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The music that shaped a semi-wasted life

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    (scott), John N Has been extra generous of late and also sends us this fab singles comp from legendary UK popsters Biff Bang I often say when I wish to save verbage "You Want This".......fine collection, I have heard this one and yep, YOU want this!

    01 – Fifty Years of Fun
    02 – Then When I Scream
    03 – There Must Be a Better Life
    04 – The Chocolate Elephant Man
    05 – Love’s Going out of Fashion
    06 –INSIDE the Mushroom
    07 – It Happens All the Time
    08 – In the Afternoon
    09 – Someone Stole My Wheels
    10 – It Makes You Scared
    11 – Sunny Days
    12 – The Whole World’s Turning Brouchard!
    13 – The Death of England
    14 – She Haunts
    15 – The Beat Hotel
    16 – She Paints
    17 – Sleepe

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    (scott) quick, but likely good (haven't heard it yet but most 

    Boris-related material is worth our time!)

    A new disk together with Merzbow, this time as a split

    Boris & Merzbow - Gensho (2016)!ylIEWLRD!3I3XGspqtfNp1OEfk9Rz2A

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  • 08/15/16--16:18: Andy Warhol
  • Many loved him, many hated him, personally I always enjoyed his bizarre views of the universe. I don't think this is anywhere near his complete works, but there are 160 samples of his stuff here, you be the judge......

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  • 08/15/16--16:26: Paul Klee by request
  • Sorry, I've lost the request so I can't remember who made it, but I DO know for a fact that someone requested some Paul Klee.........happy to oblige, one that I enjoy a lot. Please request away, you'd be amazed at some of the stuff lurking on my hard drive!

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  • 08/15/16--16:37: Classic bra and panty ads
  • I know I've been concentrating a bit more than usual on non-musical posts, and there is a reason for this......I am working on a super John N submission on the fab Electric Orange, but it is going to take me several days to download it, there are so MANY links, (this is going to be a BITCHING post when it's done, he's also got a fab Krautrock comp in the pipes as well), so I'm pretty much fucking around right now, waiting for downloads and the like......anyway, WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU if you don't want to at least, in the downtime, take a glance at some vintage bra and panty ads? Jesus Christ when I was a WAY small child, I'd have paid up BIG compensation for these!-

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    When Scott posted that pile of Talking Heads stuff (in May I think?), I grabbedBACKUPS for my LPs of the early albums. One listen to them, and my ears said no. A file for TH'77 or Fear of Music shouldn't be less than 50MB. Tiny and tinny, and for my money, the Heads deserve better. So, I went and found files for those two albums, taken @320 from the 2005 remastered editions, with bonus tracks. Please upgrade, and enjoy...

    And stay tuned; great covers stuff coming soon!

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    (scott)-this here is a good one, as though we'd expect anything else from Jonder........really cool collection of
    ska-rock cover tunes, NO excuse for you to miss this one, bad-ass from jump.

    I say, "ska punk".  You say, "No thanks." But THE VALKYRIANS are better than most bands of their genre.  And PUNKROCKSTEADY is their covers album of punk, new wave and post punk classics.  They even got TV Smith from the AdvertsTO SING with them on Gary Gilmore's Eyes.  Check out the tracklist:

    01 Heart Of Glass (Blondie)
    02 Career Opportunities (Clash)
    03 Breakdown (Buzzcocks)
    04 Riot Squad (Cock Sparrer)
    05 Mongoloid (Devo)
    06 Another Girl, Another Planet (Only Ones)
    07 Disorder (Joy Division)
    08 Nasty Nasty (999)
    09 I Am The Fly (Wire)
    10 Astro Zombies (Misfits)
    11 Borstal Breakout (Sham 69)
    12 Babylon's Burning (Ruts)
    13 Gary Gilmore's Eyes (Adverts)
    14 Watching The Detectives (Elvis Costello)

    BONUSTRACKS:  Dead Kennedys covers by the Valkyrians, Nouvelle Vague and the Dub Kennedys (in Spanish!)   LINK:

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    See, when I said "many" I wasn't bullshitting, there is still a ton of shit left in this file for me to put out
    there.....I've laid off the Doors for a while, but I would like to get it over with at some point, so I guess I better get back in gear. Believe it or not, we have yet another four disc box set, crammed with stuff we haven't posted yet (trust me, I eliminated the stuff that would be 100% repeats), so here, with brief explanations, is the 1997 box set, creatively entitled "1997 Box Set":

    Disc 1 has tons of shit that I, at least had never heard, it's stacked with demos, live shit, alternate takes, all the usual stuff......honestly, I don't think I've heard more than a track or two off of this before, some really (I think) rare material.......

