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The music that shaped a semi-wasted life

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  • 10/20/16--13:11: Bricklin
  • Seems like of late I've been in a bit of a 1980's/new wave kind of mood, kind of odd since that is my least favorite era of rock n roll, maybe I am changing.......I submit here the only album from Bricklin, from somewhere in Pennsylvania as best as I can tell.......poppish-new wave, VERY typical of the sounds of the era, but not a BAD album, I bet you've never heard it!   Not to bad at all, actually, and if you've enjoyed some of my recent early 80's stuff that I've posted (sort of as a lark, but actually, in retro, some pretty good music, check, on this album for example, "For Her Love", a pretty cool song, and there are other moments here as guys who are a few years younger than the Big Man might have grown up on some of this stuff, I kind of remember this one, but not too clearly until I broke it out, but I will tell ya, it's really a pretty good record.

    BRICKLIN-01 Fear of Life/02 For Her Love/03 Even When You're Done With Me/04 All I Know/05 Love Without Pain/06 If This is Love/07 All You Own/08 She's Not My Girl/09 How Come I/10 The Sleeping Dream

    Every era, every genre, has its unknown albums, which are NOT classics, BUT not everything needs to's wonderful to listen to incredibly dated stuff such as this, it REALLY brings the era back into focus.....we'll see how long I stay in my 80's new wave groove, like all the other eras/scenes I do have a stack of em, we shall always hope ya like the variety.

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    (scott) Link-king John N sends us a band that he seems quite fond of (I am nearly totally unfamiliar with them
    other than what I have sampled here). This was, though, from what I've heard, a very good, blues bassed alt-rock band from Norway......let's examine their career in a few parts, as I said, what I have listened to so far has impressed me, let us see what you guys think.

    Their first release was 1999's "Industrial Silence", presented here in deluxe 2-disc edition. John N first introduced me to them as being somewhat "Doors-like", and I find that to be true, in particular the vocals, which are really unique, and the creepy music that kind of looms in the background.....I really enjoyed this album (thus far the only one I've completed, but, yeah, this could be a (much) lattter-day Doors......I like it much, so we'll be investigating all of their stuff slowly. Both discs of this debut are worth your time.

    I'm going to give you another double disc effort too, "The Nightly Disease", which is a somewhat similar effort, but still stacked with some pretty good material......check "City Blues" from disc 2......pretty cool.

    John N sens me interesting stuff, no one could possibly argue's enjoyeable for me to get to know "new" (20 year old!) bands, ones that I missed before.......and THIS is no question one of them. How they weren't at least somewhat big on the US alternative scene I'll never know, bit this is great stuff, and (you know John N), I have a LOT of it to get to you......I'm just gonna spoon feed ya, cause I'm learning, myself, but over the next week or so, we'll have an education on this band. I really do like this, this dude is a vocalist that I think is totally excellent, and the band are no slouches either, let us know what your opinion is!

    INDUSTRIAL SILENCE DISC 1-01 Vocal/02 Beautyproof/03 Shine/04 Higher/05 Sirens/06 Strange Colour Blue/07 This Old House/08 Electric/09 Salt/10 Belladonna/11 Norwegian Hammerworks Corp./12 Quite Emotional/13 Terraplane

    INDUSTRIAL SILENCE DISC 2-01 Wheelchair/0 Move/03 Sweet Simone (Live Demo)/04 Strange Colour Blue (alternate)/05 Highway 2.000.000/06 Oceanliner/07 The Riverbed/08 Tonight I Have No Words For You/09 1990/10 I'm Life's Wonderful Way of Letting You Down/11 Bill Skins Fifth/12 Mother of Earth/13 Legends and Bones/14 Step Into My Mirror/15 Hush Sleep Tonight (Demo)/16 Shine (Demo)/17 I'm In Love With You/18 This Must Be the Song That Will Pay My Bills (Demo)

    THE NIGHTLY DISEASE DISC 1-01 Black Mambo/02 Step Into This Room and Dance For Me/03 Nightly Disease Part 2/04 Lucy One/05 Hands Up-I Love You/06 A Deadend Mind/07 The Frontman/08 We Are Go/09 Into Heartbeats/10 Sister/11 Two Black Bones/12 Only When You're Gone

    THE NIGHTLY DISEASE DISC 2-01 City Blues/02 Lost Gospel/03 California (Athletic Sound Demo)/04 Ice-9/05 Ready to Carry You/06 View From a Hilltop (Demo)/07 Fast Blues For Little V/08 4-Track Country Songs Part 1/09 4-Track Country Songs Part 2/10 I'm Sorry/11 Thrasher (Neil Young)/12 Come On Home to Me/13 Local Norma Jean (Demo)/14 Stop the Beats (Demo)/15 Nightclub (Hands Up-I Love You) (Demo)/16 If I Only had My Guitar/17 Lord, Why Have You Left Me/18 Departure #6/19 Lift Me (Demo)

    I really like these and think this will be a fun ride, investigating the rest of them, and there are quite a few......once again, way to go John N!

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    (scott)-So did you watch the remade version last night? Why do the EVER remake ANYTHING? Seriously, is there ONE single example of ANYTHING when the remake is superior? No? THEN WHY FUCKING BOTHER?

    Anyway, blog-regular Studkid submits to us the follwoing, let us have a look:

    From the ashes of Tripping Daisy one of favorit pop-psych outfit emerge: Polyphonic Spree. In 2012 they perfomed the show live in London, here it is plus some other of Spree's favorties.

    (2012) Songs From the Rocky Horror Picture Show Live

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    People can't get enough of this stuff, and who can blame em? Some of the great music of the rock era comes
    from this era/scene imo, NEVER gets old, always rocking and charmingly amatuerish......remember this is a HUG torrent, I have no clue how many parts I'll be breaking it down to (15 or so I would guess), but people love the shit out of this stuff, and that is great.....glad to deliver what the minions desire.........without further ado, here is part Two!

