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The music that shaped a semi-wasted life

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  • 09/05/16--10:52: To Scott Wth Love

  • Brotherly love, that is!  Scott has mentioned more than once that he wanted to do a covers tribute to one of his favorite albums, Forever Changes by the band Love.  I (jonder) don't mean to steal his idea; I just wanted to surprise him.

    Some of the artists are well known, but here's a little background on track 9. Matt Brown was in a band called Uncle Green, four young guys who left New Jersey for Athens, GA in the early 80's.  After five albums, they changed the band's name to 3 Lb Thrill.   

    The record label decided not to release the band's final album Rycopa (  Matt Brown made a solo album also went unreleased (  In 2012 he started a group ( for musicians to record and share songs based on a weekly theme.

    A duo called Occasionally David did an album length cover of Forever Changes, but it's rare and hard to find. 

    There's also a various artists collection of Forever Changes covers called Unloved, and a Love tribute called We're All Normal And We Want Our Freedom.  You can find more Love covers on this blog by searching for the Duke Spirit, the Damned, and the Hellacopters.


    01 A House Is Not A Motel - THE ENTRANCE BAND
    02 Alone Again Or - CALEXICO
    03 Andmoreagain - ROBYN HITCHCOCK
    04 Bummer In The Summer - THE RIVER CITY TANLINES
    05 Live And Let Live - THE CHEMISTRY SET
    06 Maybe The People Would Be The Times - THE PALE FOUNTAINS
    07 Old Man - LA BUENA VIDA
    08 The Daily Planet - THE JIGSAW SEEN
    09 The Good Humour Man He Sees Everything Like This - MATT BROWN
    10 The Red Telephone - FRANKENSTEIN 3000
    11 You Set The Scene - BABY LEMONADE

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    (scott) Eric Impakt checks in now and then with some great bootleg recordings, this one is extra-fab as it
    contains THREE Mazzy Starr shows, Mazzy Starr both being a fave of mine, as well as a blog fave (according to the numbers when I post their stuff) acquired taste if ever there was one, if you aren't a fan of Mazzy Starr's semi-psychedelic-shoegaze-post-hippie stuff, here is your starting point.....if you are already down with Hope Sandoval (gorgeous, and the world's most bored-sounding chick singer), you know you are in for some fantastic shit here! Thanks Eric, your shares are always fab, and yes, you ARE a valuable member of the team. Don't be a stranger, love your shares!

    Hey Growing Board, Back Again!
       Great minds do think a like and that's why we both realize how incredible Mazzy Star is. I've been a fan from the moment i heard the haunting Fade Into You. Like most people that are fans, i needed everything i could get of there's. Unfortunately, I never got to see Mazzy Star live myself, but these bootlegs have definitely helped fill the void a little. 
       So here's what we've got...
       I cleaned up,TRACKED and boosted the sound ( like i do ) of 3 great live shows.

    Chicago at the Metro 11- 12- 94 
       1. Flowers In December  2. Ride It On  3. Into Dust  4. Give You My Lovin' 5. Fade Into You  6. Halah  7. Ghost Highway  8. Blue Flower

    NYC Terminal 5 Club 11- 20- 13 (reunion tour)
       1. Look On Down From The Bridge  2. Cry, Cry  3. In The Kingdom  4. Lay Myself Down  5. Ride It On   6. Does Someone Have Your Baby Now?   7. Into Dust  8. She Hangs Brightly   9. Halah   10. Fade Into You   11. Blue Flower   12. Disappear   13. So Tonight I Might See   14. California 

    Zurich, Switzerland  7- 18- 12 
        1. Blue Flower   2. Disappear   3. Ghost Highway   4. Halah   5. Still Cold   6. She Hangs Brightly   7. Look On Down From The Bridge   8. Fade Into You   9. Lay Myself Down   10. Flying Low   11. Blue Light   12. So Tonight That I Might See 

    And I also added this single form 2014. I was hoping it was a teaser to a new album but so far this is the last original music the band has made i guess. It's a great 2 songs... 1. I'm Less Here   2. Things

    I know you're going to love these as much i do. Mazzy Star was amazing live. The same calming mellow moods that the albums have, they were able to capture live. 

    Plus can I add I love how this blog has just exploded in this last year! So many contributors that your over 500 posts so far for 2016! The art, comics and music are why i'm so glad to be even a small part of Growing Board For A Living! 

    Enjoy,   Eric Impakt

    Here'sTHE LINKS...



    I'm Less Here single

    Till next time!

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  • 09/05/16--11:00: Cool Ghouls
  • From the John N mountain of links comes Cool Ghouls "Animal Races", I gave this a listen and I think it's great, retro-60's wonderment ala Love or Jefferson Airplane as the review of the better retro-60's psych albums I've heard in a good while, this one is really good, and I think you will agree!
    Fire up the incense, dust off those love beads, and reconnect the strobe light: The San Francisco band Cool Ghouls has a fine new album of trippy goodness.
    Cool Ghouls
    Animal Races
    Empty Cellar
    Courtesy of Empty Cellar Records
    Fire up the incense, dust off those love beads, and reconnect the strobe light: The San Francisco band Cool Ghouls has a fine new album of trippy goodness. Fusing glistening folk melodies, jangly, psychedelia-tinged guitars, and woozy vocals evoking the search for a higher state, Animal Races dares to echo long-ago greats like Jefferson Airplane and Arthur Lee's Love, but never feels nostalgic. There's a refreshing rough edge to the quartet that suggests they're making it up as they go, not following some dusty recipe book. Should you be so inclined, there's armchair philosophizing in such mesmerizing tunes as the titleTRACK and "Time Capsule," but simply surfing the Ghouls' sublime waves of sound is a delicious pleasure for its own sake.

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  • 09/05/16--11:14: Yesterday's Children
  • (scott)-Ya know, I wouldn't post so many albums if everyone didn't send me so many GREAT ones that I think you need to hear/have......Another from John N, this is a PURE classic, ca.1969-70, Yesterday's Children's sole LP release......psych/garage/with a nod toward the coming heavy psych scene, this is a sort of hard one to locate, and is worth every second one searches for it. This is a DAMN good find, thanks a million to John N for this one, it's really great. "She's Easy" is the obvious highlight, but don't be fooled there are LOTS more!