    The second disc is a live set from New York, I apologize if it's one of the sets I've already put up, but I really don't feel like checking at the moment. I listened to it, not a bad one at all, and since I know that a handful of you ARE Doors-fanatics, perhaps this may be a new one on you as well.

    Disc number 3 contains a mish mash of live tracks and stuff, some of which I know we HAVE heard before, but I think (not certain) that this is the first time I've heard their version of Leon Russell's "Tightrope Ride".

    And the final disc is your standard "greatest hits" kind of thing, I should have probably left this one off, but hell, there MIGHT be something on there that is unique, again, I'm too bored to xcheck.

    Anyway, The Doors are back! Enjoy, because there ARE several more parts for you to absorb.......just bide your time until I can get John N's magnificent Electric Orange submission all ready, it's going to be great, but it is so enormous it is taking me a little time to get it ready (thanks for helping me with that Brian!)

    DISC 1 WITHOUT A SAFTEY NET-01 Five to One (Live)/02 Queen of the Highway (alternate version)/03 Hyacinth House (demo)/04 My Eyes Have Seen You (demo)/05 Who Scared You/06  Black Train Song (live)/07 End of the Night (demo)/08 Whiskey, Mystics, and Men/09 I Will Never Be Untrue (live)/10 Moonlight Drive (demo)/11 Moonlight Drive (Sunset Sound)/12 Rock Is Dead/13 Albinoni's Adagio in G Minor

    DISC 2 LIVE IN NEW YORK-01 Roadhouse Blues/02 Ship Of Fools/03 Peace Frog/04 Blue Sunday/05
    The Celebration of the Lizard/06 Gloria/07 Crawling King Snake/08 Money/09 Poontang Blues/10 The End

    DISC 3 THE FUTURE AINT WHAT IT USED TO BE-01 Hello to the Cities (live)/02 Break on Through (live)/03 Rock Me (live)/04 Money (live)/05 Someday Soon (live)/06 Go Insane (demo)/07 Mental Floss (live)/08 Summer's Almost Gone (demo)/09 Adolph Hitler (live)/10 Hello I Love You (demo)/11 The Crystal Ship (live)/12 I Can't See Your Face In My Mind/13 The Soft Parade (live)/14 Tightrope Ride/15 Orange County Suite

    DISC 4-01 BAND FAVORITES-01 Light My Fire/02 Peace Frog/03 Wishful Sinful/04 Take it As It Comes/05 LA Woman/06 I Can't See Your Face In My Mind/07 Land Ho!/08 Yes the River Knows/09 Shaman's Blues/10 You're Lost Little Girl/11 Love Me Two Times/12 When the Music's Over/13 The Unknown Soldier/14 Wild Child/15 Riders on the Storm

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  • 08/17/16--15:55: More ads, this WAY cool
  • I've put these up before, it's a favorite of mine, a large file of classic cigarette and alcohol ads from the 50's-60's or so, featuring tons of celebrities endorsing such products......a fave of mine makes note of more doctors prefer Camels to any other brand, but there is stuff here that is total GOLD believe me!

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  • 08/18/16--16:05: Allhellujah
  • I don't think I've ever put these guys up before, Italian stoner metal of fairly recent (2000's) vintage.....guitarist Massimo Gajer, singer Jacob Bredahl, bassist Roberto Gelli, and drummer Stefano Longhi turned out three very passable albums of a sort of Kyuss/Black Sabbath melding, not an uncommon style, really, but not an unpleasant one either. I'm not really crazy about the nearly death metal vocals, but they are tolerable, at least.

    First up from 2005 is the debut effort, "Inferno Museum"......a fair effort, and if you listen to the lyrics you hear some fairly odd shit ("Who's Gonna Kill My Lady?" and my fave "God is Laughing").......not too bad at all really.

    The follow up shows some growth, released in 2007  "Pain is the Game" in my opinion features tighter playing, better vocals, and still a generous amount of oddball lyrics ("Superhero Motherfucker Superman", "King of Pain" (NOT the Police classic))......if you only want I say go here.

    The final effort before disbanding was "Breath Your Soul", which features cover versions of both King Crimson and Black Sabbath and frankly sounds a bit thrown together, but still, as a whole, the world will never have too many stoner metal bands, in my estimation. These boys were middle-of-the-pack, but still not to be totally ignored

    INFERNO MUSEUM-01 Perfect man/02 Your Savior Is Here/03 Ego Te Absolvo/04 Miss M./05 Inferno Museum/06 Who's Gonna Kill My Lady?/07 God Is Laughing/08 Nervous Titter/09 Gettin' Closer/10 Devil's Kiss

    PAIN IS THE GAME-01 Ar You Ready? (Ready for Your Massacre)/02 Superhero Motherfucker Superman/03 hey J/04 I'm Not the One/05 Demon's Town/06 Soul man/07 Big Money Sweet Money/08 The Devil, Me Myself and I/09 Hell On Earth/10 The King of Pain/11 Amen