    PART 2-01 BACKGROUNDS-Day Breaks at Dawn/02 BAD BOYS-Black Olives/03 BAD BOYS-Love/04 BAD ROADS-Blue Girl/05 BAD ROADS-Too Bad/06 BAKER STREET IRREGULARS-I'm A Man/07 BALLOON FARM-A Question of Temperature/08 BANSHEES-Project Blue/09 BARDOWIE-Rudy Pies/10 BARONS-Drawbridge/11 BAROQUES-Iowa, a Girl's  Name/12 BARRIER-Dawn Breaks Through/13 BARRY EBLING & THE INVADERS-I Can make it Without You/14 BEATLES-Think For Yourself/15 BEVER PATROL-ESP/16 BEAVERS-Why Baby Why/17 BEEFEATERS-Don't Hurt Me/18 BEETHOVEN FOUR-Set My Soul on Fire/19 BEETHOVENS-She Is My Love/20 BEGGARS OPERA-Escape/21 BELLS OF RHYMNY-She'll Be Back/22 BENDERS-Can't Tame Me/23 BETTER SWEET-Like the Flowers/24 BIT OF
    SWEET-Out of Sight Out Of Mind/25 BLACK & BLUES-Come to Me/26  BLACK BANANA-Listen
    Girl/27 BLACK WATCH-Left Behind/28 BLOKES-Slander's Child/29 BLUE THINGS-Twist and Shout/30 BLUESTARS-Social End Product/31 BOB MORRISON-Hey Puppet Man/32 BOBBY BRELYN-Hanna/33 BOLD-Gotta Get Some/34 BONDSMEN-Our Time to Try/35 BOURBONS-Of Old Approximately/36 BOWLERS-It's Too Late/37 BOY BLUES-Coming Down to You/38 BOY BLUES-Living Child/39 BRAM RIGG SET-I Can Only Give You Everything/40 BRAVE NEW WORLD-Train Kept a Rollin'/41 BREAKERS-Don't Send Me Know Flowers/42 BRIGANDS-(Will I Still Be Her) Big Man/43 BROGUES-Don't Shoot Me Down/44 BROTHERLY LOVERS-Was a Lie/45 BRYMERS-Sacrifice/46 BUCKINGHAMS-Don't Want to Cry/47 BUDDHAS-Lost Innocence/48 BUDDHAS-My Dream/49 BUNNYS-For Elise/50 BURLINGTON EXPRESS-One Day Girl/51 BUTLERS-It's a Fine Time/52 BUTLERS-Shop Around/53 BUTTER REBELLION-Aftermath

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  • 10/21/16--15:25: Newmoon
  • John N sends me so many great, interesting links that it's hard to keep up with him UNDERSTAND THAT I LOVE THIS, THIS IS NOT A PROBLEM, the more stuff I can share with you the better IMO......what we have here is the latest (2016, so you know what THAT means), release from Newmoon, "Space".....and daptly titled it is, spacey/shoegaze psych which I enjoyed in my first listen.......seems like this type of spacey shoegaze stuff has developed quite a following, a LOT of bands putting out this type of music recently. I say: GOOD fucking keep it up, this shit is fab and who knows, in the future, may be looked upon as the "soundtrack" of the era in which we currently live?

    SPACE-01 Helium/02 Head of Stone/03 Life in the Sun/04 Skin/05 Coma/06 Everything Is/07 Hi/08 One Thousand/09 Liberate the World

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  • 10/21/16--15:45: Grobschnitt
  • Grobschnitt  was one of those legenedary krautrock band of the early-mid 70's, I love that music BUT my collection is somewhat lacking.......anyone wanna help out? for Grobschnitt, I have but this single release (it IS a great one), 1978's incredible "Solar Music Live".....a really fab album, of course you need to be a Krautrock fan, but trust me, this one will make your weekend more pleasant......

    Is there anyone out there, in the UK or elsewhere, who has a giant stash of 70's krautrock? Just curious, I'd like a krautrock "go to" submitter, as my collection is "minimal" (probably less than 1000 discs!)....let me know if you wish to be like Cliff (the reggae king) or some of the others.....I love that damn mid-70's krautrock (Jane and Krokodil are my faves, but I love it all) and if you are expert and have a large stash, and want to be part of the team here, PLEASE let me know, this is an area I'd love to venture into, but my stash of material is NOT as great as it could be.

    SOLAR MUSIC LIVE-01 Solar Music I/02 Food Sicore/03 Solar Music II/04 Mulheim Special/05 Otto Pankrock/06 Golden Mist/07 Solar Music III

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  • 10/21/16--16:09: Gurr
  • OK, last one for today, I don't know if I'll hit you up over the weekend or not, Madame Angela is singing in the finals of the competition she was in last week (and OF COURSE, the Vikings are playing, geez).....anyway, let me give you one more fab album to set your weekend RIGHT......John N (who else?) sends me "In My Head" from Gurr, who are a tremendous chick duo from Germany (certainly you know by now my weakness for chick bands/duos/singers whatever)....

    This is a REALLY good one, I mean "don't miss".......great songs, very well done, yet another one that might just make my year-end list (we'll see)........really well done, sort of Sleater-Kinney-ish, but still REALLY good, this one I recommend you check out, it's damn good!

     IN MY HEAD-01 Breathless/02 #1985/03 Moby Dick/04 Walnuss/05 Yosemite/06 Free/07 Klartraum/08 Rollerskate/09 Diamonds/10 Computer Love/11 Song For Mildred

    Personally I REALLY REALLY liked this one, if any of you are foolish enough to respect my personal opinions on stuff.......really though, I totally DO think this is a bad ass release, never even HEARD OF Gurr, but I've quickly become a fan....excellent album in my estimation

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  • 10/22/16--15:53: The Next Batch of Madrugada
  • (scott) I have really liked what I have heard of from this outfit (John N submission, see yesterday)......John N
    originally told me he found them somewhat Doors-like and I can see that, sort of a Doors with the 60's influences removed and replaced by modern-day alt/grunge sensibilities.

