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The music that shaped a semi-wasted life

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    (scott)-Brian have you heard this one? (I know Brian is a big Boris fan)'s final John N
    submission is a great one, the deluxe two disc reissue of the already a classic "Pink" from Japan's stoner rock legends Boris. This marks the tenth (!) anniversary of that fine album, let's look at it just a tiny bit before we move on to something else, but you, chances are, already know if you want this slamming slab (two of em actually) of Japanaese brain-twisting stoner rock.

    OK, the first, original album, "Pink" was a drop-dead classic, marred only by some song titles that my computer cannot replicate,( I'll put up the English translations when I have them).....if you've never heard it, here's your chance, one of the great albums of its decade (00's)......this is a classic, glad we can run it back out there again

    PINK (DISC 1)-01 Farewell/02 Pink/03 Woman on the Screen/04 Nothing Special/05 Blackout/06 Electric/07 Psuedo-Bread/08 Afterburner/09 Six, Three Times/10 My Machine/11 Just Abandoned Myself

    So, Scott, what are the highlights? Lowlights? the sum of the parts? Nope. Not gonna do it.....simply stated, other than perhaps Eternal Elysium's "spiritualizeD" album, "Pink" by Boris is the ultimate statement in Japanese stoner rock. Period.

    Now, we have an anniversary additional disc, ("Forbidden Songs") which as I read is comprised of other compositions from the same era......carpet bomb listened only, but great and great from what I did listen don't be a square, yo, get your Boris on RIGHT NOW........hell maybe you are unfamiliar and this might turn you onto them and their other KICK ASS albums ("Amplifier Worship", "Smile""Absolutego").......they've been posted here before, I doubt the links are good any longer, but if enough of you show interest, I'll put up the rest of what I got from this killer band (I don't have it all, but Brian has some too, so maybe we can make a decent effort at a semi-comprehensive post IF THERE IS DEMAND as I know there i that little annoying prejudice against this stuff sometimes, as I've discussed before).

    PINK (DISC 2)-01 Your Name Part 2/02 Heavy Rock Industry/03 SOFUN/04 Non-Sha-Lant/05 Room Noise/06 Talisman/07 NF Sorrow/08 Are You Ready/09 Tiptoe

    From what I've heard, at least, these bonus tracks are great as well......thanks so much to John N for this fabulous anniversary creation, (listen carefully) i want anyone unfamiliar with Boris to check out this amazing record, i mean, record"s" now, this is a classic of stoner rock, and it is now better.....if you are not a Boris fan, and this doesn't make you one, it's just not gonna happen.

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    (scott)-Still not had a problem with this band, but Ive heard rumors so i still prefer not to spell their
    name out on the blog........actually, too, it wasn't LAST NIGHT, but Wedensday night at Madison Square Garden.....still without question one of the great live bands on earth, hard to question that to me at least.......I think the set list is similar to the other that have been performed on the rest of this tour, but nothing really wrong with that, the music on this tour has been great thusfar, as it generally has been on ALL R*d*o*e*d tours. Thanks to Jon S for this one, I assume Dime a Dozen got it before we did, but I'd say we'll go into Avis mode here and say we try "harder".......and whom could doubt that we truly do?

    Madison Square Garden 7/27/16

    01 Burn The Witch/02 Daydreaming/03 Decks Dark/04 Desert Island Disk/05 Ful Stop/06 My Iron Lung/07 Climbing Up Walls/08 Morning Mr. Magpie/09 Pyramid Song/10 Bloom/11 Identikit/12 The Numbers/13 The Gloaming/14 Weird Fishes_Arpeggi/15 Everything in its Right Place/16 Idioteque/17 There There/18 Encore Break 1/19 Give Up The Ghost/20 Let Down/21 Present Tense/22 Planet Telex/23 Karma Police/24 Encore Break 2/25 Reckoner/26 Creep

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    (scott)-Sometimes that darn Jon S slips one in like this, one I didn't even  have a clue existed......but, if
    you read his brief description, you gotta agree with him that it sure SOUNDS great.....I have NOT got to hear this one yet, but, as with so many of Jon S' submissions, sounds rightup my alley (I was/am a HUGE fan of Echo & the Bunnymen) let's all get into this one together and see what it's all about......Jon S has yet to steer me/us wrong (not that ANY of the world's greatest all-star blogger team ever has/would, let me again proclaim my love for you/them!)


     Electrafixion is not Echo & The Bunnymen but it is Ian McCullough and Will Seargent at their best, and that means something. This is some good shit.

    Electrafixion - Burned (1995)

    01 Feel My Pulse/02 Sister Pain/03 Lowdown/04 Timebomb/05 Zephyr/06 Never/07 Too Far Gone/08 Mirrorball/09 Who's Been Sleeping in My Head?/10 Hit by Something/11 Bed of Nails

    Electrafixion - Live Disc (1996)

    01 Zephyr - Live/02 Feel My Pulse - Live/03 Lowdown - Live/04 Sister Pain - Live/05 Never - Live/06 Holy Grail - Live/07 Too Far Gone - Live/08 Burned - Live/09 Loose (live)/10 Who's Been Sleeping In My Head [Acoustic]/11 Sister Pain (acoustic)/12 Sister Pain - Edit

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    Hey, I DO request it and if I can possibly get it up I will......longtime blogger mate Pete

    Hustler Comics........great fucking stuff, I have 7 issues including the debut, ca. 1997......great, funny, filthy, classic, memorable, and a part of the American cultural landscape at that point in time. Please enjoy, and if offended, well, there is plenty more to see here, so please look around.......a lot of us like porn-type stuff around here (notably ME) and it's not going anywhere, along with music, books, comics, photo collections, your moms recipes (SERIOUSLY, always on the prowl for any escellent recipes), this is a blog that serves as a scrapbook of life, savor the parts you love, ignore any that you don't.
    has made a request for some vintage Hustler Comics, and HERE THEY FUCKING ARE! Hustler magazine, at it's prime, was the ultimate in porn, GREAT stuff, lots of women making out with each other and reveling in their sexuality AS IT SHOULD BE, but, Hustler was also one of the all time greatest weapons of the army of the "freedom of Speech" crusade, in which I would (and somewhat have) dedicate my life to......EVERYONE has the right to their opinion.....we've been through it here before, but YES racists, and people who hate everyone else, and people who would KILL you or me
    because they don't like our beliefs (Ruben Chandler if you read this please share your story (privately either in email or by phone, 937 206 9022), these people ALSO CAN SPEAK THEIR MIND, AND they can do it HERE......this is a place for EVERYONE to understand that their views are welcome, if they are unpopular, so be it, but the guy the other day worried that he was going to be called a "fag" because he stated he would prefer it if I did not use porn on my site.....well, I'm GOING to use porn......part of me, and it fits. This blog is more about life than music. If you don't appreciate it, PLEASE just skip the parts you don't care for. HOWEVER, we will ALSO not be tolerating, for example, anyone calling this man a "fag" or anything else, he just stated his preference......and it was taken with the respect I give anyone else's opinion.......ANYONE lowering themselves to childish, assinine name calling of anyone on this site, please take it somewhere may sepak your mind freely here, as long as you are respectful of everyone else.....if you don't like people of other races, or religions, or gender preferences, or whatever, you KNOW i support your right to think that way......BUT do NOT, on MY site, attack other readers by calling them names or whatever (and, to clarify, NO ONE has done that, just trying to nip this before it DOES happen).....

    Really, isn't life simple when we take it on that level?

    Thanks for being here, Love you all!

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    Next up in our Doors series, w advance to part 21.....I think this is KINDA rare, not really sure, this is
    known as "1969-71 The Lost Paris Tapes".....let's do this one this way, from Wikipedia:


    The Lost Paris Tapes is the title given to a recordedCOLLECTION of unedited poems and songs by rock musician and poet Jim Morrison of The Doors. Although Morrison intentionally made the recordings, they are considered bootlegsbecause they were never officially released to the public in their unedited form by Morrison or his heirs.
    The title of the collection is however a misnomer, because the bulk of the recordings were made in Los Angeles in February 1969; long before Morrison traveled to Paris. Morrison took these Los Angeles recordings with him to Paris,[1]where they were found among his belongings after his death.

