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The music that shaped a semi-wasted life

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  • 06/19/16--14:11: Waxahatchee
  • Surprised to see this one submitted, I first became aware of Waxahatchee when they opened for Sleater Kinney last December.....thought they were pretty good. This is a five-song EP of some of their early recordings, "Early" being the title as I have no clue as to their history....anyway they WERE pretty good and if thy are good enough for Sleater Kinney......

    EARLY YEARS EP-01 Black Candy/02 Clumsy/03 Home Game/04 Sister Saint/05 Whiskey + Math

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    Yesterday I posted the Swamp Babies album "Music for Scumbags", studkid checks in with a good article on the band (also a different link to the same album, but no mind, the article is the thing)....check this out if you have interest!

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  • 06/19/16--14:41: Hangmen
  • Ok, this band has been kicking around for a while, their attempted efforts on record have been so-so, but they have a rep as a fine live act, an one that CAN bring the noise given the right circumstances. I have not really ever heard this disc "Metallic IOU", I don't think, but I DID listen to it today and (I was surprised) I enjoyed it a good bit......hard rocking stuff, influenced by, say, the Dolls, Stones, Stooges....and since when did the planet not need more of THAT? This issue is from 2000, actually quite good, worth your while. Thanks to John N for this submission.

    METALLIC IOU-01 Downtown/02 Bliss/03 Broke, Drunk, and Stoned/04 Bent/05 Shoot/06 Loners, Junkies, and Liquor Stores/07 I Luv U/08 Is That All There Is/09 Russian Roulette/10 Blue Light

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    (Scott) sort of a theme of late, mostly given all MY personal issues, but this is a great post, Studkid sums it up perfectly, so not much commentary is needed from ME, but I thank him, and thanks SO MUCH for the lyrical translations! Fantastic submission

    When I have to feed my sadness and melancholy. I put a record from a danish artist on the player. Soeren Huss, (singer in Saybia) lost his girlfriend in a trafficaccident, and was left alone with his 2 years old daughter, who also was badly injured. After 3 years in silence he emerge with danish spoken record filled with sadness, despair and that hope his daughter make him want to live.

    Soeren Huss - Troen og Ingen (The faith and no one)

    1 Som Mejslet I Massiv Granit
    2 Velkommen Hjem
    3 Du Er
    4 Fra Tanke Til...
    5 ...Hvorfor?
    6 Svigt
    7 Jeg Finder Vej
    8 Intet Er, Intet Bliver
    9 Et Hav Af Udstrakte Hænder
    10 Troen & Ingen
    11 Tak For Dansen...

    TRANSLATEDlyrics I have found

    3: Du er

    You Are...

    Flickering lights fade away
    disappearing into
    the horizon of you
    letting an indescribable conflict
    into a relative time of space
    because you're here so full of life
    your head tilted, laughing
    and in a moment of unfathomable silence
    I feel only love
    You are so beautiful
    You are so beautiful
    You are so beautiful
    And you are...
    You are...

    5: Hvorfor?


    Such a beautiful crosswalk,
    I think I'll lay down on it
    And wait for the right person
    To forget hitting the break
    I hate you of a full heart
    The way only a drunk man can hate
    Don't worry, tomorrow it will once again
    Be empty
    You can get this calmly down
    From the bird after an escape
    I see the church, the harbor and tralala,
    And nothing of it in the eyes
    Now I am from the party on my way again
    Suddenly all ways lead meHOME
    I plow myself out into hustle thoughts
    of another life
    May I take you apart?
    Please, let me
    It's not decidedly a need
    Just indefinable and unfulfilled

    6: Svigt

    Let Down

    You're slowly sliding through reeds and rushes
    A lonely and unmanageable life
    near the shore of a home
    You only need little or a lot less
    The indomitable hope of easing of the dawn
    and the requiem of the twilight
    You only feel the space behind the blue of the sky
    you only talk with the dead
    Even the night, which once was temptingly rough
    is untouched and desolated
    Without the view's mirror on the insight
    which has been given to the slain man
    Staring your eroded, ash gray face
    uninterrupted towards land
    see it live in the blue of two eyes
    You've got to get that far
    first crawl, then walk
    You've got to see it
    see it live in the blue of two eyes
    You've got to get that far
    first crawl, then walk
    But you only vaguely notice the light voice
    yelling from the bottom of the boat
    "Who are you looking for? When will we arrive?"
    looks down and runs aground
    You've got to see it
    see it live in the blue of two eyes
    You've got to get that far
    first crawl, then walk
    You've got to see it
    see it live in the blue of two eyes
    You've got to get that far
    first crawl, then walk
    First crawl, then walk
    You've got to see it
    see it live in the blue of two eyes
    You've got to get that far
    first crawl, then walk