    Anyway, next in line are the next batch of releases as I have them.....from 2001, an EP entitled "A Deadend Mind", which also includes an odd "4-track country songs"....not exactly my thing, but rare I'm certain.

    From the next year comes "Grit", (which also contains a selection of bonus singles.) "The Deep End" was the next full length (2005), and believe it or not this is a deluxe edition as well with additional tracks, and finally, for tonight, we have a self-titled effort from 2008......again, let me state my admiration for these, in particular the Doors/Music Machine (I hear them in there too) influence, and I am especially fond of the lyrics as well, in general, hope you all are enjoying THIS series!

    A DEADEND MIND EP-01 A Deadened Mind/02 Vocal (Acoustic Version)/03 View From a Hilltop
    (demo)/04 Fast Blues For Little V/05 4 Track Country Songs Part 1/07 4 Track Country Songs Part 1a/08
     4 Track Country Songs Part 1b/09 4 Track Country Songs Part 2a (Filthy McNasty's Whiskey Cafe)/10 4 Track Country Songs Part 2b

    GRIT-01 Blood Shot Adult Committment/02 Ready/03 I Don't Fit/04 Madrugada/05 Seven Seconds/06 Proxy/07 Come back Billy Pilgrimm/08 Get back in Line/09 Majesty/10 Try/11 Got You/12 Love's Institution/13 Got You/20 Seconds of Silence/(Hidden Track) Love's Institution

    SINGLE #1-01 Ready/02 Zebra/03 I Feel Hard/04 Movin Up

    SINGLE #2-01 Majesty/02 7 Seconds (live)/03 I'm Not Afraid (live)

    THE DEEP END-01 The Kids Are One High Street/02 On Your Side/03 Hold On to You/04 Stories From the Street/05 Running Out of Time/06 The Lost Gospel/07 The Elektro Vakkum/08 Subterranean Sunlight/09 Hard to Come Back/10 Ramona/11 Slow Builder/12 Sail Away/13 Life in the City (ltd. Edition Bonus Track)/14 I'm In Love (Ltd. Edition Bonus Track)

    MADRUGADA-01 Whatever Happened to You/01 What's On Your Mind/02 The Hour of the Wolf/03 Look Away Lucifer/05 New Woman New Man/07 Highway of Light/08 Valley of Deception/09 Honey Bee/09 Our Time Won't Last That Long/34 seconds of silence/Untitled piano instrumental

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  • 10/22/16--16:15: The Last Words
  • Well, I don't know why, but of late I've been feeling a GOOD bit of obscure early 80's new wave, and here is a good one......from Australia comew (one album only? unsure)......The Last Words.......again, typical of the era, walking the thin line, new wave just BARELY wishing it was punk, and it really sounds great......this was a fine album back in it's day, wonder how many recall it.......this is another of those semi-perfect albums that shows off so well the true sounds of that long gone and buried of early 80's new wave/pop? This WILL be for you if you've not heard it.......this is a fine album, one that I've played several times in the last 36 (!) years, Auzzie new wave/punk gets no better.....why they were not better known? Accident of history? Whatever, this is a fine album.

    THE LAST WORDS-01 Walk Away/02 Top Secret/03 My Street of Fire/04 Games/05 Do-It Yourself/06 Semi-Detatched Love/07 Today's Kids/08 Spectacular Times/09 The Stranger/10 It's Alright/11 Every Schoolboy's Dream/12 Never Never Man

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  • 10/22/16--16:35: Drugdealer
  • A John N (recent release) of which I have minimal knowledge, obviously the band name intrigues me a bit.....I checked it out and it's pretty much so-so average electronic pop, not bad, actually a bit interesting......strange album, I'm listening to it right now and really don't know what to make of it.......anyway, it's not something you want to run away from, you guys COME HERE for VARIETY in music right ? (at least I hope, that is the whole idea).....

    People send me stuff daily......I may not always recommend it highly (just me personally), but I'll always post it, because I strive to get you guys as many rock sounds as possible.....this one is NOT a fave of mine, really, but I will not advise against download, there are MANY of you who will dig here is Drug Dealer's 2016 album "The End of Comedy"......

    THE END OF COMEDY-01 Far Rockaway Theme/02 The Real World/03 Suddenly/04 Easy To Forget/05 Were You Saying Something/06 Theme For Alessandro/07 It's Only Raining Right Where You're Standing/08 The End of Comedy/09 Sea of Nothing/10 My Life/11 Comedy Outro

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    Today, October 24, 1 week before Halloween, marks the 43rd birthday of my favorite witch, and also my favorite smoking hot lover-babe, Madame Angela.....I like birthday posts, I've done a few of them over the years, either posting a person's fave album, or one I know they will like......

    This is a favorite of Angie's, a two-disc Tori Amos set, "To Venus and Back" disc is a fine live set, the other a set of studio work, highly experimental an electronic (for Tori)......I really like this set, especially the live stuff, and Tori Amos is perhaps my love's very favorite......we'll be doing a comprehensive Tori Amos post (with ALL her albums, boots, rarities and the like, somewhat soon, but, of course, those take time and work, but it's coming....

    In the meantime, first of all, I hope you DO enjoy Angie's sort-of eccentric music selections (many seem to, The Singling Bowls, Chanting Monks, and some of the Native American stuff has been hit pretty hard, and she has LOTS of more stuff, relative to her lifestyle and beliefs......for now though, she LOVES some Tori Amos, and I always have as well, though not to the same degree.  This is a good set though, Tori comes through as a dynamic live performer (not exactly her reputation) on the live disc, which has, among other gems, stellar versions of "Cornflake Girl" , "Mr. Zebra", and lots more of her unique song stylings.

    Happy birthday Madame Angela. I love you dearly, thank you for all you have done for me (not least of which includes saving my life) and I so look forward to the rest of our lives together. Consider this post just a small gift in your honor, I hope some of the rest of you like it as well, it's a good one, and for the uninitiated, a warm up for the "BIG" Tori post coming soon(er or later, maybe after layoff, we shall see).

