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The music that shaped a semi-wasted life

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  • 06/26/14--18:07: Donnie Iris
  • Oh, settle down, I'm not recapping THIS douche's whole career (What a waste of time THAT
    would  be....the Jaggerz? Wild fucking Cherry? No thanks)....the only artifact I have from this lad is a greatest hits affair, which ALSO isn't THAT great except for one thing.....

    I LOVE the single "Ah! Leah" for a few, it is a fantastic single, sounds as fabulous today as it did when it was released (early 90's or so, TRUE "Nuggets of the Future" material).....great fucking tune, heard it today, and it sparked a couple of memories.....

    First of all, when it came out, I actually knew a chick named Leah who was lucky enough to get "AH LEAH" as her vanity license plate....there was probably ONE such Leah in each state, and what an honor to actually know the "Ohio one"

    Also, I am reminded of one of Creem Magazines greatest reviews ever....I'm gonna try to recreate this, bear with was a comic strip of "Gilligan's Island"....a crate of Donnie Iris albums washes up on the shore. Skipper: "WOW little buddy, Iris used to be in the Jaggerz, so he needs all the help he can get! He's bound to come looking for these albums and we'll be rescued for sure!"....later they hear on the radio "Donnie Iris has had a huge hit with "Ah Leah", looks like tough times are over for him!".....Gilligan: "Think of the bright side, Skipper, maybe a stereo will wash up on shore.."

    Maybe ya had to be there but pretty goddamn funny in my book......

    BEST OF DONNIE IRIS-01 Ah! Leah/02 I Can't Hear You/03 Agnes/04 Sweet Merilee/05 Love Is Like a Rock/06 That's the Way Love Ought to Be/07 My Girl/08 Tough World/09 This Time it Must Be Love/10 Do You Compute/11 She's So Euopean/12 The Rapper (Live)

    Fuck you, "Ah! Leah" is a great fucking for the rest of this, if it's ACTUALLY his "best", well.......

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    If you don't like pictures of some hot, fine ink on some smoking hot babes, move along, because
    these files have probably a couple of thousand of's entitled "Women as the Canvass" and I find it, uhhhh,
    interesting........not for everyone, perhaps, but certainly for ME.

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  • 06/27/14--13:13: Sweet
  • In the newly created genre of "artists whom I think 90% of their shit sucks but thier "Best Of" makes
    for an easy post if they had 10% decent comes" (See: Sparks, Donnie Iris) Sweet, who routinely churned out the bubbleglam stuff in the early 1970's.

    Sweet were, for the most part, singer Brian Donnelly, bassist Steve Priest, guitarist Andy Scott, an drummer Mick Tucker, which you know if you paid attention to the intro of "Ballroom Blitz"...

    "Ballroom Blitz"is a great fucking song, covered by the Buzzcocks among others, and NOT thier only one....."Wig Wam Bam" was covered (in a MUCH better version IMO) by the Donnas, "Blockbuster" is a pretty damn good unknown rocker, "Fox on the Run" was a fine hard rock single, and "Love is Like Oxygen" is at LEAST better than listening to Poison or someone.......formulaic, professional rock n roll singles band, who "hit" probably more than they missed.

    So, what's the prob? The prob is "Little Willie", perhaps one of the most nauseating singles of the early 1970's, and THAT, cousin, is saying a mouthful.

    Some bands with long careers melt down EASILLY to a single disc......Sweet is the epitome of this in my book...DO NOT overlook this disc, despite my cynicism, the good shit here FAR out-weighs the bad.........opinions,please, espcially from the previously uninitiated, because there is some fine early 70's rocking shit here.

    01 Little Willie/02 Wig-Wam Bam/03 Blockbuster/04 The Ballroom Blitz/05 Teenage Rampage/06 The Six Teens/07 Fox On the Run/08 Action/09 The Lies In Your Eyes/10 Lost Angels/11 Fever of Love/12 Stairway to the Stars/13 Love is Like Oxygen/14 California Nights/15 Mother Earth/16 Sixties Man

    I've been harsh on them (it's fun) but this is no question a good piece of early 1970's hard glam-rock

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    WOW......nearly 31 years, and now it's all was my final day of work with the State of
    Ohio, I am now an "official" retiree......probably the biggest "change" in my life, as I am 52 years old, thusly, I have worked on the same job for over half of my life.....I'm sorry....Im feeling a LOT of different emotions today......

    So, why not wrap up the celebratory bonuses (for a while) with a no-joke bang......the COMPLETE "Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers" series....I am not going to go into detail about this, but this is THE classic piece of underground comicdom.....Phineas, Freewheelin' Frank, Fat Freddie (and of course Fat Freddie Scat) were as much of my childhood/teen years as were the bands I post here each day.....if it's new to you, it will be deliciously dated, if you are a longtime fan, you'll be delighted, but the target group I'D like to hear from is maybe people MY AGE who have forgotten about them......this shit IS the 1970's, represented MUCH better than ANY album I could post.

    Thank you for patronizing my's fun, I enjoy it and will continue it until God knows when (although, this is likely the end of 2 posts a day for a while, I have done so for the whole month of June, and, frankly, a LOTTA work).....anyway I enjoy doing this, and I TRULY thank all the many people who have helped me make it work the way I want it to, and two people in particular, Dave Sez and Apanta Bapanta, thanks so much, literally, this blog would not be what it is without your help!

    Here's to another few years (at least) of the WORLD WIDE SHARING COMMUNITY making thisblog what i WANT it to be.......a chance for EVERYONE to share ANYTHING they want, from the most unknown bar band to someone with some out-there porn photos.....EVERYONE.

    Love you all.

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    Just found this on Pirate Bay today, haven't even finished the download as I write this, but couldn't
    wait to share THIS gem...three volume set of hard to find classic punk singles and EP's, just looking at the track lists is a joy, and I am assuming that, as this is in FLAC, it likely sounds fantastic also.

    This was just upped to the Bay a couple of days ago, can really find zero information about it anywhere, seemingly a Blogger creation that I would LOVE to credit, the creator's name being Gorehound, however, the "comments" on the Bay pages don't credit the blog from where they came, rather, it alludes to some sort of pissing contest between the aforementioned Gorehound and the torrent uploader, apparently Gorehound objects to others sharing his shares....if this is true, a foolish and frankly WRONG view of what we are ALL trying to do here.....and if Mr. Gorehound objects to MY sharing of these, he may as well understand how this's on Pirate Bay now, ANYONE can get it, so while I TRULY do credit and appreciate his great creation, I shake my head in wonder at the (apparently) selfish notion that he alone can share what is now part of the cyber-universe.....and, to be clear, ANYONE, anywhere, anytime is welcome to  "re-share" anything I post here, credited or not, the concept of "sharing", once again, needs to be honored above all else.

    Now, as for the content, simply tremedous. Due to the large files, we will take three days to do up the three volumes, and for the selective shopper the indiviual EP's/singles have been seperated.....again, some amazing stuff...the legedary "Spiral Scratch" EP from The Buzzcocks with Howard Devoto. "Cranked Up Really High" by Slaughter and the Dogs. "I'm a Police Car"from Larry Wallis. Three outstanding EP's from the Exploited. Hell you can see for yourself.....each file is presented EXACTLY as it was created, artwork and text is included where it was included in the original.

    So, thanks for the work Gorehound, honestly, but sharing is sharing. If you happen to see this and object to my use of it, contact me and we will discuss it.....but, anyway, great work.

    ALBERTO Y LOS TRIOS PARANOIAS-SNUFF ROCK EP-01 Gobbin' On Life/02 Kill/03 Snuffin'
    In Babylon/04 Snuffin' Like That

    ALTERNATIVE-IN NOMINE PATRI-01 Anti Christ/02 Warfare & Who's Sussed & Moral Bondage

    ANGRY SAMOANS-THE QUEER PILLS EP-01 The Todd Killings/02 They Saved Hitler's Cock/03 Time to Fuck/04 You Stupid Jerk

    BUZZCOCKS-SPIRAL SCRATCH EP-01 Boredom/02 Breakdown/03 Friends of Mine/04 Time's Up

    THE EXPLOITED-ARMY LIFE EP-01 Army Life/02 Class War/03 Fuck the Mods

    THE EXPLOITED-DEAD CITIES-01 Crashed Out/02 Dead Cities/03 Hitler's In the Charts Again

    THE EXPLOITED-BARMY ARMY-01 Barmy Army/02 I Believe In Anarchy/03 What You Gonna Do

    LARRY WALLIS-I'M A POLICE CAR-01 On Patrol/02 Police Car

    PERE UBU-THE HEARPEN SINGLES-01 30 Seconds Over Tokyo/02 Cloud 149/03 Final
    Solution/04 Heart of Darkness/05 Heaven/06 My Dark Ages/07 Street Waves/08 The Modern Dance

    RAZAR-STAMP OUT DISCO-01 Stamp Out Disco/02 Task Force (Undercover Cops)

    SLAUGHTER & THE DOGS-CRANKED UP REALLY HIGH-01 Cranked Up Really High/02 The Bitch

    Be advised these are some gigantic files, relatively speaking, but, again, I think I at least DO owe it to the creator to present these EXACTLY as I recieved them. Volume 2 tomorrow, certain to be a real fin-scaler as well, be there, aloha.

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  • 06/29/14--16:12: Punk Rock Palace Volume 2
  • A continuation of the fine series started yesterday (don't feel like explaning its origins again, check
    yesterday's screed)....another fine collection of primo punk singles and EP's, these MUCH more obscure than yesterday's (some I have not even heard of), some is pretty well known (The Fast, Chosen Few, The Normal) and others are delightfully unknown. Again, these FLAC's are pretty big, relatively speaking, and these are seperated individually rather than collected as "comp discs", seemed like the way to do it, and artwork and texts are included if they came that way. I have not yet heard any complaints about my re-use of these (again, see yesterday), and I thank Gorehound for his excellent work in compiling these.

    THE AUTHORITIES-SOUNDTRACK FOR TROUBLE-01 Achtung/02 I Hate Cops/03 Between the Thighs/04 Radiationmasturbation/05 Shot in the Head/06 LSD

    D-DAY-TOO YOUNG TO DATE-01 Everytime I Ask You Out/02 Too Young to Date

    FATAL MICROBES-VIOLENCE GROWS EP-01 Violence Grows/02 Beautiful Picture/03 Crybaby

    HONEY BANE-YOU CAN BE YOU-01 Girl On the Run/02 Porno Grows/03 Boring Conversations

    LEGIONAIRE'S DISEASE BAND-RATHER SEE YOU DEAD (THAN WITH WOOL IN YOUR HEAD)-01 Downtown/02 Rather See You Dead (Thatn With Wool In Your Head)



    THE CHOSEN FEW-THE JOKE'S ON US 12"-01 The Joke's On Us/02 T.A.L.O.I.G.A./03 Adolph, You Beauty/04 Disco Tek Wreck/05 (Do the Manic) To Kill or Maim, Honey/05 Terminal Rock

    THE FAST-BOYS WILL BE BOYS-01 Boys Will Be Boys/02 Wow Pow Bash Crash

    THE NORMAL-T.V.O.D.-01 T.V.OD/02 Warm Leatherette

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  • 06/30/14--14:52: Punk Rock Palace Part 3
  • So, if you picked up the first two volumes, you should like this one as well, more similar to Volume 2
    than Volume 1 (much more obscure material), and as of yet I have seen/heard no complaints about my re-post of this, see Volume 1 post for the details.......once again, thanks to the series creator Gorehound for this outstanding effort.

