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The music that shaped a semi-wasted life

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    Having some computer trouble today, actually, hope I can get it worked out......I had a couple of John N
    submissions I wished to post today......I'll continue to work, and hopefully can figure out the problems of this rather old computer......anyway, the "Garage Fuzz" series has been quite popular, this particular chapter brought to you from the letter "N", nearly 30 tracks of this incredible nugget rock.......I'm gonna try like fuck to get you some NEW music up tonight, but it might be tomorrow the way this dick-shit computer is operating....meantime, enjoy part 14 of this (I think) awesome 60's garage punk series.....hardly a bad track in the lot, I advise ya to accumulate this one.......

    PART 14-01 NAMELOSERS-Do-Da/02 NAMELOSERS-Susie Q/03 NAMELOSERS-That's Alright/04 NAZZ_Lay Down and Die, Goodbye/05 NEAL FORD & THE FANATICS-I Can't Believe/06 NEIGHB'BRHOOD CHILDREN-Changes Brought to Me/07 NEIGHB'BRHOOD CHILDREN-Feeling Zero/08 NEW BREED-I Got Nothing To Say To You/09 NEW BREED-Want Ad Reader/10 NEW WING-I Need Love/11 NEW YORKERS-Mr Kirby/12 NIGHT MIST-Last Night/13 NIGHT PEOPLE-The Shadow Is My Soul/14 NIGHTRIDERS-Dont Say/15 NIGHTCRAWLERS-Want Me/16 NINTH STREET BRIDGE-Wild Illusions/17 NOBLEMEN-Short Time/18 NOBLES-Shorttime/ 19 NOBODYS CHILDREN-Colours and Shapes/20 NOBODYS CHILDREN-Girl, I Need You/21 NOBODYS CHILDREN-Jungo Partner/22 NOISE N SOUNDS/TERRY DALE-How Much Lovin/23 NORSEMEN-Home On a Cloud/24 NOTATIONS-Everythings Alright/25 NOVAS-Suburban Life/26 NUNCHEZ'S-Open Up Your Mind/27 NUNSUCH-They Threw Sticks and Stones

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  • 11/28/16--16:33: Telstar Ponies
  • A magnificent John N contribution, the Telstar Ponies, whom I have never heard of.......YOU KNOW I love
    stuff like that.......a 1990's rock band from the great city of Glasgow Scotland, these albums are really fab, and as always I thank John N for sending them to me......I was previously not familiar.....BUT, these are great rocking albums, everyone, and I do mean everyone, needs to hear these, they are bad-ass, and need more exposure. That is why we are here, remember......fab albums, you will love em, and there are some singles/EP's  also, but it may be tomorrow before I can put them up (sorry).....good stuff....listening as I type this, don't miss out, this is fantastic stuff......sorry to miss out on this the first time, it is fab.....don't make the same mistake as me and miss classics numbers such as "Not Even Starcrossed".......pretty fucking cool albums, I think it would be to your benefit to investigate these....the second LP, " Voices From the New Music" Is damn near as'll be making a HUGE mistake to bypass these, they are fab.....what the fuck would I have to lose by saying THAT????????

    IN THE SPACE OF A FEW MINUTES-01 The Moon is Not a Puzzle/02 Lul gengescichte/03 Not Even Starcrossed/04 Maya/05 Two's Insane/06 Moon, Don't Come Up Tonight/07 Monster/08 Side Netting/09 Her Name/10 Innerhalb Weniger Minuten/11 I Still Believe In Christmas Trees

    VOICES FROM THE NEW MUSIC-01 Bells For Albert Ayler/02 Voices From the New Music/03 Last Outpost/04 Shizuka/05 A Little Cloud/06 Brewery Of Eggshells/07 Aegis Falling/08 Sail Her On/09 A Feather on the Breath/10 The Fall of Little Summer/11 Does Your Heart Have Wings/12 Song of Ansuz/13 La Vienna

    I would personally recommend you not miss these......they are fucking tremendous. JMO.......Also the singles/EP's collection is tremendous too, don't be a fool and miss it, because it's fucking great......the entire thing is fucking great....thanks so much to John N for helping me to find such fantastic stuff, with which I was previously unfamiliar......these albums are damn near "instant classics" in my opinion, they are THAT GOOD....perhaps you disagree, that is totally cool, but, I LOVE this stuff, it, once again, reminds me of the direction in which GOOD/REAL rock n roll is going.......sample these and you will "get" what I blather about so much....these are fantastic albums, you are doing yourself a complete disservice should you dodge them, they are REALLY wonderful.....PLEASE check them and PLEASE give thanks to John N who hipped (at least me) to these way cool albums.....

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  • 11/30/16--13:56: Dead Horse One
  • Didn't know jack about this band (sent to me, of course, by the blogger legend that is John N)......this French band, Dead Horse One, provides us with a fantastic album of the dreamy, noisy rock n roll that I think is symbolic of the era in which we live......again, future classics perhaps, if people wake up in the next ten years or son....this is REALLY phenominal, a NEW RELEASE, get it?, so you know what you MIGHT need to do.....I hope not, really hope this one cans stay up for a while cause I REALLY like it....for me, its the kind of (new) music I've been listening to of late, and where I think the immediate future of rock n roll is headed........TREMENDOUS stuff on this album, you'll see what I mean......Hell, this type of sound is kind of taking over the blog, at least when it comes to NEW music, and I couldn't be more thrilled......yet ANOTHER for year end list consideration, and I know I have enjoyed every second of it. Thanks a million John N, we already know you are great, but let me tell are great. Tremendous submission!

    SEASON OF MIST-01 Insight/02 Season of Mist/03 Mesmerize Me/04 Disconnected/05 Today/06 Mantis/07 Sharon/08 It's Been a While/09 Sons of God/10 Forget About Jesus

    This is a good one, please don't overlook it.......BigScott SAY SO!