    Happy Birthday Angie, I love you!

    Disc 1 (Venus:Orbiting)-01 Bliss/02 Juarez/03 Concertina/04 Glory of the 80's/05 Lust/06 Suede/07 Josephine/08 Riot Proof/09 Datura/10 Spring Haze/11 1000 Oceans

    Disc 2 (Still Orbiting)-01 Precious Things/02 Cruel/03 Cornflake Girl/04 Bells For Her/05 Girl/06 Cooling/07 Mr. Zebra/08 Cloud on My Tongue/09 Sugar/10 Little Earthquakes/11 Space Dog/12 Waitress/13 Purple People

    You never know what you might find on here, which is the direction I TRY to take the blog in......GOD what a miserable football weekend for a Vikings/Ohio State fan..........uuuuuurrrrrrrr........Cubs/Tribe is like a dream come through World Series though.....who is your pick? I'd favor the Cubs BUT, I just have a feeling they are gonna "pull a Cubs" prediction: Tribe in 7 games.......I love baseball so I welcome all other predictions here......if you get it right I'll fill a request for you or something.......I guess......

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  • 10/24/16--12:44: Teenage Fanclub from Jon S
  • (scott) Jon S sends incredible posts on, say, a weekly or twice weekly basis, today he sends me a handful
    and I am not wasting them all in one for today, lets go with an old fave of mine, Teenage Fanclub......somewhat underappreciated for my money,from Scotland,  in fact, the classic "Bandwagonesque" was chosen "Album of the Year" by Spin Magazine, whatever year that it was that it came out......a really good band with quite a varied sound, sort of 1990's post-power pop, pre-grunge kind of thing.......they never really seemed to get it "all" put together after that album, but they certainly did leave a memorable moment or two along the way......personal fave of mine: "The Concept" from "Bandwagonesque".....good song, good album, and HIGHLY under-rated band, here is pretty much the whole story, Jon S-style, meaning, you most likely need to check this out if you are either a fan of the band (for the rarities) or if you are uninititated (because, frankly, your life needs a bit more enrichment!)

    Thanks Jon S, LOVE LOVE LOVE all of your submissions.......thanks 1,000,0000 times over, and that is not enough!

    Teenage Fanclub

    A Catholic Education (1990)

    01 Heavy Metal/02 Everything Flows/03 Catholic Education/04 Too Involved/05 Don't Need a Drum/06 Critical Mass/07 Heavy Metal II/08 Catholic Education 2/09 Eternal Light/10 Every Picture I Paint/11 Everybody's Fool

    The King (1991)

    01 Heavy Metal 6/02 Mudhoney/03 Interstellar Overdrive/04 Robot Love/05 Like A Virgin/06 The King/07 Oal Inquest/08 The Ballad Of Bow Evil/09 Heavy Metal 9

    Bandwagonesque (1991)

    01 The Concept/02 Satan/03 December/04 What You Do to Me/05 I Don't Know/06 Star Sign/07 Metal Baby/08 Pet Rock/09 Sidewinder/10 Alcoholiday/11 Guiding Star/12 Is This Music_

    Thirteen (1993)

    01 Hang On/02 The Cabbage/03 Radio/04 Norman 3/05 Song To The Cynic/06 120 Mins/07 Escher/08 Commercial Alternative/09 Fear Of Flying/10 Tears Are Cool/11 Ret Liv Dead/12 Get Funky/13 Gene Clark

    Grand Prix (1995)

    01 About You/02 Sparky's Dream/03 Mellow Doubt/04 Don't Look Back/05 Verisimilitude/06 Neil Jung/07 Tears/08 Discolite/09 Say No/10 Going Places/11 I'll Make It Clear/12 I Gotta Know/13 Hardcore_Ballad

    Songs From Northern Britain (1997)

    01 Start Again/02 Ain't That Enough/03 Can't Feel My Soul/04 I Don't Want Control Of You/05 Planets/06 It's A Bad World/07 Take The Long Way Round/08 Winter/09 I Don't Care/10 Mount Everest/11 Your Love Is The Place Where I Come From/12 Speed Of Light

    Howdy! (2000)

    01 I Need Direction/02 I Can't Find My WayHOME/03 Accidental Life/04 Happiness/05 Near You/06 Dumb Dumb Dumb/07 The Town And The City/08 The Sun Shines From You/09 Straight & Narrow/10 Cul De Sac/11 My Uptight Life/12 If I Never See You Again

    Man-Made (2005)

    01 It's All In My Mind/02 Time Stops/03 Nowhere/04 Save/05 Slow Fade/06 Only With You/07 Cells/08 Feel/09 Fallen Leaves/10 Flowing/11 Born Under A Good Sign/12 Don't Hide

    Shadows (2010)
    01 Sometimes I Don't Need To Believe In Anything/02 Baby Lee/03 The Fall/04 Into The City/05 Dark Clouds/06 The Past/07 Shock And Awe/08 When I Still Have Thee/09 Live With The Seasons/10 Sweet Days Waiting/11 The Back Of My Mind/12 Today Never Ends

    Here (2016)

    01 I'm in Love/02 Thin Air/03 Hold On/04 The Darkest Part of the Night/05 I Have Nothing More to Say/06 I Was Beautiful When I Was Alive/07 The First Sight/08 Live In The Moment/09 Steady State/10 It's a Sign/11 With You/12CONNECTED TO Life

    King Tut's Wah Wah Hut, Glasgow 5/22/91

    01 God Knows It's True/02 Star Sign/03 So Far Gone/04 Metal Baby/05 Pet Rock/06 What You Do To Me/07 Everything Flows/08 Catholic Education/09 Long Hair/10 Free Again

