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The music that shaped a semi-wasted life

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  • 04/04/15--19:40: Gugun Power Trio
  • Ok, after that foolishness, here's one I really DO like, from Indonesia, ca. 2004, this band is referred to at
    home as "Gugun Blues Shelter" or "Gugun and the Blues Shelter", for reasons unclear to me they are referred to as "Gugun Power Trio" for the American and European markets. They have released a handful of albums in Indonesia, only two in the English-speaking markets, this one ("Far East Blues Experience") and another whcih I don't have (anyone able to help?) entitled "Solid Ground".....

    As I understand it, this is something of a collection of tracks from thier earlier Indonesian releases, the basic lineup is Gugun on lead guitar and vocals, Jono Armstrong on bass, and Bowie (I don't make them up) on the drums......this is hard, heavy Cream/Zeppelin/Hendrix influenced stuff, more or less dominated by Gugun's flashy, showy guitar work....anyway, the vocals/lyrics are kind of lacking, but if you like an updated and yet retro Cream-sorta sound, you might take an interest in this one.....really WOULD like to hear some of the original Indonesian releases, where oh where is my old buddy Psychlist?

    01 Woman/02 Turn It Down/03 Fallin Down/04 Who Is To Blame/05 Spinnin' Around Me/06 Holding On/07 Move On/08 Talk Too Much/09 Plastic People/10 Night Flying/11 Emptiness/12 Good Things, bad Things/13 Whiskey Woman (Acoustic)

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  • 04/05/15--14:48: More Lenny Bruce
  • Brian from Ohio sends me the THIRD installment of his Lenny Bruce collection, this one I am not familiar with so grab if always with his stuff you can acquire it either here or on his site

    He tells us that he is working on an ENORMOUS project illuminating the work of George Carlin, I never would have dreamed that that guy had THAT much material, but as I state, I am no expert on comedy recordings, and THAT is why we have guest contributors, no?


    The Genius of Lenny Bruce Part 3 - Lenny's Film

    After putting up Lenny Part 2 the other day, I realized I had badmouthed the Lenny Bruce Performance Film a bit too much. So, feeling the need to be complete, I am posting it here.

    When I first saw it years and years ago, I didn't get what the big deal about Lenny was. Being a much more seasoned fan now, I watched it again amidst posting all the albums lately. It is better than I remembered. It should be cherished, since it is the only complete performance of Lenny ever put on film.

    If you've been wading through the albums I've posted, you'll recognize some of the bits and stories in this show. Sometimes he reaches a bit: towards the end, he half-starts "Father Flotski's Triumph", which would've been a tired bit for him by that point.

    Also included is "Thank You Masked Man", the cartoon that leads off the original Rhino tape. The performance itself is divided into 7 parts....I couldn't find it in a single file. Hopefully it being mp4 works out for everyone. Please leave some feedback. I need to know if it's worth it to rip all six discs of the "Buyer Beware" set for a Part 4.....

    The Lenny Bruce Performance Film   DOWNLOAD

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  • 04/05/15--14:49: Hardest Hits, Volume 1-5
  • OK, let me throw you a curveball worthy of Felix Hernandez (HELL YES it's finally baseball season! You
    don't like baseball? Well, sorry about your luck, because I LOVE it and plan to and likely will talk about it a couple of times a week during the season.......only thing better than baseball? Football, of course, and by that I mean FOOTBALL, not what you across the pond guys call "futbol" or whatever it is, and, by the way, how about the Wisconsin Badgers basketball team pulling off the amazing upset tonight and knocking off unbeaten Kentucky? Very exciting, and congrats Badgers....truly, I have no horse in this race, but gotta give props and best wishes to the Badgers for that stellar performance tonight!)

    OK, anyway, a curveball.......normally I dislike this kind of music, but, hey, yo, I promote VARIETY (have I mentioned that?) on this site, and here are five actually pretty damn decent discs of early-mid 1980's new wave/new romantic/synth-pop/dance stuff, for an old punk/metal/grunge/stoner fan like myself, this is literally a lifetime supply of this stuff.......not EXACTLY my cup of java, but it does have its charms, a pure 1000% period piece and one that I might slip on every now and then (maybe when no one else is around?)

    OK, so what's here? Well, I described it already, in an ironic way this might be similar to the death metal set of a few days ago, polarizing in a love-it-or-hate-it kind of way. What is interesting/cool about this set is that most of the tracks are extended/dance versions of the tracks which was a huge thing back in 1982 or, here they be, in all their New Romantic (ALWAYS hated that foolish term) glory......

    Disc 1 opens and closes with different versions of The Puppets "The Way of Life" (The "dance version" and
    the "'91 Remix") between there are forgotten legends of that era, B-Movie, Kirsty MacColl, Scary Thieves......remember all that? I do, and I hated it all at the time, but like a lot of period pieces, once it settles into dust it becomes more relevant.

    The second disc gives us Trio's notorious "Da Da Da", Pigbag's nearly-as-notorious "Papa's Got a Brand New Pigbag", as well as Johnny Warman's cool "Screaming Jets", a good one from Jona Lewie, The Normal's "Warm Leatherette"......if you LOVE this stuff (I don't, but I do enjoy it in the proper frame of mind), this will be like Christmas in April for ya!

    Probably the highlight of Disc 3 is Lords of the New Church's extended "Dance With Me", we also get some more pure period stuff such as Lotus Eaters, Nick Heyward, Vicious Pink, and Night Moves, there is lots more.....I was (high school) Class of 79, we used to beat up people that liked this stuff, and to the classes of, say 1980-83 or so, what can I say? My bad........

    The fourth disc hits us with Flying Lizards' bizarre version of "Money", Duran Duran's FIRST hit "Planet Earth" (in an extended dance version, this was before "Rio"/"Hungry Like the Wolf"/"Girls on Film", etc, it's also NOT AS GOOD AS THOSE, but being less well-known it is welcomed here).....Japan and Heaven 17   contribute as well to make this maybe the most accessable of the 5 discs.

    And finally, we have the final disc, which wraps up with Elton Motello/s "club mix" of "Jet Boy/Jet Girl", also SSQ's "Jet Town", China Crisis, Cosmat Angels......OK, you CERTAINLY get the idea.....if you ain't figured it out, I LOVE these period piece comps when they are true to their intention (see: "20 Years of Nuclear Blast" a couple days ago), and this one is quite well sculpted, crafted, and assembled, which, again, if you LOVE this stuff, you will damn near cry over this set, if you are indifferent (like myself) this set will serve as a PERFECT marker of that scene (as well as be 5x more of this stuff than you will EVER want).

    Really, it's pretty's hypnotic nature (long tracks, repetitive grooves, etc) would make it difficult to
    listen to on a 4 hour car trip, but in smaller doses, it without question has it's charms....never thought I'd say that "back then", but as I said before, some times with music, and more often with "scene" music, you need to wait for the dust to settle. This is a decent comp, take my word for it.

    DISC 1-THE PUPPETS-The Way of Life (Dance Mix)/02 SCARY THIEVES-The Waiting Game (Extended Version)/03 KIRSTY MACCOLL-A New England (Extended Version)/04 JON ST JAMES-The Girl Who Seduced the World/05 THE MOOD-I Don't Need Your Love Now (Remix)/06 PASSION PUPPETS-Like Dust (Extended Version)/07 UROPA LULA- Our Love Has Just Begun (Extended Remix)/08 B-MOVIE-Our Love has Just Begun (Extended Version)/09 THOMAS LEER-Heartbeat (Extended Mix)/10 THE PUPPETS-The Way of Life (91 Remix)

    DISC 2-01 JOHNNY WARMAN-Screaming Jets/02 SCARY THIEVES-Tell Me Girl (remix)/03 BOYS BRIGADE-The Passion of Love/04 JONA LEWIE-You'll Always Find Me In the Kitchen at Parties/05 RE-FLEX-The Politics of Dancing (Extended Version)/06 TRIO-Da Da Da/07 CETU JAVA-Situations/08 NAKED EYES-Always Something There to Remind Me (Long Version)/09 PIGBAG-Papa's Got a Brand New Pigbag/10 THE BIG SUPREME-Don't Walk (Extended Version)/11 WEST END DANCE PROJECT-92 In the Shade (remix)/12 ABECEDARIANS-Smiling Monarchs/13 THE NORMAL-Warm Leatherette/14 SHARPE & NEWMAN-Change Your Mind (Extended Version)