    That about sums it up, I couldn't do better.....there are 30-some tracks here, too much typing for the kid, so here's a copy/ advised that at least according to what it says here, the first two tracks seem to be missing from my set......they are (1 "Session Start" and 2 "In That year (False Start)".....). Without listening to it, I don't know if they are ACTUALLY missing or they were swallowed up in the programming of the either case, I hope you Doors fanatics get a thrill from this, hope it's a rarity you've been seeking, etc......

    A few have wondered if I am nearly finished with the Doors mega-thing. Answer: No. there is a lot more, and it is in general NOT a bunch of repeated/regurgitated stuff, this is somewhat like my Hendrix series that spanned nearly the entire summer of 2014, the Doors were an important band (to say the least) and we may as well document whatever is available to us.

    Track List (cut and pasted, sorry)                                                                          

    1. "Session Start"  1:06
    2. "In That Year... [False Start]"  1:02
    3. "In That Year..."  3:00
    4. "Bird of Prey"  1:55
    5. "Tape Noon"  2:22
    6. "Whiskey, Mystics & Men"  3:38
    7. "Orange County Suite"  5:34
    8. "All Hail the American Night"  5:57
    9. "The American Night"  0:34
    10. "The Holy Shay"  0:37
    11. "Hitler Poem"  0:44
    12. "Can We Resolve the Past"  1:55
    13. "Always a Playground Instructor"  1:32
    14. "There's a Belief..."  0:25
    15. "Indian, Indian..."  0:18
    16. "Woman in theWINDOW 2:40
    17. "She's Selling News..."  1:11
    18. "Science of Night"  0:24
    19. "Tales of the American Night"  0:36
    20. "Now Listen to This"  0:46
    21. "Babylon Fading"  0:39
    22. "Thank You, O Lord" 

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    (scott)- Something once again that you may be unfamiliar with, ala the Singing Bowls, Madame Angela
    takes time from her busy schedule to submit some cerimonial chanting from The Sherab Ling Monks of Tibet.

    (angie) these are chants that are performed to raise the energy levels in order to be closer to spirit for honoring the Tibetan Monk's Gods. When I saw them perform live in Columbus Ohio at the Universal Light Expo (2008), it was the greatest cultural experience I have ever felt. I honestly wish I were one of them, as I love the simplicity of their lifestyle, as well as their oneness with their spirits.

    I hope you enjoy this, listening with an open mind and ear can take one to many varied places.

    01 Mahamudra Lineage Prayer and Meditation (angie: this is to honor and connect with the departed0
    02 Mahakala Puja-Invocation and Offering to Mahakala-(angie: this is an effort to absorb the energy of
              Mahakala, and in return they offer their song)
    03 Mahakala Puja-Recieving Blessings & Dedicating the Merit to World Peace & Harmony (angie: this
         a prayer to Mahakala for world peace/healing)

    Hopefully this will enlighten your mind, as it certainly has my own.

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    (scott) Responses from Madame Angela's Tibetan Monks post from Saturday......first Brian checks in with this :

    Here's some Mongolian throat singing, my old link for two Huun Huur Tu albums...

    (scott) And studkid surprises with a LARGE collection of "healing music", pretty cool!


    Musicure from Niels Eje. A scientific approach to music healing

    You can buy a pillow with speakers, to get the full effect of the music.

    2003 - MusiCure 1. The Journey:!S84E1azC!MBl-l-lOPdB7LA0kTtgphw

    2004 - MusiCure 3. Fairy Tales:!71pkRQqL!duTQVSx-4dzS-LEU-53jYQ

    2004 - MusiCure 4. Northern Light:!u5BzSRSb!QBmW5W2CO_BhIlTE0BoBtA

    2009 - MusiCure 9. Scandinavia:!Kpg3FZSZ!JHOP4-eTyz9hJi1KMzZ8qg

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  • 07/31/16--12:35: Landskap
  • (scott) Studkid sends a bandcamp link for a band with which I am unfamiliar......which, of course, is what I love. This band is Landskap, he offers up a brief summary as well as an intrview link, and a free Bandcamp link as well. No excuses!


    From London a wonderfull psych/doom/stoner band with a touch of the Doors. A really strong vocal make this a joy to listen to.

    01 Wayfarer's Sacrifice
    02 Awakening the Divide
    03 The Trick is Letting Go
    04 The Hand That Takes Away
    05 Mask of Apathy

    AlbumsFOR FREE.or name your price:

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    (scott)- What can you say? It's the great Echo & the Bunnymen......would be worth it for the classic
    "Crocodiles" album alone, but, well, EVERYTHING else is here too......if by some miracle you've never heard "Crocodiles", THAT needs correction ("Rescue", "Do It Clean", etc....), and THEN you will need to see how great the rest of this stuff is. Thanks Jon S for this great collection!

    Crocodiles (1980)

    01 Going Up/02 Stars Are Stars/03 Pride/04 Monkeys/05 Crocodiles/06 Rescue/07 Villiers Terrace/08 Pictures On My Wall/09 All That Jazz/10 Happy Death Men/11 Do It Clean/12 Read It In Books/13 Simple Stuff/14 Villiers Terrace (Early Version)/15 Pride (Early Version)/16 Simple Stuff (Early Version)/17 Crocodiles (Live)/18 Zimbo (Live)/19 All That Jazz (Live)/20 Over The Wall (Live)

    Heaven Up Here (1981)

    01 Show Of Strength/02 With A Hip/03 Over The Wall/04 It Was A Pleasure/05 A Promise/06 Heaven Up Here/07 TheDISEASE/08 All My Colours/09 No Dark Things/10 Turquoise Days/11 All I Want/12 Broke My Neck (Long Version)/13 Show Of Strength (Previously Unissued Live Version)/14 The Disease (Previously Unissued Live Version)/15 All I Want (Previously Unissued Live Version)/16 Zimbo (Previously Unissued Live Version)

    Porcupine (1983)

    01 The Cutter/02 The Back Of Love/03 My White Devil/04 Clay/05 Porcupine/06 Heads Will Roll/07 Ripeness/08 Higher Hell/09 Gods Will Be Gods/10 In Bluer Skies/11 Fuel/12 The Cutter (Alternate Version)/13 My White Devil (Alternate Version)/14 Porcupine (Alternate Version)/15 Ripeness (Alternate Version)/16 Gods Will Be Gods (Alternate Version)/17 Never Stop (Discotheque)

    Zeche Bochum, Germany 3/5/83                                                                               

    01 Going Up/02 With a Hip/03 Gods will be Gods/04 Show of Strength/05 Zimbo/06 The Cutter/07 Rescue/08 My White Devil/09 Porcupine/10 Crocodiles/11 All that Jazz/12 Back Of Love/13 Heads will Roll/14 Heaven up Here/15 Over the Wall/16 Do it Clean/17 Villiers Terrace

    Ocean Rain (1984)

    01 Silver/02 Nocturnal Me/03 Crystal Days/04 The Yo-Yo Man/05 Thorn Of Crowns/06 The Killing Moon/07 Seven Seas/08 My Kingdom/09 Ocean Rain/10 Angels And Devils/11 All You Need Is Love (Life At Brian's Sessions)/12 The Killing Moon (Life At Brian's Sessions)/13 Stars Are Stars (Life At Brian's Sessions)/14 Villiers Terrace (Life At Brian's Sessions)/15 Silver (Life At Brian's Sessions)/16 My Kingdom (Live)/17 Ocean Rain (Live)

    Sun Plaza Hall, Tokyo 1/17/84

    01 Over The Wall/02 The Back Of Love/03 Star Are Stars/04 The Killing Moon/05 All That Jazz/06 The Cutter/07 Never Stop/08 Thorn Of Crowns/09 Crocodiles/10 All My Colours/11 Do It Clean

    Toronto 8/23/84

    01 Rescue/02 My Kingdom/03 Heads Will Roll/04 Crocodiles/05 Ocean Rain/06 Nocturnal Me/07 Killing Moon/08 All That Jazz/09 The Cutter/10 Thorn Of Crowns/11 Do It Clean

