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The music that shaped a semi-wasted life

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  • 04/04/17--09:45: Vortical Minds
  • A damn good slab of Italian power trio rock......Fabio 

    (Who else?) 
    sends this one, along with a review.....the reviewer compares them to the Groundhogs, a comparison I find both accurate and self-speaking:

    Italy, is a country that trades heavily on all things "retro",  Italian movies, fashion, art, motorbikes and cars are all delivered with an eye for the future but with a foot planted firmly in the past, so it comes as no surprise that this trend for making "old" the new "new" extends into the Italian underground music scene too.
    Vortical Minds, a trio from Rome consisting of Vule Rodic (bass & vocals),  Gianluca Paladino  (guitar/backing vocals) and Gianluca Ortu (drums/backing vocals),take their lead from the proto-metal/ hard rock of the likes of Grand Funk Railroad, Beck, Bogart &Appice and Cactus and bring it up to date with the addition of a little 90's fuzz and 00's psych colouring, creating a groove that is both old and new in equal measure, something that becomes glaring obvious when listening to the trio's debut EP "The Orange Box"
    "Maybe But Not Today" opens with what can only be described as a "vintage" guitar sound Paladino evoking, through his choice of notes, feel and effects, memories of  such six string luminaries as Free's Paul Kossoff and early era Jeff Beck as well as a smattering of those of  leser known mortals Buffalo's John Baxter and Blue Cheer'sLeigh StephensOrtu and Rodic underpin this tsunami of warmly fuzzed riffage with a masterclass in pummelling rhythm, Ortu's thunderous drums dictating the beat while Rodic handles the low end with big booming bass runs and fills as well as providing cool, perfectly delivered vocals.
    "I Bought Myself" follows and takes a detour into psychedelic blues country with Paladino chopping out crunching stoner blues refrains then laying out on reverb soaked guitar arpeggios that shimmer and shake over and around Ortu and Rodic's sympathetic jazz tinted psych grooves, the resulting sound recalling, at times, "Hogwash" era Groundhogs. Rodic pours over this heady mix of acid drenched groove a vocal that includes the line "I think I'll buy myself a gun, I think i'll shoot you just for fun" delivering his lyrics in a wonderful mix of whispered, falsetto and cleanly growled vocal tones.
    "My Game" sees Vortical Minds going full tilt lysergic with Rodic telling of "walking in the sun, looking for some fun" over a backdrop of liquid bassitude and pounding percussion taken to another level by Paladino's off-kilter slide guitar and clever use of effects.
    Final track "Ticking Time" begins with a gnarly Rodic bass motif that is then joined by Ortu's solid pounding drums while in the background Paladino's guitar howls with feral feedback all three then coming together on a grizzly stoner/hard rock groove with Rodic telling us he's "gotta find a doctor, gonna find a cure". before the whole mood shifts and the band take the song to it's conclusion on a wave of gloriously hazy psychedelic instrumental groove.
    Hazy, crazy and dripping with lysergic induced imagery "The Orange Box" is full of delights... open it now and check it out....

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  • 04/04/17--09:53: Forever Fatale
  • From John N comes this fine single, some Polish shoegaze from Forever Fatale......the A Side is "David Bowie", of obvious interest.....anxious to hear more from them......

    01 David Bowie/02 Crystals

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  • 04/04/17--10:00: OHHMS
  • Another Fabio choice, this one being some loud UK doom metal.....this one I haven't listened to yet, so we'll
    all find out together I guess.


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  • 04/04/17--10:13: The Buttertones
  • here's a cool John N submission, The Buttertones'"Gravedigging".....good 60's retro-surf rock, and who couldn't love a track called "Sadie's a Sadist"?













    The Buttertones’ Gravedigging is more a movie waiting to
    happen than an album—or a soundtrack just waiting to inspire a
    movie, with scene after scene of action, tension and release set
    to a sound that takes everything good and true about American
    music before the Beatles prettied it up (surf, sweet soul, the boss
    saxophone-overdrive garage of the Northwest wailers like the
    Sonics) and matches it to punk energy, post-punk precision and
    the kind of personality that blows the circuit-breakers at a
    backyard party.

