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The music that shaped a semi-wasted life

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    Well, I guess we will allow this section to concentrate on the many EP's that YLT has released over
    the years.....never realized there were so many until, well, now.......gonna be a lot of overlap, feel free to reprogram if it suits ya! (No particular order)

    DANELECTRO (2000)- Take three quirky Yo La Tengo instrumentals, all with interwining themes, and then have them remixed by Q-Unique, Kit Clayton, and Nobukazu Takemura....and the result is a totally original effort, what more can we expect from Yo La Tengo.......for fans of the band, but, by now, shouldn't we all be?  01 Danelectro 3/02 Danelectro 2/03 Danelectro 1 (Q-Unique Remix)/04 Danelectro 3 (Kit Clayton Remix)/05 Danelectro 1/06 Danelectro 2 Nobukaza (Takemura Remix)

    CAMP YO LA TENGO (!995)-01 (Thin) Blue Line Swinger/02 Can't Seem To Make You Mine/03
    Mr Ameche Plays the Stranger/04 Tom Courtenay (Accoustic)

    TODAY IS THE DAY (2003)-01 Today Is the Day/02 Styles of the Times/03 Outsmartener/04 Needle of Death.05 Dr Crash/06 Cherry Chapstick

    FROM A MOTEL 6 EP-01 Ashes on the Ground/02 From a Motel 6/03 Shaker/04 For Shame of Doing Wrong (Slide Version)/05 Nutrica/06 What She Wants

    HERE COMES MY BABY EP-01 Here Comes My Baby/02 The Story of Jazz/03 Barstool Blues/04 Compromise/05 At the River's Edge/06 Ecstacy Blues/07 Speeding Motorcycle

    LITTLE HONDA EP-01 Little Honda/02 Be Thankful For What You Got/03 No Return /04 Black
    Hole/05 How Much I've Lied/06 By the Time it Gets Dark/07 Little Honda (Live)/08 We're the Champions (Live)

    MERRY CHRISTMAS-01 Rock N Roll Santa/02 It's Christmas Time/03 Santa Claus Goes Modern

    NUCLEAR WAR EP-01 Nuclear War, Version 1/02
    Nuclear War, Version 2/03 Nuclear War, Version 3/04 Nuclear War Version 4

    UPSIDE DOWN EP-01 Upside Down /02 (the) Farmers Daughter/03 Out of Control/04 Upside Down (One More Time)/05 Sunsquashed

    Some fantastic stuff on these EP's don't neglect
    them........ya think I'm done? HELL no, tomorrow, live stuff, and maybe even a few collaborative efforts........anyway these are going like hotcakes, but with very little commentary, come on, you know I like to hear from you guys!

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    Well, here we have a variety of live material from our heroes, I have never caught them live, but
    obviously (like the Dickies and Husker Du) in concert they pile on the cover can be most amusing, on record, but I will say this: There is SO MUCH of it here that you may or may notwish to delve into large doses of it.......I'll give you a few sample titles on each of the cover sets so you can see the outrageous diversity, it'll work for you, most likely, unless you OD on it. At the end of all these I have a super-ultra rare available nowhere else set from my WOXY Lounge Acts collection (more on that series later, I am disappointed in the numbers, but we'll talk) here is Yo La Tengo Live, in all thier glory, hope you've been enjoying THIS series, it's been a good bit of work but they really are badass!

    First up we have "Live at Bell House" from 2011....NOT all covers (though thye are there), this includes versions of classics like "Autumn Sweater" and "86 Second Blowout"......if you want a straight-up live representation of one of thier shows, I'm guessing this to be it.

    Now, WFMU Hoboken 3/5/10 is LOADED with covers, best, as I said, perhaps taken in small doses....just as a sampling: "Smokin In the Boys Room", "To Sir With Love", "Marquee Moon".....ANYTHING goes as cover material with these guys, you'll get the idea soon.

    Next, we have the aptly titled "Live Covers", which includes NO (I don't think) overlap with the previous about, for example, "Mr Soul", "Werewolves of London",  "No Sleep Til Brooklyn", "Tangled Up In Blue".......and TONS more, go at your own pace, while humorous, still overwhelming.

    We have another WFMU set, this one from 2001, heavy on the covers as well, here's a few h'ors
    d'ourves for this one......"Billy Don't Be a Hero", "Jet", "I Wanna Be Sedated", "Draggin the Line".......they aren't shy about what they take on, no question.

    Believe it or not, we have our THIRD WFMU set, as well as our FOURTH mostly covers set, this one titled "WFMU Covers Set"........samples? "Pleasant Valley Sunday", "Meet the Mets Jingle", "Jailbreak", "Dancing Barefoot"........gotta say, if you listen to all of these, I can't imagine you lacking in a Yo La Tengo cover version of ANYTHING.......all good fun, just take your time uncovering these.

    My final offering is the WOXY Lounge Acts session, a single, 20-minute unsplit track, with lovely versions of "The Weakest Part", "Big Day Coming", "I Should Have Known Better", and some promo/interview stuff, really good music but better for the rarity factor as I know noone else who would possibly have a copy, spread it at will, make sure any fans of the band hear it.

    (Note: I do not have these on disc, they are on hard drive, I don't know how

    LIVE AT BELL HOUSE-01 Game Show Intro/02 Artificial Heartbreak/03 Autumn Sweater/04 If It's True/05 I'm On My Way/06 (banter)/07 Alyda/08 86 Second Blowout/09 Outsmartener/10 I Heard You Looking/11 It's Alright (The Way That You Live)/12 Walking Away/13 More Stars Than There Are In Heaven/14 False Alarm/15 (banter)/16 The Weakest Part/17 (banter)/18 Mr. Tough/19 Big Day Coming/20 Tom Courtenay/21 Little Honda/22 (encore break)/23 Whatcha Gonna Do/24 Come On Baby/25 Dog Meat/26 Detouring America With Horns

    WFMU 3/5/10-01 Old Time Rock N Roll/02 Rain/03 For Shame of Doing Wrong (I Wish I Was a Fool For You)/04 Secret Blood/05 Ripple/06 Neanderthal Man/07 Second hand News/Indian Giver/08 Drug Test/09 Smokin In the Boys Room/10 TV Eye/11 Add It Up/12 To Sir With Love/13 When My baby's Beside Me/14 Sex Drive/15 Can't Forget/16 Be My Baby/17 Caravan/18 Not Fade Away/19 Marquee Moon/20 Roadrunner/21 Midnight Confessions/22 96 Tears/23 Love is the Drug/24 Wooly Bully/25 A Man's Coconut/26 Blue Line Swinger/27 Moulty/28 Cinnamon Girl/29 Le Freak/30 I Think We're Alone Now/31 Summer Breeze/32 White Light White Heat/33 Ring Of Fire/34 That's When I Reach For My Revolver/35 Sex Bomb (medley)

    LIVE COVERS-01 Favorite Thing/02 All Tomorrow's Parties/03 Scissors/04 Happiness Is A Warm
    Gun/05 Werewolves of London/06 Across the Universe/07 Moving In Your Sleep/08 Can't Get Enough Of Your Love/09 Sympathy For the Devil/10 Baby's On Fire/11 Mr Soul/12 Hold Your Head Up/13 Hey War Pig/14 Charmed Life/15 Little Willy/16 Count Me In/17 Truckin'/18 Don't Worry Kyoko/19 Uncontrollaable Urge/20 What's So Funny Bout/21 Sea of Love/22 Suffragette City/23 I've Got Levitation/24 No Sleep Til Brooklyn/25 Ice Cream Man/26 I Want To Be With You/27 Tangled Up In Blue/28 Nuclear War Medley

    LIVE ON WFMU 2001-01 DJ1/02 Agitated/03 Time Fades Away/04 Outsmartener/05 Jet/06 DJ2/07 Cherry Chapstick/08 Transfussion/09 No Matter What/10 Route 66/11 DJ3/12 Red Rubber Ball/13 Red Rubber Ball/14 bang A Gong/15 The Door Into Summer/16 Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head/17 DJ4/18 Solitary Man/19 The Edge of Reality/20 Mary Ann With the Shaky Hands/21 Gods Children/22 I Wanna Destroy You/23 DJ5/24 Billy Don't Be a Hero/25 Hot Skillet Mama/26 Getting Older/27 Dj6/28 Superman/29 Me and Julio Down By the School Yard/30 Here Comes My Baby/31 Draggin the Line/32 DJ7/33 See No Evil/34 Medley/35 Do Ya/36 DJ8

    WFMU COVERS SET-01 Johnny THunders/02 You're No Good/03 Dancing Barefoot/04 Raised Eyebrows/05 Know It's Alright/06 Rockaway Beach/07 Twentieth Century Boy/08 Pleasant Valley Sunday/09 Do Ya Think Im Sexy/10 Mama Told Me Not To Come/11 Search and Destroy/12 Meet the Mets Jingle/13 Cheese and Onions/14 Starry Eyes/15 Thing With a Hook/16 I Think We're Alone Now/17 I Don't Wanna Walk Around With You/18 jailbreak/19 September Gurls/20 When Doves Cry/21 Build Me Up Buttercup/22 You Ain't Seen Nothin Yet/23 I Want You To Want Me/24 Medley/25 Sudden Organ

    WOXY LOUNG SESSION-01 (unsplit track)

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    I am trying to decide whether to continue the WOXY (also KEXP even though I haven't done any yet) Lounge acts series, they do not get the kind of download numbers to make it, someone in the comments section asked if I could "index" them, more or less, and I think that is reasonable.......that way, if there is somwthing you REALLY want to hear, you can let me know, and we'll see what happens.....personally, I think this stuff may be just a bit TOO obscure for the masses, it is GREAT music, but I can't force it on, while I wait for the "LIVE" Yo La Tengo stuff to upload (ironically, it includes a WOXY set, I thought I would go back and index all of my WOXY/KEXP stuff, and if you have a SPECIFIC REQUEST, let me advised of this, though......I think these sets are great, maybe you guys don't (looks like), but if you start telling me, "hey, how about volume 36 and volume 17", then it is GOING to reamina  regular feature, and if you guys don't like it, sorry about your luck.....I am TRYING to introduce new and rare music to you guys, either you want this to be a regular feature or you don't.....PLEASE "vote" on the matter, but keep in mind that if you are "only" interested in Volume 20, please understand that you SHOULD vote "YES" so that so much more rare and live stuff is exposed to the masses.....if you hate the whole thing, just tell me "no", I don't care, I thought it was a decent idea, if not, well, it isn't the first time I've been mistaken......MORE (yep) Yo La Tengo tomorrow, some albums on which they have collaborated with some other folks to wrap up the series, but i REALLY AM INTERESTED.......should I continue the WOXY/KEXP stuff or scrap it? It's up to you and if the vote is 2 to 1 that will be good enough, either way, so PLEASE make it clear.......meantime, here are the indexes to both series to maybe help you to you all, of course, and got AN EMAIL FROM NIKKI CORVETTE TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I'll tell you morea about that later, but talk about making one's evening! Anyway, whatever your choice I DO love you all and will see you tomorrow.......thanks to whomever requested this stuff be indexed (I don't have the email handy), it really IS a good idea, and you are helping the blog to be what I want it to be.......ALWAYS appreciate intellignet suggestions!


