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The music that shaped a semi-wasted life

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  • 03/06/14--16:01: Couple more MC5 boots
  • I have a CD disaster, can't find a damn thing, I guess that four months off of work wasn't sufficient time to straighten them out......brought this whole stack of MC5 rarities in here and set them on the desk, and totally overlooked these, to be honest these all fairly suck sound quality wise, but here they are in case you are craving MORE MC5 rare stuff, just, so, you can say you have it or whatever.

    First is a short (VERY short, 4 songs) set from 1968, pre-"Kick Out the Jams", "September 1968 1st Unitarian Church", capped with a long "Black To Comm". Next up we have "January 1970 Saginaw Civic Center", good set list with some "Back In the USA" stuff, also ending with a long "Black to Comm" closer.

    Finally we have a set, also from 1970 "Soldier Field Chicago", opening with "Ramblin Rose" and cloing with, yes, "Black to Comm" (who knew the Five would b so FORMULIC?)....anyway, there might be a minute or two on one of these if you are a super-obsessed MC5 fan, otherwise, I'm just popping these up since I DID go to all the trouble of carrying all of them in here from the other room....I'll have these up in just a few minutes, hope to be caught up with the links, and really, sorry for the recent delays with such, a combination of computer issues and laziness

    SEPT 1968 1ST UNITARIAN CHURCH-01 I Want You Right Now/02 Starship/03 I Believe To My Soul/04 Black To Comm

    JANUARY 1970 SAGINAW CIVIC CENTER-01 Intro/Rambin Rose/02 Human Being Lawnmower/03 Tonight/04 Rama Lama Fa Fa Fa/05 It's a Man's Man's World/06 Teenage Lust/07 Looking at You/08 Fire of Love/09 Shakin Street/10 Starship/11 Kick Out the Jams/12 Black to Comm

    7/18/70 SOLDIER FIELD CHICAGO-01 Ramblin Rose/02 Tonight/03 Rama Lama Fa Fa Fa/04 Looking at You/05 I Want You Right Now/06 Black to Comm

    I may do another post here yet tonight, see if think of something interesting, Strat O Matic baseball season begins tomorrow (!) so we'll see where my priorities lie (I already know!)

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  • 03/07/14--13:07: Non-Fiction
  • Three albums of very under appreciated grungy metal from the 1990's. Non-Fiction were resurrected from the ashes of Hades, vocalist Alan Tecchio and guitarist Dan Lorenzo, accompanied by bassist Damon Trotta and drummer Mike Cristi. Three very good discs, all of which I recommend very highly.

    One of those bands that not a ton of information exists for, and as a bonus is fairly hard to Googl due to their name (try it), I got these from a friend who was a big time fan, I get most of my info from him if it is wrong, you know whom NOT to blame. OK, according to him they released a hard-to-find self titled EP with someone other than Tecchio on vocals, he claims he's never heard it, personally I can't even find any evidence of its existance, but anyway, we can confirm that 1991 saw the release of "Preface"......the best comparison I can offer is Soundgarden (Tecchio's vocals are VERY similar to those of Chris Cornell) maybe crossbred with Lorenzo's Tony Iommi-inspired guitar work, which I suppose SOUNDS quite good, and, actually, it is.....the version I have of "Preface" is not the original version, I don't think, as it includes a bonus demo track as well as a 2000 remix track, but the neucleus of the album, "Listen", "Mortify Me", "Farewell to Welfare" and others REALLY rocks the house. Recommendedfor fans of both latter-day metal as well as Nirvana/Soundgarden/Pearl Jam early 90's hard-grunge.

    Better is 1992's "In the Know", an excellent and VERY underrated rock n roll album. Similar in sound to the debut, but musically advanced and lyrically more sophisticated, this could very nearly be labelled an "unknown classic" by some, maybe even me. Nearly every track is a good one, "In the Know", "Preface" (yes, I know they already entitled an ALBUM "Preface"), "Reason To Live", and "Reason to Die" are fine tracks, but to carpet bomb tracks on this one is selling the remainder short. You want this one, if you wish to sample only one.

    Their final effort was 1996's "It's a Wonderful Lie", which is ALSO a damn good album although not on a level with "In the  Know".....again, a fine rocking disc filled with the Soundgarden/Sabbath hybrid, and the socio-political lyrics were growing sharper yet. I would probably label this the weakest of the three, and I'd still call it at least a 3.5 star album.

    I guess they called it a day after this, I think they reformed a version of Hades, but not sure about when or where or the results. If you are not aware of these three fine discs, check them out n particular "In the Know") and thank me later. Play loud and question why some make it big and some barely make it out of the starting gate. It's a tough life.

    PREFACE-01 My Way/02 Listen/03 Mortify Me/04 Could've/05 Aged/06 Put It Off/07 Not a part of Your Life/08 Down/09 I Hate To Tell You/10 Farwell to Welfare/11 Forgive and Regret (1993 demo)/12 Mortify Me (2000 Remix)

    IN THE KNOW-01 Preface/02 In the Know/03 First and lasting Impressions/04Acceptance/05 A Million Tears Ago/06 Next to Nothing/07 Reason to Die/08 Reason to Live/09 All My Needs/10 Peaked/11 No Comment/12 Sound Decisions/13 The Naked Truth/14 One Last Time/15 First and Lasting Impressions/16 Dark Day (In the Know Outside)

    IT'S A WONDERFUL LIE-01 Love, Liking, Nothing/02 Deception Vs Reality/03 Somehow/04 Social Lies/05 Sad and Done/06 Spent/07 Aversion/08 Picture Imperfect/09 Big Blue Flu/10 Blackened Blues/11 Into the Ground/12 Waxing Pathetic/13 Reasons/14 Forgive and Regret

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  • 03/09/14--16:18: Voodoo Queens
  • The lone album, "Chocolate Revenge",  from what one might refer to as the Uk equivelent of maybe Bratmobile (I hope Ms. Molly Neuman doesn't get too miffed that I mentioned their name without cutting them a royalty check,but I'm being unfair I guess...I mean it IS Bratmobile, their music flies off the shelf so quickly they can hardly keep up with the demand and really DON'T NEED or can't handle ANY new listeners) or perhaps even L7, this is a decent album that would be MUCH better if it contained the great single "Supermodel Superficial" which I used to have and can't find, part of my reason for posting this, in fact, is to see if anyone happens to have that single and could share.

    From 1994, Voodoo Queens were guitarist/vocalist Anjali Bhatia, guitarist Ella Guru, basist Anjula Bhasker, keyboardist Rajani Bhatia, and drummer Stefania Lucchesini. Sounding somewhat like the abovc mentioned bands but perhaps a bit deeper instrumentally, due to some decent keyboard work which is kind of unusual in this kind of punked-up riot grrl rage like this. The best track here for my dollar is "Princess of the Voodoo Beat", and if one browses other titles such as "I'm Not Bitter, I Just Want to Kill You" and "Faceache", one pretty much can anticipate what one is in for here.....maybe a 2.5 star disc, pretty obscure though. If anyone has any of their non-LP singles (especially the aforementioned "Supermodel Superficial") or their Peel Session that I am told exists please contact me. Otherwise, give this a shot if you are a riot grrrrl fan.

    CHOCOLATE REVENGE-01 You're Dumped/02 Princess of the Voodoo Beat/03 Neptune/04 Summer Sun/05 I'm Not Bitter-I Just Want to Kill You/06 Faceache/07 Indian Filmstars/08 Cactus Trees/09 Shopping Girl Maniac/10 Chocolate Eyes/11 My Favourite Hand Bag


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  • 03/10/14--16:47: The Germs
  • Seeking once again the title of the king of internet musical variety, today we select The Germs, a seemingly fairly insignificant hardcore punk band from Los Angeles ca. 1978-80. I've said before (see my previous posts of "Rodney on the ROQ" and Flipper, maybe others I don't know), this was really NOT my most favorite scene ever, due, in large part, to the fact that it WAS my younger brother's favorite scene, thusly, I heard just a bit too much of this stuff in my years living at Mom's house....several years ago he sold me all of his albums to support his lifestyle (ie being a bum), so once in a GREAT while I can shake these out when I'm in the particular mood (not terribly often)....

    The band's lineup consisted of singer Darby Crash, guitarist Pat Smear, drummer Don Bolles, and bassist Lorna Doom. They released but one proper album, "GI" (produced by Joan Jett), which is MAYBE considered a "classic" in the small genre of LA hardcore, it's fairly unspectacular, I have a vinyl copy but might as well go with "MIA the Complete Anthology" which includes all of "GI" (I think without seriously checking) as well as some singles and EP tracks, I have a live disc here from my brother's stash but it is from an audience cassette and is LITERALY unlistenable. So, we'll go with "MIA", which will present as good a picture of these young gentlemen as would be possible.

    If you've never heard this, I bet you can guess what it sounds like, a very sloppy Ramones (actually too the point of making the Ramones sound like The Young Marble Giants), thrashing punk tunes like, (perhaps the most well known) "Lexicon Devil", also "Forming", "Sex Boy", "What We Do Is Secret", and twenty seven OTHER tracks for your enjoyment. Personally I found the LA hardcore scene inferior to, say, the New York or London scenes of a couple years earlier, but fans any 1970's punk may enjoy this. Or not, we'll see.

    The cultural significance of the Germs would likely be that Pat Smear would briefly be a member of Nirvana prior to Kurt Cobian's death (most significantly on the "MTV Unplugged" album), and the fact that Darby Crash committed suicide by overdose on the same day that John Lennon was shot dead (December 7 1980). His drug problems are well documented (a frequent, and mistaken,  notion I have heard is Crash killed himself on stage during the final Germs show, heard it several times and don't know where it comes from, but not so).....

    So, either listen and reminisce of the late 1970's, discover something, or skip this altogether, whatever suits you......listened to it this morning on the commute and it has NOT "improved with age", shall we say. Nevertheless I am SERIOUS about winning this year's award for internet music upload diversity, so don't forget me when the vote is taken.