        Et hav af udstrakte hænder

    A Sea of Outstretched Hands

    I can see him from myHOME
    I have met him, along my way
    Heard the clamoring friends
    And the rasping gums shout
    The shameless mirror on all movements
    From his ravaged human body
    As one who clearly and undoubtedly let himself fall
    When life's kindness collapsed
    Maybe there were no hands
    That reached down into the beast's foaming maw
    Held him tight to the desire to be
    Able to carry more than the bottle
    Maybe we couldn't reach it
    Because time passes, they had to hold on tight
    Because they're not the one that's broken, homeless, on the bench
    With no prospects for anything other than harm
    With all dreams burst
    Without faith, without hope
    With a heart that's screaming,
    "I can't go on anymore
    I think I'll just lie here..."
    Among fallen trees...
    Among fallen trees...
    Among fallen trees...
    Among fallen trees...
    And I saw a turbulent sea
    Of outstretched hands
    When love reached down
    Held me tight, and held so long
    That I could finally wrest myself free
    With the will to stand on my own and hold onto
    The thought of living
    With all dreams burst
    Without faith, without hope
    With a heart that's screaming,
    "I can't go on anymore
    I think I'll just lie here

    10: Troen og ingen

    The Faith and No One

    Never ending corridors
    for vaguely lit rooms
    Impossible distances
    for a limited intellect
    about own abilities
    the brain is pushed
    to the last drop
    That's not enough,
    isn't sufficient
    That's how I feel
    and then that's how it will be
    One day I'll part happy
    towards the eternal peace
    And over the waters of life
    Under the very last bridge
    In the spirit for you
    In the spirit for you
    It's not something I think
    It's the way it is
    It's what I see
    • 1. He actually sings "The brain is wringed," but IFOUND "pushed" more suiting in English


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  • 06/19/16--15:02: Locust on the Saddle
  • I don't want to become TOO submission-dependent, so I try to put a few of my own discs up eah day as about, from Hungary, 2008, Locust on the Saddle's only effort (at least that I know of) "The Alpha Mantis"......pretty solid doom/stoner/sludge, if you like the stuff we generally post in these genres, this one will probably be one you'll enjoy as well....nothing spectacular, but a good (3.5 star) album, at least for stoner rock fans........kind of rare (I think), so check it out!

    THE ALPHA MANTIS-01 Tiro Incognito/02 Field of Ration/03 Burnout/04 Get Back/05 Casual Tease/06 Stereotypia/07 Waste of Time/08 Holy Banishment-Bank Holiday/09 Breaking the Unwritten/10 Never Enough

    Would I steer you wrong on stoner/doom/psych? of course not!

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  • 06/19/16--15:24: The Doors part 17 (of many)
  • Next Doors set I have is a Vancouver set, 1970, the tracks are REALLY long on this one, it was kind of a different show than  most of them posted in this series, hope you Doors-o-philes enjoy it......Sick of them yet? Coz there is still a LOT more to come!

    VANCOUVER DISC 1-01 Roadhouse Blues/02 Back Door Man/Five to One (Medley)/03 When the Music's Over

    VANCOUVER DISC 2-01 Little Red Rooster/Who Do You Love/02 Petition the Lord/Light My Fire (Jam)/03 The End

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  • 06/20/16--10:49: The Black Explosion
  • Ready for some great Swedish stoner-psych? The Black Explosion comes to the rescue, kind of
    reminds me some (if I had to think of a comparison) perhaps with Wo-Fat, whom you know I, anyway, they released "Servitors of the Outer Gods" in 2012, a collection of ten short (relatively, for the genre) hard rocking tunes, all of which are pretty damn good, "Sun Eater" and "Wake Up" are highlights, maybe, but it's all pretty good.

    The follow up was "Elements of Doom", a which is a bit more psychedelic with stuff like "Mothership" and a 14-minute "We Will Fall".......I prefer this album, but don't overlook either, stoner rock fans, these are good.....

    Now, here's a secret. Don't tell anyone, scheduled for June 24 release is "Atomic Zod War"......I understand it's even a bit more on the psych side, especially the freaky leadoff track "Paralyzed".....if you look around, say, in the comments section, you may find a link to it, with all new releases, if there are any objections it will be happily removed.

    SERVITORS OF THE OUTER GODS-01 Two Hours Later/02 Out of Control/03 Wake Up/04 Sun
    Eater/05 Hold On Me/06 It's Alright Now/07 Show Me/08 Black Fever/09 Liquid Gold/10 Whumps!

    ELEMENTS OF DOOM-01 Golden Future/02 Elements of Doom/03 Blow It Away/04 Freekin' Free/05 D-471/06 Mothership/07 Sick of This Cave/08 The Void/09 We Will Fall

    ATOMIC ZOD WAR-01 Paralyzed/02 Ain't Comin' Home/03 The World Is Dead/04 Location 9/05 Goin' Down/06 Get My Mind Together/07 Devil Inside

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  • 06/20/16--11:11: Honey
  • This is a new release from a young Brooklyn trio, it really grabbed my ear......Joh N submitted this one and I am most grateful, possible it could be year-end list material.....these guys spew out the noise on "Love Is Hard", kind of a Dead Boys type of vibe maybe, nothing wrong with that....gicve this a shot, sounds great, and as always, with new releases, if there is an issue, say so, and it will be removed stat.

