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The music that shaped a semi-wasted life

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    Well, me niether, really, but this computer today has made me want to KILL, so let's break this one
    out, it's decent, if you go for this thing sometimes when you feel like killing your's still acting crazy, but I think I can get by for a while, frustrating as hell though.

    OK, Sweden has given us some metal and stoner rock, and seem to be the forerunners of Viking/Death rock (you KNEW I had to get a VIKINGS reference in there......I  have no idea why my font just changed for no reason, try to deal with it for the rest of the post and I'll try to correct it later.......just ONE of the insane things this machine has been doing of late, why I'm in a "death metal" mood.......anyway, anyone watch the VIkings decapitate the Falcons yesterday? Teddy Bridgewater!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Lets get to the track list before my font changes to Greek or something, I continue to try to get this damn thing operational so I can continue my ALMOST daily posting, at least admire  tenacity.........and my font changes back in mid-word.......shaking my damn head. TRY to be back tomorrow, maybe with some Donovan or something to ease my frayed nerves (no not REALLY)

    01 THE DUSKFALL-Agoraphobic/02 AT THE GATES-Slaughter of the Soul/03 SOILWORK-Razorlives/04 IN FLAMES-Biosphere/05 ABLAZE MY SORROW-Heartless/06 DARK TRANQUILITY-Dry Run/07 BLINDED COLONY-Legacy (Slaves In the Name of Christ)/08 ARCH ENEMY-Dead Eyes See No Future/09 AMON AMARTH-The Hero/10 SLUMBER-Rapture/11 HYPOCRISY-Weed Out the Weak/12 SONIC SYNDICATE-My Soul at #000000/13 DARKANE-Contaminated/14 SCAR SYMMETRY-Seeds of Rebellion/15 CIPHER SYSTEM-Complete/16 MARAMON-Why/17 SKYFIRE-Patterns/18 SYSTEM SHOCK-Engine Failure/19 SKILLER-Castle of Flame/20 AVATAR-Queen of Blades

    Not a lot of stuff I have a WHOLE lot of, I just dabble in this stuff a tiny bit.......I DO have a whole
    bunch of stuff from In Flames if any of ya are interested in that.........we'll see what happens, but again, if I am gonna disappear for a day or two I'll leave a message via my Kindle!

    Vikings 41-Saints 28...........yep.

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    Best that I can tell, this is a homemade compilation created by (at least uploaded by Wintersun616,
    hope I am creditting properly)......this is a fine job, four discs and an obvious labor of love.......alot of unfamilar material, at least to these yankee ears, but some of it rocks like a mother.......sometimes when I try these of comps they don't go over well, in particular I recall the "Metal from the USSR" set which I was pretty hyped about and the response was rather, well, "low key" be it, but don't miss out on this one if you're a metal lover, it really is a good one.

    Disc one alone features a ton of cool stuff, "Dead Cold Inside" by Whispered, "No Talk Without the Giant" by the Machine Men, "Death Whispers Misery" by Faerghail......once again, I need to point out that some of the vocals/lyrics are in English, some in Finnish, I know some are not fans of non-English rock vocals, by now you know I love them for the most part.

    The second disc is equally diverse, some death metal, some flat out heavy rockers, some sort of alt-grungy stuff.....check out "Silent Night, Bodom Night" by Children of Bodom, Darkwoods My Betrothed's very cool "The Crow and the Warrior", the great "Sauna Blast" by the Guitar Heroes, and "Death Unlimited" by Norther. Highly hard rocking stuff, you'll really miss out if you pass on it.

    Moving to the third disc, we get "Sadness and Hate" by Wintersun (from whom the compilation
    creator adapted his moniker, I assume), "9mms to Deliverance" by Enter My Silence, "Wine From Tears" by Thy Serpent, and Cryhavoc's "Repent (Whore)".......usually not a fan of whores repenting, myself, but an interesting track again......this set is very consistent, there are but a VERY few clunkers here at all.

    Fourth and finally, we have Disc 4, highlighted by "Pyre of Gods" by Tarot, "Quicksilver Clouds" by Throes of Dawn, and "Human Sculpture" by Shade Empire. I really like this creation (I hope I'm right about this being a non-commercial endeavor, I can find no evidence to the contrary), it's varied, loaded with great and obscure stuff, and a very, very professional effort.

    A check of my shelves surprises me with a bonus disc we'll add to the 4 disc set, this a 2008 release entitled "Finnish Metal Mania", I don't THINK without checking that there are any tracks of overlap, but there are a few bands here that we'll know from the larger problem with another track from the Machine Men, Norther, and Turisas, as well as fresh acts such as The Cyan Velvet Project and The Suburban Tribe.......

    So, five discs for the price of four, as always, LOVE to hear what you guys think of this, I know there are a few bands here that I think merit some further investigation, and perhaps one of my millions of admirerers in Finland can supply a bit more information on some of this.....I really liked this set as it was about 98% unknown to me previously..........rock on.

    By the way congratulations to the Kansas City Royals for last nights wild-card playoff win over the Athletics, one of the best baseball games I've ever seen.....the Royals have always been by team since I was a kid, always remember the incredible 1980 team that somehow managed to lose the World Series to the Phillies, and the 1985 miracle team that defeated the Cardinals.......that one was thrilling, I was going through a divorce and some other shit and it was at least SOMETHING.......who would have guessed on that night that it would be 29 years until they'd even see the post season again.....but they had a fine season this year, great pitching, especially the bullpen.......just congratulations to them......I don't think they'll be able to take the on-a-roll Angels, but still it's great to see them in the post-season again, and good luck vs the Angels, I think they will be needing picks, for what it's worth: the Giants defeat the Pirates in tonights 1 game wild card game, who will then wind up losing the NLDS to the Nationals.......the Cards/Dodgers should be  good series, I think the Dodgers are better, you never know about the damn Cards, but I think it's Nats/Dodgers in the NLCS, winner: Nats. In the AL, the Angels beat the Royals (gotta be realistic), the Tigers make short work of the Orioles, and the Tigers stellar starting pitching carries them to a upset over the Angels.......World Series: Nationals over your next paycheck!

    DISC 1-01 AMORAL-Leave You Dead Behind/02 WHISPERED-Dead Cold Inside/03 TURISAS-A
    Portage to the Unknown/04 SONATA ARCTICA-8th Commandment/05 AMORPHIS-Weaving the Incantation/06 FAERGHAIL-Death Whispers Misery/07 KYLAHULLET-Lissa Persetta Rattipaille/08 SAATTUE- Luutarhuri/09 LOST ALONE-Memory/10 PAIN CONFESSOR-Another Door/11 VERJNUARMU-Laalavat Jouset/12 CHARON-Failed/13 NATSIPASKA-Hevimies/14 MACHINE MEN-No Talk Without the Giant/15 ELIAS VILJANEN & EVIL SPIRIT-Northern Breeze

    DISC 2-01 NORTHER-Death Unlimited/02 SENTENCED-Nepenthe/03 ARTHEMESIA-Death By Complex Actions/04 ENSIFERUM-Windrider/05 KARALIN WARCRY-Sota/06 CHILDREN OF BODOM-Silent Night, Bodom Night/07 KOTITEOLLISUUS-Kultalusikka/08 KIUAS-Warrior Soul/09 CELESTY-Empty Room/10 IMPERANON-Memories to Dust/11 DARKWOODS MY BETROTHED-The Crow and the Warrior/12 CATAMENIA-Astral Tears/13 MOKOMA-Kuu Saa Valtansa Auringolta/14 TWILIGHTNING-Delirum Veil/15 GUITAR HEROES-Sauna Blast

    DISC 03-01 STRATOVARIUS-Hunting High and Low/02 TIMO RAUTIAINEN & TRIO NIKOLAUSKUS-Lumessakahlaajat/03 MISERY INC.-Fallen Rage/04 CRYHAVOC-Repent (Whore)/05 MOONSORROW-Ukkosenjumalan Poika/06 TACERE-Deep Tears of Tragedy/07 INSOMNIUM-Mortal Share/08 NIGHTWISH-Planet Hell/09 ENOCHIAN CRESCENT-Abaiuonin/10 ENTER MY SILENCE-9mm to Deliverance/11 KOTIPELTO-Waiting For the Dawn/12 STAM1NA-Paha Arkkitehti/13 THY SERPENT-Wine From Tears/14 FINTROLL-Nedgang/15 WINTERSUN-Saddness and Hate

    DISC 4-01 DIABLO-The Preacher/02 SHADE EMPIRE-Human Sculpture/03 KALMAH-The Groan
    of Wind/04 ALGHAZANTH-My Twin of Disorder/05 AGATHODAIMON-Cellos For the Insatiable/06 MUSTAN KUUN LAPSET-Menetetty Valtakunta/07 EXSECRATUS-Under the Winter Moon/08 TAROT-Pyre of Gods/09 ETERNAL TEARS OF SORROW-Sweet Lillith of My Dreams/10 KORPIKLANNI-Happy Little Boozer/11 THROES OF DAWN-Quicksilver Clouds/12 THYRANE-Crimson Halls of Blood/13 IMPALED NAZERENE-Total War Winter War/14 CADACROSS-Flaming Ember/15 TUONI-Tuli Kulkee Taas

    BONUS-FINNISH METAL MANIA-01 NORTHER-My Antichrist/02 GODSPLAGUE FEATURING ALEXI LAIHO-All You Are/03 WHEN THE EMPIRE FALLS-The Blood In Your Hands/04 THE SCOURGER-In the Hour of Ruin/05 BEFORE THE DAWN-Hide Me/06 THE CYAN VELVET PROJECT-The Magician/07 SILENTRAIN-Until You Break/08 AMBERIAN DAWN-River of Tuoni/09 MACHINE MEN-'til the End of Her Days/10 POISONBLACK-The Poison I Crave/11 SUBURBAN TRIBE-Shock the Monkey/12 TURISAS-Rasputin

    There is some PHENOMINAL metal on these discs, I really encourage you to sample them. Trust me, have I EVER steered you wrong?Never!

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  • 10/02/14--22:48: Suicide
  • I first became aware of Suicide in 1979-80 on an odd episode of "The Midnight Special" (I think it was) that was hosted by
    The Cars. I remember Iggy performed "Bored" and "Five Foot One" from his then current "New Values" album, M performed "Pop
    Musick", and I don't remember who else, but Suicide really struck me......vocalist Alan Vega and synthesizer/drum machine
    whiz Martin Rev treated me to a creepy new sound, one that would influence many others in the future (Ministry and the
    Raveonettes come to mind, among others)......went out and bought their debut album the next day, thought it was REALLY great,
    my friends were pretty split on it, some loved it, some hated it. Myself, I loved the hypnotic synths and Vega's tortured
    vocals on great tracks like "Rocket USA", "Frankie Teardrop", "Cheree" and "Ghostrider".....I'd give it a four star rating at
    the time, still sounds good enough to maintain that rating today for my money.
    They released a similar album, also titled "Suicide", which is generally referred to as "the second album".....still pretty
    good, "Diamonds, Fur Coats, Champagne", the great "Dream Baby Dream", "Radiation" and a couple more would stack up with most
    of the first album.
    Suicide didn't enjoy a lot of mainstream popularity, and are REALLY forgotten today, sort of strangely, as they were quite I was always a fan I do have a fair amount of rarities, these really aren't for dabblers, check the two
    official releases before diving headfirst into some of these. "The Rehearsal Tapes" contains no overlap with anything on the
    albums, basically it could almost stand independently as an album on its own....."Speedqueen" is quite a cool track
    The treasure here though is the rare SIX disc set of live shows, see below for dates, venues, and set lists, again,
    DEFINITLEY not for the dabbler, but if you find yourself a new-found fan of the band, or like myself have always enjoyed
    thier unique sound, this is a blessing.
    I also happen to have a solo effort by Alan Vega, might as well throw that one out there as well.....from 1985, it's entitled
     "Just a Million Dreams".....not too bad, I consider it sort of "Suicide-lite", but the duo of Vega and Rev played off each
    other so well, that this comes out as, honestly, fairly mediocre.
    Tell me what you think. Perhaps you remember that television performance? Most likely you've heard "Rocket USA" as it appears on many 1970's new wave comps, but they were really so much more than just that one landmark track.....some really fine stuff  here, especially some sometimes staggeringly good stuff on the live sets.

