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The music that shaped a semi-wasted life

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  • 05/09/16--12:24: The Doors Part 8 (of MANY)
  • Next part of the gigantic Doors torrent I tripped over a couple weeks a couple live discs and a
    couple of interview discs for your consumption this time (I am putting them up there in the order they came to me in the torrent so I don't confuse myself!)...

    First up is a double disc effort, "100 Minutes", which is a live effort from Vancouver 6/6/70......of most interest here is that Albert King joins the band onstage (Disc 1) as they perform a few blues numbers. Don't think I've ever heard this one, maybe it's hard to find, I don't know.

    Next we have a Jim Morrison interview disc 1/15/71.....rather lengthy, Bob Kourish performs the interview.....this is not REALLY my kind of thing, and thusly I have not listened to it, but I want to get the Morrison freaks to get everything they can handle.

    Another interview disc follows, "A 1971 Conversation with Jim Morrison", this one by Ben Fong Torres....this one is broken down into about 20 tracks, and I've not listened to this one either.....but, again, it's here, and if you just can't get enough of ol' Mr Mojo Risin' here it is....

    Wrapping up today is the commercial release, "Alive She Cried"....released in 1983, it's pasted together from a few different live efforts......a version of "Gloria" appears here, otherwise, fairly forgettable.

    Stay tuned, lots of more Doors stuff to come whenever I get to it.

    VANCOUVER DISC 1-01 Roadhouse Blues/02 Medley-Alabama Song-Back Door Man-Five to One/03 When the Music's Over/04 Love Me Two Times/05 Albert King Joins/06 Little Red Rooster/07 Money/08 Rock Me Baby/09 Who Do You Love/10 Albert King Exits

    VANCOUVER DISC 2-01 Petition the Lord/02 Light My Fire/03 The End

    BOB KOURISH INTERVIEWS MORRISON-01 part 1/02 Part 2/03 Part 3

    A CONVERSATION WITH JIM MORRISON-01 The Blues/02 Elvis' Bass Player/03 The Facet of Music/04 Who is Writing the Music/05 What Kind of Schedule/06 I Couldn't Speak For Them/07 Do You Have a Film Project/08 Audience/09 Rock Is Dead/10 How Important Is Poetry to You/11 Why Have You Gotten Fat Jim/12 I Drink a Lot of Beer/13 What Grounds/14 You Know One Thing/15 The Lawyers Pointed Out/16 What the People Want/17 We Were Talking About the Heroes/18 The Great Beauty of  Capitalism/19 The Appeal of the Fillmore/20 The Success of the English

    ALIVE SHE CRIED-01 Gloria/02 Light My Fire/03 You Make Me Real/04 Texas Radio & the Big Beat/05 Love Me Two Times/06 Little Red Rooster/07 Moonlight Drive

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    (Scott) kidding, "towering above the rest".....latest super-contributor Jon Scheiner sends this brain-
    bending collection (24 discs total!) of Radiohead rarities...B-sides, demos, live cuts, remixes, alternate name it. Obviously I haven't listened to all of it yet, but just look at the track lists below and you'll certainly see there are some (many) gems here.

    As I've insinuated before, certain bands have a rep for not wanting their music shared.....a partial list includes Corrosion of Conformity, Green Day, Sublime, Bratmobile, Robert Fripp, and others......not making any allegations here, simply that if you want this, you MAY wish to act quickly.....I've never had an issue with Radiohead before, I have never posted any of their "official" material, and this continues the trend.....still, be aware of what I say.

    This is but part one (of two) of this, whomever compiled this REALLY DOES "tower above the rest" as far as producing a complete labor of love......thanks to the creator, and thanks to Jon S. for sharing. Part 2 likely tomorrow.


    This is just 1/2 of the mammoth Towering Above The Rest Compilation, a fan made collection of b-sides, rarities, live tracks, and re-mixes. From what I've seen this was created around 2004, after Hail To The Thief and before In Rainbows, but a song from the most current release originally debuted in 1995 so it really doesn't matter. Honestly, I doubt I'll ever listen to all of this and it will take some sifting but there are plenty of gems to be found. As for the absolute completists: today is your lucky day!

    Towering Above the Rest Complete Disc 01 (Singles B-Sides)

    01 Prove Yourself/02 Stupid Car/03 You/04 Thinking About You/05 Inside My Head/06 Million Dollar Question/07 Faithless the Wonder Boy/08 Coke Babies/09 Pop is Dead/10 Yes I Am/11 The Trickster/12 Punchdrunk Lovesick Singalong/13 Lozenge of Love/14 Lewis (Mistreated)/15 Permanent Daylight/16 You Never Wash Up After Yourself/17 Maquiladora/18 Killer Cars/19 India Rubber/20 How Can You Be Sure/21 Talk Show Host/22 Bishop's Robes/23 Banana Co/24 Molasses

    Towering Above the Rest Complete Disc 02 (Singles B-Sides)

    01 Polyethylene(Part 1 and 2)/02 Pearly/03 A Reminder/04 Melatonin/05 Meeting in the Isle/06 Lull/07 Palo Alto/08 How I Made My Millions/09 Fast Track/10 The Amazing Sounds of Orgy/11 Trans-Atlantic Drawl/12 Kinetic/13 Cuttooth/14 Life in A Glass House(Full Length)/15 Worrywort/16 Fog/17 Paperbag Writer/18 Where Bluebirds Fly

    Towering Above the Rest Complete Disc 03 (B-Sides Live)

    01 Fake Plastic Trees (live)/02 Street Spirit [Fade Out] (live)/03 Just (live)/04 Paranoid Android (live)/05 Climbing Up The Walls (live)/06 No Surprises (live)/07 Optimistic (live)/08 The Bends (live)/09 Inside My Head (live)/10 Fake Plastic Trees (acoustic)/11 Bulletproof I Wish I Was (acoustic)/12 My Iron Lung (live)/12 Street Spirit [Fade Out] (live)/14 Banana Co. (live)/15 Permanant Daylight (live)/16 Lucky (live)/17 Fake Plastic Trees (live)/18 Paranoid Android (instrumental)

    Towering Above the Rest Complete Disc 04 (B-Sides Live)

    01 Bones (live)/02 Planet Telex (live)/03 Anyone Can Play Guitar (live)/04 Creep (live)/05 Ripcord (live)/06 Just (live)/07 Airbag (live)/08 Lucky (live)/09 Fake Plastic Trees (live)/10 Street Spirit [Fade Out] (live)/11 Dollars and Cents(live)/12 The National Anthem(live)/13 Idioteque (live)/14 Just (live)/15 Fake Plastic Trees (live)/16 Anyone Can Play Guitar (live)/17 Bones (live)/18 Street Spirit [Fade Out] (live)/19 My Iron Lung (live)

    Towering Above the Rest Complete Disc 05 (B-Sides Live)

    01 Creep (live)/02 My Iron Lung (live)/03 Stop Whispering (live)/04 Punchdrunk Lovesick Singalong(live)/05 Fake Plastic Trees (live)/06 Blow Out (live)/07 Bones (live)/08 Nice Dream (live)/09 High And Dry (live)/10 You (live)/11 My Iron Lung (live)/12 Creep (live)/13 My Iron Lung (live)/14 Just (live)/15 Maquiladora (live)/16 The Bends (live)/17 Prove Yourself (live)/18 Creep (live)

    Towering Above the Rest Complete Disc 06 (Live & Radio Collection)

    01 National Anthem (Live)/02 I Might Be Wrong (Live)/03 Morning Bell (Live)/04 Like Spinning Plates (Live)/05 Idioteque (Live)/06 Everything In Its Right Place(Live)/07 Dollars And Cents (Live)/08 True Love Waits(live)/09 Banana Co(Acoustic)/10Killer Cars(Live)/11 Vegetable(Live)/12 You(Live)/13 Creep(Acoustic)/14 Nothing Touches Me (BBC)/15 Everything In It's Right Place(BBC Remix)/16 The National Anthem (BBC Remix)/17 How To Disappear Completely (BBC Remix)/18 Idioteque (BBC Remix)