    The Savoy, NYC 1984

    01 Heads Will Roll/02 The Back of Love/03 Gods Will be Gods/04 All That Jazz/05 Stars Are Stars/06 The Killing Moon/07 Rescue/08 A Promise/09 All My Colours (Zimbo)/10 Thorn of Crowns/11 Never Stop/12 The Cutter/13 No Dark Things/14 Heaven up Here/15 Crocodiles/16 Do It Clean/17 Over the Wall

    Echo & The Bunnymen (1987)

    01 The Game/02 Over You/03 Bedbugs And Ballyhoo/04 All In Your Mind/05 Bombers Bay/06 Lips Like Sugar/07LOST AND FOUND/08 New Direction/09 Blue Blue Ocean/10 Satellite/11 All My Life/12 Jimmy Brown (Early Version Of Bring On The Dancing Horses)/13 Hole In The Holy/14 Soul Kitchen/15 The Game (Acoustic Demo)/16 Bedbugs And Ballyhoo (Original Version)/17 Over Your Shoulder/18 Bring On The Dancing Horses (Extended Mix)

    Empire Theatre, Liverpool 1/11/88

    01 Rescue/02 Heaven Up Here/03 With a Hip/04 Bombers Bay/05 All I Want/06 Back of Love/07 Crocodiles (The Doors _Light My Fire_ snippet)/08 All My Colours (Zimbo)/09 Seven Seas/10 Bedbugs and Ballyhoo/11 The Cutter/12 Show of Strength/13 Lips Like Sugar/14 Thorn of Crowns

    Evergreen (1997)

    01 Don't Let It Get You Down/02 In My Time/03 I Want To Be There (When You Come)/04 Evergreen/05 I'll Fly Tonight/06 Nothing Lasts Forever/07 Baseball Bill/08 Altamont/09 Just A Touch Away/10 Empire State Halo/11 Too Young To Kneel/12 Forgiven/13 People Are Strange/14 Villiers Terrace (22-08-79)/15 Read It In Books (22-08-79)/16 All That Jazz (22-05-80)/17OVER THE WALL (22-05-80)/18 All My Colours (12-11-80)/19 The Back Of Love (08-02-82)/20 Seven Seas (20-06-83)/21 Ocean Rain (24-10-83)/22 Nocturnal Me (24-10-83)/23 Rescue (16-09-97)

    What Are You Going To Do With Your Life? (1999)

    01 What Are You Going To Do With Your Life?/02 Rust/03 Get In The Car/04 Baby Rain/05 History Chimes/06 Lost On You/07 Morning Sun/08 When It All Blows Over/09 Fools Like Us

    Flowers (2001)

    01 King of Kings/02 SuperMellowMan/03 Hide and Seek/04 Make Me Shine/05 It's Alright/06 Buried Alive/07 Flowers/08 Everybody Knows/09 Life Goes On/10 An Eternity Turns/11 Burn for Me

    Siberia (2005)

    01 Stormy Weather/02 All Because of You Days/03 Parthenon Drive/04 In the Margins/05 Of a Life/06 Make Us Blind/07 Everything Kills You/08 Siberia/09 Sideways Eight/10 Scissors in the Hand/11 What If We Are?

    The Fountain (2009)

    01 Think I Need It Too/02 Forgotten Fields/03 Do You Know Who I Am?/04 Shroud Of Turin/05 Life Of 1,000 Crimes/06 The Fountain/07 Everlasting Neverendless/08 Proxy/09 Drivetime/10 The Idolness Of Gods

    Meteorites (2014)

    01 Meteorites/02 Holy Moses/03 Constantinople/04 Is This A Breakdown?/05 Grapes Upon The Vine/06 Lovers On The Run/07 Burn It Down/08 Explosions/09 Market Town/10 New Horizons

    Killing Moon (2007 Compilation)

    01 Pictures On My Wall/02 The Puppet/03 Do It Clean/04 Crocodiles/05 Rescue/06 All That Jazz/07 Villiers Terrace/08 Show of Strength/09 Over the Wall/10 A Promise/11 With a Hip/12 All My Colours/13 The Cutter/14 The Back of Love/15 Higher Hell/16 Gods Will Be Gods/17 Never Stop/18 Heads Will Roll/19 The Killing Moon/20 Silver/21 Angel and Devils/22 Ocean Rain/23 My Kingdom/24 Seven Seas/25 Crystal Days/26 Bring On the Dancing Horses/27 People Are Strange/28 Bed Bugs and Ballyhoo/29 The Game/30LOST AND FOUND/31 Thorn of Crowns/32 Lips LikeSUGAR/33 Zimbo [Live]/34 Do It Clean [Live]/35 Ocean Rain [Live]/36 The Killing Moon [Live]

    Crystal Days 1979  -1999

    01 Monkeys [Original Version]/02 The Pictures on My Wall [Original Single Version]/03 Read It in Books [Original Single Version]/04 Villiers Terrace [John Peel Session][Live]/05 Rescue/06 Simple Stuff [#]/07 Stars Are Stars/08 All That Jazz/09 Crocodiles/10 The Puppet/11 Do It Clean/12 Show of Strength/13 Over the Wall/14 A Promise/15 Heaven Up Here/16 All My Colours/17 Broke My Neck [Long Version]/18 No Hands [John Peel Session][Live][#]/19 Fuel [#]/20 The Subject [#]/21 The Back of Love/22 The Cutter/23 Way Out and Up We Go [#]/24 Clay/25 Heads Will Roll/26 Gods Will Be Gods [Alternate Version][#]/27 Never Stop [Discotheque][Version]/28 Watch Out Below [John Peel Session][Live][#]/29 The Killing Moon [All Night Version][#]/30 Silver (Tidal Wave) [#]/31 Angels and Devils [#]/32 Crystal Days/33 Seven Seas/34 My Kingdom/35 Ocean Rain/36 All You Need Is Love [#]/37 Bring on the Dancing Horses/38 Over Your Shoulder [#]/39 Lover, I Love You [#]40 Satisfaction [#]/41 New Direction [Original Version][#]/42 Ship of Fools [#]/43 All My Life/44 The Game/45BEDBUGS and Ballyhoo/46 Lips Like Sugar [Single Version]/47 People Are Strange/48 Rollercoaster [#]/49 Don't Let It Get You Down/50 I Want to Be There (When You Come)/51 Nothing Lasts Forever/52 Hurracaine [#]/53 Rust/54 What Are You Going to Do With Your Life_/55 The In the Midnight Hour [#]/56 Start Again [Live 1987][#]/57 The Original Cutter (A Drop in the Ocean) [#]/58 Heads Will Roll [Summer Version][#]/59 Bedbugs and Ballyhoo [Original Single Version][#]/60 Zimbo [Live, 1982]/61 Angels and Devils [Live, 1985][#]/62 She Cracked [Live, 1985][#]/63 It's All over Now, Baby Blue [Live, 1985][#]/64 Soul Kitchen [Live, 1985][#]/65 Action Woman [Live, 1985][#]/66 Paint It Black [Live, 1985][#]/67 Run Run Run [Live, 1985][#]/68 Friction [Live, 1985][#]/69 Crocodiles [Live, 1985][#]/70 Heroin [Live, 1983][#]/71 Do It Clean [Live, 1983][#]/72 Cutter [Alternate Version][#]

    Ian McCulloch Solo Albums

    Candleland (1989)

    01 The Flickering Wall/02 The White Hotel/03 Proud To Fall/04 The Cape/05 Candleland/06 Horses's Head/07 Faith And Healing/08 I Know You Well/09 In Bloom/10 Start Again/11 Pots Of Gold/12 The Dead End/13 Toad/14 Fear Of The Known/15 Rocket Ship/16 Candleland (The Second Coming)/17 The World Is Flat

    Mysterio (1992)

    01 Magical World/02 Close Your Eyes/03 Dug For Love/04 Honeydrip/05 Damnation/06 Lover, Lover, Lover/07 Webbed/08 Pomegranate/09 Vibor Blue/10 Heaven's Gate/11 In My Head/12 White Hotel (Acoustic Version)/13 The Ground Below/14 Lover, Lover, Lover (Indian Dawn Remix)/15 Vibor Blue (Acoustic Version)/16 Pomegranate (Live)/17 Damnation (Live)

    Slideling (2003)

    01 Love in Veins/02 Playgrounds and City Parks/03 Sliding/04 Baby Hold On/05 Arthur/06 Seasons/07 Another Train/08 High Wires/09 She Sings (All My Life)/10 Kansas/11 Stake Your Claim

