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The music that shaped a semi-wasted life

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  • 11/03/16--12:12: Seth Swirskey
  • Ok, have never heard of Seth Swirskey in my life, I was kind of intrigued by the review.......maybe it's good, maybe it isn't, I guess we will find out......I've included the review, so maybe you can understand my enthusiasm, but keep in mind, I AIN'T HEARD IT YET, so we won't know until we listen to it.......sounds pretty good though, let me know your opinion of it........

    CIRCLES AND SQUARES-01 Shine/02 Circles and Squares/03 Old Letter/04 Far Away/05 Let's Get Married/06 Trying to Keep it Simple/07 I Loved Last Night/08 Belong/09 Sonic Ferris/10 Let's Move to Spain/11 The Simplest Way/12 Temple/13 With Her Now/14 I Don't Have Anything (If I Don't Have You)/15 Abyss/16 I Think of Her

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  • 11/03/16--12:40: The Kids
  • Ohhhh, I guess I can't resist that early 80's new wave/power we have a FINE album from The Kids, their self-titled 1982's a good one, almost each track seethes that early 80's saccharine-sweet sound, all those synths, those oddball vocals, those jerky rhythms, all the stuff that made obscure early 80's new-wave pop it's own special genre, and it REALLY is.......I bet VERY few of you know this album, but it is a kick-ass synth-pop effort, nearly every track is groovy as fuck......I don't know if these chaps ever made another album, (and, well, frankly.....) but this is a fab period piece, a wonderful representation of early 80's new-wave's great, you will LOVE it!

    THE KIDS-01 I Needed You/02 Do You Want Me/03 She's Mine/04 Everybody's Girl/05 Finer Things/06 Too Many Days/07 Victim of Hypocrisy/ 08 Show Me/09 Your Eyes/10 Roses on Monday/11 He's Number One

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    (scott)-Doing this alphabetically cause it's the easiest way, we are up to letter "F", and there is a WHOLE
    BUNCH more to come your way.....this is great shit, and please do not miss it....DO NOT ask for these in 2019, even if I have them handy I will not send them to you, I will laugh at and make fun of have been advised!

    VOLUME 6-01 FABS-Dinah Wants Religion/02 FABS-That's the Bag I'm In/03 FABULOUS FOUR-Rotten Rats/04 FABULOUS PHAROAHS-Hold Me Tight/05 FALCONS-I Gotta See Her/06 FALLEN ANGELS-Bad Woman/07 FE FI FOUR PLUS TWO-I Wanna Come Back/08 FEVER TREE-I Can Beat Your Drum/09 FINNEGAN'S WAKE-Situation Sad/10 FIRE ESCAPE-Love Special
    Delivery/11 FIREBALLS-Groovy/12 FIVE AMERICANS-Slippin and Slidin/13 FIVE MY FIVE-Hung Up/14 FLIES-I'm Not Your Stepping Stone/15 FOUR OF US-You're Gonna Be Mine/16 FOWL-You Know/17 FRANTICS-Just For a While/18 FRENCH CHURCH-Slap neck 1943/19 FRIARS OF YOUTH-Sparrley Manurpuss/20 FRONT LINE-Got Love/21 FRONT PAGE NEWS-Thoughts/22 FUGITIVES-Blowing My Mind

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    (scott) I really did dig the shit out of the Shana Falana album I put up a couple days ago, Jon S seems to have found the band's previous release, which (although I haven't heard yet) I'm sure is as fab as the one I posted.......THIS is how it is supposed to work, find something you LIKE on here, you share it, and it gets's a simple concept, really, but some seem to struggle with it.......anyway, thanks to the great Jon S for this fab Shana Falana album, I really dug the shit out of the other one, I hope this one is as good......keep them coming, guys.......ROCK N ROLL, motherfuckers, ROCK N ROLL!