    BREATH YOUR SOUL-01 Intro/02 Face to Face With the Devil/03 The Eye of Despair/04 Step By
    Step/05 The Black Jar/06 My Medicine/07 Bloodtrip/08 21st Century Schizoid Man/09 I Will Rise Again/10 I'm the Zero/11 Into My Head/12 The Bible Babylon/13 Into the Void/14 Profondo Rosso/Deep Red

    Been a LITTLE while, at least, since we've tried to throw you a bit of lesser-known stoner rock, enjoy......that Electric Orange thing will be coming this weekend, at least PART of it, that thing is gigantic.....

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    (scott) While I am working hard on the enormous Electric Orange post that John N has sent me the material
    for, I wanted to sneak in ANOTHER fabulous submission of his, a totally amazing 2012 Krautrock comp, which actually does include some Electric Orange (consider it a preview), but also great shit such as Amon Duul II, Can, Kraftwerk.....need I go on? You want this, and this one is one of those that a copy/paste serves us much better than anything I could write up.

    2012 is the 40th anniversary of the launch of the Brain label, so what better time to release a double album of classic seventies kraut rock, motorik rhythms, acid jams and kosmische sounds, including covers of classic tracks by Can, Neu!, Amon Duul and Kraftwerk?
    ... over 90 minutes of great music for you, with all-exclusiveTRACKS by Fruits de Mer artists old and new - including The Bevis Frond, Electric Moon, Vibravoid, Language of Light, Dead Sea Apes and Frobisher Neck ...AND we even have a mad spoken-word intro to the album from Grobschnitt's legendary drummer Eroc!!!
    a short excerpt from Electric Moon's new version of the Tangerine Dream track, 'Madrigal Meridian'. This is taken from 'Head Music' - a double LP containing over 90 ...
    2012 is the 40th anniversary of the launch of the Brain label, so what better time to release a double album of classic seventies kraut rock, motorik rhythms, acid ...
    2012 is the 40th anniversary of the launch of the Brain label, so what better time to release a double album of classic seventies kraut rock, motorik rhythms, acid jams and kosmische sounds, including covers of classicTRACKS by Can, Neu!, Amon Duul and Kraftwerk?
    ... over 90 minutes of great music for you, with all-exclusive tracks by Fruits de Mer artists old and new - including The Bevis Frond, Electric Moon, Vibravoid, Language of Light, Dead Sea Apes and Frobisher Neck ...AND we even have a mad spoken-word intro to the album from Grobschnitt's legendary drummer Eroc!!!
    Country: UK • Genre: Electronic, Rock • Style: Krautrock, Psychedelic Rock

    Track listing in full: 

    side one
    Intro - Eroc
    Waterfall (Jane) - Johnny Vines 
    Paramechanical World (Amon Duul I) - Earthling Society 
    Surrounded By The Stars (Amon Duul II) - Jay Tausig 
    Madrigal Meridian (Tangerine Dream) - Electric Moon 
    Trans Europe Express (Kraftwerk) - Anla Courtis 

    side two
    Nearby Shiras (Kalacakra) - Vibravoid 
    Lila Engel (originally by Neu!) - Palace of Swords 
    I Want More (Can) - Saturn's Ambush
    Silver Cloud (La Dusseldorf) - Frobisher Neck Heads South By Weaving 
    Ruckstoss Gondoliere (Kraftwerk) - Dead Sea Apes 

    side three
    Mushroom (Can) - Language of Light 
    Bayreuth Return (Klaus Schulze) - Black Tempest 
    Mantra II (Popol Vuh) - Zenith:Unto The Stars
    Negativland (Neu!) - Temple Music 

    side four
    Schizo (Ash Ra Tempel) - Frobisher Neck 
    Dino (Harmonia) - Vert:x 
    Lied An Zons (Arno Clauss) - Electric Orange 
    China (Electric Sandwich) - The Bevis Frond

    Sold Out! 

    There were 850 copies, on colour vinyl (no CDs or downloads!) and I've sold out already - you could try the shops listed on our 'links' page, but after that, it's ebay - sorry

    The sleeve notes are, or were, by Ulrich Klatte, who wrote the essential guide to original krautrock releases, The 'Cosmic Price Guide' 

    Language of Light covering CAN - 'Mushroom' for Fruits de Mer Record's 'Head Music' double vinyl compilation of classic kosmische/krautrock covers. Only the ...
    an excerpt from a new version of the KalacakraTRACK, "Nearby Shiras"', reinterpreted by the amazing vibravoid. This new interpretation is taken from 'Head M...