    YESTERDAYS CHILDREN-01 Paranoia/02 Sad Born Loser/03 What Of I/04 She's Easy/05 Sailing/06 Providence Bummer/07 Evil Woman/08 Hunter's Moon

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  • 09/05/16--11:54: Candy Snatchers
  • As always, on a day when I have so much great guest material, I think I have to add at least one of my own, maybe a few more later too......what i got right now is a fab compilation from the Candy Snatchers, "Ripped off, Pissed Off, and Screwed", which sort of highlights the first couple years of the band's output, ca. late 90's-early 00's.

    The roots of brat-punk are here, Green Day and Blink 182 for example owe a serious debt of gratitude.....anyway, this is a good album, if you like the primitive, crazy punk of that era, give it a listen, I think it's pretty good, myself!

    RIPPED OFF PISSED OF SCREWED-01 Loner/02 She Goes Down/03 Pinto Pony/04 Deadbeat/05 Lost and Found (Saints)/06 Fuck my family/07 Lil' Lolita/08 Now Who's Cryin'/09 My Sleeze/10 Buzzsaw/11 Pain Stains/12 Gold Digger/13 Motion/14 Why Ya Want That/15 I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend

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    Little info available on this one, but I did locate an EP from The Candy Snatchers entitled "Takin' a Ride".....I don't really remember listening to it before, but while I posting Candy Snatchers' stuff, I may as well post this one too........lemme know what you think about both of these Candy Snatchers posts, it's important to me that I know what is popular here, and what is not.

    TAKIN A RIDE-01 Takin a Ride/02 (I'm a) Bastard/03 Ass, Gas, or Crack/04 Out of My Mind/05 Black Betty/06 Shit City

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    If you've been paying attention, you know that, at very least, I have a "thing" for Madam Angela, in fact, I am actually quite in love with her........she'll have some more of her Pagan/Wiccan music to share with us in th next few days, until then, I think she will like these pictures of various Fairies and Spirits. Thanks for all yu have done for me Angie, I mean, other than saving my life and are simply the greatest and I love you!

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  • 09/06/16--12:15: Gina Says No
  • I have never heard of this band, I assume they are new as I can find little to no info on them, other than they are from Australia, and their album is called "Receiving Signals In Three Minutes"......I liked it enough to post here, fairly smooth, fairly rocking alternapop/rock, not a bad album at all, the tracks "Midas Touch" and "Getting Sober" stand out as do some others. As a warning, I know NOTHING about this crew, thus, you know what I always say about new releases.....they either want them pulled at once (NOT a problem, just contact me), or they love they exposure.......ya never know, but if this is of interest to you, perhaps you may wish to act quickly, just saying.......I thought this was a pretty good one, myself, nothing spectacular, but good enough for a listen or two.

    RECEIVING SIGNALS IN THREE MINUTES-01 Midas Tough/02 Getting Sober/03 The Good Life/04 Today/05 Don't Leave Me Breathless/06 Still In Flames/07 On the Mend/08 The Truth/09 Save Your Breath/10 Losing Belief

    By the way, this is a John N submission, like so many other posts here are.....thanks again John N!

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  • 09/06/16--12:38: King Buffalo
  • As opposed to the recent "Buffalo" posts, this is a modern day sludge/stoner/psych issue and a good one. New York based, the band is drummer/vocalist Scott Donaldson, guitarist/synth player/vocalist Sean Mcvay/and bassist/synth man#2 Dan Reynolds. This is a new release, again, beware, as you never know how bands will react when a new release is posted, but I will tell you this, this is a fine hard rocking album that most of the folks who gravitate here will likely enjoy.........I really liked this one, see what you think, but you MAY want to check it quickly, as you never know.

    A John N submission, thanks for this one as well, John !

    ORION-01 Orion/02 Monolith/03 Sleeps on a Vine/04 Kerosene/05 Down From the Sky/06 Goliath Part 1/07 Goliath part 2/08 Orion Subsiding/09 Drinking From the River Rising

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    Here are three more Mazzy Star boots to follow up Eric Impakt's most recent information was sent along, other than what you see here, but no matter, thanks anyway, Anonymous!

    Brussels 1993 -

    Coachella 2012 -

    Copenhagen 2000 -

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    Stumbled over this one while looking for something else, pretty sure I've never put this one up before......title
    is pretty self-explanatory, track list below will be more so......this is a good collection, enjoy.

    BEATLES AND ROLLING STONES COVER CHUCK BERRY-(Tracks 1-15 The Rolling Stones)-01 Come On/02 Around and Around/03 Talkin' About You/04 You Can't Catch Me/05 Beautiful Delilah/06 Carol/07 Reelin' and Rockin'/08 Route 66/09 Roll Over Beethoven/10 Don't Lie to Me/11 Memphis Tennessee/12 Down the Road/13 Bye Bye Johnny/14 Let it Rock (Live)/15 Bye Bye Johnny (Live)/16 (Tracks 16-24 The Beatles) 16 Rock and Roll Music/17 Roll Over Beethoven/18 Too Much Monkey Buisness/19 Johnny B Goode/20 I Got To Find My Baby/21 Memphis Tennessee/22 I'm About You/23 Sweet Little Sixteen/24 Rock and Roll music (Live)/25 KEITH RICHARDS-Run Run Rudolph/26 JOHN LENNON-You Can't Catch Me/27 JOHN LENNON-Sweet Little Sixteen/28 GEORGE HARRISON-Roll Over Beethoven

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  • 09/07/16--13:24: Unsanitary Napkin
  • OK, John N sent me this one a while back, a 2016 cassette release....I was unfamiliar, but, of course, fell big for the band's name, thusly the inclusion here. According to their page: "mixed and recorded at Scumbag College, Wellington, Aeotearoa. Works for me.......We strive for variety above all else, this IS worth a listen, some hardcore feminist punk, ala maybe a very sloppy Le Tigre? Gotta love submisions like this, wish I got a ton more of them.

    UNSANITARY NAPKIN CASSETTE-01 Feminine Odour/02 Chode Crystal/03 The Balls/04 Blissful Myth/05 Keyhole/06 Scripted Fist

    Obviously a newer release, I'm hoping not to have any issues with this one, but if there is a problem, let me know and I'll remove it. Otherwise, I hope the band gets a bit of exposure, they deserve it!

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  • 09/07/16--13:41: Bram Tchiaikovsky
  • This one comes from Jonder's recent list of his favorite albums when I requested people submit their personal lists......and since he made me a waaaaay cool "Forever Changes" cover project, the least I can do is post this disc, I had forgotten about it, but it is a power-popping gem from that great year of 1979 ("The dudes are sharp, the ladies are fine, we are the Class of........well, you get the idea)....