    I've been having computer problems still, please check periodically for new posts, I have not abandoned you, but I think I'm gonna have to abandon this computer, I have tried for a couple of days to get this one done and my computer is just doing psycho shit......I guess I'm going to have to either break down and get a new one or see if this one can be devirused or whatever (I assume it's a virus, I've NEVER seen a computer do some of the shit this one has been doing of late)....anyway, thank you for being patient with me and my computer, thank you so much for reading and listening and contributing.....I'll get back to daily posts as soon as I can, I'll think of something.......but please let me know you're still out there! I still enjoy doing this and I hope that once in a while you find something cool here, when I was a young man I'd spend hours searching through crates at used record stores, and every now and again I'd trip over something that would just thrill me to was a great feeling, and I hope that once in a while I put up something you feel the same way about.....that feeling was so awesome to me back then, and it's great to think that I can even come close to replicating it in even one person.
    Christian Ponder is the worst quarterback in the history of NFL football.........perhaps the worst player at any position. In any sport. Just needed to be said.
    SUICIDE-01 Ghost Rider/02 Rocket USA/03 Cheree/04 Johnny/05 Girl/06 Frankie Teardrop/07 Che/08 Cheree (remix)/09 I Remember/10 Keep Your Dreams
    SUICIDE (SECOND ALBUM)-01 Diamonds, Fur Coats, Champagne/02 Mr Ray/03 Sweetheart/04 Fast Money Music/05 Harlem/06 Touch Me/07 Be Bop Kid/08 Las Vegas Man/09 Shadazz/10 Dance/11 Super Subway Comedian/12 Dream Baby Dream/13 Radiation
    THE FIRST REHEARSAL TAPES-01 Speedqueen/02 Creature Feature/03 Tough Guy/04 A-Man/05 Sneakin' Around/06 Too Fine For You/07 See You Around/08 Be My Dream/09 Spacae Blue Bamboo/10 Spaceship/11 Into My Eyes/12 C'mon Babe/13 New City/14 Do It Nice
    LIVE 1977-78 DISC 1-01 CBGB Sept 29 1977 (96 Tears Intro / Ghostrider / Rocket USA / Cheree / Jonny / Frankie Teardrop)/ 02
    CBGB Dec 3 1977 (Ghostrider / Jesus Vega / Frankie Teardrop / Put A Little Love In Your Heart)/03 The Palladium NYC Jan 7 (Rocket USA / Cheree / Dance / Frankie Teardrop)
    LIVE 1977-78 DISC 2-01 Maxs Jan 13 (Ghostrider / Rocket USA / Cheree / Dance / 96 Tears / Frankie Teardrop)/02 CBGB Feb 3 (Harlem / Ghostrider / Keep Your Dreams / Dance / Frankie Teardrop)/03 Brussels June 16 1978 (Frankie Teardrop)
    LIVE 1977-78 DISC 3-01 Paris Olympia June 18 1978 (Ghostrider / Rocket USA / Cheree Dance / Frankie Teardrop / Backstage)/02
    Hamburg Audiomax June 28 1978 (Rocket USA / Cheree / Harlem)
    LIVE 1977-78 DISC 4-01 Berlin Kant Kino/Neue Welt June 30 1978 Set 1 (Ghostrider / Rocket USA / Cheree / Harlem / 96 Tears)/02 Berlin Kant Kino/Neue Welt June 30 1978 Set 2 (Ghostrider / Rocket USA / 96 Tears dance / Harlem)
    LIVE 1977-78 DISC 5-01 London MusicMachine July 24 1978 (Rocket USA / Dance / Harlem Cheree / Mr Ray)/02 Our Price Radio Ad /03 Erics Liverpool July 29 1978 (Rocket USA / Cheree / Ghostrider / 96 Tears)/04 Erics pt 2 July 29 1978 (Cum Ahead/Frankie Teardrop)
    LIVE 1977-78 DISC 6-Maxs August 25 1978 (Ghostrider / Rocket Miss USA / Cheree / Mr Ray / Jonny / Harlem)
    ALAN VEGA-JUST A MILLION DREAMS-01 On the Run/02 Shooting For You/ 03 Hot Fox/04 Too Late/05 Wild Heart/06 Creation/07 Cry Fire/08 Ra Ra Baby

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  • 10/03/14--20:35: Wall of Sleep
  • Eveligh probably thinks I've sold out, variety has always been my goal, but I really do have a soft
    spot for some of that good sludgy stoner today, let's check out a pretty good one. From the land of Hungary, we have Wall of Sleep, who rose from the ashes of the (pretty great if you can find anything by them) The Mood.......Wall of Sleep consisted of guitarists Fuleiki Sandor and Greff Andros, vocalist Holdampf Gabor, bassist Marek Ferenc, and ace drummer Szolcsanyi Szaboles. They blasted out some better than average heavy-riffing, dark-lyriced stuff obviously influenced by Black Sabbath (as nearly every stoner/doom band to a degree), also finding some similarity with Cathedral, The Obsessed, and St. Vitus.
    They garnered attention with the very good EP (2003), "Overlook the All", three good originals and a cover of Sabbath's "The Wizard".......this is a good disc, closer to the doom side of the coin than the stoner side, perhaps, and, oddly, (perhaps due to the vocalist), the Sabbath influence on these seem more of the "Blackmore Sabbath" (post-Ozzy) than the normal "Paranoid"-era general I was much less than a fan of "Blackmore Sabbath" (that's a joke, son), but the sound REALLY does work here....
    The first proper LP was 2004's "Slow But Not Dead", a very solid album, easy 3-stars, "Far Away From the Sunrise", "Sysyphus' Downhill Ride" and the obligatory death-anthem "I Sleep" are all quite good, the riffing starts going a bit more in the stoner direction (think The Obsessed), if you like stoner/doom you likely have room for this on your self.
    Which brings us to 2005's "Sun Faced Apostles", thier best effort by a HUGE margin and one you WILL want to make room on the shelf for. This thing simply slams out the killer riffs from word go (the stunning opener "On Pain of Birth"), on through great tune after great tune such as "Time of the Goblins" and "From the Bottom of These Days"......tremendous album, 4.5 stars, a semi-unknown classic of the stoner metal genre.....I highly recommend this one.
    And, that was that pretty much......the next album, ".....And Hell Followed With Him" is pretty bad,
    sludgy sound, lesser songs, uninspired vocals, the whole thing sounds thrown's here if you want it.
    2010 saw a bit of a comeback, at least better than the previous album.....the band acquired a new vocalist which seems to inspire things a bit, "When Mountains Roar", while nowhere near the quality of "Sun Faced Apostles", but at least it is significantly better than the lame "....And Hell Followed"........
    Allegedly, they either have a new one out, or perhaps it is coming out soon, I don't care really all THAT's the bottom line: if you are a big fan of stoner/doom metal, ya might want all of these.....if ya wanna dabble, "Sun Faced Apostles" is a semi-classic that transcends genre, a hard rocking masterpiece that you will love.......
    I may not get anything up the next couple of days as the wife and I have an anniversary (27th) to celebrate and likely we'll go somewhere or probably Monday or Tuesday, I'll get something else up for you wonderful folks, but for now, I hope the Suicide and Wall of Sleep efforts will keep ya busy for a little while......and, as always, happy to take requests and even happier to take guest contributions......see what you can put together (can't be worse than MY posts!) and it may be your ticket to internet fame!
    OVERLOOK THE ALL (EP)-01 Overlook the All/02 Life Lies Low/03 Hands of Dust/04 The Wizard
    SLOW, BUT NOT DEAD-01 Far Away From Sunrise/02 Sysyphus' Downhill Ride/03 That's
    Why/08 Soil/09 The Very Same/10 0050/11 Ornaments of Heaven/12 Inside Garden/13 I Sleep
    SUN FACED APOSTLES-01 On Pain of Birth/02 Sun Faced Apostles/03 Labyrinths/04 Ship of Stake/05 Time of the Goblins/06 The River/07 From the Bottom of These Days/08 Mother Sand & Father Stone
    ....AND HELL FOLLOWED WITH HIM-01 Buried 1000 Times/02 Nails For Crucifixion/03 Crusade/04 November/05 Unchanged/06 Cain/07 Signs/08 Stabat Mater
    WHEN MOUNTAINS ROAR-01 Hungry Spirits/02 Recieve the Pain/03 Into the Light/04 Raven Avenue/05 Hell Sells/06 Bitter Smile/07 Trapped In Sorrow/08 Army of the Dead

    Please, no matter what else, ROCK THE FUCK ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • 10/07/14--19:31: RIP Paul Revere
  • Paul Revere, of Paul Revere and the Raiders (one of VERY most underappreciated acts of the 1960's) passed away this past weekend at th age of 76......I also lost a VERY good friend of mine on the same da, which has bummed me out to the point of not posting for a couple of days, but I know I do have at least one and maybe a couple Revere comps back there.....

    Ok, found one anyway....Northwest legends with a grungy/garage sound, outlandish Revolutionary War costumes AND a string of ass-kicking singles, if you are not as of now a fan of Paul Revere & the Raiders, here is a jumping-off point for you......if you ARE, you understand why I feel it necesssary to say goodbye to him (perhaps if you are my age or older you will recall the bands legendry appearances on Dick Clark's "Where the Action Is", often stunning.....

    So, this comp starts out with "thier" version of "Louie Louie", obviously not the greatest version of the song, but an obligatory one....tracks 3/4 are classics pure and simple...."Steppin' Out" ("Wel I had to leave town coz of Uncle Sam's deal") and the great "Just Like Me".....other greats include "Hungry" and the often-covered"Kicks" (EarthQuake, for one, did a good version of that one)...also some very cool, not as well known tracks such as "Action", "Him Or Me", and their cover of "i'm Not Your Steppin' Stone"........

    OK, it's not comprehensive, lacks some of the later, (IMO) less significant material like "Cherokee Nation" and "Legalize Marijuana", I knid of appreciate the era on which it focuses.....likely someone out there has a much BETTER and more comprehensive compilation than this one and if so send it to me and I will be glad to post it.......until then we have.......

    PAUL REVERE & THE RAIDERS-GREATEST HITS-01 Louie Louie/02 Louie, Go Home/03 Steppin' Out/04 Just Like Me/05 Melody For an Unknown Girl/06 Kicks (Single Version)/07 Hungry/08 The Great Airplane Strike/09 Good Thing/10 Ups and Downs/11 Legend of Paul Revere/12 Action/13 I'm Not Your Steppin Stone/14 Him or Me-What's It Gonna Be?/15 Peace of Mind

    Rest In Peace, Paul, some damn fne music, ahead of its time (IMO) here!

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  • 10/08/14--12:45: A Pretty Odd one here!
  • Sometimes when I don't feel like sifting through the thousands of CD's I have, or scanning the various IPODs or hard drives that are piled on my desk, (all are catalouged in my compute), I often just cruise the web, I can ALWAYS find something interesting THER for the blog, love it if a few others would takeup this practice, surf the blogs and the bay, find something you've never heard of that sounds interesting, and post it up here.......keeps the blog fresh and reader-involved, and, of course, LESS WORK FOR ME!

    Anyway, found this on the Bay just this morning and it is wierd winner.....the orginl 2 disc Nuggets (Lenny Kaye's original compiltion before all the (highly welcomed) expansions and all), the original tracks,in the orders thatthy appeared, done up by a bunch of Australian garage bands, prety much ALL of which are unfamiliar to ME, any one from the great land of Oz hav some info about these bands?........I just thought, when I played it, that the great familiarty of these classic tunes, combined with the relative UN-familiarity (at least to me) of the perfomers makes for an irresistable combiniton, should appeal to Nugget rock fans, to fans of Aussie rock, fans of modern garage rock, and even fans of weird cover versions......I know I really enjoyed it on my first listening, see what you think and gimme a full report. Since I'm not familiar with the bands, I'll just point out a few that jumped at me upon first listening: Step Panther take on the hard-to-cover "Liar Liar" with odd results, Baptism of Uzi take on "Baby Please Don't Go" (good one), another hard to cover tune is "A Public Execution" , turned in here by the Tiny Migrants.......

    By the way, as a note of accuracy, the ENTIRE original Nuggets does not appear here, I notice the Blues Magoos "Tobacco Road" is amiss, as is the Vagrants cassic "Respect", and a few others....I have no idea WHY this is, tried to find out but didn't care all that much, maybe it was amatter of securing all the rights to everything or whatever, I REALLY DO wish it was a "complete" effort, would make it soooo much intersting, but it's plenty fun and entertining as it is.....think I need one of my "mates" in Autralia to check in with a bit more information on this one, should it be available.....

    by the way the correct title is:

    NUGGETS: ANTIPODEAN INTERPOLATIONS OF THE FIRST PSYCHEDELIC ERA-01 VELOCIAPTOR-I Had Too Much to Dream (Lst Night)/02 PEARLS-Dirty Water/03 THE STRIGHT ARROWS-Lies/04 TINY MIGRANTS-A Public Executon/05 THE LIVING EYES-Oh Yeah/06 DAVEY LANE-Moulty/07 PALMS-Don't Lok Back/08 EAGLE & THE WORM-An Invitation to Cry/09 STEP-PANTHER-Liar Liar/10 THE LURELS-You're Gonna Miss Me/11 THE MURLOCS-Psychotic Reaction/12 POND-Hey Joe/13 THE GOOCH PAMS-Just Like Romeo and Juliet/14 BAPTISM OF UZI-Baby Please Don't Go/15 THE FROWNING CLOWNS/16 MONTERO-My World Fell Down/17 KING GIZZARD AND THE LIZARD WIZARD-Open My Eys/18 BLOODS-Farmer John

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    When I was in high schol, around 1977-78, there was a local radio station in my city, it was calWBLY, they had both an AM staition and an FM, the FM, for a few years there in the late 1970's was the best radio station  have ever heard. TOTALLY freeform, the on-air personalities simply played what they wanted to play. No idiotic program directors, playlists, or anything else.....guys and gals good musical tastes played the stuff they liked and also what they thought needed to be introduced to the masses.....I've written about the famous WOXY and, to a lesser degree, KEXP, and in thier days, they were fine stations, but NO RADIO STATION could POSSIBLY (I really mean this) hold a dim candle to WBLY-FM in the late 1970's......