    MIA- THE COMPLETE ANTHOLOGY-01 Forming/02 Sex Boy/03 Lexicon Devil/04 Circle One
    /05 No God//06 What We Do Is Secret/07 Communist Eyes/08 Land Of Treason/09 Richie Dagger's Crime/10 Strange Notes/11 American Leather/12 Lexicon Devil/13 Manimal/14 Our Way/15 We Must Bleed/16 Media Blitz/17 The Other Newest One/18 Let's Pretend/19 Dragon Lady/20 The Slave/21 Shut Down (Annihilation Man)/22 Caught In My Eye/23 Round And Round/24 My Tunnel
    /25 Throw It Away/26 Not All Right/27 Now I Hear The Laughter/28 Going Down/29 Lions Share
    /30 Forming 2 

    Link coming right up!

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    From the musical hotbed that is Olympia Washington (it really is/has been too, due likely to the presence of super-leftist college Evergreen University....we have perhaps is only rival for leftist universities within 15 miles of my home, check out the bizarro land that is Antioch University in Yellow Springs Ohio if you will.....joke: How do you know Santa Claus went to Antioch (one could also use Evergreen in this joke, depending upon one's locale)? A: He has a beard, he wears the same clothes all the time, and he works one day a year....I'll be here all week!) come former running mates of Sleater Kinney (one of my all time favorite bands) and Le Tigre among others, The Gossip, who fit to a "T" the label of a poor man's Sleater-Kinney.

    The Gossip consist of vocalist Beth Ditto, guitarist Brace Paine, and drummer Hannah Blilie and have cranked out a decent career with a post-punk indie sound that touches down squarely between SK and Le Tigre. They released their debut full-length "That's Not What I Heard' in 2001 on Kill Rock Stars Records, it's probably my favorite of their's sloppy, to be sure, but the short amatuerish tunes are no doubt entertaining, "Where the Girls Are", "Got Body If You Want It", "Hott Date"'s odd how some bands become so much more entertaining as they become more musically proficient (The Donnas as an example), and some are best when they are at their rawest....matter of taste I guess.

    Before release of album #2, the released an EP ("Arkansas Heat") which if you heard the debut is nothing new other than a TEN (!) plus minute slop epic called "(Take Back) The Revolution" filled in the time between the first two discs, in 2002 they released "Movement", on which they attempt to show more diversity (Ditto plays some piano), not entirely successfully. Next came a quicky live EP ("Undead in NYC"), which showed that they had some live chops and were at th very least energetic.

    Their best known work is 2006's "Standing in the Way of Control".....longer (3-4 minute) tracks and a cleaner, not as hard edged sound....I know some who really like this album a lot....I am not really among them, it's okay, but personally I will take their earlier slopfests anytime......I guess I can give them credit for "maturing" or "developing their sound" or no means a bad album, but to me not up to the standard of their earlier, more amatuerish works.....the title track is a standout, as are "Fire With Fire" and "Eyes Open", which pretty much harken back to the earlier days.

    Checking the Bay for any rarities, and disovered a couple of things....number one, they had a few things I didn't have, an early self-titled EP, a remix EP ("GSSP RMX"), a spilt single with Tracy and the Plastics entitled "Real Damage"....and number two, I thought they had broken up after "Standing"....they had, actually, but got back together unbeknownst to me, and since released two other albums, "Music For Men" and "A Joyful Noise", as recently as 2012.....I have not, obviously, heard either of them, but since the Bay provides a complete discography anyway, I may as well get them and put them up here. There are a couple of more post-"Standing" EP's which I didn't know of either, so I'll grab the whole thing AND post it in whatever form it comes, IF it has artwork and tagged tracks and all that great stuff, well, that is exactly how I will post them.....if not, well, I hate to say "sorry about your luck", but as always that "too much work" phrase keeps popping into my head.

    I will try to listen to the stuff with which I was not familiar in the next couple of days, but if any fans of the band are reading this, any opinions about these newer discs I would like to hear......I'm amazed that I never read of thier existence or anything, maybe I just forgot about it......seems to be happening more and more lately.

    THE GOSSIP EP-01 Red Hott/02 On the Prowl/03 Jailbreak/04 Dressed in Black

    THAT'S NOT WHAT I HEARD-01 Swing Low/02 I Got All This Waiting/03 Bones/04 Sweet Baby/05 Tough Love/06 Got Body If You Want It/07 Where the Girls Are/08 Bring It On/09 Heartbeats/10 Cat Fight/11 Jailbreak/12 Southern Comfort/13 And You Know...../14 Hott Date

    ARKANSAS HEAT EP-01 Arkansas Heat/02 Rules For Luv/03 Ain't That the Truth/04 Gne Tomorrow/05 Lily White Hands/06 (Take back) The Revolution

    MOVEMENT-01 Nite/02 Jason's Basement/03 No No No/04 Don't (Make Waves)/05 All My Days/06 Yesterday's  News/07 Fire-Sign/08 Confess/09 Lesson Learned/10 Dangerrr/11 Light Light Sleep

    UNDEAD IN NYC-01 All This Waiting/02 Non Non Non/03 Don't (Make Waves)/04 Rules For Love/05 The Truth/06 Gone Tomorrow/07 Confessor/08 Arkansas Heat/09 Dangrrr/10 Wanna Be Yr Dog (W/The Chromatics)

    REAL DAMAGE EP-THE GOSSIP-01 Left Out Now/02 Sleepers/TRACY & THE PLASTICS-03 Dawn Feather/04 Save Claude

    GSSP RMX (EP)-01 Listen Up!/02 Listen Up! (MSTRKRFT Remix)/03 Listen Up! (Arthur Baker's Rtny Remix)/04 Listen Up! (A Touch of Class Remix)/05 Standing In the Way of Control (Le Tigre Remix)/06 Are U That Somebody

    STANDING IN THE WAY OF CONTROL-01 Fire With Fire/02 Standing In the Way of Control/03 Jealous Girls/04 Coal to Diamonds/05 Eyes Open/06 Yr Mangled Heart/07 Listen Up!/08 Holy Water/09 Keeping You Alive/10 Dark Times/11 Listen Up! (2007 Version)/12 StandingIn the Way of Control (Soul Nite Remix)

    LIVE IN LIVERPOOL-01 Eyes Open/02 Yr Mangled Heart/03 Swing Low/04 Are You That Someody/05 Fire-Sign/06 Coal For Diamonds/07 Jealous Girls/08 Keeping You Alive/09 Don't Make Waves/10 Yesterday's News/11 Standing In the Way of Control/12 Listen Up/13  Carless Whisper (Bonus Track)

    REWORK IT (REMIXES)-01 Listen Up (MSTR KRFT Remix)/02 Listen Up (Punks Jump Remix)/03 Listen Up (Tronic Youth Remix)/04 Listen Up (Arthur Baker Remix)/05 Standing In the Way of Control (Soulwax Nite Version)/06 Standing In the Way Control (Playgroup Remix)/07 Standing In the Way of Control (Headman Remix)/08 Jealous Girls (New Young Pony Club Remix)/09 Jealous Girls (Tommie Sunshine's Brooklyn Fire Retouch)/10 Yr Mangled Heart (Rory Phillips Remangle)/11 Yr Mangled Heart (Tiga's Congabreak)

    MUSIC FOR MEN-01 Dimestore Diamond/02 Heavy Cross/03 Eighth Wonder/04 Long Long Distance/05 Pop Goes the World/06 Vertical Rythm/07 Men In Love/08 For Keeps/09 2012/10 Love and Let Love/11 Four Letter Word/12 Spare Me From the Mold/13 Pop Goes the World (James Ford Version)/14 Heavy Cross (Fred Falke Remix)/15 The Breakdown/16 Heavy Cross (Fred Falke Remix Radio Edit)/17 Heavy Cross (Burns Remix)/18 Long Long Distance (Fake Blood Remix-Original)

    NRJ SESSION EP-01 Heavy Cross/02 Pop Goes the World/03 Listen Up/04 2012/05 Long Long Distance/06 Men In Love/07 Standing In the Way of Control

    A JOYFUL NOISE-01 Melody Emergency/02 Perfect World/03 Get a Job/04 Move In the Right Direction/05 Casualties of War/06 Into the Wild/07 Get Lost/08 Involved/09 Horns/10 I Won't Play/11 Love in a Foreign Place/12 Perfect World (Rory Phillips Mix)/13 Move In Right Direction (Classixx Remix)

    As always, going the extra mile to bring the complete picture into focus......someone tell me i the one's I don't have are any good, links probably not till tomorrow, so many of em! See ya.......

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  • 03/12/14--15:11: Gravy Train
  • Let us venture into some early 1970's hard-prog/psych from the UK, the not so known (at least in the US) Gravy Train. Consisting of vocalist/guitarist Norman Barratt, keyboardist/voclaist/wind instrumentalist JD Hughes, bassist Leste Williams, and drummer Barry Davenport.......Personally, I like these albums a good bit, drag them out every couple years (especially the first two, but all have their moments). Sounding a good bit like Jethro Tull (yep, lotta flute) with rougher, blusier vocals, maybe even somewhat like Blodwyn Pig, there are some gems here if you are a fan of early 1970's prog stuff.

    The first album is a very, very good one, 1970's "Gravy Train". Opening with the fine track "The  New One", and followed up with the (misspelled) tribute to Syd Barrett entitiled "Dedication to Sid", oh well......there are some good hard/heavy rocking tunes here, notably "Coast Road" and "Enterprise", of course, as is the norm in this type of stuff, we also get one of those never-ending 17 minute opi, "Earl of Pocket Nook", I'm sure it seemed "way hip" at the time.

    The second effort "Ballad of a Peaceful Man" is as good/better, still plenty of flighty flute playing, still plenty of fine guitar, and plenty of abstract lyrics for you to peruse in Tull/Floyd style they incorporated on the debut. "Alone In Georgia" is a good one, but really, the songs flow together well, and as with much prog rock of this area, really needs to be listened to as an album as a whole.

    My prog "experts" tell me that album #3, 1973's "Second Birth", is not looked upon as favorably by fans/true beleivers, I guess I am really neither because it sounds god to me, quite a bit like theire previous two efforts......I realize they were changing record labels at the time, but, to me, there is little evidence of tension or problems......"Motorway" is a good rocking tune, one of their best, a lot of the other stuff is more dreamy and laid-back, but still seems worthwhile to me.

    Finally they called it a day with "Staircase to the Day", I think while it is still listenable, it's probably the least essential of the four....the musicianship is still ace, but the material seems to be in a serious state decline, it would be wise for MANY bands to rethink their career path once they are running dry on ideas. Congratulations to them for not staying too long at the fair as so many do.

