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The music that shaped a semi-wasted life

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  • 12/13/16--13:00: Acid Ghost
  • Another fine John N submission, this from Acid Ghost, who ominously name thier new release "WARHOL", it's plenty creepy AND arty, I'm loving the hell out of it right now, really good album.......more of that spacey/noisy/shoegaze sound that I love so much (YOU know that by NOW right?).....anyway, this album is tremendous, I'm listening this minute, it is fucking WILL want to investigate this one, it totally fits in with the amazing "future of rock" stuff that I (and I ONLY) see as the next "thing".....genius is often ahead of it's time, all I can say!

    WARHOL-01 Life/02 The Artists High/03 Downtown SF/04 Dilemma/05 Right In My Mind/06 Mistakes/07 Letters/08 Walking Through a Storm/09 Scribbles/10 Henry ( Soccer Mommy Cover)/11 Solitude/12 Not the Same Person/13 Vulnerable

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  • 12/13/16--13:20: Death Valley Rally
  • And again, compliments of John N (talk about someone with his finger on the pulse) comes another trippy
    shoe-gaze epic, the kind that yer uncle considers to be the BEST in current rock n roll......Death Valley Rally have given us a areally fine album, "Northern Lights"......I've been loving the hell out of it today, hope you enjoy it as well......great shit, GREAT, and STILL i my lame opinion THE rock n roll "scene" of "now", and the immediate I love this stuff. The more anyone wishes to submit, the better!

    "If you’re a fan of the old style guitar with shimmering chords and indie style barre chord progressions over a driving beat then Death Valley Rally are the ones to go to."
    8 track album
    The new album from Virginia-based Death Valley Rally titled Northern Lights is a well-crafted journey via four musicians who can sonically communicate with each other ...

    The new album from Virginia-based Death Valley Rally titled “Northern Lights” is a well-crafted journey via four musicians who can sonically communicate with each other thru laid back alt-rhythms and melodies worthy of any underground catalog. By combining the best assets of pop. rock, and the underground Death Valley Rally really pull off the near impossible feat of making a full-length LP that is really enjoyable to listen to from start to finish. If you’re a fan of the old style guitar with shimmering chords and indie style barre chord progressions over a driving beat then Death Valley Rally are the ones to go to.  “Northern Lights” is out now via Custom Made Music.
    About Death Valley Rally
    Death Valley Rally is a four piece noise pop outfit based in Norfolk, VA & DC. Their latest full-length LP, “Northern Lights” is out now via Custom Made Music. It’s available on digital and vinyl format. You can purchase their debut EP, “The Stars Shine Brighter After Midnight” (Planting Seeds Records) via digital and CD format.

    NORTHERN LIGHTS-01 Until It Melts Away/02  Cutting the Distance/03 Northern Lights/04 Back Of My Mind/05 Her Sparkle Dims/06 If You/07 Tick Tick Boom!/08  Walk Away

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    We have a couple more of Lewdd's punk Christmas comps to go, and again, I hope that these lead others to
    make their own Christmas compilations.......for now, this is Lewdd's Fourth chapter (from 2013) of this Christmas epic, see track list below.......PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE create a Christmas comp to post here, we NEED more of em! I love em, and they get the creative juices going! Rock N roll is great for 365 days a year, including Christmas........

    01 Angry Snowmans - Bright Lights
    02 Bad Religion - American Jesus (Andy Wallace Mix)
    03 Bad Religion - Angels We Have Heard on High
    04 Lenny Lashley's Gang of One - Anti Christ Mass Song
    05 Man Overboard - Father Christmas
    06 Angry Snowmans - Festive
    07 Bad Religion - God Rest Ye Merry Gentelmen
    08 Vacancies - Father Christmas
    09 Bad Religion - Hark! The Herald Angels Sing
    10 Lion's Law - He Never Came Around
    11 Druglords of the Avenues - Hooray for the Holidays
    12 Bad Religion - Little Drummer Boy
    13 On the Job - Merry Christmas and Short Cropped Hair
    14 Angry Snowmans - North Pole
    15 Bad Religion - O Come All Ye Faithful
    16 Bad Religion - O Come, O Come Emmanuel
    17 Masked Intruder - Silent Night
    18 Evil Conduct - Silver Bells
    19 Chem D - The 12 Steps of Christmas
    20 Dropkick Murphys - The Season's Upon Us
    21 Masked Intruder - Under the Mistletoe
    22 Bad Religion - What Child Is This?
    23 Bad Religion - White Christmas
    24 Harrington Saints - XMAS
    25 Angry Snowmans - Naughty Little Monst