    The Buttertones started their own journey in 2011 as three music
    school misfits (or drinking buddies, they say) in the heart of
    Hollywood, happy to learn how to to play, produce and perform
    but less excited about frequent go-nowhere conversations with
    classmates who had little interest in either the past or the future
    of music. So that’s why bassist Sean Redman (also a former
    member of Cherry Glazerr) felt like he’d lucked out when he
    found guitarist/singer Richard Araiza and
    drummer/polyinstrumentalist Modesto ‘Cobi’ Cobiån: “Cobi and
    Richard were the first guys I met where I thought they knew
    what they were talking about,” he says. “They had good
    influences—they weren’t just trying to pander.

    Their first rehearsals were in a Hollywood bedroom where
    Redman was living on an air mattress, then Araiza finally locked
    down Boettcher—who he’d often see responding to the same
    casting calls as he did—to replace another guitarist who was
    transitioning back to family life even as the Buttertones prepared
    their debut release, a self-titled cassette on L.A.’s garage-pop
    Lolipop label. Then they absorbed sax player London Guzmån
    (formerly in Long Beach’s Wild Pack of Canaries with breakout
    local Rudy De Anda) after spotting him at a local DJ night,
    recruiting him for their sophomore album American Brunch—and
    discovering the kind chemistry they didn't know they were
    missing. Says Araiza: “We’re proud to be a legit band. It’s a very
    collaborative process—we rely on each other. I feel that’s rare
    nowadays, especially with rock bands.”

    When it came time to make Gravedigging—the follow-up to a special
    issue 8” for Innovative, which ended up pulling them aboard the
    label full-time—they knew it was time to go deeper and get dirtier.
    Recorded at Jazzcats studio in LongBeach—home-away-from-home
    to fellow Innovative Leisure artists Hanni El Khatib, Tijuana Panthers,
    Wall of Death and more—in the spring of 2016, the sessions were
    supercharged with hard-won live experience from endless
    street-level shows and relentless midnight-to-six rehearsals at the
    Buttertones lock-out, then focused even further by the insight and
    vision of producer Jonny Bell. (“Jonny pushed us like crazy,” says
    Boettcher. “He had so many ideas all he time.”)

    Think of it this way: you might not yet know how the band that made
    Gravedigging is going to land—but you know it’s going to hit hard.

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  • 04/05/17--12:55: PalehorsePalerider
  • John N sends us some doomy-psych from Colorado, PalehorsePalerider's "Burial Songs"......somewhat
    similar to Opeth perhaps, at least on carpet bomb listening....


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  • 04/05/17--13:05: WolveSpirit
  • From Zigzagwanderer, a really kick-ass German stoner band, about them here, and
    make sure and check this it's really cool!

    WolveSpirit are a metal/stoner rock band from Germany who play old school rock and roll. Drawing the line somewhere between old school singers such as Carly Simon and classic rock such as AC/DC, Wolvespirit but their own spin on how rock and roll should be played.

    Colourful and psychedelic album artwork along with a colourful and psychedelic sound compliments each other perfectly whilst the songs are the icing on this rock and roll cake. Wolvespirit mix the edge of a female vocalist with the sheer force of a tight rock and roll band to create something that reeks of goodness.

    Spirit Metal [2011]

    01 - Change.mp3
    02 - Hero.mp3
    03 - Ride On.mp3
    04 - Wolves Of Woden.mp3
    05 - Night Of The Wolve.mp3
    06 - Light And Shadow.mp3
    07 - Dune.mp3
    08 - Release.mp3
    09 - Home.mp3!NBtlGCSL!7e8vHwoANaeT196ID1nPcq1EAkLcYl_2sSLRjKM2AqE


    Blowin' Up [2012]

    01 - Blowin' Up.mp3
    02 - Makin' Me Wild.mp3
    03 - Holy Smoke.mp3
    04 - Crossroad.mp3!8FlSRSba!_xrsuVZoRdFpJUOsTjBPQ3KikV3UqAvQBm7I6m5N3Kw


    Dreamcatcher [2013]

    01 - Blowin' Up.mp3
    02 - Holy Smoke.mp3
    03 - Making Me Wild.mp3
    04 - From Venus I Came.mp3
    05 - Dreamcatcher.mp3
    06 - Crossroads.mp3
    07 - Gispsy Queen.mp3
    08 - Raven.mp3
    09 - Wake Up.mp3
    10 - Spacetrippin'.mp3!ZVVxnYqB!vDozrMl8f9MeYLQilMmZMX0I3oFQ1nh2gadBHc3B36o


    Free [2015]