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  • 11/30/16--13:56: Frank Turner
  • I've had this one around for a while, don't really know from where it came, but it is worth a listen.....Frank Turner (aka "Turner") is a UK semi-punk/semi-pop singer/songwriter (I guess).....I have but this 2013 release "Tape Deck Heart"......I might have listened to this one once in my life before now, and have very little knowledge about ol' Frank, he used to be in Million Dead, I guess......other than that, I enjoy this album ("Tape Deck Heart"), listening right now, kind of reminds of a (very) poor man's Costello/Parker, some really interesting songs, actually, I think some of you guys might like this one, so, natchurlly, I'm gonna put it up......"Plain Sailing Weather" is a damn cool song, and, "Four Simple Words" rocks hard enough....
    well, I don't know, I just like the sounds of this album. See what you think. And, of course, provide info and other material should you be inclined.......Frank is not too fucking bad!

    TAPE DECK HEART-01 Recovery/02 Losing Days/03 The Way I Tend to Be/04 Plain Sailing Weather/05 Good & Gone/06 Tell Tale Signs/07 Simple Words/08 Polaroid Picture/09 The Fischer King Blues/10 Anymore/11 Oh Brother/12 Broken Piano/13 We Shall Not Overcome/14 Where Fore Art Though, Gene Simmons/15 Tattoos/16 Underdeveloped Film/17 Time Machine/18 Cowboy Chords

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  • 11/30/16--14:43: Datura4
  • OK, a bit of an explanation of my all time faves is the legendary stoner rock monster called
    Datura, they also morphed into Arc of Ascent, they made a pair of albums, featured here long ago (I'm sure they are gone, the masterpiece is titled "Allisone", the follow up was "Visions For the Celestial".....both stoner classics, maybe if you're good I'll put them up again (a member of the band wrote me long agao and thanked me for sharing the albums......what? he didn't want to sue me? or kick my ass? or screw my Mom?....nope, just thanked me for sharing those two wonderful albums (also the fab Arc of Ascent Album)....

    Anyway, this is NOT about that band.....if you were to do a search, you'd find that there are several bands that use the name "Datura" or some form thereof.......which brings us to now, as John N sends us a pair of albums from the band Datura4......I didn't know what to make of them at first, they are from Austraila, and I gave them a listen, as I thought they might have something to do with "my" Datura......well, they don't, but these albums don't deserve to be dissed......good hard rock n roll, (not NEARLY as hard rocking as MY Datura, but little is).....this is not really "stoner rock", more just hard rock with a sort-of almost poppish edge to it.......AND, I like it. These are a pair of fairly solid discs, might as well do yourself a favor and check them out....."Demon Blues" is from 2015, has quite a few decent riff-rockers, "Hairy Mountain" from this year, heavies up the sound a bit, it's good, it's not MY Datura, but NO ONE is.....a pair of good albums here, compliments of John N......if you are a fan of hard rock in general, these should get it done for you.....I'm listening right now, and I'm digging them.

    DEMON BLUES-01 Out With the Tide/02 You Ain't No Friend Of Mine/03 Another Planet/04 Journey Home/05 Hoonswine/06 Demon Blues/07 Pissing Up The Wall/08 Killjoy/09 Gravedigger Man/10 Love to Burn/11 If Seven Was Eleven

    HAIRY MOUNTAIN-01 Fools Gold Rush/02 Trolls/03 Uphill Climb/04 Mary Caroll Park/05 Hairy Mountain/06 Greedy World/07 Confide In Me/08 Too Much (or Not Enough)/09 Something to Hide/10 Broken Path

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    I was digging up on the other fab Dead Horse One album ("Season of the Mist") that I had completely
    forgotten that John N had previously submitted their previous work, "Without Love We Parrish" and the EP "Heavenly Choir of Jet Engines".....well, as much as I enjoyed the new release, I decided to check these ones out STAT, the LP "Without Love...." is what I am listening to at the moment, sounds great, the kind of stuff I really like......trippy, dreamy, and yet, I've said a zillion times, I THINK that is where we (hard rock lovers) are going in the mid-late 2010's......I could be full of shit, but it sounds like the ultimate in  ultra-hip rock music to me at least.......I guess we'll see, I couldn't count how many times I've been wrong, starting with getting out of bed most days.

    I recommend these, they are quite good, and I thank the wonderful John N for them as always......I wish I would have been smart enough to do the whole thing as one post, but, hey, I'm Scott.......come visit me in the "Center for the Hopelessly Brain Dead" if you can......anyway, these are cool albums, EXACTLY the kind I go out of my way to plug around here, so here ya go......and PLEASE let me know what you think of all this stuff, I know I post a lot of stuff you might not already know, but, well.......that's kinda what I set out to do, sometimes........

    WITHOUT LOVE WE PARRISH-01 Hopper/02 I Love My Man/03 Raven/04 By My Side/05 Never Be Your Lover/06 Undone/07 Blackwood/08 Teen/09 Wicker/10 Gaze

    HEAVENLY CHOIR OF JET ENGINES-01 Alone/02 He Goes Down/03 To Pretend/04 Cruel Winter

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  • 11/30/16--15:35: Suburban Lawns
  • Here's a gem, also sent to me by the link-master John N, Suburban Lawns a fab second-line punk outfit
    from back when music was fucking music.......first up he provides us with their best known single "Gidget Goes to Hell"), great enough, but also their pretty much complete works on a single disc.....this is really kewl, I haven't even though about Suburban Lawns in a while, and THIS is why I love guys like John N and the rest of ya, ya send me stuff I long ago forgot about, even though it was kick-ass, ala The Suburban Lawns.....a long forgotten new-wave/punk great, in particular because of the "Gidget" single, but this was a pretty good "period piece" kind of GOTTA love this kinda shit......if not, what is WRONG with ya?