    DISC 3-01 VOICE OF AMERICA-Story of Love (extended Version)/02 CHAMELEONS UK-Swamp
    Thing/03 LOTUS EATERS-The First Picture of You/04 THE COMSAT ANGELS-You Move Me (One Good Reason)/05 JACKIE LEVEN-Love Is Shining Down On Me/06 FRICTION FACTORY-Feels Like Heaven/07 NICK HEYWARD-Goodbye Yesterday (Extended Version)/08 STEVE HARLEY-heartbeat Like Thunder (Extended Version)/09 LORDS OF THE NEW CHURCH-Dance With Me (Extended Version)/10 GLAMOROUS CULT-Tokyo Streets/11 THE HAWIIAN PUPS-Baby Judy/12 VICIOUS PINK-Can't You See (Extended Version)/13 MICRO CHIP LEAGUE-New York (Dance Floor Cut)/14 NIGHT MOVES-Transdance

    DISC 4-01 THE ASSEMBLY-Never Never/02 SAL SOLO-San Damiano (Heart and Soul)/03 FLYING LIZARDS-Money/04 VICIOUS PINK-Take Me Now/05 THE NAILS-88 Lines About 44 Women/06 ROBERT HAZARD-Escalator of Life/07 LOTUS EATERS-You Don't Need Someone New (Charleston Mix)/08 THE CALL-Everywhere I Go/09 FURNITURE-Brilliant Mind/10 JAPAN-Life In Tokyo (Disco Mix)/11 DURAN DURAN-Planet Earth (Night Version)/12 HITLIST-Into the Fire (Full Version)/13 HEAVEN 17-Let Me Go

    DISC 5-01 ENDGAMES-First Last For Everything (Club
    Version)/02 NICK HEYWARD-Whistle Down the Wind/03 BOYS BRIGADE-Melody/04 CHINA CRISIS-Working With Fire and Steel (Mix)/05 PETER GODWIN-Baby's In the Mountains (New York Mix)/06 THE COMSAT ANGELS-Day One/07 VISAGE-Pleasure Boys (Dance Mix)/08 THE FLYING PICKETS-Only You/09 FREUR-Doot-Doot (Extended Mix)/10 SIGUE SIGUE SPUTNIK-Love Missle F-1-11 (Extended Version)/11 SECESSION-Simon Says/12 THOMAS LEER-International (Global Mix)/13 SSQ-Jet Town/14 ELTON MOTELLO-Jet Boy/Jet Girl (Club Mix)

    Having a LITTLE Zippy trouble today, just a bit though, I will hopefully have all 5 of these discs up before you know it.

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  • 04/05/15--15:19: The Avengers
  • Clearing all that synth-pop from my head, let us now relive a bit MORE of my high school years (this time with stuff from MY side of the tracks), kick ass San Francisco punk rock from the Avengers. Like many of the 70's punk bands they shifted lineups a bit, but basically what we had here were singer Penelope Houston, guitarist Danny Ingraham, drummer Danny Furious (!), and bassist James Wilsey.  The released an EP in 1977, "We Are the One", the tracks from which are included on this collection. They released no other studio material in the time in which they were together, however, after thier disbandment, an album was released entitled "Avengers" was thrown together, rounding up tracks from thier entire tour of duty.

    I am not certain but I think this collection includes everything they released, if not it's damn near all of it, the entire LP and I think all the EP's and singles are here too (they did have a couple live releases too, thought I had one of them here but either I'm wrong or can't find it)...... too bad because I remember them as being a dynamic live act, if I find it later (or Andie James or Dave Sez has it) I'll put it up later......anyways THESE are the sounds of the late 1970's as I remember them.......

    I guess like so many of these guys they sully my memory of them by reuniting in recent times, a fact that I could ignore if not for the fact that there is a track here (a live "The American in Me") in which they team up with Pearl Jam, interesting at the very least......the original stuff, though, is as frantic as I recall it.

    AVENGERS COLLECTION-01 We Are the One/02 Car Crash/03 I Believe In Me/04 Open Your Eyes/05 No Martyr/06 Desperation/07 Thin White Line/08 Paint It Black/09 The American In Me/10 White Nigger/11 Uh-Oh/12 Second to None/13 Corpus Christi/14 Fuck You (Live)/15 Teenage Rebel/16 Friends of Mine/17 White Nigger/18 The Good The Bad and the Kowalskis/19 I Want In/20 Crazy Homicide/21 Penelope Unplugged/22 End of the World/23 American In Me (Live With Pearl Jam in 2006)/24 Corpus Christi

    Link coming up in a while, working overtime to bring you lots of posts today, a veritable Easter Bunny I am!

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  • 04/05/15--15:50: Beargarden
  • Here's are little rarity from 1985, the sole release from Australia's Beargarden. ("All That Fall") wave pop, not too bad, but relatively unknown.  And, despite that, this one-shot disc is without question worth a listen, typical mid-80's new wave stuff, might remind one of INXS or something like that......alot of the tracks here would have made fairly catchy singles given the chance ("Drink Drink Drink", and "I Write the News" , notably, have some fairly good guitars mixed way down low (I like that effect sometimes) and vocals that remind me of......hmmmmmm, well of MOST mid-80's New Wavers, but don't let that scare you away, unless you are from Down Under, I doubt most of you have heard this one. Really not bad, no forgotten classic, for sure, but equally as sure, "forgotten" and very, very listenable.

    BEARGARDEN-01 A Minute In Black and White/02 The Tell Tale Heart/03 A Year in the Shade/04 I Write the News/05 Drink Drink Drink/06 A Seaside Song/07 All That Fall/08 She's Crying/09 Bright Penny/10 Drink Drink Drink (Extended Mix)/11 Instrumental Number 1/12 Lounge

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    My main man in Greece Apantabapanta, as I told you last week, has begun an exhaustive encyclopedia
    project, one on which he could use some volunteer help (take special notice, all you folks that want links re-upped but can't be bothered to do anything for the rest of "our" community).....this is the second part, I happen to know this guy only has internet access on the weekends, so it is 1000% truly a labor of love for him, and he could use some help, so if you are interested in helping him, get in contact with ME (comments section will be fine) and I will hook you up with him......I think it's a great and interesting project, one would think that 1 or 2 of you, at least (I get AT LEAST 3 "re-up this" requests EVERY DAY) could volunteer 15 minutes of your day to help him out.........really, you have no idea how much it will be appreciated, by HIM and by ME as well......


    A bunch of best of collections of mostly 70’s & some 60’s bands that have been disbanded, in alphabetical order.
    Post 002
    Ace UK How Long The Best of Ace 1988 @320
    Acqua Fragile ITA Anthology 1975 @192 not really a best of, but a collection of bands only two albums.
    Adam & The Ants UK Stand & Deliver 2006 @192
    After Tea NET Not Just a Flower In Your Hair (1967-69) 2002 @192
    After The Fire UK Der Kommissar 2001 @320
    a) The idea is to know the music of the bands all around the world that their music style is close to – Pop / Rock-Folk / Rock-New / Wave-Punk / Rock-Hard / Rock-Prog / Rock
    b) I’ll try to post 5 bands every week.
    c) Some bands have been reformed.
    d) If anyone like this idea and have something to post I think BigScott will agree.
    e) Volunteers needed for finding & posting bands starting from letter ‘’B’’.


    That is fine work, Apantabapanta, and your request for the discs you want WILL be filled this
    the rest of you, PLEASE someone volunteer to help this guy out with all the work that is involved with this project....obviously, I would if I could but this blog takes up a BUNCH of my time as it is.....someone? anyone?....this is a GREAT chance for you "Hey, man, how bout reupping these 50 links I want" guys.....


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    Does this dude have a ton of comedy albums or what? It's his "thing" that he's passionate about, and he sure does share them with the rest of the world....they are always welcome here, as is anything you or anyone you know has something they wish to share with the world, just, please, NO attempts to sell or make money on any of it, that is practically like saying you have no concept at all as to what we are doing here.