    Pro Patria Mori (2012)

    01 Different Trees/02 Empty As A House/03 Lift Me Up/04 Pro Patria Mori/05 Raindrop On The Sun/06 Fiery Flame/07 The Party's Over/08 Watch Me Land/09 Me And David Bowie/10 Somewhere In My Dreams

    Holy Ghosts (2013)

    01 Bring On The Dancing Horses/02 Rescue/03 The Idolness Of Gods/04 Bedbugs And Ballyhoo/05 Pro Patria Mori/06 Angels And Devils/07 Nothing Lasts Forever/08 Arthur/09 Candleland/10 The Killing Moon/11 All My Colours (Zimbo)/12 Watch Me Land/13 The Fountain/14 Somewhere In My Dreams/15 Lips LikeSUGAR

    Live at Liverpool Anglican Cathedral (2013)

    01 Candeland/02 Rescue/03 Bring On The Dancing Horses/04 The Idolness Of Gods/05 The Fountain/06 Proud To Fall/07 Think I Need It Too/08 Fools Like Us/09 Start Again/10 Rust/11 All My Colours (Zimbo)/12 The Flickering Wall/13 Arthur/14 The Killing Moon/15 Nothing Lasts Forever/16 History Chimes/17 Somewhere/18 I'm Waiting For The Man/19 Lips LikeSUGAR

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  • 07/31/16--12:56: From John N: Monarch
  • (scott) this is a good one from John N, psych fans take note.....I listened to it last night, a good one and the review here says it all, pretty much. Thanks to link-messiah John N for another good one!

    Here’s one for you 1970s “Classic Rock” aficionados!!..........if a blend of late 60s sweet California jams and a fusion of tricksy guitar rock is your thing then you are really going dig Two Isles, the debut album from West Coast laid back sonic voyagers Monarch.INFORMED by sun kissed psychedelia and inspired by the more Jazz Fusion influenced Prog Rock bands of the 1970s, Monarch are a throwback to the heady days of the post-psychedelic era where the blurring of boundaries was common and cornucopia of musical styles were up for grabs. Hailing from the fertile Southern California Psych scene, Monarch connect the dots between classic California rock, sweeping Prog Rock soundscapes, languid pastoral Psychedelic jams, explosive Jazz Rock fusion and the vivid, expansiveness of early 1990s British Shoegaze. With Brian Ellis from SoCal Prog Rock titans Astra on board as producer, Two Isles is the sound of a band conjuring new magic from styles of bygone years. It's full of breezy Allman Brothers guitar leads gliding effortlessly on top of subtle, and sometimes not so subtle, Prog-Rock structures. Even when it gets squally and heavy there's still an airy, inviting quality to Monarch's music that makes more than anything Two Isles the perfect head trip for easy summer days…………and all the other days you wish it felt like a balmy July afternoon.

    Monarch’s line-up features three guitarists with powerful, supple drumming and lithe bass playing holding down the bottom end…………… twist and intertwine, soaring and spiralling in a mad dance with the players swapping lead lines, executing jazzy runs and soloing like a demon, all with an air of supreme musicianship, while the tight as you like rhythm section underpin the whole thing with verve and precision. It’s music from an era where complex time signatures, intricate song structures and virtuoso playing was celebrated and not frowned at. Kicking off with a flurry of Prog Jazz before easing into a blissed out swirl of guitars, the album’s title track encompasses what Monarch are about……there are elements of the classic West Coast vibe of Quicksilver Messenger Service mixed with the newer sounds of bands like the Allah Las, all intermingling with a 70s style display of breath-taking musical dexterity. This combination of the old merging with newCONTINUES with other tunes such as the hazy, mellow ‘Hundreds, Thousands, Millions’ and ‘Dancers of The Sun’ with the truly brilliant ‘Assent’ not sounding out of place next to the best Sleepy Sun songs. Monarch seriously get their Prog on with the final two tracks on the album………’Sedna’s Fervor’ and the epic ‘Shady Maiden’ are a riot of sparkling guitars, tempo changes, Moog washes, jazzy bass lines and powerful, intricate drumming which has the feel of Neil Young & Crazy Horse jamming with the Mahavishnu Orchestra. It’s Prog Rock alright…………………but with a warmth that you would not normally associate with the genre and it's about mood and texture as much as it's about anything else. Blending classic genres with a modern sensibility, Two Isles is an imperious debut from a thrilling new band and well worth checking out for both suburban Prog Heads and bedroom Psychedelicists alike.

    Two Isles is another quality release from El Paraiso Records and is due to hit the shops and usual outlets at the end of July. Available on Red/Green blended vinyl and CD, pre-orders are being taken now at the El Paraiso web store now.

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    (scott) Listened to this one last night too, this fucker is a badass shot of pure punk rock. I'm getting terribly lazy, I guess, but I'm gonna attach a review to this one rather than write one, which is getting to be more and more of a habit, but, so it goes......good album, don't miss, and remember it's a NEW release 92016) and you know what that means, just in case, be quick, and be discreet....thanks John N!

    Rock 'n' roll is ugly. If not, it's not rock 'n' roll. Hell, even when rock 'n' roll is pretty, it's ugly. For The Wilful Boys, rock 'n' roll is slammin' 40s in front of a righteous garbage fire. The New York band's debut album, Rough AsGUTS, lives up to its name, with one mud-crusted boot in '70s hard rock and another in punk-splattered '90s noise-rock. For all its twin-guitar riff grit, "621" sure does swing, courtesy of drummer Steven Fisher, who pulls double duty as a howler with an Australian drawl.

    0 0

    I've wanted to do a diverse metal post for a long time. This was originally gonna have some more well known names: there was gonna be some Death, or Slayer, or Nile, or some well known Scandinavians. But I decided to head right for the ditch - in all the best ways - with the onlyREQUIREMENT for inclusion being fucking intensity! I'm not a subgenre purist, so anything goes.

    Here at Growing Bored, we've got the whole stoner metal end of things being held up well, but I've long felt we could use a bit more extremity. And take it from the guy who went through all the posts...nothing like this has been here before. And I'm not a sub genre purist: if it feels metal and kicks my ass, then it qualifies. 

    While I'll try to describe the albums well and entertainingly, I wanted to tip my hat to Dear Spirit at the Opium Hum blog. Not only have his posts turned me on to a lot of great music - some of which is here - but his way of describing things in one paragraph, with serious wit, have long been an inspiration to me. So, with no further ado....

    Shining - Blackjazz
    This band is a recent find. When I did that Alice Cooper covers comp, I came across a band called Shining. Turns out, there a several of them. This Norwegian group started as a avant-jazz band, but slowly moved into a more proggy, jagged metal sound. This album, Blackjazz, marked a sea change for them. Complicated time signatures, Meshuggah-like tempo breaks, ferocious tech-y screams....all with the occasional saxophone shronking over it. Imagine Mudvayne hanging with the Knitting Factory crowd. And the whole nutty disc ends with their explosive, demonic cover of KC's "21st Century Schiz...". And I love the CD booklet's tag line: "Made by will alone, throughDEPRESSION, aggression, and caffeine."

    EyeHateGod - Take As Needed For Pain
    This album has much harder drugs on it's mind. Tortured, misanthropic, groove-heavy doom/sludge. EHG are one of my favorite groups. I posted their mighty album Dopesick a long time ago. This is the album before that, and it's just as fucked up! 

    Deathspell Omega - Sí MonumentumREQUIRES, Circumspice
    Holding a rarified place in the flooded Black Metal landscape, Deathspell are a French group who take their beliefs very seriously. And avoiding a lot of the straight slash 'n burn methods of their contemporaries, DO's albums are intensely structured, varied works. If K.C. was a black metal band, they'd be Deathspell Omega.
    Chalice of Doom - Immemorial Nightfall
    Chalice or a Jordanian doom band I found on the Old Oak blog. (Definitely check him out; a lot of international metal there). Not as feedback-drenched as other doom bands, but pretty good.