    LOVE IS HARD-01 Monk/02 Taking a Ride/03 Comes Down/04 Born/05 White Noise/06 MHLF/07 White City

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  • 06/20/16--11:46: Daily Noise Club
  • I have a couple of hard rocking albums from Daily Noise Club here, just plain hard rock n roll on
    these ones thank you.......apparently they are from Bulgaria (?), ok, and they consist of Toshe on guitar/vocals, Juli on bass, Petko on lead vocals, and Gogo on drums.......the vocals are a bit straining, but the albums do both rock hard........

    The first album is "Dirty Dress" from has some fine hard rockers, such as "Electric", "Crush Down" and more, and a song called "Superunreal" which is such a direct steal from Soundgarden that they should collect royalties.

    I also have, from 2008, "Next Level". a bit more developed and, again, some good hard rocking tunes......again, somewhat annoying vocals, but, a lot of good riff-rockers here, (Title track, "Dildo", "Dead Gent")'s not like these are going to be in the Rock N Roll hall of Fame or anything, BUT if you are a lover of hard rock, as I am (reason I started the blog), here's another direction to explore.

    DIRTY DRESS-01 Electric/02 On the Loose/03 What Am I/04 One More/05 My Words/06 What Does It/07 Dirty Dress/08 Tell Me/09 Do My Ride/10 Wrong Again/11 Crush Down/12 In Another Time/13 Superunreal

    NEXT LEVEL-01 Next Level/02 Do U Wanna Know/03 Above/04 I See (What You See)/05 Dead Gent/06 Shells/07 Dildo/08 Positive Relief/09 Save Me/10 Nailed to the Wall/11 This Time Again/12 Gotta Get Away

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  • 06/20/16--12:15: Painted Willie
  • Some respectable west coast punk from John N, I was not familiar with this one before......this band rose from the remains of Sin 34......this album, "Mind Bowling", gives a pretty good picture of the band at their best, mid-80's LA punk, not as well known as some, but not a bad effort at all.......decent album to listen to for fans of that scene!

    MIND BOWLING-01 405/02 Response/03 Pig Farm/04 Chia Pet/05 -Monkey Mia/06 The Big Time/07 Darling She-Lah/08 Moonchild/09 My Little Red Book/10 Used/11 January /12 Cover Girl/13

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  • 06/20/16--12:40: The Doors (part 18 of many)
  • Any Doors fanatics out ther rejoice, here are a couple of interview discs.....I haven't listened to them, to be honest, and likely I won't,but I know there are Doors obsessives out there who will want to haer these........hey I TOLD YA I was gonna bury you with this stuff, and you ain't seen SHIT yet!

    THE LOST INTERVIEWS -01 2001 The Canadian Corp Interview/02 Universtiy of Oswego at New York Oswego Interview

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  • 06/21/16--10:35: Car Seat Headrest
  • Great submission from Jon S of a band with which I was, indeed, TOTALLY unfamiliar with.....I
    took his advice and listened to "Teens of Denial", and find it totally I did indeed look up their story on Wikipedia, quite interesting as well, they have a quite large volume of work, which was self-released on Bandcamp prior to their signing with Matador Records. Also checked a few of their YouTube videos......really good band, quite of those that I can't really think of ANYTHING to compare them to right off the bat (maybe Pavement, but really only in attitude, not really in sound which is more rocking) and isn't that perhaps the ultimate compliment?

    Thus far, I have listened to but the one album (plus the few videos), but based on these, I recommend this highly......hope to check out (or at least carpet bomb) the rest of their stuff at work tonight, but Jon S hasn't steered us wrong yet, so go ahead and check out this very good (so far), unknown (to ME at least) band, MORE potential "year end" list material, I'm pretty sure that "Teens of Denial" will be on there somewhere!


    I'm going to try and make this easy on both of us. Listen to Teens of Denial by Car Seat Headrest, the best band you've never heard. If you like it, try Teens Of Style. If you like that, read the wikipedia entry for theHISTORY and maybe try some of the other things listed here - or all of them, its up to you.