    Anyway, I know very little about Carlin, probably haven't listened to him in 20 years, my Dad was a huge fan of his, I recall....I'll let Brian fill you in on the details:

    And, of course, his stuff can always be found  at his own site as well:


    George Carlin Project Part 1 - 70's Discography

    I said in my previous introduction that I would include video with each post. I've found so much though, I'll have to make it a different post in a few days. So, how it will go is: 70's albums, then 70's video, then 60's albums, then 60's video, then the same way for 80's, 90's, and finally the 2000s. I've got so much awesome vids to upload! Just be patient. Meanwhile, here's the albums....

    This is the core of Carlin's discography, containing the material that broke him to a huge audience, winning gold albums, Grammys, a bit of law trouble, and a pioneering stint of standup specials on HBO. And this isn't just about pot humor and saying the word "fuck". While that was the initial attraction to all those who broke up weed on a copy of "Occupation: Foole" back in the day, so much of what he does in this box set is timeless. For example, what he said about drugs 42 years ago on "FM & AM" is no less true today.

    His sense of the absurd is beautiful, and his storytelling ability rarely equaled. The pictures he paints of his childhood on "Foole" and "Class Clown" equal Richard Pryor's routines about his youth. In fact, no one except Pryor had a run of albums this great!
    NOTE: These all came from the Little David Years Box Set. Right after George died - I mean the next fucking day - this box set went out of print. I drove fifty miles to a Barnes & Noble to get my hands on one! (I'm a fanatic; keep that in mind.) Fortunately for others, the individual CDs came back into print, but this box set has never come back down in price. All these discs were ripped from that set. Sorry they're in m4a....I ripped them all before I learned my way around iTunes. Enjoy!

    This, George's third album altogether, was where he made a break with the nightclub act type stuff that had established him. The FM side is devoted to his longer, boundary pushing routines ("Drugs", "Shoot", "Birth Control") while the AM side has pieces that reflect his old act of the time...I particularly like "Wonderful Wino" and "Ed Sullivan". This is where George came into his own as a comic voice.
    Class Clown   DOWNLOAD

    Contains at least three of his greatest bits: "Class Clown", "I Used to be Irish Catholic", and "Seven Words You Can't Say on Television". Fully formed, easy going, boundary pushing, funny as of the best comedy albums.
    Occupation: Foole   DOWNLOAD

    The first album of George's I ever bought. "White Harlem", "Childhood Cliches", "Filthy Words"....I was a kid, and my mind was blown.
    Toledo Window Box   DOWNLOAD

    Drugs, words, the metric system, nursery rhymes - it's all fuel for great comedy. And despite it being a pothead's classic, it hasn't dated like other stoner comedy albums of the era. I've always considered this of a piece with "Occupation: Foole".
    An Evening With Wally Londo   DOWNLOAD

    George moves into a more general kind of observational comedy here, crystallizing the form he would use for the next 10 years or so. It's brilliant every step of the way though: "New News", "High On the Plane", "Baseball/Football" - all great stuff.
    On the Road   DOWNLOAD

    The last album George made before suffering a heart attack and taking a break until 1981. Contains "Death", "Supermarket", "Rules", "Kids Are Too Small"....this is a perfect show.

    Free Complimentary Extra Bonus Disc Not For Sale Anywhere!  DOWNLOAD

    This came with the set. Contains several good vintage routines that never made it on an album: "Tattoos", "Clerks", "Monopoly", "Hitchhiking", and the hilarious "400,000 American Musical Favorites". Also has an intro from George's radio show while he was in the Navy, as well as the vicious "How to Handle A Heckler", you wouldn't want George mad at you!

    There you go...all George's 70's material. As I said, Part 2 will be 70's video. Got some good stuff coming up. Gimme some comments.

    ( George Carlin Discography Little David Years 1971-1977 Album Download )

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  • 04/06/15--18:15: Cream, Part 1
  • OK, let me start out by saying that while I love a LOT of the music of Cream, I think they were a slight bit
    overrated.....why? well, let me attempt to explain what is sure to be an unpopular position (and don't make too much out of it, I do love a lot of their work)....OK, to me, Cream were the first band that we REALLY separated their studio work from their live shows.......we do that often NOW, but back then? Cream's studio work, although they were capable of some brilliant shit (they had some tremendous singles, and the "Best of Cream" is a fine disc that should be in nearly ANYONE'S collection), and while they were a legendary live act, often, the endless jamming got to be a bit much to listen to on record, if you get what I'm saying......I just don't think they were as "great" as maybe some people might have thought they were, but, nonetheless, they DID make some incredible music for us, and were a VERY transcendental band. They incorporated the hard rock "pop-singles" format, as well as psychedelia and blues, into their act, and were an EXTREMELY important act in rock n roll history......Eric Clapton, IMO, was never better, Jack Bruce contributed wonderful bass playing and fine vocals (and, I might add, HORRENDOUS harmonica playing), and of course, Ginger Baker manned the skins, enough said there.....a good band, just maybe remembered a BIT more fondly than is necessary.

    OK, let's start tonight with their studio efforts, perhaps you might see what I am saying......the first album "Fresh Cream" (which is presented here in the CD version with a few "bonus cuts") has some good shit on it...."NSU", "Sleepy Time Time" and the drum showcase "Toad" would become live staples, they are OK as studio tracks, but, IMO, not really MORE than "OK"'s what I'd call a 2-star album, although there is some good material here, and the bonus discs certainly help the cause ("Spoonful").

    Farily obviously, thier best studio effort was "Disraeli Gears"......and it's got GREAT shit all over it, "Sunshine of Your Love"...."Tales of Brave Ulysses"...."SWLABR" (if you don't know, it stands for: "She Was Like a Bearded Rainbow, you're welcome)....and this fine extended CD is off the charts, with soe demo versions and stuff (including a fine demo of the aforementioned "SWLABR")....a TRULY great album, perhaps the only REALLY great one they had in them, and if you acquire THIS one, you get the whole album twice, the second time in the "monoraul mix" version/////for what more could you POSSIBLY ask me?

    "Wheels of Fire" was a double disc set, half studio/half live, a lot of people love it, I can't (really) argue....after all it DOES contain "White Room", "Born Under a Bad Sign", and "Politician" on the studio disc, certainly it is essential.....the "live" disc"?  Well, this is where the problems begin, at least for repeated listenings.....four tracks, which seem to go on forever, "Crossroads" is great of course, but "Traintime" and "Toad" seem to literally NEVER end.

    And the final studio album they created was "Goodbye Cream" my math that makes but four.......and it does include the tremendous "Badge" (one of Clapton's most incredible solos) as well as "I'm So Glad", it's certainly not "bad", nor is it "great"......

    And that is about it for thier studio work, not exactly a bone crushing amount.......we will get to their overwhelming live stuff tomorrow, as well as maybe some rarities and other stuff (haven't decided if this is gonna take 2 days or 3 yet)

    hey man, I LOVE Cream.....I just think that historically, they have been just a SLIGHT BIT over-appreciated/over-rated, I sure as hell wish I'd have SEEN one of the live shows I will present later, but I didn't, so what we have is what we have.

    A great and important band, if you don't have all these discs, likely you should.

    FRESH CREAM-01 I feel Free/02 NSU/03 Sleepy Time Time/04 Dreaming/05 Sweet Wine/06 Cat's
    Squirrel/07 Four Until Late/08 Rollin' and Tumblin'/09 I'm So Glad/10 Toad/11 Spoonful (Bonus)/12 Wrapping Paper (Bonus)/13 The Coffee Song (Bonus)

    DISRAELI GEARS-01 Strange Brew/02 Sunshine of Your Love/03 World of Pain/04 Dance the Night Away/05 Blue Condition/06 Tales of Brave Ulysses/07 SWLABR/08 We're Going Wrong/09 Outside Woman Blues/10 Take It Back/11 Mother's Lament/12 Strange Brew (monaraul mix)/13 Sunshine of Your Love (monoraul mix)/14 World of Pain (monoraul mix)/15 Dance the Night Away (monoraul mix)/16 Blue Condition (monoraul mix)/17 Tales of Brave Ulysses (monoraul mix/18 SWLABR (monoraul mix)/19 We're Going Wrong (monoraul mix)/20 Outside Woman Blues (monoraul mix)/21 Take it Back (monoraul mix)/22 Mothers lament (monoraul mix)

    WHEELS OF FIRE DISC 1-01 White Room/02 Sitting on Top of the World/03 Passing the Time/04 As You Said/05 Pressed Rat and Warthog/06 Politician/07 Those Were the Days/08 Born Under a Bad Sign/09 Deserted Cities of the Heart/10 Anyone For Tennis (Bonus)

    WHEELS OF FIRE DISC 2-01 Crossroads/02 Spoonful/03 Traintime/04 Toad

    GOODBYE CREAM-01 I'm So Glad/02 Politician/03 Sitting On Top of the World/04 Badge/05 Doing That Scrapyard Thing/06 What a Bringdown

    OK, if you are going to write that I have somehow "diss'ed" Cream, or I am a "hater" or some such nonsense, please go fuck yourself.....I am going to do a 2 or 3 day post on them, I just happen to think that maybe they weren't quite as great as some people think they were and THAT IS ALL.......nothing more. I think Cream made some great music and THAT is why they are here.