    Projekt Misanthropia
    This was one of the albums I found on Opium Hum. According to legend, the vocals for this were tracked by abducting several mental patients and recording them in an abandoned chapel. And it's interspersed with white noise, synth shronk, feedback, and some black metal atmosphere. More of a noise album than a metal album, but the spirit is evil enough. Imagine the cast of Tod Browning's Freaks being raped by a Wolf Eyes album! Apparently done with the intent of evoking the Holocaust, this thing makes John Zorn's Kristallnacht sound like Lawrence Welk.

    Waking The Cadaver - Beyond Cops, Beyond God
    Another recent find that I'm obsessed with. This group is an interesting mix: there's a meaty, thrashing guitar sound, death metal breakdowns, almost grindcore style vocals at times. I think they fucking nail it! And I love that's like a Paul Verhoeven movie on meth, even down to the Robocop font. Balls to the wall stuff, to be sure.

    The Ravenous - Assembled In Blasphemy + Three On A Meathook
    Don't be taken in by the cover - this is not a gore metal album. These guys incorporate several kinds of styles, with their only priorities are being SICK and heavy! Good head banging stuff.

    Urgehal - Goatcraft Torment
    When you want your Black Metal pure and unfiltered, you gotta go to the Scandinavians. Just rips from beginning to end! Good production, and just a savage tone. Best opening line of a metal album ever, maybe.

    Lurker Of Chalice - self titled
    Only album by a side project of Leviathan's Wrest. Amazingly diverse, with a black metal feel, but incorporating doom elements, dark ambient, and MBV-like post rock touches. Really, really good....and nobody talks about it. Great Halloween album.

    Vomitoma - A Liquid Harvest Of PutrefiedSTOMACH
    Heh heh heh. Oh, what will you guys think of me now? Vomitoma is a one man goregrind project. I think he's from Ohio, but all his stuff comes out rare on tiny Mexican labels. A wall of blistered guitar chug, a drum machine having a seizure, the occasional fucked up dialogue sample (the one opening the album is particularly effective), and vocals that sound like ground up hamburger going down a sewer pipe. Imagine if someone ate a few early Napalm Death and Cannibal Corpse albums and threw them back up on tape. Something about it is compelling to me; give it a listen when you want to obliterate everything. Pardon the pun, but it's got more meatier production than these kind of bands usually do. And the titles....oh, man. Guaranteed to be one of the sickest things on your hard drive.

    With a nod to Darkthrone, My Dying Bride, Masakari, Nile, Disinterested Handjob, and many other metal albums I wanna get out there in future posts.  While I won't make it the main focus - too many other blogs do a better job at that - it'll be something I indulge in now and again. 

    And some of these come from long-archives CD rips, and are in m4a. I hope that's not a problem. They sound great....Oh, and do I have some cool covers projects coming up, kids. Some of my best work!!! Stay tuned for it.

    And since I kinda started the contention about this blog's banner image (and I still kinda like Iggy), I'd like to contribute my idea of a hot gal to replace it....

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  • 08/01/16--11:36: John N gets MASOCHISTIC!
  • (scott) wasn't planning on seeing THIS one in the download files, but, hey, Scott loves a cruel joke like this one as well......John N, assumingly with a straight face submits 6 discs of The Archies....that's right the FUCKING Archies....OK I'm NOT gonna do that to ya (right yet, anyway, just be sure and behave), all I'm putting up for now is the 1994 single disc comp, "Sugar Sugar"......but beware.....upset me just one time and the full five disc box set is headed your way!

    Sit through THIS all in one sitting, I FUCKING dare you......thanks John N for keeping everyone on their toes! PLEASE someone do a "serious" review of this so I can post it!

    THE ARCHIES-SUGAR SUGAR COMPILATION-01 Bang Shang A Lang/02 Over and Over/03 Easy Guy/04 Little Green Jacket/05 This Is Love/06 Get on the Line/07 This is the Night/08 Feelin So Good/09 Dont Need No bad Girl/10 Sugar Sugar/11 Melody Hill/2 Rock & Roll Music/13 Kissin'/14 Don't Touch My Guitar/15 You Little Angel You/16 Bicycles Roller Skates/17 Hot Dog/18 Inside Out Upside Down/19 Waldo P Emerson Jones/20 Jingle jangle

    0 0

    (scott) The lovely Jane Richards (I suggest she put her picture back in her avitar!), sends this in response to the request for "throat singing".......good time to remind everyone, if you want to submit something, it is MUCH MUCH better to email it to ME and allow me to post it, if you place it in the comments section, it will generate less traffic......wanting EVERYONE to get maximum exposure for thier work I request that all submissions go through me, it really IS better that way!

    Here's the comment/link:

    jane richards has left a new comment on your post "Some Responses to Madame Angela's latest post": 

    Couldnt get the link above to work but found this which seems to have all their albums enjoy 

    Thanks jane, stay lovely!

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    (scott) Make no mistake, Eric Impakt is a valuable member of the club, he sent a great bunch of boots
    a while ago, and sends a bunch more today.......He's been gracious enough to write them up, so take a look and see what he's put together for ya........more great stuff from the GBFAL TEAM!

    Hey Growing Board, I'm Back!

        I've got 3 of my favorite live shows Buster Poindexter, Roger Miller, and Jim Croce. These are shows that are funny, personal... Just the kind of night you wish you were at and the stories during the shows are the best. Buster is a really fun one. The ultimate lounge act show and the band is great. Roger Miller is a funny country star known for King Of The Road but he wrote some ridiculous "children's" songs too. Chug A Lug got many a drinking party started. Jim Croce is another really fun one. If all you know are his greatest hits, this live show gives you a sense of how funny he could be. Jim definitely left us way to early but this is a nice little time capsule.  

        Next I've got a must have collectors bootleg. The Van Halen Zero album. These are the 8 track demos from New York that Gene Simmons recorded. The sound is killer for just 8 track recording! Gene shopped it around in 76 bought couldn't get them aDEAL. It has some great surprises. The sound effect that starts Running With The Devil is actually the ending of House Of Pain. Plus some of these songs got reworked before making it on to an album and some never saw the light of day until A Different Kind Of Truth and the reunion with Dave! 
        I got all these from SugarMegs and tracked them out, titled everything and clean up the sound or boosted the volume. Enjoy everybody, i listen to these all the time. The Buster Poindexter one is great for long road trips.

      Buster Poindexter Live at Bimbos 87
    Cannibal, Big Fat Mama's Are Back In Style, Somebody Buy Me A Drink, Smack Dab In The Middle, Storytime Libby Holman, House Of The Rising Sun, Storytime Buster Auditions For Broadway, Hit The Road Jack, Something Cool W/ Suzie Tyrell, Oh Me, Oh My, Are You Lonely For Me Baby, Hot Hot Hot, Storytime Noel Coward & Eek A Mouse, Worst Beer That I've Ever Had, Who Threw The Whiskey In The Well, Screwy Music, Heart Of Gold

      Roger Miller Alexandria, VA 2-16-91
    In The Summertime, England Swings, Fool For You, Billy Bayou, Dang Me, You Can't Roller Skate In A Buffalo Herd, Husbands & Wives, Don't We All Have The Right, To Be Wrong Now And Then, Chug- A - Lug, Storytime w/ Roger, King Of The Road, Broken Heart, Robin Hood & Little John, Look Out For Me Muddy Water, River In The Rain/ Leavings Not The Only Way To Go, How About A Hand For The Hog!, It's Been A Long Time Leaving But I'll Be A Long Time Gone.

       Jim Croce Harper College Palatine, IL 2-2-73
    Careful Man, Storytime Jim Needs Directions, Operator, Box #10, Storytime Jim Joins The Army, Ain't Got No Buisness Singing The Blues, It Doesn't Have To Be That Way, Next Time This Time, Storytime Jim Is A Joker On The Highway, Speedball Tucker, Storytime Jim Remembers The Coasters, I've Been Framed, Storytime Jim Drinks With Fat Girls, Roller Derby Queen, New York's Not My Home, One Less Set Of Footsteps, Storytime Jim Shares A History Lesson, Ball Of Kerrymuir (Hilarious!), You Don't Mess Around With Jim.

       Van Halen Zero Demos
    On Fire, Woman In Love, House Of Pain, Running With The Devil, She's The Woman, Let's Get Rocked, Big Trouble, Somebody Get Me A Doctor, Babe, Don't Leave Me Alone, Put Out The Lights.

