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The music that shaped a semi-wasted life

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  • 05/01/16--14:35: Rory Gallagher Part 1
  • Another multi-post epic, this time from Rory Gallagher, who I always liked a great deal. If you don't know,
    he was an Irish blues/rock shouter/guitarist, many think of him as somewhat generic, myself I don't see it....he was what he was. Saw him live once, and he was a dynamic stage performer, and his studio albums always had at least a few slammers on them (check "Laundromat", may favorite, which appeared on the "What Is Heavy Metal" project a little while back).

    Well, first of all, we will start with his numerous studio efforts....he started out in the band Taste in the mid-60's, I've got a comp of some of their stuff, I'll get to that at the end of this, because it is as a "solo" performer (he kept a lot of his backup band around for quite a while) that he made his name.

    The 1971 self-titled debut is a good one, power trio format, and leads off with the crackling "Laundromat". There are also any number of other pretty good blues pounders here, "Hands Up" and "I Can't Believe It's You" for example. The CD release (the one i have) features covers of Muddy Waters and otis Rush, both worth a listen.

    The same year saw the release of "Deuce", nearly as good if not better....highlighted by the great "Used to Be", there is a lot of good stuff going on here as he attmpted to diversify his sound a bit. "In Your Town" and "Crest of a Wave" standout, but this a very solid effort as well.

    "Blueprint" (1973) came next, adding keyboards to the sound. Longer tracks, such as "Walk on Hot Coals" and "Seventh Son of a Seventh Son", again show growth and diversity. It's a good one as well...."Tattoo" was released the same year and damned if it isn't a hell of a disc as well, with the fantastic "Cradle Rock" as well as "Tattoo'd Lady" and "Who's That Coming".

    We'll wrap up the first batch of his studio efforts with 1975's "Against the Grain", which, in my opinion made him 5-5 in albums that rank at least, say, 3.5's another good effort. "Let Me In" and "Cross Me Off Your List" are nearly as good as anything on the earlier albums , and there is a fine updating of Leadbelly's "Out On the Western Plain".

    He released a ton of stuff in his lifetime, never reaching the status of a "big star", but always having a
    dedicated following. If the studio albums don't get it done for you, check back when we get to the live stuff, as I said he was a hell of an energetic live performer.

    Who knows when Part 2 will come around, maybe tomorrow, maybe a week from now, just can't tell you. Depends on my mood.

    RORY GALLAGHER-01 Laundromat/02 Just the Smile/03 I Fall Apart/04 Wave Myself Goodbye/05 Hands Up/06 Sinner Boy/07 For the Last Time/08 It's You/09 I'm Not Surprised/10 Can't Believe It's True/11 Gypsy Woman/12 It Takes Time

    DEUCE-01 I'm Not Awake Yet/02 Used To Be/03 Don't Know Where I'm Going/04 Maybe I Will/05 Whole Lot of People/06 In Your Town/07 Should've Learned My Lesson/08 There's a Light/09 Out of My Mind/10 Crest of a Wave/11 Persuasion

    BLUEPRINT-01 Walk On Hot Coals/02 Daughter of the Everglades/03 Banker's Blues/04 Hands Off/05
    Race the Breeze/06 Seventh Son of a Seventh Son/07 Unmilitary Two Step/08 If I Had a Reason/09 Stompin' Ground/11 Treat Her Right

    TATTOO-01 01 Tattoo'd Lady/02 Cradle Rock/03 20:20 Vision/04 They Don't Make Them Like You Anymore/05 Sleep on a Clothes Line/06 Who's That Coming/07 A Million Miles Away/08 Admit It/09 Tucson Arizona/10 Just a Little Bit

    AGAINST THE GRAIN-01 Let Me In/02 Cross Me Off Your List/03 Ain't Too Good/04 Souped-Up Ford/05 Bought and Sold/06 I Take What I Want/07 Lost at Sea/08 All Around Man/04 Out On the Western Plain/10 At the Bottom 11 Cluney Blues/12 My Baby, Sure

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    A slamming hard rocking slab from a UK band with which I was unfamiliar.....this is a best-of comp entitled "Riff After Motherfucking Riff" and the title, as Jonder says, says it all.....this kicks serious ass, I wish I was tuned into this band years ago. Every track here is brutally rocking, please don't miss it.

    RIFF AFTER MOTHER FUCKING RIFF-01 Stormy In the North, Karma in the South/02 Putting It On/03 Looking For the One/04 lake of Piss/05 Better Than Cable/06 If I Decide/07 Bang!/08 Action Panzer/09 The People That Life Forgot/10 Move On/11  OCD/12 Return to Zero/13 Let's Go

    Highly, very highly, recommended!

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  • 05/02/16--10:58: Crow
  • The 1969 debut from Minneapolis blues-rockers Crow. Crow were singer Dick Wagner, guitarist Dick Wiegland, keyboardist kink Middlemist (!), bassiat Larry Wiegland, and drummer Denny Craswell.  They had a fairly succcesful single, "Evil Woman (Don't Play Your Games With Me)", which would later be covered by Black Sabbath.