    Towering Above the Rest Complete Disc 07 (On A Friday Demo)

    01 Keep Strong/02 Somebody Else/03 I Want To Know/04 I'm Coming Up/05 Jerusalem/06 What Is It That You Say/07 Something To Hate/08 I Can't/09 Without You/10 Give It Up/11 How To Be Sure/12 Everybody Lies Through Their Teeth/13 Rattlesnake In A Big City/14 The New Generation/15 What Is It That You Say/16 Stop Whispering/17 Give It Up (Version 2)/18 I Can't (version 2)/19 Nothing Touches Me/20 Phillipa Chicken/21 Thinking About You/22 You

    Towering Above the Rest Complete Disc 08 (Early)

    01 An Airbag Saved My Life (early)/02 Paranoid Android (early)/03 Subterranean Homesick Alien (acoustic)/04 Exit Music For A Film (early)/05 Karma Police (early)/06 Electioneering (early)/07 Climbing Up The Walls (early)/08 No Surprises Please (early)/09 Lucky (early)/10 How To Disappear Completely And Never be Found (early)/11 Motion Picture Soundtrack (early)/12 Life In A Glass House (early)/13 True Love Waits (early)/14 Let Down (early)/15 High and Dry (early)/16 Just (early)/17 Fake Plastic Trees (early)

    Towering Above the Rest Complete Disc 09 (Pre-HTTT Live)

    01 Lift/02 Follow Me Around/03 Big Boots/04 I Promise/05 Wicked Child/06 Reckoner/07 Nude/08 Wolf At The Door/09 Scatterbrain/10 I Will/11 Sail To The Moon/12 Myxomatosis/13 Up On The Ladder/14 Punch Up At A Wedding/15 We Suck Young Blood/16 Go To Sleep/17 Sit Down Stand Up/18 2+2=5/19 There There/20 Where I Am And You Begin

    Towering Above the Rest Complete Disc 10 (Covers and Collaborations)

    01 Cowboy Song/02 After The Gold Rush/03 Shot By Both Sides/04 Union City Blues/05 Nobody Does It Better/06 Cinnamon Girl/07 Rhinestone Cowboy/08 Be Mine/09 It's The End Of The World As We Know It (R.E.M.)/10 Sing A Song For You/11 If You Tolerate This...Your Children Will Be Nest/12 I'll Wear It Proudly/13 The Thief (Can cover)/14 I'm Set Free/15 Wonderwall/16 Wish You Were Here (w_Sparkelhorse)/17 Rabbit In Your Headlights (w_UNKLE)/18 I've Seen It All (w_Bjork)/19 Winter Wonderland/20 Where Will You Be This Christmas

    Towering Above the Rest Complete Disc 11 (Covers & Edits)

    01 El Presidente (w_drugstore)/02 Online (w_PJ Harvey)/03 Beautiful Feeling (w_PJ Harvey)/04 This Mess We're In (w_PJ Harvey)/05 I Don't Want To Go To Woodstock (w_ Headless Chicken)/06 E-Bow The Letter (w_Michael Stipe)/07 Untogether (w_Belly)/08 In Limbo (w_Clinic)/09 Lucky (w_Michael Stipe)/10 In Limbo (w_ Nigel Godrich)/11 Blowout (w_The Posies)/12 Leave (w_Michael Stipe)/13 Fake Plastic Trees (Alanis Morissette)/14 Creep (Friendly)/15 Let Down (edit)/16 Just (edit)/17 Fake Plastic Trees (edit)/18 Idioteque (edit)/19 I Might Be Wrong (edit)/20 There There (Radio Edit)

    Towering Above the Rest Complete Disc 12 (Webcast & B-Sides)

    01 Knives Out/02 There There/03 Jonny's Techno/04 Ed's Scary Song/05 Wicked Child/06 The Gloaming/07 I Froze Up/08 Good Morning Mr Magpie/09 E2-E4/10 5ths Reversed/11 Chenobyl 2/12 Duped 94bpm/13 Broken Bass Bin/14 33.3 Recurring/15 Try To Save Your Prize/16 Skkatterwave/17 I Am Citizen Insane/18 Fog (Again)/19 Gagging Order/20 I Am A Wicked Child/21 I Will (Los Angeles Version)/22 There There (Demo)/23 Where I End and You Begin Demo

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  • 05/10/16--08:49: Two Minds Crack
  • Very little information is available on this early 80's synth-pop band, perhaps they got lost in the shuffle of 1000 other similar bands, which is a shame, because this ("Victory Parade",their only effort) really DOES stand out, and comes recommended by me for fans of this particular genre (and you know I really am NOT one, so coming from me, consider that high praise....

    Every track is a radio-friendly new wave/synth pop nugget, "Cry Cry Cry" and "One Sky Above" are should-been big hits, they weren't, but once again, if you grew up in the 80's (I didn't thank Christ), and dug the music of that era, this is one you MIGHT have missed. It's a good one, don't miss it again!

    VICTORY PARADE-01 One Sky Above/02 Walk On Back/03 The Hunger The Greed/04 Fire/05 Find the Key/06 Cry Cry Cry/07 Upside Down/08 Love Is In Control/09 Live to Die/10 The Sense That Never Sleeps/11 Cry Cry Cry (remix)/12 The Hunger The Greed (remix)/13 Upside Down (remix)

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  • 05/10/16--10:32: Nashville Pussy
  • I've had this one in reserve for a while, not a REAL favorite, but some good sleazy-southern-psychobilly
    stuff, with the bonus of the early albums featuring bassist/goddess Corey Parks (she's about 6'5'" with a tattoo on her tummy saying "EAT ME"....for what more could I ask, I LOOOOOOVE them tall women, the taller the better.

    Anyway, music.....first up is an EP entitled "Eat More Pussy" (YEH!), it's plenty sleazy, but quite good in my estimation, complete with a total overhaul of AC-DC's "Kicked in the Teeth"......this EP was sometimes given away with the debut full length, "Let Them Eat Pussy", (1998) something of a scuzzball classic, maybe sort of gives you the same feeling as listening to Pussy Galore.....stuff like "Go Motherfucker Go" and "All Fucked Up" are damn near perfect for this genre, and the album also includes perhaps the greatest "fluke" hit of all time, "Fried Chicken and Coffee", which was nominated for a Grammy.....excuse me, I need to vomit.

    2000's "High as Hell" is a good listen as well, there is great shit here like "Blowjob From a Rattle Snake" and "She's Got the Drugs", despite the deliberate shock factor, this shit really does rock the yard and is worth your time.

    "Say Something Nasty" was their next effort, they attempted to keep the shock value high, but, as often happens with bands of this ilk, it kind of turned silly......not "bad", there are decent psycho-rockers here such as "Keep On Fucking" and "You Give Drugs a Bad Name".....thy peaked with the earlier efforts, when my girlfriend was strumming that bass.......this began the downward path for the band, still, not awful.

    Next up was 2005's "Get Some".....not a real favorite of mine, although it contains a fair track or two, notably "Lazy White Boy", which is a RALLY good one.

    "From Hell to Texas" (2009) is more of the same, the band's hardcore circle of fans seem to really enjoy it,
    no me, the joke was wearing a little thin.......perhaps if they enlisted another 6'5' female bass player.....well, never mind, if you like them you like them, and this one continues the trend...."I'm So High", ""Drunk Driving Man" and "Dead Can't Get Drunk" are pure Nashville Pussy, just a bit past their prime (except for their rabid fan cult.)

