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The music that shaped a semi-wasted life

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    If you don't know what's going on here, I am in vacation in sunny Florida this week, these posts are deliberatly brief and with just a single recording, for a couple of reasons.....I wrote these up ahead of time befoe leaving so I could at least post a LITTLE something every day, and I had most of the material for the Hendrix series ready to go, so I figured if I just slowed it down a bit I could stretch THAT out a bit until I return home Friday and decide what my next project will be on here.....

    Yesterday I posted a show from Rome that I had forgotten I had, today I have another one I forgot about also,just had to check the shelves and stacks's show is from the Miami Pop Festival, 1968, a quite competent set, which sounds pretty real surprises in the set list, but hits on most of the highlights of the first two Experience albums.

    MIAMI POP FESTIVAL-01 Introduction/02 Hey Joe/03 Foxy Lady/04 Tax Free/05 Fire/06 Hear My Train a-Comin'/07 I Don't Live Today/08 Red House/09 Purple Haze/10 Fire/11 Foxey Lady (the final two tracks are from the afternoon show, again, I don't THINK a second disc exists with the rest of the set.

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    Well, I'm going to wrap this up as I will be home from vacation tomorrow and i feel like it will post something then.....I posted MOST of my Hendrix here, I didn't put up the three legedary Experience albums, seemed pointless as it seemed like to me everyone most likely has them (although all of mine ARE vinyl rips, some might prefer the difference), also some stuff like "Valleys of Neptune", for the most part I tried to stick with the rare stuff, live stuff, and also the Band of Gypsys stuff because I think it's underappreciated. Today I'm going to post a good wrap up to the whole thing, the reason I haven't yet is because it was already posted once on here, the Hendrix/Otis Redding Monterey Pop set.......I was once told that that is the only "official" release from that show, I don't know, longtime friends may remember that once, long ago, posted the complete 8 disc Monterey set, it was pretty popuar......but anyway, the Hendrix/Redding release IS great, in particular the versions of "Wild THing" and "Like a Rolling Stone" are thunderous an majestic. Redding's side is damn good as well......I assume most of  have this onetoo, but I had to wrap this one up somewhere......If you've stuck it out through the whole thing you should be eligible for some type of award.

    SIDE 1 HENDRIX-01 Like a Rolling Stone/02 Rock Me Baby/03 Can You See Me/04 Wild Thing SIDE 2 REDDING-05 Shake/06 Respect/07 Since I've Been Loving You/08 Satisfaction/09 Try a Little Tenderness

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    Well we are back from our vacation in sunny florida, really had a great time as more Hendrix, and I may or may not get a little something up tonight. We will see, if not I will give you a couple more marathon posts like the Hendrix one for a while, a few ideas I have for some "bigger" posts in the near future: Loudness, Motorhead, siouxsie and the banshees, the stragglers, Graham Parker, and of course the usual assortment of classic albums, unknown albums, Greek Punk, and anything else you guys request or suggest that i can pull guys are the reason I do this....this blog is NOT "big time", nor do I wish for it to be.....what I wish for it to be, as you know, is a group of somewhat like-minded folks around the globe SHARING the things that make their lives better, be it music, comics, literature, photos, ANYTHING YOU GUYS WANT to share with each other......sharing is a wonderful way for us to bring each other closer together......and can anyone possibly find fault with THAT?

    AHHHH Fuck it, I  gotta give ya SOMETHING today before I get back into the are some seriously hard rocking singles from Seattle's Sun Giants, this is some damn good hard rocking stuff, fans of stoner rock and hard rock n roll in general are going to love as I can tell they have not yet released a full length, but I found these singles on the web and thought they were pretty bad ass....see what you think......I'm thinking Graham Parker, maybe, tomorrow, but we will see......

    SUN GIANTS-Destination Orion

    SUN GIANTS-The Road Of Kings

    SUN GIANTS-Voodoo Eye

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    Not quite back to post-vacation/middle aged retirement/work-like-a-damn-demon-to-make the blog
    wonderful mode.....the bigger posts I'm working on aren't quite ready yet, (this week, this week), today I copped a fairly interesting disc off one of the other blogs (honestly forget which, it was before vacation), a 2014 release with something of a misleading title, although full of good stuff....this "punk rock" is in my view mostly closer to some good hard garage rock, there ARE some obscure names here, and at the end of the day, it's a good one.

    The Meatmen, The Dwarves, Nashville Pussy, Supersuckers, and Peter Pan Speedrock are all wonderful acts and crank out some grimy noise, the (for me) treasures are the lesser known folks here (at least to me, I imagine some of these have turned up on some of the other garage comps).....The Borderline Bitches, Nancy Vandal, The Sick Livers, and Judo Kick didn't light up any immediate connection with me, although all sound just fine, and there is a lot more here. One question.....Fu Manchu?

    Anyway, tomorrow, hopefully, either the Magazine studio albums someone requested to flesh out the wonderful Magazine stuff Dave Sez shared with us earlier, and then perhaps the start of the multi-day Graham Parker mega-post that I've been meaning to do for a while (I have LOTS of Parker, and I promise it won't reach "Hendrix" proportions.......anyway for today dig upon this, thanks to whatever blog I took this from, I wrote it down somewhere but just not finding it......

    SPEEDOZER-Super Charged/03 BLOODLIGHTS-Roll With Me/04 THE MEATMEN -Speed Kills (But It Sho Feels Good)/05 BLASE DEBRIS-Human Hybrid/06 THE DWARVES-It's a Wonderful Life of Sin/07 BORDERLINE BITCHES-El Diablo/08 JUDO KICK-Hopeless/09 BIGFOOT ACCELERATOR-Rat Race/10 NASHVILLE PUSSY-Love It To Death/11 HEADONS-Always Waitin'/12 THE BLACK BULLETS-What You Do/13 HANK WILLIAMS III-Runnin' and Gunnin'/14 VAMPIRE JUNKIES FEATURING TEXAS TERI-Rocket Red/15 BUBBLEGUM SCREW-Play Some Fucking Stooges/16 FU MANCHU-No Warning/17 PETER PAN SPEEDROCK-Wide Eyed and Thirsty/18 THE SICK LIVERS-Cocaine Jeans/19 SUPERSUCKERS-Never Let Me Down Again/20 NANCY VANDAL-Hot Pants Nation/21 LUCIFER STAR MACHINE-Dead and Gone/22 PSYCHO DADDIES-I Hate!/23 BOIDS-Wheels/24 GIUDA-Rave On

    Pretty good album, the parts of it I've listened to. Will try to listen to the rest of it tonight.

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    OK, here is the skinny......a couple weeks back, blog friend Dave Sez contributed a bunch of rare and great material from the 70's-80's punk/pop legends, Magazine....I know that SOMEONE requested the original LP's, and I know Dave Sez is a man of integrity, and does NOT post "officially" released stuff....

    Luckily, we haver ME, I gladly post most ANYTHING, as I say, "Come and get me!" here we hav ethe first three (all excellent) Magazine albums, if you are unfamiliar, please, these are great, great greatad you WANT these. The debut "Real Life" is classic containing the legendary "Shot By Both Sides", but more than enough other fab tracks to make it a classic......."Second Hand Daylight" is nearly as great, with wonderful tracks like "Feed the Enemy" and "Cut-Out Shapes" are tunes no fan of the golden age of new wave should be without.

    Album #3, "The Correct Use of Soap" is a dandy as well, plenty of wild-Brit power pop/pk, with great tracks such as "I Want To Burn Again" and their indescribeable Sly and the Family stone cover.......again, great album.

    Also happen to have "Scree" a fabulous rarities collection, "TV Baby" and "I Love You You Big Dummy" turn up here in wonderful versons, as well as lots of other GREAT stuff......

    THANKS DAVE SEZ, for jump-starting the Magazine portion of my brain, certainly NOW the folks can get a full picture of that band's brilliance!

    REAL LIFE-01 Definitive Gaze/02 My Tulpa/03 Shot By Both Sides/04 Recoil/05 Burst/06 Motorcade/07 The Great Beautician In the Sky/08 The Light Pours Out of Me/09 Parade

    SECONDHAND DAYLIGHT-01 Feed the Enemy/02 Rythym of Cruelty/03 Cut-Out Shapes/04 Talk To the Body/05 I Wanted Your Heart/06 The Thin Air/07 Back To Nature/08 Believe That I Understand/09 Permafrost

    THE CORRECT USE OF SOAP-01 Because You're Frightened/02 Model Worker/03 I'm a Party/04 You NeerKnew Me/05 Philadephia/06 The Correct Use of Soap/ 07 Thank you (Fallentenme Be Mice Elf Again)/08 Sweetheart Contract/09 Stuck/10 A Song From Under the Blanket

    SCREE (RARITIES)-01 My Mind Aint So Open/02 Touch and Go/03 Goldfinger/04 Give Me Everything/05 I LoveYou You Big Dummy/06 Rythym of Cruelty/07 TV Baby/08 Twenty Years  Ago/09 The Book/10 Upside Down/11 The Light Pours Out of Me/12 Feed the Enemy (Live)

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  • 08/03/14--21:11: Great Graham Parker, Part 1
  • Always loved the work of Graham Parker from the word go, he's offered up some crappy albums
    (notably "The Parkerilla" which we will get to), but for whatever reason, I've continued to occasionally enjoy some of his latter-day work, unlike, say fellow angry young men Elvis Costello and Joe Jackson, who kind of flamed out for me, early on.....not Parker though, always LOVED his work or at least found it interesting, his flaming rock/soul performances, his indescribeable live shows, his amazing songwriting, and, of course, his surprise appeareance in the film "This is Forty" which tied it ALL  for me, and i am WAY over 40!