    As before, these are, rather than compilations, collections of rare EP's and singles. This one contains Martha & the Muffins classic "Echo Beach" (without a B-side, no idea why), An EP from Wayne County & the Electric Chairs, The Real Kids "All Kinda Girls", a handful of Vice Squad singles and more....these are presented exactly as I grabbed them from Pirate Bay, artwork and texts are included if they were included with the original. Also, remember these FLAC files tend to be quite large downloads, they can be readilly converted to an easier to manage format after download, but I feel an obligation to keep them in their format, as downloaded, when presented here.

    THE POLES-CN TOWER-01 CN Tower/02 Prime Time

    THE RADIO STARS-DIRTY PICTURES-01 Dirty Pictures/02 Sail Away

    THE REAL KIDS-ALL KINDSA GIRLS-01 All Kindsa Girls/02 Common at Noon

    THE VICTIMS-NO THANKS TO THE HUMAN TURD EP-01 Disco Junkies/02 High School Girls/03 I Understand/04 Open Your Eyes/05 TV Freak

    THE VICTIMS-TELEVISION ADDICT-01 Television Addict/02 (I'm) Flipped Out Over You

    UNNATURAL AXE-AXEMAN-01 Axeman/02 3 Chord Rock/03 Tonight We Fight

    VICE SQUAD-LAST ROCKERS-01 Last Rockers/02 Latex Love/03 Living on Dreams

    VICE SQUAD-OUT OF REACH-01 Out of Reach/02 (So) What For the 80's/03 Sterile

    VICE SQUAD-RESURECTION-01 Resurection/02 Humane/03 Young Blood

    VICE SQUAD-STAND STRONG EP-01 Stand Strong Stand Tall/02 Darkest Hour/03 Rock N Roll Massacre/04 Tomorrow's Soldier

    VICE SQUAD-STATE OF THE NATION EP-01 Citizen/02 Faceless Man/03 Scarred For Life

    WAYNE COUNTY & THE ELECTRIC CHAIRS-STUCK ON YOU-01 Stuck On You/02 Paranoia Paradise/03 The Last Time


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    Hey, found this one on the Bay as well, for the life of me I see nothing wrong with sharing stuff I
    stumble on from THAT great source, as opposed to the stuff already in my collection.......perhaps I am wrong, but goal is to SHARE the great music.......I don't really give 3 shits from where it originates......apparently, certain OTHER blogs that have "de-linked" me from thier site must think I am doing something wrong, but such is life....I just discovered the "de-linking" from a MAJOR site, MUCH bigger and better than thie one, and have not the faintest reason why.....the proprietor has always had a strange attiude towards my blog, oddly, criticizing the music I post as music "in which he has no interest".....interesting HM or anyone else spcifically has never been MY goal, frankly, I post what interests ME.....if anyone else is interested, good, if not, good, need to have a pissing contest about, I personally have no hard feelings towards the blog which feels MY blog is not worthy of sharing.....I wish them all the best. While surpirsed, I have ALWAYS had the idea, at least, that this particular "other" blog was not a fan of some of the things I do here......and isn't that what makes America great? I think so, I continue to link HIS blog today and will continue to.....he doesn't like MINE.......cetainly that is his option! Without naming the blog, I'll just say its one of the BEST one out there, a TREMENDOUS and long standing effort. I wish them well and long term success, sorry that I couldn't make mine more to your liking, but that is why Baskin Robbins has 31....Iwish youNOTHING but the best in all your future endeavors, and will continue to enjoy YOUR blog each day!

    OK, so for today, a HUGE batch of "60's Garages Fuzz". Volumes I and II which were snatched off the Bay......LOTTSA obscure material here, unfortuneatley released in alphabetical order, but we can work with that in light of the fine material we get here.....looking like another 3 day post to get all this stuff up....looks like another internet creation, as the tracks are again in alphabetical order (usally a dead give away), but as always a labor of someone's love and a LOT of GOOD music.Have no idea how these will fit on a disc or 2, going to break it to 30 tracks a disc, you MAY have to reporgram a little bit....after all SOME of these are collected a lot elsewhere, so program just the ones you don't have? Whtever, a fine collection, hope everyone enjoys it, even the "big time" blog which no longer feels the need to linked to me......peace, bothers, peace to all of you, and again, if I haven't lived up to your expectaions, I cencerly apologize...HOPE I didn't say anything to offend, but with MY mouth, ya never know.

    OK, were gonna start off this thing with the "top" of the alphabet, I'll touch a highlight or two before
    listing stuff out for ya.....Well, we all know the fine 49th Paralell and the Aztex, Balloon Farm's "Question of Temperature turns up regularly, The Beatles (!) certainly don't, but there are a TON unknown goodies advice, GO GET EM! Not sure how long this will take,  5-6 day oro, cause there is a LOTof material which many of you should  be patient and LOVE, this is a good, thorough post.

    PART 1 DISC 1-01 7 DWARVES-Stop Girl/02 49TH PARALELL-Citzen Freak/03 49th PARALELL-You Do Thing/04 AARDVARKS-I Can't Explain/05 Subconcious Train of Thoughts/06 ADRIAN LLOYD-Lorna/07 ALADDIN & THE GENIES-Please Wait For Me/08 ALL OF THUS-It's Alright With Me/09 ALLIANCE-(I'm Not Your) Steppin stone/10/ALLMAN JOYS-Spoonful/11 ALLUSIONS-Where Have All The Good Times Gone/12 AMERTONES-I Can Only Give You Anything/13 AMOS BOYNTON & THE ABC's-The Ballad of Bertha Glutz/14 ANGRY MEN-The Hullaballoo/15 APOLLOS-Target Love/16 APOSTLES-I'm a Lucky Guy/17 APOSTLES-Stranded in the Jungle/18 APPLE-GLASS SYNDROME-Someday/19 ART GUY-Where You Gonna Go/20 ASCENSIONS-All Alone/21 AZTEX-I Said Move/22 AZTEX-The Little Street In This Town/23 BACKGROUNDS-The Day Breaks at Dawn/24 BAD BOYS-Black Olives/25 BAD BOYS-Love/26 BAD ROADS -Blue Girls/27 BAD ROADS-Too Bad/28 BAKER STREET IREGULARS-I'm a Man/29 BALOON FARM-A Question of Temprature/30 BANSHEES-Project Blue.

    PART 1 DISC 2-01 BARDOWIE-Rudy Pies/02 BARONS-Drawbridge/03 BAOQUES-Iowa A Girls Name/04 BARRIER-Dawn Breaks Through/05 BARRY EBLING & THE INVADERS-I Can't Make It Without You/06 BEATLES-Think For Yourself/07 BEAVER PATROL-ESP/08 BEAVERS-Why Baby Why/09 BEEEATERS-Don't Hurt Me/10 BEETHOVEN 4-Set My SOul On Fire/11 BEETHOVEN-Hope This All WorksOut/12  BEGGARS OPERA-Escape/13 BELLS OF RYMNNY-She'll Be Back/14 BETTER SWEET-Like the Flowers/15BIT A SWEET-Out of Sight Out Of MInd/16 BLACK& BLUES-Com To Mind/17 BLACK BANANA-Listen Girl/18 BLACK WATCH-Left Behind/19 BOKES-Slander's Child/20 BLUE THINGS-Twist and Shout/21 BLUE STARS-Social End Product/22 19 BOB MORRISON-Hey Puppet Man20 BOBBY BREYLEN-Hanna/21 BOLD-Gotta Get Some/22 BONDSMEN-Our Time To Try/23BOURBONS-Of Old Approximately/24 BOWLERS-It'sToo Late/24 BOY BLUES-Coming Down ToYou/25 BOY BLUES-Living Child

    PART 1 DISC 3-01 BRAVE NEW WORLD-Train Kept a Rollin/02 BREAKERS-Don't Send Me
    Now Flowers/03 BRIGANDS-(Would I Still Be her Big Man)/04 BROGUES-Don't Shoot MeDown/05 BROTHERLY LOVERS-Was a Lie/06 BRYMERS-Sarafice/07 BUCKINGHAMS-Lost Innocence/08 BUDDAHS-Lost Innocence/09 BUDDAHS-My Dream/10 BUNNYS-For Elise/11 BURLINGTON EXPRESSS-One Day Girl/12 BUTLERS-It's a Fine Time/13 BUTLERS-Shop Around/14 BUTTER REBELLION-Aftermath/15 CAL RAYE-I Cry/16 CANADIAN ROGUES-Keep In Touch/17 CARAVELLES-Lovin' Just My Style/18 CARETAKERS-East Side Story/19 CATFISH NIGHT ANDTHE BLUE EXPRESS-Deathwise/20 CAVE MEN-It's Trash/21 CENTURIES-I'll Cry For You/22 CHANGIN TIMES-How Is the Air Up These/23 CHANGIN TYMES-Blue Music Box/24 CHAGIN TIMES-Go You Way/25 CHANGIN TIMES-The Only Girl I Love/26 CHANGIN TYMES-Near You Babe/27 CHANGIN TYMES-You Make It Hard/28 CHAPARRALS- Tried So Hard/29 CHASER-Inspiration/30 CHANTAEUX-Reference Man Part 1............

    OK, guys, here are the first three the end of the day there will be around THIRTY......please enjoy and comment, they are a good bit of work to compile.....but it is worth it for me, and hopefullly for you to get these primo collections!

    Links coming, this in total will be an INCREDIBLE (30+) disc series, I hope you guys enjoy it let  me know if you de/don't just because I'm retired, the BLOG  is going places you'd never dreamed! LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • 07/05/14--19:33: 60's Garage Fuzz, Part 2
  • For a variety of dull reasaons, these are kind of hard to put together, time consuming and
    you get three "discs" of alphabetical ordered greatness each  day, there are a BUNCH of these, not kidding......and for Jose, YES the tracks are tagged, just you mi amigo! Part 2 features Discs 4-6, not sure but I am guessing there will be over 30 all together. Something EVERYONE should be able to enjoy, I'm sure!

    Please enjoy ALL the share blogs out there, they may be different, but we all aim for the same goal, to spread the music to those who may not hear it anyway......ALL of them are great, much greater than this one, in fact but we are all  and that is the key! This will go on for over a week and in the meantime, any requests or contributions will be MORE than everyone who participates here!