    Nashville Pussy was a band that knew its formula and beat it to death......."Up the Dosage" (I think the most recent , 2014, but they may have done something since) is yet more of the same, check these song titles:  "Before the Drugs Wear Off"....."Pussy's Not a Dirty Word"...."Hooray For Cocaine, Hooray For Tennessee" question, like it or not, this IS Nashville Pussy, they've remained true to their convictions and I give them some credit for that......sure do wish Corey parks would come pay me a visit though.

    EAT MORE PUSSY (EP)-Kicked in the Teeth/02 Nice Boys/03 Milk Cow Blues/04 Headin' For the Texas Border/05 Sock It To Me Baby/06 I'm Misunderstood

    LET THEM EAT PUSSY-01 Snake Eyes/02 You're Goin' Down/03 Go Motherfucker Go/04 I'm the Man/05 All Fucked Up/06 Johnny Hotrod/07 5 Minutes To Live/08 Somebody Shoot Me/09 Blowin' Smoke/10 First I Look at the Purse/11 Eat My Dust/12 Fried Chicken and Coffee

    HIGH AS HELL-01 Struttin' Cock/02 Shoot First and Run Like Hell/03 She's Got the Drugs/04 Wrong Side of a Gun/05 Piece of Ass/06 High As Hell/07 You Ain't Right/08 Rock N Roll Outlaw/09 Rock N Roll Outlaw/10 Let's Ride/11 Blowjob From a Rattle Snake/12 Drive

    SAY SOMETHING NASTY-01 Words of Wisdom/02 Say Something Nasty/03 Gonna Hitchhike Down to Cincinnati and Kick the Shit out of Outta Your Drunk Daddy/04 You Give Drugs a Bad Name/05 The Bitch Just Kicked Me Out/06 Keep on Fuckin'/07 Jack Shark/08 Keep Them Things Away From Me/09 Here's To Your Destruction/10 Let's Get the Hell Outta here/11 Slow Movin Train/12 Beat Me Senseless/13 Can't Get Rid of It/14 Rock N Roll Hootchie Koo/15 Outro

    GET SOME-01 Pussy Time/02 Come On Come On/03 Going Down Swinging/04 Good Night For a Heart Attack/05 Hate and Whiskey/06 Lazy White Boy/07 Hell Ain't What It Used to Be/08 One Way Down/09 Raisin' Hell Again/10 Atlanta's Still Burning/11 Nutbush City Limits/12 Meaner Than My Mama/13 Snowblind

    FROM HELL TO TEXAS-01 Speed Machine/02 From Hell to Texas/03 Drunk Driving Man/04 Lazy Jesus/05 I'm So High/06 Ain't Your Business/07 Dead Men Can't Get Drunk/08 The late Great USA/09 Pray For the Devil/10 Why Why Why/11 Stone Cold Down/12 Gimme a Hit Before I Go

    UP THE DOSAGE-01 Everybody's fault But Mine/02 Rub it To Death/03 Til the Meat Falls off the Bone/04 The South's Too Fat To Rise Again/05 Before the Drugs Wear Off/06 Lazy White Boy/07 Hell Ain't What It Used to Be/08 Up the Dosage/09 Takin' It Easy/10 White and Loud/11 Hooray For Cocaine, Hooray for Tennessee/12 Pillbilly/13 Pussy's Not a Dirty Word/14 Begging For a Taste/15 Before the Drugs Wear Off

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    (Scott)-so, from our newest mega-contributor, Jon S. comes the second half of the ULTIMATE in
    Radiohead rarities......I listened to some of the first half today, and that is some great stuff.......anything you can imagine: live tracks, alternate takes, remixes, demos......ANYTHING......between yesterday's post and this one, there are a mind-boggling TWENTY FOUR DISCS here, the compiler is, unfortunately unknown, I sure would like to give him thanks......but, I sure do give thanks to Jon S. for submitting it! As I said yesterday, this band has been known to be a bit "touchy" at times, so I can't guarentee how long this stays, even though they are not officially released recordings

    And here it is, the second 12 cds of the collection Towering Above The Rest. From what Is aw, the links on the site are from 2013 and the coupleI sampled are down. Don't know what you have or what you want, and in that we're in the same boat. Have fun!

    Towering Above the Rest Complete Disc 13 (Early)

    01 The Bends (demo)/02 Nice Dream (demo)/03 Alligators In The NY Sewers/04 Egyptian Song (early)/05 Everything In Its Right Place/06 Optimistic (early)/07 Morning Bell (early)/08 You And Whose Army (early)/09 Paranoid Android (Extended Keyboard)/10 In Limbo (early)/11 I Might Be Wrong (early)/12 Kid A (early)/13 I Will (Extended Reversed)/14 Go To Sleep (early)/15 Punch-up At A Wedding (early)/16 I Will (early)/17 Creep (acapella)

    Towering Above the Rest Complete Disc 14 (Remixes)

    01 Climbing Up The Walls (Fila Brazillia)/02 Climbing Up The Walls (Fila Brazillia 2)/03 Climbing  Up The Walls (Zero 7)/04 Killer Cars (Mogadan)/05 Stop Whispering (US Mix)/06 Pearly (Running From Demons)/07 Idioteque (Paul Oakenfeld)/08 Treefingers (Extended)/09 Idioteque (Dave Clarke)/10 Blow Out (Mix)/11 Stupid Car (Tinnitus)/12 Everything in its Right Place (Dino Lenny)/13 Kid A (Funkstorung)/14 Remyxomatosis (Cristian Vogel)/15 Skttrbrain (Four Tet remix)

    Towering Above the Rest Complete Disc 15 (Remixes)

    01 Interlude Megamix/02 Kid A Megamix/03 Everything In Its Right Place (James Lavelle)/04 Packt Like Sardines In A Crush (Slynus)/05 Idioteque (Glitzy Kitten)/06 Everything In Its Right Place (Josh Wink)/07 Idioteque (Blow Up at the Air)/08 Everything in it's Right Place (Head Of The House Mix)/09 Like Spinning Plates (Reversed)/10 Pulk Pull..Like Spinning Plates/11 Rabbit In Your Headlights (Underdog)/12 Rabbit In Your Headlights (3D Reverse Light)/13 Rabbit In Your Headlights (Suburban Hell)

    Towering Above the Rest Complete Disc 16 (Remixes)

    01 Introduction To Romeo/02 Mantua/03 2hb (venus in furs)/04 Ladytron (venus in furs)/05 Bitter-Sweet (venus in furs)/06 Tumbling Down (venus in furs)/07 Baby's On Fire (venus in furs)/08 Talk Show Host (Nellee Hooper)/09 Talk Show Host (Black Dog)/10 Planet Telex (Hexidecimal dub)/11 Planet Telex (Hexidecimal mix)/12 Planet Telex (L.F.O. DJ)/13 Planet Telex (Trashed)/14 Planet Telex (Karma Sunra)/15 Planet Telex (Depthcharge)

    Towering Above the Rest Complete Disc 17 (Remixes)

    01 Kid A Theory/02 Theory Songs 2/03 How To Disappear Theory/04 Packt Like Everything/05 National Pulk/06 Likecitenik v2/07 Everything In Its Right Place (Velvet Teen Remix)/08 Like Spinning Plates (Bentsonic Remix)/09 Hunting Bears (Aplastic Remix)/10 You And Whose Army (Fnord)/11 Everything In Its Right Place (Rollmottle Remix)/12 Paranoid Android (B2 Mix)/13 Kid A (Kid Koala Remix)

    Towering Above the Rest Complete Disc 18 (Pre Kid A)

    01 Paranoid Android (BBC)/02 Climbing Up The Walls (BBC)/03 Exit Music (BBC)/04 Talk Show Host (BBC)/05 Big Boots (demo)/06 Let Down/07 Instrumental (Pre Kid A)/08 Big Ideas/09 Big Boots/10 I Promise/11 Lift/12 Big Ideas (Acoustic)/13 True Love Waits/14 Lift/15 Nude/16 True Love Lives