    01 - I Am Free.mp3
    02 - Shining.mp3
    03 - Let Me Live.mp3
    04 - Into The Mirror.mp3
    05 - Angelman.mp3
    06 - Moonlight.mp3
    07 - My Best Friend.mp3
    08 - Wild Woman.mp3
    09 - Is This Love.mp3
    10 - Time Lord.mp3
    11 - Spirit In My Soul.mp3
    12 - Sometimes.mp3
    13 - Mercy.mp3!dB0xEbCB!STjhKHT5iEXWb8o1RBE4jV2XKM69tw4_PZL-l6lqcGw


    Blue Eyes [2017]

    01 - You Know That I'm Evil.mp3
    02 - I Am What I Am.mp3
    03 - I Want To Love.mp3
    04 - True Blood.mp3
    05 - Soul Burn.mp3
    06 - Space Rockin Woman.mp3
    07 - Road Of Life.mp3
    08 - Witchcraft.mp3
    09 - Arise.mp3
    10 - Dance With The Devil.mp3!VVkV0aDI!ICtbU4P5FQnhAVb_FoicHusacJvaU1JpQt1rceN8w14


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  • 04/05/17--13:18: New from Body Count
  • Certainly a band with which we are, I'm sure, familiar with, Body Count......the new album is "Bloodlust" and
    it's pretty rocking.......when they had their moment of infamy, the media pounded them as a "rap" very, very foolish, listen to these things before you damn them at least.


    AWHOLE hell of a lot has gone done in the three years since BODYCount released their last album, Manslaughter. That album, while musically hard-edged, was largely predicated around a theme of humorous swagger: "Talk Shit, Get Shit", "Pop Bubble", a lyrical update on the Suicidal Tendencies chestnut "Institutionalized". The month after that album's release, Eric Garner died in police custody after a choke hold rendered by the arresting officer fatally rendered Garner unable to breathe. Less than a month after that incident, an unarmed Michael Brown was shot at least six times during what many witnesses described as a belated attempt to surrender following a police chase. These and other widely reported upon police shootings and perceived instances of police brutality occurring within a brief window of time – and it goes without saying that the earlier 2012 shooting of Trayvon Martin by a civilian had already left a bad taste in the mouths of many toward the justiceSYSTEM in general – sparked nationwide protests, leading to the formation of the Black Lives Matter movement.
    WELL y'all done pissed Ice-T off,NOW. The man has always been political, and the air raid sirens / martial law announcement kicking off opening track "Civil War" strongly recall the Jello Biafra guest turn on Ice-T's 1989 track, "Shut Up Be Happy", but on Bloodlust the man is especially reinvigorated in terms of social justice and systemic inequality. No fewer than three of the first four songs on the album deal with police violence against African-Americans (though "No Lives Matter" broadens the threat level to all poor people). "Black Hoodie" obviously evokes Trayvon Martin but implies the same thing could just as easily happen to any black man who dresses in a manner that invokes racist stereotypes. "This Is Why We Ride" addresses the age-old perils of growing up poor in the ghetto, acknowledging the systemic issues that drive desperate behavior but also calling upon the communities themselves to take responsibility for some of the more fatalistic behavior.
    Elsewhere, Ice half-jokingly revels in that very violence, the title track swearing a bloody end to anyone who crosses him, while "Here I Go Again" is a grand guignol murder fantasy in old school Geto Boys mode. WALK With Me" is less sanguinary but nonetheless offers vague threats of a mortal end to anyone unfortunate to encounter the more deranged side of the character's psyche. And as contradictory as the subject matter may seem coming from the mouth of someone who spent the first half of the album decrying violence, that's all they are: characters. Metal has always invited violent subject matter, and hip hop itself has seen countless lyricists over the years balance the dichotomy of lamenting the violence of the gangbanger lifestyle while enjoying its spoils.
    There will be a certain number of "cuck" trolls who write off this album as being divisiveBETWEEN whites and blacks, the same way they do anytime the subject of the BLM movement comes up. They will do this in spite of the fact that Ice begins "No Lives Matter" with a prologue explaining that the phrase "black lives matter" was never meant to imply that white lives don't matter. They will, quite simply, continue to miss the point. Bloodlust would be a slightly stronger album if the back half of it stuck with incensed, Public Enemy-style political invective instead of venturing off into rote gangbanger fantasies, but even the inconsistency can't undermine the potency of the album's peak moments (including a ripping cover of "RainingBLOOD"). While Manslaughter was more of a crowd-pleasing comeback bid heavy on the lulz, Bloodlust represents a soaring call-to-arms. Not many long-in-the-tooth metal bands manage to shake things up this late in their careers, but 25 years after their first album BODYCount have managed to launch themselves back into genuine relevancy.