    With the Tourney finale on tonight I MAY not get the links up till morning, we'll see, just wanted you to see you're in for a multi-part Cream Epic this week!

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  • 04/07/15--15:30: Cream, Part 2
  • OK, we're gonna get on to "CREAM", not just Cream......known for their monster jams on the stage, seen
    live I will bet this was an thrilling experience, on record, it no question has it's moments, however, it can at times be damn near unbearabale, also.....Baker, in particular, but the other two were guilty as well as they went on and on and on and on ins some of the longest free-form jams you'll ever hear. Some people will consider this sacreligious myself, I DO like a lot of the music of Cream, but the nexis of their career was their onstage wrok, so shouldn't they be evaluated for that as well? So, I have a bunch of this stuff, a lot of overlap here that I'm not going to try to seperate, if dates/locales are not spelled out, not much I can do, so you may wind up with identical versions of a tune or two......mea culpa.

    The early efforts gave us a preview of what we were in  for, "Live Cream" and "Live Cream 2" have some moments, in particular "NSU" and "Sleepy Time Time" from the first one, and "Tales of Brave Ulysses" on two, their great blues-pop stuff could really come to life sometimes, when they didn't try to slip a 20 minute jam  in the middle of it ("Sweet Wine")......still, these albums are recommended, early-on (1967-8) and are full of good moments that WAY outnumber the bad.

    OK, next up, prepare for some doubling up, don't know how else to lay this one out there....this is the four-disc box set "Those Were the Days" duplicates most of Fresh, Disraeli, Wheels (studio cuts), and "Goodbye" (studio cuts) on the first two discs.....I am uncluding them for the single-only releases, the alternated takes, the demos, and etc, not wishing to reprogram, that is not my favored way of doing things unless I REALLY have to. The second two discs here are loaded with more Live stuff, explosive and boring both, and, disappointingly, many of the tracks here are ALSO from sources we have already touched upon.....the reason to have this would be there are also some live tracks that are available only here....this could EASILLY be pared down to a 1-Disc "Best of Cream" by eliminataing all the duplicate material, someone want to do that for me as a project? Just SO MUCH stuff in their career was pressed MANY times......

    MUCH, MUCH, MUCH better is the fine BBC sessions, all fresh, new material and also stacked with
    interviews from the broadcasts......I will include that one today as well.....a bit more leary, I am, about posting the 2005 Royal Albert Hall reunion set, you know I generally hate this stuff, but I hadn't heard it and I wanted to know if they would try to duplicate thier old sound, or try to (gag) modernize it.......feel free to judge for yourself, you can take them as you see fit.

    I will wrap this up tomorrow with some fine and rare bootlegs and maybe another rarity or two, we shall see then.....for now, here's the goods, sorry about all the duplications but I don't usually like to reprogram work that is presented as it was intended to be heard, even if it's stupid (remember that idiotic UFO box set? GEEEEZ).......ok, comment away, don't forget that i do LOVE listening to Cream sometimes, I just think the memory of them is a bit clouded, thier thin studio catalouge and their tendency to wander and ramble on stage (I know it was thier "thing", but in my view it costed them a point or two.

    Some little harder to find stuff tomorrow, though, so check those out.

    LIVE CREAM-01 NSU/02 Sleepy Time Time/03 Sweet Wine/04 Rollin and Tumblin/05 Hey Lawdy Mama (Studio)

    LIVE CREAM VOLUME 2-01 Deserted Cities of the Heart/02 White Room/03 Politician/04 Tales of Brave Ulysses/05 Sunshine of Your Love/06 Steppin Out

    THOSE WERE THE DAYS DISC 1-01 Wrapping Paper (non-LP Single) (tracks 2-12 from "Fresh")02 I Feel Free/03 NSU/04 Sleepy Time Time/05 Dreaming/06 Sweet Wine/07 Spoonful/08 Cat's Squirrel/09 Four Until Late/10 Rollin and Tumblin/11 I'm So Glad/12 Toad/13 Lawdy Mama (Previously unreleased studio outtake)/(14-24 taken from Disraeli Gears)-14 Strange Brew/15 Sunshine of Your Love/16 World of pain/17 Dance the Night Away/18 Blue Condition/20 SWLABR/21 We're Going
    Wrong/22 Outside Woman Blues/23 Take It Back/14 Mother's Lament

    THOSE WERE THE DAYS DISC 2-(Tracks 1-10 taken from Wheels of Fire studio album) 01 White Room/02 Sitting On Top of the World/03 Passing the Time/04 As You Said/05 Pressed Rat and Warthog/06 Politician/07 Those Were the Days/08 Born Under a Bad Sign/09 Deserted Cities of the Heart/10 Anyone For Tennis (unreleased  Single) (Tracks 11-13 Taken from "Goodbye") 11 Badge/12 Doin That Scrapyard Thing/13 What a Bringdown/14 The Coffee Song (single)/15 Lawdy Mama (version 2)/16 You Make Me Feel (demo)/17 We're Going Wrong (demo)/18 Hey Now Princess (demo)/19 Swlabr (demo)/20 Weird of Hermiston (demo)/21 The Clearout-demo/22 Falstaff Beer CommercaiTHOSE 

     THOSE WERE THE DAYS DISC 3  (LIVE RECORDINGS) -NSU (previously unrelelased)/02 Sleepy Time Time/03 Rollin and Tumblin/04 Crossroads/05 Spoonful/06 Tales of Brave Ulysses/07 Sunshine of Your Love/08 Sweet Wine

    THOSE WERE THE DAYS DISC 4-(Live Recordings)-01 White Room/02 Politician/03 I'm So Glad/04 Sitting On Top of the World/05 Stepping Out/06 Traintime/07 Toad (previously unreleased EXTENDED version)/08 Deserted Cities of the Heart/09 Sunshine of your Love (Recorded for Glen Campbell TV Show)

    BBC SESSIONS-01 Sweet Wine/02 Clapton Interview/03 Wrapping paper/04 Rollin and Tumblin/05 Steppin Out/06 Crossroads/07 Cat's Squirrel/08 Traintime/09 I'm So Glad/10 Lawdy Mama/11 Clapton Interview 2/12 I Feel Free/13 NSU/14 Four Until late/15 Strange Brew/16 Clapton Interview 3/17 Tales of Brave Ulysses/18We're Going Wrong/19 Clapton Interview 4/20 Born Under a bad Sign/21 Outside Woman Blues/22Take it Back/23 Sunshine of Your Love/24 Politician/25 SWLABR/26 Steppin Out

    ROYAL ALBERT HALL 2005-DISC 1-01 I'm So Glad/02 Spoonful/03 outside Woman Blues/04 Pressed
    Rat and Warthog/05 Sleepy Time Time/06 NSU/07 Badge/08 Politician/09 Sweet Wine/10 Rollin andTumblin/11 Stormy Monday/12 Deserted Series of the Heart

    ROYAL ALBERT 2005 DISC 2-01 Born Under a Bad Sign/02 We're Going Wrong/03 Crossroads/04 White Room/05 Toad/06 Sunshine of Your Love/07 Sleepy Time Time

    Again, likely take a while to get these links up, there are many and they are FLAC, so, do the math...

