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The music that shaped a semi-wasted life

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    (scott)-Here come four more Buzzcocks boots from great blog-friend Lewdd, haven't listened as these are
    mostly latter-day efforts (except. of course, that slamming 1977 Electric Circus show!)  which I wouldn't really (personally) expect that much from, but I'm still happy to put them up as I know there are hardcore Buzzcocks fans out there who are going to want them all......there is still I think one more batch of them to go, THEN we'll move on to some Pistols or Damned or something, Lewdd sent me  TON of boots to share with you guys! be sure and thank him if you indulge!

    JONESY'S JUKEBOX INDIE 103 FM 05/12/06-(Ten tracks, unlabeled......hey I can do them QUICKY or I can do them ACCURATELY.......todxay we are going for QUICKLY!)

    LIECESTER 08/2006 -01 On Stage/02 Flat pack Philosophy/03 Wish I Never Loved You/04 Sell You Everything/05 I Don't Mind/06 Harmony In My Head/07 Autonomy/08 Why Can't I Touch It/09 Noise Annoys/10 Breakdown/11 I Don't Know What to Do With My Life/12 Oh Shit!/13 Orgasm Addict/14 Ever Fallen in Love/15 Sick City Sometimes/16 Promises/17 Love You More/18 What Do I Get/19 Fast Cars/20 Boredom

    SUMMER SUNDAE. LIECESTER, 8/13/06-01 Sick City Sometimes/02 Fast Cars/03 Boredom/04 Ever Fallen in Love/05 Wish I never Loved You/06 Sell You Everything/07 I Don't Mind/08 I Don't Know What to Do With My Life/09 Noise Annoys/10 Breakdown/11 Promises/12 Love You More/13 What Do I Get

    ELECTRIC CIRCUS MANCHESTER 10/2/77-01 Fast Cars/02 Fiction Romance/03 Boredom/04 Sixteen/05 You Tear Me Up/06 Orgasm Addict/07 Moving Away From the Pulsebeat/08 Love Battery/09 Time's Up

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  • 10/01/16--09:46: The Wands
  • (scott)-found cool EP in my email last week, from Danish psych outfit The Wands, which was, of c ourse sent to me by the link king of the universe, John N. This is a new (fairly) release, so you know what I always say/think about those, but, really, if you are a fan of the spacey, trippy sounds of real psychedelic music (actually a fine blending of the old school sounds and modern day psych) I think you will really like this one, I did. Was not familiar with the band prior to this, but I'd say simply based off of this EP they might merit further investigation. As usual a good share from John N

    FACES EP-01 Living the Dream/02 Faces/03 Cosmic Sinner/04 Out of Fever/05 Between Heavens/06 Outro

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  • 10/01/16--10:17: Johnny Cash Tribute album
  • As far from a country music fan as one can be is how I would describe myself. However, in life, when we dislike something as much as I dislike country music in general, we often find exceptions to our thinking.....a fine example of that would be, with me, Johnny, I never have enjoyed listening to his stuff.....just doesn't appeal to me......but what a cool fucking guy, hell cool enough to be covering Nine Inch Nails and Soundgarden, among others. He was open minded, he fit the mold of the "dangerous/threatening" music I've always thought fondly of......and, as you'll see here, not only has he always been capable of taking rock songs and making them his "own", (his version of "Hurt' DAMN NEAR cuts Nine Inch Nails' version), BUT the reverse is true as well.....rock bands can take his material and make it work in thier context.

    Often I dislike tribute efforts as I have said before.....this one really works, at least following MY reasoning....see what you think, I really liked it.

    AN INTERNATIONAL TRIBUTE TO JOHNNY CASH-01 BULLIES-Don't Take Your Guns to Town/02 JUDASVILLE-Delia's Gone/03 RENO DIVORCE-Guess Things happen That Way/04 PETER PAN SPEEDROCK-Ghost Riders In the Sky/05 EMSCHURKURVE 77-San Quentin/06 DISCHARGER-City of New Orleans/07 PUG UGLIES-Folsom Prison Blues/08 7ER JUNGS-long Black Veil/09 DEAD 50'S-Understand Your Man/10 SOUTHERN WAY-The Highwayman/11 COUCHDIVERS-Thing Called Love/12 BANNER OF THUGS-Redemption/13 SOCIAL COMBAT-Country Boy/14 SPRINGTOIFEL-Cafe Glitterbick (I Got Stripes)/15 FLOFFGIRL-Tennessee Flat Top Box/16 HATEFUL-The man Comes Around/17 TOXPACK-Wanted Man/18 REGULARS-Ring of Fire/19 VORTEX-Jackson/20 SWEET POISON-The Ways of a Woman In Love/21 THE GET-OUTS-I Walk the Line/22 SUBCULTURE SQUAD-Thirteen/23 SUPERACTION-I Will Rock N Roll With You/24 FOR THE FAME-I Still Miss Someone/25 BADLANDS-Get Rhythm/26 CONFUSE THE CAT-Devil's Right Hand/27 RAZORBLADE SMILE-San Quentin/28 RIOT COMPANY-There You Go/29 BARRY LEWIS-Hurt

    A good collection of fairly unknowns, and you know I love stuff like that......wish they might have included Social Distortion's amazing version of "Ring of Fire", it is really GREAT, but, it occurs to me, that I have not ever (I don't think) done a comprehensive Social D, I've made a note.