    I'm not really familiar with his body of work, BUT, I did play the shit out of this album back in the early 80's......"Strange Man, Changed Man" still sounds great today ("Girl of My Dreams" is still a wonderous single, one of the best of the era, and one which is criminally under-comped
    )......another fun fact was that Trouser Press magazine sent this album out, WITH A BLANK LABEL, to subscribers for them to do a blind review. I was one of those subscribers. I never wrote the review. I suspect drugs may have been involved.

    Still, a finsd, semi-forgotten album, and a wondeful slice of the great sounds of 1979......Jonder may check in, I am guessing, to tell you MORE about how fab this disc is, and it really is. If you are not familiar, well, you should be!! 

    Long Live 1979!

    01 Robber/02 Strange Man, Changd Man/03 Lonely Dance/04 I'm the One that's Leaving You/05 Girl Of My Dreams/06 Bloodline/07 Nobody Knows/08 Lady From the USA/09 I'm a Believer/10 Sara Smiles/11 Turn On the Light

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  • 09/07/16--14:18: The Descendents part 1
  • I was going to hold off on this for a while, but, really, now is as good a time as any......of course you
    know the Descendents and thier had/fast/witty hard punk, they created, of course, one absolutely classic punk disc, "Milo Goes to College", which is included here. The thing is, almost every note they ever created was sent to me by John N, some great, some sgood, some, well, you know.....anyway, they have a fairly sizeable body of work, so we'll get started here......short albums, short songs, small files, but still gonna take a couple or three posts. All good anyway, the Descendents deserve to be immortalized here. Thanks John N, very thorough work!

    ENJOY!-01 Enjoy/02 Wendy/03 Kids/04 Hul rtin Crul e/05 Sour Grapes/06 Get the Time/07 Orgofart/08 Cheer/09 80's Girl/10 Green/11 Days Are Blood/12 Orgo 51

    I DON'T WANT TO GROW UP-01 Descendents/02 I Don't Want To Grow Up /03 Pervert/04 Rockstar/05 No FB/06 Can't Go Back/07 GCF/08 My World/09 Theme/10 Silly Girl/11 In Love This Way/12 Christmas Vacation/13 Good Good Thing/14 Ace

    MILO GOES TO COLLEGE-01 Myage/02 I Wanna Be a Bear/03 I'm
    Not a Loser/04 Parents/05 Tonyage/06 M 16/07 I'm Not a Punk/08 Catalina/09 Suburban Home/10 Statue of Liberty/11 Kabuki Girl/12 Marriage/13 Hope/14 Bikeage/15 Jean Is Dead

    LOTS more Descendents to come, and I do mean prepared.

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    (scott) Really, that's what I told him too (that I don't know what to say)........these Pavement boots are great,
    great, great, and at least I personally don't have ANY of them.......fucking awesome, Pavement being one of the great bands of the 90's.....incredible submission, like most that we receive, all of which helps us to make this blog what it "is".........


    The Cattle Club, Sacramento 5/19/92

    01 Loretta's Scars/02 No Life Singed Here/03 Trigger Cut/04 Baptist Blacktick/05 Debris Slide/06 Zurich Is Stained/07 Forklift/08 Lions/09 Box Elder/10 Home/11 Perfume-V/12 Two States/13 Summer Babe

    The Uptown Bar & Cafe, Minneapolis 6/11/92

    01 So Stark-You're A Skyscraper/02 Here/03 Perfume-V/04 Frontwards/05 Home/06 Conduit For Sale/07 tuning/08 Summer Babe/09 talk/10 Texas Never Whispers/11 talk/12 No Life Singed Her/13 Loretta's Scars/14 introductions/15 Trigger Cut/16 In The Mouth A Desert/17 talk/18 Debris Slide/19 Two States/20 Zurich Is Stained - false start/21 Zurich Is Stained/22 Feed 'Em To The Linden Lions - false start/23 Feed 'Em To The Linden Lions/24 talk/25 Angel Carver Blues/26 Mellow Jazz Docent/27 Greenlander/28 She Believes/29 encore/30 Box Elder

    Shank Hall, Milwaukee 6/13/92

    01 Trigger Cut/02 Mellow Jazz Docent/03 Two States/04 No Life Singed Her/05 Lions (Linden)/06 Loretta's Scars/07 In the Mouth a Desert/08 Baptiss Blacktick/09 So Stark (You're a Skyscraper)/10 Zurich is Stained/11 Perfume V/12 Summer Babe/13 Spizzle Trunk/14 Here

    The Square, Harlow UK 8/25/92

    01 Our Singer/02 Here/03 Frontwards/04 Fame Throwa/05 Perfume V/06 Summer Babe/07 Spizzle Trunk/08 Unknown/09 Zurich Is Stained/10 Two States/11 No Life Singed Her/12 Trigger Cut/13 TRINITY TITANS/14 Lorettas Scars/15 Mouth Of A Desert/16 Debris Slide/17 Angel Carver Blues/18 Mellow Jazz Docent

    The Palace, Hollywood 4/21/94

    01 Box Elder/02 Range Life/03 Brinx Job/04 Brink Of The Clouds/05 Unfair/06 Easily Fooled/07 Best Friend's Arm/08 She Believes/09 Silent Kid/10 Black Out/11 Summer Babe/12 Elevate Me Later/13 Heckler Spray_In The Mouth Of A Desert/14 Fight This Generation/15 Debris Slide/16 Two States/17 Stop Breathing

    Great American Music Hall, San Francisco 4/23/94

    01 Box Elder/02 Brink of the Clouds/03 Brinx Job/04 Forklift/05 Heaven Is a Truck/06 Unfair/07 Cut Your Hair/08 Angel Carver Blues - Mellow Jazz Docent/09 Debris Slide/10 Fight This Generation/11 Grounded/12 Black Out/13 Silence Kit/14 5 - 4 = Unity/15 Summer Babe/16 Conduit for Sale!/17 Two States - Gold Soundz - Maybe Maybe

    Shepherds Bush Empire, London 4/11/97

    01 Intro/02 Father to a Sister of Thought/03 Shady Lane/04 Silence Kid/05 Transport is Arranged/06 Stereo/07 Old to Begin/08 Stop Breathin/09 Blue Hawaiian/10 Painted Soldiers/11 The Hexx/12 Grounded/13 Cut Your Hair/14 We Are Underused/15 Type Slowly/16 Range Life