    Town And Country Club, London 1/2/92

    01 Heavy Metal/02 Catholic Education/03 Pet Rock/04 God Knows it's True/05 I Don't Know/06 Metal Baby/07 So Far Gone/08 Sidewinder/09 What You Do to Me/10 December/11 Star Sign/12 Ballad of John and Yoko/13 Everything Flows

    Bowery Ballroom, NYC 10/15/16 (from

    01 Start Again/02 I Need Direction/03 Verisimilitude/04 I Don't Want Control of You/05 [tuning music]/06 Sometimes I Don't Need to Believe in Anything/07 Hold On/08 It's All in My Mind/09 Thin Air/10 About You/11 The Darkest Part of the Night/12 Don't Look Back/13 Can't Feel My Soul/14 I Have Nothing More to Say/15 I'm In Love/16 Star Sign/17 [banter - thanks]/18 The Concept/19 [encore break]/20 Did I Say/21 Radio/22 Your Love Is the Place Where I Come From/23 Everything Flows

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  • 10/24/16--13:07: Grobschnitt Redux!!!
  • (scott) If you recall, last week I posted the only Grobschnitt album I happen to own, and asked for some
    more.....well, TWO regulars came through with a BUNCH of this fab 1970's Krautrock.......I'm gonna say I have not heard all of these.....pretty much, my familiarity ends, more or less, with the album I posted.....BUT first of all, along comes my great pal Ruben Chandler who sent me what seems to be a fairly comprehensive link to pretty much ALL of their work:

    So, compliments of Ruben Chandler, is basically their entire body of work......but ALSO submitted was (looks like also their entire body of work from longtime (VERY LONGTIME, and he KNOWS I APPRECIATE IT, and, I hope he accepts my sincere apologies) zigzagwandaerer, who has them all broken down by albums, with track listings and etc, so it depends on what you wish: The whole discography, or pick and choose, makes me no difference, what matters is HERE is the Grobschnitt I promised, and from what I hear (so far) this is amazing 70's Kraturock, and if you are a fan of that, this is FOR YOU! 

    01 . Symphony.
    02 . Travelling.
    03 . Wonderful Music.
    04 . Sun Trip.
    05 - Die Sinfonie

    Ballerman .
    01 . Sahara
    02 . Nickel-Odeon
    03 . Drummer's Dream
    04 . Morning Song
    05 . Magic Train
    06 . Solar-Music, Part 1
    07 . Solar-Music, Part 2

    01 . Jupp
    02 . The Excursion Of Father Smith
    03 . The Clown
    04 . Dream And Reality 
    05 . Sunny Sunday's Sunset
    06 . Auf Wiedersehen

    Rockpommel's Land
    01 . Ernie's Reise
    02 . Severity Town
    03 . Anywhere
    04 . Rockpommel's Land

    01 . Come On People
    02 . Merry-Go-Round
    03 . A.C.Y.M.
    04 . Du Schaffst Das Nicht
    05 . COKE-Train
    06 . May Day

    Volle Molle

    01 . Snowflakes
    02 . A.C.Y.M.
    03 . Wuppertal Punk
    04 . Beifall
    05 . Waldeslied
    06 . Coke-Train-Show
    07 . Rockpommel's Land

    01 . The Sniffer
    02 . Space-Rider
    03 . Mary Green
    04 . Silent Movie
    05 . Joker 
    06 . Illegal
    07 . Simple Dimple
    08 . Raintime

    01 . Wir Wollen Sterben
    02 . Remscheid
    03 . Razzia
    04 . Der Alte Freund
    05 . Schweine Im Weltall
    06 . Poona-Express
    07 . Wir Wollen Leben

    Kinder Und Narren
    01 . Paradox
    02 . Orakel
    03 . Geradeaus
    04 . Keine Angst
    05 . Ich Liebe Dich
    06 . Augenstern
    07 . Wie Der Wind
    08 . Die Kinder Ziehn Zum Strand
    09 . Könige Der Welt

    Sonnentanz - Live
    01 . Explosionen
    02 . Polar Traum
    03 . Sonnentanz
    04 . Neonherz
    05 . Wir Sind Die Sonne
    06 . Uhrkampf
    07 . Solar Energie

    01 . Auf Dem Seil 
    02 . Fantasten 
    03 . Unser Himmel
    04 . Hallo Mama
    05 . Sous Le Tapis
    06 . Mein Leben
    07 . Mauerblumen
    08 . Komm' Und Tanz'
    09 . Film Im Kopf
    10 . Der Weg Nach Haus

    Last Party Live
    01 . Keine Angst
    02 . Space Rider
    03 . Razzia/Illegal
    04 . Silent Movie
    05 . Wie Der Wind
    06 . Mary Green
    07 . Anywhere
    08 . Simple Dimple

    History Of Solar Music 1
    1-1 Banana Boat Song
    1-2 I Walk The Line
    1-3 Solar Music Warburg '78 
    1-4 Skip ID @ 9 min
    1-5 Skip ID @ 15 min
    1-5 Skip ID @ 23 min
    1-6 Skip ID @ 34 min 
    1-7 Skip ID @ 31 min
    1-8 Skip ID @ 50 min
    1-9 Zugabe 6:45
    2-1 Solar Music Münster '79
    2-2 Skip ID @ 5 min
    2-3 Skip ID @ 9 min
    2-4 Skip ID @ 15 min
    2-5 Skip ID @ 20 min
    2-6 Skip ID @ 25 min
    2-7 Merry-Go-Round
    2-8 Solar Music Studio '74
    2-9 Skip ID @ 4 min
    2-10 Skip ID @ 10 min
    2-11 Skip ID @ 14 min