    GIDGET GOES TO HELL (SINGLE)-01 Gidget Goes To Hell/02 My Boyfriend

    THE COMPLETE SUBURBAN LAWNS-01 Flying Saucer Safari/02 Pioneers/03 Not Allowed/04 Gossip/05 Intellectual Rock/06 Protection/07 Anything/08 Janitor/09 Computer Date/10 Mom And Dad and God/11 Unable/12 When In the World/13 Green Eyes/14 Jam the Controls/15 Flavor Crystals/16 Enjoy/17 Hug You/18 Baby/19 Cowboy

    You hosers that grew up in the 70's/early 80's like can you be without this one? I had forgotten about it, but it still kicks ABSOLUTE ASS.......thanks again to John N for THIS fab submission from my high school days!

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  • 12/01/16--13:33: More of those Cliff Notes
  • Doctor Alimantado-House of Singles

    Doctor Alimantado's first collection of classic deejay 45's Best Dressed Chicken In Town remains one of the essential reggae albums and is an absolute must for any record collection.  This was the first album that I sent our man Scott so it may still be knocking about and live, well worth seeing if it is.  House of Singles was another collection of gems that came from his back catalogue including some of his earliest recordings such as No Gwaan So, Maccabee the Third, Chu and Revenge.  Those with a fondness for deejays of the seventies are strongly advised to investigate.

    Tracklisitng: 1.  No Gwan Soh 2. Maccabee The Third  (Rastafari Verses Now) 3. Blessed Is That Land Africa 4. Chapter Of My Heart (Let Love Be Free) 5. Mary Lou 6. Ride On Brother 7. Chu (Americ In Schools) 8. One Trouble 9. Teach the Children 10. Teaching the Teacher 11. Revenge 12. Conscious Man 13. West Man Skank 14. Dread Natty Dread 15. Rasta Train (Step In Outa Babylon) 16. Reggae Music (Dis A)


    Carlton Livingston-Soweto

    Carlton Livingston's Soweto is one helluva fine roots rock LP over hard Riddims.  Carlton Livingston is one of the many great singers from Jamaica whose undoubted talents that have frequently been overlooked. On this set produced by Livingston & Leon Synomie he shows his interest in life songs.  'Soweto' the title track being just one fine example.

    Tracklisting: 01-Soweto 02-The Wickeds 03-Rich Man Poor Man 04-Girl I Love You So 05- Red Eyed People 06-Class of 69 07-Tribute to Bobby 08-Children on the Mountain Top 09-Living As a Poor Man


    John Holt-John Holt Like a Bolt (Classic Rock Steady and Reggae 1968-73)

    This is basically Holt's 1973 album Like a Bolt with bonus tracks added.  Like a Bolt is covered by Tracks 1-12.

    John Holt was a reggae singer and songwriter who first found fame as a member of the Paragons before establishing himself as a solo artist. A gifted songwriter possessed with one of the sweetest voices in reggae. Amongst the songs he wrote was "The Tide Is High" ruined in later years by Blondie. On an island renowned for its superb vocalists and composers, John Holt remains head and shoulders above the rest as one of Jamaica's sweetest singers and songwriters.  Holt's style, notably, slower and more romantic than most of his contemporaries, is a recognizable forerunner of the lovers rock sub genre. The album includes Ali Baba which in my opinion is one of the best 45's of any genre

    Tracklist: 1. I'm the One to Be Blamed  2. Tonight (Feat. Joy Landis) 3. Write Me a Letter 4. I'm Your Man 5. Ali Baba 6. I'll Be Lonely  7. I See Your Face  8. Closer to Me 9. I'm Coming Home  10. Time and the River  11. Have You Ever Been to Heaven 12. Let's Build Our Dreams (Feat. The Heptones) 13. All My Life 14. Thief in the Night (Stealing Stealing) 15. Darling I Love You  16. What You Gonna Do Now 17. Working Kind (Cholin' Kind) Sister Big Stuff (Mr. Big Stuff)


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    (scott) It's that time of year again, God help us, when Christmas music permeates the airpores......I've put up
    several Christmas comps before, and so have many other team members......Lewdd just recently sent me a batch of ones he created, and I'm going to present all of them to you between now and the big day......this first one he created in 2003, lot of variety here and looks like a fab comp......there will be quite a few more in this series, but this seems like as good a time as any, to ask....PLEASE send in ROCKING Christmas albums, some unusual ones? I have a few, but I've already posted them more than once, and I'd MUCH rather see some other folks with some creative, as always, if you can, send them to my email (, and God bless us, EVERY ONE! Whatever, just casting my line to the waters, and seeing what might come back......meanwhile, looking forward to the Lewdd series, and you will like it too, lotsa crazy ass shit on these, not joking......I'll put up the next part over the



    01 Merry Christmas, Kiss My Ass
    02 Ravers - Punk Rock Christmas
    03 Bad Religion - Silent Night
    04 Dickies - Silent Night
    05 Judge Dread - Jingle Bells
    06 Mojo Nixon - Christmas Christmas
    07 TVTV$ - Daddy Drank Our Xmas Money
    08 The Yobs - Silver Bells
    09 Pennywise - Christmas in Hell
    10 The Humpers - Run Run Rudolph
    11 Fear - Another Christmas Beer
    12 The Greedies - A Merry Jingle
    13 Frantic Flintstones - Santa Bring My Baby Back
    14 Bad Manners - Christmas Time Again
    15 The Business - Step into Christmas
    16 Bad Religion - First Noel
    17 Dag Nasty - Merry Christmas Baby
    18 Less Than Jake - I'm Gtting Nuttin for Christmas
    19 Nerf Herder - I've Got a Boner for Christmas
    20 Where's the Tylenol?
    21 The Yobs - Christmas Eve in the Boozer
    22 Sloppy Seconds - Hooray for Santa Claus
    23 Gonads - White Christmas
    24 The Yobs - 12 Days of Christmas
    25 Blink 182 - Happy Holidays, You Bastard!
    26 Fear - Fuck Christmas
    27 The Yobs - Yo Santa
    28 Bad Religion - Joy to the World
    29 Ramones - Merry Christmas (I Don't Want to Fight Tonight)
    30 The Yobs - Another Christmas
    31 4-Skins - Merry Christmas Everybody
    32 Less Than Jake - Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer
    33 The Yobs - We Wish You a Merry Christmas
    34 Shitter Was Full

    gotta bout a million Santa girls in my stash as well, hopefully I get enough musical submissions that I can spend my time focusing on these extreme Goddesses!