    DISC 4-01 CHEETAHS-Russian Boat Song/02 CHENTELLES-Be My Queen/03 CHEROKEES-Little Lover/04 CHESSMEN-You Can't Catch Me/05 CHICKS-Rebel Kind/06 CHILDREN-I Can Feel It Now/07 CHOCOLATE BALLOON-Gotta Get This/08 CHOCOLATE MOOSE-Half a Banana/08 CHOCOLATE MOOSE-Chocolate Moose Theme/09 CHOSEN LOT-Time Was/10 CHRISTOPHER & THE SOULS-Diamonds Rats and Gum/11 CICADELIKS-We're Gonna Love This Way/12 CIRKYT-That's The Way Life Is/13 CYRKIT-Yesterday We Laughed/14 CLEASE-The Weird One/15 CLIMAX-You, I/16 CLOCKWORK ORANGE-Your Golden Touch/17 COLORS OF THE NIGHT-C-O-L-O-R-S/18 CORDS-Ain't That Love/19 CORPORATION-You Make Me Feel Good/20 COUNT FIVE-Pretty Big Mouth/21 COUNTDOWN 5 Elevator/22 COUNTDOWN 5-Uncle Kirby/23 CRESCENDOS-Now She's Mine/24 CROCHETED DONUGHT RING-Get Out Your Rock N Roll Shoes/25 CRUSADE-Psychedelic Woman/26 CRYSTAL CHANDELIER-Suicidal Flowers/27 CRYSTAL EMPIRE-Emmotion/28 CRYSTAL RAIN-Hey Ma Ma/29 CRYSTAL RAIN-You and Me

    Nest/03 CYNICS-Baby What's Wrong/04 CYNICS-Cry Cry Cry/05 CYNICS-No Way/06 CYNICS-Train Kept a Rollin/07 DAGGS-You Don't Know/08 DAN-DEES-Think About It/09 DANIEL PAUL REVELATION-Reflections of Mine/10 DANNY & THE COUNTS-You Need Love/11 DAVE CLARK FIVE-Maze of Love/12 DAVE MEYERS & THE DISCIPLES-C'Mon Love/13 DAVID CLAYTON THOMAS & THE SHAYS-Take Me Back/14 DAVIE ALLEN & THE ARROWS-Blues Theme/15 DAVIE ALLEN & THE ARROWS (Vocal)/16 DAVIE ALLEN & THE ARROWS-Cycle-Delic/17 DAWNBREAKERS-Alligator/18 DAZE OF THE WEEK ONE NIGHT STAND/19 DEAN CARTER-Rebel Woman/20 DEAN KOHLER-Gooseberry Pie/21 DEBONIARES-Never Mistaken/22 DECADES-I'm Gonna Dance/23 DEL-VETTES-Last Time Around/24 DENIMS-White Ship/25 DINO DESI & BILLY-The Rebel Kind/26 THE DISCIPLES-Junior Saw It Happen/27 DISTRICT SIX-She Cried No/28 DIVORCED-I'm Gonna Leave You Satisfied/29 DIVORCED-When I'm Coming Home

    DISC 6-01 DOM-Dom/02 DON MALENA & THE DRY ICE-Land of Summertime/03 DON NORMAN & THE OTHER FOUR Low Man/04 DRIFTIN FIVE-Hard Headed Baby/05 DUST-Sky Flight/06 EDGES OF WISDOM-The Past/07 ERIK WANGBERG-Every Night I Dream a Little Dream/08 ELECTRIC PRISM-Time Change/09 ELECTRAS-Action Woman/10 ELECTRIC LOVE-This Seat Is Saved/11 ELECTRIC PRUNES-Hideaway/12 ELOIS-By My Side/13 ENDD-Project Blue/14 ENGLISH MUFFINS-Leave Or Stay/15 EPIC FIVE-I Need Your Love/16  ERA OF SOUND-Girl In the Mini Skirt/17 ERIC BURDON & THE ANIMALS-Gratefully Dead/18  ERIC & THE SMOKE PONIES-I'll Give You More/19 ERNIE & THE EMPERORS-Got a Lot I Want To Say/20 ESCAPADES-Mad Mad Mad/21 EVIL INC GROUP-Hey You/22 EVIL INC GROUP-The Point Is/23 EXOTICS-Come With Me/24 EXOTICS-I Was Alone/25 EXOTICS-Queen of Shadows/26 EXPEDITION TO EARTH-Expediton to Earth/27 EXPEDITION TO EARTH-Time Time Time/28 EXPRESS-Waistin My  Time

    TELL ME what you think of these.....they are a good bit of work to compile, but seem to have a goodly amount of fresh and rare material.....LOVE me some Davie Allen & the Arrows, the Electra's track cuts the Litter's version FMM,and TONS of "new" sounds to these much more to come you will literally be SICK OF IT!

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  • 07/06/14--14:54: 60's Garage Fuzz Part 3
  • FOUR  more fine discs of 60's buzzin', fuzzin' rocking garage slams taken from a couple of HUGE
    Pirate  Bay torrents and broken down to more manageable "disc" size for those who prefer......LOTS of unknowns, lots of classics, if you are a fan of some of the similar stuff I've done before, you'll find I think a minimum of overlap, and a LOT of fresh surprises.......

    As always, be good to each other and PLEASE patronize all the other blogs listed here, they are great blogs (better than his one) run by great people (MUCH better than myself), you'll find an entire universe of good stuff out there, just a click away! But while you're here, PLEASE check this set, it's pretty remarkable (other than the alphabetical order thing, I guess you get used to it) and is so cumbersome it really is a good bit of work.....can't wait for Apanta Bapanta return from his buisness trip so I can at least get some help with the "Greek Punk" series that he does such a stellar job with! Hope all is well with you, AB!

    DISC 7-01 FABULOUS FOUR-Rotten  Rats/02 FABULOUS PHAROAHS-Hold Me Tight/03 FALCONS-I Gotta See Her/04 FALLEN ANGELS-Bad Woman/05 FE-FI-FOUR-PLUS TWO-I Wanna Come Back/06 FEVER TREE-I Can Beat Your Drum/07 FINNEGANS WAKE-Bad Situation/08 FIRE ESCAPE-Love Special Delivery/09 FIRE BALLS-Groovy Motion/10 FIVE AMERICANS- Slippin and Slidin/11 FIVE MY FIVE-Hang Up/12 FLIES-I'm Not Your Steppin Stone/13 FOUR OF US-You're Gonna Be Mine/14 FOWL-You Know/15 FRANTICS-Just For a While/16 FRENCH CHURCH-Slapneck 1943/17 FRIARS OF YOUTH- Sparrley Mannerpuss/18 FRONT LINE-Got Love/19 FRONT PAGE NEWS-Got Love/20 FUGITIVES-Blowing My Mind/21 GENTLEMEN-It's a Cryin Shame/22 GLADIATORS-Turning To Stone/23 GLASS FAMILY-I'm Losing It/24 GLASS SUN-I Can See The Light/25 GLASS SUN-Silence of the Morning/26 GOLDEN CUPS-Hey Joe/27 GOLDEN GRASS-Elastic Soldier/28 GOLLIWOGS-Walking On the Water/29 GONN-Blackout of Greteley/30 GONN-Don't Need Your Lovin

    DISC 8-01 GOOD FEELINGS-Shattered/02 GOOD IDEA-Inside Outside/03 GRAINS OF TIME-No
    Matter What They Say/04 GRASS ROOTS-You're a Lonely Girl/05 GRAVEYARD FIVE-The Graveyard Theme/06 GREY THINGS-Charity/07 GREAT BELIEVERS-Comin' Up Fast Part 1 & 2/08 GREAT SOCIETY-I'm the One For You/09 GREAT BEANS-Knock On My Door/10 GREAT BEANS-Superstition/11 GREMLINS-High Time Baby/12 GRIFS-Catch a Ride/13 GROUP AXIS-Silly Ants/14 GROUP LOVE CORP.-Love Corporation/15 GUESS WHO-It's My Pride/16 HANGMAN-Faces/17 HAPPY RETURN-To Give Your Lovin'/18 HARBRINGER COMPLEX-I Think I'm Down/19 HARD TIMES-I Can't Wait Til Friday Comes/20 HAYMARKET RIOT-Trip On Out/21 HEADSTONES-24 Hours/22 HEARD-Exit 9/23 HIERONYMOUS & THE DHARMA BUMS-900 Mice/24 HENCHMEN-Get Off My Back/25 HENCHMEN VI-Is Love Real/26 HERBIES PEOPLE-Residential Area/27 HERD-Things Won't Change/28 HIM AND THE OTHERS-I Mean It/29 HINGE-The Idols of Your Mind/30 HOOTERVILLE TROLLEY-No Silver Bird

    DISC 9-01 HOT DOG STAND-Zilch/02 HUMAN BEINZ-April 15/03 HUMAN BEINZ-Every Time Woman/04 HUNS-Destination Lonely/05 HUNTSMEN-So Long/06 HUSH PUPPIES-Hey Stop Messing Around/07 IAN & THE ZODIACS-No Money  No Honey/08 ID-Boil the Kettles/09 ID-Stop and Look/10 IDES-Psychedelic Ride/11 IDES OF MARCH-I'll Take You Back/12 IMPALAS-Come On Up/13 IN-Just Give Me Time/14 INDIVIDUALS-I Really Do/15 INEXPENSIVE HANDMADE LOOK-Ice Cream Man/16 INFERNO-The Inferno/17 INNER THOUGHTS-1000 Miles/18 INN-SECT-Let Me Tell You About the Things I Need/19 INN-SECT-Let This Be a Lesson/20 INNSMEN-I Don't Know/21 INTERNAL CANITERY SIN-Purple Haze/22 INTERNS-The Trip/23 INTRUDERS FIVE-Ain't Comin Back/24 INVADERS-Tear Me Up/25 INVASION-The Invasion Is Coming

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  • 07/07/14--17:52: 60's Garage Fuzz, Part 4
  • Before we begin with Part 4, am thrilled to tell you that my new friend Baxterdog has come through
    with a copy of "R Crumb's Book of Genesis".......if you recall, I have one but it is too big for Zippy's restrictions, and I could not figure out how to split a CDisplay file (although a few did try to 'splain it to me).......anyway, I think Baxterdog's is in PDF or something similar, so PLEASE check it out, and all thanks, please to I say all the time, THIS is what I want this whole experience to be about......simple, no bullshit SHARING of the treasures that each us his link is buried in the comments section of the original R Crumb post, which was a while back, I'll copy it here as well, so EVERYONE can get a crack at it:

    Thanks again Baxterdog this is a great share that everyone will want to have and enjoy, it's a true classic work of genius.......

    So on with some more music.....this is an exhaustive torrent I found with hundreds and hundreds of amazing 60's garage singles, many obscure as's been quiet well recieved, which is good because there is a metric tonne of this stuff still to come, obviously some of it will overlap with some of the many other sets of this genre, but I swear to ya, this is on the same plane with "Mega Nuggets", or some of Katrakyla's best work (even programmed alphabetically ala the great Katrakyla) three more discs of greatness today, let me know if you find a gem you were unfamiliar with before, great, great stuff.....please feel free to program whatever way you wish, and PLEASE feel free to repost, anywhere, in any format, and don't worry in the least about creditting me or this blog.....the more people who want to get to hear this great music and gets to, the better, no matter what the means!

