Beside Yourself

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    Wow, up to letter "H" on these garage/punk classics, these have been QUITE popular, I posted them a
    couple of years ago, but I guess the blog's following was smaller then, because a lot of folks seem thrilled with this post.......that's great, I never did recall from where I got this, likely Pirate Bay, and I also don't recall how I posted it the first time (might have been too bulky for general consumption)....anyway, this is some of the finest available in obscure 60's Nugget-rock, this is generally ALL great stuff, enjoy!

    PART 8-01 HANGMAN-Faces/02 HAPPY RETURN-To Give Your Lovin'/03 HARBRINGER COMPLEX-I Think I'm Down/04 HARD TIMES-I Can't Wait Til Friday Comes/05 HAYMARKET RIOT-Trip On Out/06 HEADSTONES-24 Hours/07 HEARD-Exit Nine/08 HEIRONYMOUS & THE DHARMA BURNS-100 Mice/09 HENCHMEN-Get Off My Back/10 HENCHMEN VI-Is Love Real/11 HERBIE'S PEOPLE-Residential Area/12 HERD-Things Won't Change/13 HIM & THE OTHERS-I Mean It/14 HINGE-The Idols of Your Mind/15 HOOTERVILLE TROLLEY-No Silver Bird/16 HOT DOG STAND-Zilch/17 HUMAN BEINZ-April 15/18 HUMAN BEINZ-Every Time Woman/19 HUNS-Destination Lonely/20 HUNTSMEN-So Long/21 HUSH PUPPIES-Hey Stop Messin' Around

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    (scott)I have a TON of Johnny Thunders' post-Dolls/post-Heartbreakers stuff, if you are interested in a
    mega-Thunders post, please lt me know (I likely have 20-25 discs of his stuff, so I don't want to post it if noone wants it).....anyway, this one I didn't have, our favorite dead junkie cranking out a bunch of ironic cover versions......I listened earlier today, it's really interesting, not going to say it's "great" or anything, but a longtime Dolls/Heartbreakers fan such as myself finds a nugget or two on here worth listening to.....and seriously, is there interest in a 20+ disc set of Johnny Thunders' stuff? Up to you guys, I don't want to go to all the trouble of upping 20+ discs that noone wants......let me the meantime, I think the write-up that link-Emperor John N sent with this one sums this up pretty well.........

    Johnny Thunders was a proto punk legend, but he loved rock and roll from the beginning. This collection of cover songs recorded over the course of his career shows Thunders highlighting some classic tracks as well giving aWINDOW into his influences as a writer and a guitarist.