    Meanwhile, thoughts on this effort? I find it creative and interesting, maybe not a piece of musical genius, but certainly worth giving a listen to.

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  • 10/01/16--12:08: Place of Skulls
  • And let us wrap up today with some of that great heavy stoner rock that you know I dig so much, this band has a few albums out, but I happen to own/be familiar with on this one, thier second from 2003, "With Vision".......quite good though, in line with the stoner rock sounds of that era (sounds insane to refer to 2003 as part of any "era", but actually at this late day, I'd contend it likely does).

    This band comes to us from Knoxville Tennessee and is one of a handful of cool stoner bands that has been headed up at some point by Scott "Wino" Weinrich, no longer, but the sound is still the classic early 00's stoner groove: loud, noisy, heavy, quasi-blues know I LOVE this stuff, certainly not dissing them with the short summarization, besides, I don't know much of anything else about the band, they have a handful of other albums out there but this is the only one I've heard. I don't know if my stoner-rock go-to guy in Canada Mark Eveliegh is still out there, but if you are Mark, any Place of Skulls in your stash? At very lest they merit a bit of further investigation.

    WITH VISION-01 Last Hit/02 With Vision/03 Long Lost Grave/04 Nothing Changes/05 Dimensional Sojourn/06 In Rest/07 Silver Cord Breaks/08 Willfully Blind/09 Dissonant Dissident/10 The Monster/11 The Watchers/12 Lost

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    (scott)-Our Anonymous guest poster who has been submitting REM and Pixies stuff of late (I wish he had
    another screen name but I'm sure he has his reasons, just easier to give him (her?) the proper credit, but it's all good. He's asked a couple questions via email, saying he has a ton of boots from many artists, inquiared as to whether the blog is looking for anyone specific to be posted (my personal answer is that ANYTHING interesting is perfectly welcome, especially hard to find ones, like some of his seem to be).....he also poses a question that many have asked before, and I wish someone would put to bed for good, lets see if we can end that issue.

    The story is this: Files over 200mb must be split to accomodate zippyshare's size limitations. At times like these, often times the file picks up an ending, rarZ.01 (something like that I'm not looking at it right now).....ok, some people have trouble figuring out how to to download these files. They DO get downloaded, enough that I know its possible to do, but frankly I don't know how (I don't ever have to download them as I already have them)......if some one will provide a plain-English step by step instruction on the proper way to download such files, EACH AND EVERYTIME I use a a split download link, I will copy and paste these instructions with the link......a lot of people will appreciate it if one of you can do that, especially Anonymous, and in advnace gratitude he presents you with three fine links for some Florence + the Machine enjoy, but PLEASE someone help out with this it's been a recurring problem for a while, I should have addressed  before now.

    Live @ São Paulo Arena Skol Anhembi (Summer Soul Festival) 24.01.2012

    Live @ Glastonbury Festival, England, 26.06.2015

    Live @ São Paulo Autódromo de Interlagos (Lollapalooza Festival) 13.03.2016

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    (scott) I think John N sent these to another friend of his not associated with this blog, but copied me the files
    anyway, and you know damn well I'm going to put up some Pixies links if I get them.....we've had sort of a mini-Pixies thing going on lately anyway......I've posted these before but I THINK they were vinyl rips, so if you prefer a prositine digital copy, here are both the classics "Bossanova" and "Tromp le Monde", thanks as always John N

    BOSSANOVA-01 Cecilia Ann/02 Rock Music/03 Velouria/04 Allison/05 Is She Weird/06 Ana/07 All Over the World/08 Dig For Fire/09 Down to the Well/10 The Happening/11 Blown Away/12 Hang Wire/13 Stormy Weather/14 Havalina

    TROMPE LE MONDE-01 Trompe le Monde/02 Planet of Sound/03 Alec Eiffel/04 The Sad Punk/05 Head On/06 U-Mass/07 Palace of  the Brine/08 Letter to Memphis/09 Bird Dream of the Olympus Mons/10 Space (I Believe In)/11 Subbacultcha/12 Distance Equals Rate Times Time/13 Lovely Day/14 Motorway to Roswell/15 The Navajo Know

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    (scott) I really liked that Wands EP from yesterday, and now from Studkid here is a full length from the same band, awesome, going to be the first thing I listen to today......thanks and keep up the good work Studkid!