    Teens Of Denial (2016)

    01 Fill in the Blank/02 Vincent/03 Destroyed by Hippie Powers/04 (Joe Gets Kicked out of School for Using) Drugs with Friends [But Says This Isn't aPROBLEM]/05 Just What I Needed...Not Just What I Needed/06 Drunk Drivers...Killer Whales.mp3/07 1937 State Park/08 Unforgiving Girl (She's Not An)/09 Cosmic Hero/10 The Ballad of the Costa Concordia/11 Connect the Dots (The Saga of Frank Sinatra)/12 Joe Goes to School

    Teens Of Style (2015)

    01 Sunburned Shirts/02 The Drum/03 Something Soon/04 No Passion/05 Times To Die/06 Psst, Teenagers, Take Off Your Clo/07 Strangers/08 Maud Gone/09 Los Borrachoes ( I Don't Have Any Hope Left, But The Weather Is Nice )/10 Bad Role Models, Old Idols Exhumed ( Psst, Teenagers, Put Your Clothes Back On )/11 Oh! Starving

    CakeSHOP, NYC 10/15/15 (recorded by

    01 The Ending of Dramamine/02 Times To Die/03 Something Soon/04 Oh! Starving

    1 (2010)

    01 tybee island horse ghosts/02 good sunday/03 big jacket/04 Cesare the somnambulist/05HAPPY_ugly/06 David Lynch versus the moon/07 his shinyCUSTOMERS/08 up all night/09 inside the bell jar/10 july new hey/11 kid war/12 you have to go to college/13 yes bulletin/14 mortgages for veterans/15 my dad just passed out/16 what does OUJ stand for

    2 (2010)

    01 smokezone/02 this one time I went to a coffee house because some guy I knew was playing and I just sat there for an hour and didn't talk to anyone and then I came home and wrote this song/03 we are in space/04 it's you, you're the asshole that made this/05 shoelaces/06 act suspicious/07 reversible jacket/08 the majesticHOTEL/09 90/10 fiction I/11 hanging out with my mom in women's apparel/12 ...then it will be exactly the same as earth

    3 (2010)

    01 no starving/02 portrait of the artist as a young fag/03 beach weak/04 foreign song/05 psst, teenagers, take off your clo/06 sun hot/07 beach fagz/08 summer bummer/09 ryan north by northwest/10 beach drugs/11 beach death/12 beach funeral/13 oh! starving

    4 (2010)

    01 a good bridge to never cross until there's no doubt that he's dead/02 who even knows/03 even the who knows/04 not _kidding_ around/05 heartless dick/06 dickless heart/07 feel like daniel johnston/08 the ghost of bob saget/09 around

    Little Pieces Of Paper With "No" Written On Them (2010)

    01 leave together/02 I don't want you/03 I am afraid of literally everything/04 100 minutes of solitude/05 neon sign/06 samson's golden axe/07 I scream social/08 wachovia receipts/09 the singles song/10 get better get well/11 squid desert/12 ff/13 nothing/14 surf jerk/15 a pleasant sort of terror/16 total burn/17 when I'm here/18 the staying song/19 I CAN TALK WITH MY EYES SHUT/20 the vice president of google and et al/21 hot sun

    My Back Is Killing Me Baby (2011)

    01 the drum/02 happy news for sadness/03 sunburned shirts/04 stoop kid/05 something soon/06 no passion/07 father, flesh in rags/08 strangers/09 lawns/10 p.o.w./11 open-mouthed boy

    Twin Fantasy (2011)

    01 My Boy (Twin Fantasy)/02 Beach Life-In-Death/03 Stop Smoking/04 Sober To Death/05 Nervous Young Inhumans/06 Bodys/07 Cute Thing/08 High To Death/09 Famous Prophets MINDS)/10 Twin Fantasy (Those Boys)

    Monomania (2012)

    01 Romantic Theory/02 Misheard Lyrics (Feat. Nora Knight)/03 Times To Die/04 Overexposed (Enjoy)/05 Los Borrachos (I Don_t Have Any Hope Left, But The Weather Is Nice)/06 Souls/07 Maud Gone/08 Sleeping With Strangers/09 Anchorite (Love You Very Much)

    Nervous Young Man (2013)

    01 Boxing Day/02 We Can't Afford (Your Depression Anymore)/03 Don't Remind Me/04HOMES/05 Afterglow/06 Jerks/07 Broken Birds (Rest In Pieces)/08 The Gun Song/09 Goodbye Love/10 I Can Play The Piano/11 Crows (Rest In Bigger Pieces Mix)/12 I Wanna Sweat/13 Burning Man/14 Dreams Fall Hard/15 Plane Crash Blues (I Can't Play The Piano)/16 Big Jacket/17 Death At The Movies/18 Jus' Tired/19 Some Strange Angel/20 Knife In The Coffee

    How To Leave Town (2014)

    01 The Ending of Dramamine/02 Beast Monster Thing (Love Isn't Love Enough)/03 Kimochi Warui (When_ When_ When_ When_ When_ When_ When_)/04 I-94 W (832 mi)/05 You're In Love With Me/06 America (Never Been)/07 I Want You To Know That I'm Awake_I Hope That You're Asleep/08 is this dust really from the Titanic_/09 Hey, Space Cadet! (Beast Monster Thing in Space)

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  • 06/21/16--11:00: Some more Waxahatchee
  • After yesterday's posting of their early stuff, John N submits the most recent "proper" album from
    Waxahatchee, whom I mentioned opened for Sleater Kinney in December. I did enjoy the set opening for SK, also enjoyed the EP from yesterday and figured maybe I should learn bit more about here's some info on Katie Crutchfield, and this album, "Ivy Tripp"....