    WOXY.COM LOUNGE ACTS #1-The Great Shakes/The Mobius Band

    WOXY.COM LOUNGE ACTS #2-The Capes/Clap Your hands Say Yeah/Moth

    WOXY.COM LOUNGE ACTS #3-The Crimea/Youth Group/Mommy & Daddy

    WOXY.COM LOUNGE ACTS #4-SummerLawns/Long Winters

    WOXY.COM LOUNGE ACTS #5-Cedars/The Virgins/dios Malos

    WOXY.COM LOUNGE ACTS#6-Cary Brothers/Ill Ease/Chin Up Chin Up

    WOXY.COM LOUNGE ACTS #7-Rogue Wave/World Leader Pretend

    WOXY.COM LOUNGE ACTS #8-Sam Champion/Aberdeen City

    WOXY.COM LOUNGE ACTS #9-Forget Cassettes/Lake Trout

    WOXY.COM LOUNGE ACTS #10-Benzos/The Carter Administration

    WOXY.COM LOUNGE ACTS #11-Voxtrot/Margot & the Nuclear So & SO's

    WOXY.COM LOUNGE ACTS #12-Shade/Lab Partners

    WOXY.COM LOUNGE ACTS #13-The Teenage Prayers/Cat-A-Tac

    WOXY.COM LOUNGE ACTS #14-The Celebrity Pilots/The Magic Words/Shelby

    WOXY.COM LOUNGE ACTS #15-Sunday Runners/The Apparitions/The Morning After Girls

    WOXY.COM LOUNGE ACTS #16-The High Strung/The Eames Era/The M's

    WOXY.COM LOUNGE ACTS #17-Bound Stems/Miranda Sound

    WOXY.COM LOUNGE ACTS #18 Charlotte Martin/Irving

    WOXY.COM LOUNGE ACTS #19-Up teh Empire/Editors/The Sun

    WOXY.COM LOUNGE ACTS #20-The Living Blue/Wussy

    WOXY.COM LOUNGE ACTS #21-The High Strung/Audible

    WOXY.COM LOUNGE ACTS #22-Metal Hearts/Clogs

    WOXY.COM LOUNGE ACTS #23-Kamikaze Hearts/Headlights

    WOXY.COM LOUNGE ACTS#24-Mason Proper/Sound Team

    WOXY.COM LOUNGE ACTS #25-Gomez/Jason Lytle/Murder By Death

    WOXY.COM LOUNGE ACTS#26-The High Strung/Aloha

    WOXY.COM LOUNGE ACTS #27-The Young Republic/Psychodots

    WOXY.COM LOUNGE ACTS #28-Birdmonster/Pearlene

    WOXY.COM LOUNGE ACTS #29-The Spinto Band/The Picture/The Hourly Radio

    WOXY.COM LOUNGE ACTS #30-The Turnbull AC's/Staggering Statistics

    WOXY.COM LOUNGE ACTS #31-Small Sins/Radio 4

    WOXY.COM LOUNGE ACTS #32-Up the Empire/Follow the Train

    WOXY.COM LOUNGE ACTS #33-Apollo Up!/Alexi Murdoch

    WOXY.COM LOUNGE ACTS#34-Oh No Oh My/Professor Murder

    WOXY.COM LOUNGE ACTS #35-Dirty On Purpose/Say Hi To Your Mom

    WOXY.COM LOUNGE ACTS #36-Johnny Lives!/French Kicks

    WOXY.COM LOUNGE ACTS #37-Captain of Industry/Heartless Bastards

    WOXY.COM LOUNGE ACTS #38-The Subjects/Silversun Pickups

    WOXY.COM LOUNGE ACTS #39-Viva La Fox/Rob Dickinson/Oppenheimer

    WOXY.COM LOUNGE ACTS #40-Greg Laswell/The Foundry Field Recordings

    WOXY.COM LOUNGE ACTS #41-Ra Ra Riot/Headlights

    WOXY.COM LOUNGE ACTS #42-The Purrs/Ben Kweller

    WOXY.COM LOUNGE ACTS #43-Asobi Seksu/The Wrens/Minus the Bear

    WOXY.COM LOUNGE ACTS #44-De Novo Dahl/Cold War Kids/Pela

    WOXY.COM LOUNGE ACTS #45-The Teenage Prayers/Hotel Cafe Tour/Someone Still Loves You

    Boris Yeltsen

    WOXY.COM LOUNGE ACTS #46-Frank Black/Pernice Brothers

    WOXY.COM LOUNGE ACTS #47-Charlotte Martin/Chin Up Chin Up/The Big Sleep

    WOXY.COM LOUNGE ACTS #48-The Scourge of the Sea/Judah Johnson

    WOXY.COM LOUNGE ACTS #49-Robbers On High Street/The Slip/The Changes

    WOXY.COM LOUNGE ACTS #50-Catfish Haven/Bad Veins/Buffalo Killers

    WOXY.COM LOUNGE ACTS #51-Eric Metronome/Shade

    WOXY.COM LOUNGE ACTS #52-Finest Dearest/Annuals

    WOXY.COM LOUNGE ACTS #53-David Vardeveld/Jolie Holland

    WOXY.COM LOUNGE ACTS #54-Ted Leo/George James

    WOXY.COM LOUNGE ACTS #55-Love Like Fire/She, Sir/Pompeii

    WOXY.COM LOUNGE ACTS #56-The Early Tapes/Peel

    WOXY.COM LOUNGE ACTS #57-The Lemurs/Via Audio

    WOXY.COM LOUNGE ACTS #58-The Little Ones/Sara Culler

    WOXY.COM LOUNGE ACTS #59-Age Rings/120 Days

    WOXY.COM LOUNGE ACTS #60-Land of Talk/Snowden

    WOXY.COM LOUNGE ACTS #61-Winterpills/Calla

    WOXY.COM LOUNGE ACTS #62-The Rumble Strips/Laylights

    WOXY.COM LOUNGE ACTS #63-Foals/65 daysofstatic

    WOXY.COM LOUNGE ACTS #64-Cloud Cult/The Manhatten Love Suicides/Canada

    WOXY.COM LOUNGE ACTS #65-Mason Proper/Arizona

    WOXY.COM LOUNGE ACTS #66-31 Knots/Harlan/My Brightest Diamond

    WOXY.COM LOUNGE ACTS #67-Hot Pipes/Pompeii

    WOXY.COM LOUNGE ACTS #68-The WIllowz/Yo Le Tengo/The Stems

    WOXY.COM LOUNGE ACTS #69-Dead Heart Bloom/J Roddy Walston & the Business

    WOXY.COM LOUNGE ACTS #70-Lab Partners/Joseph Arthur & the Lonely Astronauts

    WOXY.COM LOUNGE ACTS #71-The Features/Harlem Shakes

    WOXY.COM LOUNGE ACTS #72-The A-Sides/Palomer/Hot IQ's

    WOXY.COM LOUNGE ACTS #73-Minus Stone/Tacks, the Boy Disaster

    WOXY.COM LOUNGE ACTS #74-The Sharp Things/Wussy

    WOXY.COM LOUNGE ACTS #75-The Nobility/Sea Wolf/Pash

    WOXY.COM LOUNGE ACTS #76-The Rentals/The National

    WOXY.COM LOUNGE ACTS #77-Superdrag/Coyote Bones/VHS or Beta

    WOXY.COM LOUNGE ACTS #78-Avec/The Broken West/The Forms

    WOXY.COM LOUNGE ACTS #79-The Scotland Yard Gospel Choir./The Seedy Seeds

    WOXY.COM LOUNGE ACTS #80-Celebrity Pilots/The Mugs

    WOXY.COM LOUNGE ACTS #81-Ravens & CHimes/The Lions Rampart/Eat Sugar

    WOXY.COM LOUNGE ACTS #82-Pomegranets/Vellela Vellela/The Little Ones

    WOXY.COM LOUNGE ACTS#83-Peter Adams/Winterpills/Devotchka

    WOXY.COM LOUNGE ACTS #84-Panda Riot/Imaginary Johnny

    WOXY.COM LOUNGE ACTS #85-Unicylce Loves You/Mates of State

    WOXY.COM LOUNGE ACTS #86-Seabird/Black Angels/Captain of Industry

    WOXY.COM LOUNGE ACTS #87-The Bloodsugars/The Diggs

    WOXY.COM LOUNGE ACTS #88-Butterfly Assasains/Young Republic

    WOXY.COM LOUNGE ACTS #89-Thao With Get Down Stay Down/Bowerbirds

    WOXY.COM LOUNGE ACTS #90-Bound Stems/Pomegranets

    WOXY.COM LOUNGE ACTS #91-We Are Scientists/De Novo Dahl/Jem

    WOXY.COM LOUNGE ACTS #92-The Hold Steady/Architecture In Helsinki/The Wedding Present

    WOXY.COM LOUNGE ACTS #93-Firey Furnaces/The Kills/Low

    WOXY.COM LOUNGE ACTS #94-Neko Case/The Greenhornes

    WOXY.COM LOUNGE ACTS #95-French Kicks/Jukebox the Ghost/Takka Takka

    WOXY.COM LOUNGE ACTS #96-The Seedy Seeds/Royal Bangs

    WOXY.COM LOUNGE ACTS #97-Gentleman Auction House/Blackstrap

    WOXY.COM LOUNGE ACTS#98-Birdmonster/jessica Lea Mayfield

    WOXY.COM LOUNGE ACTS#99-Princeton/Scotland Yard Gospel Choir/Dead Confederate

    WOXY.COM LOUNGE ACTS #100-The Ettes/Golden Animals/The End of the World

    WOXY.COM LOUNGE ACTS #101-Heartless Bastards/Passion Pit/Peasant

    WOXY.COM LOUNGE ACTS #102-The Deep Vibration/Sybris/Benjy Ferree

    WOXY.COM LOUNGE ACTS #103-Ben Sollee/Annuals/Anni Rossi

    WOXY.COM LOUNGE ACTS #104-Here We Go Magic/The Pains of Being Pure at Heart

    WOXY.COM LOUNGE ACTS #105-Viva Voce/The Wooden Birds

    WOXY.COM LOUNGE ACTS #106-Harlem/Black Joe Lewis & the Honeybears

    WOXY.COM LOUNGE ACTS #107-The Love Language/The Rural Alberta Advantage/The Spinto band