    They had a couple of followup albums, which I don't have and haven't heard, and also reformed in the early 80's, which I certainly don't wish to hear. However, the debut IS something of a blues/psych classic of the era, one that fans of that genre should hear.

    Warning: my CD was created from FLAC files, thus that is how I am uploading I get them is how YOU get them.

    CROW MUSIC-01 Evil Woman (Don't Play Your Games With Me)/02 White Eyes/03 Thoughts/04 Da Da Song/05 Busy Day/06 Time to Make A Turn/07 Rollin'/08 Listen to the Bop (Dedicated to Chuck Berry)/09 Gonna Leave a Mark/10 Sleepy Woman

    Good one, as you know my fondness for the hard psych of the 1968-7 era.

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    The final installment of the Elvis-extravaganza, focusing again on another stack o' concert boots, all of them
    worth a listen......I think this series has been a pretty fair one, thanks to John N for providing the deluxe editions of the albums I didn't have.

    We resume a few days after where we left off yesterday, again from the Dominion Theater, 12/23/78, with Martin Belmont...."Armed Forces" material comprises a good bit of the set, the notable inclusion this time is "I Stand Accused", which I think is the only version that I have.

    Next is the (1978, unsure of the date) "Live at the El Mocambo"....a good performance, nothing out of the ordinary to note, but, as always, worthwhile and worth hearing. (A pretty common find, really)

    Leading off 1979 is a King Biscuit Flower Hour broadcast, from Glasgow Scotland. "Don't Look Back" and "Little Sister" are not frequently performed, and the set ends with a good version of "Girls Talk"...also from 1979 is "Live at Hollywood High", a well known effort that also contains nothing EP of a few of these tracks was given away with (at least with MY) vinyl copy of "Armed Forces", nice to have the whole show.

    From 6/4/79 is the Pinkpop Festival from Geleen Holland....I think "So Young" is a fairly rare addition, as are "We Can Talk" and "High Fidelity".....I guess a bit of "Get Happy" material had begun to enter the setlist, which is where I get off board.

    And lastly, this is interesting, someone took the time to create a "live version" of "Armed Forces", taking live
    recordings from various locales/dates (1978-83) and sequencing them in the same order as those on the original album. Quite an effort, I've had this forever and don't remember where I got it from, so I'm unable to credit the creator.

    Anyway, hope this is enough Costello for ya.....if ya have anything else ya wish me to post, please by all means send it to me.

    DOMINION THEATER 12/23/78-01 Hand In Hand/02 Big Tears/03 Goon Squad/04 (The Angels Wanna Wear My) Red Shoes/05 I Stand Accused/06 Moods For Moderns/07 The Beat/08 Accidents Will Happen/09 (I Don't Want To Go To) Chelsea/10 Lipstick Vogue/11 Watching the Detectives/12 Big Boys/13 This Year's Girl/14 (talk)/15 Radio, Radio/16 You belong to Me/17 (encore break)/18 Pump it Up

    LIVE AT THE EL MOCAMBO-01 Mystery Dance/02 Waiting For the End of the World/03 Welcome to the Working Week/04 Less Than Zero/05 The Beat/06 Lip Service/07 (I Don't Want To Go To) Chelsea/08 Little Triggers/09 Radio Radio/10 Lipstick Vogue/11 Watching the Detectives/12 Miracle Man/13 You Belong to me/14 Pump It Up

    KING BISCUIT FLOWER HOUR GLASGOW SCOTLAND-01 Little Sister/02 Watching the Detectives/03 You Belong To Me/04 Oliver's Army/05 Don't Look Back/06 Girls Talk

    LIVE AT HOLLYWOOD HIGH-01 Accidents Will happen/02 Mystery Dance/03 Lip Service/04 Living in Paradise/05 Goon Squad/06 (The Angels Wanna Wear My) Red Shoes/07 Party Girl/08 (I Don't Want to Go to) Chelsea/09 This Year's Girl/10 No Action/11 Stranger in the House/12 The Beat/13 Allison/14 Lipstick Vogue/15 Watching the Detectives/16 You Belong to Me/17 Radio, Radio/18 Pump It Up/19 Waiting For the End of the World/20 Miracle Man

    PINKPOP FESTIVAL GELEEN HOLLAND 6/4/79-01 The Beat/02 B Movie/03 Green Shirt/04 I Don't
    Want To Go To Chelsea/05 Oliver's Army/06 So Young/07 Party Girl/08 Girls talk/09 Accidents Will Happen/10 High Fidelity/11 Lipstick Vogue/12 We Can talk/13 Pump It Up/14 You belong to Me/15 What's So Funny bout Peace Love and Understanding

    LIVE ARMED FORCES-01 Accidents Will Happen (8/23/80 Toronto)/02 Senior Service (12/28/78 Portsmouth England)/03 Olivers Army (5/14/80 London)/04 Big Boys (4/12/79 Bethlehem PA)/05 Green Shirt (Nashville 1/3/82)/ 05 Party Girl (6/7/78 San Francisco)/07 Goon Squad (4/12/79 Bethlehm Pennsylvania)/08 Busy Bodies (2/14/79 Long Beach CA)/09 Moods For Moderns (2/14/79 Long Beach CA)/10 Chemistry Class  (4/15/78 Roundhouse London England)/11 Two Little Hitlers 6/21/78 Rockpalast Cologne Germany/12 (What's So Funny 'Bout) Peace Love and Understanding (9/7/83 Ausitn Texas)