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  • 12/14/16--10:04: Kindling
  • (scott) From the area of Easthampton Massachuesset, comes another John N submittal....John N, of late, seems to be in tune with the kind of modern-rock that I have adapted to as the soundtrack of the '10's, that fine, noisy, ambient, space/shoe-gaze.......really been enjoying this stuff and here is more, the band Kindling with their LP "Everywhere Else"'s their Bandcamp info, etc.......


    "pairs vocals as sweet as the best Pity Sex or My Bloody Valentine jams with a heaviness that goes beyond black-metallic, drums and guitars bringing the attack as much from below as above." --- "Immersive and occasionally overwhelming"
    Summer is not generally shoegaze season — it’s hard to really submerge in a sea of guitars when you’re already swimming in humidity to begin with. But the best ...
    A copy of the record on black vinyl Includes unlimited streaming of Everywhere Else via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality ...

    EVERYWHERE ELSE-01 Coma/02 Given/03 Blinding Wave/04 Black Eye/05 Weighlessly/06 Lose Your Breath/07 Galaxies/08 Capital Cities/09 Other Times/10 Vegvilser/11 Perennial/12 Became

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  • 12/14/16--10:17: Dead Vibrations
  • (scott) Here's a killer hard psych EP sent our way, generously as ever, from John N.....this from the modern day psych combo "Dead Vibrations" ("Reflections" EP, 2016)......again more of that '10's sound that I enjoy so much, noisy and trippy and spacey......this is a pretty good one, recommend further investigation.


    "Dead Vibrations burst onto the booming Stockholm music scene in April of 2015. Crossing the boundaries between Shoegaze, Neo- Psychedelia and Rock 'n' Roll, their angst-ridden guitars, thundering drums, and distorted bass take the classic reverb-drenched sound to a new dimension."

    01 Drain/02 Reflections/03 Closer Closer/04 Desolate

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  • 12/14/16--11:02: Iron Maiden Part 2
  • After that batch of the first 5 Iron maiden discs, they continued to trudge onward, knocking out a slew of
    material, occassionally slamming home a stone-cold metal classic, more often moving toward numbing Blackmore Sabbath material.....still, they were kings of 1980's UK metal, and I have a bit, so let us here some more Maiden loudness, live, rare, and more to come later on........

    SOMEWHERE IN TIME-01 Caught Somewhere In Time/02 Wasted Years/03 Sea of Madness/04 Heaven Can Wait/05 The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner/06 Stranger In a Strange Land/07 Deja-Vu/08 Alexander the Gareat

    SEVENTH SON OF A SEVENTH SON-01 Moonchild/02 Infinite Dreams/03 Can I Play With Madness/04 The Evil That Men Do/05 Seventh Son of a Seventh Son/06 The Prophecy/07 The Clairvoyant/08 Only the Good Die Young

    NO PRAYER FOR THE DYING-01 Tailgunner/02 Holy Smoke/03 No Prayer For the Dying/04 Public Enema Number One/05 Fates Warning/06 The Assassin/07 Run Silent Run Deep/08 Hooks In You/09 Bring Your the Slaughter/10 Mother Russia

    FEAR OF THE DARK-01 Be Quick of Be Dead/02 From here to
    Eternity/03 Afraid to Shoot Strangers/04 Fear is the Key/05 Childhood's End/06 Wasting Love/07 The Fugitive/08 Chains of Misery/09 The Apparation/10 Judas Will Be My Guide/11 Weekend Warrior/12 Fear of the Dark