    Not a prg-rock expert, but I enjoy some of it, and I enjoy at least parts of all four of these....if you only want to sample one, go for either of the first two, but if you enjoy those you MAYwant to check out the other two as well, they do have their rewards.

    Still looking for that "King of Internet Musical Diversity" gift certificate, I an just feel it coming myn way.

    Links in a little while.

    GRAVY TRAIN-01 The New One/02 Dedication to Sid/03 Coast Road/04 Enterprise/05 Think Life/06 Earl of Pocket Nook

    (BALLAD OF) A PEACEFUL MAN-01 Alone in Georgia/02 (Ballad of) a Peaceful Man/03 Jules Delight/04 Messenger/05 Can Anybody Hear Me/06 Old Tin Box/07 Won't Talk About It/08 Home Again

    SECOND BIRTH-01 Morning Coming/02 Peter/03 September Morning News/04 Motorway/05 Fields and Factories/06 Strength of a Dream/07 Tolpuddle Episode/08 Second Birth/09 Goodtime Girl (Bonus Track)

    STAIRCASE TO THE DAY-01 Starbright Starlight/02 Bring My Life On Back to Me/03 Never Wanted You/04 Staircase to the Day/05 Going For a Quick One/06 The Last Day/07 Evening of My Life/08 Busted in Schenectady

    Links pretty soon, odds are you simply cannot wait!

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    Smart-ass punk from California formed in 1988 singer Mark Adkins and guitarist Scott Sheldon.....these two have been the only permanent members, they have employed a boatload off bassists and drummers to accompany them.

    They developed thier rep playing with other California punk bands and gained a reputation for rowdy live shows, "shocking' behavior, and offensive/sarcastic lyrics. After a few EP's/singles (I don't have em) they released "Full Length LP", which proved somewhat successful, spawning a minor hit with "1-2-3 Slam!". Next up came the Dexter Holland produced "Friendly People", with a lot of Green Day/Offspring-like material, "End On 9", "Asshole", "Jamie's Petting Zoo", "Can't We All Just Get Along (At the Dinner Table)"......if you like this kind of this type of thing, it is amusing enough.

    The lineup shuffling would begin, and 1995 saw the release of argueably their best album, "Teri Yakamoto". They would continue to tour and gain more popularity, and, as such, "Full Length LP" was released as an extended CD under the title "The Album Formerly Known as Full Length LP" (which is what I have here). Many fans would argue that 1997's "Musical Monkey" might be their top effort, it contains some of their best known material, "Lucky Donkey", "Do the Hustle", "lipstick" among others are considered by many to be "signature" Guttermouth material.

    So brought "Gorgeous", yet another album full of snotty punk tunes, including perhaps my favorite "I have a Dream".....sample lyrics: "Hey, hey today's my lucky day, Puff was taken out by Snoop and Dr. Dre.....Hey Hey a plane went down today, the entire cast of Friends was found floating in the Bay....", fucking cool stuff, and very typical of their bratty songwriting style.....three fine albums in a row, rather untypical for this kind of a crew, at least I would say.

    That would not last IMO as they released "Covered With Ants", an attempt to show musical diversity or something, inluding banjos and fiddles, I've heard of an idea or two of which I thought higher. line would continue with "Gusto", which is far "poppier", and, if I didn't know better, would guess that it's an attempt at mainstream acceptance (gasp!).....

    "Eat Your Face" would be something of a return to form, returning to the humorous/punky style that the band had cut its teeth on.....not bad, but for me at least, "it" was gone, the previous two albums pretty much had sealed their fate. The last album I have here is "Shave the Planet"(2006), again, not bad, not unlike "Eat Your Face" actually, but for this longtime listener, the sell-by date had been reached......

    Not so bad though, really..have I think nine albums here, and really only two of them are "bad", and three are REALLY quite good.....for bands of this style, we know that when they are bad they are BAAAAAD, and these don't really reach those depths. They had a decent and maybe a small bit underappeciated career, were funny and enjoyable at their peak......if you REALLY wanted to dabble, you might take "Teri Yakamoto""Gorgeous", and "Musical Monkey", listen to them, and create your on "best of" mix, ....might wanna throw in a track or two from "Full Length" as well.

    As they say in the buisness, not a bad run......they may still be at it for all I know, but they epitomized a certain zany punk sound, slotting them as a poor man's Green Day or Offspring, isn't too far off I don't think.

    Links are coming......hmmmmmmm Germs, Gravy Train, Gossip, Guttermouth.......while I'm hanging around at the "G" shelf, what other trouble can I get into?

    FRIENDLY PEOPLE-01 End On 9/02 Derek/03 jamie's Petting Zoo/04 Bullshit/05 PC/06 Disneyland/07 Can't We All Just Get Along (At the Dinner Table)/08 Vegicide/09 Chaps My Hide/10 What's Gone Wrong/11 You're Late/12 Summer's Over/13 Asshole

    THE ALBUM FORMERELY KNOWN AS THE FIRST FULL LENGTH-01 Race Track/02 No More/03Jack LaLanne/04 Where Was I/05 Old Glory/06 I'm Punk/07 Mr Barbeque/08 Bruce Lee Vs the Kiss Army/09 Chicken Box/10 Carp/11 Toilet/12 Oats/13 1-2-3...Slam!/14 I used to Be Twenty/15 Reggae Man/16 Chicken Box (Again)/17 Just a Fuck/18 Hypocrite/19 Marco Polo/20 Under My Skin/21 Gas Out/22 No Such Thing/23 Malted Vomit/24 Ghost

    TERI YAKAMOTO-01 Use Your Mind/02 Trinket Trading, Tick Toting, Toothless Tired, Tramps, 7 T's/03 Generous Portions/04 A Day at the Office/05 Teri Yakamoto/06 Whiskey/07 Lock Down/08 God's Kingdom/09 Mark's Ark/10 Room For Improvement/11 Casserole of Life/12 Thought Provoking Sonic Device/13 I Saw the Light/14 1-2-3-4/15 Under the Sea

    MUSICAL MONKEY-01 What's the Big Deal/02 Lucky the Donkey/03 Big Pink Dress/04 Do the Hustle/05 Good Friday/06 Bakers Dozen/07 Abort Mission/08 Corpse Rotting In Hell/09 Lipstick/10 When Hell Freezes Over/11 SSDFB/12 What If/13 Perfect World/14 Gold/15 Musical Monkey

    GORGEOUS-01 Hit Machine/02 Encyclopedia/03 Con Especial/04 Viva America/05 Diamond Studded Bumble Bee/06 A Datea With Destiny/07 The Dreaded Sea/08 A Nice Place To Visit/09 Food Storage/10 I have a Dream/11 BBB/12 High Balls/13 Intro/14 Power Up

    COVERED WITH ANTS-01 That's Life/02 Can I Borrow Some Ambition/03 Secure Horizons/04 She's the Look/05 Looking Good Is All That Matters/06 I'm Destroying the World/07 Chug a Lug Night/08 WhatYou Like  about Me/09 I Won't See You In the Pit/10 Black Enforcers/11 ram It Up Your Ass

    GUSTO-01 Campfire  Girl #62/02 Scholarship In Punk/03 Gusto/04 Vacation/05 Contagious/06 Pee In the Shower/07 Walk of Shame/08 My Town/09 Contribution/10 Foot Long/11 Looking Out For #1/12 Twins/13 My Girlfriend/14 Lemon Water

    EAT YOUR FACE-01 Party of 2/02 Surf's Up Asshole/03 Octopus Hairpiece/04 Wasted Lives/05 The Next Faux Meekhowon/06 Treason/07 Second DUI/08 My Neighbor's baby/09 West Side/10 Nraaaa/11 Toilet Stall Humor/12 Ticket To Quebec/13 Hot  Dog to the Head/14 Untitled

    SHAVE THE PLANET-01 Shave The Planet/02 Capitalizing From Plump Mistakes/03 My Chemical Imbalance/04 Flacidism/05 Primate Camp/06 The 23 Things That Rhyme With Darby Crash/07 Mark the Chubby Chaser-Newport Sweater Fat/08 What Then/09 God Steve McQueen the Work Song/10
    Upside Down Space Cockroach

    Ok, that's about it.....I I've heard a couple live albums before, don't have em though....anyone? I remmeber them as being pretty wild like maybe a Replacements show, or Green Day.....HIGHLY energetic, if any of you has any live Guttermouth, please SHARE WITH THE WORLD!

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    Guns N Roses came along at a time where metal had completly lost it's edge and it's the mid 1980's I had given up on most music, in particular metal.....sure there was still the Jesus and Mary Chain, Husker Du, and others, but as for METAL? It had beome a disgrace.....old pros like Judas Priest and Iron Maiden were on the downside of once brilliant careers.......Black Sabbath was actually dicking around with Ronnie James Dio as a vocalist ("Blackmore Sabbath")...I thought the "top" metal acts of the day were awful (JMO), Meagdeth and Metalica (who would want to download their shit ANYWAY?) and worst of all, the spate of sickening, poppish hair metal, "party-down" bands such as Ratt, Poison, Bon Jovi, Def Leppard, and about 1000 other interchangeable bands than perhaps played a power chord one in a while, but from a menace-standpoint, looked as though Rachel Sweet could have kayoed most of them with a single punch. 

    And then along came "Appetite For Destruction" in 1987 to restore faith in metal.....these guys wer loud, crude, offensive, sexist as hell, openly and cheerfully took tons of drugs....just what the metal scene needed to invigorate it. Of course, due to their own super-self destructive tendencies it was the ONLY GREAT (and it IS great) album they had in them, the bloated "Use Your Illusion" has its moments but not two discs worth, "The Spaghetti Incident" which was a good idea and sports a lot of good material suffers from some lackadasical performances (except the smoking "Down on the Farm"), and "Chinese Democracy"? No matter HOW good would have been it was destined to be a joke for eternity....Axl Rose is one of those people, not unlike, say, Courtney Love, who invite mocking due to their antics, but nonetheless have turned out a stunner or two.