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  • 12/01/16--14:32: Super Unison
  • I thought I might have already posted this one, but my investigation seems to tell me I haven't......this is some
    pretty fab retro-70's Bay Area punk rock (2016) sent to me by the legend that is John N a little while back, while not destined for classics status, if you love shit like X-Ray Spex or The Modettes or The Raincoats, this kind of harkens to that sound, and FUCK you know I love that shit anyway.......pretty hard rocking album, and with a screaming chick at the front of it, well, what more could one want? Pretty good one for the punk lovers like meself, see what the rest of ya might think, but I think it's pretty damn good, and I am always glad that I have John N on my team with his seemingly endless supply of killer albums to share with the world! He's a national treasure, nothing short of that.

    AUTO-01 Prove Yourself/02 Keeper/03 Losing You/04 You Don't Tell Me/05 Luxury/06 Time & Distance/07 Muted/08 Broken/09 What Are You Going to Do/10 Don't Look Up/11 Everything/12 Auto

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  • 12/01/16--15:40: The Mamas And the Papas
  • Didn't think you'd see this one here? So it goes, I always liked the pure California sound of this band with
    their breezy harmonies and under appreciated lyrics (check "Crique Alley" for example).....Cass Elliott, Michelle Phillips, John Phillips, and Denny Doherty put out some exceptional "period piece" music in the late 60's, I don't know who all appreciates it these days, but I certainly do enjoy giving it a listen on occasion.....I think I have five albums here for ya, lets see what we can uncover......this is what they call an "acquired taste", some of you may hate this sound, but I always liked these guys n gals (Michelle in particular, she was a hottie in her day) let's relive some of their albums here, and remember VARIETY is the name of the game in THIS town!

    The 1966 debut "Cass John Michelle Denny" has some reasonably good stuff on it, notably their cover of "Dancin' In the Streets", as well as lesser-known gems ("No Salt on Her", and "Words of Love" and all the rest, they include that unique guy/girl vocal harmony that the band was known for.) This is a pretty good one, and a pretty good place to start.

    The following year they released "If You can Believe Your Eyes and Ears", which featured the single "Monday Monday", a reasonably good single, as well as maybe their best known song "California Dreamin'", which really is a fine single IMO (also lesser-known greats like "Straight Shooter")......perhaps if you want only one, it may be this one, can't say for sure, but a good album, I think.

    Again, a year later they gave us "Deliver", which features the fab "Crique Alley" and "Dedicated to the One I
    Love", both of which are fab period pieces, as is most of the album, even the quaaluded-out version of "Twist and Shout"......another good album for my cash.

    1968's "Papas and Mamas" seems to take things a bit too seriously, perhaps taking a cue from "Sergeant Pepper" and similar albums......not bad but a little over-ambitious in my mind.....has a few decent vocal moments on it, for sure "For the Love of Eve", and the single "Dream a Little Dream of Me".......not my favorite, but a listenable album for certain.

    Finally we have 1971's "People Like Us".....for me, this train had run it's course by now, not a great album, what once was, no longer was, if ya know what I mean.......the songs are decent, "Pacific Coast Highway" for example, but, they just don't, to me at least, have anything like the charm of the earlier efforts.

    This band "was what it was".....a late-60's west coast harmony band, with some excellent male/female vocal interplay at times.....obviously, this is NOT Iggy & the Stooges, but not everything must be......these albums came from the stash of my Dad ("BigMike42", I like to call him), he was a WAY open-minded music guy, would listen to anything, and I've always been glad he left me his albums.......he did like the Mamas & the Papas, though, and I can't argue......some good stuff on these discs, I DO NOT have a singles compilation, but, so what? You can hear these they way they were intended to be heard, right?

    By the way, under the links, there is another link which will give you selected lyrics to some of their tuns, found that on The bay......thanks BAY!

    CASS-JOHN-MICHELLE-DENNY-01 No Salt On Her/02 Trip Stumble and Fall/03 Dancing Bear/04 Words of Love/05 My Heart Stood Still/06 Dancing In the Street/07 I Saw Her Again Last Night/08 Strange Young Girls/09 I Can't Wait/10 Even If I Could/11 That Kind of Girl/12 Once Was a Time I Thought

    IF YOU CAN BELIEVE YOUR EYES AND EARS-01 Monday Monday/02 Straight Shooter/03 Gotta Feelin'/04 I Call Your Name/05 Do You Wanna Dance/06 Go Where You Wanna Go/07 California Dreaming/08 Spanish Harlem/09 Somebody Groovy/10 Hey Girl/11 You Baby/12 In Crowd

    DELIVER-01 Dedicated to the One I Love/02 My Girl/03 Creque Alley/04 Sing For Your Supper/05 Twist and Shout/06 Free Advice/07 Look Through My Window/08 Boys and Girls Together/09 String Man/10 Frustration/11 Did You Ever Want To Cry/12 John's Music Box

    PAPAS AND MAMAS-01 The Right Somebody To Love/02 Safe In My Garden/03 Meditation Mama/04
    For the Love of Eve/05 Dream a Little Dream of Me/06 Manslons/07 Gemini Child/08 Nothings Too Good For My Young Girl/09 Too Late/10 Twelve Thirty/11 Rooms/12 Midnight Voyage/13 The Right Somebody to Love (Alternate Version)