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  • 05/03/16--14:08: Rory Gallagher Part 2
  • In 1976, Gallagher released "Calling Card", attempting to gain a diversity of sound.....personally I think it's
    pretty fair, the songs regain Rory's hard rock edge, which is what matters.....after this one, though, Gallagher would return to the tried-and-true power trio format. '"Do You Read Me" and the title track stand out on this one.

    On "Photo Finish", as stated above, the return is To power trio type sounds, such as the slammin'"Shin Kicker" and "Last of the Independents"....this album took 2 years to record, due to some unfortunate circumstances, look the up, a fairly interesting story, just not interesting enough for me to rehash here.

    1979's "Top Priority  is a great hard rocking effort, as well, again in the power trio format and again foregoing the ballad attempts and the always there are at least a couple of raise the roof rockers, such as "Philby" and "Off the Handle".

    He changed labels, again, for "Jinx", it's not a real standout, if you're a fan, of course, you'll wish to hear this, certainly "Jinxed" and "Bourbon" fulfill the tradition....

    Well, next comes "Defender" now, the studio efforts REALLY
    DO start to blur together somewhat, if you like his stuff, it really doesn't make a sharp right to suckville, but there is a sameness among the discs...."Defender" re-introduces some keyboards back to the sound, and most of side one is worth a listen.

    Gallagher knew his formula and ran with I said when we get to his live efforts, his high energy performances will really shine through, but here is another batch of studio releases for your perusal.

    CALLING CARD-01 Do You Read Me/02 Country Mile/03 Moonchild/04 Calling Card/05 I'll Admit You're Gone/06 Secret Agent/07 Jack Knife Beat/08 Edged In Blue/09 Barley and Grape Rag/10 Rue the Day/11 Public Enemy (B-Girl Version)

    PHOTO FINISH-01 Shin-Kicker/02 Brute Force & Ignorance/03 Cruise On Out/04 Cloak & Dagger/05 Overnight Bag/06 Shadow Play/07 The Mississippi Sheiks/08 Last of the Independents/09 Fuel to the Fire/10 Early Warning/11 Juke Box Annie

    TOP PRIORITY-01 Follow Me/02 Philby/03 Wayward Child/04 Key Chain/05 At the Depot/06 Bad Penny/07 Just Hit Town/08 Off the Handle/09 Public Enemy No. 1/10 Hell Cat/11 The Watcher/12 Nothing But the Devil

    JINX-1 Big Guns/02 Bourbon/03 Double Vision/04 The Devil Made Me Do It/05 Signals/06 Jinxed/07
    Easy Come Easy Go/08 Nothin But the Devil/09 Ride on Red, Ride On/10 Lonely Mile/11 Loose Talk

    DEFENDER-01 Kickback City/02 Loanshark Blues/03 Continental Op/04 I Ain't No Saint/05 Failsafe Day/06 Road to Hell/07 Doing Time/08 Smear Campaign/09 Don't Start Me Talkin/10 Seven Days/11 Seems To me/12 No Peace For the Wicked

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    A reader named John Scheiner has submitted a bunch more Elvis Costello shows! haven't heard them yet,
    but I certainly don't want to leave them buried in the comments section, they deserve their own I said I haven't heard them so I cannot really comment, but here they are.....links are in the comment section! Thanks John S!

    C.W. Post College, Brookville, NY 3/3/78

    01 Mystery Dance/02 (The Angels Wanna Wear My) Red Shoes/03 The Beat/04 Radio Radio/05 Less Than Zero (Dallas version)/07 No Action/08 (I Don't Want To Go To) Chelsea/08 Waiting For The End Of The World/09 Pump It Up/10 You Belong To Me/11 Lipstick Vogue/12 Watching The Detectives/13 I'm Not Angry/14 Miracle Man

    Tower Theatre, Upper Darby PA

    01 Applause/02 Just A Memory/03 Accidents Will Happen/04 Hand In Hand/05 Black Sails In The Sunset/06 The Imposter/07 Watch Your Step/08 This Year's Girl/09 Clowntime Is Over/10 Clubland/11 Big Tears/12 New Lace Sleeves/13 King Horse/14 Big Sister's Clothes/15 Temptation/16 Luxembourg/17 Secondary Modern/18 High Fidelity/19 He's Got You/20 (What's So Funny 'Bout) Peace, Love And Understanding/21 Radio Radio/22 You Belong To Me/23 Encore Break/24 Oliver's Army/25 Watching The Detectives/26 Encore Break/27 From A Whisper To A Scream/28 Pump It Up