    OK, NOT posting the original GNR albums, if yo like them you have them, simple statement.....but there is a spate of rare and live stuff out there, and make no mistake, live (if they showed up) these boys could bring the razzies.......look these over, perhaps something here will be of interest to you, I don't know, but it's pretty much all band at their self-destructive peak...I wonder how many GNR fans I have here, guessing a , maybe, but to me they combined the edginess of the early 1970's glam bands with the thunder of some of the latter-decade metal stuff. I enjoyed their music in their short career, and am happy to present this rather long list of rarities!

    Well, where to begin? How about a 2-disc set of 1987 sessions and demos, creatively entitled "1987 Sessions and Demos".....lots of cover material that one could find of interest, several versions of "Jumping Jack Flash", something called "West Coast Junkie" that I don't THINK turns up elsewhere (I am not the world's foremost expert on this combo), and cool alternate versions of the everything on "Appetite" and a bit of what would turn up on "Illusion".....if you like the band it is worth hearing.

    This next one, I don't's called "So Rare It Bleeds"....I can find NO information about it online, not even a track list, it's like it enver existed.....worse, I don't remember from where it came, so the song titles are guesses and a couple I can't figure out at all. Anyway, it can't be all bad if it includes "Down on the Farm", also covers of "Magic Carpet Ride", "We Will Rock You" (!), a Buckethead guitar solo (always welcome), and more.....I know at least some of this is obvious "Chinese Democracy' era goods, NOT sure about all of it, sorry, just cannot find ANY information about it.

    Next up have "The Ultimate Rarities", a mish mash of a variety of duets (Axl with Meatloaf, Axl with Alice Cooper), some remixes, live tracks, Axl anjd Steve Jones make a go of the Pistols "I Did you No Wrong", and of course, the highlight, presented here without comment, is Axl Rose taking on "White Christmas".

    "The Rumbo Tapes" is a good 1986 set of studio demos, early versions of the stuff that would become "Appetite", as well as teaming with Elton John (!) on "Bohemian Rhapsody"(!).....pretty fair demo set, a good indicator of the snarling glam-metal that was in the wings.

    "The Hell Revisited" is a huge THREE disc set of demos, GnR "completists", if there are such a ting, will want this, loaded as it is with acoustic and instrumental versions of many of their well-known numbers, as well as some flat-out smoking versions of some of them as well.

    "The Guns and Roses Family Tree" might be the most intersting thing on the menu, two discs of pre-Guns and Roses tracks, from Hollywood Rose, LA Guns, some various pre-"Appetite" lineups, as well as a rare track "Nice Boys" from the orginal lineup that at least I haven't seen much of anywhere else.

    Live recordings of these guys from their glory era 1987-88 are hard to find, at least listenable ones 1987's "Live From the Jungle" is an abbreviated EP set that doesn't even include "Jungle"....the better shows come from the post "Use Your Illusion" tours......I do have a 1988 show from The Ritz NYC, basically, they run through "Appetite for Destruction" and do a couple of encores.

    We have the "legendary" St. Louis show at which Rose started a riot by jumping into the crowd to fight someone with a camera (it is just so hard for me to imagine Axl Rose EVER beating up ANYONE), but as a hitorical document, it's here and WE got it!

    We have a two disc Tokyo 1992 album, pretty good show from hat it sounds, and a sprawling 1992 THREE disc Chicago show which features a guest vocal from Shannon Hoon "Don't Cry".....OK, I'm gonna start loading these discs, and I'll check the Bay to see if there is anything of interest here. I know this won't appeal to everyone, but when have I ver given that even a second's consideration?

    If you are NEW here, here because of the GnR, welcome, look around, enjoy, and say hello to the wonderful people who post and help out here.....we try to have fun and keep it on the lighter, less serious side....if you have anything at all to contribte feel free to do just that! 

    1987 SESSIONS AND DEMOS DISC 1-Jumping Jack Flash/02 You're Crazy/03 Reckless Life/04 Heartbreak Hotel/05 Shadow of Your Love/06 Welcome to the Jungle/07Move to the City/08 Mama Kin/09 Mama Kin/10 Heartbreak Hotel/11 Insturmental Jam/12 Jumping Jack Flash/13 Jumping Jack Flash/14 West Coast Junkie/15 November Rain

    1987 SESSION AND DEMOS DISC 2-01 Rocket Queen/02 Night Train/03 My Michelle/04 You're Crazy/05 Paradise City/06 Move to the City/07 November Rain/08 Shadow of Your Love/09 Wreckless Life/10 Think About You/11 Welcome to the Jungle/12 Don't Cry/13 Nice Boys/14 Back Off Bitch/15 Anything Goes

    SO RARE IT BLEEDS-01 It's Alright/02 Madagascar/03 Solo (Buckethead)/04 Solo (Gilby Clarke)/05 We Will Rock You/06 Magic Carpet Ride/07 Bring It Home to Me/08 Heartbreak Hotel/09 Salt of the Earth/10 Chinese Democracy/11 Human Being/12 Down on the Farm/13 Just  Another Sunday/14 Madagascar/15 Whole Lotta Rosie/16 Unknown/17 Dance the Night Away

    ULTIMATE RARITIES-01 Did You Know Wrong (Axl/Steve Jones)/02 Free Falling (Live With Tom Petty)/03 Chinese Democracy (live)/04 Madagascar (Live)/05 Sentimental Movie (Unreleased track with Duff on vocals)/06 Herod's Canz (Axl and Meatloaf/07 Whole Lotta Rosie/08 Sweet Child O Mine (Killer Techno Remix)/09 Mama Kin (Live with aerosmith)/10 The Blues/11 Oh My God/12 Anxious Disease/ 13 Rhaid and the Bedouins (live)/14 Come Together (live with Bruce Springsteen)/15 Under My Wheels (Axl with Alice Cooper)/16 5150 (Live With Van Halen (cut))/17 Just Another Sunday /18 White Christmas (Axl)

    RUMBO TAPES-01 The Garden/02 Don't Cry/03 Yesterdays/04 Sentimental Movie/05 Bad Obsession/06 Crash Diet/07 Anything Goes/08 Bring it back Home/09 Back Off Bitch/10 Heartbreak Hotel/11 Move to the City/12 Too Much Too Soon/13 Just Another Sunday/14 Welcome to the Jungle/15 Bohemain Rhapsody (w/Elton John)

    THE HELL REVISITED DISC 1-01 Shadow of Your Lov/02 Anything Goes/03 Reckless Life/04 Taxi Driver/05 Welcome to the Jungle/06 Out to Get Me/07 Anything Goes (alt. lyrics)/08 Ain't Goin Down (Inst)/09 Don't Cry/10 Back Off Bitch/11 Shadow of Your Love/12 Welcome to the Jungle/13 You're Crazy/14 November Rain (acoust.)/15 November Rain (Piano)/16 Reckless Life/17 Move to the City

    THE HELL  REVISITED DISC 2-01 Ain' Goin' Down (Inst.)/02 Welcome to the Jungle/03 Nighttrain/04 Paradise city/05 My Michelle/06 Think About You/07 You're Crazy/08 Anything Goes/09 Rocket Queen/10 Rocket Queen/11 Don't Cry/12 Back Off Bitch/13 Move to the City (Acoustic)/14Jumping Jack Flash (acoustic)/15 Heartreak Hotel/16 Mama Kin/17 Jumping Jak Flash

    THE HELL REVISITED DISC 3-01 Reckless Life/02 Nice Boys/03 Move to the City/04 Mama Kin/05 Shadow of Your Love/06 Heartbreak Hotel/07 Jumping Jack Flash/08 Bad Obsssion/09 Too Much Too Soon/10 Sentimental Movie/11 Crash Diet/12 Instrumental Demo #1/13 The Garden/14 Just Another Sunday/15 Bring It Back Home/16 Instrumental Demo #2/17 Yesterdays/18 Crash Diet (Alternate Mix)



    1987 LIVE FROM THE JUNGLE-01 It's So Easy/02 Shadow of Your Love/03 Move to the City/04 Knockin On Heaven's  Door/05 Whole Lotta Rosie/06 Sweet Child O Mine

    THE RITZ 1988-01 It's So Easy/02 Mr Brownstone/03 Out To Get Me/04 Sweet Child O Mine/05 My Michelle/06 Knockin On Heaven's Door/07 Welcome to the Jungl/08 Nighttrain/09 Paradise City/10 Mama Kin/11 Rocket Queen/12 Whole Lotta Rosie/13 Shadow of Your Love

    ST LOUIS 7/2/91 DISC 1-01 Intro/Perfect Crime/02 Mr Brownstone/03 Live and Let Die/04 Dust N Bones/05 You Could Be Mine/06 I Was Only Joking (Intro) Patience/07 Double Talkin Jive

    ST LOUIS 7/2/91 DISC 2-01 November Rain/02 Welcome to the Jungle/03 Civil War/04 14 Years/05 Band Introduction/Drum Solo/06 Guitar Solo/Godfather Theme/07 Rocket Queen/08 Axl Jumps Into Crowd/9 Riot

    TOKYO 1992 DISC 1-01 Nighttrain/02 Mr Brownstone/03 Live And Let Die/04 It's So Easy/05 Bad Obsession/06 Attitude/07 Pretty Tied Up/08 Welcome to the Jungle/09 Don't Cry/10 Double Talkin Jive/11 Civil War/12 Wild Horses/13 Patience

    TOKYO 1992 DISC 2-01 November Rain/02 You Could Be Mine/03 Drum Solo/Guitar Solo/04 Godfather Theme/05 Sweet Child O Mine/06 So Fine/07 Rocket Queen/08 Move to the City/09 Knockin On Heavens Door/10 Estranged/11 Paradise City

    CHICAGO 1992 DISC 1-01 Intro/02 Nighttrain/03 Mr Brownstone/04 Axl's Rant/05 Live and Let Die/06 Attitude/07 It's So Easy/08 Wild Horses/09 Patience/10 Double Talkin Jive/11 Civil War/12 Welcome to the Jungle

    CHICAGO 1992 DISC 2-01 November Rain/02 You Could Be Mine/03 Drum Solo/Guitar Solo/04 Godfather Theme/05 Coma/06 Don't Cry (w/Shannon Hoon)/07 Bad Obsession/08 Sweet Child O Mine

    CHICAGO 1992 DISC 3-01 Only Women Bleed/02 Knockin On Heaven's Door/03 So Fine/04 Move to the City/05 Estranged/06 Paradise City

    And since I am such a witty dog, let's include "The String Quartets" ("?) tribute to GNR.....I'm sure it is worth a laugh or two:

    STRING QUARTET TRIBUTE TO GNR-01 Welcome to the Jungle/02 Sweet Child O Mine/03 Knockin On Heaven's Door/04 Paradise City/05 Don't Cry/06 November Rain/07 Live and Let Die/08 Mr Brownstone/09 Yesterdays/10 Patience/11 14 Years/12 Civil War

    Links a coming!