    Wands is one of many psycedelic bands who in recent years has pop-up in Denmark. Maybe its time for a danish psych thread. So lets us start with Wands.

    The Wands - The Dawn (2014):


    Sound Of The Machine 3:00
    And Full Of Colours 2:06
    Totem Part II 5:02
    She's Electric 2:47
    Get It Out OfYOUR System / Don't You Wanna Feel Alright 5:04
    War 2:49
    The Dawn 4:05
    Circles 2:57
    Spell My Name 4:02
    The Name Of The Mountain 7:33 

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  • 10/03/16--10:51: Another Madame New-Age-Post
  • The lovely and intelligent Madame this week lets us into her world a bit more with two CD's worth of Ruth
    Barrett's "The Year Is a Dancing Woman".....I've listened to it a few times, mostly at bedtime,  it is very relaxing, and it is wonderful for background music during meditation........a collection of seasonal Goddess celebrations. Citing my lack of specific knowledge, I'll direct you to an album review written by Marisa Young a few years back, which I think is a good brief summarization of this effort;
    Volumes 1&2 CD review from The Beltane Papers, Spring ‘04 

    We have come to expect no less than perfection from Ruth Barrett over the years, and her new two-volume set does not disappoint. Here is the perfect accompanimentFOR YOUR seasonal Goddess celebrations, whether solitary or with a group. Many of Ruth’s original chants are here, like the Triple Goddess chant, Labyrinth, and Invocation to Brigid. We also hear many wonderful works from some of our most beloved Goddess foremothers, including Kay Gardner, Shekhinah Mounntainwater, Starhawk, and Carolyn Hillyer. There are chants and songs for each turn of the wheel: Winter Solstice, Brigid, Spring Equinox, may Eve, Summer Solstice, First harvest, Fall Equinox, Hallowmas. Ruth is accompanied by voice and percussion, courtesy of a beautiful chorus of Goddess women. These chants and songs perfectly invoke the spirit of each season and will have you singing and dancing your own praises to the Mother. This is Goddess music at its finest—the music that Ruth was born to create. Grateful blessings to Ruth and to all the sisters who share their invaluable gifts with us in this incredible set. 

    -review by Marisa Young
    I like it, as i have liked a good bit of the material associated with Madame Angela's's a lifestyle that I hope to adopt soon, as soon as I can learn all I need, and then, hopefully, when "life" shit settles down a bit, Madame Angela and myself plan on getting married!  Well, it's exciting to ME, and that's what matters.....anyway, trust me, Angie is her OWN PERSON, no question, and she has a LOT MORE of these albums of chants, odd instrumentations, pagan/celtic stuff (HEY, I got some Celtic stuff too......I got a Larry Bird jersey......

    Anyway Angela always wonders how here stuff will be recieved here (it's generally "different" enough to stir some good interest, so if you happen to like this, as many of you did the chanting monks or the singing bowls, tell us about it. Do you want MORE stuff like this once in a while? You know we are and have always been about the variety, and the contributions, which as I say over and over is what makes this blog the good one that I think it is. Please check these out and report back, and also listen too em as you are nodding off, EXCELLENT music to fall asleep to/meditate/think about life to.

    Volume 1-01 Lady of Three/02 Lucina Chant/03 On That Day/04 Invocation of Mother Holle/05 Invocation to Brigid/06 Ave Luna (Prayer to the New Moon)/07 Way to the Well/08 Come Into Our Dream/09 Peaceful Warrior Chant/10 Maiden Rising/11 Laughing Maiden/12 Invocation/13 Sacred  Blood Chant/14 Staines Morris/15 Blessed Be the Fire/16 Weave and Spin/17 Free ticket to Heaven/18 Triple Goddess Chant

    Volume 2-01 Through All the World Below/02 We Are the Fire/03 Labyrinth/04 Celebrate/05 Holy Mother's Protecting Chain/06 Earth Mother/07 Pentagram/08 Go to the Very Edge/09 Grandmother Chant/10 We Are the Flow/11 Hecate/12 Spiral Is Turning/13 Revocation Chant/14 Seasonal Magick

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    (scott) Been a little while, but Cliff is back in full health AND rested from his holiday, so he sends us some
    Don Carlos stuff to groove to today! Thanks a million to Cliff, Growing Bored For A Living's reigning reggae expert/go-to guy! Yet another excellent job......

    Oh, and a note to Cliff......I see you sent The Wands debut album, thanks a ton but Studkid beat you by a day or so, I think, take a look it's already posted.......ok by me though, it shows you guys are on the ball and anxious to get new material in here! If an occasional submission doubles up a post, so what? It's better than never having the post to begin with!