    Katie Crutchfield is important to a lot of people. She's just 26, but with more than a dozen releases to her name courtesy of projects like P.S. Eliot, collaborations like Great Thunder, and assorted guest spotsHERE and there, she comes off like the leader of a DIY folk-inflected indie rock/punk scene, a spokesperson for a realm usually against spokespeople.
    Crutchfield grew up in Alabama, naming her project after Waxahatchee Creek, where her parents have a house on a lake and where she's made a lot of her music. She's in PhiladelphiaNOW, an East Coast city that's cheaper than New York and that allows for more time to make music and just live. It follows, then, that there's a thriving scene there, too, with groups like Radiator Hospital (featuring one-time Waxahatchee member Sam Cook-Parrott) and members of her twin sister (and ex-P.S. Eliot bandmate) Allison's band Swearin', among others.
    Ivy Tripp, her third album as Waxahatchee,FINDSher fronting a band featuring multi-instrumentalists Kyle Gilbride and Keith Spencer (both from Swearin') and still coming off very much like she did on 2012's lo-fi solo effort, American Weekend. She's managed to bring in contributors and a greater range of instrumentation without losing that approachable intimacy. 2013's Cerulean Salt technically had morePEOPLE playing on it, but Ivy Tripp just FEELSbigger, in part because Crutchfield is growing steadily more confident. The songs are more cohesive and accomplished—polished isn't the right word, butNOW and then, there is a kind of shine. Ceruleancame off like an extension of American Weekend: it surfaced just as many people were discovering the earlier record, and someLISTENERS were confused by the timeline and which came first. Ivy Tripp, her first album for Merge, feels more like a next step, something that exists on its own, and a move toward something else entirely.
    In a statement about the album, Crutchfield said the title of the record is "just aTODAY, lacking regard for the complacent life path of our parents and grandparents." She added: "I have thought of it like this: Cerulean Salt is a solid and Ivy Tripp is a gas." ThisMAKE sense. Cerulean was an album about growing up and losing your innocence and Ivy seems to be about knowing yourself as a grown up, being in the middle of that, and figuring out what comes next. The past is definable and relatively solid; the future is more amorphous and trickier to capture or pin down. You get that sense, ofSEARCHING, of grasping at something you don't entirely understand, in the album's lyrics and overall narrative.

    The exact "Ivy Tripp" line on the record is "Travel the world ivy tripping/ With no spotlight," and it's interesting to see where she's at now, as the spotlight finds itsFOCUS. On "Grey Hair" she sings: "You might, wait and see me become/ A candle, precarious psychically among/ The ill at ease, the summer breeze/ But sugar soda pop songs play on the radio." And, as she noted about the record, "I think a running theme [of Ivy Tripp] is steadying yourself on shaky ground and reminding yourself that you have control in situations that seem overwhelming." She doesn't deny the ambition either: "IGET short of breath because I can’t slow down," she sings ("Grey Hair").
    Many of Ivy Tripp's song titles—"The Dirt", "Half Moon", "Bonfire"—are dusky and colored like earth tones, and that's the setting of the songs as well: moments in transition, the realm between night and day and relationships that have that same kind of momentary feeling. The lyrics feature many maybes and more than a few temporary situations ("You can lean on me forNOW" in "La Loose"), unread books, and things that may or may not have already ended. "I’ll try to preserve the routine/ And I don’t want to discuss what it means," Crutchfield sings on "La Loose". People "pretend to be strangers/ Lamenting a means to an end" ("Air") and "imitate some kind of love" ("Stale By Noon") instead of just being in love. Music's an "imperfect escape" ("Half Moon").
    A low-levelANXIETY pervades, and on a song simply titled "<" she offers an update on the Blank Generation: "You’re less than me and I am nothing," goes the chorus. Earlier, in "The Dirt", she sings "I’m a basement brimming with nothing great." In "Summer of Love", a photo of people, and not the actual people, are the subject: "The colors allure me but I can’t make out/ A face in the picture of palm trees/ The summer of love is a photo of us.""Sugar" comes up a lot—a sweet thing without a lot of substance, but that tastes good. There's a penchant for finding beauty in small gestures and situations like sleeping or refusing to leave the beach. As well as bigger ones: "You’ll deliver a fable I couldLIVE/ And I’ll throw it off the nearest cliff," she sings in "The Dirt".
    The one thing that can drag Ivy Tripp down a little is that the lyrics are at times a bit vague or interchangeable. It turns out discussing emptiness can maybe feel a bit empty, and the wordsHEREdon't always hit as hard as some of her prior work. That said, the way the words are delivered is essential, and with a voice like Crutchfield's—both rough and clear with a slight Southern twang—a lot gets said simply in how these things are enunciated.
    That, and the album features a few of Crutchfield's best and catchiest songs. She's mentioned anINTEREST in the New Zealand lo-fi pop band Tall DwarfsIvy Tripp has the feel of classic indie rock. You'll be reminded of other groupsHERE and there: "The Dirt" sounds a lot like the Vaselines, at least compositionally, and much of it would fit in very well at the original International Pop Underground Convention, on Simple Machines, or with '90s Merge acts like Butterglory or Bricks (the fact that she did sign to MergeMAKES perfect sense—Crutchfield and her cohorts carry the same torch as Mac McCaughan and Laura Ballance). She's mentioned Joni Mitchell time again, as well as Cat Stevens, though on Ivy, you may think more about Cat Power'sWhat Would the Community Think.
    Maybe as aRESULT of the cross-pollination and familiarity, there's a casual feel to Ivy Tripp, something about it that's unhurried and relaxed. Which doesn't mean it isn't ambitious or accomplished. This is one way it's most reminiscent of the best '90s indie rock: it never feels forced or like she's making some kind of push. It's unhurried and natural and real. You also get a feeling listening to these songs that Crutchfield is justGETTING STARTED, and it's exciting to hear a young voice rising so assuredly above the fray, one you can imagine inspiring kids years from now, and inspiring them to pick up guitars and sing and take control of their direction, too.
    01 Breathless/02 Under a Rock/03 Poison/04 La Loose/05 Stale By Noon/06 The Dirt/07 Blue/08 Air/09 Less Than/10 Grey Hair/11 Summer of  Love/12 Half Moon/13 Bonfire