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  • 03/15/14--12:31: Attention SPYROS FROM GREECE
  • I don't have your email address, but I have a project I think you can be of a lot of help with.....I have probably 100 (or more) Greek punk albums, in which the titles/track names etc are in the original Greek font....I would bet with your help I can straighten it out, and perhaps you can tell me whch are the good ones, not so good ones, and etc......we can work this out via email, I think, I think you speak SOME English (I may be wrong there), but I can send you some of the albums, or whatever, for your I there are a TON of them, we'd have to do it in multiple seciotns, but if you are willing, this could be another somewhat unique and interesting post for music lovers around the world.......any of you country men rom Greece are welcome to help with the project, but as you are a long time friend of the log, let me know and we can get started on this project, I think it will be worth it for everyone to hear all of these Greek punk bands that we in USA at least have never hearad of! Please contact me here OR at, thanks!

    (The model here is Debbie Matanapolis (sp?) who is hot and might have been born in Greece, or at least to Greek parents, or at least changed her name to a Greek name, and by the way,is hot.

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  • 03/15/14--12:50: Fieldsof Locust
  • While Greece is on my mind, might as well put up this little known semi-gem of post metal from 2010  Greece, "Subtopia" from Fields Of Locust.I really liked this one upon it's release, one of my top-ten abums for 2010 in fact. It is slow, sludgy, and bleak, which, from what I understand, is an appropriate soundtrack for current day Greece.....some fine fuzz-guitars snake their way in and out of the background, but the show stealer here is possibly vocalist Mihalis, and excellent and powerful singer who makes you feel his pain.

    Hard to find a ton of information on these guy, wouldn't mind knowing their "back story" if possible, but this album is a must-hear for fans of stone/sludge/doom goes hard, and has a unique sound and outlook, PLEASE listen to it and comment, like to know what you guys think of this one.

    SUBTOPIA-01 The Province of Thieves/02 Wolves...../03 Under a Hunter's Moon/04 An Entrance to Altered Mind Trips/05 Memory Lapse/06 Fog

    Link very shortly. Please listen and comment, you may really be surprised!

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  • 03/16/14--12:30: The Fort Mudge Memorial Dump
  • Here's a good, relativly obscure piece of acid rock from 1969 Boston area, The Fort Mudge Memorial Dump's lone (as best as I can determine) effort.....though from the east coast, the sound is 100% San Francisco acid, a poor man's Jefferson Airplane if ever one existed.

    Vocalist Carolyn Stratton does a more than passable Grace Slick immitation, and guitarist Dean Keady sticks enough odd-ball effects into his six-string work as to mak this a wonderful, unknown period piece.

    Though this was lumped into the "Bosstown Sound' disaster (Ultimate Spinach, Tangerine Zoo, and more), they were superior, bit creatively and musically.......check "Mr. Man" and "Crystal Forms", two of the better acid tracks of the era, not kidding......the whole albm merits a listen, ,abe 3, 3.5 stars depening upon the mood one is in, I like the album and always have. I recommend it to you NOT necessarily if you were a "Bosstown" sound fan, but more if you were a fan of Northern-California acid-folk-rock.......if you are, chacnes are you may consider this a semi-unknown classic disc, and PLEASE give it a chance and let me know what you think!

    THE FOR MUDGE MUEMORIAL DUMP-01 Mr Man/02 Crystal Forms/03 Actions of a Man/04 Blues' Tune/05 The Seventh Is Death/06 What Good Is Spring/07 Tomorrow/08 Know Today/09 Questionable Answer/10 The Singer.

    It's a good album, a fairly unknown one, and I would like to hear what you think of it......especaily youngsters, and people my age....I think it's an enjoyable disc for all of us!

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    I always enjoyed the stylings of Traffic, acid-ish, proggish, jazzy, folkish......not really sounding like anyone else. They were quite a bit ahead of their time, I think we can say with relative Dad really enjoyed them, so they really even crossed generational lines. I still listen to, say "John Barleycorn Must Die" or "The Low Spark of High Heeled Boys" today and honest to God they still sound fantastic. Not as hard rocking, of course, as many things I love from the era, but the swiring, jazzy music and out-there cryptic lyrics define, for me at least, a certain brand of acid rock to a "T".

    These fellows changed lineups a good bit, we are going to focus on the roughly 1967-73 era, from which most of their classic material eminates....I'm sure they continued on afterwards, but I'm unfamilar with anything they would have done, and, anyway, with all the shifting/lineup changing, I doubt the were quite the "same" band. See what ya think if you are a newb, share a bootleg (I have a couple) if you are a vet, but Traffic were very, very accomplished musically, as we shall explore.....never really met anyone who TRULY diliked them.

    Traffic was headed up by wonderkind Steve Winwood, who had fronted the Spencer Davis Group at age 15....Winwood handle vocals, keyboards, and occasional guitar work, and was joined by drummer/vocalist/lyricist Jim Capaldi, guitarist Dave Mason (who is appearing in my hometown with a new band very soon......don't think I'll show up, but good to see he's still hitting it hard), and woodwind player Chris Wood.

    When "Mr. Fantasy" was released in 1967, it was at the very least DIFFERENT. it is dreamy and paychedelic, and Winwood's bluesey vocals are amazing......I think it's a four star album that has held up VERY well, check the wonderful title track, "Couloured Rain", "Berkshire Poppies".... wonderful document of a time and place, and still most enjoyable today. There were several versions of this album, with various extra tracks.....I think mine (a vinyl rip) is pretty much the original as it doesn't contain "Paper Sun" and a couple others, but it is still quite charming and comes hihly recommended.

    1968 saw the release of "Traffic", a fine balance between Winwoods haunting musical experiments ("Who Knows What Tomorrow May Bring"), and Mason's straight ahead folk-rock tunes ("Fellin' Alright", notably.....I find it essential, as well, just a tick beneath "Mr. Fantasy".  Again this has been reissued a couple times, this is the original vinyl rip without the bonus tracks, sorry.

    Traffic brokeup for the first time in 1969, which caused their lable to release a collection of odds and ends they had laying around as "Last Exit".....Mason does not appear on several of the tracks, when he does, it's like a solom effort, as as the rest of the band "back him up" ("Just For You")....the amazing balance between the band members so wonderful on the first two tracks was pretty much destroyed.....there are a couple live tracks here, on which Mason is nowhere to be heard. Noc\ffic fan I know of considers it a "classic", not that it doesn't have a momnt or two.

    So, Winwood joined Blind Faith, which didn't exactly work out, and Cappaldi and Wood joined Ginger Baker's Airforce, also maybe not the greatest move. Winwood, attempting to make a solo album, called  his old mates Capalldi and Wood, they teamed up again as Traffic......the sound was different, no question, but the resultant album "John Barleycorn Must Die", is perhaps my favorite Traffic album (blaspehemey, I'm certain, among "older-timers"......I jsut really love this album, praticularly it's magnificent title track. The jazz/blues influences ramain, but the electric folk of the title trck, with it's brilliant lyrics and laid-back vocal, have always made it a favorite of mine. There are other goodies here, "Freedom Rider" and "Every Mother's Son", I think that even among Traffic fans it is somewhat underappreciated.

    They released a decent live disc, "Welcome to the Canteen", which I think I have around here somewhere and if I do I will add here, not the greatest, it does feature a good version of "Gimme some Lovin", with Winwood on vocals, harkening back to his Spencer Davis Group Days. I'll see if I have it, if I don't, no big deal though.

    Some more blalsphemey I up (1971) the released "The Low Spark of High Heeled Boys". Many dislike this album, I happen to really enjoy it, in particlar it's rambling title track, was a significant AOR FM hit and remains one today.....MUCH more prog/jazz flavored than it's predecessor, with several guest artists to flesh out the sound (notably Rick Grech).

    "And the sound that you're hearing is only the sound of the low spark of high-heeled boys" this day I have no clue as to the meaning of that lyric, and it gives me a chill each time regardless.

    While there was a lot of change/growth between most of their other discs, they stayed pretty much in the same jazzy/proggy mode for "Shootout at the Fantasy Factory"......5 long tracks, none, I don't think, of which are the quality of even the lesser stuff of "Low Spark", but it's here, you guys do the math.

    I have two good boots here, on from 1970 at the Fillmore, it contains a good version of "John barleycorn"a very good set stopper in "Mr Fantasy"....the other set is from 1972 Santa Monica, leading off with "Low Spark" and ending with "Mr Fantasy", I'd have like to have been there, myself, sounded like a good show.

    So we're gonna leave Traffic here, in the early 70's where they belong.....I know they tredged on a bit, I don't have and  am not familiar with any of their latter work......But, the stuff I have here, I REALLY like, diverse, innovative, most enjoyable. Please tell me your thoughts on Traffic, they were truly a band ahead of their time, wouldn't you agree?