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  • 04/07/15--22:10: Carlin Part 2
  • So while I am pulling my hair out over zippyshare's slow/incompetant handling of my Cream firles, why not let someone else complain about THE SAME THING as Brian goes for broke in his attempt at the bigggest and greatest George Carlin post ever brought to always, I know a lot less about Carlin than I know about, say, the undergarments of Courtney Love, say, so I will just allow Brian to take the reins and allow him to tell you whatever he feels is necessary to suck you in.......and, as always with his work, these posts (and others) are always availableat HIS blog site,

    As always, check em out here, or there, makes me no difference, but in either case give the proper thanks to Brian (on either site) as he has done ALL of the work on all of this comedy stuff, personally I haven't done shit but bitch about zippy uploading my Cream links.......have a great Wedensday, I hope to have all 3 parts of the Cream thing donw, so we can move on to something (?) a bit more essoteric........Love to all! Scott M......


    The George Carlin Project - Some Audio Oddities

    NOTE CONCERNING THE GEORGE CARLIN 70'S EXTRAS: Zippyshare can be a hateful bitch. I've got three zip files uploaded, but the last few crapped out on me. I considered just going ahead and posting what videos I have, but no; I want these posts to be complete. So, give me some more time on the vids....they will come and they will be awesome. There will be posts between the slabs of Carlin, though. I've got older uploads I need to post before they expire.

    But, I do have some highly interesting George Carlin audio for you. On to the first one, and I quote:
    "In 1983, Cardinal Hayes High School in the Bronx, instituted it's first Hall of Fame Dinner. The first to be inducted was the school's legendary Dean of Discipline, Monsignor Stan Jablonski. He held this position from the opening of the school in 1941 up into the early 1960s. On hand that evening was Regis Philbin, Class of 1949, who served as emcee and George Carlin. As Carlin puts it, "If I would've graduated, I'd be class of 1955." This recording picks up as Carlin begins his personal remembrances of the school and some faculty members. They included Monsignor McCormack, Father Ziemak and Monsignor Jablonski, of course. There are a few remarks by Monsignor Jablonski at the end of Carlin's talk. This event took place on Saturday, April 23rd, 1983. There was a huge turnout for this event with almost 1,300 present for the affair."

    Has a false start and an audio drop out in the first 50 seconds. An interesting historical curiosity though. 40+ minutes. DOWNLOAD

    And on to number 2, which I like even more:

    "Humorist discusses his transition from straight comedian to a social satirist. He talks about how Lenny Bruce and Mort Sahl helped him get started, where he is headed now, and his recent firings from nightclubs for his use of political material and "objectionable" language.

    Recorded at the Playboy Club, San Francisco, on December 29, 1970."DOWNLOAD

    This one is fascinating. With him talking about the busts and his newer kind of comedy, this is a great extra to "FM & AM". Hope somebody likes this. The vids are coming, but it'll be a few more posts down the road.

    0 0

    Comedy King Brian is taking on the work of Richard Pryor now, I used to be something of a fan back in my teens, basicially I remember "Bicentennial Nigger" and "That Nigger's Crazy', not much else, I'm sure there will a mountian of this stuff eventually, I'll let the much more knowledgeable Brian comment on these, as always, they can be found on his blog as well as mine, just an easy jump from here.....

    matters not to either of us where you get them from, just so you know they are out there for ya.


    Richard Pryor Discography Part 1 - the Laff Records Years

    Richard Pryor was the other pillar of standup comedy next to George Carlin. The one edge Rich had over George was his knack for making comedy from the most tragic, intensely personal details of his life. Without him, the entire comic scene - black and white - would be very different. Pryor's story was sad, though: that childhood, the divorces, the drug problems, the burns, the disease that incapacitated him for the last 15 years of his life....I hope he has peace now.
    I was gonna do all the Carlin before I put any Richard Pryor up, but all this stuff uploaded easy so here it is!

    There are two areas of Pryor's discography, and the differences between them should be addressed. You have the six late 70's/early 80's albums he released on Reprise - those are in the Warner Brothers box set, and those are coming in another post. 
    Then you have the stuff he released on Laff Records.

    Laff was an indie label that released Pryor's breakout "Craps" album. After Pryor jumped to Stax, then Reprise where he achieved stardom, Laff started releasing albums of Pryor's that they'd recorded between 1969 and 1973. I mean, a lot of them! Several are of questionable quality. As I've dig through vinyl over the years, I've managed to score all of them; including strange stuff like "L.A. Jail", the bad hodgepodge "Insane", and the straight repackaging of "Craps" under the title "Blackjack". What's funny is: Pryor would be in The Wiz, Laff released "Wizard of Comedy". He starred in Superman III, they released "Supernigger"....and now the stuff is all out on iTunes!
    One can't ignore the Laff records years though, so I've included here the best releases from the Laff end of things. If I had my way, "Black Ben the Blacksmith" would be here, but since "Richard Pryor" covers the same stuff, it's OK. That's also why "Supernigger" isn't here. Everything else is good. There's some material overlap between "Craps", "Wizard of Comedy", and "Are You Serious?", but since it's great material, no worries. 

    NOTE: one issue about "Wizard" and "Craps"....they were ripped from CDs I'd made a long time ago, so they are in m4a and don't have much track info. I did put the titles on them, though, and they should come out in order. "Richard Pryor" and "Rev. Du Rite" were both folded into iZip from my iTunes, so hopefully there shouldn't be any problem with those two.
    Richard Pryor   DOWNLOAD

    Pryor's 1968 debut was already a boundary-pusher. I mean, it contains a bit called "Supernigger"! Rich seems a little keyed up and anxious - he hasn't quite obtained the ease of his classic material - but this is a funny album.
    Rev. du Rite (first link)

    I put this one in with "Richard Pryor" because they were both small, and also because this sounds like early material. This is one of the Laff ones I warned about, and also one of the last released (in 1982), so it's leftovers of leftovers, BUT I put it here cuz it has material that isn't on the other stuff. The title track has a tape speed problem (probably why it sat in a vault so long), but it is one of his funnier preacher bits.

    Craps   DOWNLOAD
    This was the first album of Richard's I ever bought, and is still probably my favorite. He's completely locked in here: great bits just fly off the top of his head. This is the perfect version of the bit "After Hours". The only problem with this album is that it is indexed into too many tracks, often with a second or two audio dropout. Maybe I'm biased, but I think this is one of the best comedy albums ever.
    Are You Serious?  DOWNLOAD

    Some of his best stories about growing up are on these last two. I can't separate this in my head from "Wizard", so I ain't dissecting these two. They're both as good as "Craps", though. Download them!

    Wizard of Comedy   DOWNLOAD

    The After Hours routine from "Craps" is repeated here, but it's just as hilarious this time out. Other good stuff - "Cold Blood", "The Healer", "Army".


    Thanks for your work, Brian, I and the rest of the folks here DO appreciated your time and effort

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  • 04/09/15--14:50: Cream Part 3
  • Wrapping up the Cream thing today (nope, see edit below) with whatever is left on the shelves, again,
    sorry that so much of this music duplicate itsself, that happens with many acts of the era which were packaged over and over.....anyway, what I have left is not a WHOLE lot, I know I had a two disc Detroit set, but I can find only one disc, should the other one turn up we'll post it.....we have from 1968 what was intended to be Cream's "farewell" perfromance, guess it didn't work out like that but they breeze through "Sunshine" and "Crossroads" and, hey, could it really be a "farewell" if we didn't fianlly get to say goodbye to "Toad"?

    Do have a fine set from the Alameda County Colussium from 1968, Cream "collectors" will no doubt want it, again, some duplication, but, well.....

    An interseting set here is called the "Live Disraeli Gears", two discs, unsure from where it came? I wonder if perhaps a DIY/fanclub cration, seems to be ca. 1967, several locales, and all-in-all, generally, a good release.....I think it's a rarity, at least I don't remember seeing one before, so please enjoy, again, a lot of the same tracks are here, but well, that's Cream, huh.......