    PEOPLE LIKE US-02 Pacific Coast Highway/03 Snowqueen of Texas/04 Shooting Star/05 Step Out/06 Lady Genevieve/07 No Dough/08 European Blueboy/09 Pearl/10 I Wanna Be a Star/11 Grasshopper/12 Blueberries For Breakfast/13 People Like Us

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  • 12/01/16--16:11: The Laurels
  • I think I will wrap up tonight (the Vikings are playing, were you UNAWARE?) with one more 2016 release, The Laurels "Sonicology"......submitted to me from John N a while back, this is the kind of thing that is right up my personal alley......spacey and noisy and JUST what I've told you that I personally think is THE "ultra-hip" hard rock of THIS VERY MOMENT in I've said, most of us likely won't realize this for a few years, but this stuff is what's up at the moment. Now, please understand that I am USUALLY wrong, but the (new) rock I've been listening to of late has this kind of noisy/psych/loud/shoegaze kind of sound to it, and it's something that WORKS for me......the same way Nugget rock did, and glitter/glam, and punk, and metal, and power pop, and grunge/alt, and stoner rock, and whatever other "music scene" has caugaht my ear over the years......I've posted (with a TON of help from my team) a BUNCH of this style of the most modern of rock, and I hope you are all following what I'm trying to me, THIS IS the music of the '10's, the ultra-great rock, at least.....maybe noone will realize that for ten years, but this stuff IS the soundtrack of the era in which we currently live. Rock N Roll lives, and always will in some form, rejoice rock n rollers, we'll always have some fresh new sound!

    SONICOLOGY-01 Reentry/02 Sonicology/03 Clear Eyes/04 Some Other Time/05 Trip Sitter/06 Frequensator/07 Aerodrome/08 Hit and Miss/09 Central Premonition Registry/10 Mecca/11 Zodiac K

    Good album, maybe or maybe not, perhaps year end top-20 list, we'll see soon I guess, but for now this is quite an enjoyable one!

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    (Scott)-Here are some more of Lewdd's great (some not-so great, according to him.....remember sound
    quality will vary on these as he keeps them for archival reasons.....I have not been through all of them, might never be able to, but, this is a chance for anyone who wants it, to grab a few vintage (1978, this time) Clash shows......there are plenty more to come, and once I finally wrap up the Clash stuff, I still have his cool punk Christmas comps, and a bunch o more boots from The Pistols, The Misfits, The Jam, and The Damned) they are, getting into some "Give Em Enough Rope" material by this point on the timeline.

    10/16/78 LE STADIUM, PARIS-01 Complete Control/02 Tommy Gun/03 I Fought the Law/04 Jail Guitar Doors/05 Clash City Rockers/06 White Man In Hammersmith Palais/07 Drugstabbing Time/08 Protex Blue/09 Guns on the Roof/10 Stay Free/11 Police and Thieves/12 Capital Radio/13 Janie Jones/14 Garageland/15 English Civil War/16 London's Burning/17 White  Riot

    11/17/78 NOTTINGHAM ENGLAND ROCKIN THE TOWN HALL-01 1-2 Crush On You/02 Capitol Radio One/03 Cheapskates/04 City of the Dead/05 Clash City Rockers/06 Drug Stabbing Time/07 English Civil War/08 Garageland/09 Guns on the Roof/10 I Fought the Law/11 Jail Guitar Doors/12 Janie Jones/13 Julie's In the Drug Squad/14 Police & Thieves/15 Safe European Home/16 Stay Free/17 Tommy Gun/18 White Man In Hammersmith Palais/19 White Riot

    12/21/78 THE PIER PAVILLION HASTINGS ENGLAND-01 Safe European Home/02 I Fought the Law/03 Jail Guitar Doors/04 Drug Stabbing Time/05 Clash City Rockers/06 City of the Dead/07 White Man In Hammersmith Palais/08 Tommy Gun/09 English Civil War/10 Stay Free/11 Guns on the Roof/12 Julie's In the Drug Squad/13 Police & Thieves/14 Capital Radio/15 Janie Jones/16 Garageland/17 Complete Control

    12/29/78 BUY OR DIE-LONDON LYCEUM-01 Safe European Home/02 I Fought the Law/03 Jail
    Guitar Doors/04 Drug Stabbing Time/05 Cheapskates/06 City of the Dead/07 Clash City Rockers/08 Tommy Gun/09 White Man In Hammersmith Palais/10 English Civil War/11 Stay Free/12 Guns on the Roof/13 Police and Thieves/14 Julie's In the Drug Squad/15 Capital Radio/16 Janie Jones/17 Garageland/18 Complete Control/19 London's Burning/20 White Riot/21 Rockers Galore (Bonus Track)

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  • 12/02/16--10:13: Stargazer Lilies
  • (scott) Studkid appreciates my love of shoegaze-trippy psych, and submits two albums from Stargazer Lilies (I am unfamiliar with them), here are a new release and a 2013 issue as well....thanks to Studkid for another great submission!

    The borderline between Shoegazer and Dream pop is thin; but Stargazer Lilies is right there with the best Shoegazer album of the year.

    The Stargazer Lilies - Door To The Sun (2016)

    There album from 2013 is in same alley

    The Stargazer Lilies - We are the Dreamers - (2013)

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  • 12/02/16--10:30: Crocodiles
  • A submission from John N that I've had here for a while, been meaning to get this up, it's pretty fair.....I'm not especially familiar with Crocodiles, apparently they are a duo from the San Diego area, and this is their sixth (!) album.....kind of dreamy alt-pop, this album is pretty good (listening now), some sort-of retro electronic beats, trippy vocals/lyrics......I like it. Merits further investigation, I think.