    I liked the Shana Falana album, Here Comes The Wave, John N. submitted, and was able to find an earlier effort:

    Set Your Lightning Fire Free

    01 Gone/02 Heavenstay/03 Go/04 Anything/05 Know Ur Mine/06 Shine Thru/07 Second Skin/08 There's A Way/09 Dive/10 That Girl

    Thanks John N for turning me on to this

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    (scott)- by now you know that these fab Clash boots are from Lewdd, what an amazing he
    has said, he doesn't guarantee the sound quality, he stashes these for archival reasons, but hey, if it is something we haven't heard, hey, good news for us.......if some of them sound shitty, we will ALL just deal with it.......Lewdd has supplied a bunch of punk boots (Misfits, Damned, Pistols, and Jam all to come when we wrap up the Clash!) so please enjoy, these are most likely rare, even if the sound quality is less than perfection.......thanks Lewdd, another of the great members of the team!

    First up is a show from 8/5/77, Mont De Marsan, problem is there is no track list, sorry, perhaps a friend would like to help out and construct one? 19 tracks, and after all it IS the Clash.......

    Next we have 9/26/77 Amsterdam......this one does come with a track list so let's examine that.......01 London's Burning/02 1977/03 Capital Radio/04 The Prisoner/05 City of the Dead/06 Police and Thieves/07 Interlude/08 Hate and War/09 Clash City Rocker/10 I'm So Bored With the USA/11 Protex Blue/12 Complete Control (take 1)/13 Complete Control (take 2)

    From the next day comes another Amsterdam set, this one from
    Paradiso......01 London's Burning/02 1977/03 Capital Radio/04 The Prisoner/05 City of the Dead/06 Police and Thieves/07 Hate and War/08 Clash City Rockers/09 I'm so Bored With the USA/10 Protex Blue/11 Complete Control/12 Janie Jones/13 White Riot

    And finally for today, a French Radio set from 9/28/77.....I'm confused by the track list, as you will likely be too, but I'm posting it as is.....if it's no good, at least we are putting up the most comprehensive set of Clash boots, maybe ever?   01 London's Burning/02 London's Burning/03Complete Control/04 Complete Control/05 1977/06 1977

    Obviously I have not heard all of these yet, BUT I do wish to put them ALL up.....the Clash were one of the best, and they deserve it......if some of them don't sound great, so it is, but we will tredge on, it's an interesting project in my opinion, so please deal with it for a while, if ya can!

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  • 11/04/16--13:31: Tyvek
  • John N sends us some fairly raucious punk rock from Tyvek, I'm listening to it, no classic, but it's worth a listen punk fans......loud and fast and harsh, just as our punk rock oughta be.......give it a whirl, I know at least the punk fans will be into this one

    ORIGIN OF WHAT-01 Tip to Tail 02 Can't Exist/03 Girl on a Bicycle/04 Gridlock/05 Mirror Image of/06 Count Me In/07 Into the Outlets/08 Origin of What/09 Real Estate & Finance/10 Choose Once/11 Tyvek Chant/12 Underwater Three Dub

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    Well, you know I love me some Mazzy Star/Hope Sandoval, enjoyed the previous Warm Inventions album, and am thrilled to be able to present a new one here.......remember, it's a 2016 release, SO, you know what I'm saying.......but if you love the calming, soothing sounds of the lovely Miss Sandoval, you'll perhaps be as "excited" as I am (Hope being one of my favorite "objects of slobber").......her sleepy, dreamy vocals are just wonderful, and she's certainly one of those "as long as I have a face, she will never have to worry about finding a place to sit" chicks........I will be listening to this one tonight, come on Hope, I "hope" this is up to your previous dreamy standards! (Oops, by the way, I almost forgot to mention this is another fantastic John N submission!)

    UNTIL THE HUNTER-01 Into the Trees/02 The Peasant/03 A Wonderful Seed/04 Let Me Get There/05 Day Disguise/06 Treasure/07 Salt of the Sea/08 The Hiking Song/09 Isn't It True/10 I Took a Slip/11 Liquid Lady

    I love you Hope, I'm sure this album is as sensuous as your previous efforts.......please, the next time you visit Ohio, remember that you have a standing invitation to park your shoes under my bed anytime you desire.........