    DISC 10-IT'S US-01 Don't Want Your Lovin/02 JJ LANCASTER-So Unkind/03 JACK HENNING
    & THE BREAKING POINT GROUP-Maybe Tomorrow/04 JADE-Im Leaving You/05 JADES 404-When Shadows Fall/06 JAY-JAYS-I Keep Tryin/07 JEFFERSON LEE-Sorcerella/08 JIMMY BURTON-Jimmy's Blues/09 JIMMY GORDON-Buzzzzz/10 JIMMY WINSTON & HIS REFLECTIONS-Sorry She's Mine/11 JINX-Come On Up/12 JOHN HATTON & THE DEVOTIONS-I Should Be Ashamed/13 JONAH & THE WHALES-It's Great/14 JOYS OF LIFE-Descent/15 JURY-Who Dat/16 KALIEDOSCOPE-A New Man/17 KALEIDOSCOPE-Colours/18 KAMA DEL SUTRA-She Taught Me Love/19 KATCH 22-Major Catrostrophe/20 KATZ KRADLE-Bad Case Of You/21 KEN & THE FOURTH DIMENSION-See If I Care/22 KENNY & THE KASUALS-Journey To Tyme/23 KINGS COURT-Don't Put Me On/24 KIRKBYS-It's a Crime/25 KIT & THE OUTLAWS-Don't Tread On Me/26 KITCHEN CINQ-Determination/27 KITCHEN CINQ-Please Come Back To Me/28 KNACKS-The Theme Of the Day/29 KNIGHTS BRIDGE-Make Me Some Love/30 KNIGHTS BRIDGE QUINTET-Sorrow In C Major/31 KNIGHTS OF ROAD-The Color of Dream/32 KYKS-Where Are You/33 KUND-Mr America/34 LA DE DA'S-Don't You Stand In My Way/35 LADDS-Survival

    DISC 11-01 LARRY & THE BLUE NOTES-In and Out/02 LAST IMAGE-Leaving You/03 LAST KNIGHT-Shadow of Fear/04 LAUGHING KIND-Empty Heart/05 LAVENDER HOUR-So Sophisticated/06 LEE TRACY & THE TRIBUTES-Bird Doggin/07 LEO & THE PROPHETS-Tilt a Whirl/08 LES SINNERS-Nice Try/09 LIBERTY BELL-That's How It Will Be/10 LIGHT BRIGADE-Baby You Don't Care/11 LIMEY & THE YANKS-Guarenteed Love/12 LITTER-Action Woman/13 LITTER-I'm a Man/14 LITTER-Whatcha Gonna Do About It/15 LIVE FIVE-Hunose/16 LIVE WIRES-Love/17 LIVERPOOL FIVE-She's Mine/18 LIVERPOOL SET- Seventeen Years To  End/19 LIVERPOOL SET-Seventeen Tears To The End/20 LIV'IN END-The Orange Rooftop Of My 's Mind/21 LOCAL TRAFFIC-Time Gone To Waste/22 LONDONS-Old Man/23 LOOSE ENDS-Hey Sweet Baby/24 LOS JOCKERS-Psychotic Reaction/25 LOS PEYOTES-Tango Fuzz/26 LOS SEIMS-Mr Acelerdor/27 LOST AGENCY-One Girl Man/28 LOST GENERATION-I'll Gladly Pay/29 LOST LEGEND-Love Flight/30 LOST SOLES-Do You Remember

    DISC 12-01 MOD IV-Show Me How/02 MOD IV-What Can I Do/03 MOGEN DAVID & THE
    GRAPES OF WRATH-Little Girl Gone/04 MOGULS-Ski Bum/05 MONARCHS-You've Got Love/06 MONDELLS-You'll Never Come Back To Stay/07 MONGRELL'S BAND-Be My Girl/08 MONKEES-Valleri/09 MONOCLES-Psychedelic/10 MONS-Empty Heart/11 MOOD-Who Do You Love/12 MOONRAKERS-I'm Alright/13 MOR-LOKS-What My Baby Wants/14 MORNING DEW-No More/15 MOTIONS-Everything That's Mine/16 MOUSE & THE BOY-Sticks and Stones/17 MOVEMENT-Tell Her/18 MOVING SIDEWALKS-99th Floor/19 MOXIES-I'm Gonna Stay/20 MUSIC EXPLOSION-Stay By My Side/21 MUSIC MACHINE-Talk Talk/22 MUSIC MACHINE-The Eagle Never Hunts the Fly/23 MUSIC MACHINE-Trouble/24 MUSSIES-12 O'Clock July/25 MUSTANGS-That's For Sure/26 MYSTIC TIDE-Frustration/27 NAMELOSERS-Do-oa/28 NAMELOSERS-Suzie Q/29 NAMELOSERS-That's Alright/30 NAZZ-Lay Down and Die Goodbye

    Now is THAT a fucking treasure chestcombination of unknown gems and unforgettable classics? I
    mean, Music Machine were one of the all time greats, "Journey to Tyme" by Kenny and the Kasuals turns up often but at least is bad-assssss, The Litter are always welcome, and, almost ALWAYS missing the comps is "Valleri" by the Monkees, an ass kicking single by any measure....enjoy, comment, and brace literally WILL NOT BELEIVE how much more of this bad ass stuff there is still in the's just INCREDIBLE......once again, I want to thank Baxterdog for the R Crumb share (TOO great), and anyone else who shares anything's what we are about, and if you have ANYTHING of interest, not just music, but comics, books, old magazines (I would DIE if someone had some vintage Creem or Trouser Press), photo collections (of anything, I LOVE photo collections)......or even more personal stuff, short stories, poetry, photography, tapes of your bar band....ANYTHING........THAT is the stuff we want here......we are Facebook for the OTHER HALF of the world. Love you all and please, share anything you have of interest....and please feel free to share in the wonderful things that wetry to provide here daily. God bless and love you all.

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  • 07/08/14--11:40: 60's Garage Fuzz Part 5
  • Another day, and another chunk of 1960's garage rockin greats, both well known and
    unknown....rescued from a huge Pirate Bay torrent, I am unsure of the creator whom I'd love to credit, it's an amazing stash of stuff, reminiscent of the classic torrent work of ChrisGoes or Katrakyla.....the alphabetical order thing has the mark of Katrakyla on it, but I haven't heard from him in years. Anyway, this has been very well recieved here, and once again, by the time I'm finished, you'll be slack-jawwed over the sheer volume of how much stuff is really here......feel free to reprogram any way you wish, and repost/reshare anywhere.....this is fine fine stuff so let's get it spread around!

    DISC 13-01 LOVE CORPORATION-Love Corporation/02 LOVED ONES-Surprise Surprise/03 LUV'D ONES-Please Get Up/04 LUV'D ONES-Portrait/05 LUV'D ONES-Up Down Sue/06 LUV'D ONES-You'll Never Know/07 LUV'D ONES-Your Mind Is/08 LUVIN' KYND-Missy D.M./09 MG & THE ESCORTS-A Someday Fool/10 MG & THE ESCORTS-Please Don't Ever Change/11 MAGIC PLANTS-I Know She's Waiting There/12 MAGIC PLANTS-I'm A Nothing/13 MAURAUDERS-Our Big Chance/14 MARSHMALLOW STEAMSHOVEL-Steamshovel/15 MATADORS-Don't Bother Me/16 MAX FROST & THE TROOPERS-Lonely Man/17 MC5-Looking At You/18 MEDIA-Endless Dream/19 MERCY-Fireball/20 MERGERS-You Funny Thing/21 MERLYN TREE-Look In Your Mirror/22 MICKEY FINN-Garden Of My Mind/23 MIJAL AND WHITE-I've Been You/24 MIKE ALEXANDER & THE VISIONS-Your Day Has Come/25 MIKE BURNETT-Saying Things/26 MIKE JONES GROUP-Funny Feelings/27 MIKE RENOLDS AND THE INFANTS OF SOUL-When Will I Find Her/28 MINUTE MEN-Disillusion/29 MISSING LINKS-You're Driving Me Insane/30 MISUNDERSTOOD-Children of the Sun

    -Changes Brought To Me/03 NEIGHB'RHOOD CHILDR'N-Feeling Zero/04 NEW BREED-I Got Nothing To Say To You/05 NEW BREED-Want Ad Reader/06 NEW WING-I Need Love/07 NEW YORKERS-Mr Kirby/08 NIGHT MIST-Last Night/09 NIGHT PEOPLE-The Shadow is My Soul/10 NIGHT RIDERS-Don't Say/11 NIGHTCRAWLERS-Want Me/12 NINTH STREET BRIDGE-Wild Illusions/13 NOBLEMEN-Short Time/14 NOBODYS CHILDREN-Colors and Shapes/15 NOBODYS CHILDREN-Girl Need You/16 NOBODYS CHILDREN-Jungo Partner/17 NOISES N SOUNDS-How Much Lovin/18 NORSEMEN-Home On a Cloud/19 NOTATIONS-Everything's Alright/20 NOVAS-Suburban Life/21 NUCHEZ'S-Open Up Your Mind/22 NUNSUCH-They Threw Sticks and Stones/23 OEDIPUS & THE MOTHERS-(I Remember How It Used To Be)/24 OLIVERS-Beaker Street/25 OLYMPIANS-Hopeless Endless Ways/26 OMEN & THIER LUV-Maybe Later/27 OMENS-Searching/28 ONE EYED JACKS-Love/29 ORANGE WEDGE-From the Womb to the Tomb

    DISC 15-01 OSCAR & THE MAJESTICS-Got To Have Your Lovin'/02 OSCAR & THE MAJESTICS-House of the Rising Sun/03 OSCAR & THE MAJESTICS-I Can't Explain/04 OSCAR & THE MAJESTICS-Soul Finger/05 OSCAR FIVE-I Won't Be Your Fool Again/06 OTHERS-Buzz the Jerk/07 OTHERS-Revenge/08 OUTCASTS-I'm In Pittsburgh and It's Raining/09 OUTCRY-Can't You Hear My Heartbeat/10 OUTSIDERS-Summertime Blues (live)/11 OUTSIDERS-Won't You Listen/12 OXFORD CIRCUS-Fourth Street Carnival/13 OXFORDS-Time and Place/14 PAGE BOYS-All I Want/15 PAINTED SHIP-And She Said Yes/16 PALACE GUARDS-No Comin' Back/17 PANDAS-Girl From New York City/18 PANDAS-Walk/19 PANICKS-You're My Baby/20 PAUL BEARER & THE HEARSEMEN-I Been Thinking/21 PAUL MARTIN-Echo/22 PAUL MARTIN-It Happened/23 PEABODY HERMITAGE-Fear/24 PEABODY HERMITAGE-Something So/25 PEARL DIVERS-Terminal Loser/26 PERPETUAL MOTION WORKSHOP-Wont Come Down/27 PERPETRATED SPIRITS OF TURPENTINE-I'm a Double Naught Spy/28 PETARDS-Baby Run Run Run/29 PIECE KOR-All I Want Is My Baby/30 PLAGUE-Go Away

    And the standard of excellence in this set continues to run high, with both the well known (the MC5
    represented by thier number IMO, "Looking at You", Orange Wedege, Neal Ford and the Fanatics, Painted Ship) as well as the lesser known greats (Paul Bearer & the Hearsemen, The Others, Piece Kor)....I tell ya at the end of the day, this may be one of the projects that I will look back on with the greatest IS a good bit of work, but this is some grand music.