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  • 08/18/16--16:40: Anyone for ZAP! comix?
  • This is actually about as good as it gets, my childhood committed forever to my hard drive, I guess, but as a
    youth I lived for the Freak Brothers, and, especially, Zap! is damn near the entire collection, if not complete it is damn close......I posted these before, WAY back like a lot of this stuff I've been draging out, and it was popular as hell.......dig up on the brilliance of R Crumb, and if you are a PUP (ie under 45, let's say), TRY to understand (I doubt if you are able) how incredibly controversial these were, and how "forbidden" they were (I had three issues confiscated in junior high school, imagine, if you will, a public school in 2016 having no greater concerns that what COMIC BOOKS a student has on his person)....

    Anyway, along with the Freak Brothers (ask nice and maybe I'll repost THEM soon as well, truth be told I favor those SLIGHTLY above Zap! but not much), Zap! comics were the absolute epitome of 1970's underground comics, a wonderful "forbidden fruit" that, while deliciously dated, still stands up under the pressures of time.........don't bitch at ME if you miss this one again.......

    The brilliance of R Crumb is just stunning......I've got some more of his work around here, notably his amazing version of the new testament of the Christian Bible, which is amazing and probably "re-post" much to share, and so little time.

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    OK, I was previously somewhat familiar with Electric Orange before John N sent me a link which I posted a
    while back, even before the submission I enjoyed their modern take on the classic kraut-psych sounds of the early 1970's.....a great concept, actually, modernizing those incredible sounds.

    However, John N comes through in GIGANTIC form like he has done many times before. I had no idea, none, that Electric Orange had such a wealth of material.....John N has sent me a HUGE collection of their stuff, I am going to break it down into 3 or 4 parts. My commentary will be limited, as I have only carpet bombed (at most) these albums, but I'll stand on my recommendation anyway......always a huge fan of the early 70's kraut-psych, and updating that sound is nothing BUT okay with me.

    It's kind of hard to manage posts of this size, sometimes, but I do like doing them......the recent Beastie Boys post was kind of cumbersome as will this one be, but I think breaking this one down a bit will benefit everyone. For today, let us go with:

    The 1993 debut, which no question harkens back to the golden era of Amon Duul/Krokodile/Tangerine Dream, et al, this is a fine album that is really overlooked. It also comes with a special bonus disc of previously unreleased material, I know, it may be a bit early to begin absorbing rarities and the like from this band if you are unfamiliar with them, but I'm posting this WHOLE THING eventually if it kills me.

    "Orange Commutation" (1996) is a cool remix EP featuring a lot of stuff from the debut (my head is spinning: remix versions of modernized kraut-psych? wow)....."Cyberdelic" (1996) shows the attempt at updating the 1970's sound of the early work, shorter songs and simply a more "modern" sound.

    "Rote Sonne" was the first Electric Orange attempt at placing a huge number of songs on a single track, sometimes this works out, sometimes not, in this field/genre, I don't think it's a bad idea......seems to work pretty well here, at least in "carpet bomb" mode.

    We'll wrap up today's Electric Orange onslaught with a 2001 "Sessions Nebanan", a collection of live takes that I think is fairly hard to locate......anyway, whether it is or isn't, it's here.

    OK, let me know what you think of these....I AM going to put all of this material up, it's maybe a little
    different than what the other blogs do, but you know I roll how I roll.......Electric Orange is bad ass, you MAY get sick of them (ala The Doors), but the stuff is GONNA be here......

    Thanks again to John N, we'll be hitting this one a few times (maybe 4-5 times) before we wrap this one up!

    ELECTRIC ORANGE-01 Reflections of 2072 and Everywhere/02 Sysyphus's Revenge Parts I-X/03 Journey Through Weird Scenes Featuring Cows in Space/04 The Return of Eugene, Be Careful/05 Electripity Chapter XVI/06 Baby Cake Walk/07 Soul Shadows/08 Back In Strange World

    ELECTRIC ORANGE (BONUS DISC)-01 Borrowed Toothpaste Paranoia/02 Space Junk/03 Wet Rotation/04 Verheerende Folgen/05 Wellensallat/06 Krautwerk/07 Stillstand/08 Disposition/09 Magick Case/10 Fairy Tale

    ORANGE COMMUTATION-01 Electripity Chapter 99/02 Journey Through Weird Scenes Featuring Cows In Space (Cud Chewer Mix)/03 The Return of Eugene, Be Careful (Murderistic Mix)/04 Back in Strange World (Forbidden Mix)/05 Reflections of and Everywhere (Mirror Mix)

    CYBERDELIC-01 Cyberdelic/Unaffected Fruit/02 A Vaporized Dance/03 Funny In the Bathroom/04 Kirschen/
    05 Sweet Absurd/06 B Movie/07 Steal No Egg/08 Mother's Cake/09 Tartisma Zemini/10 She-Wah/11 More 