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  • 11/04/16--14:10: Magic Shoppe
  • I guess I am fairly caught up on guest submissions, but I will NEVER EVER run out of John N stuff, that is a, next up, he sends me all the way from Portland Oregon, Magic Shoppe with their release "Wonderland" ......I was not familiar at all with this band/album, BUT I've been listening to it while working on the blog, and IT IS TREMENDOUS.......psych-shoegaze pop, which seems to be the direction in which listenable rock is going in the "'10's"......this is a very fabulous record, again, one that we may be hearing again at years' end.......really, I was quite surprised, REALLY enjoyed the entire album, and hope you will as well......this is a good one, if you like this kind of thing (I do).......try it out, coz I think it's a great one, freaky, rocking, great dope smoking (did I say that?) music........wonderful albaum, please don't miss it, and, of course, it's a 2016 release, and ya know what that means.........

    WONDERLAND-01 Stars Explode/02 Head on the Floor/03 Kill/04 Hearing Voices/05 Blowup/06 Sister Burden/07 Find Yourself Some Love/08 Wonderland

    I will say it again just for emphasis......fantastic album, almost certainly year-end material, please don't miss, as you know how new releases can sometimes be........this is one of the better releases of the year in my opinion, let me know if you agree or disagree.

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  • 11/04/16--14:31: Ian North
  • Not really sure why I've been in an early-80's power pop mood of late, but as long as I am, you may as well
    pick up an obscure album or two......this one from 1980, from Ian North ("Neo").....quite good, and quite unknown, semi-hard rocking, pretty representative of the scene/era......I re-listened this evening, it's a good effort........see what you think.....I am trying to keep things varied, if there is anything you wish me to post, don't hesitate to request......mostly I just go by the mood I happen to be in anymore........this here is a pretty good album though, worth your time.

    NEO-01 If You Gotta Go/02 She Kills Me/03 Don't Dance/04 Heart/05 Tran-Sister/06 Heaven On Earth/07 The Robots/08 No Sound From 25/09 Hollywood Babylon/10 Girls In Gangs/11 Texas Modern/12 Kamikaze

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  • 11/05/16--10:52: Studkid fills a request
  • (scott) there has of late been a guy requesting re-up of The most of you know, I don't in general
    post re-up requests, simply because I'd not get anything else done......but in this case Studkid has packaged it all up nicely for us, so PLEASE enjoy, Keith Noble!

    Keith Noble have asked for a re-up of Shaggs 

    The Shaggs - The Shaggs (1988):

    To make this interesting for others, I give you more "Shaggs", One of the sisters
    made a record in 2013, and its still awfull.

    Dot Wiggin Band - Ready! Get ! Go! (2013);

    Believe it or not, but a tribute has been made.

    VA  - Better Than the Beatles - A Tribute to The Shaggs (2001)

    1. Philosophy of the World - Ida
    2. You're SomethingSPECIAL to Me - Optiganally Yours
    3. Who Are Parents? - Thinking Fellers Union Local 282
    4. My Cutie - Mongrell
    5. We Have a Savior - Bauer
    6. It's Halloween - Joost Visser
    7. My Pal Foot Foot - Deerhoof
    8. My Companion - R. Stevie Moore
    9. Shaggs' Own Thing - Plastic Mastery
    10. Painful Memories/Wheels - Slot Racer
    11. Who Are Parents? - Danielson Famile
    12. You're Something Special to Me - Furtips
    13. Philosophy of the World - The Double U
    Title is a quote from Frank Zappa aboute Shaggs

    Yes, Shaggs is awfull, but actually there is a girlie band from the 60' playing garagerock, which have a fantastic vibe.

    She a.k.a The Hairem

    Tracklist Show Credits

    1 She (8) Outta Reach
    2 The Hairem Like A Snake
    3 She (8) Piece Of You
    4 She (8) Roll On
    5 She (8) Bad Girl
    6 The Hairem Hey You
    7 She (8) Don't Leave Me Baby
    8 She (8) Braids Of Hair
    9 She (8) Don't GoHOME Tonight
    10 The Hairem Not For Me
    11 She (8) When I Was A Little Girl
    12 The Hairem Come On Along
    13 The Hairem Bus Stop
    14 She (8) Lonely Boy Of Laughter
    15 She (8) Feel Like Giving Up
    16 She (8) You Came To Me (Home Demo)
    17 She (8) Outta Reach HOME Demo)
    18 She (8) Satan's Angel (Home Demo)
    19 She (8) Boy Little Boy

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  • 11/07/16--10:23: Liquid Sound Company
  • Only thing I have from these dudes, some fab retro
    -psych, with some bad-ass stoner influences.....I think they cranked out another album or two, but this one, "Inside the Acid Temple" REALLY excellent.....spacey, druggy, psycho-swirling, damn good drug taking tunes.....this is one you psych lovers ougth to dig up on, it's a really good one, and if you have anything else by these guys, team GBFAL, please send and share, mostly COZ I WANNA HEAR EM!