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  • 07/09/14--08:55: 60's Garage Fuzz, Part 6
  • And the hits just keep on coming! Continuing to deconstruct this enormous and totally fabulous
    torrent, with more 1960's garage obscurities than the human mind can comprehend. I hope that the 30-track or so size that I've selected actually fit on a CD, should that be what you desire, but you can program it however you like (what we actually get is alphabetical order, as good as anything, I guess).......please share these on your own blogs and the like, I'd like them to find as broad an audience as possible, so great these are.

    So here we go, the response has been tremendous, as I suspected it might be, and I'mglad to be able to find somethng that you guys seemingly desire, as usual, I ask but one thing: pay it forward, by sharing the treasures that you may stashed away......this will work perfectly if only we would ALL share our goodies

    DISC 16-01 PLAGUES-I've Been Through It Before/02 PLASTIC BLUES BAND-Gone/03 PLEAZERS-Hurtin All Over/04 PLYMOUTH ROCKERS-Don't Say Why/05 POLANIE-Can You Hear Me/06 POSITIVELY 13 CLOCK-Psychcotic Reaction/07 POWERED BY LOVE-Powered By Love/08 POWERS OF BLUE-Satisfaction/09 PREMIERS-Get On This Plane/10 PRIDE & JOY-If You're Ready/11 PURPLE CANTEEN-Brains In my Feet/12 PURPLE GANG-Bring Your Own Self Down/13 PURPLE GANG-Looking Glass/14 PURPLE GANG-One Of the Bunch/15 PURPLE SUN-Doomday/16 Q65-I Despise You/17 Q65-Cry In the Night/18 QUIET JUNGLE-Everything/19 QUIET JUNGLE-MakeUp Your Mind/20 RAINDEAR ARMY-Suberranean Sunset/21 RAINMAKERS MOODY-Tell Her No/22 RANDY AND THE HOLIDAYS-Paul Revere 250/23 RATIONALS-Leavin Here/24 RAUNCH-A Little While Back/25 RAVENS-Are You a Boy Or Are You a Girl/26 RAVIN' BLUES-You're No Good/27 RAY COLUMBUS & THE ART COLLECTION-Kick Me/28 RAZOR'S EDGE-Get Yourself Together/29 REACTIONS-In MyGrave/30 REAL LIST-Pick Up the Marbles

    On Leave/04 RENEGADES-Thirteen Woman/05 RICHARD & THE YOUNG LIONS-Open Up Your Door/06 RICHARD PASH &  THE BACKDOOR SOCIETY-I'm the Kind/07 RISING STORM-She Loved Me/08 RISING TIDES-Take the World as It Comes/09 RITES OF SPRING-Comin' On Back To Me/10 ROAD-You Rub Me The Wrong Way/11 ROAD RUNNERS-Goodbye/12 ROAMIN' TOGAS-Bar the Door/13 ROCK GARDEN-Super Stuff/14 ROCKIN VICKERS-I Don't Need Your Kind/15 ROGER YOUNG-It's Been Nice/16 ROGER YOUNG-Sweet Sweet Morning/17 RON WRAY LIGHT SHOW-Speed/18 ROOKS-A Girl Like You/19 ROY HEAD  THE GREAT BELEIVERS-Easy Lovin Girl/20 ROY HEAD AND THE TRAITS-You're Almost Tuff/21 ROYAL AIRCOACH-Wondering Why/22 ROYAL GUARDSMEN-Leaving Me/23 RUINS-She Doesn't Understand/24 RUSS KENNEDY & THE LITTLE WHEELS-I've Been Watching You/25 SAD SACK SET-The World For Us/26 SANDS OF TIME-When She Cries For Me/27 SANDY EDMONDS-Come See Me/28 SATISFIED MINDS-I Can'tTake It/29 SATRYCON-Leave It/30 SAVOYS-Can It Be/31 SCEPTRES-But I Can Dream

    DISC 18-01 SCOTTY MCKAY QUINTET-Train Kept a Rollin'/02 SELECTED-Get the Picture/03 SEL-SYNC-Dirty Books/04 SHADES-Ballot bachs/05 SHADES-Gingerbread Man/06 SHADOWS OF KNIGHT-Taurus/07 SHADOWS OF KNIGHT-I'm Gonna Make You Mine/08 SHADY DAZE-I'll Make You Pay/09 SHAG-Stop and Listen/10 SHAKE SPEARES-What Happened/11 SHANDELLS INC-Just Cry/12 SHANDELLS INC-Say What I Mean/13 SHER-LOCKS-Skin of My Teeth/14 SHERWOODS-I Know You Cried/15 SHY GUYS-Back Light Lightning/16 SILER BROTHERS-Spring Thing/17 SIR LAURENCE & THE CRESCENTS-Flip Me Over/18 SIR WINSTON & THE COMMONS-We're Gonna Love/19 SIX DEEP-Girl It's Over/20 SLEEPERS- I Want a Love/21 SMOKE-No More Now/22 SNAP SHOTS-Hip Hip Hooray/23 SOCIETY-High and Mighty/24 SOMEBODY'S CHYLDREN-I'm Going Back To NewYork City/25 SONICS-Like No Other Man/26 SONNY FLAHERTY & THE MARK V- Hey Conductor/27 SONS OF BARBEE DOLL-Psychedelic Seat/28 SOUL INC-Stronger Than Dirt/29 SOUL SURVIVORS-Can't Stand To Be In Love With You/30 SOUND APPARATUS-Travel Agent Man

    What another slammin 90 or so abot Scotty McKay's "Train Kept a Rollin"?.....Detroit's
    BADASSSSS Rationals.........Richard and the Young Lions, all blended with stuff like Sons of Barbee Doll, Sel-sync, Polanie.......I implore you what the hell are you waiting for? If is blog has been goodto you the psat 3-4 years,I guarentee you are going to love this ultra-mega-kick ass set of greatness.......NO END IN SIGHT, three more discs tomorow!

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  • 07/10/14--08:50: 60's Garage Fuzz Part 7
  • Tredging foreward with three more huge slabs of garage fuzz singles from those fabulous 1960's,
    both classics and surprising obscurities......taken from a large Pirate Bay torrent, I've attempted to break these down to a more manageable size for the folks who still stash their muic on those CD things.......once agin, these came down in alpabetical order, so it's how I've opted to sort them as well, if you have a more suitable programming method, please us it, and do feel free to re-share these wherever you desire, the more good people who get initiated/refamiliarized with these bitching sides, the better!

    DISC 19-01 SOUND BARRIER-Hey Hey/02 SOUNDELLES-Can't You See/03 SOUNDS UNLIMITED-Cool One/04 SPACE CADETS-Nothing'll Stand In My Way/05 SPACE WALKERS-The Invader/06 SPARKLES-Hipsville/07 SPARKLES-No Friend of Mine/08 SPIDERS-Don't Blow Your Mind/09 SPIDERS-S.P.I./10 SPIRITS-So Sad/11 SPLIT ENDS-Rich With Nothin'/12 SPONTANEOUS COMBUSTION-Freaky Girl/13 SPONTANEOUS GENERATION-Up In My Mind/14 ST JOHN & CREW-I'm A Man/15 STEAMPACKET 2-Take Her Anytime/16 STEREO SHOESTRING-On the Road South/17 STERLING DAMON-Rejected/18 STITCH IN TIME-Point of View/19 STONE CUTTERS-Fellow Slave/20 STONE CUTTERS-Mister You're a Better Man Than I/21 STONEFIELD-Morning Hours/22 STONEMEN-Faded Colors/23 STONEMEN-In the Evening/24 STORY TELLERS-Cry With Me/25 STYX-Athena/26 SULTANS FIVE-You Know You Know/27 SURPRIZE-I Will Make History/28 SWAMP RATS-Hey Freak/29 SWAMP RATS-Ain't No Friend Of Mine/30 TC ATLANTIC-Faces

    DISC 20-01 TASMNIANS-Baby/02 TEARS-People Through My Glasses/03 TEDDY & HIS PATCHES-Suzy Creamcheese/04 TEMPOS-All I Really Want/05 TERRY KNIGHT & THE PACK-How Much More/06 TERRY KNIGHT & THE PACK-Numbers/07 THACKERY ROK-Bawling/08 THEE MIDNITERS-Never Knew I Had It So Bad/09 THEIR EMINENCE-Mary Had a Little Lamb/10 THEZE VIZITORS-Reacher Teacher/11 THINGIES-Mass Confusion/12 THINGS TO COME-I'm Not Talkin'/13 THIRD BARDO-I'm Five Years Ahead Of My Time/14 THOMAS A EDISON ELECTRIC BAND-The Name of the Game/15 THORNS-I Want You/16 THORS HAMMER-Better Days/17 THORS HAMMER-My Life/18 THYME-Somehow/19 TIARAS-Sticks and Stones/20 TILLS-One Sided Love/21 TOM DAE TURNED ON-I Shall Walk/22 TOMBSTONES-I Want You/23 TOMMY JETT-GroovyLittle Deal/24 TOMMY THOMPSON & CHAPTER 17-Beggerman/25 TONTO & THE RENEGADES-Little Boy Blue/26 TONY &THE VIZITORS-Saturdays Son/27 TONY COLE-Beat It!/28 TRACERS-She Said Yeah/29 TRACKERS-You Are My World/30 TRAITS-High On a Cloud/31 TREEZ-You Lied To Me Before

    DISC 21-TREMORS-Wondering Why/02 TRIUMPHS-Lovin Cup/03 TROLLS-I Don't Recall/04

    TROLLS-That's The Way My Love Is/05 TROPICS-As Time's Gone/06 TROPICS-This Must Be The Place/07 TROYES-Rainbow Chaser/08 TRYCYRZ-It's Gonna Change/09 TWAS BRILLING-Dirty Old Man/10 TWELFTH NIGHT-Grim Reaper/11 TWENTIETH CENTURY ZOO-You Don't Remember/12 TWILIGHTERS-Nothing Can Bring Me Down/13 TWILIGHTS-Baby Let Me Take You Home/14 TYDE-Lost/15 TYDE-Psychedelic Pill/16 US STAMPS-Pull the Wool/17 UGLY DUCKLINGS-Hey Mama/18 UGLY DUCKLINGS-Just In Case You Wonder/19 UNDERTAKERS-Unchain My Heart/20 UNKNOWN-Can't Stop the Want I Have For You Babe/21 UNKNOWN-He's In Love With Himself/22 UNKNOWN-I'm Gonna Have My Fun/23 UNTOUCHABLES-Don't Go I'm Beggin/24 UNWRITTEN LAW-Actions Speak Louder/25 UPSETTERS-Daddy Rolling Stone/26 US FOUR-The Alligator/27 VAQUEROS-69/28 VAQUEROS-Growing Pains/29 VELVET HAZE-Last Day On Earth/30 VISIONS-Humpty Dumpty/31 WAILERS-Hang Up/32 WALKING FLOUR-Hoochie Coochie Man/33 WANDERER'S REST-In Good Time

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  • 07/10/14--15:21: 60's Garage Fuzz Wrap-up!
  • Well, two more discs wrap up the week and wrap up this exhaustive series, who knows where
    tomorrow takes us, got a few more ideas some big mega-projects, not sure how soon they'll be unleashed, and of course, ALWAYS love suggstions and contributions......