    MR FANTASY-01 Heaven Is In Your Mind/02 Berkshire Poppies/03 House For Everyone/04 No Face, No Name, No Number/05 Dear Mr Fantasy/06 Dealer/07 Utterly Simple/08 Couloured Rain/09 Hope I Never Find Me There/10 Giving To You

    TRAFFIC-01 You Can All Join In/2 Pearly Queen/03 Don't Be Sad/04 Who Knows What Tomorrow May Bring/05 Feelin Alright/06 Vagabond Virgin/07 Forty Thousand Headsmen/08 Cryin To Heard/09 No Time  To Live/10 Means to An End

    LAST EXIT-01 Just For You/02 Shanghai Noodle Factory/03 Something's  Got a hold of My Toe/04 Withering Tree/06 Medicated Goo/07 Feelin Good/07 Blind Man

    JOHN BARLEYCORN MUST DIE-01 Glad/02 Freedom Rider/03 Empty Pages/04 Stranger to Himself/05 John Barleycorn/06 Every Mother's Son

    THE LOW SPARK OF HIGH HEELED BOYS-01 Hidden Treasure/02 The Low Spark of High Heeled Boys/03 Light Up Or Leave Me Alone/04 Rock N Roll Stew/05 Many a Mile to  Freedom/06 Rainmaker

    WELCOME TO THE CANTEEN-01 Medcated Goo/02 Sad And Deep As You/03 40000  Headmen/04 Should Have Took More Than You Gave/05 Dear Mr Fantasy/06 Gimme Some Lovin

    SHOOTOUT AT THE FANTASY FACTORY-01 Shootout at the Fantasy Factory/02 Roll Right Stones/03 Evening BLues/04 Tragic Magic/05 (Sometimes I Feel So) Uninspired

    FILLMORE EAST 1970-01 Intro/02 Medicated Goo/03 Pearly Queen/04 Empty Pages/05 Heaven Is In Your Mind/06 Forty Thousand Headmen/07 John Barleycorn Must Die/08 Who Knows What Tomorrow May Bring/09 Every Mother's Son/10 Glad/Freedom Rider/11 Means to an End/12 Dear Mr Fantasy

    SANTA MONICA CA 1972-01 Low spark of High Heeled Boys/02 Light Up Or Leave Me Alone/03 John barleycorn Must Die/04 Rainmaker/05 Glad/Freedom Rider/06 Forty Thousand Headmen/07 Dear Mr Fantasy.

    Well, I like Traffic and I hope I done them proud wth this post......lemme know, I'm always listening!

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  • 03/17/14--17:55: The Fat Rat Grumble
  • Well, this is a kind of side project from T.H.U.M.B., I don't know i you are familiar with them or not, T.H.U.M.B. turn out some cool doomy/psych, and guitarist Bokal and drummer Zmudah lend thier efforts to this 2004 effort undr the name "The Fat Rat Grumble"'s a good one, maybe more so IF you are a fan ot T.H.U.M.B. to begin with, but either way, this is a really good rocking album!

    Good tracs abound, hard/stoner/psych and what more could a ask....."Come On", "Liquid Stones", "Stonestuck", and in particular "Mind Compressor" all get it done, it's by no means a 'classic" but what it is is another good sounding album for those o us who enjoythe particular sound of the genre! Just one album again today, give it a shot you likely will not be disappointed.

    CHAPTER ONE OF THE LIQUID STONES-01 Come On/02 Liquid Stones/03 Seth/04 On My Way/05 Stonstruck/06 Mind Compressor/07 Radiobolkan

    link before you can say "sit on my face Christina Aguilera"

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    Chicks on Speed released a pair of fine albums in the late 1990's/early 2000's, both of which I have here, and a smattering of EP's and non-LP singles which I don't have and can't find anywhere, any help would be appreciated to fill in the gaps in this under-rated band. Membership has been a little bit hit and miss, in general, the members have been (among others I guess) Alex Murray-Leslie, Melissa Logan, Erica Lewis, and AL Steiner.....these gals play a wondersome brande of electronic dance rock, not really "like" anyone else.

    Thier history is kind of hard to trace, as they have been involved in some other non-musical media efforts....even the music is kind of hard to get a grip on. There was something called "The Unreleases", which I understand is something of a rarity, which contained fragments of what would become "Chicks on Speed Will Save Us All!"....."Save Us All!" was hands down one of the top albums of 2000, a fine piece of electro-pop that if you have not heard you are cheating yourself, and badly......great tracks like "Eurotrash Girl", a fab cover of the B-52's "Give Me My Man Back", "Warm Leatherette" (something of a hit single somewhere, I understand), but best of all are two near classic tunes, "For All the Boys In the World", and especially the FANTASTIC "The Floating Pyramid Over Frankfurt That The Taxi Driver Saw When He Was Landing", one of the great songs of that decade.....the album is four star, that track is totally essential.

    They followed it up with the prefectly acceptable "99 Cents", (2003), not quite up to the standard of the previous effort, but quite acceptable, including a guest spot from Peaches (see my previous Peaches post) on "We Don't Play Guitars", a cover of Tom Tom Club's "Wordy Rappinghood", and who is going to NOT listen to a song called "Universal Pussy"? I'd give this one 3.5 stars and I think they were underappreciated, do yourself a favor and enjoy some fun, melodic electronica! It's good stuff really, and if anyone has any of the more difficult to find singles/EP's PLEASE help us all out!

    WILL SAVE US ALL!-01 Stop Records Advert/02 Give Me My Man Back/03 For All the Boys In the World/04 Glamour Girl/05 Pedstang (Re)Issue/06 Little Star/07 Warm Leatherette/08 Kaltes Klares Wasser/09 Yes I Do!/10 Procrastinator/11 Mind Your Own Buisness/12 The Floating Pyramid Over Frankfurt That The Taxi Driver Saw When He Was Landing/13 Euro Trash Girl

    99 CENTS-01 Shooting From the Hip/02 We Don't Play Guitars/03 Wordy Rappinghood/04 Coventry/05 99 Cents/06 Sellout/07 Culture Vulture/08 Universal Pussy/09 Love Life/10 Schick Shaving/11 Fashion Rules

    Links in a bit, please comment on this criminally underappreciatead combo, and if you have anything to add we would all LOVE to hear it!

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    Nikki & the Corvettes
    Nikki Corvette had a fairly (too say the least) spotty recorded output....Dominique Lorenz (Nikki) grew up in Detroit and formed Nikki & the Corvettes in 1977....they released a magnificent album ("Nikki & the Corvettes" on Bomp) in 1980, a spectacular blending of, say, the Ramones and the 1960's "Girls in the Garage" series.....that debut record, along with a handful of singles (that i don't have) are the extent of the career of Nikki & the Corvettes....but don't be misled. This is a fantastic album, bands such as the Donnas (whom I LOVE), for example, should pay regular homage..speedy, rocking power-pop, all centered around sexy-as-hell "little girl"/sex kitten voice of the wonderful Nikki Corvette.......

    Sometimes I just don't get why something is successful and something else isn' seemed, at the time, that the market was just right for Nikki & the Corvette's sexy brand of power popping, REAL rock n roll....check out basically ANY track on this (IMO) 4.5 star disc, "Boys Boys Boys", "Back Seat Love", the fab "You Make Me Crazy"......who the hell knows why it never took off, life, sometimes, is both a mystery AND a bitch.......

    Nikki dissolved the Corvettes and basically fell off the earth, resurfacing in 2005 with ANOTHER fabulous effort, an all-cover version album entitled "Wild Record Party". Sometimes this concept falls flat, but to me, the key to success is taking the material and owning it, making it your own......and Nikki pulls this off in spades.....the material is perfect (Generation X's "Ready Steady Go", Alice Cooper's "Under My Wheels", "Girls Talk" fom Dave Edmunds, and especially a wonderful version of the MC5's "High School" which could have been written to order. Another wonderful record, for my money, and another complete failure. If you are unfamiliar you are cheating yourself.

    En esta quiero humoNikki emerged in 2006 with a new band, Nikki Corvette and the Stingrays, and a new album, "Back to Detroit", and guess what? It's fantastic as God it's like this babe never missed a minute, let alone 25 years......another fine, fine collection of high-energy rock n roll, AGAIN nearly every track a winner......"Back to Detroit", the wonderful "I've Got a Heartbreak", "So Kiss Me", and "Just Can't Stay" sound like they could have been on that wonderful debut album. Another winner, in my book.

    If it sounds like I'm going overboard on this one, maybe I am.....but DAMN if I know why Nikki never enjoyed more success than she did. This is one chick that TRULY loves rock n roll, LOVES it, and it shows in her work. Her sexy voice and wonderful choices in material SHOULD have ensured her a small degree of success, but I find it amazing how many people are unfamilar with her. I love all three of these albums, if there are any boots, EP's, singles, whatever out there, you guys know I'd lick the soles of Nikki's feet to hear em.....well, ok, I'd lick the soles of Nikki's feet anyway, but you get the idea.

    of nikki corvette s career with the release of the nikki corvette ...If you have never heard these check them out and be sure and thank me later, you will NOT be disappointed.

    Love ya Nikki wherever ya are.....thanks at least from ME for all the great rock n roll!

    NIKKI & THE CORVETTES-01 He's a Mover/02 You're the One/03 C'mon/04 Just What I Need/05 Boys Boys Boys/06 Let's Go/07 Shake It Up/08 Back Seat Love/09 I Wanna Be Your Girlfriend/10 Summertime Fun/11 Gimme Gimme/12 You Make Me Crazy (1977 Single)/13 Young & Crazy/14 Criminal Element/15 I Gotta Move/16 Girls Like Me

    WILD RECORD PARTY-01 Ready Steady Go/02 Rock Your Baby/03 Walking Out On Love/04 Great Big Kiss/05 Day By Day/06 Girls Talk/07 Under My Wheels/08 High School/09 Wild About You/10 Love Is Strange/11 Love Me/12 What's On My Mind

    NIKKI CORVETTEBACK TO DETROIT-01 Back to Detroit/02 Tokyo Boy/03 I've Got a Heartbreak/04 Just Can't Say/05 Lipstick Letters/06 Please Don't Stay Away/07 Well Alright/08 Who Wants to Be My Boyfriend/09 Thinkin Bout You/10 So Kiss Me/11 He Rocks Me He Rocks Me Not/12 Trapped in the City/13 Special Life

    Sometimes popping on something I haven't heard in a while is simply an exhilerating experience.....I LOVED the Nikki & the Corvettes album in 1980, and it sounds every bit as great, if not BETTER, today.......this is great, great music, a career that deserves some recognition, at the very least as nostalgia. Nikki, again. love ya and thanks!

    Links in a short while!-By the way, allegedly, there is some stuff out there from Nikki Corvette and the Convertables, Nikki Corvette and the Romeos, and also, allegedly I say again, a "Wild Record Party Volume 2".....I can't really confirm ANY of these, this might be a job for super-slueth Doug from Northern Ohio, my go-to guy for IMPOSSIBLE to find shit who has every recording ever made.....haven't heard from Doug for a while, but this one seems right up his power-alley, so calling Doug, if you are out there and have a minute or two!

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  • 03/21/14--13:36: The Flies
  • Hoping to stay in contention for the title of "internet music king of diversity", today we present the "Complete Collection, 1965-68" of the Flies, an enjoyable collection at the very least.