    THE X FACTOR DISC 1-01 Sign of the Cross/02 Lord of the Flies/03 Man on the Edge/04 Fortunes of War/05 Look For the Truth/06 The Aftermath/07 Judgement Of Heaven/08 Blood on the World's Hands/09 The Edge of Darkness/10 2 AM/11 The Unbeliever

    THE X FACTOR DISC 2-01 Justice of the Peace/02 I Live My Way/03 Judgement Day

    More Maiden to come in the next week or so!

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    So who is up for some insane early 90's trans-disco? well, this is a pretty good one as those things go......I hope you know who Divine is (see: John Waters films, notably "Polyester" and "Pink Flamingos" among others......this is MUCH better than I'm sure you might be expecting, if you were  a fan of this type of  gay-disco, this may be for you....I think it's pretty listenable, and I thought it was high time I shocked with some of the REAL variety in which I indulge......hey I'm listening to it right now, NOT a disco fan, BUT this is a pretty unique and quirky find should any of you find this scene of, I can take small doses of it, really quite listenable once or twice and really quite likeable/catchy........see what ya think......this blog is about a LOT of things, and I am going with this one today.......thanks to John N for having the stones to submit this one!

    THE 12" COLLCTION-01 Native Love (Step By Step) (Stereo Mix)/02 Shoot Your Shot/03 Shake It Up/04 Love Reaction/05 Psychedelic Shack/06 Shout it Out/07 Jungle Jezebel/08 Kick Your Butt/09 Alphabet Rap/10 T-Shirts and Tight Blue Jeans/11 Native Love (Step By Step) (Remix 2)/12 Native Love  (Step By Step)

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  • 12/14/16--12:05: Ash-Live on Mars 1997
  • A real good submittal from John N, this forgotten Ash concert from 1997 rocks like a mofo, never heard this one before, but lordy be it rocks like fuck, sort of a a modern-stoner sound merged with some of the cool, still to come shoegaze stuff......really like this one, a soart oaf semi-forgotten-classic......a really good treat here, thanks to John N this is a really good rocking album!

    LIVE ON MARS-01 Lose Control/02 Season/03Goldfinger/04 Girl From Mars/05 I'd Give You Anything/06 Lost In You/07 I Only Wanna Be With You/08 Innocent Smile/09 Oh Yeah/10 T-Rex/11 Uncle Pat/12 Petrol/13 Let it Flow/14 Jack Names the Planets/15 Darkside Lightside/16 Gone the Dream/17 Does Your Mother Know/18 Kung Fu

    Super hard rocking set, just spectacular......don't miss this one is killer!

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    Letters Q and R get merged here into a 40+ track monster......of course, as I've said before, this thing is
    incredible, and once I'm done, I have a WHOLE NEW Torrent, "Son of Garage Fuzz Blowout", just wait, it is as BIG as this one, little if NO overlap, and for TRUE lovers of Nugget Rock, you will be in 7th heaven once I get started on that one......stick around it'll be here, soon enough.....hell the current one is great enough, so enjoy the fuck out of IT!......Here comes Part 17, listening to it while I get it ready, we are lucky to have this fabulous collection, and the SON of this fabulous collection!