    DREAMLESS-01 Telepathic Lover/02 Maximum Penetration/03 Welcome to Hell/04 I'm Sick/05 Go Now/06 Alita/07 Jumping on Angels/08 Time to Kill/09 Jailbird/10 Not Even In Your Dreams

    This is a good one, I do recommend it.........

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    (scott) John N sent me this just minutes ago, so haven't listened to this yet, of course, but if you scan the attached text and track list, there's some great stuff here, stuff that all of us will love.....this will be priority listening tonight, but as it just now came through, I figured why not just post it now......let me know what you think, you know I love to hear chicks sing, and here we have a pair of discs of various styles (I see that a very fave of mine, "Masochistic Opposites" by the Mo-Dettes appears here, plus TONS of bands I don't know, but SOUND cool as fuck, ie Kamikaze Sex Pilots, Sarah Goes can we lose?)....ok, we'll all learn this one together, thanks a bazillion to link machine John N, this one sounds awesome, as I RARELY put up albums as soon as I get em, without even a carpet bomb.....but I havae enough faith in the format, as well as in John N, that this is going to be a BIG TIME winning on:

    ‘Sharon…’ is an eclectic soundtrack for the early ‘80s covering post punk, mod revival, ‘60s revival, independent scene, rockabilly/cowpunk, garage, London soul/funk, reggae dub and commercial pop, pre C86 with its looking back and looking forward, and what it isn’t, the extremes of the SAW production line of the late ‘80s and another era entirely.
    Label: RPM Records (2) - RPMD532 • Format: 2x, CD Compilation • Country: UK • Genre: Rock, Pop • Style: Indie Pop, Post-Punk
    RPM proudly presents a compendium of the demo cassette generation from the early 1980’s, filtered through (principally British) independent women of the post-punk era.
    • ‘Sharon Signs To Cherry Red’ began life as the archetypal independent single released on the obscure Lowther International label by archetypal independent act, The Kamikaze Pilots, the review of whom by Danny Kelly, NME gives us the starting point:

    “Disturbingly, also from Norwich…comes this plaintive tribute to/assassination of all the earnest misery gobs ever signed to Cherry Red’s roster, with particular reference to the Tracey Thorn pantheon”.
    • What was a gentle mocking of The Marine Girls et al is now being hailed by RPM as a noteworthy offering in its own right, suggesting it represents a defining group of female voices from the period who performed and recorded in all manner of genre and styles. As the parent group of RPM Records is Cherry Red Records, the once mocked is now able to celebrate one and all.
    • Many of these artists were night-time John Peel session regulars, fighting for daytime coverage in the press, walking the fine line of questioning from the NME (hip young gunslingers asking sexual politics) and Smash Hits (Milton Keynes readers asking which hairspray they used).
    • ‘Sharon…’ is an eclectic soundtrack for the early ‘80s covering post punk, mod revival, ‘60s revival, independent scene, rockabilly/cowpunk, garage, London soul/funk, reggae dub and commercial pop, pre C86 with its looking back and looking forward, and what it isn’t, the extremes of the SAW production line of the late ‘80s and another era entirely.
    • The DIY culture described in our title song is illustrated on the compilation through several unreleased demos, of the sort which were common currency in the day, plus many new to CD tracks.
    • 30 years on from ‘Sharon Signs To Cherry Red’, Sharon finally signs to Cherry Red with this extensive 2CD digipak compilation.

    TRACKLISTS: (I am HIGHLY looking forward to listening to this, I LOVE chick-comps!)

    1. THE KAMIKAZE PILOTS – Sharon Signs To Cherry Red
    2. DOROTHY – I Confess
    3. MARINE GIRLS – Hate The Girl
    4. GRAB GRAB THE HADDOCK – Nothing You Say…
    5. THE AVOCADOS – I Never Knew
    6. SCREAM AND DANCE – In Rhythm
    7. INGRID – The Jam Jar Song (Formerly Sister Slow)
    8. THE GTS – Boys Have Feelings Too
    9. MARGOX – Jimmy’s Grin
    10. JAQUI AND JEANETTE – 194 Radio City
    11. TWA TOOTS – Please Don’t Play A Rainy Night In Georgia
    12. STRAWBERRY SWITCHBLADE – Seaside (Go Away)
    13. THE TWINSETS – Heartbeat
    15. THE CANDEES – Little Miss Rainbow
    17. THE FLATBACKERS – Buzzz Going Round
    18. HELEN AND THE HORNS – Pioneer Town
    19. THE SHILLELAGH SISTERS – Teasin’ Cheatin’ Man
    20. THE GYMSLIPS – Big Sister (It’s Probably Better)
    21. DOLLY MIXTURE – How Come You’re Such A Hit With The Boys Jane?
    22. COMING UP ROSES – I Could Have Been Your Girlfriend
    23. THE B GIRLS – Jealousy
    2. FAMILY FODDER – Debbie Harry
    3. TRACIE – The Boy Hairdresser
    4. A CRAZE – Wearing Your Jumper
    5. VIVIEN GOLDMAN – Launderette
    6. RED ROLL ON – Wet Blanket
    7. THE MO-DETTES – Masochistic Opposite
    8. THE PETTICOATS – Normal
    9. JANET ARMSTRONG – Exploitation
    10. TRIXIE’S BIG RED MOTORBIKE – A Splash Of Red
    11. SARAH GOES SHOPPING – Summer Blues
    12. SUNSET GUN – Be Thankful For What You’ve Got
    13. DEE WALKER – Jump Back
    14. ELEANOR RIGBY – I Want To Sleep With You
    15. THE MOCKINGBIRDS – Money
    17. REXY – (Don’t) Turn Me Away
    18. AMY AND THE ANGELS – I Hate Being In Love
    19. PRIDE OF THE CROSS – Tommy’s Blue Valentine
    20. THE DELMONAS – Woa Now
    21. JANE (& BARTON) – I Want To Be With You
    22. KAMIKAZE SEX PILOTS – Sharon’s Been Deflowered And Defoliated

    What an exciting submission, and I haven't even heard it yet.......sounds like another John N winner!