    Don Carlos rose to prominence  during the 1980's dancehall scene. Originally known as one of the founding members of legendary band "Black Uhuru", formed in the early 1970's, Carlos chose to turn his back on them and embark on a solo career.  Don Carlos has one of the sweetest voices in reggae music.

    "Harvest Time" is a brilliant roots vocal album released in 1982, killer militant style roots rhythms.

    TRACK LIST: 01 fuss fuss/02 I love jah/03 harvest time/04 in pieces/05 white squall/06 magic man/07 young girl/08 music crave/09 hail the roots


    Don Carlos'"Ghetto Living" is a classic roots reggae album.  It has all of the essential elements: politically conscious lyrics, great beats, and melancholy love songs.

    TRACK LIST: 01 never run away/02 declaration of rights/03 tear drops/04 them say/05 plantation/06 ghetto living/07 go find yourself a fool/08 every time I see you/09 come on over/10 promise to be true/11 angel face woman


    Pure Gold is not on of Carlos' best albums but there are enough decent tracks on it to keep you interested.
     His gentle voice and upbeat music will always bring a smile to your face, even if it's not the greatest track.

    TRACK LIST:01 sweet music/02 money and woman/03 sweet africa/04 too late to turn back/05 sattamasagana/ 06 stop fuss and fight/07 late night blues/08 better must come/09 tribulation/10 rivers of babylon


    Thanks a billion Cliff......I speak for all of us when I say DON'T EVER LEAVE US!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    (scott)- So our newest "Anonymous" contributor, who has provided us SO MUCH REM and PIXIES and
    whatever else now sends us some Leonard Cohen boots to compliment Brian's large project.......and, unless he takes issue with it, he will henceforth be dubbed "Anonymous Max from the UK".........sounds like a cool moniker for a team member to me, and he says he has a LOT of stuff for us (later/down the road)...

    He is a bit of  newbie at this so he asks the following question:
    ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------By the way, regarding other general links that I may want to send that aren't related to an existing artist that you've posted, what's the best way of doing this.....?

    Do you also get a notification any time someone posts a comment on your site? 

    Yep, I get notified whenever anyone leaves a comment......however that is NOT my preferred method. Seems like a good enough time to spell it out again, so here it preference is, should you have something you wish to have posted here, please DO NOT leave it in the comments, too much chance for it to get buried......instead, send links, text, pictures, whatever you want to MY email, this does is maks it easier on ME, I can edit/adjust whatever is needed, and I KNOW I will get to it if it's in my email file, I DO forget sometimes about stuff that gets left in "comments" I hope that is a satisfactory answer, please, submit ALL YOU WANT, it WILL get posted (takes me a minute sometimes but I get there), but it is SO much better to email your posts to me than to try to leave them in comments.........that way is still OK, don't get me wrong, BUT the preferred method is to use the email address listed above. if there are any problems, you can always feel free to phone me at my personal number of 937 206 9022, I'm happy to help out and the quality of this blog is important enough to me that calling me and discussing the best posting methods is certainly fine, if it will help you......the main point is ANY MUSIC YOU WANT TO POST, let's fucking get it POSTED. HERE!......we'l GET IT DONE, no excuses now, you have my email, you have my phone......I had 133 posts last month, let's kick that number in the ass for October!

    Live @ Zürich Kongresshalle 21.05.1993 [CD 1]

    Live @ Zürich Kongresshalle 21.05.1993 [CD 2]

    Live In London [O2 Arena 17.07.2008] [CD 1]

    Live In London [O2 Arena 17.07.2008] [CD 2]

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    (scott) Don't worry though because he has sent me a TON of boots, Pistols, Clash, Damned and more, ALL
    of which we will be getting too following the Buzzcocks......Lewdd has become a valuable submitter with these numerous punk boots, and I am thrilled to share them with everyone. So here is the last of them.......I don't know, maybe The Damned will be next?

    Whatever, as before I cannot vouch for what kind of quality you may get here......could be good, could be not-so-good.......but we are ALWAYS appreciative for the shares we get here, it's rule #1, and I hope it is with you as well...I have a whole team of assistants who ALL do their best to make this blog as good as it can be, and the readers/lurkers can help as well, simply by appreciating the efforts of these hard working music lovers.