    Johnny Thunders has spent his whole life under the influence of rock and roll.
    From the New York street beat of the Shangri-Las and Dion to Elvis Presley and the Rolling Stones, his love of the genre was reflected in the cover versions that featured in his live set throughout his career.
    From the New York Dolls, Heartbreakers, Living Dead, Delinquents, Gang War and the much under-rated solo years.
    Johnny's jukebox favourites would always keep the crowd hooked because after all the kids just want to dance.
    "I'm Not Your Stepping Stone" (The Monkees,1966) first entered the set during the Living Dead days back in early 1978. Here we feature a cut from the final tour of Japan in 1991, continuing with Johnny's exceptional backing singer Alison Gordy taking the lead on "Hit The Road Jack" (Ray Charles,1961) whilst Johnny tears off a lick or two.
    Next up "I Can Tell” (Bo Diddley,1962),"Little Queenie" (Chuck Berry,1959),"Louie Louie" (Richard Berry,1957), and "Hang On Sloopy" (The McCoys,1965) a selection of classics that has the rock and roll party going at full swing.
    Anybody who has been lucky to see Johnny live over the years will know that "Pipeline" (The Chantays,1962) for many years was the classic setOPENER, giving you a shiver down the backbone moment as his guitar first kicks in.
    A song that featured in many bands live sets, including the likes of The Doors and the Patti Smith Group, "Gloria” (Them,1964), gives an excuse for a full band workout showcasing the talents of Johnny's final band, The Oddballs, featuring Stevie Klasson on guitar, Stuart Kennedy on bass, Jamey Heath on saxophone, Chris Musto on drums and Alison Gordy on backing vocals and gyrations. Closing out the set we have another instrumental blast with "Wipeout" (The Surfaris,1963).
    After digging up The Heartbreakers for a final bow in the mid-eighties it was back to soloPERFORMANCES for Johnny and time to add some new cover versions to the live set. We catch up with him next in Hollywood in the early days of 1987 now backed by three quarters of The Idols with Barry Jones (London Cowboys) on guitar, rock solid Arthur Kane on bass (New York Dolls / Killer Kane) and behind the drum kit the legend that is Jerry Nolan (New York Dolls / Heartbreakers) for a voodoo-glam-soul revue live on the infamous Sunset Strip.
    "I Ain't Superstitious" (Howlin Wolf,1961) gets the ball rolling but it is the next song that turns out to be the jaw dropper for many. Johnny has turned "The Wizard" (T. Rex,1970) into his own by stripping right down the chaotic Bolan track to its bare bones, turning it into the song Marc should always have played.
    Dipping in to the Jagger/Richards songbook takes us to "Play With Fire" (Rolling Stones,1965) a track that could have been Johnny's theme tune whilst spending most of his time living life on the edge.
    Next the band stir up some serious modernist vibes with "Green Onions" (Booker T & The MG's,1962) a relic from the early eighties "In Cold Blood" album era. Some hot soul then hits the dance floor with, “In The Midnight Hour" (Wilson Pickett,1965), showing that Johnny’s roots and influences came from all musical genres and you can tell the band are having great fun tearing theJOINT up.
    We finish off our trek back in Japan on the final tour with some tagged on acoustic shows featuring Johnny and Stevie (with some atmospheric sax in theBACKGROUND from Jamey) taking on the Stones again with” As Tears Go By" (Marianne Faithfull.
    1964), along with a version of the sixties protest song "Eve Of Destruction" (Barry McGuire,1965) before finishing up with a heartfelt "I'd Much Rather Be With The Boys" (Rolling Stones,1965), and not long after he was, departing this world like the host of other original rockers who have fallen by the wayside.
    Up in heaven, there’s one hell of a party going on.
    "Hey God.......more reverb in the monitors"
    Taylor Deadbolt.

    1. I’m Not Your Stepping Stone (Monkees)
    2. Hit The Road Jack ( Ray Charles)
    3. I Can Tell ( Bo Diddley )
    4. Little Queenie (Chuck Berry)
    5. Pipeline (The Chantays)
    6. Louie Louie ( Richard Berry )
    7. Hang On Sloopy (The McCoy’s  )
    8. Gloria (Them)
    9. Wipeout (The Surfaris)
    10. I Ain’t Superstitious (Howlin Wolf )
    11. The Wizard (Bolan)
    12. Play With Fire (Rolling Stones)
    13. Green Onions (Booker T & The MGs)
    14. In The Midnight Hour (Wilson Pickett)
    15. As Tears Go By (Marianne Faithful)
    16. Eve Of Destruction (Barrie McGuire)
    17. I’d Much Rather Be With The Boys (Rolling Stones)
    Tracks 1 to 9 recorded at Club Citta, Kawasaki Japan 3rd April 1991
    Tracks 10 to 14 recorded at The Roxy L.A. 4th Jan 1987
    Track 15, 16 and 17 recorded at Muse Hall Osaka Japan 8th April 1991

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  • 11/10/16--15:19: Velvett Fogg
  • (scott) Yet another submission of classic/unknown rock from the late 60's this time Velvett Fogg,(1969) a band  which once featured Black Sabbath guitar ace Tony Iommi........this was their only release, and it is worth a listen......some very decent late 60's psych-hard rock, and of course the Iommi factor lends a bit of historical credibility. Worth Your time, hoser........

    VELVETT FOGG-01 Yellow Cave Woman/02 New York Mining Disaster 1941/03 Wizard of Gobsolob/04 Once Among the Trees/05 Lady Caroline/06 Come Away Melinda/07 Owed to the Dip/08 Within the Night/09 Plastic Man/10 Telstar '69 (Bonus Track)

    this is yet another great submission from link-world-ruler John N, THANKS MAN!!!!!!!!