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  • 06/21/16--12:46: Wooden Shjips
  • Yes their name looks like a typo, but I think this is one of the most underappreciated bands of the
    00's, some really fine droning, spacey, psychedelic rock........from San Francisco, Wooden Shjips consist of singer/guitarist Ripley Johnson, bassist/trumpet (!) player Dusty Jermier, drummer Omar Ahsanuddin, and organ player Nash Whalen......their sound often recalls maybe a blend of The Velvet Underground, Suicide, blended perhaps with the  keyboard-driven psychedelia of some of the mid-60's garage rockers, with a healthy smattering of some of the great early 70's krautrock mixed in.

    Their first, self titled album is deliberately sloppy, and combines short, concise garage rockers with long, experimental pieces.....generally, the vocals are garbled and hidden behind droning guitar fuzz and shrieking organ, check "Losin' Time" as an example of the former, "Blue Sky Bends" as an example of the latter.

    Next we have "Volume 1", which is actually a collection of singles the band released prior to the debut excellent collection, actually, with standout tracks like the long "Shrinking Moon For You" as well as shorter (and still quite cool) stuff like "Space Clothes" and "Death's Not Your Friend".

    The next "official" release was "Dos" (2009), is an even better effort, check that feedback buzz on "Motorbike", and, of course, more of their trademark droning stuff, such as "Down By the Sea" and the organ dominated "Aquarian Time"

    "Volume Two" is yet another collection of singles, not nearly as solid as "Volume One", but still
    worth your time to listen to.

    "West", from 2011, continues improvement, the sound is cleaned up but the droning/rocking combination remains intact......check out "Flight", perhaps their best track, but don't miss the rest of it.

    The most recent issue, "Back to Land", is actually fantastic as well, another rocking, droning,
    hypnotic other words, if you are a fan of psychedelia, these guys are for you if you don't know them....obviously they wear their influences on their sleeves, but when your influences are as solid as these guys' are, that is really not an issue.

    WOODEN SHJIPS-01 We Ask You To Ride/02 Losin' Time/03 Lucy's Ride/04 Blue Sky Bends/05 Shine Like Suns

    VOLUME ONE-01 Shrinking Moon For You/02 Death's Not Your Friend/03 Space Clothes/04 Clouds Over Earthquake/05 Dance, California (Radio Edit)/06 SOL '07

    DOS-01 Motorbike/02 For So Long/03 Down By the Sea/04 Aquarian Time/05 Fallin'

    VOLUME TWO-01 Loose Lips/02 Start to Dreaming/03 Vampire Blues/04 Death's Not Your Friend (live)/05 Contact/06 I Hear the Vibrations (E-Z Version)/07 Outta My Head

    WEST-01 Black Smoke Rise/02 Crossing/03 Lazy Bones/04 Home/05 Flight/06 Looking Out/07 Rising

    BACK TO LAND-01 Back To Land/02 Ruins/03 Ghouls/04 These Shadows/05 In the Roses/06 Other Stars/07 Servants/08 Everybody Knows

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  • 06/21/16--13:26: The Melvins "Basses Loaded"
  • A clever concept here from an always fine band.......The Melvins are Seattle legends, we all know that, they have been featured here before.....this project is interesting. On their latest release, the  band utilizes various bass players, most notably Steven McDonald of Red Kross and Krist Novosoelic )of Nirvana of course) be honest haven't listened to it yet, likely will tonight or tomorrow, but I love the Melvins (one very inventive, imaginative band), and I think the concept is a good one.....if this sucks (experiments sometimes do), well, sorry, but at least again we strive for variety!