    What is intersting about this collection of second-line UK garage rockers is that the members later turned up in so many other great bands.....The Flies were singer Robin Hunt, guitarist George Haywood, bassist Ian Baldwin, keyboardist/guitarist John Da Costa, and and drummer Peter Dunton, who later appeared in great bands Bulldog Breed, T2, and Neon Pearl.

    The Flies appear on many of the comps of this era, on severl of the same comps that I have featured on this very blog.....they are best known, I would guess, for their fuzzed out version of the Monkee's "Steppin Stone", but they really did have some good stuff in the woodwork for lovers of that era's sound......"Talk to Me" is a fine pop/psych gem, "Turning Back the Page""The Magic Train", really fine songs, as well as interesting covers of Chuck Berry's "Reelin' and Rockin'" and the Beatles "Ticket To Ride".......not pretending this is earth shattering material, but it's worth a listen, and it IS Friday and I need an easy one because I have Strat o matic baseball tonight, and you know my priorities (my Kissimee Astros are off to a blazing 14-2 start!) dig up on this if you wish, something perhaps more fullfilling tomorrow, I have several "BIG" posts nearly ready to go, but a LOT of work, so  have to be in the right mood......we'll see what the weekend brings!

    THE COMPLETE COLLECTION-01 Stepping Stone/02 The magic Train/03 House of Love/04 Turning back the page/05 Gently as You Feel/06 Talk To Me/07 Tired of Waiting For You/08 Just Won't Do/09 Stepping Stone (demo)/10 The Magic Train (version)/11 Alexander Bell Believes/12 A Hymn, WIth Love/13 Sincerely Yours/14 Where/15 There Ain't No Woman/16 Winter afternoon/17 It Had To Be You/18 The Dancer/19 Reelin and Rockin/20 Ticket to Ride/21 There Ain't No Woman (version)/22 Winter Afternoon (demo)

    Link in a matter of seconds!

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  • 03/21/14--22:16: Icecross
  • Been a while since I've thought about this one, a good one from Iceland 1973.....their sole effort.
    Icecross were Axel Einarsson(guitar and vocals), Omar Oskarsson (bass, vocals) and Asgeir Oskarsson (drums, vocals)......they produced but this one item, to my knowledge anyway, and it is a damn good one.....hard, dark, fuzzy, yet another one of those fine early 1970's hard rock albums truly deserves a second listen.

    Not all that much to say, really......hard to gain much info on these guys, other than their names and their homeland. From what I can compile, only 1000 copies of the album were originally pressed, I personally did not become aware of its existence until many years later when bootlegged copies began turning up on the internet.......why they never made it is anyone's guess, but this is a fine album, definitely for fans of early 70's hard rock, and of modern day stoner rock/metal.......a real find, impress your friends!

    ICECROSS- 01 Wandering Around/02 Solution/03 A Sad Man's Story/04 Jesus Freaks/05 1999/ 06 Scared/07 Nightmare/08 The End

    I was going to save this one for another day but got it done a little more quickly than I anticipated....Friday being Strat O Matic baseball night, I have a half hour to kill before I leave so I'll put up a bonus post for the day, begin the upload, post the link when I get home later, and work on something (MAYBE) a little more substantial for tomorrow......but, see, I've given you TWO fine albums today, AND a double dose of my fluent prose/musings......generosity, it should be my middle name (actually that would be better than "Michael" which it actually is)......

    Got an email from a reader named Frank C, he generously forwarded me a list of his entire collection and said he is willing to share anything on it.....I will peruse it carefully this weekend, there are some gems on there that I don't have and will be of interest to the minions, so, thanks to Frank C for this, AND it's a fine idea.....if anyone else has their stuff catalouged on your computer, (don't make a special list for his purpose), send it to me, I'll keep them in a special file and you canbe a valued guest contributor! Fame and riches await, so get on it!

    Geeeez I thought it was bad to be an Ohio State fan yesterday, seeing them fall to Dayton (I live almost symetrically between the two schools), but Lordy, I can only imagine the obnoxious Duke fans this evening after losing to, uhhhh, Mercer? Gotta love the NCAA's baby, for my money STILL the year's best sporting event, which is saying something as college basketball is fairly far down on my list of favorite sports.......but basketball, on ALL levels, works SO well in a tournament format, and the television coverage is so great, that it just "works"......tomorrow, finals of all four divivsions of boys high school tourneys in Ohio as well, so tomorrow promises wall to wall hoops on multiple TV's.......for the record, my final four prediction: Michigan State, Florida, Arizona, and Louisville, with Michigan State winning it all.....Michigan State big man Adrian Payne played against my son't high school team years ago when my son was still in Jr High, he once had TWENTY (!) blocks in a game vs them.....and he has turned into a fine all around college player, sure to be seen in the NBA next year. My son's team is Arizona who just won, thus, "his" team advances further than "mine" after just one game, c'est la vie!

    0 0

    A couple of statements that some may take as exaggeration, but in my opinion simply are not: first of all, Los Natas are one of the great rock n roll bands, ever, period.......secondarilly, they are likely, pound-for-pound, the most unappreciated and unknown great band, here in the USA, due to (of course) their non-English language (there are SOME English vocals, more Spanish than English) recorded output. If you have deprived yourself of this fantastic band over the years, and, in particular if such is due to the absenece of English language vocals/lyrics, you are doing your self an almost indescribeable disservice, if you are a fan of stoner or psychedelic rock.......PLEASE do yourself a favor and get to know this stuff, for some of you it may be like unlocking a new universe.

    Ok, obviously I enjoy the music of Los Natas. They hail from Argentina, and consist primarilly of
    Walter Broide (drums, vocals, sequences, keyboards, bombo leguero, trumpet), Sergio Chotsourian (guitar, vocals, keyboards, flute, laud), and Gonzalez "Crudo" Villagra (bass, bombo leguero, laud, charango)....they have also utilized a good many collaborating musicians over the years in their very deep, varied, complex music.

    They debutted with "Delmar" in's a fairly straight ahead Kyuss tribute, I'd say, with a little bit of Dozer thrown in  and a few spacey, jamming's a solid album, pretty even all the way through, perhaps the best track being the short (less than three minute) "1980".....not their most creative work, but a decent starting point for the uninitiated.

    The following year they would release "Ciudad de Brahman", which takes the debut and builds on it....adding spacey psych tones ala Colour Haze (hmmmmm, Colour Haze, another great band I have never featured, make note to self) with the desert-surf sounds of Kyuss.....very little vocal work here and what there is is nothing spectacular, but this is a fine album. Trust me.

    As these hombres participated in a lot of split EP's and compilation-only tracks, sorting out their career is a little sticky, I'm thinking of putting all that stuff, along with the boots, in part two ('m telling ya I have a LOT of these guys to share)....I will go next with the odds and sods collection, "Unreleased Dopes", some earlier tracks that is pretty much for fans, not of the quality, quite, of the first two albums, but still has some good moments.

    2002's "Cosario Negro" is their first TRULY great album, on which their unique sound begins to take hard rocking as, say Monster Magnet, while retaining and developing the trademark jazzy touches. Fine album, the title track and "2002" are highlights, but this is a 4.5 star album that one listens to in its entirety.

    Their next effort is the two-part "Toba Trance", which abandons the heavy guitar rock in favor of almost creepy, laid-back, liquid jamming style, a complete stylistic change and another step in their journey. "Toba Trance I" contains but three long tracks, each over tweleve minutes long.....slip this on to understand the clear difference between "stoner metal" and "stoner rock"......"Toba Trance II" is a companion piece, another pair of long, fluid tracks mixed in amongst some more conventional tracks.....again, both volumes of "Toba Trance" are essential in understanding/appreciating this fine band.

    In 2004 they released the 2-disc set "Munchen Sessions" basically four long suites of around twenty minutes each, some divided into sections, some their credit, actually, they continued to develope into their more "free rock" (as they call it) style, there are till fine hard-rocking moments, but this is maybe something like Pink Floyd meeting Colour Haze, if you could fathom that. Again, recommended.

    They heavied the sound back up for 2006's "El Hombre Montana", turning the guitars back up and toning down the multi-instrumentalism a bit.....this is not as good as, say, "Cosario Negro", but if you are a fan of the band (like myself), you will find yourself enjoying this one as well.

    I guess the next stop we will  make in this somewhat complex career is the two disc compilation "El Universo Perdido Los Natas", notable for the inclusions of "Born To Be Wild" and "Paranoid", which are, shall we say, "different", and easilly answer the question of why they rarely attempted English vocals.

    In 2009 they released what I beleive to be thier last proper album, I think they still remain active in various projects....."El Nuevo Orden de la Libertad" is yet another completely worthwhile album (really, they've never had a REAL clunker), it does rehash a good bit of the ideas they have used before, but they have had so many ideas, and they are one of those bands like Pink Floyd, or Senser, Tool, that, for better or worse, NEVER threw away a single idea.

    These should get ya started.....for tomorrow, a bunch of EP's, split albums/Ep's (in actuallity I HATE splits, they were so common in the early stoner era and I never got the point, but these guys had a few and we'll get to those as well.....we have a metric ton of live albums, some compilation-only tracks (they have appeared on some of the greatest stoner comps such as "Sucking in the Seventies", among others.....we'll see but I MAY have to run this to three parts (I don't think so) I have so much of their work.......

    OK, you can see I enjoy this band. I realize they are pretty much unknown the USA except in stoner rock circles, I would really really really really really appreciate comments from both new listeners and the already initiated. Enjoy the NCAA tourney today, and tomorrow, because as we all know NCAA Tourney and Los Natas go together just like chicken salad and severed human fingers.