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  • 11/10/16--16:04: Blind Willie Johnson
  • This is a fantastic John N submission, from old-time blues master Blind Willie Johnson.......great share, this
    includes 2 discs of Willie himself, as well as a wonderful disc of cover tunes.......what more can I say? This is an essential collection, you WILL love it, just heap thanks on John N for this one, it's totally fucking ass-kick!

    BLIND WILLIE JOHNSON DISC 1-01 I Know His Blood Can Make Me Whole/02 Jesus Make Up My Dying Bed/03 It's Nobody's Fault But Mine/04 Mother's Children Have a Hard Time/05 Dark Was the Night---Cold Was the Ground/06 If I Had My Way I'f Tear The Building Down/07 I'm Gonna Run to the City of Refuge/08 Jesus Is Coming Soon/09 Lord I Just Can't Keep From Crying/10 Keep Your Lamp Trimmed and Burning/11 Let Your Light Shine on Me/12 God Don't Never Change/13 Bye and Bye I'm Going to See the King/14 Sweeter as the Years Roll BY

    BLIND WILLIE JOHNSON DISC 2-01 You'll Need Somebody On Your Bond/02 When the War Was On/03 Praise God I'm Satisfied/04 Take Your Burden to the Lord and Leave it There/05 Take Your Stand/06 God Moves on the Water/07 Can't Nobody Hide From God/08 If It Had Not Been For Jesus/09 Go To Me With That Land/10 The Rain Don't Fall On Me/11 Trouble Will Soon Be Over/12 The Soul of a Man/13 Everybody Ought to Treat a Stranger Right /14 Church, I'm Fully Saved Today/15 John the Revelator/16 You're Gonna Need Somebody On Your Bond

    GOD DON'T NEVER CHANGE-THE SONGS OF WILLIE JOHNSON-01 TOM WAITS-The Soul of a Man/02 LUCINDA WILLIAMS-Nobody's Fault But Mine/03 DEREK TRUCKS & SUSAN TREDESCHI-Keep Your Lamp Trimmed and Burning/04 COWBOY JUNKIES-Jesus Is Coming Soon/05 THE BLIND BOYS OF ALABAMA-Mother's Children Have a Hard Time/06 SINEAD OCONNER-Trouble Will Soon Be Over/07 LUTHER DICKINSON FEATURING THE FIFE AND DRUM BAND-Bye Bye I'm Going to See the King/08 LUCINDA WILLIAMS-God Don't Never Change/09 TOM WAITS-John the Revelator/10 MARIA McKEE-Let Your Light Shine On Me/11 RICKIE LEE JONES-Dark Was the Night-Cold Was the Ground

    REALLY wouldn't want to miss this one, kids, seriously......essential, essential. essential.

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  • 11/10/16--16:25: Live Flaming Lips 10/6/16
  • A fave of mine, the Flaming Lips (from Oklahoma) are a real fave of mine, Jon S sends us a very cool boot of them in the act.......this is from the Heartland Festival, Denmark, 10/6/16.....I have no clue how many of my MEGA FLAMING LIPS links remain, it's been a while....I remmeber a lot of people asking what they were supposed to do with "Zaireka", the album that was a four disc set, meant to be played on four different stereos at once........actually it's great if you do it right........the Lips were one of the more innovative bands of the 90's-00's, great band, and a great live band as well........enjoy, this is a FANTASTIC Jon S Submission, and, as Bowie said once, "awwww look out, you rock n rollers" other words, I thin you likely WANT to hear this one, it's fab....

    HEARTLAND FESTIVAL 10/6/16-01 Race For the Prize/02 Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots/03 (banter)/04 The Gash/05 The Gold In the Mountain of Our Madness/06 Pompeii Am Gotterdamer/07 What Is the Light ?/08 The Observer/09 Waitin' For a Superman/10 Space Oddity/11 The W.A.N.D./12 (banter)/13 A Spoonful Weighs a Ton/14 Happy Birthday/15 Do You Realize

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  • 11/10/16--16:58: 49th Parallel
  • Yet another semi-obscure 1960's band whose legacy remembers them perhaps more than their actual body of work does.....this band was from Canada, ca. 1966-69....Delaney Bramlett actually wrote a tune for them, "Blue Bonnie Blue", about Bonnie Bramlett of course......anyway a solid disc, I just love these forgotten late 60's gems, and this one is the definition of the same......this (Dave N) submission includes pretty much "IT", B-Sides, singles, etc).......please don't miss this one either, this is another one you will love!!!!!