    VOLUME 17-01 Q-65-I Despise You/02 Q-65-Cry in the Night/03 QUIET JUNGLE-Everything/04 QUIET JUNGLE-Make Up Your Mind/05 RAINDEAR ARMY-Subterranian Sunset/06 RAINMAKERS MOODY-Tell Her No/07 RANDY & THE HOLIDAYS-Paul Revere 250/08 THE RATIONALS-Leavin Here/09 RAUNCH-A Little While Back/10 RAVENS-Are You a Boy or Are You a Girl/11 RAVIN' BLUES-You're No Good/12 RAY COLUMBUS & THE ART COLLECTION-Kick Me/13 RAZOR'S EDGE-Get Yourself Together/14 REACTIONS-In My Grave/15 REAL LIST-Pick up the Marbles/16 REASONS WHY-All I Really Need Is Love/17 REASONS WHY-Don't Be That Way/18 REBBELS-Come Back/19 REBELS-Call Me/20 RED BEARD & THE PIRATES-Go On Leave/21 RENEGADES-Thirteen Women/22
    RICHARD & THE YOUNG LIONS-Open Up Your Door/23 RICHARD PASH & THE BACKDOOR SOCIETY-I'm the Kind/24 RISING STORM-She Loved Me/25 RISING TIDES-Take the World as It Comes/26 RITES OF SPRING-Comin On Back To Me/27 ROAD-You Rub Me the Wrong Way/28 ROADRUNNERS-Goodbye/29 ROAMIN TOGAS-Baar the Door/30 ROCK GARDEN-Super Stuff/31 ROCKIN VICKERS-I Don't Need Your Kind//32 ROGER YOUNG-It's Been Nice/33 ROGER
    YOUNG-Sweet Sweet Morning/34 RON WRAY LIGHT SHOW-Speed/35 ROOKS-A Girl Like You/36 ROY HEAD & THE GREAT BELIEVERS-Easy Lovin Girl/37 ROY HEAD & THE TRAITS-You're Almost Tough/38 ROYAL AIRCOACH-Wondering Why/39 ROYAL GUARDSMEN-Leaving Me/40 RUINS-She Doesn't Understand/41 RUSS KENNEDY & THE LITTLE WHEELS-I've Been Loving You

    ANOTHER great collection, wait until the "SON OF" Extravaganza!!!!!!!!

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    here's a blog from my buddy Frank from Germany (aka "SuperBillie").......I told him I'd pimp his new blog here, looks like a power-pop thing which is wonderful.....look for some collaborations between the two of us sometime soon, Frank has quite a stash I know, and great taste in music please check in, he's a friend and I hope you can find time to visit his blog, I'm sure it's gonna be FAB!

    Good luck Frank and let me know if you need anything, or wish to tag team a post or two! You have been a good friend and I wish you well!

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    So here is another batch....if I read it correctly, I THINK we have the entire 1981 run, as well as some
    random 82/83/84 issues that I happen to have on my hard drive......I love classic Playboy, hope you do as well, that stuff is as timeless as the music I try to get to ya......anyway, Playboy was/is/always will be a favae of mine, enjoy these and I will sometime soon post a bunch more of em for ya......btw, has ANYONE seen an issue of Playboy since they decided

    to stop picturing naked babes? I haven't, but I'm gonna go on record as saying it is likely the worst corporate idea since "New Coke".......honestly, why would FEWER naked chicks EVER be a good thing? I mean, REALLY? EVER? I just kinda happaen to LIKE naked chicks.......


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    John N is the king of obscure bands like this, they kind of remind me of a band that Jon S sent me a couple live recordings of a while back.......this one sounds like some foreign guys, maybe kind of older, their sound is pretty familiar,but as for their name, well, what's in a name? I'll tell you this though, sometimes I say snatch up these "unknown" combos QUICKLY, and I mean so double in THIS case. The album is titled, well, I can't find the album title either, but I hope none of you fine folks are blue today, or lonesome either.....but if ya are, here's an album by an unknown band to maybe perk up your spirits........besides, they gather no moss, right?

    UNKNOWN ALBUM TITLE-01  ‘Just Your Fool’, ‘Commit A Crime’, ‘Blue And Lonesome’, ‘All Of Your Love’, ‘I Gotta Go’, ‘Everybody Knows About My Good Thing’, ‘Ride ‘Em On Down’, ‘Hate To See You Go’, ‘Hoo Doo Blues’, ‘Little Rain’, ‘Just Like I Treat You’, ‘I Can’tQUIT You 