    ROTE SONNE-01 I. Born To Be Wild/II Dasselbe/III Verfuhrung/IV Syd is Back/V Honey Love/VI Supermarkt/
    VII Jazz Hat Keinen Platz/VIII Sonic/IX Take a Little/X Das Urmutterteil/XI Drop Out/XII Einheitlicher Stil/XII
    Hallo/XIV Brosel

    SESSIONS NEBENAN DISC 1-01 Schwerer Anfang/02 Schwierigkeiten/03 Swingt Leicht/04 Noch Verhalten
    05 Gewagt

    SESSIONS NEBENAN DISC 2-01 Versucht/02 Etwas Befreiter/03 Entspannt/04 Erneutes Versuchen

    OK, that's it for today......thanks again to John N, and most likely this is the most comprehensive 
    collection of material ever assembled from this under appreciated of Krautrock, of prog, of 
    psych......please give these albums the chance they deserve, more to come in a day or two and over the 
    next couple weeks or so......

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  • 08/19/16--11:10: Betty Blowtorch
  • An old fave of mine, while I'm dragging out stuff I posted years ago, I may as well go this direction as
    well....Betty Blowtorch were a very crude female punk band, composed of singer/bassist Bianca Butthole, guitarist Sharon Needles (!), guitarist Blare N Bitch, and drummer Judy Molish.

    Their first release was an EP entitled "Get Off", it features a couple of the centerpieces of the full length debut "Are You Man Enough?" ("Shut Up and Fuck" and "I'm Ugly and I Don't Know Why" are among the standouts that appear on the album).....the EP is also notable for the inclusion of "We Want Drugs".

    "Are You Man Enough" was released in 2001, besides the two above mentioned gems, it includes the bizarre "Size Queen" which actually features a Vanilla Ice (!) "rap" in which he boasts about the size of his manhood (NOT kidding), "Big Hair Broken Heart", which is a tribute to Lita Ford (yummy) and other hair band stars of the 80's, and the very cool "Frankie" about losing a boyfriend which may be the albums best song. Highly recommend this album.

    Bianca was killed in a car crash in late 2001, spelling the end of the band......"Last Call" was assembled from demos, live tracks and whatever else, I guess the world needs a Betty Blowtorch rarities collection somewhere.

    Really really liked the "Are You Man Enough" album, the EP and the rarities collection are more for completists and fans, but, hey, be honest......where ELSE are you gonna find THIS great stuff?

    GET OFF-01 Betty Blowtorch Anthem/02 Fish Taco/03 I Wanna Be Your Sucker/04 Shut Up and Fuck/05 Party Til Ya Puke/06 Get Off/07 I'm Ugly and I Don't Know Why/08 We Want Drugs/09 Betty Blowtorch

    ARE YOU MAN ENOUGH-01 Hell on Wheels/02 LOVE/HATE/03 Size Queen/04 I'm Ugly and I Don't
    Know Why/05 Shut Up and Fuck/06 Frankie/07 I Wish You'd Die/08 Big Hair Broken Heart/09 Part Time Hooker/10 Rock My World/11 Dresses/12 Strung Out/13 Rock N Roll/14 Betty Blowtorch Anthem/15 Get Off/16 PMS

    LAST CALL-01 Rock My World (Live)/02 Party Til Ya Puke/03 I Wanna Be On Epitaph (unreleased demo)/04 Fish taco/05 Shrinkwrap (unreleased demo)/06 Limousines (Interview Clip)/07 Van (Unreleased Demo)/08 Dresses (Unreleased demo)/09 Shut Up and Fuck (Alternate Version)/10 Diarrhea (Outtake)/11 Changing Underwear (interview clip)/12 Yesterday II, The Sequel (B Side)/13 Frankie (Live)/14 I Wanna Be Your Sucker (Live)/15 Ode to Dickhead (Acoustic)/16 Dickhead on the radio (Interview Clip)/17 Get Off/18 Kill the Butcher/19 Teenage Whore (unreleased demo)/20 Funeral Crashing Tonite (acoustic)/21 T.I.T. (Interview Clip)/22 Rock N Roll '85/23 LOVE/HATE/24 I've Been So Mad Lately (Rehearsal)/25 Johnny Depp (Interview Clip)/26 Size Queen (Live)/27 I'm Ugly and I Don't Know Why (Live)/28 Betty Blowtorch Anthem/29 Hell On Wheels (Live)

    Upon further review, "Last Call" is fairly comprehensive.....I really liked the band, actually, at least their (more or less) only album; slutty, loud mouthed, drug addled women will always have a place in my heart.....the deal is this....check out "Are You", if you like it, investigate further with the EP and the compilation.......this is a really cool band, in my opinion, that slipped through the cracks of history, but please give them a shot, they ARE worth your while!