     The University Of Texas 9/7/83             

    01 Let Them All Talk/02 Possession/02 Watching The Detectives/03 The Greatest Thing/04 Man Out Of Time/04 Secondary Modern/05 Kid About It/06 Mystery Dance/07 Shabby Doll/08 Temptation/09 New Lace Sleeves/10 (What's So Funny 'Bout) Peace, Love And Understanding/11 Shipbuilding/12 Big Sister's Clothes/13 Stand Down Margaret/14 Beyond Belief/14 Watch Your Step/15 Backstabbers - King Horse/15 Clubland/16 The World And His Wife/17 Clowntime Is Over/18 TKO (Boxing Day)/19 Everyday I Write The Book/20 Alison/21 I Can't Stand Up For Falling Down/22 Pump It Up

    Brooklyn Bowl, Brooklyn, NY 9/16/13 (With The Roots):

    01 Intro/02 Wake Me Up/03 Refuse To Be Saved/04 Stick Out Your Tongue/05 Watching The Detectives/06 Shabby Doll/07 Sugar Won't Work/08 Tripwire/09 Spooky Girlfriend/10 Cinqo Minutos Con Vos/11 Ghost Town/12 (I Don't Wanna Go To) Chelsea/13 Walk Us Uptown/14 I Want You/15 Wise Up Ghost/16 Pump It Up/17 I Found Out

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    Back from yesterday, when he submitted a bunch of Costello boots I didn't have, comes Jon Schiener, this
    time with a load of PJ Harvey.....right up front I will admit to not being TERRIBLY familiar with her work, what have have heard I have enjoyed...Jon S., on the other hne is a big fan, and submits a whole slew of various PJ stuff for us to enjoy:


    Dry (Limited Edition) 1992

    01 Oh My Lover/02 O Stella/03 Dress/04 Victory/05 Happy and Bleeding/06 Sheela-na-Gig/07 Hair/08 Joe/09 Plants and Rags/10 Fountain/11 Water/12 Oh My Lover (Demo)/13 O Stella (Demo)/14 Dress (Demo)/15 Victory (Demo)/16 Happy and Bleeding (Demo)/17 Sheela-na-Gig (Demo)/18 Hair (Demo)/19 Joe (Demo)/20 Plants and Rags (Demo)/21 Fountain (Demo)/22 Water (Demo)

    La Cigale, Paris 11/05/92

    01 Water/02 O Stella/03 Dress/04 Missed/05 Hair/06 Joe/07 Victory/08 Sheela-Na-Gig/09 Man/10 Dry/11 Me Jane

    Rid Of Me 1993

    01 Rid of Me/02 Missed/03 Legs/04 Rub 'Til It Bleeds/05 Hook/06 Man-Size Sextet/07 Highway 61 Revisited/08 50Ft Queenie/09 Yuri-G/10 Man-Size/11 Dry/12 Me-Jane/13 Snake/14 Ecstasy

    4-Track Demos 1993

    01 Rid of Me/02 Legs/03 Reeling/04 Snake/05 Hook/06 50 Ft Queenie/07 Driving/08 Ecstasy/09 Hardly Wait/10 Rub 'Til It Bleeds/11 Easy/12 M-Bike/13 Yuri-G/14 Goodnight

    The Forum, London 5/23/93

    01 Man-Size Sextet/02 Rid Of Me/03 Naked Cousin/04 Primed And Ticking/05 Highway 61 Revisited/06 O Stella/07 Dress/08 Rub 'Til It Bleeds/09 Missed/10 Victory/11 Sheela-na-Gig/12 M-Bike/13 Me-Jane/14 Snake/15 50 ft Queenie/16 Man-Size


    And, if you don't tell anyone (shhhhhhh), from John N (different guy!) comes her latest release "The Hope Six Demolition Project

    01 The Community of Hope/02 The Ministry of Defence/03 A Line in the Sand/04 Chain of Keys/05 River Anacostia/06 Near the Memorials to Vietnam and Lincoln/07 The Orange Monkey/08 Medicinals/09 The Ministry of Social Affairs/10 The Wheel/11 Dollas Dollar

    I (Scott) have listened to the new one and liked it quite a bit, couldn't find a real context in which to post it, but thanks to Jon S, this should be a killer post! Thanks to both John N and Jon S for making this happen!

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  • 05/05/16--12:55: The Doors (Part 6 of MANY)
  • Continuing on to give you the best Doors overview (maybe) ever created, as we left you last we were in the
    midst of a slew of a bunch of live a few more for you today, see what you think of them.First up is a 1969 broadcast for PBS television, really sounds great, this is one I'd recommend. "Wishful Sinful" is not perform that often.,,,a pretty decent interview follows the set.

    Next up is an album called "Missing Links" 2/25/69 Live at Sunset Hollywood CA....good sound, and what is interesting here is there are really no Doors songs, they experiment with other stuff....a curiosity and a good one.

    Next disc is from same date, same venue, and again, is devoid of traditional "Doors" songs......I have to say, these are two of my favorites thus far in this set......they are unique and rarely heard.....I recommend these, at least over another muddled version of "Light My Fire" (and we WILL have more of those!)