    This will likely take up 2-3 or maybe 4 days, but I've never done a Parker post and I want to do it RIGHT as I have a lot of live shows, and I would love it if just ONE pup would discover the great Geep from this post.......Certainly one of the greatest performers of the late 70's-80's, some REALLY fine stuff here, some just for the "fan" (me, certainly), and lots of fine live shows, Parker's live shows could be brilliant.

    Tonight we will begin with some classic Graham Parker and the Rumour material, all of it essential.....the debut was 1976's "Howlin' Wind", a five-star effort all the way, chilling, rocking, bluesy, and wonderful......what's inside? The great cocaine ode "White Honey" (" one pays their rent")....the bluesey and amazing "Gypsy Blood".....the rocking "Back to Schooldays" and "Soul Shoes", the haunting title track "A howlin' win runs through here, blowin' every day.....a howlin' wind runs through here, takes my breath away....".......chills me to the bone everytime. This is not even to mention maybe the album's best known song "Don't Ask Me Questions"......simply stated, there is NOT A SINGLE BAD TRACK on this album, totally essential.

    The same year he came out with the equally genius (if not BETTER) "Heat Treatment", also a five-
    star classic......LOADED with great rock/soul gems: "That's What They All Say", "Pourin It All Out", the reggae-ish "Just Something You're Going Through", "Fool's Gold" and LOTS more, again, as close to a perfect album as one could imagine, totally essential.......great, great album.

    In a contract fullfilling move, Parker released "The Parkerilla", a simply awful set (named one of the 50 worst rock albums of all time in the book of that topic), and I agree, lame live performances, TWO MORE versions of "Don't Ask Me Questions", including (yep) a "Disco remix".....I have included it here, as bad as it is, I DO NOT recommend it, however, I DO have one, and if you need the ENTIRE Parker career story, this is unfortunately part of it.

    In 1977 after a label change, Parker was back to his angry young self, releasing "Stick To Me",  NOT a classic or 5-star album, but not bad at all, if you are a Parker fan....."Soul On Ice", "Real Clear Head", "Watch the Moon Come Down", and "I'm Gonna Tear Your Playhouse Down" scream classic Parker, I give this album 3.5 stars, it fails ONLY in comparison to the early masterpieces.

    So, 1979 came along, and Parker released perhaps his best album , at least my favorite, "Squeezing Out Sparks"......simply a BRILLIANT album, I don't give out "more than" five star rating, but if I DID........oh my.....were to begin? Well "Discovering Japan" might be his best song ever (saying a mouthful), "Local Girls" is an incredible self-depricating piece of genius, "You Can't Be To Strong" is a chilling number with an abortion theme, "Protection" might very well be the album's best track ("So Winston Churchill said....I could've smacked his head!")......Also a stab at former label Mercury "Mercury Poisoing"), and a fine cover of the Jackson Five's "I Want You Back"......this is an incedible album, flawless, if you don't like it I would LOVE to try to understand WHY.

    The last album for part 1 will be 1980's "The Up Escalator", a good album as well (it's hard for someone to release THREE genius albums, and then have to settle for "good")......"The Devil's Sidewalk" and "Stupefaction" (a minor single, sample lyric: "I asked the neighbor, "why are you so stupid")....yet another version of "Don't Ask Me Questions" appears here, this one live, Geep must REALLY like that song I guess......

    More stuff tomorrow, NOT quite of THIS quality, but when the bootlegs starat making thier way to the board you will thank me I am guessing......always been a Parker fan and it was a treat seeing him in "This is Forty"!

    NOTE: I have vinyl rips of ALL of these, BUT have opted to use online MP3 or Flac as both contain bonues tracks....anyone SPECIFICALLY wanting a vinyl rip of one of these letme know and we'll work something out.

    HOWLIN WIND-01 White Honey/02 Nothing's Gonna Pull Us Apart/03 Silly Thing/04 Gypsy
    Blood/05 Between You And Me/06 Back to Schooldays/07 Soul Shoes/08 Lady Doctor/09 You've Got To Be Kidding/10 Howlin Wind/11 Not if It Pleases Me/12 Don't Ask Me Questions/11 I'm Gonna Use It Now

    HEAT TREATMENT-01 Heat Treatment/02 That's What They All Say/03 Turned Up Too Late/04 Black Honey/05 Hotel Chambermaid/06 Pourin It All Out/07 Back Door Love/08 Something You're Going Through/09 Help Me Shake It/10 Fool's Gold/11 Hold Back the Night/13 (Let Me Get) Sweet On You

    THE PARKERILLA-01 Lady Doctor/02 Fool's Gold/03 I'm Gonna Tear Your Playhouse Down/04 Don't Ask Me Questions/05 Heat in Harlem/06 Silly Thing/07 Gypsy Blood/08 Back to Schooldays/09 Heat Treatment/10 Watch the Moon Come down/11 Soul Shoes/12 Don't Ask Me Questions (Disco Remix)

    STICK TO ME-01 Stick To Me/02 I'm Gonna Tear Your Playhouse Down/03 Problem Child/04 Soul On Ice/05 Clear Head/06 New York SHuffle/07 Watch the Moon Come Down/08 THunder and Rain/09 Heat In Harlem/10 The Raid

    SQUEEZING OUT SPARKS-01 Discovering Japan/02 Local Girls/03 Nobody Hurts You/04 You Can't Be To Strong/05 Passion Is No Ordinary Word/06 Saturday Night Is Dead/ 07 Love Gets You Twisted/08 Protection/09 Waiting For the UFO's/10 Don't Get Excited/11 Mercury Poisoning/12 I Want You Back

    THE UP ESCALATOR-01 No Holding Back/02 Devils Sidewalk/03 Stupefacation/04 Empty Lives/05 The Beating of Another Heart/06 Endless Night/07 Paralyzed/08 Manoeuvers/09 Jolie Jolie/10 Love Without Greed/11 Women In Charge/12 Don't Ask Me Questions (Live)

    OK, I love Graham Parker and always ......lots of good live/rare stuff to come.......please let me know what you think about the work of Geep & the R, one of the greatest bands of all.........I am a FAN of this band and want to do them up RIGHT!

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  • 08/04/14--12:15: Graham Parker Part 2
  • Well, after the "Up Escalator", Parker's career ceased being one of cranking out "classic" albums (and
    three of them is great for anyone), hestopped working with the Rumour, soloing with various backup musicians and, briefly, the Shot.....I continued to buy these discs, because they generally DID have their moments.....again, no more "Classic" albums in this portion, Parts 2 and 3 of this post will be non-essential, they are for folks wanting to fill in collection gaps, of for newbies to the whole Parker thing......after Part 3, we'll get to my stellar bunch of live recordings from this wonderful live performer, and that is where we can continue to use words like "essential" and "classic".....

    So, where we left off....."Another Grey Area" (1982) is billed as "Graham Parker" (no Rumour), and is not bad at all, there are some good ones on here, "Another Grey Area", "Can't Waste a Minute", "Crying For Attention" all are typical Parker, and there are others.....charitably a three star disc.

    In 1983 came "The Real Macaw", a much, much better effort, the best of the post Rumour efforts......"Just Like a Man", "(Too Late) The Smart Bomb", "Life Gets Better", and, especially "Sounds Like Chains" sound like good old angry Geep, this is the last REALLY good studio album he had in him, in my estimation.Underappreciated.

    Some acts of this era tended to crank out the good stuff and make a bee-line for suck city, not Parker....he continued to put out solid, listenable albums on which fans of his classic work continued to find things they could enjoy.....nothing wrong, in my opinion, with 1984's "The Mona Lisa's Sister", although it did sound as though Geep was toning down the rage and anger a bit......"Don't Let It Break You Down", and "Get Started, Start a Fire" stand out.

    In 1985 Parker recruited the Shot to be his backup band, and turned out the competent "Steady Nerves", "Break Them Down" and "The Weekend's Too Short" are pretty good, it's a testimony to Mr. Parker's talent that on this his tenth or so album, it is still practical to find at least a few good ones mixed in there and hardly EVER a real "dog" of a track

    Without The Shot, in 1989, Parker released what I would consider his weakest effort to date, "Human
    Soul".....while the album is quite soulful, it tones down the anger SO much that it seems out of chariacter...for me"Little Miss Understanding" and "Big Man On Paper" are the high points, and neither would make a "Best of" if I were compiling.

    1991's "Struck By Lightning" is a minor comeback, not on par with the classic material of the ealy years, but PURE Parker!....really a pretty fair album to listen to all the way through, "The Kid WIth the Butterfly Net", "They Murdered the Clown", "Ten Girls Ago" and more are just a cut below the ultra-essential Parker material.

    Gonna stop here for today......six albums, I think for tomorrow (Part 3) I have a similar number of studio records, then the fun, lots of great boots to share.......and Parker was nothing if not a fine live perfomer ("The Parkerilla" being an exception)......see ya then, but if ya decide to skip tomorrow, please check parts 4 and 5 for the dynamic live sets!