    49TH PARALLEL-01 Now That I'm a Man/02 Get Away/03 Eye To Eye/04 Missouri/05 Lazerander Filchy/06 (Come On Little Child And) Talk To Me/07 (The) Magician/08 Twilight Woman/09 Close the Barn Door/10 The People/11 All Your Love/12 Laborer/13 You Do Things/14 She Says/15 Citizen Freak/17 Up to No Good/18 I Need You/19 Good Time baby/20 Missouri

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  • 11/11/16--11:32: RIP to a Legend
  • We just went through a Cohen phase on the site not too long ago, centered around certainly one of Brian's best ever cover projects, as well as some additional pieces sent in, recent enough that they'll still be there I'm sure.......this link will give you a good write up from Rolling Stone Magazine:

    And, very recently, John N sent me a copy of his fourteenth and final studio effort, "You Want it Darker".....haven't listened to it yet, but I have always enjoyed the writing of Mr. Cohen, and give thanks to him for all that he created while he was with in peace.

    01 You Want it Darker/02 Treaty/03 On the Level/04 Leaving the Table/05 If I Didn't Have Your Love/06 Traveling Light/07 It Seemed the Better Way/08 Steer Your Way/09 String Reprise/Treaty

    This may be one of those times you might want to act any case, huge thanks to John N

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    (scott) Been a little while since I've put up another batch-o-Clash boots, sent to us from our buddy know the rap, the sound quality may and will vary on these, I haven't checked them all and he saves even the poor sounding ones for archival value......these are all from 1977, a year from which Lewdd seems to have just about every show they performed.......this is a great chance, assuming you are a Clash fan, to build a fairly comprehensive bootleg library, because, there are QUITE a few more still to come.......The Clash were one of the greatest, one of the VERY few bands for which I WILL post poor sounding boots, as they all "matter", as with the Beatles or Stones or Nirvana or whatever..........and of course, they truly WERE amazing live performers, so even if you sometimes might have to fight your way through some poor recordings, there are still classic "moments" to be found here........remember, they were "The Only Band That Matters"....

    BATACLAN FRANCE 9/29/77-01 London's Burning/02 Complete Control/03 1977/04 Protex Blue/05 White Man In Hammersmith Palais/06 Capitol Radio/07 Hate and War/08 City of the Dead/09 The Prisoner/10 Police and Thieves/11 I'm So Bored With the USA/12 Clash City Rockers/13 Janie Jones/14 Garageland/15 White Riot/16 1977/17 What's My Name/18 Paris is Burning

    ROTEFABRIK 10/01/77-(17 Tracks, listing not provided, please the first person to listen to this one submit a track list, thanks)

    MUNCHEN GERMANY-10/3/77-01 London's Burning/02 Complete Control/03 Interview 1/04 Hate and War/05 Interview 2/06 Police and Thieves/07 The Prisoner/08 Interview 3/09 Janie Jones/10 Garageland

    MALMO SWEDEN 10/7/77-01 (16 Tracks, listing not provided, please the first person to listen to this one submit a track list for the rest of us, thanks!)

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    (scott)- This band has a large back-archive on the blog, I did a huge post one them once and then John N
    chipped in with a bunch of items that I didn't have......always aglad to hear more, Yo la Tengo were one of my fave indie bands of, geez, I was gonna say the 00's, but hell, they are still cranking them out.....this one is a recent release (2016), a big pile of covers or various tunes, in the style of their 2006 release "Yo La Tengo Is Murdering the Classics".......they take a typically tongue-in-cheek attitude, covering material as widely diverse as Violent Femmes'"Add It Up", Thin Lizzy's "Jailbreak" (a favorite of mine for containing one of the stupidest lyrics in history: "Tonight , there's gonna be a jailbreak, somewhere in this town...".....HMMMMMMM, I wonder WHERE? Possibly, say, THE JAIL?), possibly the worst Rolling Stones song ever, "Emotional Rescue", Bad Brains'"Pay to Cum".....get the idea?