    During, I think, the summer of 1977, they introduced a new man run the midnight-6 show.....he was great, just fantastic......back in the 70's it was HARD to loacate ANY music outside the maintream, we would read about all the punk/new wave band in Trouser Press or New York Rocker, read reviews, salivate over the mail-order ads which were the only place we could get to HEAR any of this stuff (at a steep price)......this new guy, the midnight guy, his name was Marshall Phillips, and he had a ridiculous amount of vinyl, and GOOD SHIT TOO, Pistols, Clash, Dictators......Buzzcock, Dead Boys, Stranglers.......Runaways, Blondie, Ramones.......not JUST the punk stuff, also CLASSIC shit, the New York Dolls, the MC5, the Velvet Undeground, The well, asawesome classic metal from Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, Mott the Hoople.....simply, the GREATES music of the 60's and 70's.....on some nights he would play strictly by request, and his local following was so large and great there were NOT calls for "Free Bird" and "Slow Ride", which one could hear any hour of any day.......the requests were for SOMETHING DIFFERENT, and I was thrilled.....FINALLY, a radio personality with some TASTE, and with the balls enough to not play the latest cut from Foreigner ever fifteen minutes. When he'd announce a "strictly by request" block, he'd say, "But, please, let's stay away from stuff with a dead beat......after all, softrock is like skim milk".......truer words never spoken.

    I called him up one night and explained to him that I had very similar tastes in music to his own......he
    told me to come on down to the station, and, if I ddn't mind, could I pick him up a pack of Marlboros.......I was thrilled to death to do so, the station was only about 15 minutes from my home. We hit it off right away, and from then on he would, very generously, allow me to borrow albums from his collection, to take home and tape.......I had a few things HE didn't have, an it was exciting for me to hear, say, tracks from Love's "Forever Changes" ON THE RADIO?!?!? MY copy of it, no less! Great times those years were I'd visit him once a week or so and we'd swap albums to make knockoff copies, any baby right here want to say we were doing anything "wrong" is welcome to never visit this blog again.

    Well, at some point,it happened......WBLY hired a program director, who, of course, had a "better" idea......which of course was for WBLY-FM to basically drop the rock format (for AOR/pop), and you could hear the total misery in Marshall's voice as he had to announce some other track from Linda Rondstadt.....Boston.....or God knows who else......I once heard him play (as he pointed out "STRICTY by request") "Le Freak" by Chic.......literally, you could hear his teeth gnash. He was miserable, and, also, myself and my friends were prohibbited from visiting him at the station......

    Finally he was reprieved, moving to WTUE in Dayton, a long-established rock station, who still had pretty rigid playlists, LOTS of Zeppelin, Aerosmith, Stones, and "Classic Rock".....but evntually, it the acceptance of stuff like Nirvana and Smshing Pumpkins, he was onc again able to induge in some of the stuff he really did enjoy. We lost touch, for the most part, after he left the Sprinfield station (WBLY), I would still listen to him on occasion, still marveling at that mooth, made for radio voice, and occasionally calling in with a "request" for "It's Too Late" by the Jim Carroll Band or soon as he'd hear that rquest, he'd sigh and say "How you been, Scott?"

    My ultimate point is this: different people shape our tastes in music....perhaps wth this blog, I have
    influenced one or two of you in some small MY OWN lifetime, NOONE, and i DO MEAN NOONE, had a bigger influence on shaping my attitudes and tastes in music.....Marshall was the greatest, he LOVED (as I do) introducing others to sounds that they had not heard before, and (again, like me), it would simply make his day if somone would get back to him and tell him how much they enjoyed te album, or tape, or whatever, that was really the greatest gift one could give to him.

    Besides this, he was a super-intlectual, a left leaning Democrat who would discuss politics with you for hours on end, never taking the condescending view so-many political debaters take, he simply loved and enjoyed taking about poltical issues and was extremely knowledgeable. On top of this, he was one of the nicest, politest, and just plain BEST human beings I have ever met.

    Marshall Phillips, I thank you for a lifetime of musical wealth that you provided me......thank you for opening my ears to somthing NEW, something DIFFERENT, and makin me understand that there is more to life/music than "Stairway to Heaven" or "Purple Haze" five times a day......there was always music, GOD music, out there, that you jus had to look for.....

    On Sunday 10/5/14, Marshall Phillips was found dead in his apartment in Piqua Ohio. He had been having some health issues the past couple years, cause of death: natural.......he was 58 years old....I just want to say I will miss him, an will always appeciate the influence he had on my musical tastes, not just WHAT to listen to, but HOW TO listen to it, and HOW TO appreciate the fact that EVERYONE won't share our love for this music and too each his own.

    I've been through a LOT of deaths in my life, they all affect me in different ways. I am not doing well with this one, although we haven't been close for years, maybe it can be compared to the loss of a special teacher or military office who taught you a lot and helped make you what you are. Please rest in peace, and if possible, continue to rock it hard from the other side, we'll all wind up there eventually.......thank you for being a friend, and for all you did for me.....I will always miss you and think about the great times and all that I learned from you.......just thank you.....

    I'm not doing well with his, sorry, I hope putting it in writing will help me to get a grip on things.....

    0 0

    Okeeee, from Texas  comes this strange bunch, who seem to specalize in "funakfying" existing
    classic Black Sabbath tracks, using horns, stringes, etc.....I assume the members are mostly African American, thus the NAME of the band and the concept would make a little sense, and no matter what the case I commend them.......I've always said there is no bigger wase of time than covering somone else's song, and making a slavish, carbon-copy version of the original, which is so often why triubute albums fall flat.......Someone in  band (and I swear I forget who) once said that after performing the same song live over and over again, you start to hate the damn song and begin doing horrible things to it.......well, wait until you hear these Sabbath tracks you've been hearing for 40 years, done up TOTALLY different, and, while to a degree humorous (come on, it IS) there is NO QUESTION, they took someone else's songs and DID SOMETHING UNIQUE WITH THEM. Some will hate this, no question, but I think it's pretty cool to be honest with you.......the Black Angels vocalist even pops in on the opener, "The Wizard" which is cool in and of itself.......these Sabbath tunes are all from the first three Sabbath (classic) albums, and I promise you likely didn't consider previously, hearing them in THIS format

    PART 1-01 The Wizard/02 Iron Man/03 N.I.B./04 Black Sabbath

    PART 2-01 Hand of Doom/02 Into the Void/03 Planet Caravan

    As always, especially with these more "out there" posts, YA GOTTA GIMME A FULL REPORT on what ya think about this, if you hate it, THAT THERE EXACTLY is why Baskin Roberts has 31 flavours.......get it? Just listen to it, if you hate it, let US KNOW......if you love it, LET US KNOW......we're just trying to see how you chance-takers react to some bizarre-ass this one!

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  • 10/09/14--23:25: The Dead Kennedys (Part 1)
  • I am becoming more and more frustrated with this computer, this is the THIRD time I have
    tried to compose this, it simply is being eatten by the computer.....I am afraid I am
    going to HAVE TO go and purchase a new one this week, at the risk of my sanity......the
    Dead Kennedys were a hardcore crew from San Francisco in the early 1980's, leader Jello
    Biafra has long been a vocal advocate of free speech, and an avowed critic of censorship,
    much as I myself attempt to be, so more power to him......Ticket Master would not even
    print the band's name on it's tickets when they toured, referring to them as the "DK's",
    much like the current Washington Redskins fiasco.
    The early lineup, by the way, was Biafra on vocals, guitarists East Bay Ray and 6025,
    drummer Ted, and bassist Klaus Floride, they cranked out a Pistols-like din, although
    unlike the Pistols who sseemingly were motivated by anger, the Kennedy's, fronted by
    Biafra's helium induced yelp, seemed inspired by fear of the world in which they lived.
    So, album #1, 1980's "Fresh Fruit For Rotting Vegetables" is thier best, an important
    album in the context of its release, and quite enjoyable to listen to today.....a fine
    album, stacked with the likes of "Kill the Poor", "Let's Lynch the Landlord", "California
     Uber Alles", "Holiday In Cambodia" and LOTS want this, if you've not heard
    it, a couple of more notes: even the Ramones would not be able to keep up with the speedy
    "Drug Me", and, for some reason (much to my surprise), my favorite track on the original
    album has been removed from the CD reissues ("Police Truck"), which is no prob as we'll
    just use my conveniant VINYL RIP for this one!

    Next up was the great EP "In God We Trust Inc", which is also stacked with some fine
    shit, notably the graphic "Religious Vomit" and perhaps their best known track, "Nazi
    Punks Fuck Off" which helped to shed some light on skinhead attrocities in the Bay Area
    at the time. A note: the original cassette release (I don't have one) has all 8 tracks on
    one side, the B-side being blank, with the following note: "Home Taping Is Killing record
    industry profits. We left this side blank so you can help".......gotta admire that, and
    Bow Wow Wow used the same tactic on "Your Cassette Pet"
    So, next release for the lads was 1982's "Plastic Surgery Disasters", a pretty good
    effort which features such material as "Winnebago Warrior" and "Terminal Preppie", among
    others, although IMO not up to the standards of the earlier releases.
    1985's "Frankenchrist" is also a fairly so-so effort, with occasional winners like "Soup
    Is Good Food", and "MTV-Get Off the Air".......the final "official" release was 1986's
    "Bedtime For Democracy", and the joke was about similar bands, this could
    only go on for so's here, should you want the complete set....
    Because, I have a metric shit tonne of boots and other stuff to throw at ya
    tomorrow.....I think I'll put up a few of them today to balance things out.....first up,
    a 1978 Demo Tape, with early and raw (!) versions of stuff from the first few discs, such
    as "Kill the Poor" and "Holiday In Cambodia", rough to listen to, to a degree, but fairly
    rare and intersting for fans.
    I think for today I will wrap it up with "Skateboard Party", a German live boot, also not
    the best sound quality I've ever heard, but lots of fired up versions of the early stuff,
    including the first mention (thusfar today) of "Too Drunk To Fuck", which is, of course
    another of thier "classics"......
    OK chumps, pay attention.....I have a WHOLE BUNCH MORE of this stuff for tomorrow, boots,
    EP's, all kindsa good stuff.....and this entire collection is dedicated to the memory of
    Marshall Phillips (see yesterday), He would have liked this post, I think, so Marshall,
    my friend, this one is for YOU. Rest In Peace Brother!