    FAREWELL TOUR-01 White Room/02 Crossroads/03 Sunshine of Your Love/04 Traintime/05
    Toad/06 Spoonful/07 I'm So Glad/08 Politician/09 Sitting On Top of the World

    ALAMEDA COUNTY COLOSSUEM 10/4/68-01 White Room/02 Politician/03 Crossroads/04 Sunshine of Your Love/05 Spoonful/06 Deserted Cities of the Heart/07 Drum Solo/08 I'm So Glad

    LIVE DISRAELI GEARS DISC 1-01 Intro/Lawdy Mama/02 Strange Brew/03 Clapton Interview/04 Introduction/05 Tales of Brave Ulysses/06 World of pain/07 Outside Woman Blues/08 Dance the Night Away/09 Sleepy Time Time/10 Sweet Wine/11 Rollin & Tumblin/12 NSC/13 I Feel Free.14 Take It Back/15 Intro/Stepping Out/16 Tales of Brave Ulysses (Tracks 14-16 Live in the Studio)

    LIVE DISRAELI GEARS DISC 2-01 NSU/02 Sunshine of Your Love/03 We're Going Wrong/04

    Stepping Out/05 Rollin and Tumblin/06 Toad/07 I'm So Glad/08 Introduction/09 Strange
    Brew/10 /Sunshine of Your Love/11 Blue Condition/12 Introduction/13 Tales of Brave Ulysses/14 SWLABR/15 We're Going Wrong/16 Outside Woman Blues/17 Take It Back

    Between keyboard issues and zippyshare issues didn't know if I'd EVER get this done, (as of now, still haven't, so knock knock).......

    And, JOY, there is enough stuff that I just uncovered  to do a PART 4 yippppeeeeee!

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  • 04/09/15--21:20: Cream Part 4
  • Never thought I had this much Cream, but it is what it is, it's cream, hard, heavy, lengthy rock n roll tracks, some classics, and some jams that you wish you'd die before they end.......Cream were a great band, but, as I think this post has pointed out, they DID have thier weaknesses too, by now, both the strengths and weaknesses should be more than obvious......Part 5 of this post is going to be whatever I have left, you'll love some, you'll hate some, but you will have pretty much the whole, entire piture of Cream.........HERE is what I have left......first up, I have a very old tape, "Acid the Live Cream Tape" (1967), one of the oldest of Cream artifiacts around, plenty of mindless jams, also Falstaff Beer commercials, amongst "White Room" and a couple versions of "I Feel Free".....a TRUE historical curiosity.

    Next, from Detroit we have a double disc bootleg, (10/15/67), leading off with a great "Tales Of Brave Ulyssyess", and a slammin "NSU", before deteriorating into the more jam-familiar stuff.....disc 2 is pretty much jam-time, "Toad" and "Traintime" taking up the bulk of the time here.

    From 10/25/68 we venture to Dallas, kicking off with a fine "White Room", also including a wonderful "Crossroads", before melding into "Spoonful"/"Toad" IS cream after all.....

    Later that year, we have a set from Wallingford Connecticut, a very, very similar set list to the Dallas set, but if you're a Cream-addict, I'm sure this if for you as well......a good, lively set really.

    And now something TRULY intersting......Cream's 1993 induction to the rock n roll Hall Of Fame.....we have thier Rehearsals, Soundchecks, and performances, a truly fine historical document that you will want to have on hand.....the good part is NO jams, we get "Crossroads", "White Room", etc, this is a rare and wonderful set you will want to have around.

    Now, I'm going to wrap these up and post em, and go on to Part 6, which are outtakes and ReMasters....this post turned out to be a "no joke" affair, not sure that is what I was predicting, but trust me, there is MORE STILL TO COME......

    67 ACID The Lost Cream Tapes-01 I feel Free#1/02 Cat's Squirrel/03 Sing Along Jam/04 Sweet Wine/06 Dreaming/07I  Feel Free #2//08 Beauty Queen/09 Pressed Rat and Wart Hog/10 White Room/11 Falstaff Beer/12 Falstaff Beer/13 Doing That Scrapyard Thing/14 Jam #1/15 Jam #2/16 Jam#3/17 Jam #4/18 Jam #5

    DETROIT 10/15/67 DISC 1-01 Tales of Brave Ulysses/02 NSU/03 Sitting On Top of the World/04 Sweet Wine/05 Rollin and Tumblin/06 Spoonful

    DETROIT 10/15/67 DISC 2-01 Steppin Out/02 Traintime/03 Toad/04 I'm So Glad

    DALLAS 10/25/68-01 01 White Room/02 Sunshine of Your Love/03 I'm So Glad/04 Sitting On Top of the World/05 Crossroads/06 Traintine/07 Toad/08 Spoonful

    WALLINGFORD CT 6/15/68-01 White Room/02 Politician/03 I'm So Glad/04 Sittin On Top of the Worlds/05 Crossroads/06 Sunshine of Your Love/07 Traintime/08 Spoonful/09 Toad

    1993 ROCK N ROLL HALL OF FAME REHEARSALS-01Sunshine of Your Love (pt1)/02 Sunshine of Your Love (Pt 2)/03 Sunshine of Your Love (pt 3)/04 Sunshine of Your Love (Pt 4)/05 Sunshine of Your Love (Pt 5)/06 Born under a bad Sign/07 Crossroads------SOUND CHECKS-08 Crossroads/09 Jam/10 Born Under a Bad Sign/11 Sunshine of Your Love------ROCK N ROLL HALL OF FAME-12 Crossroads/13 Sunshine of Your Love/14 Born Under a Bad Sign/15 Crossroaads

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  • 04/10/15--13:51: Cream Part 5
  • This post has been a royal pain in the ass, from having to convert FLAC files to tiny slivers, to accidently deleting post text TWICE and having to write it over, to thinking it was DONE just as I found cache of alubms rare enough, that I felt it was necessary to post.......but, anyway, hope you cream fans DO enjoy it, there is some rare and quality stuff here, and it's not been all THAT bad!

    OK, last post........we have two practically ancient issues, 1966's "Live at Klooks", and 1967's "Live at Ricky Tick's, both sound like they were recorded in front of 50 people, and maybe were, good early version of their standards.

    Next up, a 2 disc set of 1966 of outtakes and remasters, both discs (1 is from BBC recordings) are chalk full of interesting gems, interviews and etc. Cream fans, enjoy, others (I am quickly becoming "others" after this post!), flee!

    From 1968, we have a wonderful, 2 disc "Live at the Fillmore", by now they were indulging in the LOOOOOOOONG stuff, the 17 minute "NSU" that opens the set is a highlight for me.....

    From Waltham Mass, 1967, another double disc chock full of extended versions of our's a fine effort, as are these others, should this be up your alley.

    The road goes on forever, but the setlist remains the same, on 1967's "Grande ballroom, Detroit", (remember when I said I couldn't find the other disc of this one.....well, found it!)

    A Couple of European releases up discs, these, first......"England, Oct. Nov. 1967", followed by "Stockholm Sweden, 1967".......again, set lists so similar I'll wait till I list them below.....

    The Backbay Theater (Winterland) gives us two more discs of extended slam-o, jam-o matics, the firt disc has but THREE tracks! Anyway, I'm aiming for completeness here, can'twait to see how many of you actually download ALL of these (I guess I DID at one time or another).

    To top this off, two discs from "The Final USA Tour", two discs of remasters from "California Days"......if there's anything I've omitted and I'm sure there is, feel free to add it, Cream had an enormous collection of music both legit, and bootleg, I'm not sure you'd wanna listen back to back to all of em, but here they are, just in case here are the set lists for this post, hope you enjoyed this one A LOT MORE than I did compiling it.