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  • 12/15/16--14:34: Courtney Love
  • I LOVE Hole, one of my faves.....I did a BIG post on them long ago, thinking of breaking it out again,a but
    in the meantime, I have a couple of things to say about Courtney Love......obviously her best work was with Hole, "Live Through This" is a 1990's 5-star classic.....but I want to speak in defense of "America's Sweetheart", which I think was the best album of the year (whatever year that was, 2004? or so)......Courtney has repeatedly dissed the album, I think it is a 4.5 star classic as's a tremendous album, a portrait of a life in turmoil, in particular the song "All the Drugs" (sample lyric: "All of my money, all of my love, all of my money......doesn't feel as good.........AS THE DRUGS".......) great song, I love iat, iat's desperate and heartfelt....also on the album, a way cool stalker anthem ("But Julian I'm a Little Bit Older Than You"), and my personal fave "Zeppelin  Song", which sums up a sad life with a lot of Led Zeppelin references, GREAT song IMO......lots more on this album too, sorry Courtney didn't like it so much, but I find it to be a stone cold 00's classic.

    Also included is the early version on of "Nobody's Daughter"......not a great album, but has a moment or two........stay tuned, in the next week or 2 I'll have some great Hole boots, also some stuff like Ms Love drunk on someone's answering machine, and her loopy speech at Kurt's some of the best music of the era as Hole were a simply phenominal live The Columbus Agora many years ago, Ms Love stage-dived into the crowd and I got to touch that magnificent ass.......for which I am grateful as fuck.

    AMERICAS SWEETHEART-01 Mono/02 But Julian, I'm a Little Bit Older Than You/03 Hold Onto Me/04 Sunset Strip/05 All the Drugs/06 Almost Golden/07 I'll Do Anything/08 Uncool/09 Life Despite God/10 Hello/11 Zeplin Song/12 Never Gonna Be the Same

    NOBODYS DAUGHTER EARLY VERSION-01 Pacific Coast Highway/02 For Once In Your Life/03 Letter to God/04 Stand Up Moatherfucker/05 Loser Dust/06 Dirty Girls/07 Never Go Home Alone/08 Nobody's Daughter/09 Happy Ending Story/10 Car Crash/11 Sunset Marquis (Piano Version)/12 Samanatha (Demo)

    MORE Courtney/Hoale to come, of my fave bands, and one of the great 90's live will see soon!

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  • 12/15/16--15:04: Underlined Passages
  • A submission from John N that's been here for a while, I guess I forgot about it, not unusual......some pretty decent indie/alt pop on this one, I'm listening now, it's pretty good........may as well give it a listen.......

    THE FANTASTIC QUEST-01 Calamine/02 Arabesque/03 Everyone Was There/04 Rearview Blue/05 The Driver/06 Broke Up With Your Friends/07 Those Endless Fields of Wheat/08 Indiana & Ochre/09 Hearts on Fire

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    I always liked Berlin, in particular that first album with "The Metro", "Sex (I'm A)", M
    "Masquarade" and more, it's a great is a later one from 1982 entitled "Young Warrior".....this is a good album as well, not as good as the debut, but criminally underappreciated....this is a good, and fairly unknown early 80's power pop/synth rock album, it is worth a classic, by any means.....(DOES remind me that I should get some of my live Berlin stuff put up soon, Terri Nunn was quite a vixen live....anyway, she doesn't seem to appear on this album, although it is still worth at least a single listen....give it a try.....

    YOUNG WARRIOR-01 Nervous/02 There's Always a Danger/03 Young Warrior/04 Walking With the Shadows/05 All For One/06 Strange Love/07 My World Is Empty Without You/08 I Don't Want to Think About It/09 Waiting For Night/10 Real Love

    Something of a guilty pleasure for me, this sounds nothing like the "Terri Nunn" Berlin, BUT it's still a good listen, and a fine early 80's period piece......I really like it, we just need to think of two "different" Berlins, and they might both be worth our time!