    Gonna close out the 1969 shows (for now, there are more to come) with a show (9/13/69) at Toronto...this is a short set with good-to-fair sound, nothing terribly unusual in the set list. If you are trying to build a "complete Doors" file, you'll want it, if not, well.......

    PBS STUDIOS 4/28/69-01 Studio Introduction/02 Tell All the People/03 Whiskey Bar/04 Backdoor Man/05 Wishful Sinful/06 Build Me a Woman/07 The Soft parade/08 PBS Interview

    MISSING LINKS SESSION 2/25/69-01 Whiskey Mystics, and Men #1/02 The Soft Parade Intro #1/03 The Soft Parade Intro #2/04 Whiskey, Mystics, and Men #2/05 Love Me Tender/06 Rock Is Dead #1/07 Me and the Devil Blues (Devil is a Woman)/08 Rock is Dead #2/09 Queen of the Magazines/10 Pipeline (Intstro)/11 Rock is Dead #3/12 Rock me Baby/13 Mystery Train/14 Rock Is Dead #4

    ROCK IS DEAD SESSIONS 2/25/69-01 Love Me Tender-Save the Whole World/02 Rock Is Dead Part
    #1/03 Woman is a Devil/04 No Impabilimations Let's Roll/05 Boogie All Night/06 No Impablimations/07 Rock and Roll Woman/08 Queen of the Magazines and Medicine/09 Wipe out/10 Naked Woman (Jim Talking)/11 Naked Woman (Jam)/12 Rock Me/13 Mystery Train/14 A Little Piece/15 I Could Not Help Myself/16 Rock N Roll is Dead Part 2/17 We had Some Good Times, But They're Gone/18 The Death of Rock (conclusion) (JM Harp)/ 19 Final Words/20 Roadhouse Blues (vocal vamp fragment)/21Seminary School (Playback over Bit of Track/22 Seminary School/23 Seminary School....Whiskey, Mystics (Full Take)/24 Whiskey Mystics and Men (With Petition Intro)

    TORONTO 9/13/69-01  When the Music's Over/02 Break On Through/03 Back Door Man/04 The Crystal Ship/05 Wake Up/06 Light My Fire/07 the End

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  • 05/05/16--13:31: Mars Red Sky
  • Thanks to John N, I have recieved another batch of some excellent desert/stoner/psych from France, this
    time in the person of Mars Red Sky....I was somewhat familiar with them, but ever so much now with this batch of stuff!

    First up is a bunch of various singles/EP tracks, all worth a listen......they appear at the end of the links, one of particular notice is a split single with Year of No Light...

    Their Self-titled debut was issued in 2011, it's a find blend of fuzz, riffing and vocals which might remmind one of Tame Impala,

    The 2014 issue, "Stranded in Arcadia" is a fine piece of way-out desert-surf music, they turn up the fuzz quite a bit, check the mind melting opener, "The Light Beyond"......this is one of those "future classics" of stoner rock that I refer to at times, you'll want to hear this one.

    Finally, their new release," Apex III: Praise From the Burning Sky" has a more melodic, progressive sound, as the band continues to develop and grow. This one is a winner too, in particular the title track

    MARS RED SKY-01 Strong Reflection/02 Curse/03 Falls/04 Way to Rome/05 Saddle Point/06 Marble Sky/07 Up the Stairs

    STRANDED IN ARCADIA-01 The Light Beyond/02 Hovering Satellite/03 Holy Mondays/04 Join the Race/05 Arcadia/06 Circles/07 Seen a Ghost/08 Beyond the Light

    APEX III:(PRAISE FOR THE BURNING SOUL)-01 Alien Grounds/02 Apex III/03 The Whinery/04 Mindreader/05 /05 Under the Hood/06 Friendly Fire/07 Prodigal Son//08 Shot In Providence

    SINGLES -01Curse/Saldaba
                    02  Mars Red Sky-Falls/Year of No Light -Black Bath/Mars Red Sky and Year of No light                                            (split) single

                    03 BE MY GUIDE-12" EP_01 Be My Guide/02 Seen a Ghost/03  Clean White                                              Hands/Stranger

                    04 PROVIDENCE EP-01 Shot In Providence/02 The Homesick Deaf/03 Sapphire                                        Vessel/04 Falls/05 Be My Guide/06 Marble Sky/The Light Beyond

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  • 05/06/16--07:16: The Star Spangles
  • Not that I ever knew a whole lot about these boys, but I will tell you that the "Bazooka!" album is a real fin-
    scaler, some good glam/punk hard rock no roll. Comprised of vocalist Ian Wilson, guitarist Tommy Volume, bassist Nick Price, and drummer Joey Valentine, these guys cranked out the absolute  JAMS in the early 00's, This gem ("Bazooka!") came around in 2003, I guess there was a follow up I didn't hear, but this here thing rocks hard. Not a lot to say about it, underappreciated, for certain, and a great melding of punk/glam....check this it is WAY worth your time.