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  • 04/07/17--09:32: Closet Disco Queen
  • Hard working Fabio submits the oddly named Closet Disco Queen's debut release....this is a two-man from Switzerland....I was skeptical until listening, fits our format here and is hard rocking as hell.

    Luc Hess and Jona Nido are Closet Disco Queen a two piece instrumental pairing from Switzerland who like to play heavy grooves of stoner/hard rock built on a foundation of pounding rhythms soaked in swathes of fuzz drenched guitar riffage, all of which can be heard on the bands new EP "Sexy Audio Deviance For Punk Bums" (Hummus Records)

    "Ninjaune" is the first of three songs and begins with orchestral like effects swooping back and forth across the speakers that are then joined by an almost military drum pattern, this carries on for a few bars before seguing into a slightly heavy Colour Haze-ish groove sporadically fractured by stuttering guitar riffage and pushed by tumultuous percussion. 
    "El Moustachito" is up next and begins by laying down an insistent repeating guitar motif that when joined by the drums slowly builds layer by layer until exploding into a gritty stoner groove replete with warmly fuzzed out guitar licks and scorching solo's.
    "Dèlicieux" closes the EP with Closet Disco Queen mixing it up by layering reverb drenched guitar colouring over solid percussion then slowly increasing the tempo and dynamic, gradually dragging the songs direction into complex prog-ish areas while at the same time adding a little fuzzy funkiness into the mix.
    The band cite Russian Circles as an influence and there are elements of that Chicago trio's grooves scattered around here but the overall impression while listening to this EP is that of a slightly more sophisticated Karma To Burn, classy moments but with a big emphasis on groove, check it out .....

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  • 04/10/17--12:10: Ceus De Abril
  • More of that dreamy, synth-y shoegaze alterna-pop which I love so much, here are a pair of EP's from Ceus de Abril (named for the J&M Chain's "April Skies")..."Hidden Tracks" and "Ultimo Adeus" both belong on the shelf of fan of recent shoegaze.

    ULTIMO ADEUS-01 Mae/02 Falso Amor/03 Ultimo Adeus/04 Vodka

    HIDDEN TRACKS-01 Regando Lirios/02 Angel/03 Claire Hates Me/04 Little Trouble Girl

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    Once again, just as the title says, a bit of everything sampler......Here take a glance:

    Echo and the Bunnymen – The Cutter (from Cutter 7”, 1983)
    DJ Elizabeth
    Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever – Wide Eyes (Talk Tight EP, Melbourne indie pop, reminds me of Chills)
    Rancho Relaxo – Tell Me Something (Polarized EP, Norwegian neo psych)
    Papernut Cambridge – Lose Him (Secret Sun EP, Sidcup UK psych pop)
    Gnoomes – Maria (Russian psych with Krautrock elements, Tschak! New)
    The High Learys – Cabinet, Perth Australian psych pop, 2016 single)
    Thunder Dreamer – Capture (title track from upcoming album, Indiana dream pop)
    Jesus and Mary Chain – War on Peace (out now, Damage and Joy)
    DJ Elizabeth
    Cold Beat – 62 Moons (California post punk)
    Jupiter Deluxe Tube – Home (LA dream pop, Product of Insomnia, out in June)
    Jane Weaver – Modern Kosmology (title track, upcoming album for this Mancunian synth psych pop artist)
    Goldfrapp – Zodiac Black (British synth pop, new, Silver Eye)
    Analogue Wave – Hope (Irish electronic duo, new single)
    Wire – Sleep on the Wing (Silver/Lead, out now)
    Lunar Twin – Coral Sea (Night Tides LP, Hawaiian dream pop)
    DJ Elizabeth
    Hyla – Swam Out (Perth Australia shoegaze, new single)
    Slowdive – Sugar for the Pill (from forthcoming self-titled album, out in May)
    Tears Run Rings – Part of the Glass (Airiel Remix)-In Surges bonus disk, 2016, Portland shoegaze)
    Danxia – King of Donair (Learn to Swim EP, Warrington UK shoegaze)
    The Beremy Jets – Misadventure (Swedish shoegaze, Alchemy Attack EP)
    Fun With Ether – Etherized (Tanned Skin, Light Eyes, new, Texas shoegaze)
    Secret Shine – Dirty Game (There is Only Now, new, Bristol UK shoegaze)
    DJ Elizabeth
    Game Theory – Throwing the Election (RIP Gil Ray, 2 Steps from the Middle Ages)

    Cool stuff, several bands that have been featured here recently.