    BUZZCOCKS-MIDNIGHT SPECIAL-SCREEN ON THE GREEN 8/29/76-01 Breakdown/02 Friends of Mine/03 Times Up/04 Orgasm Addict/05 Peking Hooligan/ 06 Lester Sands/07 Oh Shit/08 Tear Me Up/09 Love Battery/10 I Can't Control Myself/11 I Love You Big Dummy

    BUZZCOCKS-LIVE HOUSE OF BLUES 2010-01 Fast Cars/02 No Reply/0 You Tear Me Up/04 get Your Own Love/05 Love Battery/06 16/07 I Don't Mind/08 Fiction Romance/09 Autonomy/10 I Need/11 Pulsebeat/12 Ever Fallen In Love/13 Operator's Manuel/14 Nostalgia/15 Just Lust/16 Sixteen Again/17 Walking Distance/18 Love Is Lies/19 Nothing Left/20 ESP/21 Harmony In my Head/22 Promises/23 Love You More/24 What Do I Get/25 Orgasm Addict

    BUZZCOCKS LIVE 05/08/03-01 Boredom/02 Fast Cars/03 I Don't Mind/04 Love Battery/05 Autonomy/06 Oh Shit/07 Harmony In My Head/08 Jerk/09 Love You More/10 Breakdown/11 Something's Gone Wrong Again/12 Sitting Round at Home/13 Wake Up Call/14 Get on Our Own/15 Driving You Insane/16 Keep On/17 Mad Mad Judy/18 Totally From the Heart/19 Friends/20 Lester Sands Drop In the Ocean/21 Noise Annoys/22 I Believe/23 Applause/24 Happy Birthday to Steve Diggle/25 Why She's a Girl From the Chainstore/26 What Do I Get/27 Orgasm Addict

    LIVE AT THE ROXY (DATE NOT GIVEN)-01 Orgasm Addict/02 No Reply/03 Get On Your Own/04 Fast Cars/05 What Do I Get/06 Friends of Mine/07 16/08 Times Up/09 Oh Shit!/10 Boredom/11 Love Battery

    Thanks to LEWDD for all these Buzzcocks boots, but as I said, the cupboard is hardly bare, stand by for Damned, Clash, Pistols, and Misfits........FUCK YEAH!!!!!!!

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  • 10/03/16--14:45: Female Metal Power part 3
  • Third and final portion of the "Female Metal Power" torrent series, this has been pretty badass in my
    estimation, it's a fab set that I'm keeping in semi-heavy rotation......again, I'd gladly give a year's meager pay to eat the panties of all these wild babes, some bootlicking, etc might not be out of the question either, but we are NOT here to talk about my (many) perversions, we are here to talk about volume 3 of this kick ass set......

    Again, I don't know how many discs this will take, 3-4, I don't know, but there is some fab shit on all these volumes, this one includes great shit from Doro, Nightwish, Xandria, and more, again, in case it has missed you, I have kind of a weakness for these bad-girl metal chicks........get hugry EVERY TIME I write aout em..........

    Anyway, here is Volume you know, the first two volumes were totally kick- serious-ass, you are most welcome for this huge three part Pirate Bay torrent, it's got some FANTASTIC shit on it.......there is NOTHING better than hard rocking, screaming chicks, NOTHNG.

    FEMALE METAL POWER VOLUME 3-01 AMBERIAN DAWN-Magic Forest/02 DELAIN-April Rain/03 DELAIN-Babylon/04 DELAIN-Breathe On Me/05 DELAIN-Here Come the vultures/06 DELAIN-Frozen/07 DELAIN-See Me in the Shadows/08 DELAIN-Stardust/09 DELAIN-We Are the Others/10 DORO-Raise Your Fist in the Air/11 DORO WITH WARLOCK-All We Are/12 KRYPTERIA-All Systems Go/13 KRYPTERIA-Time to Bring the Pain/14 LIGHT UP THE DARK-Broken Mirrors/15 NEMESA-Afterlife/16 NIGHTWISH-7 Days of the Wolves/17NIGHTWISH-Amaranth/18NIGHTWISH-Bless the Child/19 NIGHTWISH-bye Bye Beautiful/20 NIGHTWISH-Dark Chest of Wonders/21 NIGHTWISH-Dead Wonders/22 NIGHTWISH-End of All Hope/23NIGHTWISH-I Want My Tears Back/24 NIGHTWISH-Kuolema Tekee Taitejilian/25 NIGHTWISH-Romanticide/26 NIGHTWISH-Sahara/27 NIGHTWISH-Slaying the Dreamer/28 NIGHTWISH-Sleeping Sun/29 NIGHTWISH-Storytime/30 NIGHTWISH-Walking in the Air/31 NIGHTWISH-Wish I had an Angel/32 NIGHTWISH-Wishmaker/33 TARJA-Falling Awake/34 TARJA-Still of the Night/35 THE GATHERING-On Most Surfaces/36 THE GATHERING-Rollercoaster/37 THEATER OF TRAGEDY-When He Falleth/38 THEATER OF TRAGEDY-Keep Me hangin' On/ 39 THEATER OF TRAGEDY-Liquid Man/40 THEATER OF TRAGEDY-Siren/41 THEATER OF TRAGEDY-Venus/42 UNLEASH THE ARCHERS-Dawn of Ages/43 WHYZDOM-Everlasting Child/44 WHYZDOM-The Forseer/45
    WINTERGARDEN-Breathe/46 WITHIN TEMPTATION-Ice Queen/47 WITHIN TEMPTATION-It's the It's the Fear/48 WITHIN TEMPTATION-Jillian (I'd Give My Heart)/49 WITHIN TEMPTATION-Mother Earth/50 WITHIN TEMPTATION-Our Solemn Hour/51 WITHIN TEMPTATION-Paradise (What About Us)/52 WITHIN TEMPTATION-Sinead/53 WITHIN TEMPTATION-Somewhere/54 WITHIN TEMPTATION-Stand My Ground/55 WITHIN TEMPTATION-The Howling/56 WITHIN TEMPTATION-What Have You Done/57 XANDRIA-Firestorm/58 XANDRIA-India/59 XANDRIA-Nightfall/60 XANDRIA-Ravenheart/61 XANDRIA-Sisters of the Light/62 XANDRIA-Widescreen