    History Of Solar Music 2
    1-1 Solar Music Mysteria
    1-2 Skip ID @ 11 min
    1-3 Skip ID @ 21 min
    1-4 Skip ID @ 30 min
    1-5 Skip ID @ 38 min
    1-6 Skip ID @ 46 min
    1-7 Skip ID @ 50 min
    1-8 Skip ID @ 55 min
    1-9 The J.R. Connection '82
    2-1 Solar Music Köln '79
    2-2 Skip ID @ 14 min
    2-3 Skip ID @ 21 min
    2-4 Skip ID @ 28 min
    2-5 Solar Music Osterholz '73
    2-6 Skip ID @ 4 min
    2-7 Skip ID @ 10 min
    2-8 Skip ID @ 15 min
    2-9 Skip ID @ 20 min
    2-10 Skip ID @ 25 min
    2-11 Skip ID @ 29 min
    2-12 Skip ID @ 34 min
    2-13 Skip ID @ 36 min
    2-12 Skip ID @ 20 min
    2-13 Skip ID @ 26 min
    2-14 Skip ID @ 29 min

    History Of Solar Music 3
    1-1 Im Schönen Sauerland
    1-2 Etwas Später ...
    1-3 The Hostalit Chopper
    1-4 Space Rider Meschede '81
    1-5 Lützows Wilde Verwegene Jagd
    1-6 Erkes Endlose Einleitung
    1-7 Solar Music Meschede '81
    1-8 Skip ID @ 8 min
    1-9 Skip ID @ 15 min
    1-10 Percussion Part
    1-11 The Band In The Band
    1-12 Final Part
    1-13 Zugabe Travelling
    1-14 Zugabe Illegal
    2-1 Suntrip Hagen '69 
    2-2 Ansage
    2-3 Solar Music Hagen '75
    2-4 Skip ID @ 12 min
    2-5 Skip ID @ 19 min
    2-6 Skip ID @ 29 min
    2-7 Skip ID @ 38 min 
    2-8 Zugabe AF-Song 1
    2-9 Zugabe AF-Song 2
    2-10 Hausmeister Jung
    2-11 Zugabe Sinfonie

    History Of Solar Music 4
    1-1 Solar Music Berlin '78
    1-2 Skid ID @ 4 min
    1-3 Skid ID @ 13 min
    1-4 Skid ID @ 19 min
    1-5 Skid ID @ 27 min
    1-6 Skid ID @ 32 min
    1-7 Skid ID @ 39 min
    1-8 Skid ID @ 43 min
    1-9 Skid ID @ 48 min
    1-10 Zugabe Wesel '78
    1-11 Zugabe Koblenz '79
    2-1 Ende Sahara Show
    2-2 Yorck'scher Marsch
    2-3 Der Western
    2-4 Jerks & Jokes
    2-5 Solar Music Lünen '77
    2-6 Skid ID @ 10 min
    2-7 Skid ID @ 20 min
    2-8 Skid ID @ 30 min
    2-9 Erke's "500"
    2-10 Skid ID @ 45 min 
    2-11 Absage
    2-12 Zugabe AF-Song

    Die Grobschnitt Story 1
    01 . Epilog
    02 . Winfried's Worte
    03 . Live-Intro '81
    04 . Razzia (Digitalremix)
    05 . Die Panne Von Osnabrück
    06 . Vater Schmidt In Wuppertal
    07 . Interview HLV-III
    08 . Sweetwater
    09 . Raintime-Session
    10 . Interview WDR-II
    11 . Dimple Street
    12 . Der Zauberer
    13 . Sahara-Show
    14 . Bielefelder Sinfonie
    15 . Interview AFN
    16 . Solar Impro
    17 . Live-Finale ‘81
    18 . Space-Rider
    19 . Lupo Whips It Out
    20 . Illegal
    21 . Solar Music (Powerplay)
    22 . Introduction ’81
    23 . Goodbye Illegal

    Die Grobschnitt Story 2
    01 . Tom Apple
    02 . Poona Express (Digitalremix)
    03 . Die Story Von 1968 Part 1
    04 . Born To Be Wild
    05 . Die Story Von 1968 Part 2
    06 . My Little Girl
    07 . 15 Jahre Später
    08 . Die Ernie-Show
    09 . Ernie's Reise
    10 . Rockpommel's Land (Live)
    11 . Sonnenflug
    12 . Reicht Das Otto?
    13 . Die Mulattin
    14 . Der Entenmörder
    15 . Der Skisprung
    16 . Brutalrock
    17 . Tom Apple (Live)
    18 . Remember '71
    19 . The Real Rider
    20 . Private Solar Excursion
    21 . Silent Movie (Alternative Mix)
    22 . Balli Balli
    23 . Die Salzmann-Show
    24 . Mary Green (Live)
    25 . Simple Dimple (Alternative Mix)
    26 . Herr Thiele
    27 . Nickelodeon (Playback)
    28 . Severety Town (Alternative Mix)


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  • 10/25/16--14:09: Garage-Fuzz, Part 3
  • These have been quite popular thus far, like I said previously I HAVE posted these before, but likely I did
    not break them down this way......and this way (smaller samples) seems to work better for the listeners/readers.....thus we present 50 or so tracks from "brought to you" by the letter "C".......I know this thing is big and awkward, but there is INCREDIBLE music in this torrent, and, fuck, at least Scott still cares about ya, this is my own post, rather than a submission......anyway, we will get through this whole thing, might take a while, but, some totally badass shit.....and we've got some fab submissions for today also, from Jon S, John N, Cliff, Brian.......what more could you want? The fucking World Series starts tonight, and what am I doing but fucking around with this blog-type thing? Feel loved, as I do it all for YOU!!!!!!!!!!