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    Well, I've been having fun with these Garage Fuzz comps, 100% great music that I got from a huge torrent
    long ago....I posted it before, in a less-handy format, and doing it alphabetically, as I've been doing this time, seems far more manageable and popular. So today we go with what we think would be a lesser letter, "O", nut still we get twenty tracks......all great of course.......but the BIG announcement is this:

    Yesterday I got an email with a link (a demonoid link....I thought demonoid was long gone, but it worked) to ANOTHER huge Garage Fuzz Torrent......As big as THIS one, if not bigger......Sooooo, the best thing I can think of to do is finish this one as planned, and THEN, I'll just start over, alphabetically, so even after I get through "Z", I'll be able to start up an entire new chapter of Garage Fuzz......really, a tremendous discovery, submission, and share, and you Garage Fuzz fans are going to LOVE "Part 2", as much as you are enjoying the current series!

    Just stay with me, lotsa more GOOD/GREAT shit to come, for a LONG while yet!

    PART 15-01 OEDIPUS & THE MOTHERS- (I Remember) How It Used to Be/02 OLIVERS-Beaker
    Street/03 OLYMPIANS-Hopeless, Endless Ways/04 OMEN & THEIR LUV-Maybe Later/05 OMENS-Searching/06 ONE EYED JACKS-Love/07 ORANGE WEDGE-From the Womb to the Tomb/08 OSCAR & THE MAJESTICS-Got to Havae Your Lovin'/09 OSCAR & THE MAJESTICS-House of the Rising Sun/10 OSCAR & THE MAJESTICS-I Can't Explain/11 OSCAR & THE MAJESTICS-Soul Finger/12 OSCAR
    FIVE-I Won't Be Your Fool Again/13 OTHERS-Buzz the Jerk/14 OTHERS-Revenge/15 OUTCASTS-I'm In Pittsburgh and It's Raining/16 OUTCRY-Can't You Hear My Heartbeat/17 OUTSIDERS-Summertime Blues (Live)/18 OUTSIDERS-Won't You Listen/19 OXFORD CIRCUS-4th Street Carnival/20 OXFORDS-Time and Place

    So, at least I AM excited about the NEW gigantic Garage Fuzz torrent......once I get through with this one, I'll start the next one......hope I'm on the same page with you guys, this stuff has been pretty popular!

    0 0

    Been feeling some Runaways greatness of late, gonna break it down first with Joan and Lita, and maybe
    even Cherri if I have her....Then later on perhaps another mega-Runaways thing (yes, did it once before)...

    But, I have NOT done a Joan Jett thing, ever, and I love Joan Jett, she's  hottie and seemingly, a very good person (from what I read), and she has perhaps this era's best understanding of the glitter/glam sounds of the mid-70's on which I came of age, and Joan often replicates THAT sound to perfection......Lita Ford (whom I love even MORE) will be up soon, and so will the Runaways stuff I have as well......a great, cheesy-yet-rocking band, and Joan and the Blackhearts is a pretty damn important off-spin....I love some of these, myself, hope you do too!!!!!!

    Anyway, there is so much Joan Jett material coming up tomorrow or so that most people of either gender
    will be thrilled, and I THINK I have some more Jett boots  to post as well......anyway, I'm going to talk briefly about these albums, cause they are bad-ass, but not gonna go crazy bout em.......Im guessing you will get the picture.....ALL Runaways-related is essential in this guy's book, so there is so bad-ass shit coming on THIS front!!!!!

    BAD REPUTATION-01 Bad Reputation/02 Make Believe/03 You Don't Know What You've Got/04 You Don't Own Me/05 Too Bad On Your Birthday/06 Do You Wanna Touch Me/07 Let Me Go/08 Doing Alright With the Boys/09 Shout/10 Jezebel/11 Don't Abuse Me/12 Wooly Bully

    I LOVE ROCK N ROLL-01 I Love Rock N Roll/02 (I'm Gonna) Run Away/03 Love Is Pain/04 NAG/05 Crimson and Clover/06 Victim of Circumstance/07 Bits and Pieces /08 Be Straight/09 You're Too Possessive/ 10 Little Drummer Boy/11 Oh Woe Is Me/12 Louie Louie Intro/13 Louie Louie/14 You Don't Know What You Got (Live)

    ALBUM-01 Fake Friends/02 Handyman/03 Everyday People/04 A Hundred Feet Away/05 Secret
    Love/06 Star Star/07 The French Song/08 Tossing and Turning/09 Why Can't We Be happy/10 I Love Playin' With Fire/11 Coney Island Whitefish

    GLORIOUS RESULTS OF A MISSPENT YOUTH-01 Cherry Bomb/02 I Love, You Love, Me Love/03 Frustrated/04 Hold Me/05 Long Time/06 Talkin ' Bout My Baby/07 I Need Someone/08 Love Like Mine/09 New Orleans/10 Someday/11 Push and Stomp/12 I Got No Answer/13 Hide and Seek/14 I Can't Control Myseslf/15 Birddog/16 Cherry Bomb (Live)/17 Cherry Bomb (Dance Mix)/18 I Need Someone (Dance Mix)/19 Bombs Away

    GOOD MUSIC-01 Good Music/02 This Means War/03 Roadrunner/04 If Ya Want My Love/05 Fun, Fun, Fun/06 Black Leather/07 Outlaw/08 Just Lust/09 You Got Me Floatin'/10 Contact

    UP YOUR ALLEY-01 I Hate Myself For Loving You/02 Ridin' With James Dean/03 Little Liar/04 Tulane/05 I Wanna Be Your Dog/06 I Still Dream About You/07 You Want In, I Want Out/08 Just Like In the Movies/09 Desire/10 Back It Up/11 Play that Song Again

    We'l stop here for now, there is a bit more material than i anticipated.....stilll almost ALL are essential

    0 0

    Been a little lean on posting of late, a couple of things came up.....gonna try to get ya some good stuff up to
    day to make up for it.....first, let's finish up the Joan Jett stuff: Personally, I find "The Hit List" to be a very underrated LP, nearly on par with Nikki Corvette's "Wild Record Party." I really do enjoy most of Joan's stuff, we need MORE celebrations of 1970's glam/glitter, and Joan understands it better than most anyone.