    WOXY.COM LOUNGE ACTS #108-Frontier Folk Nebraska/The Calm Blue Sea

    WOXY.COM LOUNGE ACTS #109-Loney Dear/The Future of the Left

    WOXY.COM LOUNGE ACTS #110-Post War Years/Asibo Seksu/We Have Band

    WOXY.COM LOUNGE ACTS #111-All the Saints/Brazos/French Miami

    WOXY.COM LOUNGE ACTS #112-Max Tundra/The Distant Seconds

    WOXY.COM LOUNGE ACTS#113-The Frontier Brothers/Pete & the Pirates/Cut Off Your hands

    WOXY.COM LOUNGE ACTS #114-Action painters/The Rosebuds

    WOXY.COM LOUNGE ACTS #115-Eulogies/The Walkmen

    WOXY.COM LOUNGE ACTS #116-The Dears/Cotton Jones

    WOXY.COM LOUNGE ACTS #117-Mother Mother/Peter Adams & the Nocturnal Collective

    WOXY.COM LOUNGE ACTS #118-White Rabbits/Au Revoir Simone

    WOXY.COM LOUNGE ACTS #119-John Vanderslice/Wild Moccasins

    WOXY.COM LOUNGE ACTS #120-The Lions Rampant/Ha Ha Tonka

    WOXY.COM LOUNGE ACTS #121-Eat Sugar/The Read/The Young Republic

    WOXY.COM LOUNGE ACTS #122-The Magnolia Electric Company/Bad Veins

    WOXY.COM LOUNGE ACTS #123-Stellstarr/Cymbals Eat Guitars

    WOXY.COM LOUNGE ACTS #124-Thing One/Venice Is Sinking/Duke Spirit

    WOXY.COM LOUNGE ACTS #125-Panda Riot/Cass McCombs

    WOXY.COM LOUNGE ACTS #126-Royal Bangs/UME

    WOXY.COM LOUNGE ACTS #127-Band of Skulls/Electric Tickle Machine/Grooms

    WOXY.COM LOUNGE ACTS #128-The Low anthem/These United States/Wil Johnson

    WOXY.COM LOUNGE ACTS #129-Mission of Burma/Fanfarlo/Lymbyc Systym

    WOXY.COM LOUNGE ACTS #130-Freelance Whales/Headlights

    WOXY.COM LOUNGE ACTS #131-Thao With the Get Down Stay Down/Follow That Bird!/

    Love Collector

    WOXY.COM LOUNGE ACTS #132-Wild America/Sondre Lerche/Ola Podrida

    WOXY.COM LOUNGE ACTS #133-Portugal, the Man/The Title Tracks

    WOXY.COM LOUNGE ACTS #134-Vetiver/Yellow Fever



    KEXP LIVE #1-Jason Lytle/The jayhawks/Tullycraft

    KEXP LIVE #2-Boom Bap Project/Amusement Parks on Fire/Voyager 1

    KEXP LIVE #3-Kingsley/The Purrs/The Dirty Birds

    KEXP LIVE #4-Adam Franklin/Luke Temple

    KEXP LIVE #5-Eiffel Tower/Hopewell/Coldspot

    KEXP LIVE #6-Wide Right/Langhorne Slim

    KEXP LIVE #7-The Capes/Foreign Born

    KEXP LIVE #8-Devin Davis/Carey Brothers/Blackalicious

    KEXP LIVE #9-Kimone/Tenement Halls

    KEXP LIVE #10-The Prayers and Tears of Arthur Digby Sellers/Cloud Cult

    KEXP LIVE #11-Devotchka/Rogue Wave

    KEXP LIVE#12-Youth Group/The Double/Ted Leo and the Pharmacists

    KEXP LIVE #13-The Divorce/Silversun Pickups/The Go! Team

    KEXP LIVE #14-Broadcast/They Might be Giants

    KEXP LIVE #15Mike Doughty/The Magic Numbers

    KEXP LIVE #16-Echo & the Bunnyemn/David Krakaur & Klezmer Madness

    KEXP L:IVE #17-Thte Rosebuds/Minus the Bear

    KEXP LIVE #18-Fiamma Fumana/Tom Vek

    KEXP LIVE #19-Mark Gardener/Colin Meloy

    KEXP LIVE #20-Slender Means/The Black Angels

    KEXP LIVE #21-The Gossip/Mark Kozelek

    KEXP LIVE #22-The Elected/The High Violets/Youth Group

    KEXP LIVE #24-The Editors/Drive-By Truckers

    KEXP LIVE #25-Billy BraggSoul Position

    KEXP LIVE#26-Mudhoney/Magnet

    KEXP LIVE #27-The Stills/Elvis Perkins

    KEXP LIVE #28-The Mugs/Ghostland Observatory

    KEXP LIVE #29-We Are Scientists/Pablo

    KEXP LIVE#30-The Duke Spirit/Dr. Dog/Blue Scholars

    KEXP LIVE #31-Summer Lawns/South

    KEXP LIVE #32-Favourite Sons/A Band of Horses

    KEXP LIVE #33-Nomo/Art Brut

    KEXP LIVE #34-West Indian Girl/Cold War Kids

    KEXP LIVE #35-Long Winters/Susan Baca

    KEXP LIVE #36-Ghostland Observatory/Camera Obscura

    KEXP LIVE #37-The Black Angels/The Changes

    KEXP LIVE #38-Walter Meego/Spank Rock

    KEXP LIVE #39-Juana Molina/The Little Ones

    KEXP LIVE #40-Cold War Kids/Dr. Dog/Elvis Perkins/Macklemore

    KEXP LIVE #41-Junior Boys/M Ward/Darc Mind

    KEXP LIVE #42-What Made Milwaukee Famous/Canada/Low Frequency In Stereo

    KEXP LIVE #43-The Shackletons/The Thermals

    KEXP LIVE #44-Culture Music Club/The Black Angels

    KEXP LIVE #45-Ratatat/Jamie Lidell

    KEXP LIVE #46 Michael Franti/Dengue Fever

    KEXP LIVE #47-Robyn Hitchcock & the Venus Three

    KEXP LIVE #48-Jeremy Enigk/The Transmissioanry Six

    KEXP LIVE #49-Beirut/Born Ruffians.Sierra Leone's Refugee All Stars

    KEXP LIVE #50-The Grates/Grizzly Bear

    KEXP LIVE #51-The Black Keys/Silversun Pickups

    KEXP LIVE #52-Forward, Russia/Tom Brousseau/Blue Scholars

    KEXP LIVE #53-Deerhoof/Mew

    KEXP LIVE #54-Earl Greyhound/Ghostland Observatory

    KEXP LIVE #55-The Early Years/Apples in Stereo

    KEXP LIVE #56-Fujiya and Miyagi/The Holloways/Peter Bjorn and John

    KEXP LIVE #57-Okkervil River/The Stooges

    KEXP LIVE #58-Sparklehorse/The English Beat

    KEXP LIVE #59-Beirut

    KEXP LIVE #60-Under Byun/The Blakes

    KEXP LIVE #61-MIdlake/Son Volt/120 Days

    KEXP LIVE #62-The Gourds/Ted Leo & the Pharmacists

    KEXP LIVE #63-Greyboy Allstars/Lymbyc System/Harlem Shakes

    KEXP LIVE #64-!!!/Lifesavas/Watson Twins

    KEXP LIVE #65-Ryan Shaw/Blitzen Trapper/The Wrens

    KEXP LIVE #66-Blue Scholars/Marissa Nadier/Vampire Weekend

    KEXP LIVE #67-Data Rock/Brother Ali/Bishop Allen

    KEXP LIVE #68-Dale Watson/Battles/Molean Workers

    KEXP LIVE #69-Animal Collective/Magic Numbers

    KEXP LIVE #70-Beirut/The Twilight Sad

    KEXP LIVE #71-The Jai-Alai Servant/The Cinematic Orchestra

    KEXP LIVE #72-Le Loup/Hold Steady

    KEXP LIVE #73-Dead Confederate/Yeasayer

    KEXP LIVE #74-Simian Mobile disco/Band Of Horses

    KEXP LIVE #75-John Vanderslice/Poison Contro Center

    KEXP LIVE #76-Sons and Daughters/Pela

    KEXP LIVE #77-Thurston Moore/MIA

    KEXP LIVE #78-The Waterboys/The Stars

    KEXP LIVE #79-Federico Aubele/Blue Scholars/Mono In VCF

    KEXP LIVE #80-Scotland yard Gospel CHoir/Sharon Jones & the Dap Kings/The Cops

    KEXP LIVE #81-Les Savy Fav/Tullycraft/nada Surf

    KEXP LIVE #82-Orgone/Editors/Grand Archives

    KEXP LIVE #83-Hello Sequence/Devoltchka/British Sea Power

    KEXP LIVE #84-Raveonettes/Dean and Britta and Karen Ann/Thao w/Get Down Stay Down

    KEXP LIVE #85-Rootz Underground/Jim White/Voyager One

    KEXP LIVE #86-Transmissionary Six/Devoltchka

    KEXP LIVE #87-Elbow/Voyager One/Atmosphere

    KEXP LIVE#88-The Kills/Sons and Daughters

    KEXP LIVE#89-Firewater/Extra Golden

    KEXP LIVE #90-Head Like a Kite/Foals/mahjongg

    KEXP LIVE #91-T-Model Ford & Gravel Road/The M's/WHy

    KEXP LIVE #92-Plants And Animals/Joseph Arthur

    KEXP LIVE #93-Bobby Bare Jr/Occidental/Brothers Dance Band/Bottomless Pit and the Kadene Brothers

    KEXP LIVE #94-The Airborne Toxic Event/Dan Tyminski band/Common Market

    KEXP LIVE #95-Two Gallants/Nada Surf

    KEXP LIVE #96-Blind Pilot/Elliott Brood/Vivian Girls

    KEXP LIVE #97-Lykke Li/Bang Bang Eche/Fujia And Miyagi

    KEXP LIVE #98-Broken Social Scene/Umalali

    KEXP LIVE #99-Passion Pit/Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds/Mighty Underdogs

    KEXP LIVE #100-Deerhoof/Parts & Labor/School of 7 Bells

    KEXP LIVE #101-Hold Steady/Yelle/Crystal Stilts

    KEXP LIVE #102-The Rosebuds/Devotchka

    KEXP LIVE #103-Of Montreal/Tatura/Minus 5/The High Decibles

    KEXP LIVE #104-Citay/Chuck Prophet

    KEXP LIVE #105-Starfucker/Juana Molina

    KEXP LIVE #106-Andrew Bird/The Album leaf

    KEXP LIVE #107-Curumin/William Elliott Whitmore

    KEXP LIVE #108-The Features/Gomez/Peter Bjorn & John

    KEXP LIVE #109-The pains of Being Pure at Heart/Lyrics/Loney Dear/ZIon I

    KEXP LIVE #110-M Ward/And You WIll Know Us By the Trail of Dead/Justin Townes Earle