    ANOTHER GREY AREA-01 Temporary Beauty/02 Another Grey Area/03 No More Excuses/04 Dark Side of the Bright Lights/05 Can't Waste a Minute/06 Big Fat Zero/07 You Hit the Spot/08 It's All Worth Nothing Alone/09 Crying For Attention/10 Thankless Task/11 Fear Not

    THE REAL MACAW-01 Just Like A Man/02 You Can't Take Love For Granted/03 Glass Jaw/04 Passive Resistance/ 05 Sounds Like Chains/06 Life Gets Better/07 A Miracle a Minute/08 Beyond a Joke/09 Last Couple on the Dance Floor/10 Anniversary/11 (Too Late) The Smart Bomb/12 I Want You Back

    THE MONA LISAS SISTER-01 Don't Let It Break You Down/02 Under the Mask/03 Back In
    Time/04 I'm Just Your Man/05 OK, Hieronymous/06 Get Started/Start a Fire/07 The Girl Isn't Ready/08 Blue Highways/09 Success/10 I Don't Know/11 Cupid

    STEADY NERVES-01 Break Them Down/02 Mighty Fingers/03 Lunatic Fringe/04 Wake Up (Next To You)/05 When You Do That To Me/06 The Weekend's Too Short/07 Take Everything/08 Black Lincoln Continental/09 Canned Laughter/10 Everyone's Hand Is On the Switch/11 Locked Into Green/12 Too Much Time To Think

    HUMAN SOUL-01 Little Miss Understanding/02 My Love's Strong/03 Dancing For Money/04 Call Me Your Doctor/05 Big Man on Paper/06 Soultime/07 Everything Goes/08 Sugar Gives You Energy/09 Daddy's a Postman/10 Green Monkeys/11 I Was Wrong/12 You Got the World/13 Slash and Burn/14 Finale

    STRUCK BY LIGHTNING-01 She Wants So Many Things/02 They Murdered the Clown/03 Strong Winds/04 The Kid With the Butterfly Net/05 And It Shook Me/06 Wrapping Paper/07 That's Where She Ends Up/08 A Brand New Book/09 Weeping Statues/10 Guadian Angels/11 Children and Dogs/12 Over the Border (To America)/13 When I Was King/14 Ten Girls Ago/15 The Sun Is Gonna Shine Again

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  • 08/04/14--17:01: Graham Parker Part 3
  • Here are the remainer of Geep's studio output from "Struck By Lightning" until present.....note that is
    THREE posts in ONE day, mostly becaues I wanted to get the lesser stuff out of the way before moving on tomorrow to the ferocious live advised, I am not terribly familiar with these albums, likely I have heard them once or twice, maybe three times......still, it is Parker, and there are still moments when we realize, that, well, it is Parker.....

    "Burning Question", from 1992, is (for Parker) a so-so effort, there's alway a highlight or two, this time how about "Just Like Joe Meek's Blues", and "Love Is a Burning Question".....Parker then took a nearly ten year reprieve from recording, coming back in 2001 with "Deepcut to Nowhere".....sounding somewhat rejuvenated, "I'll Never Play Jacksonville Again" and "Syphillus and Religion" nearly have the spark of the "vintage" GEEP.....2001 also saw the release of the fabulous "That's When You Know", a collection of some older demos and the legendary "Live at the Marble Arch" effort......EASILLY worth it just for that!. 2004's "Your Country", while not "great", brings back a bit of the old "angry" Parker, with stuff like "The Rest Is History" and "Almost Thanksgiving Day", as well as an interesting version of "Crawling From the Wreckage".

    2005's "Songs of No Consequences" is farily aptly named, if you're a "fan (I am), perhaps you will
    enjoy this or that, say "Suck and Blow" or "She Swallows it" (theme running through this perhaps?)...."Don't Tell Columbus" came out in 2007, NOT SURE  if I've ever even heard it, but it's on my shelf, so why the hell not?, I THINK I have heard 2010's "Imaginary Television", can't really tell ya much about it, see for your self and report back, I don't remember any "lost" classics here, but what do I know....and finally in 2012 (in conjunction with "This is Forty?" I don't know......the original Rumour backed Parker on "Three Chords Good", a more than acceptable piece of work...."Snake Order Capital of the World" and "A Lie Gets Half Way Round the World" are pretty fair tracks.......GEEP and the R......together again, as it SHOULD be.......I wanted to wrap this up so I can get to the bitching LIVE sets the next couple days, TRUST ME, that's where the party is headed.....please leave TONS of comments on this comprehensiver Parker post (so far), what do you like? what do you dislike? but it will be rendered inconsequential by the staggering live shows yet to come!

    BURNING QUESTIONS-01 Release Me/02 To Many Knots To Untangle/03 Just Like Joe Meeks Blues/04 Love is a Burning Question/05 Platinum Blond/06 Long Stem Rose/07 Short Memories/08 Here It Comes Again/09 Mr Tender/10 Just Like Herman Hesse/11 Yesterday's Cloud/12 Oasis/13 Worthy of Your Love/14 Substitute

    DEEPCUT TO NOWHERE-01 Dark Days/02 I'll Never Play Jacksonville Again/03 If It Ever Stops Rainin'/04 Depend On Me/05 High Horse/06 Cheap Chipped Black Nails/07 Blue Horizon/08 Tough On Clothes/ 09 Socks  N Sandals/10 It Takes a Villiage Idiot/11 Syphillus and Religion/12 Last Stop Is Nowhere

    Soul/02 Stargazer/03 The Raid/04 You're On the Wanted List/05 Hit Town/06 Soul Shoes/07 That's When You Know/08 Let It Rain/09 Sunny Side Down/10 Hole In the World/11 Move It Down the Line/12 It's Alright Child, It's Alright/13 Gypsy Blood/14 Express Delivery/15 Not If It Pleases Me

    YOUR COUNTRY-01 Anything For a Laugh/02 The Rest Is History/03 Cruel Lips/04 Almost Thanksgiving Day/05 Nation of Shopkeepers/06 Queen of Compromise/07 Things I've Never Said/08 Sugaree/09 Tornado Alley/10 Fairground/11 Crawling From the Wreckage (Revisited)

    SONGS OF NO CONSEQUENCE-01 Vanity Press/02 Bad Chardonnay/03 She Swallows it/4 Chloroform/05 Evil/06 Dislocated Life/07 Suck N BLow/08 There's Nothing on the Radio/09 Ambivilent/10 Go Little JImmy/11 Local Boys/12 Did Everybody Just Get Old

    DONT TELL COLUMBUS-01 I Discovered America/02 England's Latest Clown/03 Ambiguous/04 The Other Side of the Reservoir/05 Suspension Bridge/06 Love Or Delusion/07 Total Eclipse of the Moon/08 Stick to the Plan/09 Somebody Saved Me/10 Hard Side of the Rain/11 Bullet of Redemption/12 All Being well

    Report/02 Broken Skin/03 It's My Party (But Won't Cry)/04 Bring Me a Heart Again/05 SNowgun/06 Always Greener/07 See Things MyWay/08 You're Not Where You THink You Are/09 Head on Straight/10 More Questions Than Answers/11 1st Responder

    THREE CHORDS GOOD-01 Snake Oil Capital of the World/02 Long EMotional Ride/03 Stop Cryin' About the Rain/04 She Rocks Me/05 Three Chords Good/06 Old Soul/07 A Lie Gets Halfway Round the World/08 The Moon Was Low/09 Live In Shadows/10 Arlington's Busy/11 Coathangers/12 Last Bookstore In Town

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  • 08/05/14--17:00: Graham Parker Part 4
  • Fixing the drunken errors of last night, by now they should be corrected.....I tried to get ALL of the
    studio stuff up in 1 day/3 posts.......a little bit too much work and I got some links confused as will happen when one is all clouded up on Michelob, etc.....anyway the RUSH was I wanted to get to today and tomorrow's posts, with all these wonderful live me, yesterday's rush just an appetizer course for today and tomorrow, THESE are great!

    Let's start off with an early one, the "Pink Parker" EP, I think it's fairly hard to locate, unsure, but I haven't seen a lot of em.....great "Hold Back the Night" and a live "White Honey" stand out....

    A very early set from NYC's Bottom Line from 1976 features a fine set list (higlight for me: a tortured "Something You're Going Through", but many of the highlights from the first two albums are here) and the normal Parker/Rumour wonderful stage presence. A good piece.

    From early on, also (1976-7) comes "Live on the Test" ("The Old Grey Whistle Test"), smouldering performancs of all of the best early numbers ("Gypsy Blood" smolders on this one), and there are some early looks at some "Squeezing Out Sparks" stuff ("Saturday Night is Dead")....normally I don't have a note regarding the source from which I acqired these, but since this time I do, thanks to Jeffen at "Music Ruined My Life" for this one (maybe others here too, unsure)

    Staying in 1976, we move on to San Francisco, similar set list to the other shows of that era, but it still smokes. The Palladium in NYC is the setting for our first 1977 set, incorporating some stuff from "Stick to Me", which translate even better as live numbers than on record ("Soul on Ice", "Heat In Harlem"), a very, very good set........

    Also from 1977 comes a BBC television broadcast, a sort set and maybe a bit of a lackluster
    performance (relatively speaking only), still a fine set list, "Fool's Gold" seems to work best on this one.

    Rockpalast is the setting for our first 1978 offering, again, a fine set list, a fine performance, although these sets DO share some similarity, the ARE worthwhile for the Parker fan (trust me I am not going into Hendrix craziness with this one), I recommend all these sets almost unequivicably.