    Towering Above the Rest Complete Disc 19 (Remixes)

    01 Pyramid Song (Trance Mix)/02 Pyramid Song (Trance Extended Mix)/03 Street Spirit (Jarnum Trance Mix)/04 In Limbo (Living In A Fantasy Remix)/05 Karma Police (Gospel Remix)/06 Karma Police (Reincarnation Mix)/07 Karma Police (T Remix)/08 Idioteque (Lapetus Remix)/09 Idioteque (I Want You To Know Remix)/10 Idioteque (General Musician Remix)/11 Idioteque Anthem/12 Exit Music (Romeo And Juliet M)/13 Exit Music (Obtuse Mix)/14 Talk Show Host (D And B Mix)

    Towering Above the Rest Complete Disc 20 (Remixes)

    01 Creep (Aoiwe Remix)/02 How I Made My Millions (Indie Remix)/03 I Might Be Wrong (Ice Age Remix)/04 Hunting Bears (Graemlin Remix)/05 Everything In Its Right Place (Sasha and Digweed White Label Remix)/06 Everything In Its Right Place (Jan Hinke Remix)/07 Everything In Its Right Place (Hybrid Remix)/08 Everything In Its Right Place (Combo Remix)/09 Packt Like Sardines (Combo Remix)/10 Talk Show Host (Combo Remix)/11 Street Spirit (Combo Remix)/12 Pyramid Song (Combo Remix)/13 Climbing Up The Wall (Combo Remix)

    Towering Above the Rest Complete Disc 21 (Radio Sessions)

    01 On The Beach (Neil Young)/02 Down By The River (Neil Young)/03 It's the End of the World as we Know It (w_ Michael Stipe)/04 Karma Police (Michael Stipe)/05 In My Mind (w_The Pixies)/06 Nothing Touches Me/07 I Can't/08 Prove Yourself/09 Creep/10 Anyone Can Play Guitar/11 Stop Whispering/12 High & Dry/13 Fake Plastic Tree/14 Street Spirit/15 You/16 Planet Telex/17 Creep

    Towering Above the Rest Complete Disc 22 (Extra Material)

    01 There There/02 Instrumental 1/03 Instrumental 2/04 Instrumental 3/05 Instrumental 4/06 I Will (Demo)/07 Paranoid Android/08 How To Disappear Completely/09 A Punchup At A Wedding (edit)/10 Idioteque (live)/11 Paranoid Android (live)/12 Sulk (early)/13 The Trickster (early)/14 Permanent Daylight (Instrumental)/15 Karma Police (live)/16 Bones (live)/17 Paranoid Android (live)/18 Permanent Daylight (early)19 How Can You Be Sure (live)/20 Bulletproof...I Wish I Was (early)

    Towering Above the Rest Complete Disc 23 (Extra Material)

    01 Genchildren/02 33.33333/03 We Suck Young Blood/04 Smear (Jonny Greenwood)/05 Duty Lux/06 Nudnik Headache/07 Untitled/08 Split Sides/09 Friendly Fire/10 I Get Louder/11 Skkatterwave Extended/12 I'll Eat You Alive/13 Momentum/14 Nasty People

    Towering Above the Rest Complete Disc 24

    01 National Anthem/02 Go To Sleep (Zoo DJs Mix)/03 Sail To The Moon (The Heaven & Earth Division Remix)/04 Electric Cars/05 Myxomatosis/06 Say The Word (aka C Minor Song)/07 Street Spirit (DJ Tiesto)/08 The Gloaming (DJ Shadow)

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  • 05/11/16--12:20: ....And Some More PJ Harvey
  •  (Scott)-Also from Jon S comes PJ Harvey's 1995 album "To Bring You my Love, as well as four concert
    boots from that same year.....I've said before I am not as up on PJ as I should be, but this should be a jumping off point. Thanks again to Jon S.

    To Bring You My Love (Deluxe 1995)

    01 To Bring You My Love/02 Meet ze Monsta/03 Working For The Man/04 C'mon Billy/05 Teclo/06 Long Snake Moan/07 Down By The Water/08 I Think I'm A Mother/09 Send His Love To Me/10 The Dancer/11 Reeling (Four Track Version)/12 Daddy/13 Lying In The Sun/14 Somebody's Down, Somebody's Name/15 Darling Be Here/16 Maniac/17 One Time Too Many/18 Harder (Studio Version)/19 Goodnight/20 Long Time Coming/21 Naked Cousin

    Rockerfeller Music Hall, Oslo 5-5-95

    01 send his love to me/02 meet ze monsta/03 working for the man/04 harder/05 teclo/06 long time coming/07 down by the water/08 c'mon billy/09 hook/10 me-jane/11 naked cousin/13 50ft queenie12 driving/14 legs/15 oh my lover/16 long snake moan/17 goodnight

    Glastonbury 6-24-95

    01 Meet Ze Monsta/02 Working For The Man/03 Send His Love To Me/04 My Naked Cousin/05 Teclo/06 Down By The Water/07 C'mon Billy/08 Hook/09 Long Snake Moan/10 Me Jane/11 50 Ft. Queenie/12 Goodnight/13 Water

    Macky Auditorium, Boulder 10-5-95

    01 Hook/02 Harder/03 Long Snake Moan/04 Dress/05 Driving/06 I Think I'm A Mother/07 Lying in the Sun/08 One
    Time Too Many/09 Meet Ze Monsta/10 Long Time Coming/11 To Bring You My Love/12 Send His Love To Me/13 Me-Jane/14 50ft Queenie/15 Water/16 Down by the Water/17 Straight/18 Goodnight

    Le Zenith, Paris 11-14-95

    01 hook/02 harder/03 long snake moan/04 dress/05 driving/06 i think i'm a mother/07 lying in the sun/08 one time too many/09 meet ze monsta/10 c'mon billy/11 to bring you my love/12 send his love to me/13 me-jane/14 50ft queenie/15 legs/16 down by the water/17 naked cousin-the dancer/18 working for the man/19 goodnight

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  • 05/11/16--12:59: Lonely Kamel Redux
  • Let me point out a helpful hint......if you wish to contribute 

    something. please send the links or text or whatever to my email, you simply leave them in the comments section, hardly anyone will see them. If You send them to my email, works much better as I can make a full post of it and we can reach a broader audience. Thanks                               

    That being said, in response to my Lonely Kamel post from a few days ago, (their debut album is all I have), a reader named "Studkid" (I don't make em up) has generously given me links to their other three albums.....haven't gotten to listen to them yet, but I should by tomorrow, looking forward to it. In cases you need a reminder, they are a pretty cool stoner rock band from Oslo Norway, consult the original post if you want any more info.......I converted these to zippylinks, just to make sure they were OK, and they are. Thanks, studkid, don't be a stranger!

    BLUES FOR THE DEAD-01 A Tale of a Madman/02 Green Eyed Woman/03 Wasted Time/04 Stick With Your Plan/05 Lady Mushroom/06 A Million Years From Home/07 No More Excuses/08 Blindfolded/09 The Boys/10 The Trip

    DUST DEVIL-01 Grim Reefer/02 Evil Man/03 Blues For the Dead/04 Rotten Seed/05 Seventh Son/06
    The Prophet/07 Ragnaroker/08 Road Trip With Lucifer/09 Hard to Please/10 Whorehouse Groove

    SHIT CITY-01 Shit City/02 White Lines/03 Is It Over/04 I Feel Sick/05 Seal the Perimeter/06 Freezing/07 BFD/08 Falling Down/09 Nightjar

    Thanks for the great and surprising submission, links in comment section.

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    Today's stuff has all been of the contributed nature (I stress, NOTHING wrong with that, I love it), this one
    stems from a week or so ago when John N sent me Skywave's "Killerrocknroll" compilation, which I had never heard and thought was great. Asked him if he had any more, he generously sent a BUNCH, likely close to their complete body......again, I haven't listened to these yet, so not much I can comment on, but if it's anything like the previous comp, take the wonderful noise rock of A Place to Bury Strangers and combine with the weird melodic drones of  The Jesus and Mary Chain, and you'd about have it. I'll be listening to these soon, I recommend them (based off the comp), and thanks to John N for this submission.