    Tilberg, Netherlands 11/16/99

    01 Intro/02 Shady Lane/03 Spit On A Stranger/04 Billie/05 Rattled By The Rush/06 Major Leagues/07 Stereo/08 Cream Of Gold/09 Ann Don't Cry/10 In The Mouth A Desert/11 Gold Soundz/12 You Are A Light/13 The Hexx/14 Give It A Day/15 Folk Jam/16 Stop Breathin/17 -break-/18 Range Life/19 Date With IKEA/20 Whip It/21 Debris Slide/22 Fight This Generation

    Williamsburg Waterfront, Brooklyn 9/19/10

    01 intro banter/02 Cut Your Hair/03 Date With Ikea/04 Rattled by the Rush/05 banter/06 Elevate Me Later/07 Grounded/08 Frontwards/09 Shady Lane/10 Unfair/11 Perfume V/12 Fight this Generation/13 Silence Kid/14 Box Elder/15 banter/16 Stop Breathin/17 Two States/18 Father to a Sister of Thought/19 banter/20 Heckler Spray_In the Mouth of/21 banter/22 We Dance/23 Summer Babe/24 Fin/25 Stereo/26 encore break/27 Spit on a Stranger/28 Trigger Cut/29 banter/30 Starlings of the Slipstream/31 Gold Soundz/32 Kennel District/33 Range Life

    Central Park Summerstage 9/21/10

    01 Shady Lane/02 Frontwards/03 Heckler Spray-Elevate Me Later/04 Starlings of the Slipstream/05 Stereo/06 Kennel District/07 Grounded/08 Rattled by the Rush/09 We Dance/10 In the Mouth of a Desert/11 Perfume V/12 Unfair/13 Fin/14 Gold Soundz/15 banter/16 Debris Slide/17 Range Life/18 Trigger Cut/19 banter/20 Cut Yr Hair/21 Perfect Depth/22 Fight This Generation/23 Box Elder/24 encore break/25 Date With Ikea/26 Shoot the Singer/27 Conduit For Sale!/28 Silence Kid/29 Heaven Is A Truck/30 Stop Breathin

    Central Park Summerstage 9/22/10

    01 intro banter/02 Heckler Spray/03 In the Mouth of  Desert/04 Perfume V/05 Trigger Cut/06 Unfair/07 Range Life/08 Starlings of the Slipstream/09 Spizzle Truck/10 Shady lane/11 Fight This Generation/12 Summer Babe/13 Cut Yr Hair/14 Kennel District/15 Gold Soundz/16 Zurich Is Stained/17 Stereo/18 set break/19 The Hexx/20 Two States/21 Spit On A Stranger/22 Grounded/23 Silence Kid/24 Father to A Sister of Thought/25 banter/26 Stop Breathin/27 encore break/28 Date With Ikea/29 banter/30 Lions (Linden)/31 Here/32 Conduit For Sale!

    Central Park Summerstage 9/23/10

    01 Intro/02 Grounded/03 Gold Soundz/04 Silent Kid/05 Date With IKEA/06 Unfair/07 banter/08 Spit On A Stranger/09 Rattled By The Rush/10 Stereo/11 Loretta's Scars/12 banter/13 Frontwards/14 Stop Breathin' [false start]/15 Stop Breathin'/16 Shoot The Singer/17 banter/18 Trigger Cut_Wounded-Kite/19 banter/20 Cut Your Hair/21 Fight This Generation/22 Two States/23 Fin/24 Summer Babe/25 She Believes/26 Range Life/27 encore break/28 Kennel District/29 Shady Lane/30 Starlings of the Slipstream/31 Our Singer/32 banter/33 Heckler Spray/34 Angel Carver Blues/35 In The Mouth A Desert/36 We Dance/37 Box Elder

    Central Park Summerstage 9/24/10

    01 Heckler Spray/02 In the Mouth of a Desert/03 Frontwards/04 Spit On A Stranger/05 banter/06 Shady Lane/07 Date With Ikea/08 Grounded/09 Cut Yr Hair/10 Perfume-V/11 Conduit For Sale!/12 Father To A Sister of Thought/13 Stereo/14 Starlings of the Slipstream/15 Gold Soundz/16 banter/17 And Then (The Hexx)/18 We Dance/19 Silence Kit/20 Unfair/21 No Life Singed Her/22 banter/23 Stop Breathin/24 banter/25 Elevate Me Later/26 banter_jamming/27 Here/28 encore break 1/29 Rattled By the Rush/30 Heaven Is A Truck/31 Summer Babe/32 encore break 2/33 Kennel District/34 banter/35 Debris Slide/36 banter/37 Range Life

    Wonderful submission

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  • 09/08/16--13:49: The Descendents Part 2
  • Another stack of discs from the legendary Descendents, nothing as stunning as "Milo Goes To College", but
    still some some solid shit from these California goofball/punks, the obvious "fathers" of bands like Green Day , Offspring, and Blink 182.....perhaps yesterday's stuff was enough for you (although, make no mistake, "Milo Goes to College" is essential), the band is one of those, whom, if you are not a 'fan" a little can go quite a ways, but I really do like these discs, the live stuff is good, all in all, they were a solid band who remained true to their convictions. Good stuff which deserves to be resurrected and properly documented.

    And of course, thanks to John N for this thorough and totally fab submission!

    ALL-01 All/02 Coolidge/03 No, All!/04 Van/05 Cameage/06 Impressions/07 Iceage/08 Jealous of the World/09 Clean Sheets/10 Pep Talk/11 All-O-Gistics/12 Schizophrenia/13 Uranus

    EVERYTHING SUCKS-01 Everything Sux/02 I'm the One/03 Coffee Mug/04 Rotting Out/05 Sick-O-Me/06 Caught/07 When I Get Old/08 Doghouse/09 She Loves Me/10 Hateful Notebook/11 We/12 Eunuch Boy/13 This Place/14 I Wont Let Me/15 Thank You/16 Grand Theme

    COOL TO BE YOU-01 Talking/02 Nothing With You/03 She Don't Care/04 'merican/05 Dog and Pony

    Show/06 Blast Off/07 Dreams/08 Cool to Be You/09 Maddie/10 Mass Nerder/11 One More Day/12 Tack/13 Anchor Grill/14 Dry Spell

