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The music that shaped a semi-wasted life

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  • 04/28/17--11:24: Fotoform
  • Yeah, I liked this one a good bit, lot of good stuff coming out of late IMO.....from Seattle, some more of that
    dreamy postpunk stuff that I like so much lately.......a small review comes from their Bandcamp page, but this is certainly worth your effort.

    Seattle’s Fotoform create beautiful guitar-based dreamy post-punk, picking up from where their previous incarnation as C’est la Mort left off. Taking their name from a mid-century photography movement, Fotoform recall the gauzy atmospheres of the UK with the immediacy of US indie and post-punk.
    Kim House: bass, vocals
    Geoff Cox: guitars
    Garrett Croxon: drums
    Stephen Jones/Greg Forschler: guitars


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  • 04/28/17--11:29: Cold Beat
  • This is a contribution from an anonymous California source, as California being home of electronic goth rockers Cold Beat.......kind of an 80's vibe to this, but pretty good, as I don't place suckish discs on my fuckin blog!

    "Chaos By Invitation"


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  • 04/28/17--11:39: Kindling/Kestrels split EP
  • Kindling we've had here before, not Kestrels......the here is each band performs an original and a cover......pretty good, this was quite a surprise gem today.


    The tight-knit friendship between Stephen Pierce of Western Massachusetts shoegazers,KINDLING and Chad Peck of Nova Scotia’s Kestrels has spanned years and miles. It is only right that the two would share a seamless split EP.
    Each band contributed an original track, asWELL as a cover. Kindling were giddy at the opportunity to play out “Can’t Hardly Wait” by The Replacements and Kestrels sprawled out an upbeat version of My Bloody Valentine’s “Thorn”. Kestrels’ original track, “Octavio” stands as an outtake to their 2016 self-titled LP, but its pronounced urgency rises as a stand out anthem.

    01 KINDLING-Wait/02 KINDLING-Can't Hardly Wait/03 KESTRELS-Octavio/04 KESTRELS-Thorn

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  • 04/28/17--11:45: Subsonic Eye
  • From Singapore, here comes Subsonic Eye with more of that great post-punk, post-psych shoegazin'
    rock......this is a good one as well, again, I recommend this one.

    An album written and recorded out of teenage angst, lust and growing up, “Strawberry Feels” is an album held close to our hearts. It's a collection of love letters, exciting novels and sad short stories that we wish to share with you guys. 

    Best characterized by the quote, "happy music for sad people", we hope to share our music with as many people as we can and push through the struggles of being a band in a small country. 

    We hope you like it.













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  • 04/28/17--12:01: VA Shadows of a Doubt
  • Sent my way from the fab "The Blog That Celebrates Itself", we have a varied sampler with lots of varied fave is Pink Milk's "Detroit", but plenty of good stuff to discover here.



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    Fabio sends this and recommends it highly.....problem is my keyboard won't reproduce their name for ya, so
    I will try to paste it:

    Fulk∆nelli ‎- 2015 - Harmonikes Mundi

    at least the tracklist is easy!

    01 - Harmonikes Mundi pt.1
    02 - Harmonikes Mundi pt.2

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  • 04/30/17--09:56: Bancale
  • Another Fabio share, "described as "real Italian alternative"......haven't listened yet, but I always trust the

    Fab-man.......album is entitled  Frontiera, from 2011, and called by Fabio "scary".....what you waiting for?

    1 Randagio 5:01
    2 Un Paese 2:23
    3 Lago Del Tempo 6:57
    4 Corpo 5:05
    5 Calolzio 2:42
    6 Frontiera 5:29
    7 Megattera 6:33
    8 Catrame 2:08
    9 Cavalli 4:50
    10 Suonatore Cielo

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  • 04/30/17--10:00: soft Machine Boots
  • These come from longtime friend MD Milner, good boots from early Soft is his description if you wish, I find it pretty on-spot:

    Hey Scott,
    How's things? There's been some cool stuff on your blog lately, I especially dug that Sonic Youth session. It's been a while since I emailed over some boots, so I thought I'd remedy that a bit. Here's three boots of Soft Machine. Are you familiar with them? These are pretty cool, kind of psychedelic jazzy; reminds me a lot of Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention. Hope you and your readers enjoy!

    soft machine - 1971-03-15, Het Turfschip, Breda,
    soft machine - 1974-03-13, Crouse College, Syracuse,
    soft machine - 1975-11-26, Cinema Varietes, Marseille,

    hope ya love these, soon as I fix my disc drive I'll post Soft Machine's legendary and great "Third", an all-time five star classic.....till then, enjoy these, thanks to MM!