    KEXP LIVE #111-Telekinisis/The Thermals/Buraka Som Sistena

    KEXP LIVE #112-jason Isbell & the 400 Unit/Pela/Bombo Estereo

    KEXP LIVE #113-Phoenix/Steve Earle/El Ten Eleven

    KEXP LIVE #114-Japandroids/The Vaselines/Bat For Lashes

    KEXP LIVE #115-Cymbals Eat Guitars/Deastro/Hey marseilles

    KEXP LIVE #116-Au Revoir Simone/The maldives/Fresh Espresso

    KEXP LIVE #117-King Sunny Ade & His African beats

    KEXP LIVE #118-The Church/Ed Harcourt

    KEXP LIVE #119-Ceu/Meat Puppets/For a Minr Reflection

    KEXP LIVE #120-A Place to Bury Strangers/Fools Gold

    KEXP LIVE #121-Fanfurlo/The Swell Season

    KEXP LIVE #122-Surfer Blood/Chuck Prophet/James Yuill

    KEXP LIVE #123-Mum/The Heavy/Frnak Fairfield

    KEXP LIVE #124-Blind Pilot/Sondre Lerche

    KEXP LIVE #125-The Temper Trap/Burkina Electric

    KEXP LIVE #126-Joseph Arthur/Fitz & the Tantrums

    KEXP LIVE #127-Basskou Kouyate & Ngoni Ba/Beach House/Califone

    KEXP LIVE #128-Choir of Young Believers/Daedelus & Nosaj Thing

    KEXP LIVE #129-Dave Rawlings Machine/Dessa/Quasi

    KEXP LIVE #130-Fanfarlo/Florence + The Machine/Yeasayer

    KEXP LIVE #131-Grant Lee Phillips/The Soft Pack/Dinosaur Feathers

    KEXP LIVE #132-Grand Hallway/The Wedding Present

    KEXP LIVE #133-The Posies/The Hold Steady/Johan Johannson

    KEXP LIVE #134-Stanton Moore Trio/Stars

    KEXP LIVE #135-The Heavy/Caribou

    KEXP LIVE #136-Quadron/Brian Fallon/Sky Parade/Cocorosie

    KEXP LIVE #137-Menomena/The mynabirds/The Budos Band

    KEXP LIVE #138-Aterciopelados/The English Beat

    KEXP LIVE #139-Phantogram/Thee Oh Seas

    KEXP LIVE #140-The Tallest Man On Earth/Bomba Estereo

    KEXP LIVE #141-Fistful of Mercy/The Walkmen/The Black Angels

    KEXP LIVE #142-Nneka/Cloud Cult

    KEXP LIVE #143-The Chameleons Vox/Adam Havorth Stephens

    KEXP LIVE #144-Colin Meloy/Capsula

    KEXP LIVE #145-Fitz and the Tantrums/Sheon Von Etten

    KEXP LIVE #146-Seabear/The Greenhornes/Mad River

    KEXP LIVE #147-The Drums/Yellow Ostrich/Black Angels

    KEXP LIVE #148-X/Lovers

    KEXP LIVE #149-Mr. Lif And Brass Menazri/The Sonics

    KEXP LIVE #150-Beady Eyes/Macklemore and Ryan Lewis

    KEXP LIVE #151 Wild Flag/Charles Bradley

    KEXP LIVE #152 Steve Wynn & the Miracle 3/Viushi Mahlasela

    KEXP LIVE #153 Gang of Four/Smith Westerns/Trentemoller

    KEXP LIVE #154-The Baseball Project/Destroyer/Revolver



    OK guya, I did this for YOU help ME out and we'll continue to try to make this the blog that YOU want for it to be.......remember, BigScott62 LOVES YOU ALL and would not be doing this at all were it not for YOU......PLEASE, you can see the available material.......if you want the seties to continue, take 3 seconds to say "yes"......if you'd prefer I went in other directions (trust me, I am NOT gonna run out of material), take 3 seconda to vote "no"'s that simple........I'm glad that (whomever it was) suggested that I do this, the carda are on the table, and it is UP TO YOU.....Is this a worthwhile project, or is it not? You Tell ME!


    0 0

    Told you this one was gonna big a mammoth, is there any stuff out there that I couldn't get my hand

     on, now would be the time.......I have tonight three albums, I thik, in which they work in
    collaborotaion with others.

    By the way, thanks for the responses to the WOXY/KEXP inquiry.....I WILL continue the series on a semi-regular basis, the whole thing is catalogued on the site now, so maybe I'll do five discs a week or something, and if you erquest one, there's a good chance it'll be one of them. I just think it's a unique feature that might take a while to heat up, as did Greek Punk and some others.......

    OK, first up is "Strange But True With Jad Fair".......Jad Fair being a member of Half Japanese, Yo La Tengo is basically relegated to back-up band as Fair contributes his nasaly, semi-spoken vocals......take it or leave it, it's interesting I guess, not one for heavy rotation and I am SURE hoping I can find somewhere to copy/paste those song titles from rather than have to type them out (you'll see why")

    Better, I think is a live 2001 set with Jon Spencer, a good, bluesy romp through the "usual" Yo La Tengo stew of oddball covers, this time featuring the work of Dylan, X, Pussy Galore, and Sham 69, amongst others....recommended.

    And finally, also from the stage, is a 2001 set with the great Ronnie Spector and David Grubbs......this one splits the difference, plenty of covers but also lots of original Yo La Tengo material, give this one a solid shot as well.

    Well, the 1990's were a great decade for music, really, but could Yo La Tengo, who outlived that decade by a LONG margin, have been one of the more underrated acts of that era.......i think so, always entertaining, always taking a chance, and always sounding to hear reactions on this whole series, as well as any stuff I don't have that you might like to sahre to round out the set.

    Till next time, be good to yourselves and your families.

    1. Helpful Monkey Wallpapers Entire Home
    2. Texas Man Abducted By Aliens For Outer Space Joy Ride
    3. National Sports Association Hires Retired English Professor To Name New Wrestling Holds
    4. Dedicated Thespian Has Teeth Pulled To Play Newborn Baby In High School Play
    5. Three-Year-Old Genius Graduates High School At Top Of Her Class
    6. Embarassed Teen Accidentally Uses Valuable Rare Postage Stamp
    7. Principal Punishes Students With Bad Impressions And Tired Jokes
    8. Retired Grocer Constructs Tiny Mount Rushmore Entirely Of Cheese
    9. X-Ray Reveals Doctor Left Wristwatch Inside Patient
    10. Clumsy Grandmother Serves Delicious Dessert By Mistake #2
    11. Retired Woman Starts New Career In Monkey Fashions
    12. Circus Strongman Runs For PTA President
    13. High School Shop Class Constructs Bicycle Built For 26
    14. Clumsy Grandmother Serves Delicious Dessert By Mistake #1
    15. Ohio Town Saved From Killer Bees By Hungry Vampire Bats
    16. Nevada Man Invents Piano With 21 Extra Keys
    17. Clever Chemist Makes Chewing Gum From Soap
    18. Minnesota Man Claims Monkey Bowled Perfect Game
    19. Ingenius Scientist Invents Car Of The Future
    20. Car Gears Stick In Reverse, Daring Driver Crosses Town Backwards
    21. Shocking Fashion Statement Terrorizes Town
    22. Feisty Millionaire Fills Potholes With Hundred-Dollar Bills

    (See why I wanted to copy/paste?)

    WITH JON SPENCER-(note: About half of this is missing, I was going to skip it, but there are some great covers here that should be heard.....anyone have the (several) missing tracks...01 Artifical Heart/02 Borstal Breakout/03 Can't Seem To Make You Mine/04 Emulsified/05 Guess I'm Falling In Love/06 Like a Rolling Stone/07 Love Power/08 Mighty Idy/09 Rip This Joint/10 The last Time/11 The Once Over Twice/12 The Story of Jazz/13 You Look Like a Jew

    WITH RONNIE SPECTOR AND DAVID GRUBBS-01 Do It Again/02 Big Day Coming./03 Let's Save Tony Orlando's House/04 Tiny Birds/05 Sugarcube/06 A Little Bit of Rain/07 I'm Going In a Field/08 Chords of Fame/09 Dink's Song/10 Barnaby Hardly Working/11 Today Is the Day/12 Tom Courtenay/13 I Hear You Looking/14 Tears Are In Your Eyes/15 Encore Intro/16 Sheena Is a Punk Rocker/17 Baby I Love You/18 Here Today Gone Tomorrrow



    0 0

    The whole Yo La Tengo thing went over pretty well, Ihope that a lot of you got familiar with them if
    you previously were unaware, and I hope that if you WERE already a fan, you got some new stuff to enjoy.......

    Long ago I had a great contributor nmamed "sean"......don't know if this is the same "sean" or not, but, not matter, whichever "sean" this is provides us with a pair of links for some awesome You La Tengo they are, RARE as can bem and let's thank "Sean" (whichever one) for these unbelievable links!

    First we have

    and next up ean gives us
    Two issues that I was was unaaware of, the second being an show by the Condo Fucks, a garage-band laer-day-ego of the great Yo La Tengo........

    If you enjoy thse, plesae thank Sean (the "original" Sean or the "new" one, no idea), cause these are

    some rare raer links.............hope it's all great for you, the  Yo La Tengo thing has been great for ME.....I guess we are about done with it, BUT, if ANY OF YOU minions have any more Yo La Tengo rarities/unknowns, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE shaaare them with us, it WILL be seriously appreciated!

    0 0

    I recieved an email Friday from the one and onl Nikki wouldn't believe how much
    that means to me, for Nikki Corvette to even acknowledge that I am alive.......but anyway, it was a sweet email that I will share with you in a moment, and, after that, some FANTASTIC NEW TUNES that she is sharing with us as well......WOW! Od course I am happily married, if I were not, I'd be on me knees begging Nikki for that honor.........just kidding, but it is incredible that she is sending US new tracks to enjoy, I hope like hell that you appreciate them, they are great, and ya know WHY? They are Nikki Corvettes! Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you Nikki and ANYTIME you wish to share anything on THIS blog, the door is open .....Love Ya Nikkii, always have, always will, and I am THRILLED that you decided to select US to share your new tracks with!

    First her wonderful and beautiful email:

    Nikki Corvette has left a new comment on your post "Nikki Corvette, anytime anyplace Baby":
    Hi Scott, just ran across this and wanted to say wow, thanks for the wonderful words! I'd be happy to send you some current music. Just write me if you're interested
    Cheers, Nikki Corvette
    Well, OF COURSE, I am interested my love, and as the wonderful woman you are, you quickly ent me a goldmine of stuff........I will publish them ALL here,and I am sure the readers of this here blog will LOVE it all.......and PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE if you wish to become a "regular contributor here" (I am sure you are much too busy, but if by some chance NOT, you would make me the happiest blogger on the other words, feel free to contribute ANYTHING, ANYTIME, and it will be met with the greatest of fanfare.......again, LOVE YOU NIKKI!