    Buster Poindexter

    Roger Miller

    Jim Croce

    Van Halen Zero

    0 0

    I've posted these before, but they are a super-fave of mine, and if you missed them before, PLEASE
    don't do so again this shit is the GREATEST...these are the comic strips that grinning, zombie-like assholes sometimes try to force on you in public (I once knew a psycho whore (HI VICKIE!) who went this crazy route), but, the comics are FANTASTIC, describing with nauseating glee the suffering that awaits Catholics (a favorite target), people who have sex, people who swear, pretty much anyone that the Chick Comics person thinks is not up to their lofty

    standards.........I'm giving you a chance to look at these if you wish (and YOU DO, trust me!), but if by some chance you need some hard copies, you can contact Chick Comics, who will charge you, but if you act like you are the most ignorant motherfucker in the world (I did) they will send you a  batch of em for free! YAAAAAAAY!, GO CHRIST GO!

    0 0

    I've been relying on guest material of late, which is a fine thing (means people WANT to contribute, also means LESS WORK for me), but, as you know I still on occasion like to drag out a mega-post kind of thing, just to amaze you all with my talents.....I have a BUNCH of Beastie Boys stuff here, and I gonna TRY to get it all in one post, if I can it will be LOADED, it'll look like a Jon S post!

    From the one and only New York City, ca. 1980, came The Beastie Boys, aka vocalist/drummer Mike D, vocalist/bassist Adam "MCA" Yauch, and Adam "Ad-Rock" Horowitz on guitar/vocals.....really, in many LEGIT, CAUCASIAN hip hop groups were around? I might give you House of Pain as well, if the timeing/era lines up, but the Beastie Boys were TRUE originals, advocating, as they did, fun stuff like smoking crack, PCP, and lots of other vile stuff sure to scare your grandmother away.

    And it is here that out story begins.....originally a punk band, the Boys cashed in (smartly) on the then-current hip hop trends, and took it to the bank. "Licensed To Ill" (original title: "Don't Be a Faggot") is a classic of the era, TRUST ME sounds like nothing else released at the time.....the samples overload, the attitude, the was ALL new then, and this is a classic album. "Rhymin' and Stealin'", the notorious "Fight For Your Right to Party", as well as classics "She's Crafty" and "No Sleep Til Brooklyn"

    The follow-up, "Paul's Boutique" was an incredible follow up, one of the true classic five star efforts of the's a classic, no doubt, layering wall upon wall of fab sampling, the hip hop world (imo, I'm not an expert) is still trying to catch up to this. take it as a whole, pointing out highlights on thsi one is redundant.

    Album #3, and, to me, the last of the classics, is "Check Yer Head", on which the lads return toplaying their own instruments, I do enjoy the results, in particular the dope-ass single "So What You Want?"......another must have album.

    After that, myself and the Beasties part ways a bit, I do have a ton more material you can check, but, to me, these three discs are the ultimate. The remaining studio discs are here, it is up to your individual tastes how far you venture into this......we have "Ill Communication" from 1994, I thought myself that the novelty was wearing off even now, 1998's "Hello Nasty, 2004's "To the Five Boroughs", which is something of a comeback, a cool trib to NYC, 2007's "The Mix Up" is sort of a strange collection of instrumental versions of some of thier stuff, and thier final album "Hot Sauce Committee Part Two" was recorded and released during/after the cancer infliction of Adam "MCA", who passed away a few years of now only "part 2" has been released.

    There is PLENTY more here though if you are a Beasties fan......for one thing, "Check Your Head", "Ill Communication", and "Hello Nasty" all come with bonus discs, which should be a huge thing for Beasties-fanatics.....I also have a slew of compilation albums..."Hip Hop Sampler"(1994) is EXACTLY that......."Some Old Bullshit" is also titled accurately, flashing back to the punk days.....worthwhile for completists/fanatics for sure. "Tour Shot" dishes out some live stuff, the two-disc "Anthology-The Sounds of Science", is a career retrospective that may interest dabblers. "Some New Shit" is another effort to give you some live works, and "Solid Gold Hits" is a mishmash that I'd think most would likely avoid.

    NOW believe it or not, I have an enormous slew of their EP's/singles as well....why? well, you never know, but likely I downloaded the whole thing off the Bay a while back........they are packaged as I have them, I thought of bunching them up on a few big discs, but who am I?......

    LOTTA STUFF HERE! work your way through as need be, LONG track list ahead, but pick and choose carefully and you can have damn near EVERYTHING you'll EVER need from the Beastie Boys.......let me know how ya like this one, it's been a while since Ive done one of these, I hope it is popular!


    LICENSED TO ILL-01 01 Rhymin and Stealin/02 The New Style/03 She's Crafty/04 Posse In Effect/05 Slow Ride/06 Girls/07 (You Gotta) Fight For Your Right (To Party)/08 No Sleep Til Brooklyn/09 Paul Revere/10 Hold It Now, Hit It/11 Brass Monkey/12 Slow and Low/13 Time to Get Ill

    PAULS BOUTIQUE-01 To All the Girls/02 Shake Your Rump/03 Johnny Ryall/04 Egg Man/05 High Plains Drifter/06 The Sounds of Science/07 3-Minute Rule/08 Hey Ladies/09 5-Piece Chicken Dinner/10 Looking Down the Barrel of a Gun/11 Car Thief/12 What Comes Around/13 Shadrach/14 Ask For janice/15 B-Boy Boullibaisse

    CHECK YER HEAD-01 Jimmy James/02 Funky Boss/03 Pass the Mic/04 Gratitude/05 Lighten Up/06 Finger Lickin Good/07 So What'cha Want/08 The Biz Vs The Nuge/09 Time for Livin/10 Something's Gotta Give/11 The Blue Nun/12 Stand Together/13 POW/14 The Maestro/15 Groove Holmes/16 Live at PJ's/17 mark on the Bus/18 Professor Booty/19 In 3's/20 Namaste

    ILL COMMUNICATION-01 Sure Shot/02 Tough Guy/03 B-Boys makin with the Freak Freak/04 Bobo Down on the Corner/05 Root Down/06 Sabotage/07 Get It Together/08 Sabrosa/09 The Update/10 Futterman's Rule/11 Alright Hear This/12 Eugene's Lament/13 Flute Loop/14 Do It/15 Ricky's Theme/16 Heart Attack/17 The Scoop/18 Shambala/19 Bodhisattva/20 Transitions

    HELLO NASTY-01 Super disco Breakin/02 The Move/03 remote Control/04 Song For the man/05 Just a Test/06 Body Movin/07 Intergalactic/08 Sneakin Out the Hospital/09 Putting Shame in Your Game/10 Flowin Prose/11 And Me/12 Three Mc's and One DJ/13 The Grasshopper Unit (Keep movin')/14 Song For Junior/15 I Don't Know/16 The Negotiation Limerick File/17 Electrify/18 Picture This/19 Unite/20 Dedication/21 Dr Lee, PHD/22 Instant Death

    TO THE FIVE BOROUGHS-01 Ch-Check it Out/02 Right Right Now Now/03 3 the Hard Way/04 It Takes Time to Build/05 Rhyme the Rhyme Well/06 Triple Trouble/07 Hey Fuck You/08 Oh Word?/09 That's It That's All/10 All Lifestyles/11 Shazam!/12 An Open Letter to NYC/13 Crawlspace/14 The Brouhaha/15 We Got the

    THE MIX UP-01 B For My Name/02 14th St.Break/03 Suco de Tangerina/04 The Gala Event/05 Electric Worm/06 Freaky Hijiki/07 Off the Grid/08 The Rat Cage/09 The Melee/10 Dramastically Different/11 The Cousin of Death

    HOT SAUCE COMMITTEE PART 2-01 Make Some Noise/02 Nonstop Disco Powerpack/03 OK/04 Too Many Rappers (New Reactionaries Version)/05 Say It/06 The Bill harper Collection/07 Don't Play No Game That I Can't Win/08 Long Burn the Fire/09 Funky Donkey/10 The Larry Routine/11 Tadlock's Glasses/12 Lee Majors Come Again/13 Multilateral Nuclear Disarmament/14 Here's a Little Something for Ya/15 Crazy Ass Shit/16 The Lisa Lisa/Full Force Routine