    Hope you've enjoyed this project, I have.........stuff like this that you find out of the blue fucking rules.......there are close to 200 tracks in this series, and what could be BETTER than some screaming chicks? Got a few more of these big "Torrent-type" projects coming up in the near future as well!

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    (scott)-Legendary posting-whiz Jon S, in keeping with the recent spirit of Brian's huge Leonard Cohen covers project and Anonymous Max's collection of Cohen boots, provides us with a Leonard Cohen show from London, 1968.......quite a find!

    The Paris Theatre, London 1968

    01 You Know Who I Am/02 Bird On The Wire/03 The Stranger Song/04 So Long,  Marianne/05 Master Song/06 There's No Reason Why You ShouldREMEMBER ME/07 Sisters Of Mercy/08 Teachers/09 Dress Rehearsal Rag/10 Suzanne/11 Hey, That's No Way To Say Goodbye/12 Story Of Isaac/13 One Of Us Cannot Be Wrong

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  • 10/04/16--11:13: Flyying Colours redux
  • John N sends some more Flyying Colours......recently posted was their first full length (2016, "Mindfullness"), some pretty fair semi-hard rocking shoegaze/psych......

    This submission comtains two EP's from prior to the release of the album, and these are special Japanese editions with a bonus track at the end of each EP........the first Flyying Colours post was surprisingly popular, so here you go, here is another dosage!

    FCEPX2-01 01 Like You Said/02 Wavy Gravy/03 She Leaves/04 Feathers/05 Bugs/06 Such a Long Time (Japanese Bonus Track)/07 I Don't Want to Let You Down/08 Running Late/09 Not Today/10 In the End/11 Leaks/12 Leaks Remix (Japanese Bonus Track)

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    (scott)-My Father passed away in 1990, at the young age of 47. He was born in 1942. If he were still living, he would be 73.......but he still would be 3-4 years younger than Ian Hunter, born in 1939 and still cranking them out for us, his latest album, "Fingers Crossed", is quite good, not a classic like his work with Mott or his early solo efforts, but pretty contains a (quite good) Bowie tribute, "Dandy", which quotes "All The Young Dudes" (written by Bowie for Mott), and also contains a handful of other moderately rocking tunes, notably "That's When Trouble Starts"........all in all a solid effort that I am glad to be able to say I have heard.

    FINGERS CROSSED-01 That's When Trouble Starts/02 Dandy/03 Ghosts/04 Fingers Crossed/05 White House/06 Bow Street Runners/07 Morpheus/08 Stranded In Reality/09 You Can't Live in the Past/10 Long Time

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    This, I guess, is one of those "Big Torrent" projects, maybe kind of like the "Female Metal Power" editions
    that were posted recently......I found this huge collection on another blog (it's a great blog too.....I DON'T really want to name it by name, because Chris G (as I will call him) has had more blogs shut down than even Brian has, besides, Chris G is THE number one music blogging legend of them all! If you email me I will give you the name of his fantastic, life changing blog, I just DO NOT wish to create trouble for him.

    Anyway, I took this collection of tracks from his site, I'm pretty sure that he normally is cool about stuff like that, of course, if he wanted it removed it would happen at once, but I don't think he's like that. Anywya, a gigantic mishmash of tracks taken from BBC Broadcasts, everything but the kitchen sink.......see pasted track list below, but, damn, Blodwyn Pig, Blue Cheer, Guru Guru, Tucky Buzzard, The Edgar Broughton Band.......just a huge collection of mostly very good tracks, I guess you can program them however you like, pick some, or all, or none, or whatever, but I just thought this was a fairly cool selection of various artists, various genres, etc, enjoy, and remember if you want the name of Chris G's blog, send me an email and I'll provide it, I'm just not going to give him any unwanted "publicity".......