    Well, first Ms Nikki sent me another email, a wonderful, sweet, and grateful screed as tohow she is happy that my readers enjoy my blog:


    Hi Scott, thanks so much for the email and the lovely blog write-up, it's always nice
    to know that you/your music has had an effect on someone. I will try to write more
    but I tend to procrastinate so I thought I'd better just write you immediately or I might
    keep putting it off until I forget to do it (slacker....). Anyway I've kept pretty busy since
    I started to play again. I've had 3 bands, Nikki Corvette and The Stingrays also had a
    Japan only release called 'Rebellious Love Emergency' (quite proud of this one) then
    Gorvette with Amy Gore from The Gore Gore Girls, one release 'Gorvette' and finally
    Nikki Corvette and The Romeos, an all Italian band with the bassist and drummer from
    Miss Chain and The Broken Heels and the guitarist from The Peawees, one single
    'He's Gone/Rockin' Romeos'. I might not have 'made it' but I have been touring the
    world for the last 10 years and have a nice cult following. They love me in Japan and
    I'm proud of what I've done. Here are a few songs for you, hope you enjoy! Cheers, nikki
    P.S. It Don't Come Easy is wth Prima Donna and on a WFMU CD from a couple months ago.
    I will send a few messages because I can only send a couple songs per. Also there is a
    'Wild Record Party 2', not my fave...
    OK, Nikki, I've neaver heard "Wild Record Party2
    ", I loved the FIrst one, but I will trust your judgement..........I just wanna make suer you know that I love EVERYTHING I have loved every NOTE I've everheard from you, and if you can EVER find time to send me ANYTHING (I'd be WAYYYYYYYYYY interested in the colaborations with the Gore Gore Girls whom I love Too), I am open to it.......I just thank you for acknowledging I am alive, and here are the tracks you sent for my readers to enjoy:
    4 new and GREAT tracks from Mistress Nikkie:01 Just You And Me/02 Have Your Way With Me/03 He's Gone/04 Rockin Romeos

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  • 06/14/15--00:06: Wanderle'a
  • This is from Brazil 1967, I can find VERY little information, all I know is that as a non-english lights psych rock album, this is a reall good one, have listened to it many times over the years....I know, I know, A bunch of ya don't like my non-English stuf, but it's part of my style, and t\honest to God, open up them ears,this is a FINE album, you will really like it with an open mind! Really, you have me word!

    WANDERLE'A-01 Gosteria De Saber/02 Nenhuma Carata Sua/03 Vou Lhe Countar/04 Voce Tio So/05 Ele E' Mue Bem/06 Menina So/07 Hei De Encontrar Meu Bem/08 Acho Que Vue Lhe Esquecer/09 Horoscopo/10 Te Amo/11 Prova De Frogo/12 Mue Bem So Gosta De Mem/13 Vou Consigueuier/14 Vou Lhe Dexiar

    Hey, VARIETY Is now, and always will be the specialty of the house round it?

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  • 06/14/15--02:54: Stuff from my newest homeboy
  • Old School decided he enjoyed my latewst post, the Brazillian Wanderlea'......ok, t's not something
    that i am TERRIBY knowldgeable about, I just posted it for the "unique" factor, plus it i s adamn fine album......anyway, Old School sends us a bunch of U-Tube links for this great stuff, and I am more than happy to pass them along to YOU......give it a look/listen what on earth wouled you have to lose?

    OK, as you know, THIS IS OW I WANT THIS TO WORK......This man ("Old School") is givinhg us woderful information about this act, one whom I enjoyed but DO NOT have the knowledge he does, by any means.......Thanks Old School, and I hope our friends here check this out and learn more about the subject at hand,  and anyone else out there: THIS is how I want the blog to's NOT like every other blog, it's REALLY about sharing the music of the world with those who otherwise might ave no opportunity to hear /experience this great stuff........PLEASE check these out, let me know what you think, and if you like, I have a LOT more Brazillian psych from the 60's.......I want this blog to be DIFFERENT.......i DONT WANT it to be the "Best of  Boston" twice a week.......I have a LOT of stuff, that I want to share, but it has to go both ways.......Thanks so muc, Old SChool.

    0 0

    Old School previously contributed several UTube links, today, he has offered up more UTube and some albums.......I will print his email in whole because there is quite a list of UTube/albums/links here:


    Great Big Scottt! I know that a different language is a big issue,too bad because some of their lyrics are also amazing.But Brazil has a big musical diversity,from bossa nova to psychedelic rock and it's own local rythms and styles,you can find a very good stuff from 60's and 70's..
    I'll post some links of full albuns

    Rita Lee & Tutti Frutti - Fruto Proibido

    Os Mutantes - Os Mutantes (1968)

    Os Mutantes - Jardim Eletrico - 1971

    O Terço - Terço (1973)

    Secos e Molhados - Secos e Molhados (1973)

    Secos e Molhados - Secos e Molhados II (1974)

    Vímana - On The Rocks = 1977

    Novos Baianos-album 'Acabou Chorare'.
    This album from 72 shows a mix of rock, bossa nova,samba,and brazilian popular music.Their guitarrist,Pepeu Gomes,was invited by Dave Mustaine to joy (join) Megadeth,but he refused the invitation..


    And while at it, let me throw a few more of my Brazillian gems out for ya in case your interested......

    From 1964, we have the album "Los Incredibles" from Os Megatons, quite a good pop-rock thing, check this one out for certain: 01 Voo Do Besourou/02 Infinito/03 Lawman/04 Aloha/05 Adios/06 Torture/07 Baledo de Homem Sem Rumo/08 Miserlou/09 A Lenda De Beijo/10 Gunslinger/11 Temptation/12 Xahrazad

    This is a real favorite of mine, see if you don't agree......

    From 1968 comes the self-titled, semipsych album from Os Canibais, which has some moments on it as well.......I always enjoy non-original language cover versions.......

    01 O Prego (Love Me Kiss Me)/02 Felizes Juntinhos (Happy Together)/03 Lindo Sonho/04 Um
    Milagre Aconteceu (Magic Potion)/05  Garota Teimosa (Time Wont Let Me)/06 Quasi Fico Nu (Everything You Do)/07 Ao Mue Amor/08 A Praca/09 Descubram Onde Meu Bem Esta (Wonder Where My Baby Is Tonight)/10 Se Voce' Quer (See Me Back)/11 Nosso Romance

    And, lets do up one more, from 1969, Avenco 5's "Somos Jovens"........great, spacey pop-psych, this is one you will want to hear if you've enjoyed the rest of the post.......give this one a couple of hard listens.
    01 Stormy/02 Bobo Nao Soul/03 F....Comme Femme/04 Shut Up/05 First of May/06 My Little Lady/07 Nem Mesmo Voce/08 Nao Sou De Ferro/09 New Um Talvez/10 Precisco Esquecer Voce/11 Lost Friend/12 Good Bye

    I've got a good bit more, but let's see if Old School has anything else to contribute........good stuff here, don't miss out due to the language thing!



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  • 06/15/15--21:03: A Little Bit 'o' CLIFF
  • I forget who, someone suggested I should rename this feature a "little bit O Cliff", or, fuck maybe it was something else, this is probably the only time I will opt to use it anyway, but, here's the bottom's CLIFF and his badass reggae submits, fresh off a retrun from his music festival, without further jibberjabbering, let's see what Cliff has for us this week......


    Heart of a LionThis is a good reggae album, nothing special, pretty standard fare but worth a listen. Despite being backed by such wonderful musicians as Robbie Shakespeare, Augustus Pablio, Tommy Mc Cook and ‘Horesemouth’ Wallace the deejay seems content to go just coast through.
    However the album is still entertaining and I Roy is in good voice but it just never really seems to get going and only on ‘Move Up Roots Man’ does he seem to notch it up a bit. He turned out better albums than this one and I’ll cover those sometime in the future but I already had this ready and couldn’t be arsed to change it.
    Track List: 1. Heart of a Lion 2. Sister Nelly 3. Casmas Town 4. Tonight 5. Catty Rock 6. Jordon River 7. Fire Stick 8. Peace In The City 9. Tiddle Le Bop 10. Move Up Roots Man
    GREGORY ISAACS – SOON FORWARD Isaacs had the sweetests soulful roots voice in reggae. For a few years in the late 1970’s there was no better singer in the reggae world. He wasn’t known as ‘The Cool Ruler’ for nothing.
    This album has some real killer tracks played by some marvellous musicians and for me was his greatest piece of work. ‘Universal Tribulation’ is worth the price of the album alone but every track is worth lending an ear to. Isaacs’ vocal style was equally suited to offering songs of love and also those of the sufferah’s lot and this album contains equal measures of each. Even if you are not into reggae I implore you to give this a chance, you won’t be dissapointed.
    Track List: 1.Universal Tribulation 2.Mr Brown 3.Down The Line 4.Lonely Girl 5.Bumping And Boring 6.My Relationship 7.Slave Market 8.Black Liberation Struggle 9.Jah Music 10.Soon Forward
    Wa Do DemYou will either love or hate this album. You will have to listen to make your own minds up; but that is what you should do with all music. Eek-A-Mouse had a unique style of delivery; coming from the middle ground between singng and deejay style and offering scatting through tracks.
    Eeek-A-Mouse’s delivery is backed by some wonderful deep bass that compliments his thought provoking lyrics. Eek-A-Mouse was an important figure in the history of dancehall music. He showed that words, flow, delivery and "style" are as important as, and sometimes more important than, what you have to say. Nevertheless, with Eek-A-Mouse, dancehall fans were offered both style and substance as his lyrics were both interesting and exciting.
    Track List: 1, Wa-Do-Dem 2. Ganja Smuggling 3. Operations Eradication 4. Noah’s Ark 5. Long Time Ago 6. There’s A Girl In My Life 7. Georgie Porgie 8. Lonesome Journey 9. One Hot Summer 10. I Will Never Leave My Love 11. War Don’t Pay 12. Slowly But Surely 13. Too Young To Understand
    THANKS Cliff, hope you continue to submit wonderful reggae stuff to us for as long as you desire.......ABSOLUTLEY fantastic stuff, in particular for a guy who's only "semi-reggae interested" like myself, this shit thrills me every time you send it........I have to look high and low for some rock I haven't heard, but reggae? There's a mountain of it out there that this guy ain't heard yet..........thanks again, and PLEASE conitnue to contribute your wonderous stuff!

    0 0

    I'm not sure how he is trying to structure this, he sent me Posts 001-006, and I think I have already
    posted 001-003......not problem though, we'll happilly post 004-006 as I'm sure that theset have some wonderful forgotten stuff on them as well......Apantanbapanta has been a LONG TIME great contributor, and is a fine archeologist of bands of the past.......check these out, there is some good stuff here, and ALWAYS remember, the MORE guest posts (Cliff, Brian, Apantanbapanta, Sean, Old School, as well as big-timers Nikki Corvette, Lennon Murphy, marytre, and Frightwig, then THE LESS I HAVE TO FUCKING DO........remember, I am attempting to start a new job in the next couple weeks, and ALL GUEST CONTRIBUTIONS are treated as MUCH more valuable than GOLD!