    Rainbow Music Hall gives us the (1979) taste of the great "Sqeezing Out Sparks", opening with the great duo of "Discovering Japan" and "Local Girls" and never lets up an inch, mabe the best of the shows offered up here.

    Might as well add "Live Sparks", too....when "Squeezing Out Sparks" was issued on CD, it was complete live versions of the album, in order, as well as "Mercury Poisoning", and "I Want You Back".....very very good, and a bonus for you if your "Sparks" was on vinyl (mine was, but I buckled and bought the CD when it came out eventually.

    So I hope you like these as much as I do, I have about as many for tomorrow in the wrap up......alway loved Parker Ican't stress enough, guys my age, PLEASE see "This is 40", it ties together life in a funny/sad/ironic kind of way.

    PINK PARKER EP-01 Hold Back the Night/02 (Let Me Get) Sweet On You/03 White Honey (Live)/04 Soul Shoes

    BOTTOM LINE NYC 8/17/76-01 White Honey/02 That's What They All Say/03 Fool's Gold/04 Turned Up Too Late/05 Something You're Going Through/06 Pourin' It All Out/7 Back To Schooldays/08 Hotel Chambermaid/09 Heat Treatment/10 Don't Ask Me Questions/11 Not If It Pleases Me/12 Help Me Shake It/13 Soul Shoes

    LIVE ON THE TEST-01 Heat Treatment/02 Silly Thing/03 Fool's Gold/04 Pourin' It All Out/05
    Gypsy Blood/06 Don't Ask Me Questions/07 Hold Back the Night/08 Not If It Pleases Me/09 Soul Shoes/10 Kansas City/11 Stick To Me/12 Problem Child/13 Back Door Love/14 Thunder and Rain/15 Turned Up Too Late/16 Saturday Night Is Dead/17 I'm Gonna Tear Your Playhouse Down

    SAN FRANCISCO 11/7/76-01 White Honey/02 That's What They All Say/03 Fool's Gold/04 Turned Up Too Late/05 Something You're Going Through/06 Pourin' It All Out/07 Back To Schooldays/08 Hotel Chambermaid/09 Heat Treatment/10 Don't Ask Me Questions/11 Not If It Pleases Me/12 Help Me Shake It/13 Soul Shoes/14 Kansas City/15 Hold Back the Night

    THE PALLADIUM NYC 10/22/77-01 Heat Treatment/02 White Honey/03 Lady Doctor/04 Soul On
    Ice/05 Back To Schooldays/06 Heat In harlem/07 Fool's Gold/08 Watch the Moon Come Down/09 Thunder and Rain/10 Stick To Me/11 I'm Gonna Tear Your Playhouse Down/12 Don't Ask Me Questions/13 New York Shuffle/14 Soul Shoes/15 Hold Back the Night

    BBC SIGHT & SOUND STUDIOS 3/17/77-01 Heat Treatment/02 Silly Thing/03 Fool's Gold/04 Pourin It All Out/05 Gypsy Blood/06 Don't Ask Me Questions/07 Hold Back the Night/08 Not If It Pleases Me/09 Soul Shoes/10 Kansas City

    ROCKPALAST 1978-01 Heat Treatment/02 White Honey/03 Soul On Ice/04 Back To Schooldays/05 Fool's Gold/06 Heat In Harlem/07 Watch the Moon Come Down/08 Thunder and Rain/09 Stick To Me/10 I'm Gonna Tear Your Playhouse Down/11 Don't Ask Me Questions/12 Not If It Pleases Me/13 New York Shuffle/14 Soul Shoes/15 Hold Back the Night

    RAINBOW MUSIC HALL 1979-01 Discovering Japan/02 Local Girls/03 Thunder and Rain/04 Don't Get Excited/05 Back To Schooldays/06 Passion Is No Ordinary Word/07 Protection/08 Mercury Poisoning/09 Heat Treatment/10 Stick To Me/11 You Can't Be Too Strong/12 Love Gets You
    Twisted/13 I'm Gonna Tear Your Playhouse Down/14 Don't Ask Me Questions/15 Saturday Night Is Dead/16 Nobody Hurts You/17 Soul Shoes/18 I Want You Back/19 Pouring It All Out/20 New York Shuffle

    LIVE SPARKS-01 Discovering Japa/02 Local Girls/03 Nobody Hurts You/04 You Can't Be Too Strong/05 Passion Is No Ordinary Word/06 Saturday Night Is Dead/07 Love Gets You Twisted/08 Protection/09 Waiting For the UFOs/10 Don't Get Excited/11 I Want You Back (ALive)/12 Mercury Poisoning

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  • 08/06/14--13:23: Graham Parker Part 5
  • This series as bene very well recieved, thanks to Jane Richards for sending us an additional link (also
    an adoreable picture of herself, very beautiful!).....surprised that so many jump to defend "The Parkerilla", I agree with most critics that it is fairly awful and uninspired, but it seems that Parker has some RABID fans, like some other bands, who will defend nearly anything he does......another handful of live recordings today to wrap this up before heading onto something else, not sure what, but hopefully you'll like it, and if you are new here simply for the Geep, I hope ya stick around because I try to post some fun and interestin things, new and old alike.

    First up today we have a set from 1979, The Old Waldorf, great set, there's a lot of "Sqeezing Out Sparks" material here (I seem to remember in an interview years ago that Parker stated he rarely performed "You Can't Be Too Strong" live because he found it too scary/emotional, there IS a version of it here, but, oddly, no "Discovering Japan").

    From the same year comes a stereo simulcast from KISW Seattle, a fine set all the way through to the energetic encores, "I Want You Back" and "Pouring It All Out".  Since Parker was at his "Squeezing Out Sparks" best in 1979, (my senior year in high school, coulda wore out THREE copies of "Squeezing"...), there were PLENTY of boots from that year, and here are two more.....

    From Hempstead NY comes a fine WLIR simulcast, there's kind of a clumsy tape flip in the middle, but it does offer up some "old" classics from the first two albums. We have a very short set from Park West, Chicago, I have no details other than set list, "Shame Shame Shame" closes the set, somewhat unusual.

    We have a "King Biscuit Flower Hour" set from 1983, it includes a good bit of material from the underappreciated "The Real Macaw", ("Just Like a Man", "Sounds Like Chains"), with some still smoking versions of the "Squeezing Out Sparks" classics. Also from 1983 is a Chicago set "Sweet Home Chicago", with a good mix of old/new material, and the smart move of using "Discovering Japan" as an encore.

    "Live Alone In America" is kind of an odd set, I like it, it may not be for everyone, accoustic and
    very relaxed, and comprehnsive with stuff ranging from "Heat Treatment"to "The Mona Lisa's Sister"......maybe not for everyone, as I say, I like it as obviously did the audience. Of special note is the great encore of Sam Cooke's "A Change Is Gonna Come".

    Another live accoustic set from later on (early 90's or so) is "Live Alone, Dicovering Japan", somewhat similar to the above set, but to my knowledge the only version on record of "Just Like Herman Hesse" and Parker's covers of "Sweet Sixteen" (!) and "No Woman No Cry"

    That's gonna about do it for MY Parker stash if you have any of the MANY which I DON'T have, please please share them, obviously many here (myself included) have a soft spot for the work of Parker, please enoy these, but if you can add to them PLEASE do (as our new friend Jane has already done!)

    OLD WALDORF 9/4/79-01 Intro/02 Local Girls/03 Soul On Ice/04 Passion is No Ordinary Word/05 Protection/06 Mercury Poisoning/07 Heat Treatment/08 Stick To Me/09 You Can't Be Too Strong/10Watch the Moon Come Down/11 I'm Gonna Tear Your Playhouse Down/12 Saturday Night Is Dead/13 I Want You Back/14 Chain of Fools

    SEATTLE 1979-01 KISW Intro/02 Discovering Japan/03Local Girls/04 Soul On Ice/05 Don't Get Excited/06 Back To School Days/07 Howling Wind/08 Heat Treatment/09 Stick To Me/10 Mercury Poisoning/11 You Can't Be Too Strong/12 Passion Is No Ordinary Word/13 Clear Head/14 Don't Ask Me Questions/15 Protection/16 Saturday Night Is Dead/17 Nobody Hurts You/18 Soul Shoes/19 Encore Applause/20 I Want You Back/21 Pouring It All Out

    HEMPSTEAD NY-01 Discovering Japan/02 Local Girls/03 Protection/04 Don't Get Excited/05 Back
    to Schooldays/06 Passion Is No Ordinary Word/07 Howling Wind/08 Heat Treatment/09 Stick To Me/10 Mercury Poisoning/11 You Can't Be Too Strong/12 Love Gets You Twisted/13 I'm Gonna Tear Your Playhouse Down/14 Don't Ask Me Questions/15 Saturday Night Is Dead/16 Nobody Hurts You/17 Soul Shoes/18 Encore Applause/19 I Want You Back (Alive)/20 New York Shuffle

    PARK WEST CHICAGO 8/11/79- (unsplit tracks)01 Local Girls/ Mercury Poisoning/ Heat Treatment/ Stick To Me/ You Can't Be Too Strong/ Saturday Night Is Dead/ I Want You Back/  Shame Shame Shame

    SWEET HOME CHICAGO-01 Just Like a Man /02 Thunder and Rain/03 White Honey/04 Life Gets Better/05 Can't Take Love For Granted/06 Glass Jaw/07 Local Girls/08 Protection/09 Last Couple On the Dance Floor/10 Saturday Night Is Dead/11 Discovering Japan