    Always loved Yo La Tengo, they have historically been "out there", and I've REALLY enjoyed a lot of their work....I gave this one a quick carpet-bombing this morning, and yep, vintage Yo La Tengo, skillfull playing, ironic attitude, and a totally, no-one-but-Yo-La-Tengo tracklist. They've been a good band over the years, a LOT of great material if your not hip........check my archive for more, there should be a good bit there still.

    Mostly though, thanks to John N for the submission, it's great and I enjoyed the hell out of my one listening......John N is to links what the Vikings are to injured offensive each case, more than I could possibly count.

    MURDER IN THE SECOND DEGREE-01 Alley Cat/02 New York Groove/03 Bertha/04 Add it Up/05 To Love Somebody/06 Civilization (Bongo Bongo Bongo)/07 Suspect Device/08 First I Look at the Purse/09 Jailbreak/10 Popcorn/11 Girl From the North Country/12 Build Me Up Buttercup/13 I Wanna Be Free/14 Rock N Roll Love Letter/15 Emotional Rescue/16 Some Velvet Morning/17 The Low Spark of High Heeled Boys/Mr Soul/18 Pay to Cum/19 Never My Love/20 King Kong/21 White Lines (Don't Do It)/22 Slurf Song/23 Different Drum/24 Crazy/25 Be My Baby/26 Hey Ya!/27 Heart of Darkness/28 Chantilly Lace/Medley

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  • 11/11/16--13:27: Gonn
  • Gonn, from Keokuk Iowa, turned out some damned good garage rock in the later 60's.....a few of their tracks appeared HERE recently, on the "Garage-Fuzz" series post......this set contains what I would guess to be a pretty comprehensive look at their work, this is likely nearly complete....and who, oh who, would send us such a compilation? Of course John N, who I appreciate almost as much as I appreciate Drew Barrymore (sorry, geez, I couldn't even TYPE that without laughing).......ok, ok.....Drew is more important to me, as my religious beliefs are centered around her, but John N is appreciated as well! This guy comes through literally more links than I ever thought it would be possible for any human to come up with, and he does it on a regular, damn near daily, basis........of course, given the option, I'm gonna have to go with Drew, but no question John N means a hell of a lot to me as all seriousness, thank you John N, for ALL you do, and my man, you do A LOT.

    This set includes most of their stuff, as far as I can tell, as well as a 1990 reunion concert  (tracks 16-22, recorded 8/17/90 in Keokuk Iowa)

    GONN-FRENZOLOGY-1966-67 ALONG THE MISSISSIPPI-01 Don't Need Your Lovin'/02 Death of an Angel/03 You Can't Judge a Book By the Cover/04 Signed DC/05 Doin' Me In/06 Sometimes Good Guys Don't Wear White/07 I Need You/08 Blackout of Gretley/09 Pain in My Heart/10 In the Midnight Hour/11 You Really Got Me/12 Come With Me (to the Stars)/13 You're Lookin Fine/14 Hey Joe/15 Doin' Me In/16 Intro (live)/17 You Can't Judge a Book By the Cover (live)/18 I Don't Need our Lovin (live)'/19 Come With Me to the Stars)/20 Doin' Me In (live)/21 Oh Yeah (live)/22 Blackout of Gretley/23 I'll Feel a Whole Lot Better/24 It Ain't Me Babe/25 Need You (mono)

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  • 11/11/16--13:49: Lithics
  • John N sends me this one as well, a 2016 release from Portland's's pretty good, very listenable...what we have here is some art/post-punk stuff with VERY deadpan female vocals, herky-jerky rythem changes, sort of like maybe a not as frantic Yeah Yeah Yeahs......maybe a cross between that and retro-80's new wave/pop, if that is a confusing enough description for ya....anyway, I like to put up nwe stuff whenever I can as well as old, this album will appeal to some, maybe NOT to some as well....I give it a solid 3 stars, well, between 2.5 and 3, no classic, but some really good tracks ("Shees", "Lizard", and more)'s a fairly solid effort........I know they've released some other stuff, but this is my first introduction to to maybe hear more if anyone has any of the previous releases.