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  • 04/30/17--10:04: Code Ascending
  • Another Bandcamp link, sent our way by Fabio......this one has a review, so here it be:

    While in between musical projects, James Harrison (Drummer - Air Formation/You Walk Through Walls/Monster Movie) started writing songs and creating a sound. Putting together the band, recruiting Alex and Laurence, they have been busy refining their live set. Their sound is a huge noisy onslaught of bass driven alternative shoegaze


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    Brought to you from the Letter N.......lotsa good stuff here,

     I'm trying to keep my lefty typing to a minimum,
    but I'll give you all the tunes........thanks again to James for creating this torrent, as well as the previous one I used on the "Garage Fuzz" series!

    01 NAZZ-Under The Ice/02 NEW BREED-One More for the Good Guys/03 NEW BREED-Summer's Coming/04 NEW COLONY SIX-Let Me Love You/05 NEW DAWN-Dark Thoughts/06 NEW DAWN- Hear Me crying/07 NEWBEATS-Top Secret/08 NEXT OF KIN-A Lovely Song/09 NO STRINGS ATTACHED-Ghost Hunter/10 NOAH's ARK-Love In/11 NOBLEMEN-Short Time/12 NOBODY'S CHILDREN-Dona't Cha Feel Like Crying/13 NOEL OWEN-Gone To Baby Blue/14 NOMADS-From Zero Down/15 NOMADS-Thoughts from a Madman/16 NOON EXPRESS-Flashback/17 NORMIE ROWE-Shakin All Over/18 NOVA LOCA_Other Girls

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  • 05/01/17--11:49: Chili Cold Blood
  • From Fabio again, here is an LP from Texas' Chili Cold Blood......a brief description:

    Cult favorite Chili Cold Blood recorded this stripped-down BLACK & BLUES record with their unique combination of steel guitar, guitar, vocals, and drums on a stormy weekend in a cabin in the Texas hill country

    Cult favorite Chili Cold Blood now has many albums and countless shows under their belts. Their signature, evolving style of BLACK & BLUES has earned them awards shows, magazine features, overseas performances, music festivals, and television soundtracks.
    After several progressively elaborate albums, Chili Cold Blood decided to pare it down and take a minimalist "live" approach to recording, with one track each of guitar, steel guitar, drums, and vocals (CDBABY)

    1. Good Girl 02:53
    2. Dew Drop Inn 03:05
    3. Prince Of Darkness 04:27
    4. Kelly Anne 04:23
    5. Sexy Lady 04:21
    6. Sadie Got Motion 03:35
    7. New Orleans 02:26
    8. Bottles On The Table 04:10
    9. Six Horses 03:13
    10. Stereo Light 06:41

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  • 05/01/17--11:58: Wrapping Up Space Debris
  • Zigzagwanderer comes through with the rest of the Space Debris collection, originanally by request (Fabio, I think?)........thanks a million to him for all his hard work in compiling posts such as this

    Live Ghosts [2009]

    01 - Solarization.mp3
    02 - Love Weibrator.mp3
    03 - Transmigration.mp3
    04 - Latrino Mortadella.mp3
    05 - Dance of the Holy Orbit.mp3
    06 - Electric Eagle.mp3
    07 - Omnitron.mp3
    08 - Mountain Rising.mp3
    09 - Sience Fiction Is Today.mp3



    Archive Volume 1 - Journey To The Starglow Restaurant [2011]

    01 - Journey To The Starglow Restaurant.mp3
    02 - Hypnotic Jerks.mp3
    03 - Freeflight.mp3
    04 - Bilham.mp3
    05 - Love Me Two Times.mp3
    06 - Don Quichote.mp3
    07 - Space Junk.mp3


    Archive Volume 2 - All Man [2011]