    Anyway here we have Discs 22/23 of this big time series, taken from a huge Pirate Bay torrent and broken down into more manageable, disc-sized chunks....not that it matters,but the alphabetical oder concept goes fairly askew on Disc 23 just ignore it, and enjoy as you have the rest of the's been a bit of work, to be sure, but worth it to keep some relatively obscure garage rock gems in circulation.......please re-share these if you can or want to, I would love a bigger audience for this underappreciated music.

    DISC 22-01 THE VENTURES-Love Potion Number Nine/02 THE VENTURES-She's Not There/03 THE VENTURES-The 2000 Pound Bee/04 VILLAGERS-Cool It/05 VINCE MALONEY SECT-No Good Without You/06 VOICE-The Train to Disaster/07 VON RUDDEN-The Spider and the Fly/08 WANDERERS-Higher Education/09 WANDERER'S REST-Anytime Anywhere/10 WANTED-Sad Situation/11 WARNER BROTHERS-Dirty Ernie/12 WATERS-Mother Samuel/13 WAYNE GIBSON & the DYNAMICS-Baby Baby Baby Pity Me/14 WE THE PEOPLE-He Doesn't Go About It Right/15 WEST COAST  BRANCH-Colors of My Life/16 WHAT'S NEW-Up So High/17 WHATT FOUR-Our Love Should Last Forever/18 WHATT FOUR-You're Wishin' I Was Someone Else/19 WHITE LIGHTNING-Under the Screaming Double Eagle/20 WHITE TRASH-Illusions/21 WHY FOUR-Hard Life/22 WIG-Crackin Up/23 WILD THINGS-Tell Me/24 WYLD VIBRASHIONS-One Track Mind/25 WILLIAM PENN FYVE-Swami/26 WIMPLE WINCH-Atmospheres/27 WIMPLE WINCH-Rumble On Mersey Square South

    DISC 23-01 ANNABEE NOX-Bo Bo Boggie Pack/02 BANDIT-Rigor Mortis/03 BEAU
    DENTURIES-Straight Home/04 BLUE CONDITION-ComingHome/05 BUZZ-You're Holding Me Down/06 CALICO WALL-I'm a Living Sickness/07 ELEKTRAS-Say You Love Me/08 EX-CELS-Like a Dream /09 EXPRESSIONS-Return to Innocence/10 FABS-Dinah Wants Religion/11 FABS-That's TheBag I'm In/12 FOGCUTTERS-It's MyWorld/13 GRABBLETONS-Make Love/14 HUMAN BEINGS-Ain't That Lovin You Baby/15 JOURNEY BACK-Run Away Baby/16 MOTHERS WORRY-Cant Seem to Come Down/17 REASONS WHY-All I Really Need Is Love/18 REASONS WHY-Don't Be That Way/19 ROUND ROBIN-I'm The Wolfman/20 SCOUNDRELS-Up There/21 STANDELLS-Medication/22 STARLETS-You Don't Love Me/23 THOSE ROGUES-Girl/24 TREES-Don't You Worry/25 WANTED-Lots More Where You Come From/26 WREC-A-MENDED-Dirty Old Man/27 WYLDE MAIN-IACS-Not the One For Me/28 XTREEMS-Facts Of Life/29 XTREEMS-Substitute/30 YO YOS-Gotta Find a New Love/31 YORKSHIRE PUDDIN-Keep Me In Mind/32 YOUNGSTERS-I Wanna Be Your Man/33 YUZO KAYAMA & THE LAUNCHERS-The Angry Man/34 ZAKARY THAKS-Green Crystal Ties

    23 discs and over 600 tracks for ya, you gotta like that in particular when most of them are relative obscurites, mixed with an occasional stone-cold classic.....a fine internet creation, please share an spread it, certainly you know someome who will love THIS one, it's just great!

    0 0

    Been thinking about doing a huge Hendrix project for a while, I consider him to be perhaps
    (seriously) the most talented musician of the past 50-60 years, and in my opinion, there is vey little room for arguement. Though, basically, his recording career was relatively brief, maybe 6 years tops counting his work as a session man, a rock star (and one of the very greatest), and as a funk/blues slammer that he was morphing into at the time of his passing. The great thing seems to be that nearly every time the man plugged in, someone was there to record it......for such a short  life, we have an absolute MOUNTAIN of recorded music, including a staggering amount of top-notch concert material, simply tons of alternate versions/alternate mixes.....just AMAZING that "Valleys of Neptune" was discovered but 4 years ago or so, and was simply one of the best rock songs of the year.....amazing.

    So, how am  going to do this? Hell, not quite sure yet actually, I really DON'T want to post the original Experience albums, I have way too much other stuff to cover, besides, you already HAVE THEM (right?) and to be honest, hasn't "Purple Haze" or "Foxey Lady" in thier orginal forms been played about to death? I think so.......but I do have a mountain of interesting and hard to locate other stuff from Mr. Hendrix, hopefully sme of which you haven't heard yet.....gonna wait a bit for the too-cool-for-words concert sets, today I plan to open up in style with the EIGHT DISC "51ST ANNIVERSARY-THE STORY OF LIFE" set, which contains......well, everything but the kitchen sink and then some. I cannot remember where I got this, I THINK it MAY have been Voodoo Wagon, but I can't be certain.....if I am wrong, I apolgize. As for the music here, well, wow......

    Well, disc 1 intersperses brief interviews with great music, a fine alternate take of"Hey Joe" which I had not heard before, a rambling live "Gloria", a version of "Sgt Peppers Lonely hearts Club Band", some other alternates ("Little Wing", "Foxey Lady")'s it sound? Because that's about the half of it......check the track list you want this.......the session work on the Rosa Lee Brooks tracks is beyond amazing, you could identify it  a mile away.

    Disc 2 is a series of "jams", not MY favorite thing necessarily, but "Traffic Jam", "Hey Baby Jam",
    "Rainy Day Super Jam" are at least interesting, because various members of Traffic turn up,  and we get an alternate take on the great "Valleys Of Neptune".......guys, if you like Hendrix even a small bit, this set is essential to understanding his total greatness.

    The third disc contains some free form stuff as well, a lengthy"Voodoo Chile", and "1983", we also get "Somewhere Over the Rainbow".......fine, fine, stuff,not just "interesting" but SEROUSLY listenable/enjoyable (if yer a Hendrix fan......actually, I am, see?)

    Disc 4 goes in a more bluesy direction (great versions of "Machine Gun", "Lord I Sing the Blues r You and Me", LOTS more, gotta also mention "7 Dollars In My Pocket".

    More blues/jams dominate Disc5, "Heavy Rider Jam" rocks hard and plenty more interestng stuff: "Lower Alcatraz", "Peace In Mississippi").

    Disc 6 is loaded with outtakes from various albums, obscure tracks all....."San Francisco Bay Blues ", "Electric Ladyland Theme", "Cherokee Mist", TONS more that unless you are a Hendrix afficianado, likely you haven't heard...again, an essential disc for fans of Jimi Hendrix.

    Disc 7 gives us some outtakes/alts of some "Experience" era stuff, always loved "Stone Free", an great to hear another take, "Up From the Skies/EXP" are ones I never thought I hear outtakes of, this is a fine disc as well......

    And Disc 8.......alternate takes of great shit like "Fire", "Voodoo Chile (Slight Return)", "Spanish Castle magic"........again, grade a stuff, this is a fin, wonderful release, you will love it and more...I have  few more of these "documentary"-like set, and I am going to put them up, also, before tearing into my mountain of concert recordings.....for now, I defy you to tall me this isn't a fantastic set......

    If you DONT like it, stay away from this site for a week or two, because this Hendrix project is not about to be half-assed, I think it's going to be a great project (btw: you have any rare Hendrix? now's the time to break it out and share, share, share.........I probably have close to 100 live shows and plan on probably posting most all of them, so if you have a rare boot or something, let me know so the rest of us ca enjoy it as well!

    I think this is a FINE 8-Disc set, considerng it's a hodgepodge......if you download it (you should),
    PLEASE yer Uncle know whatcha think about it, there is WAY WAY WAY more to com, so strap yourself in and enjoy!!!!

    DISC 1-01 Intro/Collage/02 Hey Joe (Demo)/03 Interview/04 How Would You Feel (Curtis Knight Material 1966-67)/05 Love Or Confusion (Live)/06 Sgt Peppers Lonely Heart's Club Band (Live)/07 All Along the Watchtower (Demo)/08 Little Wing 3 (Live)/09 Electric Church/Red House/10 Spanish Castle Magic (BBC Session)/11 Hear My Train a Comin' (Live)/12 Rock N Roll Band (1967 with Eire Apparant)/13 Stepping Stone (Band of Gypsies)/14 Gloria (1967 Session with Friends)/15 My Diary (Rosa Lee Brooks Single)/16 Utee (Rosa Lee Brooks Single)/17 The Burning of the Midnight Lamp (Live)/18 Little Miss Lover (Unreleasead)/19 Foxey Lady (Demo)/20 Catfish Blues (Demo)/21 Slow Walkin Talk (Demo)

    DISC 2-01 Traffic Jam (Unreleased Studio Jam w/Traffic)/02 Hay Baby Jam (Unreleased Studio Jam w Traffic)/03 Jazz Jam (Unreleased Studio Jam w/Traffic)/04 Moonlight Jam (Unreleased Studio Jam w/Traffic/05 Studio Catastrophe (Valley of Neptune Session)/06 Valley of Neptune (Take 2)/07 Rainy Day Super Jam (Electricladyland Outtake)/08 Nervous Breakdown (with Fat Mattress)/09 Captain Coconut and the Cherokee Mist Jam (Electric Ladyland Outtake)/10 Crash Landing (Electric Ladyland Outtake)

    DISC 3-01 Lover Man/02 Voodoo Chile/03 Somewhere Over The Rainbow/04 Red House/05 Angel/06 1983/07 First Jam