    Worthwhile as a grab bag.......

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  • 04/10/17--12:31: Space Debris for Fabio
  • At Fabio's request, Zigzagwanderer put this together, another stellar effort......this is part one of 2.......

    Krautrock Sessions [2004]

    01 - Long Distance Voyager.mp3
    02 - Green Skies.mp3
    03 - We Were At The Moon Before You Were At The Moon.mp3
    04 - Lorna's Vibrator (Short Version).mp3
    05 - Nuff & Nunner.mp3
    06 - Lorna's Vibrator (Long Version).mp3
    07 - Phobos Was Here.mp3
    08 - Big Babys Birthday.mp3
    09 - Gaspra 951.mp3
    10 - Daydream.mp3
    11 - Miranda.mp3
    12 - La Mano De Dios (Full Length Version).mp3


    Kraut Lok [2005]

    01 - Xenufo.mp3
    02 - Bolivia.mp3
    03 - Capitalists Nightmare.mp3
    04 - Trans Odenwald.mp3
    05 - Electric Friends.mp3
    06 - Magic Paisleys.mp3
    07 - Purple Dream (Live).mp3
    08 - Second Sight.mp3
    09 - Kraut Lok.mp3


    Three [2006]

    01 - Dark Star.mp3
    02 - Saurus.mp3
    03 - Trip Vitesse (Sans Alcohol).mp3
    04 - Mountain High.mp3
    05 - La Mano De Dios (Ext.).mp3


    Into The Sun  - Live At Burg Herzberg [2007]

    01 - Into The Sun.mp3
    02 - Lornas Vibrator.mp3
    03 - Electric Friends.mp3
    04 - Mountain.mp3
    05 - Whales.mp3
    06 - Jam Bang.mp3


    Elephant Moon [2008]
    01 - Free Spirits.mp3
    02 - Heliopolis.mp3
    03 - Japanese Girl.mp3
    04 - Medicine Men.mp3
    05 - Spater Kommt Peter.mp3
    06 - Winter.mp3
    07 - Return Of Voyager.mp3
    08 - Alien Appler Party.mp3
    09 - Mojome Ii.mp3
    10 - Awakening (Complete Bird Version...).mp3
    11 - Jazzvibe Explorers.mp3
    12 - Space Debris Truckin'.mp3
    13 - Black Viking.mp3
    14 - Ur Whales.mp3
    15 - Unknown Song.mp3
    16 - Longo Ago.mp3
    17 - Rockarola.mp3

    Part One
    Part Two


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    Studkid has been on hiatus for a while, he returns in fine form with this project, with which I am unfamiliar.....sounds cool though.....


    A kind of redux of Can. For the 40th anniversary of Ege Bamyasi Steve Maklmus and Friends ( A German band called Von Spar) performed the full album live in a Week- End Fest in Cologne

    Stephen Malkmus - Ege Bamyasi Played By Stephen Malkmus And Friends (2013):!SgZQQaAD!ApiyKbJEI3zoxfS0v51qJA


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  • 04/11/17--10:27: L7 rarities
  • L7 was one of the great 90's bands, referring to themselves as "ugly-chick rock".....I've documented some of
    their antics here before, so no need to repeat those, but rejoice for "Fast and Frightening", a 2-disc treasure chest of rarities and lots of live tracks.......this is truly a gem that an anonymous contributor sends us, please share and enjoy!

    DISC 1

    1. Gas Chamber (Aka Camel Lips)
      2. This Ain't the Summer of Love
      3. Hanging on the Telephone
      4. Bloodstains
      5. Lion's Share
      6. Cherry Bomb
      7. Questioning My Sanity
      8. Stuck Here Again
      9. Baggs
      10. Boys in Black
      11. Three Days
      12. Used to Love Him
      13. Sweet Sex
      14. Suzy Is a Headbanger
      15. Livin' Large
      16. Pretend We're Dead
      17. Yummy Yummy
      18. Lost Cause
      19. The Witch
      20. Let's Lynch the Landlord
      21. El Wahtusi