    TOOK THE SUN (1998)-01 Drive/02 Sixteen/03 Coast Drive/04 Mary's Shadow/05 Sanddune/06 Die For One More Day/07 Watch You Fade/08 Walking on Stars/09 Snow/10 Sanddune

    ECHODRONE-(1999)-01 Under the Moon/02 Nothing/03 Baby It's Just You/04 Got That Feeling/05 Sixteen/06 Get the Girl/07 All I Had/08 Slow In Space/09 Girlfriend's Dead/10 It's In Your Eyes

    WITHOUT YOU (EP) (1999)-01 Without You/02 Seen It All/03 Dream You're Alive

    ICE STORM (LIVE & DEMOS, RARE, 2000)-01
    Seen It All (Live)/02 Oh Oh I Love Her So (Live)/03 Mary's Shadow (Live)/04 Took the Sun (Live)/05 Nightmare (Live)/06 Ceremony (Live)/07 Drive (Live)/08 Water (Live)/09 RX (Live)/10 Nothing (Live)/11 Get the Girl (Live)/12 Is She Dreaming (Live)/13 Down (Live)/14 Dreamtime (Demo)/15 Baby It's Just You (Demo)/16 Cool breeze (Demo)

    WALK MY WAY (EP) (2001)-01 Watch You Fade/02 Walk My Way/03 Big Blue Sky/04 Slow In Space/05 Summertime

    DON'T SAY SLOW (SINGLE) (2002)-01 Don't Say Slow/02 Took the Sun/03 Forever You

    INTERFERENCE (CASSETTE COMP) (2002)-01 All Alone/02 Walk My Way/03 Dreamscape/04 You Left Me a Letter/05 Baby It's Just You/06 Space/07 If I Were a Man/09 Cool Breeze/10 Heartbreaker/11 And You Wonder Why/12 Coming After Me

    SYNTHSTATIC (2004)
    01 Tsunami/02 Here She Comes/03 Don't Say Slow/04 Nothing Left to Say/05 Over and Over/06 Fire/07 Wear This Dress/08 Angela's An Angel/09 Knife/10 Adore/11 I Believe/12 Life To Take Your Hand/13 Kill Me Dead/14 Kiss

    SKYWAVE-I've Seen It All/02 SKYWAVE-Sunny Sunday Smile/03 GOLD-Seekers/04 Hurdy Gurdy Man

    LOTTA  material here, I hope it's HALF as good as the "Killerrocknroll" compilation PLEASE check these out and gimme a full report, and again thanks to John N!


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    A few more live albums, some posthumous releases, and some of this and that that are still on my shelves
    after the first three parts......Rory was a great one, kind of an "anti-star" almost, and maybe not the most imaginative guy ever to set foot on stage....what he was, was a GODDAMN ROCK N ROLLER, killer guitarist, fine singer, and absolutely dynamic stag performer.......he is missed.  Here's what I have left:

    The two discs "Live at Montreaux" set is an ass-kicker, a career spanning epic and as good a live document of his performances as exists....all my faves are here at least...."Cradle Rock", "Laundromat".....this is a fine live album.

    "A Blue Day For the Blues" was released after his death, something of a "greatest hits" effort except that it focuses on his time on IRS Records.....thus no "Laundromat, et al, but plenty of good stuff, especially for the dabbler.

    "Etched In Blue" is another posthumous mishmash of tracks, again, OK for the dabbler, but if you've been paying attention, I've covered most if not all of this stuff.....since I have a copy, though, dig in if you want it.

    "In the Beginning" gives us some previously unheard tracks from Rory's WAY early can hear the seeds of his greatness here......this is NOT for the dabbler, but for real fans of Mr Gallagher's works.

    I had forgotten completely about "Stage Struck" another live effort which was released during his
    lifetime.....once again, stellar onstage guitar and shoutin', as I've said multiple times, Gallagher was FAR more comfortable on stage than in the studio.

    Finally, "Wheels Within Wheels", another posthumous release....some like this, I'm not crazy about it, it accentuates his softer, folkier side, which was not his forte in my estimation......still, I do have one, and here it is if you wanna hear it.

    I also have a copy of "Big Guns", a "greatest hits" effort" that I'm not gonna post, unless someone asks, because I think I've covered all the material on it anyway.

    Rory Gallagher was a bad ass......I know many who called him "generic", but all I know is the man rocked the yard, every time, on stage especially but also in the studio. God bless you Rory Gallagher, th world was a better place with you in it, but you sure as fuck left your mark on it.

    LIVE AT MONTREAUX DISC 1-01 Tattoo'd Lady/02 Garbage Man/03 Cradle Rock/04 Tore Down/05 Laundromat/06 I Take What I Want/07 Calling Card/08 Secret agent/09 Bought and Sold/10 A Million Miles/11 Do You Read Me/12 Pistol Slapper Blues/13 Shin Kicker/14 Last of the Independents/15 Mississippi Sheik/16 Too Much Alcohol/17 Shadowplay/18 bad Penny/19 Moonchild/20 Bankers Blues/21 Philby

    LIVE AT MONTREAUX DISC 2-01 Big Guns/02 Continental Op/03 Moonchild/04 I Wonder Who/05 The Loop/06 Tattoo'd Lady/07 I Could Have had Religion/08 Ghost Blues/09 Out on the Western Plain/10 Walking Blues/11 Pistol Slapper Blues/12 Messin With the Kid/13 2-13 2-13

    A BLUE DAY FOR THE BLUES-01 I Ain't No Saint/02 The Loop/03 Calling Card/04 As The Crow Flies/05 Off the Handle/06 Bullfrog Blues/07 back On My Stompin Grounds/08 Empire State express/09 Continental Op/10 Shin Kicker/11 Public Enemy No. 1/12 Pistol Slapper Blues/13 Don't Start Me Talkin'/14 Nothin But the Devil/15 Alexis/16 Barley and Grape Rag

    ETCHED IN BLUE-01 Loanshark Blues/02 Bought and Sold/03 bad penny/04 Cruise On Out/05 Crest of a Wave/06 I'm Not Surprised/07 Un-Military Two Step/08 Alexis/09 Edged In Blue/10 They Don't Make Them Like You Anymore/11 The Devil made Me Do It/12 Too much Alcohol/13 I Could've had religion/14 Shin Kicker

    IN THE BEGINNING-01 Wee Wee baby/02 How Many More Years/03 Take It Easy Baby/04 You've
    Got To Pay/05 Worried Man/06 Norman Invasion/07 Pardon Me Mister

    STAGE STRUCK-01 Shin Kicker/02 Wayward Child/03 Brute Force and Ignorance/04 Moonchild/05 bad Penny/06 Keychain/07 Follow Me/08 Bought and Sold/09 Last of the Independents/10 Shadow Play

    WHEELS WITHIN WHEELS-01 Wheels Within Wheels/02 Flight to paradise/03 As the Crow Flies/04 Lonesome High/05 Bratcha Dubha/06 She Moves Thro' the Air Ann Cran/07 Barley and Grape Rag/08 The Cuckoo/09 Amazing Grace/10 Walkin Blues/11 Blue Moon of Kentucky/12 Deep Elm Blues/13 Goin To My Hometown/14 Lonesome Highway Refraining

    RIP Rory Gallagher, you done great!

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    From Stockholm Sweden, and in the great garage rocking tradition of the Hellacopters are the Sewergrooves, who have released I think five albums, of which I have but two.....HOWEVER, these you want to hear, in particular if you liked the Hellacopters, this hits like an ambush. The band was composed of singer/guitarist Kurt Drackes, bassist Andres Broman, and former Hellacopters drummer Robert Erikkson, and guitarist Packe Wahlqvist.