    1987 LIVEAGE MINNEAPOLIS1 All/02 I'm Not a Loser/03 Silly Girl/04 I Wanna Be a Bear/05 Coolidge/06 Weinerschnitzel/07 I Don't Want To Grow Up/08 Kids/09 Wendy/10 Get the Time/11 Descendents/12 Sour Graps/13 All-O-Gistics/14 Myage/15 My Dad Sucks/16 Van/17 Subuurban Home/18 Hope/19 Clean Sheets/20 Pervert

    HALLRAKER-LIVE BERKELY/MINNEAPOLIS 1987-01 Global Probing/02 My World/03 Hul rtin' Crul e/04 Hey Hey/05Kabuki Girl/All/06 Pep Talk/07 Jealous of the World/08 Christmas Vacation/09 I Like Food/10 Ice Man/11 Good Good Things/12 Cheer/13 Rockstar/14 No FB/15 Cameage

    More to come, hopefully over the weekend we'll knock this one out. Another good one from the vaults of
    John N, you guys and myself owe him a LOT for his magnificent submissions.

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    Man, I never dreamed so much Doors material ever even existed, whomever compiled all of this stuff really
    did a masaterful job, gotta give where due, right? Today we present a staggering EIGHT disc box set. It's loaded with demos, alts, you know, all that stuff.....this was released in 2008 and if you are a Doors junkie, this is for you.......there IS light at the end of the tunnel, this reminds me a lot of the Hendrix onslaught that I unleashed during the summer of to where I (temporarily only of course) was so sick of Hendrix that I thought I'd vomit......I've sequenced the Doors differently, spacing the stuff out, and you know what? I'm STILL pretty sick of the Doors......BUT, we are gonna pull this off.......this is part 24, I anticipate, damn near guarentee I won't get to 30.......hey, break on through, it's the fucking Doors, and if ever you had the chance to fill in the gaps in your stash, this has GOTTA be it!

    Lotsa lotsa tracks here, (a lot of them rare/unavailable elsewhere, too), this is actually a fine anthology, I guess mostly for fans (I'd say I am one), and I'm sure you won't care if I copy/paste the track lists and relatie information, because, well, I'm just kinda lazy like that.

    01 – Moonlight Drive
    02 – Hello, I Love You
    03 – My Eyes Have Seen You
    04 – Summer's Almost Gone
    05 – End of The Night
    06 – Go Insane
    07 – Indian Summer
    08 – Moonlight Drive
    09 – Moonlight Drive – Backdoor Man
    11 – Moonlight Drive
    12 – People Are Strange
    13 – Light My Fire
    14 – Get Off My Life
    15 – My Eyes Have Seen You
    16 – Twentieth Century Fox
    17 – Who Do You Love?
    18 – Gloria
    19 – Break On Through (To The Other Side)
    20 – Light My Fire
    21 – Love Me Two Times

    Tracks 1-6: World Pacific Jazz Studios; Los Angeles, CA; September 2, 1965
    Track 7-9: Elektra Studios,LATE Summer-Early Fall 1966
    Tracks 10-12: The Avalon; San Francisco, CA; March 4, 1967
    Tracks 13-19: The Matrix; San Francisco, CA; March 7 & 10, 1967
    Track 20: Mono Single Edit; April, 1967
    Track 21: Sunset Sound Recorders; Los Angeles, CA; Early 1967

    DiscTWOThe Celebration of The Lizard [1967-1968]

    01 – The End
    02 – People Are Strange
    03 – Light My Fire
    04 – People Are Strange
    05 – Moonlight Drive
    06 – Light My Fire
    07 – Soul Kitchen
    08 – Studio Dialogue
    09 – Not To Touch The Earth
    10 – Not To Touch The Earth
    11 – Wintertime Love
    12 – The Celebration of The Lizard
    13 – Hello, I Love You
    14 – Wild Child
    15 – Ode To Freidrich Nietzsche
    16 – Back Door Man/Crawling King Snake
    17 – Spanish Caravan

    Track 1: CBC Television Studios; Toronto, Canada; September 14, 1967
    Track 2-3: The Ed Sullivan Show; New York, NY; September 17, 1967
    Track 4: Murray The K Show; New York, NY; September 22, 1967
    Tracks 5-6: The Jonathan Winters Show; Hollywood, CA; December 27, 1967
    Track 7: Chicago Coliseum, Chicago, IL; May 10, 1968
    Tracks 8-12: T.T.G. Studios; Hollywood, CA; March – June, 1968
    Track 13: Dallas Memorial Auditorium; Dallas, Texas; July 9, 1968
    Track 14: The Singer Bowl; Flushing Meadows Park, Queens, New York; August 2, 1968
    Track 15: SaratogaPERFORMING Arts Center; Saratoga, New York; September 1, 1968
    Track 16-17: The Roundhouse; London, England; September 6, 1968

    Disc Three: Whiskey, Mystics and Men [1968-1969]

    01 – Alabama Song (Whiskey Bar) / Back Door Man
    02 – The WASP (Texas Radio & The Big Beat)
    03 – Love Me Two Times
    04 – When The Music's Over
    05 – The Unknown Soldier
    06 – Love Street
    07 – Money
    08 – Mack The Knife / Alabama Song / Back Door Man
    09 – You're Lost Little Girl
    10 – Wild Child
    11 – Touch Me
    12 – Whiskey, Mystics and Men
    13 – Wipeout
    14 – Queen of The Magazines
    15 – Love Me Tender
    16 – Woman Is The Devil
    17 – Push, Push

    Tracks 1-5:TELEVISION-Byen; Gladsaxe, Copenhagen, Denmark; September 18, 1968

    Tracks 6-9: Konserthuset; Stockholm, Sweden; September 20, 1968
    Tracks 10-11: Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour; CBS Television City, Los Angeles, CA; December 4, 1968
    Tracks 12-16: Sunset Sound Studio; Hollywood, CA; February 25, 1969
    Track 17: Sunset Sound Studio; Hollywood, CA; Spring, 1969

    Disc Four: Rock Is Dead

    01 – Rock Is Dead
    02 – Albinoni's Adagio In G Minor
    03 – Studio Dialogue
    04 – Touch Me
    05 – WhoSCARED You?
    06 – Five To One
    07 – Love Me Two Times
    08 – Touch Me
    09 – Tell All The People
    10 – Alabama Song / Back Door Man
    11 – Wishful, Sinful
    12 – Build Me A Woman
    13 – The Soft Parade
    14 – Hyacinth House
    15 – Paperback Queen
    16 – Back Door Man