    BORROWED FLOORS-01 Burn On Burn/02 Labor/03 Thing In Your Eye/04 Human Doctor/05 Shees/06 Metal Helmet/07 Lizard/08 African Ask/09 The Snake/10 Seven People

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    Ya'd think the letter "I" would be a fairly easy one, but there's enough stuff here to make it a legit post, I'll tell
    ya, whomever compiled this did it up RIGHT, I wish I knew who created this, (I suspect I might know, but wouldn't say unless I was certain)......I'm just trying to keep this torrent alive, as it is SO FUCKING KICK ASS.......great stuff here, what more can I possibly say? This is "Nuggets" for people that think "Nuggets" is a little too mainstream (!).......really, fantastic compilation, I would be happy if sharing THIS with the world helps keep this music alive, as it is simply some of best rock ever recorded.

    PART 9-01 IAN & THE ZODIACS-No Money, No Honey/02 ID-Boil the Kettle Mother (scott: a weird on for certain, in case you care)/03 ID-Stop and Look/04 IDES-Psychedelic Ride/05 IDES OF MARCH-I'll Take You Back/06 IMPALAS-Come on Up/07 IN-Just Give Me Time/08 INDIVIDUALS-I Really Do/09 INEXPENSIVE HANDMADE LOOK-Ice Cream Man/10 INFERNO-The Inferno/11 INNER THOUGHTS-1000 Miles/12 INN SECT-Let Me Tell You About The Things I Need/13 INN SECT-Let this Be a Lesson/14 INNSMEN-I Don't Know/15 INTERNAL CANITERY SIN-Purple Haze/16 INTERNS-The Trip/17 INTRUDERS FIVE-Ain't Comin Back/18 INVADERS-Tear Me Up/19 INVASION-The Invasion Is Coming/20 IT'S US-Don't Want Your Lovin'.......

    Been listening to this massive set (in parts, of course) over the last few days......I think we can make a case
    that this just might be the best "Nuggets"-style anthology that anyone has ever compiled, MAN I wish I knew for sure who put this's like you listen and you NEVER hear that track that you just wish to end.....goddamn near everything here is a damn garage/punk/psych classic.......kudos, for certain to whomever compiled it, you did an incredible job.......and blame only yourself if, when I get done with it, you missed a part of it or something.......let's keep this incredible set alive on the web for as long as we's just THAT good!

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  • 11/11/16--15:15: Harts
  • On a Friday evening, how about another John N submittal, this one from Harts.......harts is actually multi-
    instrumentalist Darrin Hart, who drops some damn fine electro-psych, or whatever you wanna call it.....I really liked this one a good bit......this, I think, is his second effort, "Smoke Fire Hope Desire", a 2016 effort (you KNOW what that means when I say it, by now)......anyway, I REALLY like this one, hard-rocking and original, the album is constructed very nicely so it flows along, not unlike, say, Hendrix "Axis Bold as Love" for example( he's been (not to be taken seriously) compared to Hendrix by some critics) .......this one really surprised me as I wasn't expecting much (for some reason, not sure WHY), but this is, in my opinion, is a fairly essential release from this year........give this one a try, I really do like it......also, does anyone have his/their first album, "Daydreamer"? Love to hear/post it.........

    SMOKE FIRE HOPE DESIRE-01 Smoke/02 Fear In Me/03 All Rise/04 Fire (Interlude)/05 Peculiar/06 Power/07 Deeper the Hole/08 Hope/09 Unfamiliar/10 Wisdom (interlude)/11 Realize/12 Here I Go/13 Desire (Interlude)/14 Ain't Too Far Gone

    If you are unfamiliar with this "band" ("performer", more accurately), please don't miss.....this is a damn good one, one of those accidental findings that makes all of this worthwhile. Good album, for lovers of hard rock, psych, Hendrix, maybe Lenny Kravitz (for whom I don't especially care)....well, you are going to love this disc. Really solid and rocks like hell,  really like it!

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