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    (scott) John N sends us this large and cool collection of rare rocking shit from Canada, ca. 1960's.......lots
    and lots of great stuff here, I will take the EZ way out this time and paste an album review for your consumption:


    The Gaiety Records label was active in Canada between 1961 and 1969. Formed by Don Grashey and Lloyd Palmer in Winnipeg, Manitoba, the label was an outlet for many relatively obscure Canadian garage and rock bands during its existence. Gaiety Records released its own bands' singles as well as licensed material to other labels as RCA, Columbia, Decca, Epic, Musicor, and many others. The Gaiety Records label featured many obscure but good bands that had become lost in the shuffle in the quest for that elusive hit single. This compilation collects 24 songs taken from original 45 rpm singles released through the vaults of Gaiety Records. The music on this set contains some of the best garage and pop music to be released in Canada during the mid-'60s. This set features 24 tracks by such acts as Checkerlads, White Knights, Tomorrow's Keepsake, Plague, Lexington Avenue, NRG, and Solid Reputation. A Canadian version of a "Nuggets" compilation or any of those obscure British singles collections, Gaiety Records Storycontains some splendid music from the great white north. This is the first time this music has ever been re-released and hopefully the Pacemaker label will continue to explore further into the vaults of this label for future volumes.


    Fairly great shit here, John N, I'm sure some new material to a lot of the folks, I know there is some stuff that is new to me. Thanks again, 10000x over!

    VOLUME 1-01 THE CHECKERLADS-Shak Yourself Down/02 THE CHECKERLADS-Baby Send For Me/03 THE CHECKERLADS-You Just Can't Hide/04 THE CHECKERLADS-The Dreamer/05 
    THE CHECKERLADS-Behind Every Man/06 THE WHITE KNIGHTS-Love That's True/07 THE WHITE KNIGHTS-Promise Her Love/08 THE WHITE KNIGHTS-There She Goes/09 THE WHITE KNIGHTS-Run Baby Run/10 TOMORROW'S KEEPSAKES-high and Mighty/11 TOMORROW'S KEEPSAKES-Eat Your Hot Dog Boy/12 THE PLAGUE-The Face of Time/13 THE PLAGUE-Love and Obey/14 THE PLAGUE-We Were Meant to Be/15 THE PLAGUE-High Flyin' Bird/16 LEXINGTON AVENUE-The Bird Collector/17 LEXINGTON AVENUE-Sound the Alarm/18 LEXINGTON AVENUE-Wendy Taylor/19 LEXINGTON AVENUE-Flowing Kind of Feeling/20 LEXINGTON AVENUE-Good to Me/21 THE MERRIDAY PARK (AKA NRG)-Take Me back Home/22 THE MERRIDAY PARK (AKA NRG)-It All Comes Back to Me/23 SOLID REPUTATION-Brown Eyed Girl/24 SOLID GROUND-Things

    VOLUME 2-01 THE PLAGUE-Searchin'/02 THE PLAGUE-World of Dreams/03 THE PLAGUE-Only In America/04 SOLID REPUTATION-Lies/05 SOLID REPUTATION-Nature's Love/06 THE CHECKERLADS-So Much In Love With You/07 THE CHECKERLADS-My Time is Comin'/08 THE DEWLINE-if You Can Dig It/09 THE DEWLINE-Ode to a Cucumber, a Berry, and a Flower/10 LEXINGTON AVENUE-Farmer John/11 TOMORROWS KEEPSAKE-Elevator Operator/12 FLYING COLORS-Yours Until Tomorrow/13 FLYING COLORS-That's the Tune/14 THE MERRIDAY PARK (AKA NRG)-Route 66/15 THE MERRIDAY PARK (AKA NRG)-To Be back Home/16 THE MERRIDAY PARK (AKA NRG)-I Brought my Love With Me/17 THE MERRIDAY PARK (AKA NRG)-Magic Man/18 THE MERRIDAY PARK (AKA NRG)-Witchcraft/19 THE MERRIDAY PARK (AKA NRG)-My Shady Friend/20 THE MERRIDAY PARK (AKA NRG)-Towns and Villiages/21 PORTLAND STREET SOUTH-Baby Get Out/22 PORTLAND STREET SOUTH-You've Been Running So Long/23 PORTLAND STREET SOUTH-Set Me Free/24 PORTLAND STREET SOUTH-I'll Never let You Go

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  • 10/05/16--12:08: Wucan
  • Once again, I "borrow" from another site (converted the links of course), same one as yesterday (chris G's, if
    you want the proper name of it email me and I will give it to you in that form, I don't want to get him in ANY trouble!),  because this band impressed my so much I wanted to feature them here. From Dresden Germany come the fab Wutan, who are sort of in a class by themselves, as this three disc live effort will exemplify.