    Good good album, in the right mind-frame, ya know? Anyway this rocks, and it's pretty damn good. Released in ca. 2003, I hope you didn't miss is your last (?) chance.......

    Really a fun and great album......The Electric Prunes would be prouder than FUCK!

    Keep up the good work, Liquid Sound Company, if you are still with us.

    INSIDE THE ACID TEMPLE-01 Cubehead/02 The League for Spiritual Discover/03 Preparation for the Psychedelic Eucharist/04 Inside the Acid Temple/05 free I/06 The Art of Ecstasy/07 The Gospel According to Robert A Robot A Hull /09 Folding

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  • 11/07/16--11:10: The Lucid Dream
  • (scott) I found this one in my files today, it's a John N submission from a while back......really cool album, more of that sound that I consider the future of hard rock, the shoegaze/psych/noise melding that I enjoy so much.....this is no doubt worth a listen, if you have enjoyed some of the latter-day/modern-psych/noise stuff that I've been posting some of late.......I think they've had a few other releases, they might be worth hunting down, or sharing, should someone else have them.

    COMPULSION SONGS-01 Bad Texan/02 Stormy Waters/03 I'm a Star In My Own Right/04 The Emptiest Place/05 21st Century/06 Nadir/07 Epitaph

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    (scott) Well, Jon S continues his tradition of great mega-posts, his latest involves Speedy Ortiz, of whom I
    have never heard....however, as we speak, I am carpet-bombing this discography and, as I've told ya before, and always been proven right, anything Jon S submits is pretty damn good, at least I think so.....

    If you don't know Speedy Ortiz, it's some above-average indy/alt/grunge kinda stuff, chick-fronted which is always a plus for a (big) bonus, Jon S also includes a bunch of live stuff, as well as a pile of stuff from Quilty, who were Speedy Ortiz' front-lady Sadie Dupuis' pre-Speedy band......awesome post, this is going to take me a while to listen to....but what I have listened to thus far is mega-badass.........see for yourself, and PLEASE drop a note of thanks to Jon S if you would, he sends these great, HUGE posts that are nothing short of stellar......this is another winner, lotta good stuff here, please don't miss it!

    Speedy Ortiz

    The Death Of Speedy Ortiz (2011)

    01 hexxy sadie/02 cutco/03 phish phood/04 kinda blew/05 ken-ohki/06 speedy ortiz/07 hurricane speedy/08THANK you/09 frankenweenie/10 blondie

    Cop Kicker (2011 EP)

    01 ka-prow!/02 necronomicon/03 teething/04 doomsday

    Sports (2012 EP)

    01 Basketball/02 Indoor Soccer/03 Curling/04 Silver Spring/05 Suck Buddies

    Live at WFMU 4/1/12

    01 Basketball/02 Indoor Soccer/03 Hexxy Sadie/04 Curling/05 Taylor Swift/06 Swim Fan/07 Silver Spring/08 Cutco/09 Mark II/10 Speedy Ortiz

    Major Arcana (2013)

    01 Pioneer Spine/02 Tiger Tank/03 Hitch/04 Casper (1995)/05 No Below/06 Gary/07 Fun/08CASHCab/09 Plough/10 MKVI

    Metro Gallery, Baltimore 8/12/13

    01 Indoor Soccer/02 Hexxy/03 Ka-Prow!/04 Plough/05 Tiger Tank/06 Swim Fan/07 Fun/08 Cash Cab/09 Gary

    Kennedy Theater, Raleigh, NC 9/6/13

    01 Taylor Swift/02 Tiger Tank/03 Hitch/04 Fun/05 Casper/06 Cash Cab/07 No Below/08 Silver Springs/09 Plaid/10 Gary/11 Indoor Soccer

    Real Hair (2014 EP)