    DISC 4-01 7 Dollars In My Pocket (Medley)/02 Devil Jam (Winter Jam)/03 Lover Man/04Midnight Lightning I (Acoustic)/05 Further On Up the Road/06 The Things I Used to Do (w/ Johnny Winter)/07 Once I Had a Woman (Take 2)/08 Machine Gun/09 Lord I Sing the Blues For Me and You (Hit Factory NY)/10 Country Blues (Record Plant NY)/11 Stop (Rehearsal)

    DISC 5-01 Midnight Lightning/02 Lower Alcatraz/03 There Goes Easy Rider/7 Dollars In My Pocket/04 Heavy Rider Jam (Ezy Rider Jam)/05 Easy Blues/06 Gypsy Boy/07 Peace  Mississippi

    DISC 6-01 Two Guitar Jam (w/Stephen Stills)/02 San Francisco Bay Blues Jam (Electricladyland Outtake)/03 Gypsy Eyes (Outtake)/04 Cherokee Mist (Studio Jam)/05 The Street Thing (Outtake)/06 In From the Storm (Outtake)/07 Freedom (Outtake)/08 Somewhere Over the Rainbow II (Outtake)/09 Belly Button Window (Instrumental Outtake)/10 Captain Coconut and Cherokee Mist (Outtake)/11 Rider Blues (Outtake)/12 Electric Ladyland Theme (Outtake)/13 Jazzy Jamming (Studio Jam)

    DISC 7- 01 She's So Fine (rehearsal tape)/02 Axis: Bold as Love (rehearsal tape)/03 EXP (Rehearsal
    Tape)/04 Up From the Skies (reherasal Tape)/05 Love Jam (Jazz Jimi Jam) (reheasal tape)/06 Electric Ladyland Jam (reharsal tape)/07 Pass It On (Live at Berkely)/08 Hey Baby Hey Baby (New Rising Sun (Live at Berkely)/09 Stone Free (Live Berkely)/10 Hey Joe (Live Berkely)/11 Freeedom (Live Berkely)/12 Red House (Live Berkely)/13 Ezy Rider (Live Berkely)/14 New Rising Sun Theme (Instrumantal)

    DISC 8-01 Fire/02 Getting My Heart Back Together Again/03 Spanish Castle Magic/04 Purple Haze/05 Tax Free/06 Message of Love/07 Red House/08 Voodoo Chile (Slight Return)/09 Machine Gun/10 Hey Baby (Land of the New Rising Sun)

    OK, links will be around in a little bit......if you don't like Hendrix, might as well spend a few days away from here because there is a BUNCH headed yer way!

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    Today we feature a fine four disc grab bag/hodgepodge of outtakes/alternate takes/actates/and live
    cut, in the form of a set called "First Steps"......again, if you are a Hendrix fanatic, likely there are some gems here with which you are unfamiliar, if you are NOT a Hendrix fanatic, well, sorry, next week we'll get to something else which might be more your liking.....but NOT liking Hendrix? Well, to each thier own......

    Well, Disc One simply a ton of alternate versions of stuff we love, my fave "I Don't Live Today" turns up a couple of times, a couple of live "Purple Haze"'s (not my favorite but a great live number), an INSTRUMENTAL "Hey Joe".....tons more great stuff for the Jimi Hendix "completionist"....

    Disc two offers up a buncha more  versions of faves ("Purple Haze", "Foxey Lady"), but also versions of lesser-knowns ("Cat Talkin' To Me", "The Stars That Play With laughing Sam's Dice", "Taking Care of No Buisness.......a fine disc for the completist/collector.......)

    Disc Three features a few versions of "Wild Thing" (IMO Hendrix OWNED that song)......lots of other goodies, a few versions of "1983", a great "Crosstown Traffic", a lot of alternate versons of "Axis" era material.......I swear, every note this man ever played is recorded SOMEWHERE, and I A GLAD for this

    Finally Disc 4 concentrates more on "ElectricLadyland" era stuff, which is fine as it is of course a 5-
    star classic, and alternate takes of "Voodoo Chile" and "Rainy Day Dream Away" are always welcome......

    OK, unless you are a huge Hendrix fan, this might be a bit sloppy for you.......personally, I would buy a record of Jimi Hendrix vomitting, so ALL of this is great shit to me.......if you agree (or not) please drop a comment, but more to come this week, LOTS more!

    DISC 1-01 Intro/Klling Floor/02 Hey Joe (Paris 1966)/03 Hey Joe (Instrumental)/04 Hey Joe (London 1966)/05 Can You See Me (Demo 1966)/06 Can You See Me (London CBS Studios 1966)/07 51st Anniversry (London 1967)/08 Fire/09 The Wind Cries Mary (London 1967)/10 Purple Haze/11 No No No No (London 1967)/12 I Don't LiveToday/13 I Don't Live Today/14 Red House (London 1967)/15 Hey Joe/16 Purple  Haze (London 1967/17 Foxy Lady/18 Hey Joe/19 Stone Free/20 Fire/21 Purple Haze (Germany 1967)

    DISC 2-01 Manic Depression/02 Remember (London 1967)/03 Are You Eperienced? (London 1967)/04 She's So Fine/05 Taking Care of No Buisness/06 Cat Talkin To Me (London 1967)/07 Stone Free/08 Hey Joe/09 Purple Haze (Germany 1967)/10 The Wind Cries Mary/11 Purple Haze (Sweden 1967)/12 The Stars That Play With Laughing Sam's Dice (Acetate) (NY 1967)/13 Little Miss Love (Acetate) (NY 1967)/14 You Got Me Floatin'/15 One Rainy Wish (London 1967)/16 Little One/17 Foxy Lady/18 The Wind Cries Mary/19 Rock Me Baby/20 Purple Haze (Paris 1967)

    DISC 3-01 Wild Thing (Paris 1967)/02 South Saturn Delta (London 1967)/03 Wait Until
    Tomorrow/04 Ain't No Telling (London 1967)/05 Spanish Castle Magic/06 Insrumental Jam (London 1967)/07 Castles Made of Sand/08 Bold As Love (London 1967)/09 Dream (Acetate)/10 Dance (Acetate) (London 1967)/11 Crosstown Traffic (London 1967)/12 Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band/13 Foxy Lady/14 Wild Thing (London 1967)/15 All Along the Watchtower (London 1967)/16 Long Hot Summer Night (Demo NY 1968)/17 Little Miss Strange (NY 1968)/18 1983...(A Merman I Should Turn To Be) (Demo)/19 1983....A Merman I SHould Turn To Be (NY 1968)

    DISC 4-01 Gypsy Eyes/02 Gypsy Eyes (NY1968)/03 House Burning Down (Acetate NY 1968)/04 Three Little Bears/05 Cherokee Mist (NY 1968)/06 Voodoo Chile/07 Voodoo Child (Slight Return) (NY 1968)/08 Rainy Day Dream Away/Still Raining Still Dreaming/09 Rainy Day Shuffle (NY 1968)/10 Have You Ever Been (To Electric Ladyland) (NY 1968)/11....And the Gods Made Love (NY 1968)/12 Come On (Part 1) (NY 1968)

    0 0

    Pretty good reception for the multi-disc epics of the past couple of days, here is yet another.....this
    one perhaps my favorite, very comprehnsive with lots of previously unreleased tracks...the four CD (plus one DVD, sorry, too much of a pain to upload the DVD)-set "West Coast Seattle Boy" was released in 2010, athough to be honest, is one of those "fan" comps, not always the highest quality recordings, BUT better than "average bootleg" quality for the most part.

    Disc 1 I find the most interesting as it includes a variety of early Hendrix session work with lots of other artists....the two Rosa Lee Brooks tracks were included on the "51st Anniversary" set, but also a strong variety of a lot of others, The Isley Brothers, Little Richard, King Curtis......amazing how identifiable and unique his sound was, even on this session work.

    Disc 2 offers up a lot of alternate takes and mixes, the diffent mixes of "Love or Confusion" and "Fire" a very interesting, a handful of "home recordings", a live "Wind Cries Mary" which also appears on the "Stages" live set (I'll get to it)......for fans, mostly, but nothing if not interesting. The third disc gives us a it of everything, from a 20-minute (!) jam between Hendrix and keyboardist Larry Young, some live Fillmore East material, and perhaps my favorite song title ever, "Untitled Basic Track"......hard to get much more creative than THAT now isn't it?

    Final disc is highlighted by the Hendrix/Arthur Lee collabration "Everlasting First", a fairly killer live Band of Gypsies "Stone Free", and assorted other odds and ends......some of it now scraping the barrel ("All God's Children", "Peter Gunn/Catasrophe")......clearly, this set if for fans/completists, if one were a more casual fan or novice, this could easilly be pared down to 1 awesome, very listenable disc, with some easy re-programming.

    Nonetheless, as a fan I am glad to have this, worth it for the highlights, don't know what the focus
    will be yet for tomorrow, once I get started on some of the fantastic live shows, you'll be amazed at how many good ones there are.

    DISC 1-01* THE ISLEY BROTHERS-Testify/02 DON COVAY& THE GOODTIMERS-Mercy, Mercy/03 DON COVAY & THE GOODTIMERS-Can't Stay Away/04 ROSA LEE BROOKS-My Diary/05 ROSA LEE BROOKS-Utee/06 LITTLE RICHARD-I Don't Know What You Got But It's Got Me/07 LITTLE RICHARD-Dancing All Around the World/08 FRANK HOWARD & THE COMMANDERS-I'm So Glad/09 THE ISLEY BROTHERS-Move Over and Let Me Dance/10 THE ISLEY BROTHERS-Have You Ever Been Disappointed/11 RAY SHARPE-Help Me (Get the Feeling) (Part 1)/12 THE ICEMEN-(My Girl) She's a Fox/13 JIMMY NORMAN-That Little Old Groovemaker/14 BILLY LAMONT-Sweet Thing/15 KING CURTIS-Instant Groove

    *NOTE-Late dicovery, track 1 ("Testify") on my disc is defective.....I'm going to see if I can find another copy on the Bay, but if you happen to have one handy won't you please this track? (I will let you know if I find one).......Thanks to my buddy Baxterdogg for coming up with another copy (see comments)......and ARRRRRRRGGGGH, See "edit" on Disc 3 track list

    DISC 2-01 Fire (Alternate Mix)/02 Are You Experienced? (Alternate Backing Vocal)/03 May This Be Love (Alternate Mix with Double Tracked Vocal)/04 Can You See Me (Mono mix)/05 The Wind Cries Mary (Live Stockholm 1967)/06 Love or Confusion (alternate vocal mix)/07 Little One (original instrumental with Dave Mason and Mitch Mitchell)/08 Mr. Bad Luck (original mix)/09 Cat Talking To Me (original version)/10 Castles Made of Sand (alternate backing vocal track)/11 Tears of Rage (home recording)/12 Hear My Train a-Comin' (home recording)/13 1983 (A Merman I Should Turn to Be) (home recording)/14 Long Hot Summer Night (home recording)/15 My Friend (home recording)/16 Angel (home recording)/17 Calling All the Devil's Children (unreleased studio track)/18 Hey Baby (New Rising Sun) (instr. w/ Hendrix on all instruments)

    DISC 3*-01 Hear My Freedom (unreleased studio track)/02 Room Full of Mirrors (re-edit)/03 Shame
    Shame Shame (re-edit)/04 Messenger (unreleased studio track)/05 Hound Dog Blues (unreleased)/06 Untitled Basic Track (God I LOVE that cryptic title)/07 Star Spangled Banner (Live San Diego 1969)/08 Purple Haze (Live San Diego 1969)/09 Larry Young/Hendrix Jam/10 Mastermind (vocal by Larry Lee)/11 Message to Love (original mix)/12 Fire (Live Fillmore East 1969)/13 Foxey Lady(Live Fillmore East 1969)

    *GRRRRRRR some of these damn CD's of mine.....they play just fine in my stereos, my cars.....and my fucking computer won't read them.......if anyone else has this exact set and are able to share Tracks 01-05, please help out if ya least no problems with the 20-minute jam, or, most critically, "Untitled Basic Track"!