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    (scott) When I was in grade school, I would rush home to watch a soap opera! Not just any soap, though, a
    "great" (sarcasm) one with vampires, werewolves, witches, time travel, etc......OH FUCK YES......COLLINSPORT, MAINE!!!!!!!!!!    FUCKING "Dark Shadows".....the shit was quite popular, there were paperback books, movies, tons of shit for a while (Barnabas Collins was an icon for a while)......BUT there were a ton of Comics, and I think I have MOST of them here.....some strips, unsure as to where they are from, but the Gold Key Comic Series, I think ALL are here, if not, help find the outliers......but I wanted some non-music stuff for a minute, and I been thinking about Dark Shadows of late, even dragging out some DVD's to watch (Ya may not have known I have damn near every DVD in the world as well as CD's).......fucking Dark Shadows comics, it will be for a "special niche", but I bet someone LOVES this post, and THAT is what we be here for!

    GOLD KEY 1-10

    GOLD KEY 11-20 (p1)

    GOLD KEY 11-20 (p2)

    GOLD KEY 21-30 (p1)

    GOLD KEY 21-30 (p2)

    GOLD KEY 31-35








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    (scott)Yes always room for more Clash boots, Lewdd has, of course, sent us a tonne of them, here are three
    more, and I feel obligated to tell you, again, that SOME of these don't sound great, as he keeps them for archival reasons....however, SOME of them are awesome, perhaps even rarely heard, I hope there is someone out there collecting all these (as well as any non-overlap ones that were on the magnificent Jon S Clash submittal too, and MY OWN Clash deluge from a year or two back.....this may be damn near every Clash boot known to man!)  Lewdd has LOTS more great stuff for us too, not only the Chistmas comps, either,  wait until 2017 "40th Anniversary Sex Pistols  Tour" on which we will present each show on the actual 40th anniversary date.......I'll always wish I had a video of the New Orleans show where that chick pulled down Sid's pants and tried to give him head and......well, I'll bet we find a video of it before the time comes! Enjoy some more Clash, the ONLY BAND THAT MATTERS!!!!!!!

    2/13/79 POLICE (AND FIREMEN) ON MY BACK-01 I'm So Bored With the USA/02 Drug Stabbing Time/03 Jail Guitar Doors/04 Tommy Gun/05 City of the Dead/06 Hate and War/07 White Man In Hammersmith Palais/08 Safe European Home/09 Stay Free/10 English Civil War/11 Guns on the Roof/12 Police and Thieves/13 Capital Radio/14 Janie Jones/15 Garageland/16 Julie's In the Drug Squad/17 London's Burning/18 White Riot/19 Complete Control/20 What's My Name/21 Safe European Home (KBFH)/22 Stay Free (KBFH)/23 Police and Thieves (KBFH)/24 Julie's In the Drug Squad (KBFH)

    NOTE-tracks 01 to 15 are from the best quality but incomplete source
    tracks 16 to 20 are from a complete but slightly lower quality source
    tracks 21 to 24 are from the King Biscuit Flour Hour broadcast

    The last 4 tracks have had the intros cut so the whole thing fits on an 80 minute CD

    4/8/79 ALRIGHT NOW-01 English Civil War/02 Interview/03 Hate and War/04 The Isarealites

    4/14/79  CHICAGO THE ARAGON-01 Jimmy Jazz/02 I'm So Bored With the USA/03 Complete Conatrol/04 London Calling/05 Clampdown/06 White Man In Hammersmith Palais/07 Koka Kola/I Fought the Law/08 Jail Guitar Doors/09 Police & Thieves/10 Stay Free/11 Clash City Rockers/12 Safe European Home/13 Capitol Radio/14 Janie Jones/15 Garageland/16 Armagideon Time/17 Career Opportunites/18 White Riot

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  • 12/16/16--12:37: Chook Race
  • (scott) Not one that is familiar to old Scott, but I trust the judgement of John N (and the rest of the team) to
    send quality material.......John N describes this as "A garage-y, guitar pop band from Melbourne", sounds good enough that I'm gonna post it, and I haven't even carpet bombed this one yet......however, this blog is about new/different, old/different stuff, FAR more about the contributors than myself, and I will listen to this tonight, and offer my opinion......for now, be grateful that John N continues to send magnificent music our way......I'm betting on this to be another winner!