    FRESH FRUIT FOR ROTTING VEGETABLES-01 Kill the Poor/02 Forward to Death/03 When Ya Get
    Drafted/04 Let's Lynch the Landlord/05 Police Truck/06 Drug Me/07 Your Emotions/08
    Chemical Warfare/09 California Uber Alles/10 I Kill Children/11 Stealing People's Mail/12
    Funland at the Beach/13 Ill in the Head/14 Holiday In Cambodia/15 Viva Los Vegas

    IN GOD WE TRUST (EP)-01 Religious Vomit/02 Moral Majority/03 Hyperactive Child/04 Kepone
    Factory/05 Dog Bite/06 Nazi Punks Fuck Off/07 We've Got a Bigger Problem Now/08 Rawhide

    PLASTIC SURGERY DISASTERS-01 Government Flu/02 Terminal Preppie/03 Trust Your Mechanic/04
    Well Paid Scientist/05 Buzzbomb/06 Forrest Fire/07 Halloween/08 Winnebago Warrior/09
    Riot/10 Bleed For Me/11 I Am the Owl/12 Dead End/13 Moon Over Marin

    FRANKENCHRIST-01 Soup Is Good Food/02 Hellnation/03 This Could Be Anywhere (This Could Be
    Everywhere)/04 A Growing Boy Needs His Lunch/05 Chicken Farm/06 Jock-O-Rama (Invasion of
    the Beef Patrol)/07 Goons of Hazzard/08 MTV-Get Off the Air/09 At My Job/10 Stars and
    Stripes of Corruption

    BEDTIME FOR DEMOCRACY-01 Take This Job and Shove it/02 Hop With the Jet Set/03 Dear
    Abby/04 Rembozo the Clown/05 Fleshdunce/06 The Great Wall/07 Shrink/08 Triumph of the
    Swill/09 Macho Insecurity/10 I Spy/11 Cesspools In Eden/12 One Way Ticket To Pluto/13 Do
    the Slag/14 A Commercial/15 Gone With My Wind/16 Anarchy For Sale/17 Chickenshit
    Conformist/18 Where Do Ya Draw the Line/19 Potshot Heard 'Round the World/19 DMSO/20 Lie

    1978 DEMO TAPE-01 Kepone Kids/02 Dreadlocks of the Suburbs/03 Rawhide/04 Mutations of
    Today/05 Cold Fish/06 Forward to Death/07 viva Las Vegas/08 Unknown/09 Unknown/10 Forward
    to Death/11 California Uber Alles/12 Your Emotions/13 Kill the Poor/14 Holiday In
    Cambodia/15 Kidnap/16 Man With the Dogs/17 I KIll Children

    SKATEBOARD PARTY-01 Holiday In Cambodia/02 Let's Lynch the Landlord/03 Chemical
    Warfare/04 Nazi Punks Fuck Off/05 We've Got a Bigger Problem Now/06 Too Drunk to Fuck/07
    Kill the Poor/08 Man With a Dog/09 Forward to Death/10 Kepone Factory/11 Life Sentence/12
    Trust Your MEchanic/13 Moral Majority/14 Forest Fire/15 Winnebago Warrior/16 Police
    Jerk/17 Bleed For Me......

    Please share and comment, in memory of my great friend who passed away this past
    weekend....Marshall Phillips had more influence on my musical tastes than did ANYONE, this blog likely would not exist were it not for him introducing me to so much great music.......please leave a comment, just in memory of Marhsall, 1956-2014, a great guy, a great friend, and a tremendous influence on my musical tastes......sorry to keep talking about this, but this just SUCKS, I love you Marshall and THANK YOU FOR ALL YOU DID FOR ME.......
    Tomorrow, LOTS more Dead Kennedys' boots, EP's rarities and the like, you know your uncle won't leave you hangin!

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  • 10/10/14--15:04: Dead Kennedys Part 2
  • So after yesterday's summarization of the Dead Kennedy's basic studio output, I have a bunch more
    stuff of thiers today,
    enough so that back in the good ol' days I'd have titled this "The Best Dead Kennedys post, EVER", back before titles such as
    that recieved so much criticism from the superior blogs out there. Lots of live stuff, some EP's, let us see what all we case you're specifically looking for them, yesterday's post, in addition to the studio releases, included a 1978
    demo tape and a German boot "Skateboard Party".
    1984's "Never Been on MTV" boasts great sound quality, as well as a version of "Police Truck", the track which was oddly
    dropped from the CD versions of "Fresh Fruit" of the better boots you'll hear from the Kennedys, closing with a
    slamming duo of "Nazi Punks Fuck Off" and "We've Got a Bigger Problem Now"...recommended.

    "Give Me Convenience Or Give Me Death" is a fine compilation of rare tracks and B-sides, including another stab at "Police
    Truck", also gems like "Kinky Sex Makes the World Go Round" and "Night of the Living Rednecks"......the fine non-LP track
    "Too Drunk To Fuck" is here, also a version of "I fought the Law", a winner and highly recommended.
    Released in 1992, we have "Spend July 4 With DK" is a fairly run of the mill live set, a German release of a 1982 London show, fairly predictable set list....not bad, not spectacular.
    "Mutiny On the Bay" is an official live release, culled from four different San Francisco shows from 1982-86, all quite good versions of an approximation of a "Greatest Hits" lineup, I do recommend this one as well, quite good.
    "Live at the Deaf Club, 3/3/79" is a somewhat sloppy bootleg, one of those "more interesting than listenable" efforts, notable for the inclusion of a "disco version" of "Kill the Poor", as well as a version of "Back in the USSR" of the band will find it essential, the casual listener might not so much.
    Now, "Live and Alive" is a bootleg comprised of tracks from OTHER live bootlegs, such as the ones here ("Skateboard Party", "Never Been on MTV", etc).....being too lazy to check to see if there is ANY non-overlapping tracks, I'm going to go ahead and include it here. 
    I have an Old Waldorf show from 1979 (unsure of the EXACT date) which seems fairly rare, it's a short and energetic set loaded with stuff from "Fresh Fruit", closing with the strange choice of "Dreadlocks of the Suburbs".

    Finally, I have something which is labeled as "Jello's REvenge", confusingly, the first nine tracks are taken from the above Old Waldorf set, EXCEPT FOR "Police Truck"! Did I miss something about that song? I swear I don't remember any controversy or anything about it, my memory is slipping me, not that it exactly glorifies police work or anything, but I swear I recall no official "ban" on it or anything......the remainder of the "Jello's Revenge" is from a 1985 show (The Farm, San Francisco), so pay attention, I am going to include both here, I hope I have explained the difference adequately, but if there WAS some actual controversy over "Police Truck" I want to make sure and re-ignite it if possible.
    That's about all I have, I had a flexi-disc around here that had some of their stuff on it, not sure if it has anything non-overlapping on it, can't find it anyway.......anyone with any stuff from the Dead Kennedys that I haven't got, please assist the completists, they had a lot of good material and seemingly (I never saw them) were quite a live band as well, and, as is always important to me, they stood up for the rights of the individual. At least that is something.

    NEVER BEEN ON MTV-01 Police Truck/02 Hop With the Jet Set/03 A Child and His Lawnmower/04 Religious Vomit/05 Do the Slag/06 Moral Majority/07 MTV Get Off the Air/08 Live Sentence/09 Macho Rama/10 Goons of Hazzard/11 Riot/Bleed For Me/12 Nazi Punks Fuck Off/13 We've Got a Bigger Problem Now

    GIVE ME CONVENIENCE OR GIVE ME DEATH-01 Police Truck/02 Too Drunk to Fuck/03
    California Uber Alles/04 The Man With the Dogs/05 Insight/06 Life Sentence/07 A Child and His Lawnmower/08 Holiday In Cambodia/09 I Fought the Law/10 Saturday Night Holocaust/11 Pull My Strings/12 Short Songs/13 Straight A's/14 Kinky Sex Makes the World Go Round/15 The Prey/16 Night of the Living Rednecks/17 Buzzbomb From Pasadena

    SPEND JULY 4 WITH THE DK-01 Intro/02 Bleed For Me/03 Keep On Factory/04 Forward to Death/05 Dog Bite/06 Life Sentence/07 Trust Your Mechanic/08 Moral Majority/09 The Man With The Dogs/10 Halloween/11 Riot/12 Nazi Punks Fuck Off/13 Too Drunk To Fuck/14 When Ya Get Drafted/15 Rawhide

    MUTINY ON THE BAY-01 Intro/02 Police Truck/03 Kill The Poor/04 Holiday In Cambodia/05 Moon Over Marin/06 California Uber Alles/07 MTV-Get Off the Air/08 Too Drunk To Fuck/09 Goons of Hazzard/10 This Could Be Anywhere/11 Forward to Death/12 I Am the Owl/13 Hellnation/14 Riot

    LIVE AT THE DEAF CLUB-01 Intro/02 Kill the Poor (Disco Version)/03 Back In Rhodesia/04 Man With the Dogs/05 Gaslight/06 California Uber Alles/07 Ill In the Head/08 Straight A's/09 Short Songs/10 Holiday In Cambodia/11 Police Truck/12 Forward To Death/13 Have I The Right/14 back in the USSR/15 Viva Las Vegas

    LIVE AND ALIVE-01 Man With the Dog/02 Forward to Death/03 Keep On Factory/04 Live Sentence/05 Trust Your Mechanic/06 Moral Majority/07 Forest Fire/08 Winnebago Warrior/09 Police Truck/10 Holiday In Cambodia/11 Let's Lynch the Landlord/12 Chemical Warfare/13 California Uber Alles/14 Too Drunk To Fuck/15 Hop With the Jet Set/16 A Child and His Lawn Mower/17 Religious Vomit/18 MTV-Get Off the Air/19 Rock O Rama/20 Goons of Hazzard/21 Bleed For Me/22 Nazi Pigs Fuck Off (We've Got a Bigger Problem Now)

    THE OLD WALDORF 1979-01 Police Truck/02 Holiday In Cambodia/03 Chemical Warfare/04 Ill
    In the Head/05 Short Songs/06 California Uber Alles/07 Kill the Poor/08 Funland at the Beach/09 When Ya Get Drafted/10 Dreadlocks of the Suburbs

    JELLO'S REVENGE-01 Holiday In Cambodia/02 Chemical Warfare/03 Ill In the Head/04 Short Songs/05 California Uber Alles/06 Kill the Poor/07 Funland at the Beach/08 When Ya Get Drafted/09 Dreadlocks of the Suburbs/10 Take This Job and Shove It/11 Macho Insecurity/12 Man With the Dogs/13 Soup Is Good Food/14 Too Drunk To Fuck/15 MTV Get Off the Air/16 A Child and His Lawnmower/17 One Way Ticket to Pluto/18 Lie Detector

    Hope you guys enjoy them........good luck Royals in the ALCS!

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  • 10/11/14--17:18: UK Subs

  • Sort of hard, actually, to, in 2014 take much of an objective look at the career of the UK Subs for a
    few reasons.....for one, they were formed in 1976 by singer Charlie Harper, bassist Paul Slack, guitarist Nicky Garratt, and a bunch of drummers, the steadiest of the early ones was Steven J the close to 40 (!) years since, Harper is the only constant, they have had (well) over a hundred other members (a complete list appears on their Wikipedia page if you don't beleive me).....I don't really take bands seriously that go through that kind of personnel numbers, nor, in general, do I generally garner much enjoyment out of ANY band that still thinks they have creative ideas remaining after they have been recording for 38 years. They tredge on even today, honestly, I honestly don't want to hear any of the stuff from this century, perhaps my loss, but I'll deal with it.....
    I could just skip them altogether, save for one factor.....back in the mid-late 1970's they did release a truly great series of singles, I don't think (I may be forgetting) that they ever did release a great "album", but the collected singles comps and live albums work quite well, so that is the focus of what I have, I'll have to check to see if I even HAVE any of the early "proper" albums, I may have one or two.
    The best, and most comprehensive of the singles collections seems, in my opinion, to be "The Complete Punk Singles Collection", containing all the classic earliest stuff ("Stranglehold", "Tomorrow's Girls", "Warhead" and all the others, along with some rare finds, EP tracks like "Hey! Santa". The second disc of this collection is newer stuff, from the 1990's and the like, I assume fans of this band will already have these, casual fans like me probably won't care for it all that much. But I'm not going to break up the set, decide for yourself if you wanna hear it!
    "Live Kicks" is a fairly smoldering live recording from a show at the Roxy, recorded I think in 1977 (released in 1980), evidently they were a fabulous live act.....would have enjoyed seeing them. I also came up with thier very first album, 1979's "Another Kind of Blues" which reprises alot of the early singles that I enjoy so much in the company of their fellow singles on "The Complete Punk Singles"......there is some filler here, it's a rare call for me, but I do recommend the comp, the first disc of it anyway, over the debut.