    LIVE ALONE IN AMERICA!-01 White Honey/02 Watch the Moon Come Down/03 Black Honey/04 Protection/05 Soul Corruption/06 Gypsy Blood/07 Back To Schooldays/08 Durban Poison/09 The 3 Martini Lunch/10 Back In Time/11 Hotel Chambermaid/12 Don't Let Thm Break You Down/13 You Can't Be Too Strong/14 A Change Is Gonna Come

    LIVE ALONE! DICOVERING JAPAN-01 That's What They All Say/02 Platinum Blonde/03 Mecury Poisoning/04 Sweet 16/05 No Woman No Cry/06 Lunatic Fringe/07 Long  Stem Rose/08 Discovering Japan/09 Don't Ask Me Questions/10 Watch the Moon Come Up/11 Just Like Herman Hesse/12 Too Many Knots To Untangle/13 Chopsticks/14 Short Memories

    KING BISCUIT FLOWER HOUR 1983-01 Just Like a Man/02 Thunder and Rain/03 Fool'sGold/04
    Fear Not/05 Sounds Like Chains/06 Love Gets You Twisted/07 Passive Resistance/08 You Can't Take Love For Granted/09 Glass Jaw/10 Life Gets Better/11 You Can't Be Too Strong/12 Local Girls/13 Protection/14 Saturday Night Is Dead/15 Discovering Japan

    Really enjoyed doing this series, hope someone out there has some cool additions to this that we can all enjoy......and as I said before, Parker fans, PLEASE see "This is Forty" in which Parker appears (looking like your grandfather), an noone in the movie other than the main character (who LOVES him) has ever heard of's funny, it's said, it's ironic, and it sure as hell don't make ME feel no younger, but I'll take 10 minutes of Parker over the whole catalouge of whatever the kiddies are listening to for the most part, Linkin Park or whatever it's called.......Don't bother with the local girls, don't bother them cause they don't bother ME........

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    Couple of weeks before we embarked on my retirement/holiday to the Don Cesar Beach Resort in St.
    Petersburg Florida, I posted a couple video links to Florida natives Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers performing on the roof of that venue, as well as a documentay they filmed there......what the hell I will repost them.....

    Once again we had a fine time there, as always, but it got me to thinking that I have a handful of Petty boots I've not shared, I will say that I am not a HUGE fan of his work 1980 or so, and I don't REALLY know why, he really hasn't changed a lot......I just thought his first three albums were great, saw him in concert about 1978 and he was phenominal, and here are a few bootsfrom that same era......

    First up, an old one, 1977to be exact.....great, soon-to-be-classics ("American Girl", "Breakdown", "I Need to Know"), mixedup with stuff like "Dog On the Run" and "Route 66".....a fairly rare and mos interesting early set.

    The other two I have here are double disc sets.....from 1979 comes a double disc fom Houston with lots of"Damn the Torpedos" material ("Even the Losers"(my fave), "Refugee", "Shadow of a Doubt" and more, all the classics from the first two albums ("I Need to Know" will loosen your fillings), and as a special bonus, the album ends with rare remixed versions of "Don't Do Me Like That", "Refugee", and "Breakdown".....not to be missed for fans!

    The other 2 disc set I have here is from 1980, from Hammersmith Oden, all the songs you'd want to hear, done up right, another fine set from a REALLY good live band, closing with a frantic "Century City".....

    Some good stuff here...Petty's had a decent tune or three since "Torpedoes", just hasn't really been on
    MY personal radar......if you have any good boots or demos from this era, the world would love to hear them!

    ROCKPALLAST 6/14/77-01 Surrender/02 Jaguar and the Thunderbird/03 American Girl/04 Fooled Again/05 Breakdown/6 Listen To Her Heart/7 Strangered In the Night/08 I Need To Know/09 Anything That's Rock N Roll/10 Dog On the Run/11 Route 66/12 Shout

    HOUSTON 6/12/79 DISC 1-01 Intro/02 Shadow of a Doubt/03 Anything That's Rock N Roll/04 Fooled Again/05 Here Comes My Girl/06 Even the Losers/07 The Wild One, Forever/08 I Need To Know/09 Don't Do Me Like That/10 Cry To Me/11 Refugee/12 Listen to Her Heart/13 American Girl

    HOUSTON 6/12/79 DISC 2-01 Breakdown/02 Too Much Ain't Enough/03 Shout/04 Anyway You Want It/05 I Fought The Law/06 Strangered In theNight/07 Route 66/08 Don't Do Me Like That (Remix)/09 Refugee (Remix)/10 Breakdown (Remix)

    HAMMERSMITH ODEN DISC 1-01 Shadow of  a Doubt/02 Anything That's Rock N Roll/03 Fooled Again (I Don't Like It)/04 Here Comes My Girl/05 Even The Losers/06 The Wild One, Forever/07 I Need To Know/08 Don't Do Me Like That/09 Cry To Me/10 Stories We Could Tell/11 Refugee

    HAMMERSMITH ODEN DISC 2-01 Listen To Her Heart/02 American Girl/03 Breakdown/04 Too Much Ain't Enough/05 Shout/06 Girls Were Made To Love/07 Strangered In the Night/08 Don't Bring Me Down/09 Something Else/10 Century City

    Some totally rocking shit here, blew me away my Junior Yearin high school and still soundng fne today, comments, please?

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    Dave Sez started this wth his fabulous mega-post a couple weeks which time, someone requested the "official" releases, of which I had a few and posted.....NOW, from a brand new friend of the blog, JustJohnny, filling in a couple more gaps, which helps out both me, and,  hope, you as well....

    We have, thanks to Johnny, a 3-disc set, "Magazine 1978-81"....Disc 1 is a  live set from 1978 , from Manchester, Disc 2 the same frm 1980  Melbourne....I have NOT heard them by now, but I am listening to parts of them as I type and these are great, will make a fine addition to MY stash, hopfully to yours as well.....Johnny also sends us Disc 3 of the set, "Maybe It's Alright To Be Nervous Now", another fine set of alternate takes and Peel Sessions (my Magazine collection was SERIOUSLY lacking), once again, THIS IS HOW I WANT THIS BLOG TO WORK.......we can all have the PERFECT music collection, so easilly, just by utilizing the wonderful concept
    of SHARING........

    Also we have a studio release that I hadn't heard before, "Magic, Murder, and the Weather", from 1981, which I know VERY little about, but by the time you read this I will have heard......a great and underappreciated band of that bygone era, thanks JustJohnny filling in the gaps for some us......don't, by any means, be a stranger......and speaking of such, where is my man APANTA BAPNTA, love to get on some more of that great Greek Punk.......see? it takes MANY outside contributors to make this blog what I want it to be, and EVERYONE iswelcome to share ANYTHING they find interesting here, ANYTHING.........CALLING EVERYONE IN THE WORLD, MAKE THIS PROJECT CONTINUE TO BE THE WONDERFUL THING I WANT FOR IT TO BE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    MANCHESTER 78/MELBOURNE 80 DISC 1-01 Feed The Enemy/02 Give Me Everything/03 A Song From Under the Floorboards/04 Permafrost/05 The Light Pours Out of Me/06 Model Worker/07 Parade/08 Thank You (Falletinme Be Mice Elf Again)09 Because You're Frightened/10 Shot By Both Sides/11 Twenty Years Ago/12 Definitive Gaze

    MANCHESTER 78/MELBOURNE 80 DISC 2-01 Definitive Gaze/02 Touch and Go/03 Burst/04 The Light Pours Out Of Me/05 My Tulpa/06 Shot By Both Sides/07 Give Me Everything/08 Big Dummy/09 My Mind Ain't So Open

    MAYBE IT'S RIGHT TO BE NERVOUS NOW-01 Touch and Go (Peel Session)/02 The Light Pours Out Of Me (Peel Session)/03 Real Life (Definitive Gaze) (Alternate Take) (Peel Session)/04 My Mind Ain't So Open (Peel Session)/05 Give Me Eveything (Peel Session)/06 Burst (Peel Sessn)/07 I LoveYou You Big Dummy/08 Boredom (Peel Session)/09 TV Baby Peel Session/10 Thank You Falletinme Be Mice Elf Again (Peel Session)/11 Permafrost (Peel Session)/12 Song From Under the Floorboards (Peel Session)/13 Twenty Years Ago (Peel Session)/14 Look What Fear's Done To My Body (Because You're Frightened) (Peel Sessions)/15 Model Worker (Peel Session)

    MAGIC MURDER AND THE WEATHER-01 About the Weather/02 So Lucky/03 The Honeymoon Killers/04 Vigilence/05 Come Alive/06 The Great Man's Secret/07 This Poison/08 Naked Eye/09 Suburban Rhonda/10 The Garden

    So BIG thanks to JustJohnny for these, I'm sure he is nowhere near as adoreable as my new blog friend/contributor, Jane Richards (few are!), but he is welcome, at anytime, to contribute and share anythin he wishes......GREAT share JustJohnny,thanks loads!

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    Focus was never a REAL favorite of mine, they were a Dutch Prog-rock group in the early 1970's.....they had a fluhit with the really hard-rockin'"Hocus Pocus" when I was in the 5th or 6th grade, still sounds fantastic to me today.......I never cared enough about them more than to purchase thier "Best of" album, just a little too weird for me (few vocals, no lyrics), but no question "Hocus Pocus" and  few others are wonderful period, the REAL reason I broughtout Focus today......