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  • 08/19/16--11:37: Look What I Did
  • No, no, no, it's the name of a band, not me making a cute post title......I wish I could present a more complete picture of this bunch, unfortunately, it's nearly impossible to run down their stuff (John N in the house?).....the only album I have is the cleverly titled "Atlas Drugged" (I am something of an Ayn Rand fan). Anyway, this bunch came from Nashville in the early 00's, spitting out a fairly different batch of post-hardcore, incorporating unusual musical styles and some WAY off the wall lyrics.

    This, as best as I can find, is album #3 (of 4, I think).......pretty damn interesting/ambitious effort, really, when you have song titles like "My Girlfriend Leo Strauss" and "Six Flags Over Jesus" you know that there are tons of laughs ahead!.......actually my fave here is the album closer "Baby Darwins", but here is the main thing: does ANYONE have the remainder of their body of work? I feel like I'm breaking in at the middle of their career and I can't really get a good grip on what they are/were about.......John N or even Doug from Ohio (both of whom seem to have every album ever recorded), see if you can maybe hook us up?

    Anyway, this is worth a listen......always fun to hear some sarcastic, semi-intellectual hardcore stuff, I'd just like a more complete picture of what they were about......never posted this one before, I don't think, but this IS worth a listen, and some additional material would be way interesting! Meanwhile, enjoy THIS album!

    ATLAS DRUGGED-01 Six Flags Over Jesus/02 Daft/03 Jekyll Island Flat Scratch/04 Holding Pattern/05 I'm Majoring In Psychology/06 My Girlfriend Leo Strauss/07 Serf Song/08 Shit $/09 Pussy Camitatus/10 Quit It/11 Hematospermia/12 Baby Darwins

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  • 08/19/16--12:25: The Big Boys
  • Gotta say you rarely see The Big Boys posted online, I think this two disc comp ("The Fat Elvis"/"The
    Skinny Elvis") pretty much summarizes the entire career output, give or take.....from Austin Texas, they were one of the earlier American bands to launch what would become the West Coast hardcore sound (not judging that as good or bad, whatever).......pretty decent punk rock, typical of the era as you can really hear the attempt by the band to put a USA slant on what, up until then, had been more or less a UK phenominon....they released a handful of albums, not a one of which I have, but I can't imagine that these two discs don't sum it up quite completely.

    Quite a fair carer retrospective, actually, I wish more bands would put as much effort into similar releases, this is ALL the Big Boys you are EVER gonna need!

    THE FAT ELVIS-01 Nervous/02 Apolitical/03 Hollywood Swinging/04 Prison/05 We Got Soul/06 Fun Fun Fun/07 We Got Your Money/08 Lesson/09 Fuck Off/10 I'm Sorry/11 We're Not In It To Lose/12 Sound on Sound/13 Fight Back/14 Brickwall/15 Jump the Fire/16 Assault/17 Manipulation/18 Same old Blues/19 Gator Fuckin'/20 White Nigger/21 Baby Let's Play God/22 No/23 Narrow View/24 I DO Care/25 Listen/26 What's the Word/27 Common Beat/28 Ajo Zone/29 Which Way to Go/30 Killing Time/31 Warm

    THE SKINNY ELVIS-01 Frat Cars/02 Heartbeat/03 Movies/04 Mutant Rock/05 Detectives/06 Out of Focus/07 Psycho/08 Red-Green/09 In the Way/10 Nightbeat/11 After 12:00/12 Security/13 TV/14 I Don't Wanna Dance/15 Identity Crisis/16 Thin Line/17 Advice/18 Complete Control/19 Work Without Pay/20 Spit/21 Act-Reaction/22 Self Contrition/23 Wise Up

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  • 08/19/16--13:54: For Angie
  • I want to thank Angie (Madame Angela) for all she has done for me, I really have no idea how I could have gotten through all this shit without her. She is the greatest and if I have anything to say about it, she will NEVER get away from me......anyway, I hope she likes this post.

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    (scott)- this looks awesome, a huge batch of live Pistols tracks.......Jon S is a virtual machine when it comes
    to sending mammoth links, geez, I can't think of them all, Echo & the Bunnymen, Husker Du, as well as all of the lesser known greats he has sent......anyway, given the relatively short career of the Pistols, this is likely a good percentage of their live performances...thanks once again to Jon S, for yet another tremendous submission.