    I've got a few other compilations here, there is a BUNCH of overlap with the great singles I have
    referenced's a tough band to through the track lists below, start with the first disc of "The Complete Punk Singles" and "Live Kicks" and see if any of the other comps sounds appealing to could probably, depending on your tastes, pare this down to about four discs worth of stuff you like. Sorry, it's a hard band to sort out, DEFINITELY NOT "album" oriented artists, their place was the single and they managed it well, there is a lot of overlap here, granted, but take your time and cherry pick and you'll have as fine a UK punk singles anthology as you could hope for!
    THE COMPLETE PUNK SINGLES DISC 1-01 CID/02 Stranglehold/03 Tomorrow's Girls/04 She's Not Their/05 Warhead/06 Teenage/07 Party In paris/08 Keep On Runnin' (Til You Burn)/09 Countdown/10 Self Destruct/11 Another Typical City/12 Private Army/13 This Gun Says/14 New Barbarians (Live)/15 Hey! Santa
    THE COMPLETE PUNK SINGLES DISC 2-01 Motivator/02 Sabre Dance (Extended Version)/03 Jodie Foster/04 Post Card From LA/05 Betrayal/06 War on the Pentagon/07 Day of the Dead/08 Cyberjunk/09 Riot '98/10  Reclaim the Street/11 Drunken Sailor/12 666 Yeah/13 Warhead 2008
    LIVE KICKS-01 BIC/02 I Couldn't Be You/03 I Live In a Car/04 Tomorrow's Girls/05 Stranglehold/06 Illegal/07 CID/08 No Rules (Victim)/09 Lady Esquire/10 Telephone Numbers/11 World War/12 Disease
    ANOTHER KIND OF BLUES-01 CID/02 I Couldn't Be You/03 I Live In a Car/04 Tomorrow's Girls/05 Killer/06 World War/07 Rockers/08 IOD/09 TV Blues/10 Blues/11 Lady Esquire/12 All I Wanna Know/13 Crash Course/14 Young Criminals/15 BIC/16 Disease/17 Stranglehold
    THE PUNK IS BACK (1995)-01 ORganized Crime/02 Bomb Factory/03 Dirty Girls/04 Waiting For The man/05 Rat Race/06 Teenage/07 Warhead/08 Sensitive Boys/09 CID (Live)/10 Tomorrow's Girls/Left For Dead (Live)/11 She's Not There/12 Kicks/13 I Don't Need Your Love/14 Limo Life/15 Cocaine
    THE VERY BEST OF (BEFORE YOU WERE A PUNK)-01 CID/02 Tomorrow's Girls/03 Stranglehold/04 Teenage/05 Emotional Blackmail/06 Warhead/07 New York State Police/08 Party In Paris/09 Endangered Species/10 Down on the Farm/11 Shoot You Down/12 Count You Down/13 Apocalypse Now/14 Police State/15 Self Destruct/16 War of the Roses/17 Holy Land/18 Motivator/19 Postcard From LA/20 Nobody Move/21 Riot/22 Rebel Radio/23 Preacher/24 House Of Cards/25 Lost Not Found/26 Music For the Deaf/27 Stay Away (Nirvana Tribute)/28 I Need a Life (UK Subs vs Damned)
    ORIGINAL PUNKS, ORIGINAL HITS DISC 1-01 CID/02 Barbie's Dead/03 All I Want To
    Know/04 Tomorrow's Girls/05 Rat Race/06 TV Blues/07 Brand New Age/08 She's Not There/09 Fall of the Empire/10 I Couldn't Be You/11 Lady ESquire/12 Scum of the Earth/13 Warhead/14 Young Criminals/15 Telephone Numbers/16 New York State Police/17 Stranglehold/18 500cc/19 Face the Machine/20 Kicks/21 Party In paris/22 I Live In a Car/23 Teenage
    ORIGINAL PUNKS, ORIGINAL HITS DISC 2-01 You Don't Belong/02 Rockers/03 The Same Thing/04 Violent City/05 World War/06 BIC/07 Blues/08 Crash Course/09 Emotional Blackmail/10 Emotional Blackmail (2)/11 Dirty Girls/12 Left For Dead/13 Organized Crime/14 Victim/15 You Can't Take It Anymore/16 Public Servant/17 Time & Matter/18 The Harper/19 So What/20 New Order/21 Perfect Girl/22 Gangster/23 Disease

    Mull these over, sorry for so much overlap, but the live album smokes, and between the rest, you can probably make a comp you will really enjoy......btw the single "Down on the Farm" was covered to fine effect (IMO) on Guns N Roses "The Spaghetti Incident?" always, comments and requests are always appreciated, let me know how I'm doing with this stuff......hope everyone is enjoying the attempt at variety!

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    This post is not going to be a joke, although a portion of it will be repeated from an older "rarities"
    post.....I am going to post ALL of my Velvet Underground stuff here over the enxt three days, and there is a good bit of it, when studio albums, live stuff (official and boot, both), rarities discs and other abound here.....and the Velvets deserve to have every note of thier glorious career documented for anyone who wishes to hear them in all their was once said that the first album sold but 30,000 copies, but each of those 30,000 people who made the purchase started a band of their own. They were THAT influential, argueably THE most influential rock band of the last 50 years.
    Tonight I am going to put up their brilliant original studio albums, with one slight caveat....I had to decide between using my original vinyl rip CD's, or using the killer 5-disc box set "Peel SLowly and See"......a difficult choice, but I finally decided on the box set. The reason is, not only are the vinyl rips really in pretty rough condition, but the box set includes a ton of demos and the like which we could not find elsewhere....the one downside to posting the digital is the CD version of "Sister Ray" (from "White Light White Heat") is one of those tracks that they need to digitalize over again, as there are sheets of guitar noise on it which absolutely disappear when played on CD......we will remedy this with a boot in the next day or two which has NOTHING but versions of "Sister Ray" on it. The rest of the digital versions make up for it in crispy clean sound which subtly rocks out as it did on my turntable in my beadroom back in the mid 1970's. So let us begin......

    The first disc of "Peel SLowly and See" is a bunch of demos......all lengthy, all OBVIOUSLY demos, and all worth your time.....there is an 18 minute "All Tomorrow's Parties", a 13 minute "Heroin", 15 minute version of "Venus In Furs"......these are the bare bones versions, performed by Lou Reed, John Cale, and Sterling Morrison, before the Andy Warhol/Nico intervension that would occur before album #1 appeard.And album #1, "The Velvet Underground and Nico", appears here as Disc 2 of "Peel Slowly and See".....the lineup for this effort: Reed, Cale, Morrison, Maureen Tucker, and the infamous Nico......when referring to the track list below, take note, tracks #2-#12 are the original album as released, Track #1 is the "single Version" of "All Tomorrow's Parties" , then tracks #13-15 are three rarities you will not wish to miss, and it is THIS stuff that is the reason for using the box say that the "rarities" are must-hear brilliant is incredible understatement. This album ("Nico") is a five star classic going away, and is without question my LEAST FAVORITE of their official releases.......where to start? "I'm Waiting For The Man", "Femme Fatale", "Venus in Furs", "The Black Angels Death Song", the mind melting "European Son"........simply stated, there had NEVER been anything like this in recorded  music before, EVER.

    So, then the third disc of "Peel Slowly", (pay attention) is the SECOND studio album by the Velvets, and is MY personal favorite.....ditching Nico, "White Light White Heat is back to a lineup of Reed/Cale/Morrison/and it contains the legend that is "Sister Ray", the brain-exploding "I Heard Her Call My Name", and the absolutley indescribable (YOU try and describe it) "The Gift", in this format, tracks #8-#13 are the original release, tracks #1-#7 are some live and demo tracks, and #14-#16 are some studio rarities, including "Stephanie Says", that you won't want to miss....."White Light White Heat" is one of those albums that for which five stars simply isn't enough, it's one of the greatest albums of all time.....did you know the cover (of the vinyl version) which appears to be a plain black cover with white lettering on it, will reveal a drawing of a skull when held up to a black shoulda been there when I discovered THAT.

    OK, FOURTH disc of the box set, THIRD album of the career, is "The Velvet Underground", replaces Cale with Doug Yule and is a 5-star masterpiece as well, on this one, the original album ("closet mix") is laid out as Track #2-#11, track #1 is a fine live "What Goes On" (one of thier best live numbers), and #12-#18 are another handful of studio rarities, live, and demos, including the fab "Lisa Says" that I've always loved from the live album and was thrilled to finally hear in studio version....the "official album" includes classics such as "The Murder Mystery", "What Goes On", "Pale Blue Eyes" (later covered effectively by Hole", and the great "Beginning to See the Light" ("Some wine in the morning, and breakfast at night").....another fantastic album.

    If you are following along, Disc five (of the box) is the fourth and final disc of their career, "Loaded" (same lineup as previous album), presented here as Reed originally wished for it to be released.....the most accessible of their albums, and many people's favorite.....the classic "Sweet Jane", only one of the greatest rock songs ever written, "Rock And Roll" ("her life was saved by rock n roll"), the under appreciated "Cool It Down", "Oh! Sweet Nuthin'", and of course MORE, this of course is a classic of the five-star variety as well......on this one, Tracks #1-#10 are the original LP, and tracks #11-#19 are another grab bag of studio tracks, the great "Ocean", "Satellite of Love" (featured prominently in the movie "Adventureland" if you were paying attention), a live "I'll Be Your Mirror".....what in the name of God are you waiting for, if you don't have these, all I can say is WHY THE HELL NOT?

    This should be enough to get you you whom are already initiated into this fraternity,
    tomorrow will bring a windfall of live stuff, rare stuff, just STUFF YOU WANT TO HAVE......they never released a note that was short of brilliant (BIG exception: the album Doug Yule attempted to make after Reed left, can't remember the name of it and don't care to).....other than that, the next two days are my gift to the world, a boat load of incredible, brilliant, decades ahead of it's time music, that the world is STILL, today, attempting to keep up with.

    PEEL SLOWLY AND SEE DISC 1-01 Venus In Furs (demo)/02 Prominent Men (demo)/03 Heroin (demo)/04 I'm Waiting For the Man (demo)/05 Wrap Your Troubles In Dreams (demo)/06 All Tomorrow's Parties (demo)

    All Tomorrow's Parties (Single Version)/02 Sunday Morning/03 I'm Waiting For The Man/04 Femme Fatale/05 Venus In Furs/06 Run Run Run/07 All Tomorrow's Parties/08 Heroin/09 There She Goes Again/10 I'll Be Your Mirror/11 The Black Angels Death Song/12 European Son/13 Melody Laughter (Live)/14 It Was a Pleasure Then/15 Chelsea Girls

    PEEL SLOWLY AND SEE DISC 3 (includes WHITE LIGHT WHITE HEAT)-01 There Is no Reason (demo)/02 Sheltered Life (demo)/03 It's All Right (The Way That You Live) (demo)/04 I'm Not Too Sorry (Now That You're Gone) (demo)/05 Here She Comes Now (demo)/06 Guess I'm Falling In Love (live)/07 Booker T (Live)/08 White Light/White Heat/09 The Gift/10 Lady Godiva's Operation/11 Here She Comes Now/12 I Heard Her Call My Name/13 Sister Ray/14 Stephanie Says/15 Temptation Inside Your Heart/16 Hey Mr. Rain (Version One)

    PEEL SLOWLY AND SEE DISC 4 (Includes THE VELVET UNDERGROUND)01 What Goes On (live)/02 Candy Says/03 What Goes On/04 Some Kinda Love/05 Pale Blue Eyes/06 Jesus/07 Beginning To See the Light/08 I'm Set Free/09 That's the Story of My Life/10 The Murder Mystery/11 After Hours/12 Foggy Notion/13 I Can't Stand It/14 I'm Sticking With You/15 One of These Days/16 Lisa Says/17 It's Just Too Much (live)/18 Countess From Hong Kong (demo)

    PEEL SLOWLY AND SEE DISC 5 (Inludes LOADED)-01 Who Loves the Sun/02 Sweet Jane (Full Length Version)/03 Rock and Roll/04 Cool It Down/05 New Age (Full Length Version)/06 Head Held High/07 Lonesome Cowboy Bill/08 I Found a Reason/09 Train Round the Bend/10 Oh! Sweet Nuthin'/11 Satellite of Love/12 Walk and Talk/13 Oh Gin/14 Sad Song/15 Ocean/16 Ride Into the Sun/17 Some Kinda Love (live)/18 I'll Be Your Mirror (live)/19 I Love You

    OK, obviously this is no damn joke.......and this is the tip of the iceberg......if you have holes in your Velvet Underground collection, they will be filled in.......if you are a novice, well, what are you doing here? Simply one of the greatest rock n roll bands that ever plugged in the amps.

    0 0

    Well, what could possibly be better than all those fabulous Velvet Underground albums yesterday, fleshed out with all of those very cool demos and stuff? Well, they were a fantastic live band as well, due to the era of their greatness, the boots are often not of the greatest sound quality, but you live with it as it is a chance to hear one of the greatest of all bands in the act once again. On the other hand, one "official" live release, "Live 1969" (a double disc entry presented here as a wonderful vinyl rip) is one of the great live albums of all....."Live at Max's" sound quality is pretty rough, and the boots here are too, but it's worthwhile, for the most part. Today I'll get a bunch of live stuff up, tomorrow I will have some MORE  live stuff as well as a stack of rarities discs and the like......I do stress, get them if you want them, please don't be contacting me a year from now asking me to "reup them" (I've had a spate of that lately, and just REALLY can't do it for everyone (as I've said before,  will ONLY do it if you contribute SOMETHING to make the blog better).

    So, "Live 1969" I said, we have a fine vinyl rip here, sounds great, and is one of the best live albums of all time. Tremendously different (from the original versions) of "New Age" (superior) and "Sweet Jane" (inferior), also an absolutley stunning "What Goes On", the best available versions of "Ocean" and "Lisa Says".....arguably their best album, although, in case it isn't obvious, I consider all of them fairly essential.