    A bunch of best of collections of mostly 70’s & some 60’s bands that have been disbanded, in alphabetical order.
    Post 004
    Almondegas BR Gaudencio Sete Luas 1977@128kbps
    Alquin NET Wheelchair Groupie 2001@320kbps!0tZF1BBL!TWfSPKcFFIJE9EP2L9biAH292A5iSTSroWBRWF8Oqrw
    Alternative TV UK Alternative TV Collection 1978@192kbps!k9RmQDIL!HPtQhPbzyrN8BrbFsLl7T2uaQ49f9hUHgeK7ho7EOxk
    Amazing Blondel UK Englishe Musicke 1993@192kbps!NxJ1RRQD!cLjjjJRfk6md2JHRSeYhLuqkMBPzk9tzDikmnIFzQp0
    Ambrosia USA Anthology 1997@192kbps!g5o0HbZB!3Al3rgZpyh29hPgbpJD-xop09uKaHEU1MP6cBURV-7Q
    a) The idea is to know the music of the bands all around the world that their music style is close to – Pop / Rock-Folk / Rock-New / Wave-Punk / Rock-Hard / Rock-Prog / Rock
    b) I’ll try to post 5 bands every week.
    c) Some bands have been reformed.
    d) If anyone like this idea and have something to post please do.
    e) Volunteers needed for finding & posting bands starting from letter ‘’B’’.
    Next Week Post 005
    Amen Corner UK
    Amon Duul & Amon Duul I GER / UK
    Andromeda UK
    Ange FR
    Angel City (The Angels) AUS
    A bunch of best of collections of mostly 70’s & some 60’s bands that have been disbanded, in alphabetical order.
    Post 005
    Amen Corner UK The Best Of Amen Corner1999 192kbps!5kx3lADL!0pFalu-rkWySfGA14ZdCjS3nRZm1zjg0VrfojdIcAho
    Amon Duul & Amon Duul I GER / UK The Best of Amon Duul1986 256kbpsüül!l5Yw3B4D!E4vm3N-uS3KT6FcGB_z4CaoRYg0jRrtZG8fzWUhxUlw
    Andromeda UK Anthology1994 320kbps!F5ozRBqA!E4ya_0Xia6h2u7FTpAU4-BoDDUXu8bp3rtpkixeW54E
    Ange FR Master Series Vol. 11998 VBR!x4YGCSQC!W1C_OpoQAtd5FizSCIbNIzkTAvDYuIp00ZJuU8qtu8c
    The Angels AUS The Angels Greatest1980 192kbps!AoI3mLRB!YjSiIqS5cdKzrIosgMUoxLcnmbZGxWoqxHhiQEKZ4Gk
    a) The idea is to know the music of the bands all around the world that their music style is close to – Pop / Rock-Folk / Rock-New / Wave-Punk / Rock-Hard / Rock-Prog / Rock
    b) I’ll try to post 5 bands every week.
    c) Some bands have been reformed.
    d) If anyone like this idea and have something to post please do.
    e) Volunteers needed for finding & posting bands starting from letter ‘’B’’.
    Next Week Post 006
    Anacrusa ARG
    Angel USA
    Aphrodite’s Child GR
    April Wine CAN
    Aquelarre ARG
    A bunch of best of collections of mostly 70’s & some 60’s bands that have been disbanded, in
    alphabetical order.
    Post 006
    a) The idea is to know the music of the bands all around the world that their music style is
    close to – Pop / Rock-Folk / Rock-New / Wave-Punk / Rock-Hard / Rock-Prog / Rock
    b) I’ll try to post 5 bands every week.
    c) Some bands have been reformed.
    d) If anyone like this idea and have something to post please do.
    e) Volunteers needed for finding & posting bands starting from letter ‘’B’’.
    Next Week Post 007
    Arco Iris ARG
    Area ITA
    Argent UK
    Art Bears UK
    Artful Dodger USA

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  • 06/15/15--21:57: Holly Beth Vincent
  • This one is a rarity among rarities, I've had it here for a long while and just never got around to posting it......TRUST ME, this is a hard one to find, and I am happy to share it with you, complete with BONUS tracks......

    Here's the story.....Holly Beth Vincent and her band
    Holly & the Italians, released a TREMENEDOUS, hard rocking Ramones-ish album in the early 80's, it was GREAT and I have posted it on here at least had KILLER tracks such as "I Wanna  Go Home", "Tell That Girl To Shut Up", and my ultra-fave "Rock Against Romance".........this was/is a fine/wonderful album, a pure period piece, and if enough of you care, I'll dig it out and post it once again.

    Anyway, there was just that ONE album......after that she released perhaps the most confusingly titled album in history, "Holly and the Italians" by Jolly Beth Vincent.......get it? this is NOT a Holly & the Italians album.........see what I mean?.....In fact, she ditched the punk/power pop stuff of the previous album for ROCKABILLY, and it is, absolutley, without question, WONDERFUL........I searched high and low for this album for a LONG time, and finally one of my Ohio homies hooked me up......DO NOT MISS THIS....this is a FANTASTIC album, one that not only do you wish to HEAR, but if you skip over, you may literally never get a chance to hear again........PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, you want to enjoy this fantasitc album.

    HOLLY & THE ITALIANS-01 Honalulu/02 For What It's Worth/03 Only Boy/04 Revenge/05 Samurai and Courtesan/06 Cool Love (Is Spreading Around)/07 Uptown/08 We Danced/09 Unoriginal Sin/10 Just Like Me/11 Dangerously/12 One More Dance/13 I Got You Babe/14 For What It's Worth (Extended Remix)/15 Chapel of Love/16 Tell That Girl to Shut Up (17" version)

    This is a TRUE rarity, don't blame ME if you miss the boat on this one!

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  • 06/15/15--22:24: Shiver
  • So, how about next for tonight we do some wonderful hard/heavy/loud/amazing psychedelic rock n
    roll, from the San Francisco home of such things (1972)......this is a tremendous album, about 10 yearas ahead of it's time, this is HEAVY DUTY psychedelic rock, in the tradition of Blue no attention to ME, this is heavy, hard core acid metal blues as raw as it got for the era......this is/was a TREMENDOUS album, I still listen o it frequently today when ("in the right mood")........this is a head banger for sure, you guys KNOW I love that early 1970's hard/heavy psych shit, and this is one of the best.....try this out I AM RIGHT AS I ALWAYS AM!

    SAN FRANCISCO'S SHIVER-01 Tough As Nails/02 Fixer/03 Bone Shaker/04 Interstellar Vision/05 Alpha Man/06 Rocky Road/07 Keep On Rocking/08 Up My Sleeve/09 Winter Time

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  • 06/16/15--22:48: Lounge Acts
  • Ok, I asked, you answered, and the "Lounge Acts" series from both WOXY and KEXP Will
    continue,maybe once a week, maybe less, maybe more, refer to the earlier post which catalogues them ALL so if there is a special one you desire, please ask and we will get to it evenetually. OK, as Jonder started a lot of the furor over these posts, I am going to give it to him RIGHT HERE, the MANY sessions that he has requested........and in RETURN, he has promised to give us some cool albums from the Duke Spirit, sounds like a fair exchange to me........anyway, I am filling HIS request, if you guys go back to the WOXY/KEXP catalogue, I will fill your requests as well......I TRY, I swear to GOD I TRY, to keep this blog at least a LITTLE different from the other ones out there........really.........if there is ANYTHING you want, PLEASE let me know, my track record shows that I aim to please.........but for now, here are Jonder's requests, NO TRACK TITLES (unsplit tracks), but this is GREAT FUCKING SHIT, AND, MOST IMPORTANTLY, is AVAILABLE NOWHERE ELSE (that I know of anyway)...........keep this blog alive, keep it unique, and PLEASE tell me what you want me to post.......GOOD chance I have it/or can get it.........and THIS is what we are all here for. Right?

    We will begin with the WOXY sets, as requested by Jonder, and (forgive me) I couldn't find a couple of em, you oughta see the state of my CD room.......anyway, what I wanted to say about THIS set (Volume #39) is that Viva La Foxx is FUCKING GREAT......I have been looking for YEARS for their "official" release, I am not sure that it even exists, ,but please be alerted that this is a fine won't want to miss it, also apparing are Robb Dickinson and Oppenheimer.......lesser known, to be sure, but take it from yer uncle here, Viva La Foxx is one to be heard, and IF ONE OF YOU FUCKERS HAS BEEN HIDING THIER 'REAL" LP from me for all this time, well, Time to spread the word, right........?

    The enxt set requested by Jonder was #43, which ibncludes Asobi Seksu, The Wrens, and Minus the
    Bear........don't remember a lot about any of them, but OPEN YOUR FUCKING EARS........this is NOT the place for the greatest of REO Speedcookie or something like that........right?

    Volume #46 comes up next in Jonder's "requested" list, and why not, since half the disc is taken up by Frank Black (Black Francis), indeed an incredible rare find........The Pernice Brothers fill out the disc.

    Next set he requests (that I can find at this minute, at leaset) is #94, with Neko Case and The Greenhornes.....seemingly, I recall this as a good set, but I can't recall any highlights or anything.......remember, I am trying to get you guys OBSCURE and RARE music, NOT The Allman Brothers sing the classics...........all is ask is PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, give me a REMARK/REVIEW of this incredibly rare stuff that I AM giving you.....

    Volume #113 by request gives us The Frontier Brothers, Pete & the Pirates, and Cut Off Your hands, not a single one of which I remember a thing about........but here they are , for YOU......see how I want this to WORK?

    Volume #124 features the Duke Spirit, whom Jonder swears he will send us complete or semi-complete works from, sounds great, and the rest of the disc is fleshed out with Venice is Sinking and Thing One..........COME ON, wouldn't you RATHER hear this stuff than the stuff some other blogs put up? UNDERSTAND that this is an attempt at a different direction, and I have TONS more (see indexes), it is ALL FOR YOU!

    So,let's shift to Jonder's KEXP requests (See? I go ALL OUT for anyone who requests something AND offers up something unique, like Jonder.........KEXP #30 leadsa off with Duke Spirit, whom, again, Jonder plans to send us a broader spectrum of.........we also get, on this disc, Dr. Dog and Blue Scholars.....KEXP (Volume 71) by Jonder's request gives us The jai-Alai Servant and The Cinematic Orchestra, neither of whic is ringing a bell to me right now.........but this is what I LIVE FOR........this stuff is rare if not NON-EXISTENT, Please, sample and comment....

    VOLUME #58 splits the difference between Sparklehorse and The English Beat, whom, I'm sure you
    all know, again, this is not something you will find every day of the week, and I don't wish to see 5 or 6 downloads for these, when I go through all this work. Please? I don't mean to be nasty, if you think is sucks, PLEASE tell me as much, but COME ON.......Lotta work here, PLEASE, just listen, and tell us what ya may think it sucks but you may make someones else's day..........right?