    1966 LIVE AT KLOOKS-01 Stepping Out/02 Sweet Wine/03 Meet Me In the Bottom/04 NSU/05 Hey Lawdy mama/06 Sleepy Time Time/07 Crossroads/09 Stepping Out/10 Traintime/11 Toad/12 I'm So Glad

    1967 LIVE AT RICKY TICK-01 Sunshine of Your Love/02 Hey Lawdy Mama/03 Sweet Wine/04 Rollin and Tumblin/05 Spoonful/06 Sitting On Top of the World/07 Toad

     CD 1-OUTTAKES AND ALTERNATES 1966 RAYRIK STUDIOS-01 Beauty Queen/02 Coffee Song/03 You Make Me Feel/04 Wrapping paper/05 Wrapping Paper/06 Cat's Squirrel/07 Cat's Squirrel/08 I Feel Free/09 I Feel Free/10 I Feel Free/11 Sweet Wine/12 Sweet Wine/13 Sweet Wine/14 Sweet Wine/15 Sleepy Time Time/16 Four Until Late/17 Rollin and Tumblin/18 Toad/19 I'm So Glad/20 Intro/21 Wrapping Paper/22 Intro/23 Stepping Out/24 Intro/25 Traintime/26 I'm So Glad

    CD 2-OUTTAKES THE BBC-01 Interview/02 I Feel Free/03 NSU/04 Intro/05 Sweet Wine/06 Outro/07 Sleepy Time Time/08 Intro/09 Cat's Squirrel/10 Four Until Late/11 I'm So Glad/12 Rollin and Tumblin/13 Toad/14 Traintime/15 La La Song/16 Singalong/17 Tuba Tube/18 Spike's Theme/19 Blue Moon/20 Polonaise Jam/21 Bararelhouse Blues/22 White Room/23 Falstaff Beer/24 Falstaff Bee5/25 Interview/26 Born Under a Bad Sign/27 Anyone For Tennis/28 Pressed Rat And Warthog/29 Politician/30 White Room/31 On Top of the World

    FILLMORE THEATER 3/3/68 DISC 1-01 NSU/02 Politician/03 Shunshine of Your Love/04 I'm So Glad/05 Stepping Out

    FILLMORE THEATER 3/3/68 DISC 02-01 Tales of Brave Ulysses/02 Sunshine of Your Love/03 NSU/04 Lawdy Mama/05 Sweet Wine/06 Spoonful/07 Sleepy Time Time/08 Stepping Out

    BRANDEIS UNIVERSITY-WALTHAM MA 9/10/67 DISC 1-01 Tales of Brave Ulysses/02 Sunshine of Your Love/03 NSU/04 Sitting On Top  of the World

    BRANDEIS UNIVERSITY WALTHAM MA 9/10 /67 DISC 2-01 Stepping Out/02 Traintime/04 Spoonful/05 Sweet Wine/06 Tales of Brave Ulysses/07 Sunshine of Your Love/08 Toad

    GRANDE BALLROOM DETROIT OCT 1967 DISC 1-01 Tales of Braave Ulysses/02 NSU/03 Sitting On Top of the World/04 Sweet Wine/05 Rollin and Tumblin

    GRANDE BALLROOM DETROIT OCT 1967 DISC 2-01 Spoonful/02 Stepping Out/03 Traintime/04 Toad/05 I'm So Glad

    LIVE IN EUROPE 1967-01 Tales of Brave Ulysess/02 Sunshine of Your Love/03 We're Going Wrong/04 Spoonful/05 Stepping Out/06 Traintime/07 Toad/08 I'm So Glad

    STOCKHOLM SWEDEN 11/14/67-01 Introduction/02 Tales of Brave Ulysses/03 Sunshine of Your Love/04 Sleepy Time Time/05 Stepping Out/06 Traintime/07 Toad/08 I'm So Glad/09 Spoonful

    BACKBAY THEATER WINTERLAND DISC 1-01 Sunshine of Your Love/02 Spoonful/03 Sleeepy Time Time

    BACKBAY THEATER WINTERLAND DISC 2-01 Traintime/02 Toad/03 Sunshine of Your Love/04 We're Going Wrong/05 Stepping Out/06 Traintime/07 Toad

    FINAL US TOUR DISC 1-01 White Room/02 Politician/03 Crossroads/04 Sunshine of Your Love/05 Spoonful/06 Deserted Cities of the Heart/07 Passing the Time/08 I'm So Glad

    FINAL US TOUR DISC 2-01 White Room/02 Politician/03 Sunshine of Your Love/04 Traintime/05 Toad/06 Spoonful

    CALIFORNIA DAYS DISC 1-01 Spoonful/02 Sunshine of Your Love/03 Rollin and Tumblin/04 Steppin Out/05 Toad/06 I'm So Glad/06 Sunshine of Your Love/07 Sunshine of Your Love/08 Sunshine of Your Love

    CALIFORNIA DAYS DISC 2-01 Tales of Brave Ulysses/02 Sunshine of Your Love/03 I'm So Glad/04 Sitting On Top of the World/05 Stepping Out/06 Traintime/07 Toad

    And that is that........comments? I have a few but  I'll keep em to myelf!

    0 0

    I am sick of uplaoding fucking Cream links which Zippy continues to cause to crash, I am moving on as I ALMOST have them done......I will keep on trying tonight to get the remainder of them done, and while on the move, let me clean up the rest of Brian's stuff that he wishes to share here......I've been waiting a while for this one, I bet a few others of you have been also, the fifth and final installment of the great and comprehensive Swans post that we started a while back......this one focuses on the solo work of Jarboe, as always they are available here or on Brian's blog at

    Either way, this wraps up a great mega-post from a great and unique's Brian to fill in the details and provide the links:


    SWANS Part 5 (Final) Jarboe Solo

    I want to apologize for this last part taking so long. Just when I thought things were handled, a download would crash or I'd find another two or three albums! But here we are: the last Swans related post, Jarboe's solo material.
    Jarboe I know little about. She's an intense, mercurial, sensuously talented woman. She was a vital part of the first Swans albums that grabbed me, being the female Yang to Gira's Ying. Even as much as I like newer Swans, part of me will always miss her contributions. I was content to let her remain a mystery to me. Hell, until a few months ago, I'd never known that she was in a relationship with Gira for a long time. Lucky bastard, if you asks me...
    That gives some of those Swans records the intensity of something like Richard & Linda Thompson. Anyway, off we go...
    Thirteen Masks   DOWNLOAD

    Her first solo album, and it shows a willingness to try anything. She's a shape-shifter, with genres changing from song to song, yet always containing the essence of it being a Jarboe album.
    Jarboe & Lary Seven - Beautiful People Ltd.   DOWNLOAD

    I like this one. I can't think of anything else to say. I think she does better when she has guest musicians, that way she concentrates on the textures of her voice.

    Alchemy   DOWNLOAD

    I believe this is her first solo album without guest musicians. She plays all the instruments. It's very atmospheric and even pretty at times, if only a little slight.
    Anhedoniac   DOWNLOAD

    I haven't listened to much of this. Seems like a decent album.
    The Men Album   DOWNLOAD

    This is one is epic. Reading up on it, it was several years in the making...a 2 disc concept album about men viewed through women's eyes. Very diverse, featuring guest musicians like Blixa Bargeld and J.G. Thirlwell. I like "Feral", "Penance", "To Forget"...and that's a damn sexy cover if I may say so. Definitely download this one.
    The Path  DOWNLOAD

    I've only found this one recently. It's a soundtrack to a free-roaming PC game based on the whole Red Riding Hood story. While that might sound a little gimmicky, it's used to great effect here. I'm not familiar with Kris Force - I imagine he probably plays most of the instruments. Either way, it's a great pairing. Piano, ambient woodland sounds, Jarboe's haunting vocals....and the brief but sexy and menacing monologue "Little Girls" could've easily been on a Swans album.
    For these last two, I'm giving you links that go to those two albums' pages on the cool mp3 site where I found all the Gira and Jarboe solo stuff. It's a good site to poke around, but you do have to do it track by track.
    1. First, click on the download arrow all the way over on the right.
    2. Then right click (save as?) on the 320 mp3 link. If you use a downloads program on your phone, copy the 320 link and paste it into your download manager.

    And there you go. No malware or popups that I've run into. Useful site for some obscure stuff. You will have to give them track info - album, artist, track order. And if you think that's a pain in the ass, imagine doing it for all these solo discs in the last two posts....oy vey...

    Primal Baroque  DOWNLOAD PAGE

    Dreams (2013)   DOWNLOAD PAGE

    And if you haven't, scroll the other parts of my Swans series. The other two Jarboe solo albums are in post #3 - that album with Neurosis  kicks ass!
    IT      IS      DONE

    Thanks for all your work on this great series Brian, it is appreciated by me and I'm sure by others.

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    Fuck these Cream links, I WILL get them up if it fucking kills me, then I never care if I ever hear them again, (except maybe "Badge" or "SWLABR")......but anyway, (and thanks to these Cream discs I could use a laugh)....thanks to Brian here is more always, Brian knows 10x  more about comedy recordings than do I, this is Carlin stuff that I haven't heard, from various sources, see what you think, if you like it, this is all Brian's baby, now, if you want more CREAM, please go fuck yourself.