    "Live at Max's Kansas City" is decent, listen for the alleged voice of Jim Carroll throughout in the audience, asking someone , (allegedly Patti Smith) for a "truinall" or something......"Beginning to See the Light" and a truer-to-the original "Sweet Jane" standout.

    Next up are is the rare, three disc "Quine Tapes", culled from various shows in 1969, mostly in San Francisco but a few others......all three include a version of "Sister Ray", the shortest of which is 24 minutes, the longest a staggering 38 minutes.....Disc 1 includes the lesser-known  "I Can't Stand It" and "I'm Sticking With You", as well as  great renditions of "What Goes On" and "Waiting For the Man"......lesser-known gem on disc 2 is the opener "Follow the Leader", this disc contains the aforementioned mammoth "Sister Ray".....finally Disc 3 leads with a slamming "Rock and Roll",  the not-often performed live "Ride Into the Sun" and "The Black Angel's Death Song".

    OK, here come some boots of questionable sound quality, be forewarned.....I'm putting them up because I'm emptying the vault.....these are ancient for the most part, but please appreciate them as historical artifacts.....first up is a double disc set from right up the road from me in Columbus Ohio, from 1966 (I was four!), lengthy workouts on "Melody laughter" (30:34) and "The Nothing Song" (29:07) at least seperates this from the others a bit.

    From 1967 comes a set from the Gymnasium in NYC, THIS one's odd-ball is "I'm Not a Young Man Anymore", and an obligatory long  "Sister Ray"....sounding a bit better is a set from 1971, The Amsterdam Concerthouse.....and you know what? This one contains a bunch that they rarely performed as well, "Spare Change", "Pretty Tree Climber", "Back On the Farm", and "Dopey Joe"......also good to have a live take of "Cool It Down". These sets, while not always sounding the greatest, are as far from uninteresting as they could possibly be.

    Last one for today is a Boston set from 1968, maybe the worst sounding set of the bunch (audience recording AND split into 2 discs as it is a FLAC recording), still QUITE listenable and interesting, and if you want "Move Right In", this is the only live version that I have.
    OK, that is going to have to be it for today, this may actually have to go four days instead of the three I anticipated, I DO  have a LIFE ya know (baseball playoffs on TV actually)......if you want em, grab em, here they are, and stay tuned there is a BUNCH more stuff yet to come that may come as unknown even to fans of the band......obviously this is a favorite band of mine, and I don't want to miss a beat.....AND if you have anything that I am missing (a good chance, I think every note they ever recorded is available SOMEWHERE, please contribute it so we can all have our "ideal" Velvet Underground stash, but I DO have a full two more days worth of stuff, including more live boots. Enjoy and please comment if you see fit.

    LIVE 1969 DISC 1-01 Waiting For the Man/02 Lisa Says/03 What Goes On/04 Sweet Jane/05 We're Gonna Have a Real Good Time Together/06 Femme Fatale/07 New Age/08 Rock and Roll/09 Beginning To See the Light/10 Ocean/11 Pale Blue Eyes/12 Heroin

    LIVE 1969 DISC 2-01 Some Kinda Love/02 Over You/03 Sweet Bonnie Brown/It's Just Too Much/04 White Light White Heat/05 I'll Be Your Mirror

    LIVE AT MAX'S KANSAS CITY-01 I'm Waiting For the Man/02 Sweet Jane/03 Lonesome Cowboy Bill/04 Beginning To See the Light/05 I'll Be Your Mirror/06 Pale Blue Eyes/07 Sunday Morning/08 New Age/09 Femme Fatale/10 After Hours

    QUINE TAPES DISC 1-01 I'm Waiting For the Man/02 It's just Too Much/03 What Goes On/04 I Can't Stand It/05 Some Kinda Love/06 Foggy Notion/07 Femme Fatale/08 After Hours/09 I'm Sticking With You/10 Sunday Morning/11 Sister Ray

    QUINE TAPES DISC 2-01 Follow the Leader/02 White Light White Heat/03 Venus In Furs/04 Heroin/05 Sister Ray

    QUINE TAPES DISC 3-01 Rock and Roll/02 New Age/03 Over You/04 The Black Angel's Death Song/05 I'm Waiting For the Man/06 Ride Into the Sun/07 Sister Ray/Foggy Notion

    COLUMBUS OHIO 11/4/66 DISC 1-01 Melody Laughter/02 Femme Fatale/03 Venus In Furs/04 The Black Angel's Death Song/05 All Tomorrow's Parties

    COLUMBUS OHIO 11/4/66 DISC 2-01 I'm Waiting For the man/02 Heroin/03 Run Run Run/04 The Nothing Song

    THE GYMNASIUM NYC 4/30/67-01 I'm Not a Young Man Anymore/02 Guess I'm Falling In Love/03 I'm Waiting For the Man/04 Run Run Run/05 Sister Ray

    AMSTERDAM CONCERTHOUSE 11/19/71-01 Waiting For the Man/02 Spare Change/03 Some Kinda Love/04 White Light White Heat/05 Pretty Tree Climber/06 What Goes On/07 Cool It Down/08 Back On the Farm/09 Oh! Sweet Nuthin'/10 Sister Ray/11 After Hours/12 Dopey Joe/13 Rock N Roll

    BOSTON TEA PARTY DISC 1 (12/12/68) PART 1-01 Intro/02 Heroin/03 Move Right In/04 Waiting For the Man/05 I'm Set Free

    BOSTON TEA PARTY DISC 1 (12/12/68) PART 2-01 Foggy Notion/02 Beginning To See the Light/08 Candy Says

    BOSTON TEA PARTY DISC 2 (12/12/68) PART 1-01 White Light White Heat/02 Jesus

    BOSTON TEA PARTY DISC 2 (12/12/68) PART 2-01 Sister Ray/02 Pale Blue Eyes

    LOTTA stuff, but I'm even a bit surprised by how much is still on the shelf.......what a great band.

    0 0

    Yeah, it's gonna take four days, can't get all of em up today....of course if you'v been enjoying these
    to the degree that you SHOULD be, that can only be good news.....a few more bootlegs today, get em while ya can!

    First up is a fine four disc "bootleg box", "Caught Between the Twisted Stars".....I haven't seen many of these around, I assume it's fairly rare. it is comprised of snippets of various bootleg shows, some of which have been posted here in their entirety, but some not, with the VU there's always SOMETHING unique to check. Disc 1, "Exploding Plastic Inevitable bw Poor Richard's" takes a bunch from the Columbus Ohio show, but tacks on a track from Poor Richard's Club in Chicago, labeled as "Poor Richard's" (although it is actually "Heroin"/"Venus In Furs"/"Sister Ray" and was used in some Andy Warhol film or other.

    Disc 2, "The Chic Mystique of Nothing Songs" utilizes four longer tracks from four different shows (in order: Columbus, NYC (1), NYC (2), and Philadelphia.....highlight being Track 3, "Chic Mystique" which was fairly rarely performed. Disc 3 is entitled "Sweet Sister Ray's Heroin", which culls a track from the already posted "Boston Tea party" set, also a version of "Hey mr. Rain" from Wembley England, taken from an ill advised (IMO) 1993 (!) reunion (btw there is an official double disc set from those reunion shows, if you have it and wish to post it, knock yourself out, I don't have it and am not going to look, but there WERE some surprising late reunions that were fun to listen to (Love, Roxy Music), so you never know.....might be interesting at that.

    DISC 4 is a real mishmash, contains another reunion cut, "The Gift" ("The Gift" performed live? hmmmm), also including the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame introduction (Patti Smith) thoughts on this box set are that it isn't that great....a track here or there that may be unique, but it is SO snipped together, and so much of the material is available in better company, and the fact that it is four discs, in FLAC files, and you know what (long tracks + FLAC Files)=.....yep multiple splits to get the uploads within Zippy's limits.....I think I got this one from T.U.B.E. a while back, and I appreciate the effort they made to even locate it, but there ARE better boots out there than this one, frankly.
    From 1970 The Springfield Paramount Theater, a fairly rough-sounding recording with a fairly standard set-list, the ending "Heroin" is given an energetic workover.

    One more boot and it's an odd one, but a classic too, "The Sweet Sister Ray Bootleg", which is two discs that contain four epic versions of that classic, clocking in at: 39:23, 25:48, 24:12, and 21:51......What you will want to do is listen to these four versions BACK TO BACK for maximum effect......I think I got this one from Voodoo Wagon (maybe) and I assume they may have assembled it as well, but it's a fine idea and the results are stunning.

    Might as well tack this one on today, it's called "Loaded: The Fully Loaded Edition", the "Loaded" album stretched to two discs flush with bonus tracks.........a metric tonne of alternates/demos from that album, also a demo of "Ocean" which I think was my favorite track they ever did that never wound up on a "proper album" (see stunning version on "Live 1969")

    Tomorrow we wrap this up with a four disc "Ultra Rare Trax" and some other treasures, and anything else YOU guys may wish to contribute is welcome also.......this is the sign of a fine band, when their demos/outtakes, etc, are nearly as interesting as their "official" is that band.

    CAUGHT BETWEEN THE TWISTED STARS DISC 1-01 Melody Laughter/02 Femme Fatale/03 Venus In Furs/04 Black Angel's Death Song/05 All Tomorrow's Parties/06 Waiting For the Man/07 Heroin/08 Run Run Run/09 Poor Richards

    CAUGHT BETWEEN THE TWISTED STARS DISC 2-01 Nothing Song/02 Venus In Furs/Heroin/03 Chic Mystique/04 Train Round the Bend/Oh! Sweet Nuthin'

    CAUGHT BETWEEN THE TWISTED STARS DISC 3-01 Sweet Sister Ray/02 Sister Ray/03 Hey Mr. Rain/04 Heroin

    CAUGHT BETWEEN THE TWISTED STARS DISC 4-01 Searchin' (Swan Mix)/02 Lady Godiva's Operation (Mono Mix)/03 The Gift/04 Run Run Run/05 What Goes On/06 Guess I'm Falling In Love/07 A Short Lived Torture of Cacophony/08 Black ANgel's Death Song/09 The Biggest, Loudest, Hairiest Group of All/10 A Distant Mirror

    SPRINGFIELD PARAMOUNT THEATER 1970-01 01 Intro/02 Waiting For the Man/03 Some Kinda Love/04 Sweet Jane/05 Lisa Says (cut)/06 Oh Gin/07 Foggy Notion/08 New Age/09 Beginning To See the Light/10 Candy Says/11 Heroin

    SWEET SISTER RAY BOOTLEGS DISC 1-01 Sister Ray 4/30/68, 39:23/02 Sister Ray 12/12/68 25:48

    SWEET SISTER RAY BOOTLEGS DISC 2-01 Sister Ray 3/15/69, 24:12/02 Sister Ray 7/11/69

    FULLY LOADED DISC 1-01 Who Loves the Sun/02 Sweet Jane (Long Version)/03 Rock And Roll (Full Length Version)/04 Cool It Down/05 New Age (Long Version)/06 Head Held High/07 Lonesome Cowboy Bill/08 I Found a Reason/09 Train Round the Bend/10 Oh! Sweet Nuthin/11 Ride Into the Sun (demo)/12 Ocean (Outtake)/13 I'm Sticking With You/14 I Love You (Demo)/15 Rock And Roll (Alternate Mix)/16 Head Held High (Alternate Mix)

    FULLY LOADED DISC 2-01 Who Loves the Sun (Alternate Mix)/02 Sweet Jane (Early Version)/03 Rock And Roll (demo)/04 Cool It Down (Early Version)/05 New Age (Full Length Version)/06 Head Held High (Early Version)/07 Lonesome Cowboy Bill (Early Version)/08 I Found a Reason (Early Version)/09 Train Round the Bend (Alternate Mix)/10 Oh! Sweet Nuthin' (Early Version)/11 Ocean (demo)/12 I Love You (Outtake)/13 Satellite of Love (Alternate Demo)/14 Oh Gin (demo)/15 Walk and Talk (demo)/16 Sad Song (demo)/17 Love Makes You Feel Ten Feet Tall (demo)

    Sorry for all the links but you know how FLAC files can be!

    0 0

    The wrap up of this series documenting a lot of music from one of my very favorite bands of them need to keep on elaborating about them, I've been raving enough about their greatness the past three days, so allow me to clean off the shelf and wrap this up.

    I know there have been a bunch of FLAC files which are just a bit of a pain (think they are a pain to DOWNLOAD? Upload them sometime), but I always leave stuff in the format in which I recieve it, so here comes the final set of FLAC files...first up we have three discs, "The Ultimate Mono and Acetates Album".....the four studio albums, compresssed onto three discs, mixed in mono, basically.....this might be reaching just a bit, but I said I was going to dump everything I had on ya....Finally, another acetate album, "1966-4 Scepter Studios, Norman Dolph Acetate", which includes a variety of remixed early's here if ya want it at least.