    What I have here is their smoking 1999 debut, "Songs From the Sewer"......eleven machine gun blasts to your skull, no need to point out highlights on either of these, they are both great. I also have 2006 "Rock N Roll Reciever", and it's every damn bit as good.

    Both albums are on 1 disc/1 file here, but what I'm looking for are the ones I don't have, they have to be the fucking bomb as well.......highly, highly recommended, don't miss

    SONGS FROM THE SEWER-01 Yeah!/02 Yesterday's Zest/03 Faraway From Me/04 Do It Again/05 Electric (Shake Me Around)/06 Frame It/07 I Don't Know/08 Always/09 Never Too Much/10 Should I Care/11 I Want You

    ROCK N ROLL RECEIVER-12 She's a Punk/13 This Time I Know/14 Rock N Roll Receiver/15 Remember Everything/16 That Woman She's a Dead Woman/17 Going to be Nothing/18 Wrote This Song For You/19 Keep it Coming/20 I Sold My Soul To Rock N Roll So Help me Save Me Lord/21 Look Out, Now!

    Don't miss these, and help out if you have any of the outliers!

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  • 05/15/16--12:44: A Bit more PJ Harvey......
  • (Scott)-Jon S. continues to supply the PJ Harvey, I've been enjoying it quite a bit. havent' heard these yet,
    but between these and the Radiohead (see next post) he's become quiet a valuable contributor.....thanks Jon S.

    John Parish and Polly Harvey started playing together in his band, Automatic Dlamini. He was a co-producer and musician on her first solo album, To Bring You My Love. They have been playing together pretty much ever since.
    On these two albums, Parish composed the music and playing the instruments with PJ providing the lyrics and vocals. Quite a few of these songs have made it into live shows over the years.

    Dance Hall At Louse Point (1996)

    01 Airplane Blues/01 Girl/02 Rope Bridge Crossing/03 City Of No Sun/04 That Was My Veil/05 Urn With Dead Flowers In A Drained Pool/06 Civil War Correspondant/07 Taut/08 Un Cercle Autour Du Soleil/09 Heela/10 Is That All There Is/11 Dance Hall At Louse Point/12 Lost Fun Zone

    A Woman a Man Walked By (2009)

    01 Black Hearted Love/02 Sixteen, Fifteen, Fourteen/03 Leaving California/04 The Chair/05 April/06 A Woman a Man Walked by _ the Crow Knows Where All the Little Children Go/07 The Soldier/08 Pig Will Not/09 Passionless, Pointless/10 Cracks in the Canvas

    0 0

    (Scott)-A "RH" boot that I didn't have (I have a bunch of them)....gave this one a listen, it's tremendous, and
    as Jon S says, a fine way to celebrate the release of their new disc this week! Thanks again to Jon S.

    Its new album release week so what better way to celebrate than with a classic live show! This setlist one of the best I've ever seen. Its matched by the immaculate soundboard recording. A must-have!

    Bonnaroo 6/16/06

    Disc One -

    01 - There There/02 - 2+2=5/03 - 15 Step/04 - Weird Fishes-Arpeggi/05 - Exit Music (For A Film)/06 - Kid A/07 - Dollars And Cents/08 - Videotape/09 - No Surprises/10 - Paranoid Android/11 - The Gloaming/12 - The National Anthem/13 - Climbing Up The Walls/14 - Nude/15 - Street Spirit (Fade Out)

    Disc Two -

    01 - The Bends/02 - Myxomatosis/03 - How To Disappear Completely/04 - (Encore Break 1)/05 - You And Whose Army/06 - Pyramid Song/07 - Like Spinning Plates/08 - Fake Plastic Trees/09 - Bodysnatchers/10 - Lucky/11 - Idioteque/12 - Karma Police/13 - (Encore Break 2)/14 - House Of Cards/15 - Everything In It's Right Place

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  • 05/15/16--13:00: A Sewergrooves submission
  • (Scott) As I said the other day, I would really like to hear the other Sewergrooves albums, the two I posted
    are so comes a reader named "maggothead" (yep), with a copy of one of the missing discs, "Revelation Time".....haven't heard it yet, I hope it matches the rest of the wild rocking stuff I already posted!

    REVELATION TIME-01 Five More Times/02 It's a Revolution/03 North By..../04 Wanna Be Your Man/05 Anything For You/06 It's My Century/07 Let the Devil take Tomorrow/08 All I've Got to Say/09 The Jug/10 16 Thousand Satellites/11 Recall, Nothing At All/12 Ain't Coming Home/13 Hey Sister (I'm Out of Here

    link in comments section

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  • 05/15/16--13:27: The Rayvns
  • Thought I may as well put up something of my own before we get to

    tonights MAIN event (you will love it, trust me)....another of those forgotten 1980's new wave bands that I like to drag out now and the, the Rayvns were from Baltimore, and their claim to fame was their single "Raised on the Radio" was featured on the "Fast Times at Ridgemont High" soundtrack album......this is one of 1000 indistinguishable forgotten 1980's new wave efforts that rest upon my shelf, this one is one of the better efforts's a pretty fair album, give it a spin and see if you agree.

    THE RAVYNS-01 Don't Leave Me This Way/02 Rhythm of the Heart/03 Cool Boy/04 Lose You/05 Raised on the Radio/06 Ready For Romance/07 No Regular Woman/08 Second Hand/09 Physical Attraction/10 Wraparound

    Link in comments section

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  • 05/15/16--13:50: Jack & the Bearded Fishermen
  • OK, I'm gonna bet good money that you don't know this one.......from 2011, these guys popped out a few
    other discs, this is the only one I have ("Places to Hide", from what I read, it's generally considered their best)....hard to find much info on them, but the album is good old noisy stoner/hard psych/sludge, so you know old Uncle Scott is gonna love it.....seriously, a pretty damn good one, please take a chance on it, and IF anyone has any of their other albums, I'd love to hear em.

    PLACES TO HIDE-01 Scenario/02 Roam until The End/03 Closed/04 Beginner/05 DF Code/06 Between the Ghosts/07 Invisible Song/08 42 Minutes Later/09 Hands Up Old Man/10 Places to Hide

    PLEASE give this a listen, it's a really good one although not so well known....and THAT is what we're here for, right?

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  • 05/15/16--14:10: Brian's Bowie Tribute
  • (Scott)-This is one you guys will want to hear....Brian, of course, being the "king of cover projects", and this
    one....well, it's Bowie, what more needs to be said......I got a sneak preview of this a week ago, and this one is killer again, Brian is perhaps the best on earth at creating these particular projects, and I am thrilled that we can post them here! Don't miss this one, although after he describes the project for you, I think you will be running, not walking, to grab this beast!
    This one has been in the works for awhile. I started it around the time of the Hot Rocks covers comp. After an initial burst, I left it alone for many weeks. I was finding it hard to listen to Bowie. At one point, I almost uploaded what I had, a half-assed collection of 17 covers, just to be done with it. But this little corner of the Internet likes my covers comps, and if anyone deserves doing right, it's Bowie. So.... now we have a kickass collection of 50+ covers! And given that Bowie is the inspiration, the musical variety on display is even a bit more than usual... though no Laibach, strangely enough....

    If I've never said it to you before, I've got something to say now about these covers projects. One of the reasons I like doing them so much is that each time, I learn something. I often don't know a good amount of the groups I'm assembling, or maybe not those specific songs by the artist being covered. A good example of this is the Dylan covers pile back in September - I was a completely different Dylan fan after I made that one! Often, there's a cover or two that provides the first impetus, and then it goes on from there. And please, never think I just grab the first okay cover of a song I find. I'm always deleting and finding new ones til everything sounds just right.