    We are going to wrap up tonights ALL JONDER request series with KEXP Volume 100 featuring Dederhoof, Parts and Labor, and School of Seven Bells, none of which are blazing to mind either, but this is WHAT I AM HERE FOR........the obscure, the unknown, the rare, the music for those who DARE to think with both halves of the brain. Please, again, listen, and comment.

    Remember ALL of these discs feature unsplit tracks, this no track titles.........most tracks are no moer than 25 minutes or so, you can figure out whether they are your thig or not.......if they ARE, SAY SOMETHING and we'll FIND some more material for you........again, I posted the entire catalogue of WOXY and KEXP that I have, if something there tickles your fancey, LET ME KNOW and I'll post it for you.........look what I did for Jonder here........(and he knows what I expect in return, Duke Spirit, to which I am seriously looking forward to.

    ANYWAY, I hope this feature of the blog doesn't alienate many/any of you, I am trying to expand ALL of our horizons..........I TRY to be different, with the foreign language stuff, the Nazi stuff, just stuff that IS NOT EASILLY's only cause I love all of ya, right?

    had to go take a pre-employment drug test today........sure do hope all is good, I've been a good boy but NOTHING has ever scared me as much as a drug test!

    WOXY #39-01 Viva La Foxx/02 Robb Dickinson/03 Openheimer

    WOXY #42-01 Asobi Seksu/02 The Wrens/03 Minus the Bear

    WOXY #46-01 Frank Black/02 The Pernice Brothers

    WOXY-#94 Neko Case/02 The Greenhornes

    WOXY #113-01 The Frontier Brothers/02 Pete & the Pirates/03 Cut Off Your hands

    WOXY#124-01 Thing One/02 Venice Is Sinking/03 Duke Spirit

    KEXP# 30-01 The Duke Spirit/02 02 Dr. Dog/03 Blue Scholars

    KEXP# 58-01 Sparklehorse/02 The English Beat

    KEXP #71-01 The Jai Lai Servant/02 The Cinematic Orchestra

    KEXP-#100-01 Deerhoof/02 Parts & Labor/03 School of Seven Bells

    0 0

    I have not yet even investigated this yet, but, I have always loved the Heartless Bastards, whom I
    featured long ago on this anonymous contributor has sent me a link for (a new? album? I am unsure) well as what seems to be a YouTube clip......sorry, have not had time to check out the links, you are on your own, but the Heartless Bastards were always fucking great.......if you get time, check these out and report back to ME, I am so fucking busy I don't have time for a lot of shit (getting ready to go back into that "employment world" thing after a year, LOTSA mixed emotions, trust me!)


    Great band, if they have a new album I'll get to it eventually, but you may just get there before me in this case.

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  • 06/18/15--20:50: More Nazi rock.......
  • Hey, I KNOW you guys don't like it, that means SHIT to me.......I DONT LIKE IT EITHER.......the point here is not to thrill you with some new sounds you have yet to hear, BUT to "shock" you with stuff you are "offended by" I have said 10000 times before, if you are offended by THIS stuff, WHY OH WHY are you not offended by stuff like Rage Against the Machine, Crass, NWA, Tom Robinson, and a dozen others, all of whom are just as "hateful" (although I know most of you wouldn't dream of admitting that).........DON'T CARE..........bycott my blog, if you want, I will sleep for THIS one, it's standard UK punk, with that good old hateful skinhead tone to it, most likely you hve NOT heard it before, and THAT is what the hell I am here for.........If you are "hollier than me", God bless ya, but I try to present the FREE SPEECH VIEWS OF EVERYONE.......if this is disagreeable to you, I really am sorry.........but MY point here is to present some music that many of yo have not heard before........THIS is what we're getting today!

    CELTIC CONECTIONS (SPLIT CD)- BRITISH  STANDARD 01 Overrun/02 Violence Rape and Murder/03 Keep Britian White/04 Race and nation/05 Back From the Dead/CELTIC WARRIOR-06 Resisitance/07 Lost to the Storm/08 Look to the Future/09 Carry On/10 Proud Warrior

    and ONCE AGAIN NO, Politically, I have NOTHING in common with these hosers.......but are you intelligent enough to realize that I am saying they have a right to thier opinions as well? I guess we will see........

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  • 06/18/15--22:09: Magnapop
  • Magnapop were known, basically for two things........number one, thier phenominal live shows (I
    have never seen thm, so I take this at the word of others, and, number two, thier fantastic album "Hot Boxing"........they were a fine, 1990's alt band that sort of slipped through the cracks, from what I hear those live shows were amazing, and I KNOW "Hot Boxing" is a solid 4-star album.

    Formed in Atlanta in the 90's, the two mainstays of the band were singer Linda Hopper and guitarist Ruthie Morris, with various rythem sections.......they hit it big (so to speak) with a couple of GREAT singles, "Slowly Slowly" (from "Hot Boxing") and "Open the Door" (from "Magnapop").....these were both great singles, I hope we all remember them, but for ME personally, the album "Hot Boxing" is what we want to remember about them.......FANTASTIC album, perfect reflection of the hard rock/alternative/female vocalized greatness of the mid 90's, and this is TRULY one of the great unknown albums of that's likely you have heard the great "Slowly Slowly", a tremendous single, but perhaps you have NOT heard "Lay It Down","Here It Comes", "Piece of Cake",  and the great "The Crush" ("sample lyric: "These are ideasa, they are not lies, kick the dog and you will DIE"), personally I love this album, you GOTTA hear it if you haven't...

    OK, to be honest, the rest of theire stuff isn't THAT great, "Open the Door" is a decent single ("Everything Is good these, days, but all of my friends are dying...."......however, they would never come NEAR "Hot Boxing" again in my estimation...."Mouthfeel" and "Rubbing Doesn't Help" have a moment or two, but they are mostly for fanatics.........HOWEVER, "Hot Boxing" is essential, and "Magnapop" is worth listneing to for any lover of 2000's alt-rock.

    I wish I'd have seen em live.......they had a rep as a band that could blow the roof off, I guess I will never know.......anyway, here is the works of a pretty much forgotten band, one which, for a short minute there were a REALLY good one.......

    HOT BOXING-01 Slowly Slowly/02 Texas/03 lay It Down/04 here It Comes/05 Piece of Cake/06
    Free Mud/07 Leo/08 The Crush/09 Ride/10 In the Way/11 Idiot Song/12 Get It Right/13 Emergency/14 Skinburns

    MAGNAPOP-01 Garden/02 Guess/03 Ear/04 13/05 Spill It/06 Chemical/07 Favorite Writer/08 Complicated/09 Merry

    MOUTHFEEL-01 We're Faded/02PDX/03 Pretend I'm There/04 Satellite/05 California/06 The In Between/07 Elliott/08 Smile 4U/09 Think For Yourself/ 10 Stick To Me/11 Pilgrims Prayer

    RUBBING DOESNT HELP-01 This Family/02 I Don't Care/03 Open the Door/04 Hold You Down/05 Come on Inside/06 Down On  Me/07 An Apology/08 My Best Friend/09 Juicy Fruit/10 Firebrand/11 Snake/12 Dead Letter

    Let Me Know What ya think Bout this pretty much forgotten band.....

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  • 06/19/15--15:40: Thanks good comments of late
  • Really......a lot seemed to like the Magnapop post, sorry two of the discs are seeemingly screwed up,
    OR it could be a Zippything, I will try to reup......anyway, at least "Hot Boxing" is there.....couple surprising comments on the latest "Nazi Rock" post from a couple people wh GET what I'm saying (quickly, I disagree with them 1000%, but they have the right to say anything they wish, in this forum anyway, and rock n roll is meant to offend.......LOVE the comment (didn't notice until pointed out) that they ACTUALLY MISSPELLED "BRITISH" on the album cover.......valedictorian material, no question.

    By way of contribution, some good work by Jonder, breaking down the WOXY/KEXP sets giving us track names on the unsplit sets. See the comments of that post, good work, and he (Jonder) is also putting together for us a very exciting Duke Spirit post (Duke Spirit appear on a couple of the WOXY/KEXP sets).......I know he sent me an email, but I (typically) lost it, I am HOPING that he will write the reviews of the albums, email me th whole post (links n all) and then I'll post it.......bst way for it to work for me anyway, let me know if something works better for you Jonder.

    Long Time friend Sean sends us some MORE Yo Le Tengo, a double disc live set called "This Is Where I Belong", recorded at Hoboken New Jersey landmark Maxwells.....the recordings range almost the entire breadth of thier career, and of course contain the requisite number of whacked-out cover versions

    and aside from everyone who contributes, I thank you just for leaving comment.....if you HATE the Nazi-Rock stuff, and are pissed at me for posting it, SAY's the only way we can have adiscussion about things like this......

    ALMOST forgot this gem.......Jon Hope (same guy as Jonder? I was thinking so, if I'm wrong I'm
    sorry) sends us the great Magnapop version of "Pleasant Valley Sunday" from the Monkees tribute album, GOTTA love that.

    Besides these, Brian has asked me to share a couple of his shares from his blog, I will get to that later this evening or tomorrow.........until then, gonna go grab some dinner, celebrating that I WILL be starting my new job (almost to the day a year after retiring from the State of Ohio) on Monday.......the blog WILL remain, but may go through some changes!

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  • 06/21/15--14:16: Catching up With Brian
  • Anytime Brian of asks that I give some of his posts a bit of extra exposure, I'm always happy to as he posts up some interesting stuff that I don't have (The Tape Beatles a while back was awesome), anyway, as you know he has lots of comedy stuff (not my forte by any means), also some soundtrack stuff and some WAY obscure stuff too, and it's been a little while since I've shared any of his stuff. Anyway, here's a whole package of it, as always, I don't care if you get them here or at his site. And I love guest material, especially of late as I prepare to start a new post-retirement job TOMORROW........the blog, as I've said, will remain, but may go through a change or two, I'll just have to see how my schedule works out (after all the blog did just fine before I retired). Here ya go, enjoy, and thanks of course to Brian.......

    (Scott): Actually I DO have these, but for some reason have never posted them (I checked)......highly, highly recommended........

    Pere Ubu - Two Odd Classics

    There are albums that you see on "classic" lists....and they're very strange, and they take a lot of work and time to get your head around. Trout Mask Replica. Pop Tatari. Disco Volante. Freak Out. Yip Jump Music....

    And pretty much anything Pere Ubu ever recorded.