    DELMAR-01 Samurai/02 1980/03 Trilogia/04 I Love You/05 Soma/06 Mux Cortoi/07 Delmar/08 Windblows/09 El Negro/10 Alerto Migre

    CIUDAD DE BRAHMAN-01 Carl Sagan/02 Meteoro 2028/03 Tufi Meme/04 La Ciudad De Brahman/05 Siluettle/06 Brisa Del Desierto/07 Paradise/08 Alohawaii/09 Adolescentes/10 999/11 El Resplandor/12 Rutation/13 Polvareda/14 Nadha

    UNRELEASED DOPES-01 Asteroides/02 Division Miami/03 Viento Dorado/04 Corriendo En La Montania/05 Highway Sun/06 Meteoro 2028/07 Brisa Del Desierto/08 El Resplandor/09 Alohawaii

    COSARIO NEGRO-01 2002/02 Planeta Solitario/03 Patas De Elefante/04 El Cono Del Encono/05 Lei Motive/06 Hey Jimmy/07 Contemplando La Niebla/08 Bumburi/09 Americano/10 El Gauchito/11 Cosario Negro

    TOBA TRANCE I-01 La Tierra Delfin/02 Que Rico/03 Die Possime

    TOBA TRANCE II-01 Tomatito/02 Traicion en el Arrocero/03 Matogrosso/04 Humo de Marihuana/05 La Sepa/06 Que Rico (Live)

    2004 MUNCHEN SESSIONS DISC 1-01 El Negro/02 El Cono Del Encono

    2004 MUNCHEN SESSIONS DISC 2-01 Corsario Negro Loco/Traicion en el Arrocero/Humo de Marihuana/02 Tomaiten (Jamm Aleman)/Que Rico (Live)

    EL HOMBRE MONTANA-01 El Bolsero/02 Amanecer Blanco/03 No Es Lo Mismo/04 Humo Negro Del Vaticano/05 La Espada En la Piedra/06 El Ciervo/07 El Camino De Dios/08 De Las Cenzias, El Hombre...../09 El Soldado/10 Lanza Ganado/11 Sigue, Sigue

    UNIVERSO PERDIDO DISC 1-01 Amame Petiribi/02 Barridos por el Viento/03 El Collar del Perro/04 Born to Be Wild/05 Sequenze e Frequenze/06 Allen's Wrench/07 Paranoid

    UNIVERSO PERDIDO DISC 2-01 Bodokentorten/02 Corriendo en la Montana/03 Tiempos Violentos/04 Highway Sun/05 Division Miami/06 El Convoy/07 Xanadu/08 El Pappo/09
    Remember/10 Ride With Me

    EL NUEVO ORDEN DE LA LIBERTAD-01 Las Campanadas/02 El Nuevo Orden De la Libertad/03 Resistiendo El Dolor/04 Hombre De Metal/05 Ganar-Perder/06 El Pastizal/07 David & Goliath/08 Bienvenidos/09 10.000/10 Dos Horses

    Gonna take a while to get all these upped, links will be sometime this evening while I get tomorrow's post ready......sometimes these are labours of love and this is one of them, a lot of work, but a lot of good material here, hope you guys like this HALF as much as I do!

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    So, if you ARE new to these amigos, what did you think of yesterday's onslaught? As you can maybe tell, I really think VERY highly of these guys, a lot of their stuff is GREAT and the stuff that isn't is at the very least interesting. Today I am going to keep the commentary down pretty much, what we have today is fairly self explanatory by their titles, there are a bunch of live shows, EP's, "split" an added bonus I noticed that Pirate Bay had a "Complete Discography", I think it has some stuff that even I don't have, I am downloading it as we speak and ANYTHING that is in there that I don't already have will be added as well, there are evidently some comp tracks and stuff, maybe we will "make" a disc out of any spare parts we may encounter.

    Again, not going to go into a lot of detail about each of these efforts, I'll give you the title which will serve as a description, and the track lists, if any other info is needed I will add it.....I really like this band's body of work, if, honestly, I compliled a list of my ten favorite bands of all time, taking into account all of their output, I think Los Natas would be on there ( no paricular order, Roxy Music, Nirvana, The Clash, Talking Heads, Television, Mott the Hoople, Sleater-Kinney, The Rolling Stones, The White Stripes........yep, Los Natas......and the list is MY FAVORITES, not the "greatest" or "best", strictly my opinion and yours is just as valid as mine is, it is NOT to invite arguement.

    Enjoy this stuff, some of it is fairly rare, and I am REALLY interested in your comments/opinions on this one, since so many of us Yanks anyway are unfamiliar with this really wonderful band.

    APAGA LA TELE 9/14/05- 01 Aname Petiribi/02 Como el Viento Voy a ver/03 Post-Crucifixion/04 Contemplando la Niebela

    LA COSTA NOSTRA 10/12/02 -01 Presentacion/02 Polvaerdo/03 Meteoro 2028/04 Entrivista I/05 2002-Planeta Solitario/06 Entravista II/07 Contemplando la niebla-Bumburi/08 El Cono del Encono/09 patas de Elefante/10 Entravista III

    LIVIN LA WEEDA LOCA (EP)-01 Xanadu/02 El Pappo/0 Tiempos Violentos/04 Bodokentorten/05 El Convoy

    SPLIT 10" WITH SOLODOLOR-01 El Ass de epadas/02 No Time/03 I Don't Mind the pain/04 Rutation; Naciste asi..../05 Soma/06 Thumb/07 Green Machine/08 Sunday Horse (Solodolor)/09 The battle of Mocha poo (Solodolor)/10 La balada de Solodolor (Solodolor)

    BERLIN 10/23/03-01 Carl Sagan/02 Tufi Meme/03 La Ciudad de Brahman/04 El Cono del Encono/05 Que Rico/06 Tormenta Mental/07 El Gobernador I/08 El Gobernador II/09 Meteoro 2028/10 Polverado/11 Soma/12 Corsario Negro/13 Patas de Elefnate

    GINEBRA 10/26/05-01Tufi Meme/02 Ciudad de Brahman/03 El Cono Encono/04 Meteoro 2028/ 05 Agatha (El Bolsero)/06 No es lo mismo/07 Soma/08 Bumburi/09 Tormenta Mental/10 Planeta Solitario/11 Patas de Elefante

    STRASBOURG 10/25/05 DISC 2-01 Bumberi/02 Rutation/03 Soma/04 Meteoro 2028 (La Tierra Delfin)/ 05 Patas de Elefante/06 Planeta Solitario/07 De las Cenzias, el Hombre.......

    STRASBOURG 10/25/05 DISC 1-01 Traicon en el Arrocero (Tomatito)/02 El Cono del Encono/03 Tufi Meme/04 La Ciudad de Brahman/05 El Bolsero/06 No es lo mismo/07 Contemplando la Niebla

    FM BROADCAST 10/17/04-01 Presentacfion/02La Tierra Delfin/03 Contemplando La Neibla/04 Bamburi/05 Entravista/06 Nuevo/07 Humo de marihuana/08 Meteoro 2028/08 Metereo 2028/09 Ending

    HE PERDIDO MI MALLA 7/29/06-01 He Perdido Mi  Malla

    SPLIT 10" W VIAJE A 800-01 LOS NATAS-El Gobernador Parts 1&2/02 VIAJE A 800-Higomon/03 Solo/04 Inmensa

    SPLIT 10" W DRAGONAUTA-01 LOS NATAS-Xanadu/02 El Pappo/03 El Convoy/04 Tiempos Violentos/05 Bokokentorten/06 Ride With Me DRAGONAUTA-07 Astroinfierno/08 Kombre Monstruo/09 Guardian del Kongo/10 Profeta del Mar/11 Living Backwards

    EL GOBERNADOR EP REISSUE-01 El Gobernador Part 1/02 El Gobernador Part 2/02 Polverado No Es Nadha/04 Soma

    DEL CONO EL ENCONO 7"-01 Del Cono El Encono

    TORMENTO MENTAL Y PARANOICO 7"-01 Tormento Mental/02 Paranoico

    SPLIT EP W/CABRON-LOS NATAS-01 Allen's Wrench/02 Highway Sun/ CABRON-03 Burden/04 Parasending/05 Backlash


    MUNCHEN SESSIONS 2005-01 Humo de Marihuana/02 Tormenta Mental/03 Polvaredo/04 Soma/05 13 (Thirteen)/06 El Negro/07 Tomatiten (Jamm Aleman)

    OK guys, the links are coming.....a LOT of work went into this, but I would love to bring Los Natas to a larger audience, and I think that some readers of this blog might really like them. So please check out a couple of these, and if it's your thing you'll be hooked as I ahve long been.....if not, what don't you like about it? Unless you have a dislike of non-English language rock vocals, I think you may be in for a true positive experience.......please, please comment.

    Geeeez how about the University of Dayton Flyers? The school is about a half hour from my home, and many of my friends went there, I spent a lot of time there as well, not as a student, but as a hard core partier, and they just LOVE to burn stuff when the hoops squad does anything (which is rare).....with Kansas being upset, they get yet another decent matchup for them in Stanford.....they win that one, the city of Dayton Ohio will go up in flames.......not my favorite city, so GO UD!

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  • 03/24/14--17:09: Perfect Pussy
  • It would have been kind of difficult to simply pretend that they don't exist, like Pussy Riot (see post of over a year ago, if still active), word of mouth regarding their name exists prior to much of anyone hearing their stuff.....I first became aware of them a couple weeks ago, reading Rolling Stone's review of their new general I don't usually put up current releases on here, and should the performers object I wiill understand, but, hell, considering the relative absence of anything much challenging on the "rock n roll" front of late, I thought this sounded fairly interesting and gave it a listen (both the CD and the EP, they are relatively short) today......I think they are worthwhile and some of you, fans of, say 1980's punk, or of "noise" rock, may find these worth a listen.

    Hailing from Syracuse New York, the band consists of vocalist Meredith Graves, guitarist Ray McAndrew, drummer Garrett Koloski, bass guitarist Greg Ambler, and keyboardist Shaun Sutkus. They grind out a sludgy, abrassive, dinnish punk roar, Graves vocals are basically buried under the onslaught, the lyrics, what little you can make of them, seem offensive enough as to make the grade. A co-worker dismissed them as a very, very, very, very poor man's Yeah Yeah Yeah's, I think that might just be unfair to Perfect Pussy and to the YYY's as well....this won't be for everyone, but please, if you want to seem hip and up to the minute, give a listen and comment least more than ya did for all the work I did on Los Natas!

    In 2013 they released an self-produced demo tape, "I Have Lost All Desire For Feeling"'s included here, along with their current release, "Say Yes to Love"......again striving for VARIETY, no one could argue that, but please let me know your feelings on this band.....


    SAY YES TO LOVE-01 Driver/02 Bells/03 Big Stars/04 Work/05 Interference Fits/06 Dig/07 Advance Upon the Real/08 VII

    Links in a few!

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