    My son Grant and his pal Nick were playing around with thier GO-Pro and DJI Phantom, basically a wild "bird's eye view" of their school (Emmanuel Christian Academy in Springfield Ohio), for which they selected "Hocus Pocus" as the perfect soundtrack music.......and they were 1000% right.......PLEASE check this video out, it's really cool and really works with the music, please check it and comment, in exchange I will happily share my"Best of Focus"......just click the UTube link below to scope the video, they'd like to get some more UTube hits from you slackers......and of course there is a zppylink for the best of Focus.....any BIG TIME fans of the band are more than welcome to share their recordings of these weird Dutchmen, I just wanted to give a little shout to my son and his friend I think the video is creative and way cool!


    BEST OF FOCUS-01 Hocus Pocus/02 Anonymous/03 House of the King/04 Focus (Instrumental)/05 Janis/06 Focus II/07 Tommy/08 Sylvia/09 Focus III/10 Harem Scarem/11 Mother Focus/12 Focus IV/13 Bennie Helder/14 Glider/15 Red Sky at Night/16 Hocus Pocus (US Single Version)

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    Well DO NOT have a ton of Flamin' Groovies stuff, just these few discs, but when someone as adoreable as Jane Richards requests them, it's the very least I can do ( I have a good bit of her other requests, Ian Dury and Siouxsie & the Banshees, look for them soon, and I already posted a bunch of Patti Smith which I would THINK was still active (could be wrong, though)......

    So, Flamin' Groovies.....from San Francisco, the Groovies were originaly Cyril Jordan (guitar, vocal), Ron Loney (guitar, vocal), Tim Lynch (guitar, vocal), George Alexander (bass, harmonica, vocals), and Danny Mihm (drums)......they cranked out a decades-ahead of their time blend of punk, power-pop, rockabilly, pub rock, and God knows what.....the 1969 debut, "Supersnazz" is something of an unknown masterwork, with wild covers of "Somethin' Else" and "The Girl Can't Help It", along with original tracks that fit the theme like a glove ("Lord Have Mercy", "Bam Balam")....a good album, one we all should hear.

    In 1970 they released "Flamingo", still aiming for the old-school rock they strove for on album #1, there is some very respectable stuff on here, "Gonna Rock Tonight" and "Headed For the Texas Border" are fine and there is more.

    In 1971 they released thier "Masterwork", "Teenage Head", a solid 4-star LP all the way......the title track, "High Flyin' Baby", "Whiskey Woman" and all the rest are fab, and the CD bonus tracks (included here) such as "Shakin all Over" and "Louie Louie", among others, cements this album as a certifiable classic, a fairly unknown one at that.....

    The final Groovies disc I happen to have is "Shake Some Action", also a great album, from contains the fantastic title track, as well as a lot of fab covers, ("Misery", "She Said Yeah", and more)......not as great as the earlier albums, it is without question worth hearing/having.

    That's all I got from the boots, demos, or anything else......would love to add some rarities/oddities from this underappreciated band, so calling all minions to fill in the gaps....Flamin' Groovies were very influential, rocking, and deserved more credit than they got......PLEASE comment on this here post, The Flamin' Groovies were some bad-ass mofo's there for a while....rock on and on!

    SUPERSNAZZ-01 Love Have Mercy/02 The Girl Can't Help It/03 Laurie Did It/04 A Part From
    That/05 Rockin Pnumonia and the BoogieWoogie Flu/06 The First One's Free/07 Pagan Rachel/08 Something Else/Pistolpackin Mama/09 Brushfire/10 Bam Balam/11 Around the Corner

    FLAMINGO-01 Gonna Rock Tonite/02 Comin' After Me/03 Headin' For the Texas Border/04 Sweet Roll Me On Down/05 Keep A Knockin'/06 Second Cousin/07 Childhood's End/08 Jailbait/09 She's Falling Apart/10 Road House/11 My Girl Josephine/12 Around and around/13 Rockin' Pnuemonia and the Boogie Woogie Flu/14 Somethin Else/15 Rumble/16 Going Out Theme

    TEENAGE HEAD-01 High Flyin' Baby/02 City Lights/03 Have You Seen My Baby/04 Yesterday's Number/05 Teenage Head/06 32-20/07 Evil Hearted Ada/08 Doctor Boogie/09 Whiskey Woman/10 Shakin All Over/11 That'll Be The Day/12 Louie Louie/13 Walkin The Dog/14 Scratch My Back/15 Carol/16 Going Out Theme

    SHAKE SOME ACTION-01 Shake Some Action/02 Sometimes/03 Yes It's True/04 St Louis Blues/05 You Tore Me Down/06 Please Please Girl/07 Let the Boy Rock N Roll/08 Don't You Lie To Me/09 She Said Yeah/10 I'll Cry Alone/11 Misery/12 I Saw Her/13 Teenage Confidential/14 Shake Some Action (Flamin' Mix)

    0 0

    Okay, first of all, I got this email a couple weeks ago when vacationing, from a young lady named Stephanie Kepman.......chack out her dilemma:


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  • 08/10/14--19:25: Another minion contributes!
  • In keeing with my tradition of doing as little work as possible I thought this would be a good chance to share a couple of albums that I've never heard of......from Australia, I recieved this very kind email from  a nice sounding lad named Justin Cognet:

    Hi Scott, I've been following your blog for a while now and recently discovered some very cool stuff on there including among others, some of the Hendrix material...

    Firstly I wanted to say a BIG thank you for your efforts and for sharing what is obviously some very special music from your collection, which no doubt you spent a considerable amount of time collecting over the years.

    It's so great to have people like you keeping this music alive and sharing the rarities and lesser known music that exists out there.

    Typically I am an AOR / melodic rock fan but also LOVE hard rock, glam, hair metal etc and I'm especially excited about discovering the really rare bands within these genres. One such band are the Aussie group 'Call of the Wild' who released two ultra rare ACDC influenced discs back in the 90s.

    I know this music isn't the usual type of thing posted on your blog but I thought who cares, I bet there's a few people reading this, at least, who don't mind a bit of acca dacca inspired rock.

    So here are links to my own uploads of this bands two and only releases. I hope you enjoy it and if you like them maybe I can drop by from time to time with a few more rarities to share with your blog followers.

    Keep up the excellent work, it's a splendid blog.


    Fire & Ice EP:

    Such is Life:

    OK, NEVER have I heard of the band Call of the Wild, Justin claims these are rare, so no reason to
    doubt him....let's all check them out togther and evaluate them, and PLEASE leave comments, I will leave mine also, and thanks to Justin......THIS, RIGHT HERE, is exactly what I want.....people sharing rare/lesser known stuff for the more common good..... if it sucks, then at least we'll know THAT right?

    Thanks again to our newest blog-friend/contributor Justin, please contibute as often as you like and whatever suits your fancy........let me round this out with my favorite Aussie, experienced readers, of course know that would be one of my leading objects  slobber, Emile de Raven......goodnight Emile, call me!


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  • 08/11/14--13:13: A Grunge Anthology
  • Nowhere NEAR the quality of the 7-or so disc "Grunge is Back", a friend laid this one on me, and
    while it has next to nothing rare on it, it reminds me a bit of my theoretical "Grunge Nuggets" sets I had considered constructing in about another ten years or so, assuming I am still I say almost literally NOTHING hard to find, but a better collection of grungey singles from 1991-93 or so could hardly be assembeled........lets look at the higlights, some FINE tracks here, at least all in one convenient three disc set......

    Disc 1 leads off with Nirvana's legendary "In Bloom" (I love it, "Sell the kids for food" because "We Can have some more"......Pearl Jam's amazing "Alive", STP's "Sex Type Thing" ("Creep" might have been more fitting)......without just listing all the tracks, let's touch on the GREAT singles of the era......L7's phenominal "Pretend We're Dead", "Glyceryne" from Bush, Screaming Trees wonderful "Nearly Lost You", the great "Violet" from Hole, Soungarden's awesome "Jesus Christ Pose" and the greatest of Alice In Chains tracks "Rooster........there's's THAT for Disc 1, and imagine what it will sound like a few years in the future...... I stress, NOTHING much hard to find, but GREAT music, ALL in one locale!

    Think Disc 2 lets up? Not quite......"Smells Like Teen Spirit"? "Evenflow"?, Veruca Salt's amazing one hit wonder, the fab "Seether", "Revolve" by the Melvins, "My Hero" from Foo Fighters.....even a couple MORE Nirvana tracks, this set does not seek out the obscure, and reminds me for all the world of one of those K-Tel things they used to advertise on TV back in the 70's........if, by some chance, you are reading this blog and are totally ignorant to grunge, this will be a primer to set you on your proper path.

    Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, Hole, and all the rest show up on disc 3 as well (a GREAT overlooked track: L7's "Everglade"), Temple of the Dog's fantastic "Hunger Strike", even Audioslave and Paw turn up.........

    The "Nuggets of the Grunge era", right's loaded with great albiet easy to locate material,
    but I really love the concept and the construction......Like me, you MAY have EVERY SINGLE TRACK HERE (I really do), but if your grandchildren some day want you to explain the "grunge" scene to them, you'll need to look no further than here.