    01 - The Mandraker.mp3
    02 - Whales.mp3
    03 - Who.mp3
    04 - Go East.mp3
    05 - Space Out.mp3
    06 - Winipan.mp3
    07 - Clint.mp3
    08 - Exterra Drive.mp3
    09 - Away.mp3


    Archive Volume 3 - Deepest View [2011]

    01 - Mary-Joe-Anna.mp3
    02 - Reprise Of The Sun.mp3
    03 - Deepest View.mp3
    04 - Moon Roots.mp3
    05 - Blues.mp3
    06 - Anima.mp3
    07 - Latrino Mortadella Ii.mp3
    08 - Astronaut Versus Kosmonaut.mp3
    09 - Namber Nein.mp3
    10 - Mojome Iii.mp3
    11 - Mynona.mp3
    12 - Jerrys Aural Innovations.mp3


    She's A Temple [2013]

    01 - Palmyra.mp3
    02 - Cloudwalker.mp3
    03 - Creation Glimpse Of A Dying Sun.mp3
    04 - Creation Everdrifting Particle.mp3
    05 - Skinflight.mp3
    06 - Time Traveller.mp3
    07 - She's A Temple.mp3
    08 - Supernova 1604.mp3


    Phonomorphosis [2014]

    01 - Colossus Stranded.mp3
    02 - Phonomorphosis.mp3
    03 - Cat Flow Deluxe.mp3
    04 - Journey Back To The Moon .mp3


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  • 05/01/17--12:05: New Mark Lanegan
  • A new CD from the former Screaming Trees screamer, listened today, pretty good......actallly all of Lanigan's solo LP's are pretty good, perhaps a big post is in order.......anyway check this one out, ML is one of the underrated performers of the era.

    "GARGOYLE"-01 Death's Head Tattoo/02 Nocturne/03 Blue Blue Sea/04 Beehive/05 Sister/06 Emperor/07 Goodbye to Beauty/08 Drunk on Destruction/09 First Day of Winter/10 Old Swan!YYUSEDZB!YCjd6Xp9GKVp7pUYooiq1Q

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  • 05/02/17--10:16: Demon Head
  • According to Fabio, this is all about DOOM rock....haven't heard this one yet, may wait until I'm in a depressed enough mood......


    True doom! Acid doom! Retro doom! Killer doom! Unique style of writing a great doom song, then when you’re in the groove… They even turn the doom up! ~ Paul Rote (Doomed & Stoned)!eJpjyTSY!Aesba5eolVUUDeUtX3OE1w

    Thunder On the Fields-


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  • 05/02/17--10:21: Ecstatic Vision
  • Fabio again, sending in some amazing space-psych......yes, I know this one "Raw Rock Fury" and I concur that it is a fine effort.


    The space rockers return with the smell of bad drugs and brown acid gone wrong. Punky attitude and a production that keeps the rawness alive, this is a no holds descent into the cosmos with rockets engines cranked up into overdrive ….. no-one gets out of here alive! ~ Tony Maim (Black Insect LaughterStoner HiVe)!6B5n0YRD!8FN4RQan9Ddin51yORWxdg

    Philadelphia's heavy psych quartet ECSTATIC VISION return with their 2nd LP Raw Rock Fury. Raw Rock Fury exhibits the band locking in on primordial, troglodyte Detroit rock grooves, krautian motorik sounds that recall the obscure one-time collaboration between NEU and the MC5, grimy harmonica flourishes that evoke Beefheart at his most savage, and the Hawkwindian, primal world heavy psych their debut expertly showcased. All of this is captured on four songs and 35+ minutes of the dirtiest sounding recordings since Kick Out The Jams. Do you miss the days when rock recordings were dangerous? If so, you must crave Raw Rock Fury.


    released April 7, 2017 

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    A few years back, a reader named Jonman sent me a killer comp of Three Dog Night covers, I think it was the first of the many cover projects that I would post......anyway, here are the original hit singles from that band, some good ("Family of Man', "Eli's Coming"), some awful ("Joy to the World", "Black and White") question these boyos dominated top 40 radio for a LONG while in the early 70's......I know some of you won't like a break from the doom-rock and shoegaze, but I used to have a commitment to variety, and
    this represents nothing if not that!