    Truly the oddest of the Ohio strain of punk/new wave bands (even out matching Devo in musical oddness) Pere Ubu were there at the beginning...but they weren't attached to any scene. And whereas Devo or Talking Heads went places and courted visible success (not to mention both snuggling up to Brian Eno), Ubu were left out here in the Ohio hinterlands...fusing a Dada-esque sensibility, synthesizer squalls, and the rawest garage rock to create their own rusty Midwest nightmare. The name of this blog comes from my perception of Ubu. But on to the music!
    The Modern Dance Download
    This first album has had it's hooks in me a long time. "Non-Alignment Pact" is a great opener: I love the hiccuping madness of David Thomas's vocals, the tight rhythm section, the propulsive guitar, the synth the time you reach "Sentimental Journey" near the end it's all band racket, Thomas's mumbling, a clarinet, and the sound of broken glass. It's nightmarish on headphones!
    Dub Housing Download
    Somewhat strangely, their second album came out on Chrysalis. It makes no concessions to the booming punk scene, and again stomps its own path out to the very edge of what a rock band could do. While there are moments of an even tighter rock focus ("Navvy", "I Will Wait", parts of "Caligari's Mirror"), you also have the waiting room in hell's train station feel of "Thriller!" And then there's "Drinking Wine Spodyody", in which the band sounds like it's trying to play disco sideways. And not for the last time in Thomas's discography, naval references and sea-shanty rhythms pop up here and there.

    Allen Ravenstine's synthesizer sounds are one of the key things on these albums for me, especially on The Modern Dance. When he left Ubu in the 80's (to become a pilot), they lost some of that early madness. From the brutal pings that open "Non-Alignment Pact", the sizzling static underneath the boogie beat of the title track, the theremin-like sounds of "Humor Me", to the insidious melody of "On the Surface", he added that strange touch that helped make them other...

    Ok, I'm done. Suffice to say, these are two essential albums from a group that truly sounded like no one else. They are touchstones of avant-garde music and first wave "punk" at the same time. And you can even tap your feet to some of it.
    (Scott): These have been here a few times before, in fact I think they may have originally been Brian's first shared links here.......These are DEFINITELY worthwhile, if you missed them before (they were removed) please don't miss em this time.
    Mystery Comedy Post - Firesign
    Firesign Theater

    I had contributed these to Growing Bored For A Living months ago, but I had done it kind of sloppy. So, we're gonna remedy that. These are the first 5 Firesign Theater albums, three of them are Mobile Fidelity remasters. All are American comedy classics.

    Some may not be familiar...a short way of saying it is that Firesign Theater were basically an American Monty Python. But they didn't do TV or movies; their medium was strictly comedy albums. And they were specifically constructed: just listen to Crush That flows perfectly from beginning to end.

    NOTE: Dear Friends is one long file...I couldn't find a sequenced track version. Give these all a listen; it's basically the comedy version of getting the first 5 Black Sabbath albums...enjoy!

    LINK 2 Contains -

    Previous Comedy Posts -

    (Scott): THis one is strictly at Brian's request, this is really not my kind of thing at all (BUT never forget: ANYTHING goes here!)......I remember hearing this a while back, it's OK I guess for what it is, but as I say, just not my kind of thing.
    Betty Davis - A Baaaaaad Funk Mama
    Maybe you've heard of Betty Davis. At one point married to Miles Davis, she showed him Sly Stone and Hendrix, steering Miles toward his fusion classics like Bitches Brew and Filles De Kilimanjaro. In fact, that's her on the cover of Filles.
    Anyway, a while after she and Miles split, she embarked on a music career of her own. I must stress, Betty was not some dilettante dabbling in being a singer or something. She was steeped in black music, from R&B and soul to the deepest funk, and she assembled some killer studio bands for her albums. She created four funk classics of the 70's. For right now, you get two.
    As happens with so much great stuff, practically nobody heard these back in the day, and they were rare until the mid-00's. And it's a shame, since there has NEVER been a frontwoman like Betty!
    It gets bandied about how Betty was a pre-Madonna for her time. Hell, Madonna at her sexiest is a badly-dressed mallrat compared to Betty! And Betty's contemporaries? "Love to Love You Baby" and "Lady Marmalade" are histrionic, fake satin pillow bullshit compared to this stuff. Betty's sexuality is the equivalent of when Scorpion from Mortal Kombat would throw the spike and say GET OVER HERE!!!! Seriously, I would've been her slave....
    But....ahem...on to the music. The band just kills it! From the bottomless bass that opens "If I'm In Luck I Might Get Picked Up" to the groovy "Shoo B-Doop and Cop Him"; the filthy wah-wah on "They Say I'm Different"; the funkier-than-Stevie ARP synth on "Don't Call Her No Tramp"'s astounding, really.
    And as for Betty? As I said before, these records with the woman's sexuality. I mean, her first line in "He Was A Big Freak" is "I used to beat him with a turquoise chain"! Betty can be kittenish, whispering, raging, and insidious. The woman clearly gave no quarter in the bedroom...

    If you love tightly played funk music, these two are treasures. Two of the sexiest things anyone's ever recorded. So damn kinky they should come wrapped in hot pink plastic and be cherry flavored....

    (Scott): Now, Jennifer Warnes I remember quite well from my high school years, in particular a stunning rendition of "Right Time of the Night" she performed on "Saturday Night Live"......I had pretty much forgotten about her (ok, TOTALLY forgotten about her), good to hear these albums again, thanks to Brian for digging these out.......
    A Lost 70's Singer-Songwriter Classic
    Ok, Jennifer Warnes... to those of us of a certain generation, she was the queen of 80's movie song duets (An Officer And A Gentleman and Dirty Dancing) as well as scoring some Country/Adult Contemporary hits at the turn of the 70's/80's. If this is all sounding very milquetoast and thrift store bin (think Rita Coolidge or Helen Reddy), rest assured. I wouldn't steer you wrong.
    Jennifer is an amazingly talented singer, with a long history that spans some great projects. She's been a friend and collaborator of Leonard Cohen's since the early 70's - recording a Cohen tribute album called Famous Blue Raincoat, and that's her singing doo run run on "Tower Of Song". You also see her singing backup (with K.D. Lang and Bonnie Raitt) on Roy Orbison's Black and White Night....
    But on to the point. In 1972 she released her third album, Jennifer , on Reprise. It didn't sell and was deleted a year or two later. It was unavailable until a Japanese CD release in 2013...
    Jennifer (1972) Download

    And this is a lustrous forgotten gem. I gotta say, I usually don't go for 70's female singer-songwriters; I think there's one Joni Mitchell album I like, Carole King is kinda boring, Emmylou Harris is too country, etc. But Jennifer...just, that voice! She's got kind of a country cry and lilt to it, but it's clear as a Tibetan bell. And did I mention this album is produced by John Cale! That was a selling point for me.
    Every song but one is written by someone else, but Jennifer is one of those singers that makes anyone's stuff shine. Her take on Jackson Browne's "In the Morning" is a beautiful meet-the-sun kind of song. She also sings Browne's "These Days", putting a prettier spin on it than Nico did on Chelsea Girl.
    "Empty Bottles" (written by Cale) is a lovely medium tempo number. She packs more drama into the 2:30 of "Sand and Foam" than some singers could put on a whole album. "All My Love's Laughter" is one of those heartbreakers that could've only come out in the 70's. "Needle and Thread" has a gorgeous melody. And "Be My Friend" has this sexy gutbucket piano funk to it - it's like a female version of Isaac Hayes'"Walk On By" - and Jennifer just sings her ass off. Easily my favorite on the album.
    I may have tied a long tail on that one, but I'm completely entranced by this album. It's warmer than Mitchell's Blue, it's prettier than Tapestry.... By the end of the 70's she'd gone more middle of the road, never completely managing something this graceful again. Seriously, I've you've been through here and gambled on something I've suggested before, go with this one too.

    Oh, and if I may be a sexist pig for a second, just...DAMN....
    (Scott): Last one for today, haven't listened to THIS, and we'll see when I get to it, to me the title pretty much says it all, but what could be more unique/odball than this?


    The Ukelele Orchestra Of Great Britain
    Yes, I wrote that. Ukuleles. A bunch of them. But don't be fooled...this is not goofy music. It isn't "hey, this is so odd it's good". While there is humor, this is also one of the most phenomenal groups I've ever heard. Really.

    I've only discovered them recently and need to spread the word. The group was formed as a lark in 1985. Known for dressing to the nines, bringing all variety of ukes, and doing cover songs that one wouldn't here on ukeleles, they became an ongoing institution. They've performed in many countries and released several albums. What I'm giving you is two live albums recorded in London in front of rapturous audiences.

    The group can play anything, but they completely transform the songs they do. "Anarchy In the U.K." is a lazily shuffling track with a lovely vocal harmony, "Pinball Wizard" is just astonishing, "Silver Machine" is almost as spacey as Hawkwind's original...hell, their take on Robert Johnson's "Hot Tamales" is even more frenetic than his!
    They do some great movie themes too: "Thunderball" is full of drama, "The Good the Bad & the Ugly" is amazingly played and very appropriate for the instruments. And the "Theme From Shaft"? My God, they actually do the orchestral intro to the song....with ukeleles, guys!

    There's a moment I gotta tell you about. On London 1, there's the track "Melange". It starts with the beginning of "Sympathy For the Devil"..."If I Were A Carpenter" weaves in, then "Hey Jude", "You Sexy Thing", "Waiting For My Man", "Heroes", "Angels", several others waft in and out....I get goosebumps listening to it!

    These two albums are so damn good, you forget the fact that it's on ukeleles. It just sounds like amazingly played - and also immaculately recorded - music. Seriously, do not hesitate to download these! Link contains both albums.

    SO a bunch of stuff today.......keep the guest material coming, and I WILL continue to do my part at least a couple times a week.......hoping Jonder gets that Duke Spirit thing together soon, that sounds great, I am going to continue the WOXY/KEXP thing in limited doses, we'll stiff have Cliff's great reggae submisssions, Apantabapanta's encyclopedia effort, and anything else anyone (and I mean ANYONE) wants to for me, you know me, next post might be Iron Butterfly or more Nazi Rock, ya just never know. Thanks to all who help me out, it keeps things fresh round here!


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  • 06/21/15--18:59: Darius and the Magnets
  • A quick swipe of the anti-punk, new-wave-psych "paisley underground" scene from the early 1980's, this is a pretty good, and almost totally forgotten album.......I do receommend giving it a shot. From 1982, Darius and the Magnets were singer/guitarist/sitarist/percussionist Darius Degher, bassist/vocalist/keyboardist Christopher Samu, and  Drummer Leland Waters......retro-1960's "trippy" sitar-driven psych, this is either enjoyable or humorous dependant upon your mood. "In the Valley of Dreams" (1982) is I think the only album the band put out under this name, I think there may have been an EP also, and Degher did some solo work as well as work with some other bands.......reminds me of maybe, Pearls Before Swine or someone like that (better than them actually), hypnotic hippie stuff, you'll love it or hate it

    IN THE VALLEY OF DREAMS-01 Valley of Dreams/02 Unusual Girl/03 Stonesteps/04 Team Player (Can't Ya See)/05 Don't You Feel Like Me/06 Riders/07 Number Two

    Just feeling in the mood to put up something else tonight, and sure as hell chose an oddball-eccentric choice. Please don't skip this one, lovers of psych, new wave, or hippie/nuggets type stuff. No question worth a listen!

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