    PART 3-01 CAL RAYE-I Cry/02 CANADIAN ROGUES-Keep In Touch/03 CARVELLES-Lovin' Just My Style/04 CARETAKERS-East Side Story/05 CATFISH NIGHT & THE BLUE EXPRESS-Deathwise/06 CAVEMEN-It's Trash/07 CENTURIES-I'll Cry For You/08 CHANGIN TIMES-How Is the Air Up There/09 CHANGIN TYMES-Blue Music Box/10 CHANGIN TYMES-Go Your Way/11 CHANGIN TYMES-The Only Girl I Love/12 CHANGING TIMES-Near You Babe/13 CHANGING TIMES-You Make It Hard/14 CHAPARALLS-I Tried So hard/15 CHASERS-Inspiration/16 CHATEAUX-Reference Man, Part 1/17 CHEETAHS-Russian Boat Song/18 CHENTELLES-Be My Queen/19 CHEROKEES-Little Lover/20 CHESSMEN-You Can't Catch Me/21 CHICKS-Rebel Kind/22 CHILDREN- I Can Feel It Now/23 CHOCOLATE BALLOON COMPANY-Gotta Get This/24 CHOCOLATE MOOSE-Half Peeled Banana/25 CHOCOLATE MOOSE-The Chocolate Moose Theme/26 CHOSEN LOT-Time Was/27 CHRIS ALLEN & THE GOOD TIMERS-My Imagination/28 CHRISTOPHER & THE SOULS-Diamonds, Rats, and Gum/29 CICADELICS-We're Gonna Love This Way/30 CIRKYT-That's the Way Life Is/31 CIRKYT-Yesterday We Laughed/32 CLEASE-The Weird One/33 CLIMAX-You, I/34 CLOCKWORK ORANGE-Your Golden Touch/35 COLORS OF NIGHT-C-O-L-O-R-S/36 CORDS-
    Ain't That Love/37 CORPORATION-You Make Me Feel Good/38 COUNT FIVE-Pretty Big Mouth/39 COUNTDOWN FIVE-Elevator/40 COUNTDOWN FIVE-Uncle Kirby/41 CRESENDOS- Now She's Mine/42 CROCHETED DOUGHNUT-Get Out Your Rock N Roll Shoes/43 CRUSADE-Psychedelic Woman/44 CRYSTAL CHANDALIER-Suicidal Flowers/45 CRYSTAL EMPIRE-Emotion/46 CRYSTAL RAIN-Hey Ma Ma/47 CRYSTAL RAIN-You and Me/48 CULLS-Suzie Q/49 CURTIS KNIGHT & THE SQUIRES-Hornet's Nest/50 CYNICS-Baby What's Wrong/51 CYNICS-Cry, Cry Cry/52 CYNICS-No Way/53 CYNICS-Train Kept a Rollin'

    To me, this set is stunning......FAR more obscure than the normal "Nuggets" sets (which of course I love as well, NO disrespect intended) I've said before, I don't even remember from where I acquired this monster, but DAMN is this shit the fucking bomb or not? When I originally burned them to disc, I know it took over 15 discs, likely more than that, but this is an incredible set that someone painstakingly compiled, and it is worth every second that they spent.......we are only up to "C" and LOOK at all the amazing, LESSER KNOWN tracks you have already heard......I love this stuff, hope you guys do as well.

    World Series pick? I favor the Tribe (NOT coz I'm from Ohio, I am a longtime Royals fan), because I just have a feeling the Cubs are gonna "pull a Cubs" matter, whomever wins, it will be a long time coming for that franchise/team.....imagine, the Tribe vs. The Cubbies......glad I don't CARE who wins it, as it is a series of historical significance.

    Enjoy the music, and the World Series!

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    Black Uhuru was formed by Derrick "Ducky" Simpson in the 1970's.  The band, have  whose name Uhuru is
    Swahili for freedom, have over the years gone through many personnel changes. The first group members were Garth Dennis, Don Carlos, and Derrick "Ducky" Simpson.  Then Carlos left and was replaced by Errol Nelson.  During this period the band released its debut album, "Love Crisis", with a different mix, as "Black Sounds of Freedom". Sandra "Puma" Jones joined the group in 1979 with this new line-up; Rose, Simpson, and Jones, they teamed with drummer Sly Dunbar and bass player Robbie Shakespeare. Together they developed a musical style full of deep bass thumps, sharp keyboards, long instrumentals with guitar riffs, whirly background noises, echoes and the signature "woh oh oh's" creating their classic sound; making them one of the most popular reggae groups in the world.  Red comes from that period and is one of the groups best releases, in my opinion.

    The Dub Factor is one of the most impressive of reggae's electronic-age dub releases.  Bristling from the fine mixing work of Paul "Groucho" Smykle, the album is basically a reworking of  the band's Chill Out release, albeit in often unrecognizeable form.  But if you like your dub with a healthy dose of apocalyptic effects from syndrums, synthesizers, and mixing boards alike, then the Dub Factor will do the trick.

    BLACK SOUNDS OF FREEDOM-Track List: 1.  I love King Salassie/ 2. Satan Army Band/3. Time to Unite/4. Natural Mystic/5.  Eden Out Deh/6.  Love Crisis/ 7. African Love/8. Hard Ground/9. Willow Tree/10. Sorry For the Man



    Track List: 1.  Youth of Englington/2. Sponji Reggae/3. Sistern/4.  Journey/5. Utterance/6. Puff She Puff/7.
    Rockstone/ 8. Carbine



    Track List:  1. Ion Storm 2. Youth  3.Big Spliff/4. Boof N Baff N Biff/5. Puffed Out/6. Android Rebellion/7. Apocalypse/8. Back Breaker/9. Sodom/10. Slaughter


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    (Scott) I don't know if I'll get to everything tonight that I wanted to, a few of them may have to wait until tomorrow (I DO try my hardest to get a decent number of posts, original and submitted, up each day, but, well, sometimes the World Series is starting or something, if I slack just a BIT today, I will try to hook you up a bit extra tomorrow.....I have a fresh Brian post here, TONS of Lewdd's boots, lots of stuff from the stashes of Jon S and John still only up to "C" on the garage-fuzz thing....but anyway, I'm gonna have to wrap this up for tonight, wish I could've gotten more stuff up, but so it goes, and I will leave you with (what I expect to be) a GREAT submission from Jah Wobble and Keith Levene, tackling a dub versio of the classic "Metal Box" (Andie James once sent me the original vinyl burns of that album, simply indescribeable, you may check, I don't know if the link is still alive or not, if so, run don't walk)......