    Wutan, first of all, are Tim George on the guitar, Patrik Droge on bass, hil Knofel on the drums, and of course the vocals, flute playing, guitar, and theremin of the wonderful Francis Tobolsky. As for their music? WOW. They combine a lot of prog/Krautrock influences with sort of a combination of modern-day stoner rock and the early 70's heavy psych that I love, the results are stunning.

    If you read up on them a bit, you learn that they have a rep as a fantastic live band, and this set here will certainly confirm THAT for you......take, just as an example "Wandersman" is a 16-minute tour de force, plenty of trippy flute playing, German language vocal (MOST of their stuff is in English), and that is FAR from the only highlight, it's ALL great......."Dopetrotter" goes on for over FORTY (!) minutes, and they wrap up the set with a cover of Budgie's "Crash Course in Brain Surgery" "unofficial" release but certainly one of the best things I've heard all year, traditionally I have not put boots on my year-end best-of lists, but this one is so good you never know.

    This is a "new" band to me, (I know, I'm slow on the uptake sometimes), but I intend to learn more about them and HOPEFULLY post some more of their work, assuming I can find it. I know reader SuperBillie is in Germany, can you offer up any help? Or anyone else, I just really liked this set, and I'm DEFINITELY interested in getting some more of their work shared/spread......

    Thanks to the other blog I borrowed this from, thanks for introducing me to Wucan.......fine, fine stuff, and, again, LOOKING FOR MORE, so, ANYONE out there be on the lookout! I REALLY love this one!

    DISC 1-01  King Korea/02 Owl Eyes/03 Franis Vikarma/04 Wizard of Concrete Jungle/05 Dopetrotter

    DISC 2-01 Looking In the Pasta/02 Face in the Kraut

    DISC 3-01 Father Storm/02 Wandersmann/03 Crash Course in Brain Surgery

    Please listen, enjoy, comment, and, most importantly, if you have anymore of this fab band, PLEASE share! I know SOMEONE out there will, and I am/will be thrilled (obviously I'll be searching the web for any more material myself!)

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    I posted a single from the Detroit band Gosh Pith a couple weeks ago, they send me another, some sort of mashup from their singer "Joshua".......according to the email they send, this is a mash-up of two current hit songs, neither of which I have ever heard. However, I LOVE it when bands send me their work to share, because, as I've said before, THESE are the bands that GET IT, that understand that myself and those like me are here to HELP THEM, not the opposite, as some have been conditioned to believe.

    + Premiered with All Things Go
    This isn’t just a mash-up though; it’s also a cover, and Joshua recorded his own vocals in place of The Weeknd’s. It works, and well ." - All Things Go

    Joshua is a singer-songwriter-producer from Detroit. His influences include Morrisey, Frank Ocean, Bob Dylan, Bob Marley, Jean-Luc Goddard, Jim Jarmusch and others. As his first solo debut outside of Gosh Pith, Joshua created a fun mash-up / cover combining two currently charting hits - The Weeknd's "Starboy" and Kiiara's "Gold". The track is premiered on All Things Go and they gave it a "prestigious"“This Bumps” Award".

    Free To Share:
    Joshua's Socials:

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    (scott) We've had a LOT of Talking Heads featured here before, starting with my original vinyl rips long
    ago.....I remember once that Brian sent me upgraded sound-quality versions of some of their albums, and Jon S takes that a bit what he says below, but if Jon S say these are the best sounding versions of these albums he has heard, I believe him and it is likely worth checking out (I have NOT heard them yet, but I STRONGLY trust his judgement)........take a look at what he says, and if this sounds like a winner to you, indulge! They are FLAC files, he clearly points out, and I know some of you prefer not to mess with those, but FLAC's DO have great sound quality in general, so I'm going to grab these and give them a listen......besides, Talking Heads are one of "THOSE" twenty or thirty bands that the MORE material we can accumulate, the BETTER!
    (jon s)

    Stumbled on this yesterday. I know you're as big a Talking Heads fan as I am. These are the best sounding versions of the albums I've ever heard. Clear, crisp separation,  and distinct instrumentation, especially on Remain In Light.

    These are all .flac and the whole thing is about 3.8 gigs, which is large. but against my usual habit I'm keeping them like this, thats how impressive it sounds.

    This link is for downloads

    You can grab the whole thing - just press "download as zip in the upper right - or you can pick and choose.

    This link is to the page where I found it. Its worth reading just to see the source.

    Talking Heads downmix 5.1


    Thanks, as always, to Jon S for another stellar contribution! ALL you guys make this SO easy for me!!!!!!!

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