    2012 Medecine 7"-01 Medicine/02 Pop Song/03 Playground

    2014 About Time-01 Dentists..../02 Time/03 Always On Time/04 Clever/05 Outbound/06 Good For Me/07 (Just Can't) Relax/08 Everyday/09 Figure It Out/10 Tables Turned

    2016-01 Around the House-0 1Hard to Clean/02 Sometimes/03 Eggshells/04 Lost the Ghost /05 At Your Door/06 Pink and Grey/07 Sorry/08 Pictures of You/09 Sun In Eyes/10 Start Anew


    Okay, then....while I was upping these I gave a carpet bomb listen to these, pretty damn good, reminds me
    somewhat of UK power-pop/jangle rock ca. 1985 or so....good enough? this is good enough stuff, you guys should enjoy it, and yet ANOTHER John N submission to this blog, Thanks John N, you are a GOD SEND! As I've requested both publicly AND privately, PLEASE never leave me, goes for ALL my contributors, I love you ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • 12/16/16--12:50: The Bangles
  • (scott) I always loved The Bangles, and just minutes ago, John N sent me a fab comp of music they created
    before they went big time ("Walk Like an Egyptian"), anyway, this is and always were a great band.....I thank John N so much for sending me this one, love me some Bangles, and I will attach the review he sent along, as these need a LITTLE explanation for those who are late-comers to the Bangles party......this is GREAT shit, not "Good", but GREAT, please take time to listen to this fab comp, it WILL be worth your while, and make sure and thank John N because he continues to send us such incredible music......he is THE fucking man.

    Tremendous stuff here, please listen and comment, it's fab!

    Compiles all of the band's early material before they were signed to major label Columbia Records in 1984.
    (1) Includes the band's debut independent single "Getting out of Hand" from 1981, as well as the 5 songs from the group's debut self-titled EP released in 1982, both of which are considered rarities and have been long out of print.
    (2) Includes tracks released in 1982 for compilation albums, including the instrumental "Bitchen Summer/Speedway" (first released on the compilation Rodney On The ROQ Vol. III), "No Mag Commercial" and the theme song for a Dallas, TX radio program, "Rock And Roll Alternative", hosted by George Gimarc on KZEW ("The Zoo").
    (3) Includes four unreleased demos from 1981, including covers of The Turtles'"Outside Chance" and Paul Revere & The Raiders'"Steppin' Out."
    (4) Includes two unreleased live songs done from 1984, the only songs on which bassist Michael Steele plays, a cover of Love's "7 and 7 Is", and "Tell Me", included on their debut album All Over The Place.
    (5) The title is taken from the spoken intro of the instrumental "Bitchen Summer/Speedway".