    Next up (and NOT in FLAC) are a few "rarities" discs...."Another View" is a fairly commonly seen rarities comp, I'm sure that between this, the other rarities discs, the stuff on "Peel Slowly" and "Fully Loaded", there will be a good bit of overlap, but probably not too much as to make it redundant. "Another View" contains an instrumental version of "Guess I'm Falling In Love" which I don't remember seeing elsewhere, "Ferryboat Bill", likewise.......worthwhile if your trying to grab every note they ever recorded.

    Which is where the four disc "Ultra Rare Trax" would come in...lotsa alts and demos, an extremely
    early version of "Walk on the Wild Side", and plenty more (see track lists)......I do believe that even with the bonus tracks on the earlier sets, this is the ultimate in VU rarities........again, if there is MORE out there, that some of you may wish to share, please share it here in the comments section, or send to me and I'll post it, thus ends the Velvet Underground marathon, hope you've enjoyed it......if anyone sends me anything anonymously to add to these I will addit HERE in the comments, so be on the lookout.

    ULTIMATE MONO ACETATES ALBUM DISC 1-01 Heroin/03 Venus In Furs/04 I'm Waiting For the Man/05 Run Run Run/06 European Son/07 Black Angels Death Song/08 All Tomorrow's Parties/09 I'll Be Your Mirror/10 All Tomorrow's Parties/11 I'll Be Your Mirror/12 Sunday Morning/13 Femme Fatale

    ULTIMATE MONO ACETATES ALBUM DISC 2-01  White Light White Heat/02 The Gift/03 Lady Godiva's Operation/04 There She Goes Again/05 I Heard Her Call My Name/06 Sister Ray/07 White Light White Heat/08 Here She Comes Now/09 Jesus/10 I'm Set Free/11 Beginning to See the Light/12 After Hours/13 What Goes On/14 Jesus

    ULTIMATE MONO ACETATES ALBUM DISC 3-01 Who Loves the Sun/02 Sweet Jane/04 Rock and Roll/05 Cool It Down/06 Head Held High/07 Lonesome Cowboy Bill/08 I Found a Reason/09 Train Round the Bend/10 Oh! Sweet Nuthin'/11 Who Loves the Sun/12 Oh! Sweet Nuthin'

    1966-4 SCEPTER STUDIOS NORMAN DOLPH ACETATES-01 European Son/02 Black Angel's Death Son/03 All Tomorrow's Parties/04 I'll Be Your Mirror/05 Heroin/06 Femme Fatale/07 Venus In Furs/08 I'm Waiting For the Man/09 Run Run Run

    ANOTHER VIEW-01 We're Gonna Have a Real Good Time Together/02 I'm Gonna Move Right
    In/04 Hey Mr. Rain (Version 1)/05 Ride Into the Sun/06 Coney Island Steeplechase/07 Guess I'm Falling In Love (Instrumental)/08 Hey Mr. Rain (Version 2)/09 Ferryboat Bill/10 Rock And Roll

    ULTRA RARE TRAX DISC 1-01 Sister Ray/02 Who Loves the Sun/04 Beginning to See the Light/04 Some Kinda Love/05 Who Loves the Sun/06 I Found a Reason/07 Walk and Talk/08 Ride Into the Sun/09 Ride Into the Sun/10 It's Just Too Much/11 Oh Mickey/12 Radio Ad

    ULTRA RARE TRAX DISC 2-01 I Love You/02 Wild Child/03 Ride Into the Sun/04 Lisa Says/05 She's My Best Friend/06 Hangin''Round/07 Walk On the Wild Side/08 Kid/09 What Goes On/10 Sheltered Life/11 Sheltered Life/12 Here She Comes Now/13 Here She Comes Now/14 Temptation Inside Your Heart/15 I'm Gonna Move Right In/16 Rock And Roll/17 Andy's Chest/18 Index

    ULTRA RARE TRAX DISC 3-01 Andy Warhol Speaks/02 Venus In Furs/03 Heroin/04 Guess I'm
    Falling In Love/05 Heroin/06 Venus In Furs/07 White Light White Heat/08 Jesus

    ULTRA RARE TRAX DISC 4-01 Radio Ad/02 What Goes On/03 Jesus/04 All Tomorrow's Parties/05 These Days/06 I'll Keep It With Mine/07 Little Sister/08 All Tomorrow's Parties/09 I'll Be Your Mirror/10 Femme Fatale/11 I'll Keep It With Mine/12 Jessie James/13 Little Queenie/14 Little Sister/15 All Tomorrow's Parties/16 Somebody/17 Child's Christmas In Wales/18 Chelsea Girls

    Hope you guys have enjoyed these, and hope at least one or two of ya has an addition you can tack onto it!

    0 0
  • 10/17/14--21:00: The Faces
  • No post yesterday because that Velvet Underground marathon wore me down to such a degree, also
    wanted to scout out the Giants/Cardinals game to see who will be facing my Royals in the World Series (yes, I have been a Royals fan since I was a kid, they have not made the playoffs since taking the Series in 1985 (!), I have remained true to their awful teams since then, and they have been nothing short of a joy to watch in the playoffs.......GO ROYALS) anyway, I skipped a Thursday evening post, and hope to make up for it with a good one this evening.....The Small Faces morphed into the Faces when Steve Marriott left to form Humble Pie, and was replaced by the "taller" vocalist  Rod Stewart and guitarist Ronnie Wood....the remaining members were bassist Ronnie lane, drummer Kenny Jones, and Keyboardist Ian McLagan, really a fairly all-star lineup, though no slap at the Small Faces with Marriott, they were a good band as well, as, at times, were Humble Pie.

    Anyway, that isn't my point, this is about the Faces who released four albums (all of them pretty good), and a 4-disc compilation "Five Guys Walk Into a Bar"......If I were you, I'd probably pick one (the four albums) or the other ("Five Guys", even though "Five Guys" DOES have some bonus material......lot of overlap here, but hey, I have em all, you can handle it however you desire......
    The new edition of the Faces was more of a bluesy-rocking Stones-type band, as opposed to the Brit psych of the Small Faces....personally, I think the Faces are one of the great underappreciated bands of the early 1970's, if you already know them likely already have an opinion on this, if not, you can form an opinion here. Myself, I always enjoyed Rod Stewart's vocals until he became such an unbearable douche, but the guy had a unique voice for an absolute fact.

    Thier first release, 1970's "First Step", is my personal least favorite of the four efforts, not horrible, but not that great includes a few decent tracks, "Flying", "Stone", and a cover of Dylan's "Wicked Messenger"'s ok but not essential.

    "Long Player is MUCH better, with the rocking "Had Me a Real Good Time", "Bad n Ruin", and a good cover of Paul McCartney's "Maybe I'm amazed....if the debut was a 2-star disc, this one merits three......later in the same year (1971), they released "A Nod Is As Good As a Wink....To a Blind Horse", which includes the blistering "Stay With Me" which is great and not exactly what we would call an anthem of feminism ("In the morning, please don't say you love me, 'cause you know I'll only kick you out the door", also "I'll even pay your cab fare home"), it's a great hard rocking track and probably their best known tune. Also includes a decent cover of Chuck Berry's "Memphis" (Stewart's voice works well on Berry and other R&B singer's tunes) and "Miss Judy's Farm"....let's call this one a 3.5 star disc, mostly due to the inclusion of "Stay With Me".

    Their final studio effort is a good one as well, "Ooh La La" (the original title was "How You Gonna
    Keep Em Down on the Farm After They've Seen Paris", as I understand it, they decided one too-long album title (see above) was plenty. Too me it is thier best work, some disagree, but it includes my favorite of all Faces tunes "Borstal Boys" which has one of Stewart's best vocals ever, the single "Cindy Incidentally", "My Fault" and "If I'm On the Late Side", a really good album with one of my least favorite album covers ever, a creepy-looking French guy with a moveable mouth.
    Most of the material on "Five Guys", as I've said before, is culled from these four albums, see below to check which non-LP tracks are included to decide if you want it......MOST of "A Nod" and "Ooh La La" appear here, but there are some worthwhile rarities, an early live BBC version of "Maggie May", a live "Cut Across Shorty", and several other live tracks, B-sides, outtakes and what have ya.......decide for yourself, I'm just the delivery guy.

    Hope everyone enjoys this, I decided to stay in the early 1970's for a day or so, we'll see where the wind carries me tomorrow......I have a busy day tomorrow, so I will try to at least get a one-disc post up for you guys, before Sunday (Vikings football) and next week (ROYALS IN WORLD SERIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

    FIRST STEP-01 Wicked Messenger/02 Devotion/03 Shake, Shudder, Shiver/04 Stone/05 Around the Plynth/06 Flying/07 Pineapple and the Monkey/08 Nobody Knows/09 Looking Out the Window/10 Three Button hand Me Down

    LONG PLAYER-01 Bad N Ruin/02 Tell Everyone/03 Sweet Lady Mary/04 Richmond/05 Maybe I'm Amazed/06 Had Me a Real Good Time/07 On the Beach/08 I feel So Good/09 Jerusalem

    A NOD IS AS GOOD AS A WINK...TO A BLIND HORSE-01 Miss Judy's Farm/02 You're So Rude/03 Love Lives Here/04 Last Orders Please/05 Stay With Me/06 Debris/07 Memphis/08 Too Bad/09 That's All You Need

    OOH LA LA-01 Silicone Grown/02 Cindy Incidentally/03 Flags and Banners/04 My Fault/05 Borstal Boys/06 Fly In the Ointment/07 If I'm on the Late Side/08 Glad and Sorry/09 Just Another Honky/10 Ooh La la

    FIVE GUYS WALK INTO A BAR DISC 1-01 Flying/02 On the Beach/03 Too Bad/04 If I'm On the
    Late Side/05 Debris/06 Jealous Guy (Outtake)/07 Evil (Rehearsal)/08 As Long As You Tell Him (B-Side)/09 Maggie May (Live BBC)/10 Cindy Incidentally (Alternate Mix)/11 Maybe I'm Amazed (Live BBC)/12 Insurance (Outtake)/13 I Came Looking For You (Rehearsal)/14 Last Orders Please/15 Wyndlesham Bay (Jodie) (Outtake)/16 I Can Feel the Fire (Live)/17 Tonight's Number/18 Come See Me Baby (The Cheater) (Outtake)

    FIVE GUYS WALK INTO A BAR DISC 2-01 Pool Hall Richard (Single)/02 You're My Girl (I Don't Want To Discuss It) (Live BBC)/03 Glad and Sorry/04 Shake Shudder Shiver (Rehearsal)/05 Miss Judy's Farm (Live BBC)/06 Richmond/07 That's All You Need/08 Rear Wheel Skid (B Side)/09 Maybe I'm Amazed/10 (If Loving You Is Wrong) I Don't Want to Be Right (Outtake)/11 Take a Look at the Guy (Live)/12 Flags and Banners/13 Bad N Ruin (Live)/14 Around the Plynth/15 Sweet lady mary/16 Had Me a Real Good Time/17 Cut Across Shorty (Live)

    FIVE GUYS WALK INTO A BAR DISC 3-01 You're So Rude/02 (I Know) I'm Losing You (BBC Live)/03 Love Lives Here/04 I'd Rather Go Blind (Live)/05 Hi-Heel Sneakers/Everybody Needs Somebody To Love (Rehearsal)/06 Gettin' Hungry (rehearsal)/07 Silicone Grown/08 Oh Lord I'm Browned Off (B Side)/09 Just Another Honky/10 Open To Ideas (rehearsal)/11 Skewiff (Mend the Fuse) B Side)/12 Too Bad (Live)/13 Rock Me (Rehearsal)/14 Angel (BBC Live)/15 Stay With me (Live)/16 Ooh La La

    FIVE GUYS WALK INTO A BAR DISC 4-01 The Stealer (BBC Live)/02 Around the Plynth/Gasoline Alley(Live)/03 You Can Make Me Dance, Sing, or Anything (Even take the Dog For a Walk, Mend a Fuse, Fold Away the Ironing Board, Or Any Other Domestic Shortcomings) (A-Side Single)/04 I Wish It Would Rain/05 Miss judy's Farm (BBC Live)/06 Love In Vain (BBC Live)/07 My Fault (BBC Live)/08 I Feel So Good (Rehearsal)/09 Miss Judy's Farm/10 Three Button Hand Me Down/11 Cindy Incidentally/12 Borstal Boys/13 Flying (BBC Live)/14 Bad N Ruin/15 Dishevelement Blues (Flexi-Disc Track)/16 Stay With Me

    Upon further review, although I already have all these anyway, if I were searching to download, I'd do the comp......pretty much every track that's worth having is there and the live tracks and stuff are really good......anyway, I'm sure the price is right, so do as you please.....just agree with me that "Borstal Boys" is one of the underappreciated hard rock songs of the era.