    This Bowie comp is a good example of that. But the bitch of it was, I couldn't nail down the tracklist. I knew what I wanted to begin and end the parts with, but that was all. Finally, I just went all "raffle ticket" with it, putting song titles on bits of paper and shaking em up in a box. Somehow, I think David would appreciate that idea. And for once, each one of these clocks in under 80 mins, should any of you have the desire to burn them onto CD.

    Guys, given the size of this, I don't want to write about every track. I'll talk about some of the unique ones and favorites on here, but just roll with the rest of it, OK? By this point, you know whether or not you like what I do, and trust me when I say this one is good. My writing batteries are just a little low right now.

    Many people have covered Bowie. There were a lot of versions of "Life On Mars?" and "Space Oddity" - from artists as disparate as Natalie Merchant and Barbra Streisand. There's two versions of "Heroes" here because I couldn't decide between the faithful cover (Junkyard Liberty) or the awesome shoegaze (Luna Ghost). So, I've bracketed each volume with two covers of each of these three Bowie standards. But don't worry - no Streisand.

    The reimagining of "Let's Dance" by German metal band Atrocity is brilliant, making one of my least favorite DB songs highly listenable again. The a cappella version of "Changes" by the Calvillo Sisters was ripped from a YouTube vid. I like it for it's uniqueness. I love Rickie Lee Jones's acoustic "Rebel Rebel". Seu Jorge's version of "Lady Stardust" is from the Portuguese-language Bowie covers he did for the movie The Life Aquatic With Steve ZissouBauhaus's "Ziggy Stardust" just kills...I don't think I've ever heard Peter Murphy howl like that! And the version of "Scary Monsters" is by Frank Black and David Bowie, because if anyone is gonna defy the rules - not to mention death - on one of my comps, it's Bowie! (Plus, the only other easily findable version by Laether Strip is pseudo-KMFDM crap).

    The Melvins are the perfect group to cover "Breaking Glass". The same can be said of Tears For Fears' and Franz Ferdinand's covers, too. Phillip Glass's "V-2 Schneider" is from his Low Symphony - definitely worth checking out. Of course, Nirvana is here. Michelle Branch is an early 2000's pop crush of mine, and she also turns in a great "Life On Mars?". Scott Weiland (RIP) was always a glam boy at heart, and his version of "Fame" with Paul Oakenfold retains Bowie's sense of funk. And I've never heard of Steve Salas, but that is an awesome cover of "Always Crashing..."!

    And many, many, many more....

    Disc 1
    1.) Natalie Merchant - Space Oddity
    2.) Morrissey - Drive In Saturday
    3.) Calvillo Sisters - Changes
    4.) The Get Up Kids - Suffragette City
    5.) Dave Gahan - Cracked Actor
    6.) Bauhaus - Ziggy Stardust
    7.) Enuff Z'Enuff - The Jean Genie
    8.) Momus - The Bewlay Brothers 
    9.) Steve Saylas - Always Crashing In The Same Car
    10.) Kim Wilde - Kooks
    11.) Green River - Queen Bitch
    12.) Gilby Clarke - Diamond Dogs
    13.) Contraband- Hang On To Yourself
    14.) Dana Gillespie - Andy Warhol
    15.) Rickie Lee Jones - Rebel Rebel
    16.) Seu Jorge - Lady Stardust
    17.) Ghosts Of Breslau - Warszawa
    18.) Hell O Ween - Space Oddity

    Disc 2
    1.) Michelle Branch - Life On Mars?
    2.) Christian Death- Panic In Detroit
    3.) Eluder - I'm Afraid Of Americans
    4.) David Bowie & Frank Black - Scary Monsters
    5.) Gl•nn D•nzig - Cat People
    6.) Lulu - Watch That Man
    7.) Camilla Fascina - I'm Deranged
    8.) Culture Club - Starman
    9.) Franz Ferdinand - Sound & Vision
    10.) Tedeschi Trucks Band - Oh! You Pretty Things
    11.) Black Box Recorder - Rock N Roll Suicide
    12.) Phillip Glass - V-2 Schneider
    13.) Blaine L. Reining - Sons Of The Silent Age
    14.) Camille O'Sullivan - Lady Grinning Soul
    15.) The Polecats - John, I'm Only Dancing
    16.) Genuflec - Soul Love
    17.) The Cure - Young Americans
    18.) Scala & Kolacny Brothers - Life On Mars?

    Disc 3
    1.) Luna Ghost - Heroes
    2.) The Remote Viewers - Jump They Say
    3.) Scott Weiland & Paul Oakenfold - Fame
    4.) Nirvana - The Man Who Sold The World
    5.) Der Rudy ft. the Van Jets - Fashion
    6.) Marilyn Manson - Golden Years
    7.) Atrocity - Let's Dance
    8.) Momus - Joe the Lion
    9.) Murder By Death - Five Years
    10.) Duran Duran - Boys Keep Swinging
    11.) The Melvins - Breaking Glass
    12.) Tears For Fears - Ashes to Ashes
    13.) The F-Ups - All The Young Dudes
    14.) Human Drama - Letter To Hermione
    15.) The Pain Teens - She Shook Me Cold
    16.) Brazzaville- Moonage Daydream
    17.) The Merry Thoughts - Station To Station 
    18.) The Junkyard Liberty - Heroes

    You guys should like this one. I'm glad I took my time with it. The bonus link for this post is an album by my
    favorite impression/voices comic. If you've ever heard or seen his "Movie Previews Guy" bit, this is the album it came from. Funny stuff

    And a big thanks again to Jonder for helping me with this one. He did the cover art and some track editing for me. Someday I'll get a working computer again, but in the meantime, he's a great cohort to have. Go back a few weeks and give his posts some love, too.

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    (Scott)-First of all, how about that Bowie covers project? Masterminded, of course, by the king  of cover
    projects the one and only Brian.....the post has been hit A LOT, as it should be. Now, along comes Jon S. (a fantastic recent addition to the blog!) with a supplemental/complimentary piece to Brian's, featuring the band Shearwater (of whom, I will be quite honest, I have never heard.....that's why I LOVE it!)...Jon S. will tell ya all about it....

    This is meant as a compliment to Brian's massive Bowie covers tribute. It is a very thoughtful and thorough collection he put together. 
    Just a couple of days ago, I saw the band Shearwater had covered the Bowie album Lodger for the website, The AV Club. Like Brian said, listening to the covers, although fairly faithful to the original, gave me a new appreciation for the album. (The youtube link is below if you want to watch the in-studio performance.) 
    Also included here is a live performance of Lodger by Shearwater, recorded recently by nyctaper (I know Scott mentioned them in a post not long ago - a great site!). And, since they're a really great band in their own right, I also added the new album, Jet Plane And Oxbow, by Shearwater and another nyctaper live show.

    Shearwater - "Lodger" 

    01 African Night Flight/02 Fantastic Voyage/03 Move On/04 Yassassin/05 Red Sails/06 DJ/07 Look Back In Anger/08 Boys Keep Swinging/09 Repetition/10 Red Money

    Shearwater - Jet Plane And Oxbow

    01 Prime/02 Quiet Americans/03 A Long Time Away/04 Backchannels/05 Filaments/06 Pale Kings/07 Only
    Child/08 Glass Bones/09 Wildlife In America/10 Radio Silence/11 Stray Light At Clouds Hill

    Shearwater - Lodger Live At Rough Trade 3/15/16

    01 Fantastic Voyage/02 [banter - Lodger]/03 African Night Flight/04 Move On/05 Yassassin/06 [banter - Adrian Belew]/07 Red Sails/08 [banter - singles in the middle]/09 DJ/10 Look Back in Anger/11 [band introductions]/12 Boys Keep Swinging/13 [banter - SNL]/14 Repetition/15 [thanks]/16 Red Money

    Shearwater - Mercury Lounge 2/6/16                                          

    01 Prime/02 Filaments/03 [banter - crows]/04 A Long Time Away/05 Rooks/06 [banter - uncomfortable dislocation]/07 Quiet Americans/08 You As You Were/09 Wildlife in America/10 [banter - louder]/11 Pale Kings/12 [band introductions]/13 Backchannels/14 [banter - Lodger]/15 Stray Light at Clouds Hill/16 [banter - thanks]/17 Look Back in Anger [Bowie]

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  • 05/17/16--13:56: John N amazes me AGAIN
  • Well, I thought I had stumped you all with my post of stoner semi-unknowns Jack and the Bearded
    Fishermen......I requested help finding their other LP's, REALLY expecting none.....along comes John N, who seemingly owns every CD ever made, with a batch of stuff from Jack & Co.