    BASSES LOADED-01 The Decay of Lying/02 Choco Plumbing/03 Beer Hippie/04 I Want to Tell You/05 Captain Come Down/06 Hideous Woman/07 Shaving Cream/08 Planet Destructo/09 War Pussy/10 Maybe I Am Amused/11 Phyllis Dillard/12 Take Me Out to the Ball Game

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    YEAH! Haven't heard this one in years, I think somebody made off with it a long time ago.....TOTALLY obscure UK punk ca. 1977-78, from a buncha great bands we've all never heard of......The Wasps, Art Attacks, Maniacs.......thanks to John N for this one, you GOTTA love ya some obscure Brit-punk from the REAL scene!

    LIVE AT THE VORTEX VOLUME 1-01 THE WASPS-Can't Wait Til '78/02 MEAN STREET-Bunch of Stiffs/03 NEO-Small Lives/04 THE WASPS-Waiting For My Man/05 BERNIE TORME-Living For Kicks/06 ART ATTACKS-Animal Bondage/07 BERNIE TORME-Street  Fighter/08 ART ATTACKS-Frankenstein's Heart/09 NEO-Tell Me the Truth/10 SUSPECTS-nothing to Declare/11 MANIACS-You Don't Break My Heart/12 MANIACS-I Ain't Gonna Be History

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  • 06/23/16--14:25: Truly
  • A lesser-known grunge classic from the late-great Seattle era, "Fast Stories....From Kid Coma" was a fave of mine back in the early 1990's.....studkid submits it here, as well as the rest of Truly's collection.....Truly were vocalist/guitarist Robert Roth, bassist Hiro Yamamoto (late of Soundgarden) and drummer Mark Pickerel (Screaming Trees)......"Fast Stories" is one you will like, if you are a fan of the classic Seattle grunge sound.

    FAST STORIES FROM KID COMA-01 Blue Flame Ford/02 Four Girls/03 If You Don't let It Die/04 Hot Summer 1991/05 Blue Lights/06 Leslie's Coughing Up Blood/07 Hurricane Dance/08 Angelhead/09 Tragic Telepathic (Soul Slasher)/10 Virtually/11 So Strange/12 Strangling/13 Chlorine

    EP-01 Heart and Lungs/02 Color and Madness/03 Truly Drowning/04 Married in the Playground

    FEELING YOU UP-01 (Into) Public Access Girls)/02 Twilight Curtains/03 Wait Until Night/04 Air Raid/05 It's On Your Face/06 EM7/07 Come Hither/08 Leatherette Tears/09 The Possessions/10 Repulsion/11 Untitled

    TWILIGHT CURTAINS (RARITIES)-01 Twilight Curtains/02 Leatherette Tears II/03 Aliens on Alcohol/04 Wait til the Night/05 I Hit Ignition/06 Our Lips Are Sealed/07 Girl Don't Tell Me You'll Write/08 Queen of the Girls/09 20th Century Voluntary Slaves/10 Mellotronica Symphonica

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  • 06/25/16--19:15: Let us talk for a minute
  • Ok, let us discuss the current situation.......the blog, which,

    incidentally, has had 106 posts thus far in June, has been temporarilly, somewhat, sabotaged...... I will go into full detail, as best as I need to.

    As some of you may know, myself and my wife of 30 years,  have been having big marital problems for the last few months.....I'm not going to assign blame, there is plenty of that for all, but here is how it relates to this blog.......I came home from work Thursday night and found that she had removed half of our furniture.... ok, boy your problem, but she had also shut off my Internet service..... not that big a deal, either, I will get hooked up again sometime during the week, for now, though, all I can use is my tablet from work, and, as all of my music files are either on cd or on the hard drive of my pc, I'm kind of screwed as to posting.... the only option I have, for a few days, is to use guest submissions, which must me converted to zippy in most cases.... if anyone wishes to volunteer to help, please contact me at and I will tell you what I need..... not much, really, my great all star blogging team submits plenty of stuff, and, with help, I could continue to post until I get  new WI fi.........

    I have NOT abandoned you, nor would I ever.... this blog is important to ME, it is my "legacy", so to speak..... it crushes me that I have not been able to share, even for a few personal life is out of control, and all I had left, to give me purpose and enjoyment, was this blog, which, trust me, I DO care about....... a lot, in fact, why? Not sure, really, but to me it's like a "contribution" to the lives of some great people I will never meet.. you will never understand, but over the last couple of months, it has given me a reason to keep on going.