    CHECK YOUR HEAD BONUS DISC-01 Dub the Mic (instrumental)/02 Pass the mic (pt. 2 Skills to Pay the Bills)/03 Drunken Praying Mantis Style/04 Gala Event/05 Electric Worm/06 Freaky Hijiki/07 So What Cha Want (Butt Naked Version)/08 Groove Holmes (Live vs the Biz)/09 So What Cha Want (All the Way Live Freestyle Version)/10 Stand Together (live)/11 Finger Lickin Good (Government Cheese Remix)/12 Gratitude (live)/13 Honky Rink/14 Jimmy James (Original Original Version)/15 Boomin Granny/16 Drinkin Wine

    ILL COMMUNICATION BONUS DISC-01 Root Down (Resolution Mix)/02 Resolution Time/03 Get it Together (Buck Wild Remix)/04 Dope Little  Song/05 Sure Shot (European B-Boy Mix)/06 Heart Attack Man (unpluggged)/07 The Vibes/08 Atwater Basketball Association File No. 172-c/09 Heart Attack man (Live)/10 The Maestro (Live)/11 Mullet Head/12 Sure Shot (European B-Boy Instrumental)

    HELLO NASTY BONUS DISC-01 Description of a Strange Man/02 Dirt Dog/03 Intergallactic (Colene and Webb Remix)/04 Dr Lee PHD (Dub Mix)/05 Switched On/06 Body movin (Fatboy Slim remix)/07 Auntie Jackie Poom Poom Delicious/08 Putting Shame In Your Game (Prunes Remix)/09 Stink Bug/10 Peanut Butter and Jelly/11 Piano Jam/12 Happy to Be In that perfect Headspace/13 The Negotiation Limerick File (41 Small Stars remix)/14 The Drone/15 20 Questions Version/16 The Biz Garasshopper Experiment/17 Hail Sagan (Special K)/18 Body Movin' (Kut Masta Kurt Remix)/19 Creepin'/20 Learning Remote Control/21 Oh My Goodness This Record's Incredible


    HIP HIP SAMPLER-01 Sure Shot (Large Professor Remix Clean)/02 Get It Toegether (Buckwild Clean Remix)/03 Shake Your Rump/04 Pass the Mic (LP Version)/05 Hold It Now Hit It/06 Sure Shot (Nardone  Remix Clean)/07 Skills to Pay the Bills/08 Bodhisattva Vow Long Version)/09 33 Percent God/10 Root Down/11 Sure Shot (European B-Boy Mix Clean)/12 So What Cha Want (Soul Assassins Remix version)/13 Flute Loop/14 Shadrach/15 Get It Together/16 Sure Shot (LP Version)/17 Paul Revere/18 Do It/19 Finger Lickin Good/20 Alright Hear This/21 She's On It (Video Mix)

    SOME OLD BULLSHIT-01 Egg Raid on Mojo (Demo)/02 Beastie Boys/03 Transit Cop/04 Jimi/05 Holy Snappers/06 Riot Fight/07 Ode Too...../08 Michelle's Farm/09 Egg Rid on Mojo/10 Transit Cop (Demo)/11 Cooky Puss/12 Bonus Batter/13 Beastie Revolution/14 Cooky Puss (censored version)

    TOUR SHOT-01 Sure Shot/02 Sure Shot (Large Professor Mix)/03 Mullet Head/04 Sure Shot (Prunes Mix)/05 The Vibes/06 Sure Shot (Nardone Mix)/07 Sabotage (Live)/08 Sabrosa (Live)/09 Sure Shot (Live)

    THE IN SOUND FROM WAY OUT-01 Groove Homes/02 Sabrosa/03 Namaste/04 Pow/05 Son of a Neckbone/06 In 3's/07 Eugene's Lament/08 Bobo on the Corner/09 Shambala/10 Lighten Up/11 Ricky's Theme/ 12 Transitions/13 Drinkin Wine

    SOUNDS OF SCIENCE DISC 1-01 Beastie Boys/02 Slow and Low/03 Shake Your Rump/04 Gratitude/05 Skills to Pay the Bills/06 Root Down/07 Believe Me/08 Sure Shot/09 Body Movin/10 Boomin Granny/11 Fight For Your Right/12 Country Mike's Theme/13 Pass the Mic/14 Something's Got to Givve/15 Bodhisattva Vow/16 Sabrosa/17 Song For the Man/18 Soba Violence/19 Alive/20 Jimmy James (original Version)/21 Three MC's and One DJ

    SOUNDS OF SCIENCE DISC 2-01 The Biz vs the Nuge/02 Sabotage/03 Sharach/04 Brass Monkey/05 Time For Livin/06 Dub the Mic/07 Benny and the Jets/08 The Negotiation Limerick File/09 I Want Some/10 She's On It/11 Son of Neckbone/12 Get it Together/13 Twenty Questions/14 Remote Control/15 Railroad Blues/16 Live Wire/17 So What Cha Want/18 Netty's Girl/19 Egg Raid On Mojo/20 Hey ladies/21 Intergalactic

    SOME NEW LIVE SHIT-01 The Biz Vs The Nuge / The Move/02 Sure Shot/03 Sure Shot (the Final part)/04 Skills to pay the Bills/05 Beastie Boys Suggestion/06 Time to Get Ill/07 Time to Get Ill (Different Beat)/08 Shake Your Rump (Take One)/09 Shake Your Rump (Take Two)/10 Sabrosa/11 Time For Livin/12 Ride My Bike (Riot Fight)/13 Remote Control/14 Super Disco Breakin'/15 Flute Loop/16 Putting Shame In Your Game/17 Alright Hear This/18 Slow And Low/19 Listen Up (With Monkey Noise)/20 Song for the Man/21 Egg Raid On Mojo/22 Tough Guy/23 Root Down/24 Body Movin'/25 Three MC's and One DJ/26 Something's Got To Give/27 Ricky's Theme/28 Mix Master Mike/ Gratitude

    SOLID GOLD HITS 01 So Whatcha Want/02 Brass Monkey/03 Ch-Check it Out/04 No Sleep Till Brooklyn/05 Hey Ladies/06 Pass the Mic/07 An Open Letter to NYC/08 Root Down/09 Shake Your Rump/10 Intergalactic/11 Sure Shot/12 Body Movin/13 Triple trouble/14 Sabotage/15 Fight For Your Right


    POLLY WOG STEW EP-01 Beastie Boys/02 Transit Cop/03 Jimi/04 Holy Snappers/05 Riot Fight/06 Ode To.../07 Michelle's Farm/07 Egg Raid on Mojo

    COOKY PUSS-01 Cooky Puss/02 Bonus Batter/03 Beasty Revolution/04 Cooky Puss (Censored version)

    SHE'S ON IT-01 She's On It/02 Sloe & Low

    IT'S THE NEW STYLE/PAUL REVERE EP-01 Its the New Style/02 It's the New Style (Instrumental)/03 Paul Revere/04 Paul Revere (instrumental)

    AN EXCITING EVENING AT HOME WITH SHADRACH, MESHACH, AND ABADNEGO-01 Shadrach/02 Caught In the Middle of a 3-Way Mix/03 And What You Give Is What You Get/04 Car Thief/05 Some dumb Cop Gave Me two Tickets Already/06 Your Sister's Def/07 Some Dumb Cop Gave Me two Tickets Already (45 version)

    LOVE AMERICAN STYLE EP-01  Shake Your Rump/02 Hey Ladies/03 33% God/04 Dis Yourself in 89 (Just Do It)

    GRATITUDE-01 Gratiitude (LP Version)/02 Stand Together (Live)/03 Finger Lickin Good (Government Cheese Mix)/04 Gratitude (Live)/05 Honky Rink

    JIMMY JAMES EP-01 Jimmy James (Single Version)/02 The Maestro/03 Jimmy James (LP Version)/04 Boomin Granny/05 Jimmy James (original Original version)/06 Drinkin Wine

    PASS THE MIC-01 Pass the Mic (LP Version)/02 Dub the Mic (Instrumental)/03 Drunken Praying mantis Style/04 pass the Mic (Part 2 Skills to Pay the Bills)/05 Netty's Girl