    THE HIT LIST-01 Dirty Deeds/02 Love Hurts/03 Pretty Vacant/04 Celluloid Heroes/05 Tush/06 Time Has Come Today/07 Up From the Skies/08 Have You Ever Seen the Rain/09 Love Me Two Times/10 Roadrunner USA/11 Dirty Deeds (Extended)/12 Let It Bleed/13 Love Stinks

    NOTORIOUS-01 Backlash/02 Ashes in the Wind/03 The Only
    Good Thing/04 Lie to Me/05 Don't Surrender/06 Goodbye/07 Machismo/08 Treadin' Water/09 I Want You/10 Wait For Me/11 Misunderstood

    PURE AND SIMPLE-01 Go Home/02 Eye To Eye/03 Spinster/04 Torture/05 Rubber and Glue/06 As I Am/07 Activity Grrrl/08 Insecure/09 Wonderin'/10 Consumed/11 You Got a Problem/12 Brighter Day

    1979-01 You Don't Know What You Got/02 I Want You/03 You Can't Get Me/04 I'll Never Get Away/05 We're All Crazy Now/06 What Can I Do For You/07 You Can't Get Me

    FETISH-01 -Fetish/02 Handyman/03 The French Song/04 Baby Blue/05 Star Star/06 Love Is pain/07 Secret Love/08 Cherry Bomb/09 Hanky Panky/10 Coney Island Whitefish/11 Wooly Bully/12 Do You Wanna Touch Me/13 Black Leather/14 Fetish (XXX)

    NAKED-01 Naked/02 Bad Time/03 Androgynous/04  Science
    Fiction, Double Feature/05 Right In the Middle/06 Turn It Around/07 Everyone Knows/08 Baby Blue/09 Kiss on the Lips/10 Watersign/11 Tube Talkin'/12 Season of the Witch/13 Bad Time (Monster Mix)/14 I Can't Live Without You/15 Five

    SINNER-01 Riddles/02 Acdc/03 Five/04 Naked/05 Everyone Knows/06 Change the World/07 Androgynous/08 Fetish/09 Watersign/10 Tube Talkin/11 Turn It Around/12 Baby Blue/13 100 Ft. Away/14 Bad Time

    Later in the next week or so, some classic Runaways, as well as a repost of Lita Ford (for religious reasons as I worship this goddess), maybe even some Cherri Curry.......anyone with any Runaways-related rarities, send em along, a fave band of mine, always recall Rick Johnson's review of "Queens of Noise" in Creem magazine..: "These bitches suck. Girls are just sissies after all".......Joan, in a

    reply letter:"Since you seem to think that all girls are sissies, come see us some time and we'll kick your fucking ass in (scott: Joan, PLEASE make ME that offer)"....Rick Johnson in response to the letter: "Go sit on a sno-cone"

    Great fucking times, the seventies were.......the world will NEVER be such a fun place, ever again.......

    0 0

    Another part of Lewdd's Christmas series, this one covering the year that was 2010......God that seems so
    long ago, so much has happened since then......but, anyway, Lewdd has created a few of these, the first one was enjoyable, and if you check the set list here, you'll see what is in store.......

    Looking for anyone else's Christmas comps, homemade or otherwise.......I've posted several of my own over the years, but I'd MUCH rather have some new ones, particular some home made efforts......I'll bet Brian checks in with some stuff soon, but anyone else, please, the door is open.....

    By the way, is the project going that you mentioned a while back? The one on which you were focusing on material for each individual year? You had said it might take till year's end to complete it, but to me it sounds like it was taylor-made for THIS site, and I hope you post it here when you get it done......also if you need any help/material, let me know......sounds like a tremendous compt, and I think a lot of the readership here will enjoy it.

    OK, here's the set list for the 2010 edition of "A Very Lewdd Christmas".....Fear's legendary "Fuck
    Christmas", some Billy Idol, Yobs, the great Dickie, the 4-Skins, as well as a handful of more obscure groups.....gotta love it, so please send thanks to Lewdd!

    01 Greedies - A Merry Jingle
    02 Fear - Another Christmas Beer
    03 Mansfields - Broke on Christmas Again
    04 Joey Ramone - Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)
    05 MXPX - Christmas Day
    06 Pennywise - Christmas in Hell
    07 Bad Manners - Christmas Time Again
    08 Descendents - Christmas Vacation
    09 Fear - Fuck Christmas
    10 Sloppy Seconds - Hooray for Santa Claus
    11 Peter & the Test Tube Babies - I'm Getting Pissed for Christmas
    12 Billy Idol - Jingle Bell Rock
    13 Ramones - Merry Christmas (I Don't Want To Fight Tonight)
    14 Dag Nasty - Merry Christmas Baby
    15 4-Skins - Merry Christmas Everybody
    16 Vice Squad - Rockin' Around the Xmas Tree
    17 Billy Idol - Run Rudolph Run
    18 Vice Squad - Santa Claws Is Coming To Town (Punk Xmas)
    19 Dickies - Silent Night
    20 Business - Step Into Christmas
    21 Yobs - 12 Days of Christmas
    22 Yobs - We Wish You a Merry Christmas

    More of these to come in the next week or so! Please share YOURS too if you want to!

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