    Go Buckeyes tomorrow, Vikings Sunday (fat chance), and ROYALS tuesday in the WORLD SERIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • 10/17/14--21:54: Los Trabantos
  • Quick one for today, got a lot of shit to do about some Los Trabantos? This is a fine album, Polish punk with excellent female vocals......unlike anything you've ever me on this, you know I love non-English language rock, and THIS is a find.......rocking as hell.....not gonna say ANYTHING else  about WANT this, it's a fine album.......all I can say is TRUST ME!

    MIEDZY RABARBAREM A POMIDOREM-01 Wa/02 Spodnikza/03 Sloneczny Kraj/04 Trabant/05 Rzeznia/06 Hiszpanski/07 Witkacy/08 Chryzantemy/09 Napad/10 Ala-0-700/11 Rabatki/12 Wuj/13 Pani/14 Nienawidze Swiata

    I have not a clue as to what ANY of that translates to, but FUCK IT, this is a good album.......expand your horizons, if you want Foreigner or Boston, you are in the WRONG place!

    Have a great weekend and take a chance on this......I like it a good deal. Variety, variety, variety!

    Rock On motherfucker!

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    Don't miss this one, if  you do don't blame me!

    Been listening to this fab two disc set all weekend on and off, even during commercial breaks during the Ohio State game and the Vikings game (don't want to hear about it), it is fairly awesome if you like this kind of thing.....allow me to set the stage. The title basically says it all, 28 tracks from the Seattle scene, by a bunch of acts, whom, never, have I heard of a single one, except in this know how I do love punk unknowns, stoner unknowns, psych unknowns, and grunge anthologies which cover more than the normal Nirvana/Pearl Jam/Soundgarden/AIC stuff (all great, don't get me wrong) are a rarity, and this one covers about as obscure territory as we could imagine.....while whether these bands technically would qualify as "grunge" acts, they are all good hard rocking combos from the fertile Pacific Northwest scene of the era sited. Let's touch on a few highlights, but this is cherry picking, the whole set is a must hear! Thanks to Soul Jazz records for compilin this, in general, I don't post sets that are more recent releases, but I don't see this one being a million-seller and I'd like to publicize it a bit.......and have I EVER steered you wrong before? of COURSE not!

    The first disc leads off with a Bob Mould produced track from Starfish ("This Town"), who also turn up on disc two.....just scanning the names of the bands is awesome...: Vampire Lesbos, Medaliscious, Yellow Sonw, you gonna go wrong with names like that?

    The scond disc features the weird psych-pop of Chemistry Set ("Fields"), a ferocious closser ("The System") from Attica, and some great female-led bands like Shug ("AM-FM"), Kill Sybil, and especially Calamity Jane ("Magdelena"). But trying to point out higlights here is like trying to name the worst player on the Vikings.....just throw ALL of them into a hat!

    I think if you share my love of obscurity, and of regional compilations, and of amatuerish hard rock, you will want to hear's a good one, too good to'll thank me later.....just start listening and you will (should at least) LOVE this one!

    DISC 01-01 STARFISH-This Town/02 VAMPIRE LEZBOS-Stop Killing the Seals/03 NUBBIN-Windyyy/04 SAUCER-Jail Ain't Stoppin' Us/05 MACHINE-Blind Man's Holiday/06 MEDALICIOUS-Beverley/07 HITTING BIRTH-Same/08 NUBBIN-Wonderama/09 CRUNCHBIRD-Woodstock Unvisited/10 THE ONES-Talk To Me/11 POD-123/12 THRILLHAMMER-Alice's Place/13 YELLOW SNOW-Take Me For a Ride/14 HELLTROUT-Precious Hyde

    DISC 2-01 BUNDLE OF HISS-Wench/02 STARFISH-Run Around/03 THRILLHAMMER-Bleed/04 CHEMISTRY SET-Fields/05 MY NAME-Voice of a Generation Gap/06 SMALL STARS-It's Getting Late/07 SHUG-AM FM/08 TREEHOUSE-Debbie Had a Dream/09 MY NAME-Why I Fight/10 SOYLENT GREEN-It Smiles/11 KILL SYBIL-Best/12 CALAMITY JANE-Madgalena/13 SAUCER-Chicky Chicky Frown/14 ATTICA-The System

    Some great sounds came out of that region and era.....these are not really among them, but it is more than a sum of it's parts.....I love this compilation, it's a great, original idea, and it comes with my very highest recommendations.

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  • 10/20/14--12:59: Mad Season
  • Lestay in the great Pacific Northwest of the 1990's for a minute to present Mad Season, a grunge-supergroup that made only one album ("Above") which is here in a super-deluxe edition which also contains a second disc, which cops the "Live at the Moore" EP and extends it with some more tracks taken from the same venue. Far as I know thisis the only material they left for us, if any of you have any rarities from this one, LOVE to hear em.

    The brief story of Mad Season:at some time in 1994 Pearl Jam/Temple of the Dog guitarist hooked up with bassist John Baker Saunders, who had played with various blues bands and drummer Barrett Maratin from Screaming Trees.....they talked of forming a "Supergroup" along the same lines of Temple of the Dog. Of course in need og a singer, they recruited Alice in Chains frontman Layne Staley. From such was born Mad Season. They played a few local gigs as "The Gacy Bunch", noted, here only because it is funny, and eventually changed to Mad Season which is an English term for the time of year when the psilocybin mushrooms are in bloom......clever, huh? I wish they'd stuck with The Gacy Bunch, but that's just one man's opinion. 

    The recorded thier only album, "Above" in Seattle 1994, after only minimal rehearsals and performances......the result is a very un-slick, rough, and, well, grungy sound. Staley's vocals, in particular, stand out here, different from his often "glam-ish" vocals on his Alice In Chains work.
    Screaming Trees frontman Mark Lanegan  contributed some lyrics and guest vocals, and a semi-unknown supergroup effort was born.

    As for the album, it is quite good. All lot of musical talent there, churning out a representative sound of a specific time and place......"River of Deciet" is likey the highpoint, but don't forget "I Don't Know Anything", "Long Gone Day", "Artificial Red" and the rest.....a good album, relegated to the dusty shelves of the grunge era along with albums by Mother Love Bone and Tad.....but a real the way, Staley did the cover art as well, for better or for worse.

    I have a vinyl EP "Live at the Moore Theater", a short disc with 4-5 live tracks from a 1995 showing
    that I was going to post with this, until my discovery that there exists a "Deluxe package" of "Above" which contains an additional CD, containing the whole Moore Theater show, or at least the EP in it's entirety and some other live cuts, assuming from the same show......anyway, lucky you guys, since I tripped on this last night, and I just brought it home in Pirate Bay format, any artwork or anything with it will be posted as I've said 1000 times before, MOST of my stuff comes from my CD collection/hard drives/I Pods that I have around here, 99% of which have NO cover art, they have plain white hand made labels......every now and then, though, when I trip over something like THIS on-line, my generousity knows no bounds and I turn it ALL over.......not a big deal with me, but some have nearly went spastic over the fact.

    Enjoy this one, and let me know your view on the live disc, this is the first time I have heard the full/long version......always DID enjoy the EP, but the extra material is nothing if not interesting.

    There was talk of continuing on with Lanegan replacing Staley due to Staley's heroin problems, but the death of Saunders in 1999 (also from a Heroin overdose) but a damper on that......Staley passed away in 2002 due to his drug problems as well. They never did give it another shot, and most likely, that was probably the correct idea.

    ABOVE DISC 1-01 Wake Up/02 XRay Mind/03 River of Deciet/04 I'm Above/05 Artificial Red/06 Lifeless Dead/07 I Don't Know Anything/08 Long Gone Day/09 November Hotel/10 All Alone/11 Interlude/12 Locomotive/13 Black Book of Fear/14 Slip Away/15 I Don't Wanna Be A Soldier
    (Note: Tracks 1-10 constitued the original vinyl editon I have......tracks 11-15 were added to the "Deluxe" CD release package.

    ABOVE DISC 2-LIVE AT THE MOORE THEATER-01 Wake Up/02 Lifeless Dead/03 Artificial
    Red/04 River of Deciet/05 I Don't Wanna Be a Soldier/06 Long Gone Day/07 I'm Above/08 I Don't Know Anything/09 XRay Mind/10 All Alone/11 November Hotel

    Well, this was originally going to be an-all-vinyl rips presentation, but the discovery of the "Deluxe" set makes everyone a winner! Between the 5 extra tracks on Disc 1 and the full, fleshed out live set that in my collection was but a 4-song EP, well, I think this is an excellent job, and most likely EVERY recorded note these boyos ever threw out there. It's good stuff and I was peasantly surprised to discover there was more of it available than I had previously been aware.

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  • 10/20/14--22:43: Murder City Devils
  • The Murder City Devils hailed from the Pacific Northwest in the mid 1990's, and they did NOT
    really fit the current scene.....while the grunge stuff was the happening thing at the moment, these guys reveled in garage punk/stupid rock, ala the Swingin' Neckbreakers, as though there was something wrong with that.

    The Murder City Devils were vocalist Spencer Moody, guitarist Dann Gallucci, bassist Derrick Fudesco,drummer Coady Willis, and later on, keyboard whiz Leslie Hardy.
    In 2000 they released their self titled debut.....not bad, it includes thier single "Dance Hall Music", as well as "Get Off the Floor", "Broken Glass", and "Murder City Riot".....a pretty good album, fairly comparable to the Swingin' Neckbreakers or something like that.

    Thier followup, after Hardy joined on fulltime, was "Broken Bottles Empty Hearts", which is a fine disc, Hardy's organ play makes it sound somewhat like The Miracle Workers (NOTHING wrong with THAT, RICHT?), it's a good album, perhaps thier best, with good stuff like "I Want a Lot Now", "Dancin' Shoes", and how can we not love a track entitled "Johnny Thunders"?
    The next album thye released was "In Name and Blood", which was basically thier finale (full length anyway), it's a prettty damn good disc as well, check out "Press Gang", "Blunkhouse", and "Rum to Whiskey", every bit as solid as the previous effort....."stupid rock" will NEVER die!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Before disbanding, they released an EP ("Thelma"), which is pretty good and likely is the backbones of what would have been thier next album, had it ever taken shape, and in 2003, Sub Pop relesed a disc with thier 2001 Halloween show (appropriatley entitled "R.I.P. 1996-2001")....this album serves as a sort of "live/greatest hits" disc, and if you are nfamiliar and want a sample, this is likely where I'd go before checking out all the albums.....sounds like they were a hall of a live band, wish I coulda seen em.....

    A good, underappreciated band, lemme know whatcha think bout lotta stuff planned out
    for the next few weeks, I'll be more enthusiastic about it if some of you hosers would comment on this stuff now and agqain!

    MURDER CITY DEVILS-01 Dance Hall Music/02 It's In My Heart/03 Boom Swagger Room/04 Get off the Floor/05 Flashbulb/06 Broken Glass/07 Murder City Riot/08 Sick of Dreaming/09 Make It On My Own/10 Tell You Brother

    BROKEN BOTTLES EMPTY HEARTS-01 I Want a Lot Now (So Come On)/02 Dancin' Shoes/03 18 Wheels/04 Left Hand, Right Hand/05 Ready For More/06 Cradle to the Grave/07 Dear Hearts/08 Hey Sailor/09 Johnny Thunders/10 Stars In Her Eyes

    IN NAME AND BLOOD-01 Press Gang/02 I Drank the Wine/03 Blunkhouse/04 Idle Hands/05 Rum to Whiskey/06 I'll Come Running/07 Demon Brother/08 Lumeria Rising/09 Somebody Else's Baby/10 In This Town/11 No Grave But the Sea/12 Field Of Fire

    THELEMA (EP) 01 364 Days/02 That's What You Get/03 Bear Away/04 One Vision of May/05 Bride of the Elephant Man

    RIP-01 Bear Away/02 I Drink the Wine/03 One Vision of May/04 Midnight Service in the Mutter/05 I Want a Lot Now/06 Rum To Whiskey/07 Dancing Shoes/08 Waltz/09 Dear Hearts/10 That's What You Get/11 Idle Hands/12 Boom Swagger Boom/13 Murder City Riot/14 Press Gang/15 Broken Glass

    As usual, I implore you to let me know what ya think bout these....I gotta LOTTA ideas for the next
    month or so, I TRY MY DAMNDEST to come up with shit that maybe the bulk of you are unfamiiar with......That's the point round to me about Murder City Devils, if it is something you appreciate.......coz I got a BUNCHA more shit lined up for you REAL rock n roll fans, perhaps at least a YEAR's WORTH (not kidding), but I need you guys to continue to mshow interest, and that means not just doownloading, but commenting,,,,

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