    Anyway, sorry for the skimpy output, hopefully I will be a bit more organized tomorrow!

    Jah Wobble & Keith Levene - Metal Box In Dub (5/25/12)

    01 Intro/02 Graveyard/03 Memories/04 Poptones/05 No Birds Do Sing/06 Death Disco/07 Albatross/08 encore break/09 Careering/10 Bad Baby/11 Public Image

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  • 10/26/16--10:54: Madrugada Part 3
  • (scott) More of John N's complete works of Madrugada.....everything thusfar has been awesome, and these
    should be no exception.

    Want to apologize a bit for somewhat slacking this week, a lot of "stuff" going on, hopefully next week I can get back to the way I like to do things, 6-8 posts a day, for a few more days it'll likely be 3-4 a day......sorry, but ALL submitted work (as long as it's worthy) WILL be posted eventually, so keep sending it!

    BEST OF MADRUGADA DISC 1-01 The Kids are On High Street/02 7 Seconds/03 Look Away Lucifer/04 Belladonna/05 Blood Shot Adult Commitment/06 Higher (Digital Remaster)/07 Beautyproof (Digital Remaster)/08 Black Mambo/09 Salt (Digital Remix)/10 Stories From the Streets/11 I Don't Fit/12 Majesty (live)/13 You Better Leave (live)/14 All This Wanting to Be Free (previously Unreleased)

    BEST OF MADRUGADA DISC 2-01 What's On Your Mind/02 Hold On To You/03 Strange Colour Blue (digital remaster)/04 Vocal (digital remaster)/05 Hands Up-I Love You/06 Majesty/07 This Old House (digital remaster)/08 Lift Me/09 Honey Bee/10 Electric (digital remaster)/11 Quite Emotional/12 Step Into This Room and Dance For Me/13 A Deadend Mind/14 Sail Away

    TRACKS FROM COMPS, ETC-01 Four Track Country Songs Part Ia/02 Four Track Country Songs Part Ib/03 Four Track Country Songs part IIa (Filthy Mcnasty's Whiskey Cafe)/04 4 Track Country Songs Part IIb/05 Caravan/06 Don't Let Em Bring You Down (live)/07 Don't Let the Flowers Down/08 Slip Inside This House/Strange Colour Blue

    Not that you'd care, but "Slip Inside This House" by the 13th Floor Elevators, is one of my VERY fave songs ever written.....haven't heard the cover yet but simply cannot wait......hope they do it justice!

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    (scott) Remember that National Lampoon comic, Zimmerman? That was bad ass, I need to see if I can find some scans of that was way cool......anyway, here's another live performance from the legend that is Zimmerman, I think this is the best way to present this.......from just the other day, 10/22/16, so dig up, this may be quite a gem (I haven't heard it yet, Scott is nothing if not honest!) Thanks Jon S for another ass-kicking share.
    B0B Dyl4n - Winstar Casino, Thackerville OK 10/22/16

    01 Things Have Changed/02 Don't Think Twice, It's All Right/03 Highway 61 Revisited/04 It's All Over Now, Baby Blue/05 High Water (For Charley Patton)/06 I Could Have Told You/07 Early Roman Kings/08 Love Sick/09 Tangled Up in Blue/10 Lonesome Day Blues/11 Make You Feel My Love/12 Pay in Blood/13 Desolation Row/14 Soon After Midnight/15 All or Nothing at All/16 Long and Wasted Years/17 Blowin' in the Wind/18 Why Try to Change Me Now

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  • 10/26/16--11:09: Young Summer
  • This is one of those submissions that occasionally turns up in my email, from Nancy Lu, who sends a lot of
    stuff like this......not really sure, haven't indulged yet, some is streaming, some is downloadable, but you know I ALWAYS support bands that send me stuff......check it, ignore it, do what you need to, I have a few more of THESE type of posts backed up in my files as well.....thought this one sounded fairly interesting, do as you feel is right by you!

    Young Summer
    + "You Would Have Loved It Here" EP out 10/28
    + Premiered with The Wild Magazine

    Washington, DC's Young Summer continues to prove she's got a penchant for writing lyrically rousing songs that linger in your head until the very last note. It's beautifully textured moody indie pop paired with emotive songwriting - ballads perfect for the cooler fall weather. 

    Ahead of her "You Would Have Loved It Here" EP release this Friday, Young Summer shares an exclusive stream of six-track collection with The Wild Magazine. The latest single "Heart In Slo Mo" is crystalline, pool-blue indie pop perfection with Young Summer's strikingly wistful vocals. 

    Pre-order the EP on iTunes or Amazon to get "Alright," “Fallout” and the newSINGLE “Echo” instantly.

    Free To Share:

    Young Summer - You Would Have Loved It Here EP Tracklist:
    Pre-order the EP on iTunes or Amazon
    1. You Would HaveLOVED It Here 
    2. Alright
    3. Echo
    4. Heart In Slo Mo
    5. Fallout
    6. Paused Parade
    Young Summer Socials:

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  • 10/26/16--11:19: Brian's Latest Submission!

  • On my Halloween post, reader PeteREQUESTED some John Carpenter. I'm busy digitizing and uploading some box sets of mine, so I can't get to it now. But what I can offer is a post from another great blog that should satisfy those needs.

    These were posted on the great Egg City Radio 2008! An ancient Wordpress-style site, but all the files are still archived there. They aren't on a file host, but directly on the page.

    Dark Star, Assault On Precinct 13

    Halloween II, Halloween III: Season of the Witch

    They Live, Prince of Darkness, Big Trouble In Little China

    Another good post IFOUND - six volumes of unreleased score excerpts from horror films! Some are duped straight from VHS audio, but given the scarcity of some of the material, it's a treasure trove. I gave the whole thing the headphone test, and it's really cool...

    Egg City is a site that's well worth exploring, some interesting goodies there. And if anyone has a need for more Carpenter, I suggest popping over to and picking up both of his "Lost Themes" albums. Good stuff.

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