    DISC 1-01 NIRVANA-In Bloom/02 PEARL JAM-Alive/03 STONE TEMPLE PILOTS-Sex-Type Thing/04 SOUNDGARDEN-Black Hole Sun/05 CANDLEBOX-You/06 L7-Pretend We're Dead/07 BUSH-Glycerine/08 STONE TEMPLE PILOTS-Big Empty/09 PRESIDENTS OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA-Peaches/10 HOLE-Violet/11 MUDHONEY- In  N Out of Grace/12 NIRVANA-Lithium/13 SCREAMING TREES-Nearly Lost You/14 EVERCLEAR-Everything To Everyone/15 MUDHONEY-Suck You Dry/16 SILVERCHAIR-Tomorrow/17 SOUNDGARDEN-Jesus Christ Pose/18 ALICE IN CHAINS-Rooster

    DISC 2-01 NIRVANA-Smells Like Teen Spirit/02 STONE TEMPLE PILOTS-Plush/03 PEARL JAM-Evenflow/04 SOUNDGARDEN-Rusty Cage/05 PRESIDENTS OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA-Lump/06 ALICE IN CHAINS-Would?/07 FOO FIGHTERS-My Hero/08 EVERCLEAR-Santa Monica/09 STONE TEMPLE PILOTS-Vaseline/10 VERUCCA SALT-Seether/11 NIRVANA-Heart Shaped Box/12 BUSH-Swallowed/13 THE MELVINS-Revolve/14 MUDHONEY-Touch Me I'm Sick/15 CANDLEBOX-Far Behind/16 HOLE-Doll Parts/17 ALICE IN CHAINS-Hate To Feel/18 NIRVANA-Aneuyrism

    DISC 3-01 STONE TEMPLE PILOTS-Interstate Love Song/02 L7-Everglade/03 NIRVANA-Come
    As You Are/04 SOUNDGARDEN-Outshined/05 PEARL JAM-Jeremey/06 SCREAMING TREES-Dollar Bill/07 FOO FIGHTERS-This Is a Call/08 MUDHONEY-You Got It/09 EVERCLEAR-Heartspark Dollarsign/10 TEMPLE OF THE DOG-Hunger Strike/11 STONE TEMPLE PILOTS-Wicked Garden/12 MAD SEASON-River of Deciet/13 PEARL JAM-Black/14 PAW-Jessie/15 GREEN RIVER-Swallow My Pride/16 HOLE-Miss World/17 BABES IN TOYLAND-Bruise Violet/18 AUDIOSLAVE-Cochise

    Make of this what it is, a wonderful artifact in the me!  Couple of more great new comp discoveries coming up soon!

    0 0

    I've meant to get this posted for a long time now, it's massive, but so VERY worthwhile.....there are four six-volume sets involved here, with some of the absolute best in 1970's Krautrock......many of the great bands which pop up here have been profiled on this blog before, notably one of my veryfavorite Krautrock bands, Jane, and also Frumpy, Guru Guru, Birth Control,Krokodil, and much more.....the hard-rocking-progressive sounds of the early 70's are a joy to behold, and if you are unfamiliar, you certainly won't be after, today, released in the early 2000's is Volume 1 (six discs) of "Krautrock: Music For Your Brain".......may as well touch on a highlight or two before the official rundown......

    The highlight of disc one is the live "Hangman" by Jane (told ya I love that band!), but also "The Work Is Done" by Birth Control, the fine "Tears Are Goin' Home" by Lava, plus stuff from Scorpions, Electric Sandwich, Cravinkle, and a lot more too......check this out if uninitiated and be blown away, and there are 23 more discs in this mammoth series.

    Jane appears again on Disc 2 "Daytime", along with Kin Ping Meh (fairly recently profiled here), Guru Guru, and the excellent "How the Gypsy Was Born"by Frumpy (not sure if I've done a post on Frumpy or not, they had a lot of good stuff). Disc 3 is maybe just a touch more obscure (depending on your level of fandom), it does include the thrilling "No Freak Out" by Sperrmull, "Hollywood" from Cluster, and "So Far" by Faust, among other gems.

    On to Disc 4, the great Jane, Frumpy, and Guru Guru all return, but the highlight for me would be
    "Moscow" by Wonderland......"Impression" by Novalis is also a semi-classic. Can makes their first appearance of  the set on Disc 5 with the epic "Mother Sky", "Gamma Ray" by Birth Control is a great one, and "Ooga Booga" from Guru Guru is a fine one as well......

    So the final disc of Volume 1 features yet another winner from Jane, "Hell and Booze" by Curly Curce, and other good ones from Lava, Dull Knife, and Cravinkle........

    This is a TREMENDOUS set, I hope it is popular with you guys, some of the Krautrock stuff has done well, some not so much, but this is, to me, the definitive set to learn about and enjoy the genre.....Six more discs tomorrow, Volume 2!

    DISC 1-01 LUCIFER'S FRIEND-Ride The Sky/02 BIRTH CONTROL-The  Work Is Done/03 CAVINKLE-Two Circles/04 OS MUNDI-Question of Decision/05 RADIO MARRIKESH-Orient Express/06 SPERMULL-Pal Casey/07 LAVA-Tears Are Goin' Home/08 JANE-Hangman (Live)/09 PROFESSOR WOLFFF-Hans im Gluck/10 SCORPIONS-It All Depends/11 GORBSCHNITT-Drummer's Dream/12 ELECTRIC SANDWICH-China/13 WEED-Sweet Morning Light

    DISC 2-01 THE RATTELS-The Wich/02 FRUMPY-How the Gipsy Was Born/03 GOMORRHA-I
    Turned to See Whose Voice It Was/04 GORBSCHNITT-Jupp Vader Schmidt'sWandertag/05 GURU GURU-Samantha's Rabbit/06 KIN PING MEH-Fairy Tales/07 HOLDERLIN- Requium fur Einen Wicht/08 JANE-Daytme/09 WEED-Lonely Ship/10 ABACUS-Song For Brunhilde/11 ODIN-Tribute to Frank/12 YATHA SIDRA-A Meditation Mass Part 3

    DISC 3-01 ELOY-Castle In the Air/02 KRAAN-Nam Nam/03 ATLANTIS-It's Getting Better!/04 KLAUS SCHULZE-Mental Door/05 CLUSTER-Hollywood/06 FAUST-So Far/07 ARMONNIA-Watussi/08 CURLY CURVE-Queen Of Spades/09 GOMORRHA-Dance On a Volcano/10 SPERMULL-No Freak Out

    DISC 4-01 WONDERLAND-Moscow/02 FRUMPY-Take Care of Illusion/03 FAUST-Why Don't You Eat Carrots/04 EPITHAP-Fly/05 GURU GURU-Der Elektolurch/06 EROC-Norderland/07 TOPAS-Train To An Island/08 NOVALIS-Impressionen/09 JANE-Air and the End

    DISC 5-01 RANDY PIE-Highway Driver/02 BIRTH CONTROL-Gamma Ray/03 CAN-Mother Sky/04 TOPAS-Hurricane/05 GURU GURU-Ooga Booga/06 ATLANTIS-Friends/07 GROBSCHNITT-Traum and Wirklicheit/08 EMBRYO-A Place to Go/09 LUCIFER'S FRIEND-Lucifer's Friend/10 NOVALIS-Wer Schmetterlinge Lachen Hort

    DISC 6-01 CURLY CURCE-Hell and Booze/02 LUCIFER'S FRIENDS-Sorrow/03 LAVA-Holy
    Fool/04 GROBSCHNITT-Anywhere/05 LA DUSSELDORF-Rheineita/06 HARMONIA-Dino/07 RANDY PIE-Wintersong/08 JANE-Windows/09 CRAINKLE-About Mother and Son/10 DULL KNIFE-Tumberlin' Down/11 EROC-Wolkenreise/12 UDO LINDENBERG-Alles Klar auf der Andria Doria/13 WALLENSTINE-Charline

    Guys, I am fucking around here, this is an absolutley TREMENDOUS set...if you are a fan of Krautrock, you'll weep with joy, an if unfamiliar, this set willlow you is called "Music For Your Brain" for a specific reason, you will see why....this is great, great music,and it is my pleasure and privelege to be able to share it with you.

    0 0

    Well, if you've had a chance to check out Volume 1 of this set, you'll understand my admiration for it,
    its just really, really excellent, 24 total discs of totally classic Krautrock......there is no let up in this volume either.....plenty of GREAT shit here if you love that 1970's hard-prog sound that so often was so great......let's check a few highlights here....

    Disc one is fine fom beginning to end, mostly with repeaters from Volume 1 such as Eloy, Guru Guru, and Electric Sandwich....Kraan's "Mind Quake" and "My Last Illusion" from Walpurgis are a couple of obvious standouts.

    Some welcome newcomers join us on Disc 2....Amon Duul II and My Solid Ground turn up with some very fine additions. A good one from Popul Vuh, "Ich Mache einen Spiegel".....Faust and Mythos also turn in their normal winners....another nearly flawless disc.

    My favorite, Jane, returns on Disc 3 with the great "Spain", Annexus Quam give us "Osmose III", and Gronschnitt contributes the lengthy "Symphony" on this collction of mostly very long tracks, often a Krautrock tradition.

    On to Disc 4, Tangerine Dream is a name that has been absent, they clock in with "Stratosfear" (a very good one), Improved Sound Limited give us "Doctor Bob Dylan", in additon to some good stuff from Faust and Os Mundi....