    Of course, I am uncertain if this is their entire catalogue, but I'm guessing MAYBE it is, since it even includes a split single (with Hombre Malo)......I'm gonna go see if I can find track lists for these, I'll be RIGHT back!

    HUNTING ISN'T EASY (WHEN DOGS BECOME WOLVES)- 01 Intro/02 Well Done Black Wolves/03 Good Bye Black Wolves/04 Don't Need Friday/05 Lightning Colt/06 Shipwrecked and Survivors

    MINOR NOISE-01 Autumn Arrows/02 Low Tide/03 Reminder/04 Minor Noise/05 Inverted Queen/06 Way Out/07 Wet Black Papers/08 Tina/09 White Hours/10 Program


    Thanks a million to John N, I think this fills out the collection, as best as I can tell......for the record, "Hunting"
    came out in 2009, "Places to Hide" (which I posted last week) is from 2011, as is the split single, and Minor Noise is from 2014......great submission John N, we need more lesser-known stoner rock n roll here!

    Links in comment section!

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  • 05/17/16--14:55: The Doors Part 9 (of MANY)
  • I guess it's been a LITTLE while since I slammed the Doors sledgehammer, so let's see what is up for part about three double disc sets, which I don''t think I've seen around the web too much.....first up is a real curiosity, "Backstage and Dangerous, The Private Rehearsals" from 1969.....If you are down with this kind of thing, it's a treasury, if you find these things kind of boring, well.......lots of studio chatter, lots of half-assed efforts and corrections......all in all, a fairly interesting curiosity. Really for Doors fanatics only, but I know there are one or two of you out there!

    Next up come a pair of shows from The Aquarius Theater, 1969......don't really recall seeing these around all that much either, so, again, calling all Doors fanatics......the first two discs ("The First Performance") is certainly not unlistenable, they pull off an impromptu "Crossroads" and the crowd is seriously into it.

    The "Second Performance" is ANOTHER two discs, features a somewhat similar setlist, again, really, for fanatics only....

    Have we had enough Doors? I TOLD you you'd be tired of them once I wrap this one up.....anyway, I'm gonna do it, coz this is the kind of thing I do........this is for Doors obsessives, should you not be one, PLEASE hit up Brian's Bowie covers project, it's one of the best posts ever on this blog, seriously.

    BACKSTAGE AND DANGEROUS DISC 1-01 We're Rolling/02 I Will Never be Untrue/03 Peace Frog/04 Blue Sunday/05 Maggie McGill/06 Arranging (You need Meet) Go No Further/07 (You Need Meet) Go No Further/08 Arranging (Close To You)/09 Close to You/10 Arranging (Gloria)/11 Gloria/12 Mystery Train (Rehearsal)/13 Mystery Train-Crossroads

    BACKSTAGE AND DANGEROUS DISC 2-01 Continued/02 Thousands of Dollars Rest Upon This Day/03 I'm Your Doctor/04 Hyper Yachting/05 Build Me a Woman/06 Yachting/07 Cars Hiss By My Window/08 Money Beats Soul/09 Mental Floss/10 Jazzy Maggie McGill /11 Jazzy Maggie McGill

    AQUARIUS (FIRST SHOW) DISC 1-01 Tuning #1/02 Jim's Introduction/03 Back Door Man/04 Break On Through/05 What Do We Do Next/06 Soul Kitchen/07 You Make Me Real/08 Tuning #2/09 I Will Never be Untrue/10 The Crowd Humbly Requests/11 When the Music's Over/12 Universal Mind/13 The Crowd Humbly Requests Their Favorites and Tuning/14 Mystery Train-Crossroads/15 Build Me a Woman

    AQUARIUS (FIRST SHOW) DISC 2-01 Tuning #3/02 Who Do You Love (False Start)/03 Who Do You Love/04 Light My Fire/05 The Crowd Requests More/06 The Celebration of the Lizard

    AQUARIUS (SECOND SHOW) Disc 1-01 Concert Introduction/02 Jim's Introduction/03 Back Door
    Man/04 Break On Through/05 When the Music's Over/06 Tuning #1/07 You Make Me Real/08 Tuning #2/09 Universal Mind/10 The Crowd Humbly Requests/11 Mystery Train-Crossroads/12 The Crowd Again Requests/13 Little Red Rooster/14 Tuning #3/15 Gloria/16 Tuning #4/17 Touch Me/18 The Crystal Ship

    AQUARIUS (SECOND SHOW) DISC 2-01 Tuning #5/02 Light My Fire/03 The Crowd Requests Their Favorites/04 The Celebration of the Lizard/05 A Request of the Management/06 Soul Kitchen/07 Jim Introduces Ray/08 Close To You/09 A Conversation With the Crowd/10 Peace Frog (Instrumental)/11 Blue Sunday/12 Five to One/13 The Crowd Again Requests Their Favorites/14 Jim Introduces the Movie/15 Rock Me Baby

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  • 05/17/16--15:51: The Demonics
  • Might as well do another post this evening as I watch my 30-year marriage crumble before my eyes......I

    have to do SOMETHING and right now, I can't think of anything more constructive to do.......I sure hope I can save this thing, but I really doubt it, and you know what? I'm not all THAT upset about it.....I love this woman with all my heart, as longtime readers will know, but after threatening me with probably 20 divorces in 30 years, I really don't feel like being bullied anymore......there are as many loose women in Ohio as anywhere else, I am assuming, so, if my desire to mend this thing (AGAIN) doesn't work, I'll be putting out the call for 40+ year old Buckeye sluts!

    Here are a pair of good albums from the San Francisco band The Demonics.....they I don't have, nor have I ever heard (I don't think) their 1998 debut "Formaldehyde Injection", but I do have the next two releases, 2000's "Demons on Wheels" and 2002's "Ritual on the Beach".

    This was a good band...they combined 60's-era surf with 70's punk and glam to create a fairly unique sound that seemingly, to me, was fairly underappreciated......basically vocalist/guitarist Russ Wright and drummer Amy Cesari, I'd hope you'll check these out as they REALLY are quite good.

    "Demons On Wheels" is a good listen all the way through, "She Devils On Wheels" and "Fuel Injected Suicide Machine" standout, but "Ritual on the Beach" is the REAL standout, a really underrated album with standouts like "Bikini Bitch" and "Evil Angel" among the standout, but towering above all is the stellar "California Nightmare", a great song which alone would be worth the price of admission.

    Don't really know whatever happened to this band, but these are a pair of good albums they left in their wake.

    DEMONS ON WHEELS-01 She Devils On Wheels/02 Anestesiologist/03 Little Honda/04 Dunebuggy Denise/05 Race Against Dawn/06 Purple Hearts/07 Say Ten/08 When You're Dead/09 Pure Hell/10 Dustin the Fuzz/11 Fuel Injected Suicide Machine/12 Motorgeddon/13 Untitled

    RITUAL ON THE BEACH-01 Summoning Neptune/02 Ritual on the Beach/03 Mavericks/04 Makaha/05 Sector 9/06 Mother Superior/07 Bikini Bitch/08 Boys Like Me/09 What Happened to the Sun?/10 Evil Angel/11 California Nightmare/12 Aloha Oe

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