    BAZOOKA!-01 I live For Speed/02 Which One of the Two of Us Is Gonna Burn the House Down?/03 Angela/04 I Don't Wanna Be Crazy Anymor.05 Stay away From Me/06 LA/07 Science Fiction/Science Fact/08 In Love Again/09 Stain Glass Shoes/10 The Party/11 I Feel So Good/12 Come Away With Me/13 The Sins of the Family Fall on the Daughter

    Don't miss this minor gem!

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  • 05/06/16--07:23: A bit more PJ Harvey
  • Jon Scheiner submits a complimentary piece to yesterday's post of PJ Harvey's latest release.....this is a live set of songs from the new album, Jon says he thinks this is the sole performance of these thusfar. So thanks once again to Jon his for his submittal, keep em coming!

    Royal Festival Hall, London 10/9/15

    01 Chain of Keys/02 The Wheel/03 The Orange Monkey/04 The Ministry of Social Affairs/05 Dollar, Dollar/06 The Community of Hope/07 Homo Sappy Blues/08 Medicinals/09 All Near the Memorials to Vietnam and Lincoln/10 River Anacostia

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  • 05/06/16--07:41: White Stripes Peel Session
  • Unsure if I've posted these or not (did a White Stripes rarities LONG ago), but if I have, there's always room for more White Stripes.....these undated Peel Sessions come from a vinyl rip, sounds great, and was contributed by John N. Always one of my very favorite bands, saw Jack with his new band in concert last year, and while great, NEVER could match the energy and fire of THE White Stripes!

    PEEL SESSIONS-DISC 1 01 Let's Shake Hands/02 When I Hear My Name/03 Jolene/04 Death Letter/05 Cannon/06 Astro-Jack the Ripper/07 Hotel Yorba/08 I'm Finding It harder to Be a Gentleman/09 Screwdriver/10 We Are Going to Be Friends/11 You're Pretty Good Looking For a Girl/12 Boll Weevil/13 Hello Operator/14 Baby Blue

    DISC 2-01 Lord Send Me an Angel Down/02 Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground/03 I Think I Smell a Rat/04 Let's Build a Home/05 Little Room/06 The Union Forever/07 The Same Boy You've Always Known/08 Look me Over Closely/09 Looking at You/10 St. James Infirmary/11 Apple Blossom/12 Do/13 Rated X/14 Jumble Jumble/15 Little People

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  • 05/06/16--07:57: LYD
  • Thinking I've never posted this one either, and a shame that would be, more good early 1970's hard psych rock, this time outta Los Angeles.....this was kind of a rarity at one time, originally pressed as a one-sided acetate record thus the short I've said many times, the hard psych of that era was criminally underappreciated at the time, this brief album proves as much. There are but six tracks here, plenty of fuzz guitar and druggy lyrics.....standouts to me are "Stay high, Fly Away Is Still OK" and "Double Darea", but all 6 have their can breeze through this in no time, but please don't deprive yourself of this one.

    LYD-01 Trash Pad/02 The Time of hate and Struggle/03 Need You/04 Stay High, Fly Away is Still OK/05 Double Dare/06 Think It Over Twice

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  • 05/06/16--08:32: Rory Gallagher Part 3
  • "Defender" closed up part 2 of this series, Gallagher would release one more studio album "Fresh Evidence"
    before his death due to liver problems. Of all his studio work, I probably enjoy this one the least, there is a lot going on here, and it really doesn't come together, at least for me.....but taken as a whole, his studio output was very, very good, and now we will take a look at some of his live efforts and some comps, etc....

    After his passing, the first release would be the 2 disc "BBC Sessions", composed of live recordings culled together from various points in his career....great to hear some of the studio stuff given longer, more relaxed versions, such as "Calling Card" and "Daughter of the Everglades". This set is a winner.

    "Live in Europe" is a release from early in his career, and it rocks from the word go.....lots of arrangements of traditional blues numbers, and of course, the great "Laundromat". This was quite a release in 1972 or whenever, still sounds quite good today.

    One more for today, there will be another part to this series still to come....originally released as a double LP set was "Irish Tour '74", and was years later released as a six disc box set. All I have is the regular old CD issue, I'm afraid, that will have to suit ya.....storming versions of "Cradle Rock" and (especially) "Walk on Hot Coals".......

    He was a dynamic live performer, as I said before, and these sets bear that out. Check in a few days for the rest of his stuff that I have.

    FRESH EVIDENCE-01 Kid Gloves/02 The King of Zydeco/03 Middle Name/04 Alexis/05 Empire State Express/06 Ghost Blues/07 Heaven's Gate/08 The Loop/09 Walkin' Wounded/10 Slumming Angel/11 Never Asked You For Nothin'/12 Bowed Not Broken

    BBC D1-01 Calling Card/02 What In the World/03 Jacknife Beat/04 Country Mile/05 Got My Mojo
    Working/06 Garbage Man/07 Roberta/08 Used to Be/09 I Take What I Want/10 Cruise on Out

    BBC D2 01 Race the Breeze/02 hands Off/03 Crest of a Wave/04 Feel So bad/05 For the last Time/06 It Takes Time/07 Seventh Son of a Seventh Son/08 Daughter of the Everglades/09 They Don't Make Them Like You/10 Tore Down/11 When My Baby She Left Me/12 Hoodoo Man

    LIVE IN EUROPE-01 Messin' With the Kid/02 Laudromat/03 I Could've Had Religion/04 Pistol Slapper Blues/05 Going to My Hometown/06 In Your Town/07 Bullfrog Blues/08 What In the World/09 Hoodoo Man

    IRISH TOUR-01 Cradle Rock/02 I Wonder Who/03 Tattoo'd Lady/04 Too Much Alcohol/05 As the Crow Flies/06 A Million Miles Away/07 Walk On Hot Coals/08 Who's That Coming/09 Back on My Old Stompin' Ground/10 Maritime

    Play loud.