    This is a wonderfully programmed set, the next disc, 5, remains just as consistent......mostly "repeater" bands, Guru Guru, Scorpions, Lucifer's Friend, and Frumpy.......hardly a miss in the bunch though......finally Disc 6 leads off with Jane's phenominal "Here We Are" and ends with Sitting Bull's cool "Trip Away", and in between a full compliment of good stuff from Os Mundi, Eloy, Kravetz, and more......

    Volume every bit as good as Volume1......hope you guys are liking it as well, to me this is one of my
    favorite comp series of any genre!

    DISC 1-01 SCORPIONS-I'm Going Mad/02 ELOY-Today/03 CRAVINKLE-Sitting in the Forrest/04 SILBERBART-Chub Chub Cherry/05 GURU GURU-Tango Fango/06 EMBRYO-Warm Canto/07 ELECTRIC SANDWICH-Devil's Dream/08 ATLANTIS-Living At the End of Time/09 WALPURGIS-My Last Illusion/10 KRAAN-Mind Quake/11 KIN PING MEH-Drugson's Trip

    DISC 2-01 AMON DUULL II-Dem Guten, Schonen, Wahren/02 MY SOLID GROUND-BBB/03 MYTHOS-Oriental Journey/04 NOVALIS-High Evolution/05 OS MUNDI-Overture/06 LILIENTAL-Adel/07 FAUST-No Harm/08 EPITAPH-Crossroads/09 RUFUS ZUPHALL-Schupfner/10 TRIUMVARAT-Spartacus/11 KRAVETZ-Ann Toormuch/12 POPUL VUH-Ich Mache einen Spiegel

    DISC 3-01 EMTIDI-Die Reise/02 BROSELMASCHINE-Schmetterling/03 WITTHUSER & WESTRUPP-Der Rat Der Mottem/04 NOVALIS-Laughing/05 JANE-Spain/06 GROBSCHNITT-Symphony/07 AGITATION FREE-Haunted Island/08 ANNEXUX QUAM-Osmose III

    DISC 4-01 KLAUS SCHULZE-Stardancer/02 LILIENTAL-Stressemannstrasse/03 OS MUNDI-
    Kyrie/04 TANGERINE DREAM-Stratosfear/05 FAUST-It's a Rainy Day Sunshine Girl/06 WALLESTEIN-Mother Universe/07 WONDERLAND BAND-The Hill/08 CORNUCOPIA-Spot On You Kids/09 IMPROVED SOUND LIMITED-Doctor Bob Dylan

    DISC 5-01 GOMORRAH-Opening Of a Sealed Book/02 SILBERBART-Brain Pain/03 TOPAS-Lemon Boy/04 LUCIFER'S FRIEND-Thus Spoke Oberon/05 SCORPIONS-Lonesome Crow/06 PROESSOR WOLFFF-Das Zimmer/07 FRUMPY-I'm Afraid Big Moon/08 CRAVINKLE-Garden of Loneliness/09 EPITAPH-Stop Look and Listen/10 GURU GURU-Salto Mortadella

    DISC 6-01 JANE-Here We Are/02 MADE IN GERMANY-The Arrow and the Song/03 OS MUNDI-Sanctus/04 KOLLEKTIV-Rapunzel (Live)/05 KRAVETZ-I'd Like to Be a Child Again/06 RANDY PIE-Luie/07 HALLELUJAH-Sings of Strange/08 ELOY-Something Yellow/09 SITTING BULL-Trip Away

    Another wonderful set, intellgent, psychedelic, hard rocking, and to hear your thoughts on it, in particular if you are sampling classic Krautrock for the first time. Enjoy, and be back tomorrow with the next fine volume.

    0 0

    Well, we learn something new each day.....had a friend call and inform me that in 2012 they issued a
    "Volume 5" of "Kraurock, Music For Your Brain", ANOTHER six disc set....I thought the series was complete a 4 volumes (24 discs), but I looked into it, and yep....downside: I don't have it....upside: my friend will be sending my a copy across cybespace in the next few days, so YOU (hell, and ME) will be able to enjoy the complete 30 disc set in all its brlliance. (Thanks for the offer, also, Big Bad Buddah, but like I say I HAVE located one!)

    So here we are at Volume 3......did you like the first two? I love them, I've alway enjoyed the Krautrock, and (other than individual classic albums by Jane or Krokodil or whomever) I think this is the epitome of Krautrock greatness!

    Well let's spot check a few higlights of THIS great set.....Disc 1 features the GREAT "The Executioner" by My Solid Ground, chilling and highly original song.....D'schinn gives us a good on with "Rock N Roll Dschinny"...Virus were featured on this blog recently, from them comes the fine "King Heroin".....Hairy Chapter and Fashion Pink are new arrivals to the series and sound just great.

    Disc 2 features maybe the least-known stuff from the set so far (at least for me)......still PLENTY of solid tracks (Nektar's "Do You Believe in Magic", "Lady Blue" from Et Cetera, and the previouly unknown to me "Goodbye Guns, Be By Gones" by Coupla Prog......the disc doesn't miss a beat, in case you wondered.  One of my faves, Krokodil, makes thier first apperance on Disc 3, also great stuff fom "new arrivals" Dies Irae and Frame (the awesome "Frame of Mind") wonders if this set will ever feature a sub-par dic.

    Disc 4 features the great "Der LSD-Marsch" from Guru Guru, Tiger B. Smith's fine "Help For a
    Blind Man", and continues to pile on great stuff from the likes of Walpurgis and Franz K.....another winning disc. Krokodil return for Disc 5 ("Marzipan"), and adds some newcomers (to the series) such as Haze, Nine Days Wonder, and Epilon.

    So, we close out Volume 3 with the 6th disc, don't you agree with me that they have all (EVERY DISC) been fairly spectacular? I could listen to this whole colection in one day, coming from me, rare praise. So a few of the tried an true return for Disc 6, Eloy, Faust, Tangerine Dream, and Birth Control, also the excellent Sweet Smoke and hat is off to whoever programmed and compiled this, it's a magnificent piece of work and I'm thrilled to discover that there is a Volume 5, that's something to REALLY look foward to!

    DISC 1-01  DSCHINN - Rock'n Roll Dschinny/02 HAIRY CHAPTER- It Must Be An Officer's Daughter/03 MY SOLID GROUND- The Executioner/04 ODIN- Make Up Your Mind/05 BIRTH CONTROL- Just Before The Sun Will Rise/06 VIRUS - King Heroin/07  FLOH  DE COLOGNE-Die oberen Zehntausend/08 SAHARA- The Mountain King Part I & Part II/09 - FRANZ K. - Bock auf Rock/10 SUBJECT ESQ - Mammon/11 -FASHION PINK- Brainstorming

    DISC 2-01 NEKTAR - Do You Believe In Magi /02 -WITTESER & WESTRUPP - Das Mдrchen
    vom Kцnigssohn/03  ET CETERA - Lady Blue/04  GILA - Kommunikation/05 COUPLA PROG- Goodbye Guns, Be By Gones/06 APOCALYPSE - Let It Die/ 07 WALLENSTIEN - Golden Antenna/08  WOLFGANG DAUNER- Take Off Your Clothes To Feel The Setting Sun09  THRICE MICE - Jo Joe/10  MCCHURCH SOUNDROOM  - What Are You Doin'/11 - FLOH  DE COLOGNE - Ford Capri

    DISC 3-01  FRAME - Frame Of Mind/02 ANYONES DAUGHTER- Anyone's Daughter/ 03 ANALOGY - Analogy/04 TOTO BLANKE- Ppg/05  DIES IRAE- Trip/06 - KROKODIL-And I Know /07  JUDS GALLERY- Follow Me/08  MYTHOS - Harry Chanceless/09  JERUSALEM - Moon's New Way/10 - MAMMUT - Mammut Opera

    DISC 4-01  WALLENSTEIN - Braintrain/02 MESSAGE - Heaven Knows/03  GURU GURU- Der LSD-Marsch/ 04 TIGER B SMITH- Help For A Blind Man/05  WALPURGIS - Disappointment
    /06  ANNEXUS QUAM- Trobluhs El E Isch/ 07  BRUESELMASHINE -Gedanken/08 NOSFERATU - No. 4/09 DZYAN-Back to Where We Come From/10 FRANZ K-Peterlied

    DISC 5-01 RUFUS ZUPHAL- Freitag/02 KROKODIL - Marzipan/03  EPSILON - 2-Four-4/04  PACIFIC SOUND- Gates Of Hell/05 PELL MELL- Friend/06  VIOLENCE FOG- Rolli Zink/ 07 HAZE - Fast Career/08  ET CETERA- Mellodrama Nr. 2 A/09  THIRSTY MOON- Black Clouds/10  NINE DAYS WONDER- Drag Dilemma/11  BRAND WITTHBSER - Wenn ich ein wenig frцhlicher wдr'

    DISC 6-01 ELOY - Future City/02 EULESPYGEL - Die Wunde bleibt/
        03  EULESPYGEL-Staub auf deinem Haar/04 FAUST - The Sad Skinhead/05  HOLDERLIN - Nьrnberg/06 PETER BAUMAN- Bicentennial Present/07 SWEET SMOKE- Kundalini/08  TANGERINE DREAM- Coldwater Canyon (Live)/09 BIRTH CONTROL- Trial Trip/10 UDO LINDEBERG - Cowboy Rocker/11  PASSORT - Uranus

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