    01 American Horror/02 Oxygal/03 Everything's Bigger/04 Shine Theory

    Big Light Studio  1/30/14

    01 Plough/02 American Horror/03 Everything's Bigger/04 Curling

    SXSW Festival, Austin 3/12/14
    01 Everything_s Bigger/02 American Horror/03 Indoor Soccer/04 Hexxy/05 Silver Spring/06 Fun/07 No Below/08 Tiger Tank/09 Plough/10 Taylor Swift

    Mercury Lounge, New York 11/2/14

    01 Taylor Swift/02 Tiger Tank/03 Plough/04 MKVI/05 Casper (1995)/06 Graduates/07 Ginger/08 Doomsday/09 Curling/10 Bigger Party/11 American Horror/12 Everything's Bigger/13 Ka-Prow!/14 Indoor Soccer

    Foil Deer (2015)

    01 Good Neck/02 Raising the Skate/03 The Graduates/04 Dot X/05 Homonovus/06 Puffer/07 Swell Content/08 Zig/09 My Dead Girl/10 Ginger/11 Mister Difficult/12 Dvrl Wvrld

    Birmingham, UK 10/23/15

    01 Tiger Tank/02 Casper/03 The Graduates/04 Raising The Skate/05 Puffer/06 Zig/07 Plough/08 Mister Difficult/09 Silver Spring/10 Swell Content/11 Pioneer Spine/12 Ka-Prow!

    Foiled Again (2016 EP)

    01 Death Note/02 Puffer feat. Lizzo (Lazerbeak Remix)/03 Emma O/04 Puffer OPEN Mike Eagle Remix)


    Quilty - Sadie Dupuis pre-Speedy band

    Black Hole (2010 Single)

    01 Lizard Queen/02 Chris on the Beach

    Clover/Coriander (2010)

    01 Clothes/02 Siiya/03 Supernova/04 Tags/05 Borneo/06 Jackshit/07 What Is This_!/08 Little Minor/09 Shark Week/10 Mr. Benjamin Wilson

    Strange Matter (2011 EP)

    Northside Showcase, Brooklyn, NY 6//19/11
    01 Siiya/02 Supernova/03 Carnivale/04 Lizard Queen/05 Chris On the Beach/06 2/07 Cult of Ego/08 Shark Week

    Masonish (2012)

    01 Adjective Noun/02 I Don't Care/03 Masonic, Pt. I/04 Masonic, Pt. II/05 Strange Matter I & II/06 Arguëlles/07 Carnivale

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  • 11/07/16--12:01: Jughead's Revenge
  • Here are a couple of albums of early 1990's punk, from the great city of Los's all a bit dirivative, to be certain, BUT, it is loud, hard, obnoxious punk, and some of us (like ME) are suckers for exactly this kind of thing.....NOTHING special here, no classics, just two loud punk albums (with exceptionally good punk guitar)......anyway, bringing variety to the table again, as I bet these boyos are not all THAT well known......anyway, these are pretty fair hardcore efforts, let me know......I THINK they are fairly obscure, I may be wrong on that, but, as always, this here blog is 'bout rock n roll, and not especially about GOOD rock n roll either!

    UNSTUCK IN TIME-01 Jughead's Revenge/02 Unstuck In Time/03 Failure at Life/04 State of the World/05 Fuck Shit Up/06 Formula 502/07 Pack Your Bags/08 Memories of You/09 My Problems/10 Face of Destruction/11 Not My House/12 Sentenced to Death

    IT'S LONELY AT THE BOTTOM-01 Fabric of the Mind/02 Burn/03 Thorn of My Rose/04 Angry/05 I Remember/06 People Bomb/07 Stabbed in the Back/08 Whom Gods Destroy/09 Love Me Tender/10 The Real World/11 Deny Myself/12 When the Party's Over/13 Alone/14 Flower Child/15 Divided/16 The Last, Last Laugh

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  • 11/07/16--12:29: Goat
  • (scott) John N sent this one a while back, I'm just now getting around to this one......used the "carpet bomb" listening technique, and it passes the "ear test".....I'd review the album, but no need to as a fine review comes with the album:

    To listen to the music of monastic psych-voyagers Goat is to play the part of a detective. Theirs is a stateless, nomadic sound, barely a stampless space on a fully filled passport. Their knotted blend of East and West, African djembe with Funkadelic freakouts, immediately begs questions of origin.
    The question, when asked, has been answered with layers of myth and misinformation: they claim to be from Korpilombolo in Northern Sweden, although they may spell the name incorrectly on their website. The pulsating, trancelike nature of their music comes under the influence of a voodoo tradition, which inspires too their masks an clothing; although this seems equally unlikely given Northern Sweden’s proximity to Haiti.
    That such tall tales have only been half dismissed speaks volumes about their mind boggling sound: Fela Kuti, with Cream as his backing band, all four of them having gotten really, really, into witchcraft. But despite such mythologising, there is little chance of the band themselves overshadowing their work. Such tall tales serve as a smokescreen behind which the group retain their privacy. They do few interviews, fewer still in the runup toRequiem, so all the budding Goat detective has to go on, is a rambling press release which describes this as their ‘folk’ album.
    On their third release the Goat sect largely give up their praise of the fire gods to worship the earth: images are of dancing in the African bush, ayahuasca in theAMAZON. The opening track ‘Union of Sun and Moon’ is the first indication of the new pastoral charm with which they weave. From the opening strains of birds tweeting, and the chanted acapella vocal, off key and charmingly childlike (that feeling of peace later punctured with a primitive playground chant), you grasp for meaning, both within and without the music.
    With the guitars slightly turned down, the mysticism and the spirituality has been turned up: "Psychedelic Lover" features byzantine style chanting, and the vocals regularly hit that sweet spot between keys, giving them a timeless, foreign quality. Pan pipes pepper the album, as do the almost tactile sounds of güiros, Koras, and a wider range of traditional, acoustic instrumentation. This only adds to the feeling of age many of these songs have: an air of wisdom and of inheritance which underlines Goat’s stated aim, and their folk credentials.
    But Goat can still make a room writhe: their jamFOCUSSED methodology has always lent itself to trancelike, dancelike hip shaking, a solid groove laying the foundations before building layers and intensity. "Temple Rythms" sounds like an acoustic cover of Aphex Twin’s "Didgeridoo", "Trouble in the Streets" pure sunshine ecstasy, a Cape Town carnival that plucks only the finest grooves from Graceland. There remains plenty to dig your teeth into, and Goat retain their head-thrown-back, hard rocking form on tracks like "All Seeing Eye" (like Ram Jam playing a Masonic hall), "Goatfuzz" (The White Stripes if Meg was frontwoman) and Goatband (Led Zeplin rushing on MDMA).
    An album called Requiem begs obvious questions about the future of the band. Such a misanthropic collective could call it quits at any time. The penultimate track, "Goodbye" is softly triumphant and the strains from "Diaribi", the first track from the first album, close "Ubuntu" the final track onRequiem. Ubuntu is a Southern African philosophical concept, roughly translating to ‘humanity towards others’ and emphasising the bond and one-ness of humanity. In this context, the album seems like a dying man pulling you close, and telling you to be nice to your brother with his final breath.
    But to take this as a full-stop would be wrong. There is a feeling of higher power, an all encompassing truth or consciousness that pervades the album, and provides the thread to link their myriad sounds. Rather than an end, this feels like a reincarnation. They clearly do operate differently, communally, expanding and contracting and fluid, as band members drop in and out with their specific styles and instruments. Maybe it’s true that Goat are merely the latest in a long tradition of players from Korpilombolo, with its history of voodoo and unique musical style.
    Often the creation of an elaborate backstory and diligent anonymity, like that of Jungle, or Deadmau5, is used to give credence to the music. In the case of Goat, the two form a cryptic, mystic, whole where it’s the music that gives credence to the myth. One comes from the other and vice-versa. The veracity of their story is irrelevant, so enchanting is the mixture of the two, in flowing robes and occultish masks. And there is certainly something heathen in the sacrificial brew, something of the Robert Johnson about it. Perhaps such music could only be made in a Faustian pact, in a Swedish voodoo commune, by a fluid group of masked musicians. However implausible that might be.