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    (Scott) BTW, don't forget that posting will become less frequent next week as I return to work....don't
    worry, I'll get to everything, you just may have to wait a day or two.....and I still plan on at least 4 posts a week, PLUS submissions....

    So, Jon S, Whom has already provided us with many great Elvis Costello and PJ Harvey boots this week, now turns his attention to one of MY faves Radiohead.....his writeup is as good as anything I could do, so, I turn this one over to my new friend Jon S, with the encouragement to KEEP IT UP, I LOVE guest submissions more than ANYTHING!

    With the release of another song and video today, and with a new album coming on Sunday, it seems like a good time for a couple of essential and rare Radiohead boots.

    The first is from October 6, 2003 in Atlanta. This is the only Radiohead show I ever got to see. Its always great to find a recording of a concert you attended. Thom Yorke's birthday was the next day so there is some nice interaction with the crowd. The band was fully engaged; this is one of the best shows I've ever seen. A radio broadcast so the recording is nearly perfect.

    01 The Gloaming/02 There There/03 2+2=5/04 Where I End And You Begin/05 Exit Music/06 Morning Bell/07 Myxomatosis/08 Paranoid Android/09 In Limbo/10 Sail To The Moon/11 Creep/12 Scatterbrain/13 Go To Sleep/14 I Might Be Wrong/15 Idioteque/16 You And Whose Army/17 Sit Down, Stand Up/18 No Surprises/19 The National Anthem/20 A Wolf At The Door/21 Fake Plastic Trees/22 Airbag/23 Everything In Its Right Place

    If I could have only one bootleg out of all that I have (and, its a lot) this is the one. Radiohead playing in Berlin on September 11, 2001. It is the only artifact that I know of that truly captures some of the real fear, anger, and horror as it was experienced on that day. They play for around an hour before saying anything. Before starting Paranoid Android, Thom finally said: "So, who here doesn't know about it? You don't know about the airplanes in America?" The facts were incomplete and unknown as events had happened only a couple of hours before the show. And, no one knew what would happen in the hours, days and weeks to come. If you look at the setlist, you can see that the songs were especially haunting and resonant. An excellent recording I usually listen to every year on 9/11. I never see this available on the internet.

    01 The National Anthem/02 Hunting Bears/03 Morning Bell/04 My Iron Lung/05 Karma Police/06 Permanent Daylight/07 Climbing Up The Walls/08 No Surprises/09 Dollars And Cents/10 Airbag/11 Packt Like Sardines In A Crushd Tin Box/12 Fake Plastic Trees/13 I Might Be Wrong/14 Pyramid Song/15 Paranoid Android/16 Idioteque/17 Everything In Its Right Place/18 Like Spinning Plates/19 Lucky/20 You And Whose Army/21 How To Disappear Completely/22 Talk Show Host/23 Street Spirit (Fade Out)

    in two parts:


    WOW, September 11, 2001......remember well I was supposed to see Tool that night, of course it was cancelled....I think I may have the Atlanta show (uncertain), but the Berlin one is new to me, and also significant due to, of course, the date. Thanks Jon S and PLEEEEASE keep up the stellar work!

    0 0

    Some weeks back I posted Black Mountain's "IV" album, which is you know it is not NORMALLY my policy to post new releases, but I LOVE Black Mountain so much, and their new disc is so fab (top-10 end of year list for certain), that I wanted as many ears to hear it as possible......well, John N (who sent me the original), now sends me a cool demos disc from the same album......haven't listened yet, but you can bet I will, Black Mountain is one of my very favorite of current bands. Check this out, I'm certain it's a rarity if nothing else!

    01 Mothers of the Sun (demo)/02 Florian Saucer Attack (demo)/03 Line Them All Up (demo)/04 Cemetery Breeding (demo)/05 Crucify Me (demo)

    This is a top notch submission, I hope you agree......I LOVE my guest contributors, and stuff like this is what makes it ALL worth while! Thanks once again John N!

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  • 05/06/16--14:41: The Doors Part 7 (Of MANY)
  • Heck yeah, it's THAT time again, time to drag out some more of this gigantic Doors'll love it
    or hate it, but here's your chance to GET it....

    A few selections from 1970 today, lets dive right in....first and probably least is a double set from Honolulu 4/18/70.....sound quality is fair-to-poor, there are a few curiosities in the set ("People Get Ready", "Away In India", "Crossroads", "Baby Please Don't Go"...I wouldn't PAY too much for this one, but maybe if I could DL it......well, who knows?