    DISC 2

    1. Deathwish
      2. Diet Pill
      3. Everglade
      4. (Right on) Thru
      5. Wargasm
      6. Pretend We're Dead
      7. Shove
      8. Fast and Frightening
      9. Shitlist
      10. Fast and Frightening
      11. (Right on) Thru
      12. Scrap
      13. Broomstick
      14. Packin' a Rod
      15. Cat-O-Nine Tails
      16. Deathwish
      17. Till the Wheels Fall Off
      18. Shove
      19. Bloodstains
      20. Shitlist

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  • 04/11/17--10:38: Sonic Jesus
  • Sorry if I go too much overboard with the shoegaze/neo-psych stuff, BUT I really do consider it kind of the sound of modern rock at the moment......"Grace" is a new release from Sonic Jesus:

    Sonic Jesus’ new album ‘Grace’ is officially released March 10th and goes beyond the past boundaries, pushing towards enthralling melodic horizons and modern pounding beats, delivered by a new-found pop sensibility. There’s still a darkness brooding beneath the noise but these new tracks see the project take on a magnificent and insatiable new form.
    GRACE-01 I'm in Grace/02 I Hope/03 Modern Model/04 September 9th/05 No Way/06 Space Heels/07 Outdoor/08 Funeral Party/09 Stars/10 fading Lights

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  • 04/11/17--10:49: Possible Hiatus
  • OK.....I have shoulder surgery tomorrow, April 12........I do not know how this will affect the blog short-term, if I can type lefty, I'll continue as normal......if not, I may need a breather......please continue to send contributions, they WILL be posted at some point.......the best would be, if you send an album or something, to write a short review so I an copy/paste it........sorry if this is an inconvenience to anyone, but my right rotator cuff is torn to hell, and I MUST get it done.......I WILL talk to you soon, and keep the music coming, I WILL post it!!!!!!!

    0 0

    One of my current fave bands is Black Angels, I don't recall a bad album they have made with their spooky, droning dark-rock.......the first album was my fave, but they ALWAYS deliver the goods......Fabio sends this one along, along with an anonymous contributor.....that's fine "Death Song" is just another fine Black Angels effort........thanks to the state of Texas!!aRoVWDRS!-IJcnOmvh0RdLC24YjL7sg


    02I'd Kill for Her

      03Half Believing

        04Comanche Moon

          06Grab As Much (As You Can)


              08I Dreamt


                  11Life Song

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                • 04/20/17--12:58: The Ossuary
                • Also from Fabio, a brand new Italian metal crew, The Ossuary, with their album "Post Mortum Blues"......good and loud, fast, metallic, with lots of evil imagery thrown in......just like metal is supposed to be!


                  1 - Black Curse

                   2 - Witch Fire

                   3 - Blood on the Hill

                   4 - Graves Underwater

                   5 - Post Mortem Blues

                   6 - The Crowning Stone

                   7 - Evil Churns

                   8 - The Great Beyond

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                  Here is album number 2 from this Oslo Norway team of sludgy-doomish rock.......another Fabio share, and a good one.....anyone have album #1? Fabio? Love to hear it, this one was pretty kickass (Love the track "Neptune Brothers")


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                • 04/20/17--13:15: Kujara
                • WOW, wasn't expecting this to be this good.......this is a bandcamp link, little information is available, other than they are from London, but lemme tell ya......this rocks all out, hard and heavy and spacey and trippy.......this is fantastic in my opinion, check for yourself and see.......if you have any other material, or even any info on these boyos, please send it along so we'll all be up to date. GOOD EP here.


                  THREE DAYS-

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                • 04/20/17--13:27: Naked Lights
                • Great retro-80's female fronted punk, enjoyed this one a good bit.......from Oakland CA, really good but not
                  much information for me to share.....the anonymous contributor includes a few words, let's see what he has to say.....

                  nostalgic for the late 70s early 80s post-punk kind of thing?  reminds me of (in parts here and there) early Gang of Four pointed & sharp staccato guitar, early P.I.L. Jah Wobble bass ('Flowers of Romance'?), early Wire in spots, et al, with FEMALE vocal [LiLiput?]????  This could be your THANG!

                  definitely one you wanna hear!

                  01  On Nature/02 Nicht Laden/03 Hedges/04 Blue Ink/05 Barrel/06 New Carrion/07 Pictus/08 Pool on a Plate/09 Undo/10 Mechanical Eye


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