    REQUIUM-01 Djorlen: union of Sun and Moon/02 I Sing In Silence/03 Temple Rhythms/04 Alarms/05 Trouble in the Streets/06 Psychedelic Lover/07 Goatband/08 Try My Robe/09 It's Not Me/10 All Seeing Eye/11 Goatfuzz/12 Goodbye/13 Ubuntu

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  • 11/07/16--12:57: Lords of the North
  • Seattle Washington is the home of Lords of the North.....can't say I know a lot about them, all I have is this demo (2008)......HOWEVER, this demo rocks like a motherfucker imo.....maybe you disagree, or whatever, but to these ears, this is some pretty decent doom/sludge/grunge rock......"Follow the Falcon" and "Beams of Light" are pretty damn good hard rockers, frankly, I enjoyed the whole album.....I think it's pretty damn good.......I honestly don't know (without checking) whether they ever released a "proper" LP or not, but as I said, this demo rocks it for me, see if you agree, but I'm in the corner that says this one is pretty badass.

    LORDS OF THE NORTH-01 Souls Come Rising/02 Follow the Falcon/03 Beams of Light/04 Steam Caves/05 Loyal Legion/06 The March

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    I know I put this up once before, like last year, but I think the way I did it might have scared some folks off
    (files too big, which I can agree with), I've broken the Torrent down and tried to alphabetize the tracks, kind of......this is the 7th part, we are up to letter "G", and if you missed any of the previous ones, I'm pretty sure they are still available......anyways, I LOVE THIS SHIT, and I know some others do here you go, part SEVEN of this monstrosity, and there will be a BUNCH more...anyway, this stuff is GREAT music, if you miss it TWICE please don't complain......

    VOLUME 7-01 THE GENTLEMEN-it's a cryin' Shame/02 GLADIATORS-Turning to Stone/03 GLASSFAMILY-I'm Losing It/04 GLASS SUN-I Can See the Light/05 GLASS SUN-Silence of the Morning/06 GOLDEN CUPS-Hey Joe/07 GOLDEN GRASS-Elastic Soldier/08 GOLLIWOGS-Walking on the Water/09 GONN-Breakdown of Greteley/10 GONN-Don't Need Your Lovin'/11 GOOD FEELINGS-Shattered/12 GOOD IDEA-Inside Outside/13 GRAINS OF TIME-No Matter What They Say/14 GRASS ROOTS-You're a Lonely Girl/15 GRAVEYARD FIVE-Graveyard Theme/16 GRAY THINGS-Charity/17 GREAT BELIEVERS-Comin' Up Fast (Parts 1 & 2)/18 GREAT SOCIETY-I'm the One For You/19 GREEN BEANS-Knock On My Door/20 GREEN BEANS-Superstition/21 GREMLINS-High Time Baby/22 GRIFS-Catch a Ride/23 GROUP AXIS-Silly Ants/24 GROUP LOVE CORP.- Love Corporation/25 GUESS WHO-It's My Pride

    Hope ya like it, I gotta say I LOVE the Nuggets-garage-pre-punk stuff.......this shit kicks total ass!

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    (scott) Submitted by Zigzagwanderer, here are the rest of The Liquid Sound Company releases.......I haven't heard em, but I liked the one I posted so much that I am excited to tear into these! Thanks a million to Zigzagwander, who, of late, has been submitting some KILLER shares........keep it up, and that goes for all of you, this blog works best when I get LOTS of submissions from the team! I am betting that these albums kick ass, based on the one I DO have, lets find out........thanks a zillion to zigzagwanderer, THIS is how this is SUPPOSED to work!

    Hi Scott ,
                     Liquid Sound Company only made three albums , you posted one recently , here's the other two ;

    Liquid Sound Company - Acid Music for Acid People (2011)

    01 - Liquid Sound Freedom.mp3
    02 - Agitation Free.mp3
    03 - Wow, Man.mp3
    04 - Morning Sun.mp3
    05 - Preparation For The Psychedelic Eucharist Inside The Acid Temple.mp3
    06 - Unfolding.mp3

    Inline image 1


    Liquid Sound Company - Exploring The Psychedelic (1996)

    01 - A Splash Of Color.mp3
    02 - Mesmerizing Eye.mp3
    03 - Ride The Coaster Pyramid.mp3
    04 - Let The Incense Drift.mp3
    05 - Golden Gate '67.mp3
    06 - Swallow.mp3
    07 - Sadhana Siddhi.mp3

    Inline image 2


    can't wait to hear these!