    01 Did You No Wrong (Live From The Lesser Free Trade Hall, Manchester _ June 4th 1976)/02 Don't Give Me No Lip, Child (Live From The Lesser Free Trade Hall, Manchester _ June 4th 1976)/03 Seventeen (Live From The Lesser Free Trade Hall, Manchester _ June 4th 1976)/04 (I'm Not Your) Stepping Stone (Live From The Lesser Free Trade Hall, Manchester _ June 4th 1976)/05 New York (Live From The Lesser Free Trade Hall, Manchester _ June 4th 1976)/06 Whatcha Gonna Do About It (Live From The Lesser Free Trade Hall, Manchester _ June 4th 1976)/07 Submission (Live From The Lesser Free Trade Hall, Manchester _ June 4th 1976)/08SATELLITE (Live From The Lesser Free Trade Hall, Manchester _ June 4th 1976)/09 No Feelings (Live From The Lesser Free Trade Hall, Manchester _ June 4th 1976)/10 No Fun (Live From The Lesser Free Trade Hall, Manchester _ June 4th 1976)/11 Substitute (Live From The Lesser Free Trade Hall, Manchester _ June 4th 1976)/12 Pretty Vacant (Live From The Lesser Free Trade Hall, Manchester _ June 4th 1976)/13 Problems (Live From The Lesser Free Trade Hall, Manchester _ June 4th 1976)/14 Anarchy In The UK (Live From Screen On The Green, Islington, United Kingdom _ 1976)/15 I Wanna Be Me (Live From Screen On The Green, Islington, United Kingdom _ 1976)/16 Seventeen (Live From Screen On The Green, Islington, United Kingdom _ 1976)/17 New York (Live From Screen On The Green, Islington, United Kingdom _ 1976)/18 Don't Give Me No Lip, Child (Live From Screen On The Green, Islington, United Kingdom _ 1976)/19 (I'm Not Your) Stepping Stone (Live From Screen On The Green, Islington, United Kingdom _ 1976)/20SATELLITE (Live From Screen On The Green, Islington, United Kingdom _ 1976)/21 Submission (Live From Screen On The Green, Islington, United Kingdom _ 1976)/22 Liar (Live From Screen On The Green, Islington, United Kingdom _ 1976)/23 No Feelings (Live From Screen On The Green, Islington, United Kingdom _ 1976)/24 Substitute (Live From Screen On The Green, Islington, United Kingdom _ 1976)/25 Pretty Vacant (Live From Screen On The Green, Islington, United Kingdom _ 1976)/26 Problems (Live From Screen On The Green, Islington, United Kingdom _ 1976)/27 Did You No Wrong (Live From Screen On The Green, Islington, United Kingdom _ 1976)/28 No Fun (Live From Screen On The Green, Islington, United Kingdom _ 1976)/29 Anarchy In The UK (Incomplete _ Live From HM Prison, Chelmsford _ September 17th 1976)/30 I Wanna Be Me (Live From HM Prison, Chelmsford _ September 17th 1976)/31 Seventeen (Live From HM Prison, Chelmsford _ September 17th 1976)/32 New York (Live From HM Prison, Chelmsford _ September 17th 1976)/33 Don't Give Me No Lip, Child (Live From HM Prison, Chelmsford _ September 17th 1976)/34 (I'm Not Your) Stepping Stone (Live From HM Prison, Chelmsford _ September 17th 1976)/35 Satellite (Live From HM Prison, Chelmsford _ September 17th 1976)/36 Submission (Live From HM Prison, Chelmsford _ September 17th 1976)/37 Liar (Live From HM Prison, Chelmsford _ September 17th 1976)/38 No Feelings (Incomplete _ Live From HM Prison, Chelmsford _ September 17th 1976)/39 Substitute (Live From HM Prison, Chelmsford _ September 17th 1976)/40 No Fun (Live From HM Prison, Chelmsford _ September 17th 1976)/41 Pretty Vacant (Live From HM Prison, Chelmsford _ September 17th 1976)/42 Problems (Live From HM Prison, Chelmsford _ September 17th 1976)/43 Anarchy In The UK (Encore _ Live From HM Prison, Chelmsford _ September 17th 1976)/44 Did You No wrong (Live From HM Prison, Chelmsford _ September 17th 1976)/45 Anarchy In The UK (Live From 76 Club, Burton On Trent _ September 24th 1976)/46 I Wanna Be Me (Live From 76 Club, Burton On Trent _
    September 24th 1976)/47 Seventeen (Live From 76 Club, Burton On Trent _ September 24th 1976)/48 New York (Live From 76 Club, Burton On Trent _ September 24th 1976)/49 Don't Give Me No Lip, Child (Live From 76 Club, Burton On Trent _ September 24th 1976)/50 (I'm Not Your) Stepping Stone (Live From 76 Club, Burton On Trent _ September 24th 1976)/51 Satellite (Live From 76 Club, Burton On Trent _ September 24th 1976)/52 Submission (Live From 76 Club, Burton On Trent _ September 24th 1976)/53 Liar (Live From 76 Club, Burton On Trent _ September 24th 1976)/54 Substitute (Live From 76 Club, Burton On Trent _ September 24th 1976)/55 No Feelings (Live From 76 Club, Burton On Trent _ September 24th 1976)/56 No Fun (Live From 76 Club, Burton On Trent _ September 24th 1976)/57 Pretty Vacant (Live From 76 Club, Burton On Trent _ September 24th 1976)/58 Problems (Live From 76 Club, Burton On Trent _ September 24th 1976)