    Track 1: Sunset Sound Studio; Hollywood, CA; February 25, 1969
    Track 2: T.T.G. Studios; Hollywood, CA; February-March 1968
    Tracks 3-5: Sunset Sound Studio; Hollywood, CA; March 1969
    Tracks 6-8: Dinner Key Auditorium; Miami, Florida; March 1, 1969
    Tracks 9-13: PBS Studios, WNET/Channel 13; New York, NY; April 28, 1969
    Track 14: Robby Krieger's Home Studio; Los Angeles, CA; Spring-Summer 1969
    Tracks 15-16: Cinematheque Theatre 16, Hollywood, CA; May 30, 1969

    Disc Five: Roadhouse Blues

    01 – Queen of The Highway
    02 – Queen of The Highway [Instrumental]
    03 – You Make Me Real
    04 – Touch Me
    05 – The Crystal Ship
    06 – Maggie M'Gill
    07 – Gloria
    08 – I Will Never Be Untrue
    09 – Mystery Train / Crossroads
    10 – Back Door Man / Roadhouse Blues / Maggie M'Gill
    11 – Roadhouse Blues
    12 – The Spy
    13 – Carol
    14 – Blues For Lonnie [Instrumental]
    15 – Whiskey, Mystics and Men
    16 – Roadhouse Blues
    17 – Dawn's Highway / Peace Frog
    18 – Blue Sunday

    Tracks 1-2: Elektra Sound Studios; Los Angeles, CA; Spring 1969
    Tracks 3-5: Aquarius Theatre; Hollywood, CA; July 21, 1969
    Tracks 6-9: Aquarius Theatre; Hollywood, CA; July 22, 1969
    Track 10: Varsity Stadium; Toronto, Ontario, Canada; September 13, 1969
    Track 11: Elektra Sound Studios; Los Angeles, CA; November 4, 1969
    Tracks 12-15: Elektra Sound Studios; Los Angeles, CA; Fall-Winter 1969/1970
    Track 16: Felt Forum; New York, NY; January 17, 1970
    Tracks 17-18: Felt Forum; New York, NY; January 18, 1970

    Disc Six: When The Music's Over

    01 – The Celebration of The Lizard
    02 –BUILD Me A Woman
    03 – Gloria
    04 – The Spy
    05 - Carol
    06 – Someday Soon
    07 – When The Music's Over
    08 – Been Down So Long

    Tracks 1-2: Felt Forum; New York, NY; January 17, 1970
    Track 3: Felt Forum; New York, NY; January 18, 1970
    Track 4: Boston Arena; Boston, MA; April 10, 1970
    Track 5: The Spectrum; Philadelphia, PA; May 1, 1970
    Tracks 6-7: Pittsburgh Civic Arena; Pittsburgh, PA; May 2, 1970
    Track 8: Cobo Hall; Detroit, Michigan; May 8, 1970

    Disc Seven: Universal Mind

    01 – People Get Ready / Mystery Train / Crossroads
    02 – Light My Fire / Fever / Summertime / St. James Infirmary
    03 – Love MeTWO Times / Baby Please Don't Go / St. James Infirmary
    04 – Universal Mind
    05 – The End

    Track 1: Seattle Center Coliseum; Seattle, WA; June 5, 1970
    Track 2: Pacific National Exhibition Coliseum; Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada; June 6, 1970
    Tracks 3-4: Bakersfield Civic Auditorium; Bakersfield, CA; August 21, 1970
    Track 5: Isle of Wight Festival; Isle of Wight, England; August 29, 1970

    Disc Eight: In The Eye of The Sun

    01 – Crawling King Snake
    02 – You Need Meat (Don't Go No Further)
    03 – Love Her Madly
    04 – The Changeling
    05 – L.A. Woman
    06 – Treetrunk
    07 – Tightrope Ride
    08 – In The Eye of The Sun
    09 – I'm Horny, I'm Stoned
    10 – Love Me Two Times
    11 – Verdilac
    12 – Ships W/ Sails
    13 – The Mosquito
    14 – Good Rockin’

    Track 1: The Doors Workshop; Los Angeles, CA; Fall 1970
    Track 2: The Doors Workshop; Los Angeles, CA; Winter 1970
    Tracks 3-5: State Fair Music Hall; Dallas, TX; December 11, 1970
    Track 6: The Doors Workshop; Hollywood, CA; 1972
    Tracks 7-12: Radio Bremen TV; Bremen, West Germany; May 3, 1972
    Tracks 13-14: The Dick Cavett Show; New York, NY; August 25, 1972  

    Sorry the pictures edidn't fit in well, I hope it's not too hard on the eyes......still a fuck of a lot better than having to type all thos track titles though.....hope ya enjoy, as I always do!

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  • 09/08/16--16:22: Florence + the Machine
  • One of my very (modern/latter day) bands, Ms. Florence Welch can most certainly belt out a tune, there is
    not arguement there.....I think my son Grant may have turned me onto their stuff, but I've liked it from the beginning......everything....the odd lyrical concepts ("Kiss with a Fist"?)....the amazing vocals ("The Dog Days Are Over" is just amazing if listened to at high volume)....the wicked, subtle sense of humor (calling an album "Lungs", GOD yes!). Anyway, I have a bunch of stuff here from F+TM, some various singles and stuff that Grant (my son) contributed........damn, damn, damn good stuff here, there IS hope for the future of music, perhaps.........