    Much better sound quality appears on the 8/29/70 Isle of Wight Festival......a short set with no real surprises, still a fine performance, with a great ending version of "The End"

    Next up we have 12/8/70 Jim Morrison's birthday....he reads a bunch of poetry over some backing music, if you want it, here is the place to get it.

    Finally, we have the commercially released "Absolutely Live", which was only a fair recording at the time of does contain a good "Who Do You Love", and the infamous "Celebration of the Lizard"....not bad, not great, essential if you "want it all"..

    I'm gonna wrap it here, a little bit of old Jimbo can go a long long way......anyway, look out for Part 8, sometime soon.

    HONOLULU DISC 1-01 Back Door Man/02 Five to One/03 Roadhouse Blues/04 Break On Through/05 When the Music's Over/06 Peace Frog/07 Crystal Ship/08 People Get Ready-Mystery Train-Away In India-Crossroads-People Get Ready

    HONOLULU DISC 2-01 Love Me Two Times-Baby Please Don't Go/02 Rock Me/03 Wake Up- Light My Fire-Fever-Love Hides-Light My Fire/04 The End-Accident-Ensenada-The End-Coda Queen-The End

    ISLE OF WIGHT-01 Intro/02 Back Door Man/03 Break On Through/04 When the Music's Over/05 Ship
    of Fools/06 Roadhouse Blues/07 Light My Fire/08 The End

    JIM MORRISONS BIRTHDAY POETRY-01 Graveyard Poem/02 The Politics of Ecstacy/03 Kingdoms of Our Own

    ABSOLUTELY LIVE-01 House Announcements/02 Who Do you love/03 Alabama Song/04 back Door man/05 Love Hides/06 Five to One/07 Build Me a Woman/08 When The Music's Over/09 Close to You/10 Universal Mind/11 Petition the Lord With Prayer/12 Dead Cats, Dead Rats/13 Break On Through/14 Lions In the Street/15 Wake Up/16 A Little Game/17 The Hill Dwellers/18 Not to Touch the Earth/19 Names of the Kingdom/20 The Palace of Exile/21 Soul Kitchen

    0 0

    Some bands don't like their stuff shared, I'm aware of this.....this is one of them. Here are hints: The other day, I posted a bootleg show of theirs that occured on 9/11/01 (VERY recently, if I was thinking I'd have hidden this in that post)....anyway, this band has a new single, and that in and of itself is kind of a big deal.

    Here it is with no mention of the band, maybe soon you may hear it on the radio. Heads up.

    01 Burn the Witch/02 Daydreaming

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  • 05/08/16--14:08: Kenny and the Kasuals
  • Here are a couple of mid 60's gems from Kenny & the Kasuals, best known, of course, for their stunning "Journey to Tyme"....the two albums presented here, "Teen Dreams" and "Nothing Better to Do", while little information exists on them (other than the obvious: they were part of the burgeoning Texas garage/psych scene in the mid 60's), do present a few good ones......definitely worth a listen, if just for "Journey to Tyme", but you'll find other goodies here if you search for em. A couple tracks appear on both discs, sorry, nothing I can do about that one, but these are solid lesser know 60's garage rock, highly recommended.

    (Note: both albums are combined on one disc/file)

    TEEN DREAM-01 See Saw Ride/02 Strings of Time/03 Things Get Better/04 As I Know/05 Everything Seems Fine/06 Some Time Now/07 Revelations/08 Raindrops to Teardrops/09 I'm Gonna Make It/10 And There You Were/11 Come on Kid/12 Can't Keep From Crying/13 Who Stole My House/14 Journey to Tyme/NOTHING BETTER TO DO-15 Nothing Better to Do/16 Floating/17 Don't Let Your Baby Go/18 The Best Thing Around/19 It's Alright/20 You make Me Feel So Good/21 Strings of Time/22 Raindrops to teardrops/23 Journey to Tyme/24 I'm Gonna make It/25 See Saw Ride/26 As I Know/27 Chimes on 42nd Street/28 When Was then

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  • 05/08/16--14:19: Lonely Camel
  • From Oslo Norway comes a solid slab of good stoner rock.....these guys have released 4 albums, this is the only one I've ever been able to locate  (it's thier first) from 2008.....I'd appreciate any help that anyone can give me to hear the rest of them.

    Lonely Camel were singer/guitarist Tomas Brenna, drummer Espen Nesset, guitarist Lukas Paulson, and bassist Stian Helle....what I like about this album is it harkens back to that sound of the bluesy-psych rock of the 1968-72 period that I talk about so much, but it really does.."Don't Piss on the Lizard" and "Spacerider" stand out, but you'll want to hear this whole thing.....a good album, sure would like to hear the rest of em.

    01 In My Lane/02 I'm Your God/03 Dark Lord/04 Don't Piss On the Lizzard/05 Madras/06 Damn You're Hot/07 Spacerider/08 Black Suits and Guns/09 Shake It With the Devil/10 Blindfolded

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