    COMPLETE HIT SINGLES-01 One/02 Try a Little Tenderness/03 Easy to Be Hard/04 Eli's Coming/05 Celebrate/06 Mama Told Me Not to Come/07 Out in the Country/08 One Man Band/09 Joy to the World/10 Liar/11 An Old-Fashioned Love Song/12 Never Been To Spain/13 The Family of Man/14 Black and White/15 Pieces of April/16 Shambala/17 Let Me Serenade You/18 The Show Must Go On/19 Sure as I'm Sittin Here/20 Play Something Sweet/21 Til the World Ends

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  • 05/02/17--10:41: New from a great Ohio band
  • It is the curse of the Afghan Whigs that they peaked EARLY in their career, releasing the 5-star brilliant "Gentlemen" and then spending the rest of a carer trying to match it (Love and Moby Grape had similar career patterns).....not to say, however, that they haven't put out some killer material in the meantime, including the new "In Spades"......the Whigs were/are an underappreciated band, this is the best they've done in some time. I recommend.

    01. Birdland.mp3
    02. Arabian Heights.mp3
    03. Demon In Profile.mp3
    04. Toy Automatic.mp3
    05. Oriole.mp3
    06. Copernicus.mp3
    07. The Spell.mp3
    08. Light As A Feather.mp3
    09. I Got Lost.mp3
    10. Into The Floor.mp3

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  • 05/02/17--10:54: Another new release
  • New from Julianna Hatfield, we have "Pussycat", a tremendous effort.....perhaps her best......I've always loved Liz Phair/Bif Naked type of chick singer-writers, but Julianna blow the roof off with this one.....her voice is sweet and her writing is sharp (check "When You're a Star", about date rape, and the rocking "Sex Machine")......was REALLY surprised by how good this one is, but it really is.

    Also, I'd maybe act quickly. Just saying.

    PUSSYCAT-01 I Wanna Be Your Disease/02 Impossible Song/03 You're Breaking My Heart/04 When You're a Star/05 Good Enough For Me/06 Short Fingered/07 Touch You Again/08 Sex Machine/09 Wonder Why/10 Sunny Somewhere/11 Kellyanne/12 Heartless/13 Rhinocerous/14 Everything is Forgiven

    just a wonderful album.......hope you take a chance if you aren't a fan of her previous work.....this is great.

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    Keeping em coming until the end, today we have Volume 14, Letter O......thanks again to James for
    creating the torrents I used on this series as well as the first Garage Fuzz series. Glad you guys like this stuff so much, I do too, nothing beats some good ol' Nugget rock.

    VOLUME 14-01 OCTOBER COUNTRY-My Girlfriend is a Witch/02 OHIO EXPRESS-Try It/03 OLD EXCITING SCOTT RICHARD CASE-Get the Picture/04 OLIVERS-I Saw What You
    Did/05 ONE WAY STREET-Joy and Sorrow/06 OPUS FIVE-Going Home/07 ORGANIZED CONFUSION-Tell Me Why/08 ORIGINAL SURFERS-She's My Baby/09 OTHER HALF-Mr Pharmacist/10 OTHER SIDE OF TIME-This Must Be the End/11 OUT OF ORDER-It's Alright/12 OUTCASTS-Loving You Sometimes/13 OUTLAWS-Fun Fame and Fortune/14 OUTSIDERS-Summertime Blues (live)/15 OUTSIDERS-What Makes You So Bad/16 OXFORD CIRCLE-Foolish Woman

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  • 05/02/17--11:34: In Tua Nua
  • One more for today, some vintage 1980's new wave stuff from Ireland's In Tua Nua......pretty rare
    and pretty good, kind of a Bowie-Roxy sound melded with some traditional Irish Folk, all with a good chick usual when I drag out these 80's gems, this is a good one, so don't miss even if unfamiliar

    VAUDEVILLE-01 Seven Into the Sea/02 Right Road to Heaven/03 Love/04 No Solution/05 Valuable Lesson/06 Heaven Can Wait/07 Voice of America/08 Rain/09 Pearl of Dreams/10 Walking On Glass/11 Vaudeville

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