    LUNGS DELUXE EDITION (D1)-01 Dog Days Are Over/02 Rabbit Heart (Raise It Up)/03 I'm Not Calling You a Liar/04 Howl/05 Kiss With a Fist/06 Girl With One Eye/07 Drumming Song/08 Between Two Lungs/09 Cosmic Love/10 My Boy Builds Coffins/11 Hurricane Drunk/12 Blinding/13 You've Got the Love

    LUNGS DELUXE EDITION (D2)-01 Bird Song Intro/02 Bird Song/03 Dog Days Are Over (demo)/04 Falling/05 Hardest of Hearts/06 Ghosts (demo)/07 Girl With One Eye (Bayou Percussion Version)

    LUNGS BOX SET DISC 1-01 Dog Days Are Over/02 Rabbit Heart (Raise It Up)/03 I'm Not Calling You a Liar/04 Howl/05 Kiss With a Fist/06 Girl With One Eye/07 Drumming Song/08 Between Two Lungs/09 Cosmic Love/10 My Boy Builds Coffins/11 Hurricane Drunk/12 Blinding/13 You've Got the Love

    LUNGS BOX SET DISC 2 (Live at Abbey Road) 01 Between Two lungs/03 Kiss With a Fist/04 Cosmic
    Love/05 Oh Darling/06 The Dog Days Are Over/07 Drumming Song/08 You've Got the Love/09 Rabbit Heart (Raise it Up)

    LUNGS BOX SET DISC 3-01 Halo (recorded for Radio 1's Live Lounge/02 Hurricane Drunk (accoustic)/03 You've Got the Love (Fraser T Smith Mix)/04 Rabbit Heart (Raise it Up P.E.S.T. remix)/05 Drumming Song (Boy 8-Bit Remix)/06 Flakes/07 An Offering (rabbit Heart Remix)/08 You've Got the Love (Steve Pitron and Max Sanna remix)/09 Cosmic Love/10 Are You Hurting the One You Love/11 Swimming

    BETWEEN TWO LUNGS DISC 1-01 Dog Days Are Over/02 Rabbit Heart (Raise It Up)/03 I'm Not Calling You a Liar/04 Howl/05 Kiss With a Fist/06 Girl With One Eye/07 Drumming Song/08 Between Two Lungs/09 Cosmic Love/10 My Boy Builds Coffins/11 Hurricane Drunk/12 Blinding/13 You've Got the Love

    BETWEEN TWO LUNGS DISC 2-01 heavy In Your Arms/02 You've Got the Dirtee Love/03 Hurricane Drunk (Horrors Remix)/04 Strangeness and Charm (Live)/05 Swimming (Live)/06 Dog Days are Over (Yeasayer Remix)/07 Drumming Song/08 Girl With One Eye/09 Hurricane Drunk/10 Dog Days are Over/11 My Boy Builds Coffins/12 Hospital Beds

    LUNGS THE B SIDES-01 Swimming/02 Heavy In Your Arms/03 Ghosts (demo)/04 You've Got the Dirtee Love (Live)/05 Dog Days Are Over (Yeasayer remix)/06  Falling/07 Are You Hurting the One You Love/08 Addicted to Love/09 Bird Song/10 Hospital Beds/11 Hardest of Hearts

    CEREMONIALS (DELUXE D1)-01  Only If For a Night/02 Shake It Out/03 What the Water Gave Me/04 Never let Me go/05 Breaking Down/06 Lover to Lover/07 No Light No Light/08 Seven Devils/09 Heartlines/10 Spectrum/11 All This and Heaven Too/12 Leave My Body

    CEREMONIALS (DELUXE D2)-01 Remain Nameless/02 Strangeness and Charm/03 Bedroom Hymns/04 What the Water Gave Me (demo)/05 Landscape (demo)/06 Heartlines (Acoustic)/07 Shake It Out (acoustic)/08 Breaking Down (Acoustic)

    HOW BIG HOW BLUE HOW BEAUTIFUL-01 Ship to Wreck/02 What kind of man/03 How Big How Blue How Beautiful/04 Queen of Peace/05 Various Storms and Saints/06 Delilah/07 Long and Lost/08 Caught/09 Third Eye/10 St. Jude/11 Mother/12 Hiding/13 Make Up Your Mind/14 Which Witch (demo)/15 Third Eye (demo)/16 How Big How Blue How Beautiful (demo)

    SINGLES AND EPS (I decided to make an "album" out of them, program as you wish!) 01 Kiss With a Fist/02 Hospital Beds/03 Dog Days Are Over/04 You've Got the Love/05 Dog Days Are Over/06 Kiss With a Fist/07 You've Got the Love/08 Hospital beds/09 Dog Days Are Over (an Optimo (espacio) mix)/10 Rabbit Heart (Raise It Up) (Album version)/11 Rabbit Heart (Raise It Up) (Jamie T's Lionheart remix)/12 Rabbit Heart (Raise It Up) (Leo Zero remix)/13 You've Got the Love (single version)/14
    You've Got the Love (tom Middleton remix)/15 Addicted to Love/16 Shake It out/17 Shake it Out (weekend remix)/18 Shake it Out (Benny Benassi Remix Edit)/19 Shake It Out (Benny Benassi remix)/20 No Light No Light/21 No Light No Light (Breakage's One Moment  Less For Mortimer Mix)/22
    No Light No Light (DAS remix)

    LIVE AT THE WIRELESS-01 Intro/02 My Boy Builds Coffins/03 Kiss With a Fist/04 Hurricane Drunk/05
    Between Two Lungs/06  Drumming Song/07 Cosmic Love/08 If I had a Heart/09 Blinding/10 I'm Not Calling You a Liar/11 Howl/12 Dog Days Are Over/13 You've got the Love/14 Rabbit heart (raise it Up)/15 Back Announce

    Really hope you like this one, a bit different from what I normally do, but no matter, I DO like this chick a lot (the band as well)...good stuff here, and  hope that Florence is cool enough to realize that i'm sharing her work because I love it.......looking forward to future efforts from Florence  co.

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  • 09/09/16--09:45: Kratom
  • Who here knows about Kratom? Well, the short version here is its a leaf/herb grown mainly in Thailand. It
    has long been illegal in Thailand, because (this is important) it's usage undercuts that nations ability to collect it's opium tax. As far as Kratom being a "dangerous""narcotic", well, all I can do is roll my eyes (again)

    Kratom does so many good things that it is hard to list them all. It relieves most chronic pain (especially arthritis) can be used in detoxing opiate addicts. In different doses, it can be a relaxing sedative, or it can make one more alert. It's the ONLY cure that's ever worked, for me personally, on my restless leg's a fine supplement, one, as far as I know, without a negative side.

    So, of course, the DEA has unilaterally decided to make Kratom a Schedule 1 narcotic, effective 9/30/16. So, REALLY? Kratom = Heroin? Or, is it similar to the situation in Thailand, where if the opiate industry can't get their hands on a piece of it, it must be "bad".

    Well, it's NOT "bad"......I've used it fairly regularly for 5-6 years, never once had even a slight negative reaction to it in any way, nor has any other user whom I know.