    SO WHAT CHA WANT EP-01 So What Cha Want (Single Version)/02 The Skills to Pay the Bills/03 So What Cha Want (Soul Assassins Remix Version)/04 Groove Holmes (LP Version)/05 So What Cha Want (Butt Naked Version)/06 Groove Holmes (Live vs the Biz)/07 SO What Cha Want (All the Way Live Freestyle Version)

    GET IT TOGETHER-01 Get it Together (LP version)/02 Get it Together (Buck Wild Remix)/03 Resolution Time/04 Get It Togther (Buck Wild Instrumental)/05 Get It Together (ABA Remix)/06 Sabotage (LP Version)/07 Dope Little Song/08 Get it Together (ABA Instrumental)

    PRETZEL NUGGET-01 Sabotage/02 Heart Attack Man/03 Tough Guy/04 Mullet Head/05 Futtrman's Rule/06 Get it Together

    SABOTAGE/GET IT TOGETHER-01 Sabotage (LP Version)/02 Get it Together (LP Version)/03 Resolution Time/04 Get it Together (Buck Wild Remix)/05 Dope Little Song/06 Get it Together (ABA Remix)

    SURE SHOT 1-01 Sure Shot (LP Version)/02 Sure Shot (Large Professor Remix)/03 Mullet Head/04 The Vibes/05 Sure Shot (Nardone Remix)/06 Son of Neckbone/07 Sure Shot (european B-Boy mix)

    SURE SHOT 2-01 Sure SHot/02 Sure Shot (European B-Boy mix)/03 Sure Shot (Nardone Mix)/04 Sure Shot (Large Professor Remix)/05 Sure Shot (Instrumental)

    AGLIO E OLIO-01 Brand New/02 Deal With It/03 Believe Me/04 Nervous Assistant/05 Square Wave In Unison/06 You Catch a Bad One/07 I Can't Think Straight/08 I Want Some

    ROOT DOWN-01 Root Down (Free Zone Mix)/02 Root Down (Ill Communication Mix)/03 Root Down (PP Balloon Mix)/04 Time To Get Ill/05 Heart Attack Man/06 The Maestro/07 Sabrosa/08 Flute Loop/09 Time For Livin/10 Something's Got to Give/Hidden Track

    BODY MOVIN-01 Body movin (LP Version)/02 Body movin (Movin In Kent Remix)/03 Dr Lee PHD (Dub Mix)

    INTEGALACTIC-01 Intergalactic (Album)/02 Intergalactic (Prisons of technology remix)/03 Intergalactic (The Strawberry bath and Jelly Soles Instrumental Mix)/04 Intergalactic (Fuzzy logic Remix)/05 Hail Sagan (Special K)/06 Intergalactic (Instrumental)

    INTERVIEW ALBUM-41 tracks

    ALIVE EP DISC 1-01 Alive/02 You + Me Together/03 Big Shot (Live)

    ALIVE EP DISC 2-01 Alive/02 Alive BRA Remix/03 Start!

    BODY MOVIN-01 Body Movin (Movin In Kent vocal)/02 Body Movin (Deep In Kent Anti Vocal)

    REMOTE CONTROL/3 MC's 1 DJ-01 Remote Control/02 3 Mc's and 1 DJ (LP Version)/03 Putting Shame in Your Game (The Prunes remix)/04 The Negotiation Limerick File (The handsome Boy Modelling School Makeover)/05 Three MC's and 1 DJ (Video version)


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  • 08/03/16--12:03: Another fab Jon S submission
  • (scott) forgive me, that Beastie Boys thing was a WHOLE LOTTA work, (see? I still put out on my own
    sometimes) afer the delay, Jon S sends in a fab post of both True West and Hunters and Collectors, I know them both somewhat and have found them to be way cool.......and really, when has Jon S EVER steered us wrong in ANY situation?

    Last night I was out walking the dog and a song started playing in my head. Couldn't pinpoint it for a minute and then I realized it was the band, True West. I hadn't thought about, let alone listened to them in ages. It took some scouring ofTHE INTERNET but I found Hollywood Holiday Revisited, a compilation of sorts. It includes the Hollywood Holiday album, itself a sort of comp, but mainly it has all of Drifters - one of my all-time favorites. I played that album at least a million times and I still remember the whole thing as its playing.

    True West - Hollywood Holiday Revisited

    01 Steps To The Door/02 I'm Not Here/03 And Then The Rain/04 Hollywood Holiday/05 Lucifer Sam/06 It's About Time/07 Throw Away The Key/08 You/09 Look Around/10 At Night They Speak/11 Speak Easy/12 Shot You Down/13 What About You/14 Hold On/15 And Then The Rain/16 Backroad Bridge Song (What Could I Say)/17 Ain't No Hangman/18 Morning Light/19 Burn The Roses/20 Look Around/21 Throw Away The Key

    Also included here is the first album by Hunters & Collectors. They actually made it pretty big for awhile but the sound of the "hits" was very different from this primal album. This also took some searching to find. I found the tracks for the Australian version of the album as well and all are included here.

    Hunters & Collectors - Hunters & Collectors (1982)

    01 Towtruck/02 Drop Tank/03 Mouthtrap/04 Lumps Of Lead/05 Talking To A Stranger/06 Scream Who/07 Run Run Run/08 Alligator Engine/09 Skin Of Our Teeth/10 Junket Head/11 Boo Boo Kiss/12 Tender Kinder Baby/13 World Of Stone/14 Watcher/15 Loinclothing

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    (scott) John N sends a fab collection from Th Eyes/The Pupils......been kinda wanting this one for a while, I think the reviews will work well to summarize this one, and we will also include the You-Tube links so you can visualize as I the man, or am I not? (well maybe NOT but my contributors are, except Madame Angela and Jane Richards, they are FAR FAR from being "the man" thank God!
    When the night falls by a 60's punk garage band, The Eyes.
    My Degeneration by a 60's punk garage band, The Eyes
    The Eyes’ 1965 single, ‘When The Night Falls,’ produced by the king of compression Shel Talmy, should have made them rich and famous (it didn’t).

    The Eyes’ 1965 single, ‘When The Night Falls,’ produced by the king of compression Shel Talmy, should have made them rich and famous (it didn’t). Alan Freeman described it as “truly unforgettable”—a prophetic statement. Later writers, like Cliff Jones in Mojo magazine, have described it as being “raw as an open wound, as sharp as a scalpel blade, and jammed full of sinewy whiplash lead guitar and pounding demonic ‘jungle telegraph’ drums.” And it’s not as though the rest of the Eyes other recordings lack power and excellence. Sure, their early slices of Mod cool borrowed heavily from the classic 1960’s sound of the Who—Mod anthem ‘My Degeneration’, the b-side to the Eyes’ second single, is either a tongue-in-cheek homage to (or an absolute subversive rip on) the Who, and is both funny and cool at the same time. Yet the band’s finest cuts, with their blend of innovative guitar feedback/distortion and anthemic songwriting, are equal in stature to rock classics of the era.

    The Eyes’ bursts of electronic mayhem were advanced for the time, and they had hooks and harmonies to counterpoint the madness. Thanks to the timeless quality of their great tracks, the band’s legacy continues to grow as more and more people discover that long forgotten bands like the Eyes (or Les Fleur Des Lys, to name another) could match heavyweights like the Who, the Kinks and the Small Faces blow for blow, even if only for a fleeting three minutes of pure genius at a time. Contains all the band’s output—released and unreleased—including demo versions, alternates, and the entire Pupils Tribute To The Rolling Stones exploitation album from 1966 as aBONUS. Fat 24-page booklet is packed with zippy notes on the band, photos, and pages from the band’s own fan-club pamphlet.

    (Scott) se commens for download link

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    Another John N submission, Massive Attacks latest single "Thee Spoils" which features one of the many lovs-of-my-life, Hope Sandoval late of Mazzy Star and The Warm Inventions....I LLLLOOOOOOVVVVE me some Hope Sandoval, anytime anyplace baby, in case you be reading......anyway, thanks to John N for THIS fine submission, THERE IS ALWAYS room for some Hope Sandoval!
    The other features Ghostpoet.

    Massive Attack - 2016 - The Spoils [feat. Hope Sandoval] [2-cut single].ZIP
    File Size: 25.1 MB

    (See comment section for download link)

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