    Track listing

    1. "Bitchen Summer/Speedway" (1982) (Susanna Hoffs/David Roback)
    2. "Getting Out of Hand" (1981) (Vicki Peterson)
    3. "Call on Me" (1981) (S. Hoffs/V. Peterson/ D. Roback)
    4. "The Real World" (1982) (S. Hoffs/V. Peterson)
    5. I'm in Line (1982) (Debbi Peterson/V. Peterson/S. Hoffs)
    6. "Want You" (1982) (V. Peterson)
    7. "Mary Street" (1982) (S. Hoffs/V. Peterson)
    8. "How is the Air Up There?" (1982) (S. Duboff/A. Kornfeld)
    9. "Outside Chance" (unreleased demo, 1981) (Glenn Crocker/Warren Zevon)
    10. "Steppin’ Out" (unreleased demo, 1981) (Mark Lindsay/Paul Revere)
    11. "The Real World" (unreleased demo, 1981) (S. Hoffs/V. Peterson)
    12. "Call on Me" (unreleased demo, 1981) (S. Hoffs/V. Peterson/D. Roback)
    13. "Tell Me" (live performance at Dingwalls, London, 1984) (S. Hoffs/V. Peterson)
    14. "7 & 7 Is" (live performance at The Palace, Hollywood, 1984) (Arthur Lee)
    15. "No Mag Commercial" (1982) (S. Hoffs/V. Peterson)
    16. "The Rock & Roll Alternative Program theme song" (1982) (D. Peterson/V. Peterson/S. Hoffs)
    Long before “Walk Like an Egyptian” soared to number one in the late ’80s, The Bangles were a group of girls playing melodic garage rock as part of LA’s ...
    23 June 2016
    Chuck Foster
    Long before “Walk Like an Egyptian” soared to number one in the late ’80s, The Bangles were a group of girls playing melodic garage rock as part of LA’s Paisley Underground movement. Now a collection of their earliest recordings reveals the raw origins that led to their mainstream success.
    Perhaps the most surprising element of Ladies and Gentlemen… is the vast knowledge and appreciation for Nuggets rock. The opening “Bitchen Summer/Speedway,” recorded asThe Bangs for a Rodney on the ROQ comp, explodes with some fierce instrumental surf, a welcome, but unexpected, introduction for a band that dominated Billboard years later. When the jangly punch of their first 7” (also released as The Bangs) hits next, theMonkees vibe of “Getting out of Hand” and early Jam attack of “Call on Me” make more sense. Next, their first EP, produced by Craig Leon of Ramones/Blondie fame, shows a more refined band eager to blend Beatles harmonies with the edgier Nuggets sound, particularly when they launch into a sneering cover of The La De Das’ “How Is the Air up There?” that fully captures the snide disgust of the original. Demos from 1981 contain more impressive covers, like the Warren Zevon-penned Turtles single, “Outside Chance” and Paul Revere and the Raiders’ proto-punk “Steppin’ Out.” A couple live recordings from 1984 further espouse the punk sensibility, especially the thunderous version of Love’s “7 and 7 Is.” It ends with a couple radio spots that prove the group could have fun in any setting.
    The Bangles would go on to achieve chart success, but, of course, we know all about that. Hear them in a different light and discover a band you may have completely ignored.

    0 0

    (scott), well, this is truly a gem, I doubt anyone will argue that....we area gonna have to be CAREFUL with
    this one, and if it sounds good to ya, maybe WORK FAST.......I'm going to attach the review that John N sent with it for you, I just want to be careful and leave this up as long as it will stay, because John N has sent some OTHER Zimmerman stuff that will amaze you, that will come around a bit later, but for now, please be careful, I had a ballplayer once when I was coaching baseball, same age as my son Grant, his name was Dillon Watkins......what I'm trying to say here is Dillon Watkins REALLY wouldn't like you to mention his first name around here, or TOO many of his lyrics/titles.
    check this link for information:


    Also info here:

     The title of The Real Royal Albert Hall 1966 Concert is a nod to the fact that the famous bootleg known as The "Royal Albert Hall" Concert was actually recorded at the Manchester Free Trade Hall on May 17, 1966. The historical record was corrected when the concert was released as the second installment in Bob Dylan's Bootleg Series in 1998 (it's labeled the fourth volume, but the first three editions were all rounded up in a 1991 box), so when it came to release a sampler album from the mammoth 36-disc set The 1966 Live Recordings, the only option was to release The Real Royal Albert Hall 1966 Concert, a show given on May 26, 1996. This double-disc set follows the same contours of the Manchester Free Trade Hall show, offering the acoustic set on the first disc and the electric on the second. Furthermore, the set lists are identical, so The Real Royal Albert Hall 1966 Concert feels a bit like a mirror image of the Manchester Free Trade Hall. Like on Manchester, the acoustic set is quite good, but it's overshadowed by an electric set that feels wild and alive. Perhaps the performance isn't as epochal as The "Royal Albert Hall" Concert, but it offers similar thrills and pleasures, and that's enough for any Dylan fan who wants to hear more music from this rich period.

    No track listing for this one, You'll figure it out!

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