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    (scott) I posted some Goat the other day, sort of (I think) a fairly obscure outfit (I really liked it)......up
    comes Zigzagwanderer with four (!) live boots....thanks a million to Zig, these are awesome! Anyone who didn't check the previous Goat post, I advise you to check them out, this is some great music.......thanks again zigzag!

    Hi Scott ,
                    Four live ones from Goat , Mediafire links , enjoy !!

    Goat - Live @ Glastonbury Festival, England, 28-06-2013

    01 - Diarabi.mp3
    02 - Golden Dawn.mp3
    03 - Disco Fever.mp3
    04 - Stone Goat.mp3
    05 - Let It Bleed.mp3
    06 - Dreambuilding.mp3
    07 - Run To Your Mama.mp3
    08 - Goathead.mp3
    09 - Goatman.mp3
    10 - Goatlord.mp3
    11 - Det Som Aldrig Förändras -  Diarabi.mp3


    Goat - Live @ Liverpool International Festival Of Psychedelia, England, 27-09-2014

    01 - Talk To God.mp3
    02 - Let It Bleed.mp3
    03 - Gathering Of Ancient Tribes.mp3
    04 - The Light Within.mp3
    05 - Disco Fever.mp3
    06 - Goatlord.mp3
    07 - Goatman.mp3
    08 - Run To Your Mama.mp3
    09 - Goathead.mp3
    10 - Hide From The Sun.mp3
    11 - Goatslaves.mp3
    12 - Words.mp3
    13 - Det Som Aldrig Förändras? - Diarabi.mp3


    Goat - Live @ Music Hall Of Williamsburg , Brooklyn , NY, USA 23-04-13

    01 - Diarabi.mp3
    02 - Golden Dawn.mp3
    03 - [Tuning].mp3
    04 - Disco Fever.mp3
    05 - Stone Goat.mp3
    06 - Let It Bleed.mp3
    07 - Dream Building.mp3
    08 - Run To Your Mama.mp3
    09 - Goathead.mp3
    10 - [Tuning.mp3
    11 - Goatman.mp3
    12 - Goatlord.mp3
    13 - Det Som Aldrig Fo¦Êra¦Êndras _ Diarabi.mp3
    14 - [Encore Break].mp3
    15 - The Sun The Moon.mp3


    Goat - Live @ The Electric Ballroom , London , England , 27-06-13

    01 - Diarabi.mp3
    02 - Golden Dawn.mp3
    03 - Disco Fever.mp3
    04 - Stonegoat.mp3
    05 - Let It Bleed.mp3
    06 - Dreambuilding.mp3
    07 - Run To Your Mama.mp3
    08 - Goathead.mp3
    09 - Goatman.mp3
    10 - Goatlord.mp3
    11 - Det Som Aldrig Förändras –Kristallen Den Fina.mp3
    12 - The Sun The Moon.mp3

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    (scott)-Jon S sends me a show from this one band, if I thought their name was relevant I'd identify them by name, but likely you have never heard of should check them out though, they have a lot of potential.......some really good songs on here, "Tumbling Dice", "Jumping Jack Flash", "Gimme Shelter"......these are good songs, really, you should check them out! How this one band didn't hit it big, I'll never know, but what are you gonna do? Anyway, you know I like the obscure stuff, and this one band should be world famous, but ya just never know. I know I will be looking for more stuff from this one band, and maybe you will be too once you hear them!!

    01 Jumpin' Jack Flash/02 It's Only Rock 'N' Roll (But I Like It)/03 Tumbling Dice/04 Out of Control/05 All Down the Line/06 Angie/07 Paint It Black/08 Honky Tonk Woman/09 You Got the Silver/10 Before They Make Me Run/11 Midnight Rambler/12 Miss You/13 Gimme Shelter/14 Start Me Up/15 Sympathy for the Devil/16 Brown Sugar/17 You Can't Always Get What You Want/18 (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction

    By the way, if you are interested in hearing this one band, you may (to be safe) want to act quickly, just in case.

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