    OK it will just be a few days, but, I feel I owe the people who follow me/this blog an explanation.......I LOVE YOU, really, I do, you mean much more to me than I do to you.......there is still TONS more stuff I plan to share with you, not to mention my all star team of helpers (god I hope I don't forget someone), brian, Jon s, John n, studkid, jonder, jose, apantabapanta, MD milner, and I KNOW I have forgotten someone, and I'm sorry..... these are the folks who have made this blog what it has become.

    Anyway, I will be back to regular posting later in the week, I hope at least....... if you wish to help me with guest-post submissions, email me at the address mentioned before, OR phone me at 937 906 9022, and I will tell you what you can do to help. I guess I am rambling a bit too much, as I said, I hope to be back later this week, but I feel bad...... damn, man, this blog is ducking IMPORTANT to me..... that's why I feel this explanation is in order.

    OK that's enough for now...... if you wish to help until I am back up, contact me...... I just want you all to know that I DO love you, and in a million years you will never understand what you all mean to me.

    0 0

    In the event you think I am done, guess again...

    .I will get my Internet service back, GOD what a cunt.... anyway, if you submit stuff here PLEASE CONTINUE TO DO SO. WE ARE WORKING ON THE PROBLEM, and all will be as normal soon...... just continue to send stuff and when I straighten this out, I will have a BUNCH of stuff for you........ I'm not EVER leaving you, trust me, I know that feeling quite well and none of you deserve it

    0 0

    (Brian Here)

    While things are in flux, I wanted to give you guys some content. The Blogger interface on my phone sucks, so I can't put up any pics. Either way, here we go..

    Now I love movie soundtracks and have a lot of them, but there's one reason I haven't really posted any here. The site has a complete lock on it! Heading for 1,000 pages of movie soundtracks, it's an exhaustive database of great music! It's a pain using, but it's worth it.

    My point is, over time I actually found some soundtracks that the site didn't have! I've contributed several things there this year. I've done a bunch more lately, and I've had the links just sitting around. So here they are now if anyone needs some good music. And these are my Zippy links, BTW.

    I've always been a sucker for MGM musicals of the 1940's and 50's. This compilation has many of the best known songs from key films. A good primer. You know some of the songs already and you're not even aware of it.

    EASTER PARADE (1949) & THE PIRATE (1948)
    I love Judy Garland! I should stress: it has nothing to do with either The Wizard of Oz or her 1950's star turns and concerts. My fave period of Judy is the 40's. She had too much work, two failed marriages, and a hell of a pill problem, but during this time she was this beautiful waif with a voice that could just rip your heart out! These soundtracks contain tunes by two great American songwriters: Cole Porter on The Pirate, and Irving Berlin on Easter Parade. These are both rare editions that came out on Rhino Handmade years ago. Great old school scores.

    I love me some Blaxploitation music! And that's because when I was a teen, I bought this tight ten-song comp put out by Ice-T's record label. A great intro to the music. It doesn't dig up obscurities, but you can't argue with the track list. And hell, is there any song more badass than Marvin Gaye's "Trouble Man"? And when I get to heaven, "Across 110th Street" better be playing as I walk in the gate.

    I love cartoon music! And while everyone knows names like Carl Stalling, no one seems to remember Scott Bradley's amazing scores for MGM shorts. He arguably had the harder job, since Tom & Jerry cartoons weren't broken up by dialogue like Looney Toons were. This two disc set is a limited edition version I paid far too much money on eBay for, so please enjoy it. You won't find it anywhere else, other than where I've put it.

    In the late 90's, Moby's music was all over the movies. I remember being particularly affected by his cover of "New Dawn Fades" from Heat. Features music from Cool WorldScream, and many more. It also has his breakthrough single "Go", which was his reworking of the Twin Peaks theme.

    I've been wanting to post this one for awhile. Out of all the soundtracks in the early 90's that targeted the "alternative" scene, this one did something original with it. By getting rap and rock artists and having them actually collaborate, something kinda timeless was created. The movie is shit, but from Cypress Hill and Sonic Youth's THC fog "I Love You Mary Jane", through Fatal and Therapy's psychotic "Come and Die", to Ice-T and Slayer's devastating Exploited medley, this one is worth it!

    This one I'm really proud of. I've long been a fan of Michael Mann's 2006 film Miami Vice. I like the look of it, I am in love with Gong Li, and I think the music is really cool. It's a mix of club tunes, Latin music, with some alt-metal thrown in. The problem is, the version of the soundtrack that was released was missing songs from the film. So, Jonder helped me with reconstructing this. We added the Linkin Park/Jay Z song from the opening club scene, as well as the two Audioslave songs that are in the film. We also edited down the long track "Sweep", since the film doesn't use much of it anyway. This is also sequenced to follow the order of the music in the movie. And how cool is Michael Mann? He put two Mogwai tunes on here! A great CD for a hot summer night, whether or not you have speedboats and cocaine.

    There are two bonus comedy links for this post. I put them up long ago when I first started blogging. Regarding who they are, let me just ask you: are you a water sign, or are you a Fire Sign?

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