    DISC 4-01 Stone Free (Live Fillmore East 1969)/02 Burning Desire (unreleased)/03 Lonely Avenue (unreleased)/04 The Everlasting First (w/Arthur Lee/Love)/05 Freedom (alternate mix)/06 Peter Gunn/Catastrophe (original mix)/07 In From the Storm (original mix)/08 All God's Children (original version)/09 Red House (Live Berkeley 1970)/10 Play That Riff (Thank You)/11 Bolero/12 Hey Baby (Bolero and Hey Baby mixed as single track as orginally recorded)/13 Suddenly November Morning (home recording).......

    Lots more where this came from, hope you're enjoying these!

    0 0

    Hey, MAYBE the answer is "yes", I left it and tomorrow we have the (6 discs each),
    Volumes 1 & 2 of "The Jimi Hendrix Studio Sessions".......again, it's for FANS/completists, you'll find moments here and there, you'll also find multiple takes of the same songs, as well as some overlap with some of the other sets.....

    Well, let's see what we got here...Volume1 (today) has more moments than tomorrow's Volume 2, be forewarned. Disc 1 is fairly stacked, with a handfull of tracks recorded in Hendrix' apartment, and some good alternate takes of some earlier Experience tracks, mostly interesting stuff. Disc 2 is a mishmash, anchored by SIX versions of "Voodoo Child (Slight Return)", conveniently programmed back to back.

    Disc 3, believe it or not, actually opens with six MORE versions of "Voodoo Child (Slight Return)", wow, as well as some other alternate mixes from the "Electric Ladyland" era....some interesting moments, but anyone, ANYONE, who listens to all TWELVE versions of "Voodoo Child (Slight Return)", in order,  ought to be eligible for some kind of plaque or something.....let me know if ya be man enough (or bored enough).

    Disc 4 is basically a series of jams featuring Hendrix, Jack Bruce, Buddy Miles, and Jim McCarty......nothing spectacular, similar to some sloppier Cream jams, even working in a version of "Sunshine of Your Love". By Disc 5 we are scraping (remember there is another volume), more jams and alternate mixes, hey, we're BIG FANS, right? The final disc contains MORE jams (plus a version of "Gloria"), hey, I told you, EVERY TIME this dude plugged in, SOMEONE was taping

    Volume 2 (six MORE discs) tomorrow, I think I'll torment you with more studio outtakes and such before we get to all the stunning live material.

    Seen 2 new films the past 3 days, "Snowpiercer" and the new "Planet of the Apes".......enjoyed the
    both tremendously, both at least A- films, with "Snowpiercer" being (IMO) slightly the better to hear what you guys think of them, or, actually, any film reviews/recommendations/anti-recommendations, LOVE to hear you guys opinions!

    DISC 1-01. Exp : May 5, 1967 Alternate Mix/02. Bold As Love: October 29, 1967 Alternate Mix/
    03. Hear My Train A Comin' : December 19, 1967 Jimi Hendrix 1973 Film/04. Dance: December 20, 1967 Early Take Acetate - Riff later used for Ezy Rider/05. Long Hot Summer Night: Early 1968 Demo Hendrix Apartment/06. 1983: Early 1968 Demo Hendrix Apartment/07. Angel: Early 1968 Demo Hendrix Apartment/08. Cherokee Mist: Early 1968 Demo Hendrix Apartment/09. Hear My Train A'Comin: Early 1968 Demo Hendrix Apartment/10. Voodoo Chile: Early 1968 Demo Hendrix Apartment/11. Cherokee Mist: Early 1968 Demo Hendrix Apartment/12. Gypsy Eyes: Early 1968 Demo Hendrix Apartment/13. All Along The Watchtower: Alternate Mix/14. Have You Ever Been (To Electric Ladyland): Alternate Version/15. Dance: Alternate Instrumental Take

    DISC 2-01. My Friend: March 13, 1968 Unedited Version/02. Somewhere: Alternate Mix/03. Somewhere: Alternate Version/04. Little Miss Strange: Instrumental/05. 1983: Early Version/06. Gypsy Eyes: April 29, 1968 Alternate Version/07. Gypsy Eyes: April 29, 1968 Alternate Version/08. Gypsy Eyes: April 29, 1968 Alternate Version/09. House Burning Down: May 1, 1968 Alternate Version/10. Three Little Bears/South Saturn Delta Instrumental Jam: Alternate Version/11. Voodoo Child (Slight Return): May 3, 1968 Session/12. Voodoo Child (Slight Return): May 3, 1968 Session/13. Voodoo Child (Slight Return): May 3, 1968 Session/14. Voodoo Child (Slight Return): May 3, 1968 Session/15. Voodoo Child (Slight Return): May 3, 1968 Session/16. Voodoo Child (Slight Return): May 3, 1968 Session

    DISC 3-01. Voodoo Child (Slight Return): May 3, 1968 Session/02. Voodoo Child (Slight Return):
    May 3, 1968 Session/03. Voodoo Child (Slight Return): May 3, 1968 Session/04. Voodoo Child (Slight Return): May 3, 1968 Session/05. Voodoo Child (Slight Return): May 3, 1968 Session/06. Voodoo Child (Slight Return): May 3, 1968 Session/07. Voodoo Child (Slight Return): May 3, 1968 Session/08. Little Miss Strange: May 5, 1968 Alternate Version/09. Jazz Jimi Jazz Jam: May-June 1968/10. Have You Ever Been To (Electric Ladyland): May-June 1968 Alternate Version/11. Rainy Day Shuffle: June 10, 1968 Outtake/12. ...And The Gods Made Love: June 29, 1968 Alternate Mix/13. JS6 Jam 1 October 16/17 1968

    DISC 4 -01. JS7 Jam 2 October 16/17 1968 (Jack Bruce, Jim McCarty and Buddy Miles)/02. JS8 Jam 3 October 16/17 1968 (Jack Bruce, Jim McCarty and Buddy Miles)/03. Sunshine of Your Love: October 16/17 1968 (Jack Bruce, Jim McCarty and Buddy Miles)/04. JS9 Jam 4 October 16/17 1968 (Jack Bruce, Jim McCarty and Buddy Miles)/05. Sunshine of Your Love: October 16/17 1968 (Jack Bruce, Jim McCarty and Buddy Miles)/06. JS10 Jam 5: October 16/17 1968 (Jack Bruce, Jim McCarty and Buddy Miles)/07. JS11 Jam 6: October 16/17 1968 (Jack Bruce, Jim McCarty and Buddy Miles)/08. JS12 Jam 7: October 16/17 1968 (Jack Bruce, Jim McCarty and Buddy Miles)/09. JS2 Izabella: October 18, 1968/10. Calling All Devil's Children: Ocober 21, 1968 Alternate/11. Calling All Devil's Children: Ocober 21, 1968 Alternate

    DISC 5-01. Calling All Devil's Children: Ocober 21, 1968 Alternate/02. Look Over Yonder (Mr. Bad
    Luck/Mr. Lost Soul): October 22, 1968 Basic Track/03. Look Over Yonder (Mr. Bad Luck/Mr. Lost Soul) October 22, 1968 Alternate Mix/04. New Rising Sun (aka MLK): October 23, 1968 Early Version/05. Peace in Mississippi: October 24, 1968 Unedited Basic Track/06. Peace in Mississippi: October 24, 1968 Take 15/07. JS28 Jam:October 27, 1968/08. JS29 Jam:October 27, 1968/09. JS30 Jam:October 27, 1968/10. Everything's Gonna Be Alright/11. Lover Man (Here He Comes) Take 1: October 29, 196/12. Lover Man: October 29, 1968 Take 3/13. Lover Man: October 29, 1968 Take 4

    DISC 6-01. Session Thing: October 1968/02. Gloria (Take 8)/03. JS31 Jam Messenger (Take 15): October 1968/04. JS1 Heavy Jam: October 1968/05. JS4 Jam (Last Thursday Morning)/06. JS3 Instrumental/Winter Blues: November 6, 1968

    I got this one in FLAC way back whenever, not got time to convert, if you need it converted, you're gonna hafta do it after download (it isn't hard, if you need help, just axe!)

    Volume 2 coming up for tomorrow!

    0 0

    SURE, there CAN be......but not here.....simply have too much good matrial on the shelves, and I
    guess I'm comitted to rolling out most of it during this series.......SOME damn fine moments on these discs, also some forgettable ones, which, for something as comprehensive as this, is bound to happen.

    Today we pick up where we left off yesterday, with "The Jimi Hendrix Studio Sessions, Volume 2".....hey  TOLD you I have a tonne of this stuff, yes, we are scraping, but I DO have a couple of more scrapes before  get to all the totally fab concerts I keep teasing ya with!

    So as for this one, six more discs, much like volume 1.......still fairly random assembalage of various tracks, you hunt and peck an edit for what you may want......

    OK, disc 1 includes sessions with Buddy Miles, Jim McCarty, and Dave Holland...they run through a fair set of stuff, ie "Valleys of Neptune", "Ezy Rider/Star spangled Banner.....decent set. Disc 2 includes the John McLauglin jams, some Experince sessons, as well as soms stuff with Buddy Miles and Billy Cox (known as the " Mannish Boy Sessions")

    I point that out cause Disc 3 is comprised of a LOT of "Mannish Boy" sessions (LOTS).....when we get to disc No. 4, we get various sessions: April 24 w/ Billy Cox and Rocky Issac, May 7 with Stephen Stills and Johnny Winter, and May 14 with Billy Cox and Mitch Mitchell.....

    Disc 5 gives us Hendrix messing around in the studo, joined by Larry Young and others on various interesting demo tracks......and Disc 6 wraps things up for this set with some sessions with Stephen Stills, John Sebastian, and Buddy Miles, also some with Miles/BillyCox....mostly this six-disc set is the participants playing around in the studio, and we DO get an interesting moment or three, we just have to search the out!







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