    George Carlin Project Part 3 - 70's Bootleg Video

    Ok, three batches of Carlin "bootleg video" from the 70's for you.

    1. Carol Burnett Show (year?) - Amazing Record Offer
    2. Flip Wilson Show - Wonderful Wino and 3 parts of "Funny News"
    1. George Speaks At UCLA May 1972 - almost an hour long free form speach. This is an audio file put to still images, but is a fascinating curio. We should be thankful UCLA archived this.
    1. Three stand-up appearances on the Tony Orlando show.
    2. George's scene as the taxi driver in the movie "Car Wash"
    3. Two stand-up appearances on "The Midnight Special". The '73 one is cool - filmed around the time of "Occupation: Foole".
    4. All the video I could seem to find from his 70's HBO specials. Includes: 7 dirty words, Death, and Dogs

    NOTE: there were some things I found that I couldn't upload. For example, VidoEvo has the complete "On Location" special from 1978...I believe his first special, and the source for "Death" above, and the first picture in this post.

    There you go, bootleg video. It'll probably be another week or so til the next Carlin post. It'll be George's 60's material, now that you have a context of where he went in the 70's, I'll show you where he came from

    Although not the biggest fan of recorded comedy, I am a HUGE fan of finding something DIFFERENT for my readership, and these certainly will fit the bill.........thanks to Brian, I have a feeling these will go over quite well.

    0 0

    I think you will like this one a good bit, a fairly un-typical tribute album with some good artist/song
    matchups.....modern day psych artists, including among my favorites The Black Angels and The Raveonettes, both strongly Doors influenced, take on Doors tracks to favorable results. The damn Cream thing is done finally, that was a nightmare to get up with all those many files and many huge FLAC files, some of which I split and the rest of which I said FUCK IT and converted them, not a whole lot better......thanks to Brian for holding down the fort with some Comedy posts while I was pulling out the little hair I have left while messing with that Cream......if I made any mistakes on the Cream thing, let me know, I WILL fix them, after all that work I at least want it to be a good post where you can get anything you want/need.....I know the box set, especially, is kind of a mess as I had to split each disc into I think 4 parts, lotta work, and if I screwed one or two of them up, let me know and I'll fix it pronto.........

    Anyway, this is a good one, I think you guys will all like's fairly new, so if anyone complains I will take it down, but when I heard it I couldn't, see what ya think!

    PSYCH TRIBUTE TO THE DOORS-01 ELEPHANT STONE-LA Woman/02 THE BLACK ANGELS-Soul Kitchen/03 PSYCHIC ILLS-Love Me Two Times/04 DARK HORSES-Hello I Love You//05 CAMERA-People Are Strange/06 DEAD MEADOW-The Crystal Ship/07 SONS OF HIPPIES-The Soft Parade/08 DEAD SKELETONS-Riders on the Storm/09 WALL OF DEATH-Light My Fire/10 CLINIC-Touch Me/11 VIETNAM-Roadhouse Blues/12 GERI X-Love Her Madly/13 THE RAVEONETTES-The End

    To me this is a fantastic set, one that's been overdue for sometime....comments please, I really think this one is one most of you will really enjoy!

    0 0

    My great friend Cliff has presented me with another package of reggae greatness, I am not at ALL knowledgeable about this wonderful music, (I do love it), but have very, very little knowledge on the my great friend Cliff generously sends us a few classic reggae LP's each week, and I am grateful as hell.......people like Cliff, Brian, Andie James, Apantabapanta, Jose, and Dave Sez are FANTASTIC contributors to this blog from all over the planet, and I LOVE them for all the work they do, that is the absolute truth....I likely would have given up on this shit a year ago, had it not been for WONDERFUL guest contributors who have been such incredible helpers over the months.......I will be here as long as you all want me to be, and my assistants will be here as long as they wish to that is that.....ALL I HAVE TO SAY IS THANK YOU TO ALL OF YOU for helping me create this blog, in sort of the image I always imagined it........I want people from WHEREVER to contribute ANY THING, ANY KIND OF STUFF......let's make the world SMALLER and all enjoy what the other man has to share. As for now, here is Cliff's latest fantastic contribution.

    0 0
  • 04/13/15--21:31: The Masterplan
  • From 2004, here is an overlooked garage rocking gem from The Masterplan, masterminded by the
    Dictators Adny Shernoff and Keith Strong from the Fleshtones.....this is a FANTASTIC unknown album, a masterpiece of sloppy, loud, ugly garage rock, YOU DO want to hear this, have you not already.......lotsa fab cover versions here, such as The Cadet's "I Got  Loaded" and Hank Ballard's "Annie Had a Baby".......if you are not familiar with this classic album, GET FAMILIAR with it rigth now, a totally fantastic piece of over the edge garage rock n roll......I will say NOTHING ELSE, and I hope you guys trust me, try this one out, and let me know what you think.....this is a PHENOMINAL rock n roll album, one which should be on most EVERYONE'S shelf......often times I enjoy bringing up a "classic" no one has ever heard of, THIS is one of those!

    THE MASTERPLAN-COLOUSSUS OF DESTINTY-01 What's Up With That/02 Better get Better/03 Dead Horse/04 You're Mine/05 I Got Loaded/06 Find Something Beautiful/07 Just Because/08 Annie Had a baby/09 Loves You/10 Pickett's Charge/11 Kickin' It Old School/12 Broken Arrow/13 Walking

    GREAT album here, PLEASE don't miss out on it, I'm gonna put one or two more up tonight to make up for the Cream-Void of the last week, but if you trust me (?) this is a fabulous album that you WANT to hear!

    0 0

    First of all we have part 4 of his George Carlin extravaganza, as always, I am no comedy recordings expert, but he is, so I am sure there is some wonderful material here for you comedy fans........I will be checking these out because likely I have never heard the bulk of them....anyway, if I haven't heard em, I'm certainly not qualified to comment upon them, so  Brian takes over here........and of course, you can always access this stuff (and LOTS more on his blog

    , or here, matters not to me at least, but if you do sample, please extend all thanks to him for these comedy classics, as I am the mere middle man here.......remember? I am the stoner rock/obscure punk/unknown nugget rock/psycho-metal expert?)


    The George Carlin Project Part 4 - The 60's

    Allow me to toot my own horn for a minute. I wanted to be complete with this Carlin project, and I knew the 60's stuff would hang me up. I've had both of these on vinyl for a long time, had no way to convert them. So, this post ended up involving money: an iTunes purchase for the material with Jack Burns, and $40 for a CD copy of the long out of print "Take-Offs and Put Ons". I looked at it as I'm giving these to the fans, so I hope they are enjoyed. Both albums are in one file.

    For those that are interested, HERE is a well done timeline of George between 1960-69.
    George Carlin & Jack Burns (recorded in 1960, released in '63)   DOWNLOAD

    This early album recorded with George's comedy partner Jack Burns has seen a lot of releases over the years. First this....
    then this (which I have on LP)....

    then this version in the early 80's....
    then this ugly-covered version on iTunes, which is what I've uploaded...

    This album is sneaky. It starts out with some safe media spoofing bits, then comes "Captain Jack and Jolly George", where the boys are hosting a kids show and selling junkie kits and Lolita manuals to all the little boys and girls. It's hilarious! And the lampooning of beatniks on "The Cool World" is good too. And being a Lenny Bruce fan, hearing George do Lenny's "Djinni" bit is a treasure. As it goes for two man nightclub acts in the early 60's - and I've heard a few - Carlin & Burns were good.

    Take-Offs & Put-Ons

    I've always loves George's debut album. I've had it on vinyl for a long time. His spoofing of media, commercials, radio, was always dead on. This is a largely ignored (and VERY out of print) album. And it's not like he completely gave this stuff up when he changed at the end of the 60's.   This kind of spoofing showed up here and there, even into his post-2000 audiobooks.

    Anyway, I still laugh at this. I can see how he needed to change his style - this kind of comedy would've died onstage ten years later. But it is fascinating to hear how assured he is. And now that you've heard all this, NOW go back and listen to "FM & AM".

    Hope this one is popular. It was a labor of love - believe me when I tell you this audio material is NOWHERE ELSE on the internet!

    Here's the link again - DOWNLOAD

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