    What can be done?  I'm guessing nothing, but if you are more optomistic than i, there are petitions out there
    on the issue......the petitions, from what I have read, have been doing quite eell, I'm not, though, sure what that is a link to one of them should you wish to try your luck:

    In my city, Heroin capsules can be purchased for five dollars. Many doctors are
    terrified to write a script for pain meds, making their black market cost sky high
    and pointing MORE people to, if opiates are scarce and expensive, 
    Kratom is unavailable, don't even ask about medicinal weed, AND, to top it off, 
    heroin capsules are readily available and dirt cheap, where would  YOU expect
    drug users to turn?

    So do me a goddamn favor. STOP, just STOP, whining about "heroin destroying 
    lives! Destroying our cities!".......sure as fuck looks like it's by design to me......
    please sign the petition, who knows, and if you've never tried Kratom, and want
    to, hurry, you don't have long left. There are many online botanical
    shops from which it CAN  be purchased (for now), it really is a fine, helpful, and 
    harmless product. 

    With so many real issues threatening to rip the world apart, blaming our troubles
    upon a harmless weed (yes, AGAIN) is an idea which would make perfect sense
    in an America governed by Donald Trump......let's try to be a little better than that,
    just once?

    0 0

    OK, in case you didn't know, I am a HUGE football fan, as much as I am a fan of music, football has served
    as an incredible diversion for me for decades, I can lose myself in a game much like I can in music......this blog is not the proper place to pontificate about the upcoming season, in particular Teddy Bridgewater's season ending injury, or the Vikings controversial acquisition of Sam Bradford......just wanted to lay out my thoughts before Sunday. And mostly I have a very cool downloadable bonus for any real football fans who happen to be here, to 95% of the readers here, it will mean nothing, to the other 5% they will simply be amazed.

    OK, quickly, let us preview the NFL season.....I am a vikings fan, have been one since 1969, and, even living in Ohio I have rarely missed a game in that 47 year span.......anyway, I am usually pessemistic about their chances, I was thinking that with a healthy Teddy Bridgewater this year they really had a good shot, but of course, (only the vikings), he was lost for the season in practice on a NON CONTACT INJURY....NON CONTACT! His career may be over, for all I know, hell they say the guy came close to possibly losing his fucking LEG. But, a theory......

    Sam Bradford was the #1 overall pick in the NFL draft a few years ago. He's been hurt a lot, been on some bad teams and in 20 different systems.....not predicting this is going to happen, BUT, picture, a perfectly skilled NFL QB, on the best team he's ever been on, with the best running back of all time helping him out, and one of the NFL's best defenses (REALLY GOOD, best in many years, the great Anthony Barr, Eric Kendricks, Everson griffin, Xavier Rhodes, Harrison Smith, Sharif Floyd if he can stay on the field......

    When I look at any sports teams, preseason, I asses the team and try to compare it with a team of the past....the team I see reflecteed in the 2016 Vikings is the 1980-83 Raiders, just after they had picked up Jim Bradford, a former #1 overall Bradford, problems with injuries and awful Bradford, the guy knew how to play football, and four years later keyed around the running of Marcus Allen and a killer defense, they had won two championships (1980, 1983).

    I am going to predict the Vikings win the division, (I usually DO NOT)....they've pulled stuff like this before,
    bringing in Warren Moon or Jim Mcmahon or Brad Johnson Act 2 or Randall Cunningham or Jeff George or (GAG) Donovan Mcnabb.....Bradford had FAR more (and I really do mean FAR more) upside than any of those lads had. Many fans of the team disagree with me, but I think the pickup of Bradford is a fairly low-risk aquisition, considering the upside of the player involved. Certainly they'd win NOTHING with Shaun Hill, so at least they give hope to the fan base. Looking forward to the season, a bit hesitantly, but I LOVE me some Vikings football. I've never given up on them, other than the Chicago Cubs, possibly the most difficult team in sports to be a hard core fan of.

    REAL quick, here are my predictions for 2016, PLEASE (if you are a football fan) share yours, whomever comes closest will win, well, we'll figure something out........anyway here it is, and again, I'd love to see yours, although I know my love of Vikings football is not REALLY what this blog is 'bout, but actually, it's 'bout whatever I'm feeling, and, this week, feeling the NFL season in the motherfucking air!

    AFC EAST                      AFC NORTH                        AFC SOUTH                         AFC WEST

    1. New England                 1. Cincinnati                              1. Indianapolis                        1. Kansas City
    2. NY Jets                         2. Pittsburgh                              2. Tennessee                          2. Oakland
    3. Buffalo                           3. Baltimore                              3. Houston                             3. San Diego
    4. Miami                            4. Cleveland                              4. Jacksonville                       4. Denver

    NFC EAST                       NFC NORTH                           NFC SOUTH                        NFC WEST

    1. Washington                    1. Minnesota                               1. Carolina                            1. Seattle
    2. NY Giants                     2. Green Bay                               2. New Orleans                    2 Arizona
    3. Dallas                            3. Chicago                                  3. Tampa Bay                       3. San Francisco
    4. Philadaelphia                 4. Detroit                                     4. Atlanta                             4. Los Angeles

    AFC WILD CARDS: Oakland, Pittsburgh
    NFC WILD CARDS:  Green Bay, New Orleans

    NFC CHAMPION; Carolina
    AFC CHAMPION: New England

    SUPER BOWL WINNER: New England

    OK, this is only for hardcore football fans, these are likely somthing you've not seen before......what I have
    here are the actual playbooks for some of the NFL's great- and not so great teams of recent times.....I'll list the teams for you in a second, but for a football fan, this is a dream come true to look at.....I have a bunch of them from some of the great NCAA teams as well, and I'll try to get them up next week sometime

    NFL PART 1-1969 Redskins/1981 Eagles/1982 49ers/1983 Chargers/1985 49ers/1985 Rams/1986 Redskins/1989 Packers part 1/1989 Packers part 2

    NFL PART 2-1990 Bengals/1991 49ers/1991 Bills/1994 Bills/1994 Vikings/1995 Steelers/1997 Bills

    NFL PART 3-1997 Packers/ 1998 Raiders/1999 Dolphins/1999 Rams/2000 Giants/2000 Rams

    NFL PART 4-01 2000 Seahawks/2001 Cowboys/2001 NFC Pro Bowl/2001 NY Jets/2002 Broncos/2003 Patriots/2004 Patriots part 1/2004 Patriots part 2/2004 Saints

    NFL PART 5-01 2004 Steelers/02 2005 Panthers/03 1998 Vikings

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