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  • 08/20/16--10:38: Jon S presents The Hotelier
  • (scott) Jon S either assaults the senses with awesomely gigantic posts on truly great bands, such as the
    Pistols just yesterday, Husker Du, Matthew Sweet, etc, OR, he submits comprehensive looks at bands that are perhaps lesser know, but up until now, have not disappointed. Today he presents, from Worchester MA, The Hotelier, with whom I think I am totally unfamiliar, looking them up sounds pretty interesting, they sound like kind of a latter-day Emo revival kind of thing, I'll draw further conclusions upon actually listening to it, but for now I will invoke the "Jon S has NEVER steered me wrong" rule, and just go with that.....take my word on it, this guy will not sell you a lemon!

    The Hotelier

    Two Song Demo (2009)

    01 Even the Keys Need To Be Locked Up/02 Named After an Inside Joke

    We Are All Alone (2009)

    01 The Sun Also Falls/02 Extinction/03 Southern Discomfort/04 Bird Brain/05 A Rhapsody in Black/06 A Rhapsody in Blue/07 Searching

    It Never Goes Out (2011)
    01 Our Lives Would Make A Sad, Boring Movie/02 Vacancy/03 Lonely Hearts Club/04 An Ode to the Nite Ratz
    Club/05 Weathered/06 I'm Gone/07 Holiday/08 Still Water Spectacle/09 Title-Track (There Is A Light)

    Home, Like Noplace Is There (2014)

    01 An Introduction to the Album/02 The Scope of All of This Rebuilding/03 In Framing/04 Your Deep Rest/05 Among the Wildflowers/06 Life in Drag/07 Housebroken/08 Discomfort Revisited/09 Dendron

    Goodness (2016)

    01 N 43 59 38.927 W 71 23 45.27/02 Goodness Pt. 2/03 Piano Player/04 N 43 33 55.676 W 72 45 11.914/05 Two Deliverances/06 Settle The Scar/07OPENING Mail For My Grandmother/08 N 42 6 3.001 W 71 55 3.295/09 Soft Animal/10 Sun/11 You In This Light/12 Fear Of Good/13 End Of Reel

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  • 08/20/16--10:52: Jon S with The Grifters
  • (scott)-Jon S goes 2 for 2 on bands that are new to me today, as I do not know Memphis' Grifters
    either....checked out just a couple of the tracks and they sounded just fine, obviously material worthy of further investigation, artistic pop-rock ca. mid 1990's, which is quite often a fertile ground for under-appreciatd acts......I'll hear this today or tomorrow, but if it's new to you please offer up your opinions.

    The Grifters

    One Sock Missing (1993)

    01 Bummer/02 She Blows Blasts of Static/03 Shark/04 Teenage Jesus/05 Side/06 #1/07 Tupelo Moan/08 Wonder/09 Corolla Hoist/10 Encrusted/11 The Casual Years/12 Sain/13 Just Passing Out/14 I Arise

    Crappin' You Negative (1994)

    01 Rats/02 Maps of the Sun/03 Dead Already/04 Black Fuel Incinerator/05 Skin Man Palace/06 Arizona/07 Felt-Tipped Over/08 Holmes/09 Get Outta That Spaceship & Fight Like a Man/10 Piddlebach/11 Bronze Cast/12 Junkie Blood/13 Here Comes Larry/14 Cinnamon

    Eureka - EP (1995)

    01 Eureka I.V./02 His Jesus Song/03 Slow Day For The Cleaner/04 Whatever Happened To Felix Cole/05 Founder's Day Parade/06 Banjo/07 X-RayHIP

    Ain't My Lookout (1996)                                                                                                

    01 Covered With Flies/02 Parting Shot/03 Mysterious Friends/04 Boho_Alt/05 Pretty Notes/06 Day Shift/07 Last Man Alive/08 My Apology/09 The Straight Time/10 Return To Cinder/11 Give Yourself To Me/12 Fixed In The Sky/13 Radio City Suicide

    Full Blown Possession (1997)

    01 Re-Entry Blues/02 Fireflies/03 Spaced Out/04 Centuries/05 Sweetest Thing/06 Happy/07 Wicked Thing/08 Blood Thirsty Lovers/09 Hours/10 You Be The Stranger/11 Cigarette/12CONTACT Me Now

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